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Peter Bone

Peter William Bone (born 19 October 1952) is a British Conservative Party politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Wellingborough constituency.

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Well said Peter Bone. Wish you were my MP, I'm stuck with Ben Bradshaw.
Oddly, I did see Sleeper the Saturday before at Shepherd's Bush, with Ben Bradshaw, Peter Bone, Harold Evans, Rober…
Peter Bone ''I've never met an extreme Brexitier''. Like asking Charles Manson if he's ever met a weirdo.
Philip Larkin, on the other hand, might have been more comfortable writing about Peter Bone or Iain Duncan Smith.
Just so we know who we are talking about 10 Tories, 1 DUP, 11 in total;. Peter Bone . Christoph…
'EU will rush to us!' Peter Bone slams EU over Brexit delays and says Britain should WALK
Here are the eleven that saved his lying *** Conservative. Peter Bone. Christopher Chope. Stephen C…
Peter Bone has just described himself as centre ground on Is it too late for the comedy awards at Edinburgh Fes…
Squire Paterson's knowledge of complex Brexit issues is on a par with that of Tim Martin & Peter Bone.
has NO business in the same Lobby as Peter Bone; John Redwood; Liam Fox, Bill Cash; Chris Grayling...for ANY reaso…
The train wreck that is Brexit is happening because a lacklustre David Cameron held a referendum to placate Peter Bone an…
Local MP Peter Bone has visited to find out about the home care services it provides
I have noticed how whenever news want to talk to a Brexit MP, they only seem to be able to get him, Duncan-Smith or Peter Bone.
Working for Peter Bone rubbed off on him then
Péter Lakatos at - most important thing for treatment of bone fragility in is appropriate glycemic cont…
don't pull a Ken Bone and go all undecided voter on me, Tess.
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Pro-Brexit MP bombarded by threats from left wing lunatics. .
I disagree passionately with Peter Bone, but there's no place for this. It's simply disgusting; hope they identify…
Peter Bone MP who campaigned for LEAVE has been getting horrific death threats as well as abuse. Someone sent him...
Absolutely disgusting. Peter Bone is one of the most moderate voices in the Brexit campaign
Peter Bone MP recalls a mock up photo of his son being 'executed': via
MP Peter Bone reveals death threats including image of his teenage son being executed
Scandalous that Peter Bone is allowed to reproduce.
Conservative & pro-Brexit MP Peter Bone telling the Commons horrendous details of mocked up pix sent to him of his own s…
Pro-Brexit MP bombarded by threats after EU referendum as son sent 'ISIS EXECUTION' photo
MP Peter Bone sent death threats and fake image of his son in hands of IS since vote
Sky News Latest: Leave MP's son in mock-up IS execution - Conservative MP Peter Bone has revealed he has been t...
MP Peter Bone says he was sent a picture of his youngest son "being executed by ISIS" following the EU referendum
Add Liam Fox, David Davies, Peter Bone , Bill Cash, make it it into an Hotel and have a mad hatters tea party
descends into laughter over Theresa May's surprising innuendo about Peter Bone's birthday 👀
I could do without a Peter Bone sex joke from Theresa May if I'm honest
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Cameron had Adam Afriyie and Peter Bone. May has Osborne and Gove. More of a challenge.
nor are Bill Cash, John Redwood, Peter Bone, Steve Baker. Let's hope it's the last we see of the *** .
Speaking at a GO! event today with MPs Graham Brady, Graham Stringer, Tom Pursglove, Peter Bone and Austin Mitchell
BBC - Arron Banks anger at Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove payments. So its not a matter of principle, MPs, money, opportunity, no change
Great thing about our post Brexit world is we will be entirely governed by towering statesmen like and Peter Bone and John Redwood .
to veteran Peter Bone at Ideal Mini School in Vancouver. Never too early to book!
Tory MP Peter Bone uses money from Osborne’s Help to Buy for personal gain. he earns £74k & employs his wife on £45k
Not convinced "Go" is going to help win, especially when their star attractions are Peter Bone & Campbell-Bannermann.
Read that Peter Bone is 200-1 to be next Tory Leader. Also read Leicester were 5000-1 to win the premiership last Sept. Good man that Peter!
At 1st sign of trouble, Tories shower cash on Tory councils. Labour areas cut to bone. Northern Powerhouse, my a**e. htt…
Welcome to two new members of the Search senior team, Philip Piper & Peter Bone. 👋
you don't appear to know much else. Jacob Rees and Peter bone. two cons for vote leave
so, your Nige has thrown in with Kate Hoey and Peter Bone. Strategy debates will be fun
Here's the latest on Peter Bone's Grassroots Out, and the referendum
The answer in Brussels will always be “more EU” -
I added a video to a playlist Tory: Peter Bone MP - Speech At 'Grassroots Out' Event in Manchester
France Forum: Subject: Re: Urgent for all uk citizens and expats anywhere - by: rogerinfrance: For the record ...
Liked on YouTube: Peter Bone MP at the Grassroots Out event in Manchester
“Globalization is all about wealth. It knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” — Peter Hitchens
Watch founding member of Grassroots Out, Peter Bone MP speak at the GO event in Manchester last Friday.
Jon, I agree with Peter Bone the leave camp does not need a figure ahead. Many different faces is better in my opinion.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Bone MP - The Grassroots Out Campaign
Are David Davies and Peter Bone the only Tories with minds of their own. Seems like it! What's happened to the Party?
Didn't think I'd last this long without braking my first bone
Him with you? I try not to picture Peter with anyone but if he was going to...bury a bone, as you put it. I'm glad it's you
What about Peter Bone MP as leader of the Conservative Party? Or David Davis? — Charisma-free zones both.
you forgot Peter Bone. The working man's Malcolm Rifkind.
Tory MP Peter Bone speaks a lot of sense. With people so far Grassroots Out will tae a lot of beating
Tory MP Peter Bone will not face benefit fraud charges
...Peter Bone MP said they were under same umbrella of Out even if each group have own message to achieve the goal.
If Peter Bone's tie is anything to "GO" by then the Leave campaign has already lost the .
Peter Bone is right we don't need a figurehead in the leave campaign, many hands make light work. I support all leave campaigns.
trying to focus on what Peter Bone is saying, but can't stop looking at that Go banded Tie!
Why argue with Peter Bone about what we get given back (with strings attached) of our own £55m from EU as if it wasn't true?
Perhaps it just looks longer because Andrew Neill is shorter than Peter Bone
Peter Bone laughs at some of Andrew Neil's figures. I warm to Peter Bone.
Suffering from blurred vision as a result of the glare from Peter Bone's tie.
Has Peter Bone always sounded like Michael Cane? Attempting to blow the bloody doors off the EU. Teehhee
Peter Bone shakes and nods his head at the appropriate part of Nick Watts's sentences.
Peter Bone struggling to spin Grassroots Out as anything but the child of Leave campaign chaos and bickering on
I'm totally no fan of Peter Bone and I'm pro EU but love that he brought to my attention that the abbrev. for the In campaign is BSE
Peter Bone says there are 42 grass roots organisations on the EU out campaign and promotes as the umbrella orgsn.
George Galloway and Stephen Kinnock is a Leave v Remain discussion. Eric Pickles & Peter Bone - one in, one out - interviews
A6) Peter Pettigrew (HP), Adam (Shatter Me), and Mal (Shadow & Bone). I know unpopular on the last dude. Srry guys. Darkling 4ver
"We have taken a £400 bet from a Wellingborough customer" on Brexit says Graham Sharpe of Hills. Surely it can't be Pe…
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If anybody can add any more definite LEAVE to this list, please interject - Steve Baker, Peter Bone, Conor Burns, Bill Cash, D. Davies...
I trouble you everyday in your DMs, but I'm SO grateful that you answer ALL my stupid questions, and appreciate my love for Peter Bone. xoxo
have u met Peter? Not a cocky bone in the lad's body
I'm raising money for Peter Andrew Bone Marrow Transplant. Click to Donate: via
David Davis is voting out? Again. I'm shocked. Have we had Peter Bone's opinion yet?
Fluoride 'could give you bone cancer' claim experts as they call for a halt to adding the chemical to drinking water h…
"Why are your father's ashes in a coffee can?". "Because he's dead, Peter."
I am! I'm thinking in a few weeks it'll be bone chillingly cold here. And thennn I can gripe about it! 😂
it's like the Tories offering up Phillip Davies and Peter Bone.just bizarre.
But this is beginning to feel like the dog wants her bone . saved
A man's just walked into the church who looks exactly like Peter Bone MP - now that would be Christmas wish come true
Or choking on a bone from Christmas dinner! This is why Jews do confession before Yom Kippur Eve dinner.
if there is no Neverland, where does peter pan and fsiry Tinkerbell live?
>Hughes&Fiona Bone.Sharon Beshenivsky.Patrick Dunne.And all the rest
Regarding religion, ragin atheist Peter Boghossian is mendacious to the bone, he...
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Fantastic! But I can't get the Peter Jackson/Meet the Feebles/Keri Hulme joke out of my head: They Bone People…
We were playing the game of imagining the Tory equivalent of and decided on Peter Bone. Not QUITE fair. On JC.
Dnt be deceived oh I broke like dry bone."wetin u wan use do.. U wey rich for oda account"
Standing together to help fight the brutal 🐾Pls sign:
thank you xo it's hard when Peter bone is our leader...
commandment from god Mr hall private dentist when myself meet you with peter bone been 3 dentists nhs to lazy do the work
[from my review]. While we applaud Peter's enthusiasm in meetings, not every question can be answered with "It's the thuggish …
Maybe Rivers can throw CW a bone this week like Favre did with Strahan a few years ago
they can't cuz Peter doesn't have a single honest bone in his body unless they pressure him
Tara, Peter chose Amina. That's it, that's all. Whether y'all still bone or not, that's still LEGALLY his WIFE.
I don't think that Peter Gunz has a monogamous bone in his body...lmfao
I refused to swallow my pride today because there's bone in it... before I die 😩
Owen Paterson has come out for leave? My God. That's a shock. Anyone asked Peter Bone yet?
Like last year with the bad calf? Or the year before with the collar bone? What's different this year Bukowski?
Peter Bone's card this year makes me want to cry, and I don't know whether it's out of happiness or pity.
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Peter Bone, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, claimed 25p for food purchased on a journey.
Watch: Tory MP Peter Bone asks 'acting prime minister' if next election will have TV debates:
Peter Bone asks "the acting prime minister" (George Osborne) if he'd encourage TV debates at next election. -
Peter Bone to ask, George Osborne re his press release remaining Mortgages held by NRAM r 2 be sold why mortgage holders dont know CEREBRUS
Peter Bone casually dressed, casually picking his nose on Victoria Street
Peter Bone hatches a plan to help folks make better looking stuff: Nice one!
Worth noting the two 2015 intake Tory MPs who rebelled tonight were Tom Pursglove, protégé of Peter Bone and Craig Mackinlay who beat Farage
Telegraph says Jeremy Corbyn from Labour's "lunatic wing". So Bill Cash, Peter Bone & Jacob Rees-Mogg are -what?- trusted with sharp things?
Fear not, situation with will even itself out when Jacob Rees-Mogg or Peter Bone run for leader for the radical-right vote
Ian Austin really doesn't look comfortable getting praise from Peter Bone.
Peter Bone and Philip Hammond using the 'two pillar EU' metaphor. We will be hearing a lot about that until after the end of negotiations
Philip Hammond tells Peter Bone in the Commons he’s a fan of a two-tier EU (like but prefers to call it a "two-pillar" Europe
iTunes best selling album: Bone to Stone - Peter Joseph Burtt & The Kingtide
Is it time to scrap the HRA? dismantles Peter Bone's shaky reasoning and understanding of the HRA -
Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. - Peter F. Drucker
you seen the article in The Times by Carswell? thoughts? is Farage going to take a break? May Peter Bone and Rees margan join if so?
You can catch this white boy jamming to bone thugs. Thanks
After Mad Nad and Peter Bone demanded to see his birth certificate has withdrawn form the leadership contest.
Still time to catch Peter Pan Goes Wrong which is tickling the city's funny-bone!! It's here till tomorrow.
absolutely. Along with T Bone Walker the most influential. Peter Green, *** Taylor my fav disciples
"I came from such a poor neighborhood when my mom tossed the dog a bone, he signaled for a fair catch." -- Basketball coa…
Germany, with a coalition, has a govt that's much more stable than a tory govt held to ransom by Peter Bone
Tell me why Peter and I walked home instead of getting a Über.
Now we're going to have an it's time for a proper balanced argument, not the one set by UKIP, Peter Bone and rightwing press
Clark and Cullen also shunned the greens and their policies as they are unworkable & too ideological.they get thrown a bone
Peter ignores British values & the tradition of basing policy on fact
No, I'm comparing you to the former captain of Orsett Cricket Club. I meant Peter Bone. Them Bones!
Ive never broken a bone, never had an operation, never had a flu shot, never got a woman pregnant
So England voted for two years of Euro chaos. Two years of business deserting the UK. Two years of listening to Peter Bo…
The new Tory MP for Corby is not just 26 - he was the researcher for Peter Bone. Another one we can expect to be rebel…
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Conservative MPs like Peter Bone, Adam Afriyie and Jacob Rees-Mogg call for pacts or deals with UKIP.
Peter Bone's complete lack of political acumen is such a pain
Peter Bone is the really ugly face of the Tory party. If he's fronting their HRA work, they'll lose, in public support …
Peter Bone outright lying on TV this morning, claiming that the EU Courts disagree with whole life sentences.
Tory MP Peter Bone talks up a "British bill of rights". it's nothing but a CONservative PR Stunt.
"Why don't you just leave it to British judges?" The moment Peter Bone lost the debate.
The same Peter Bone whose wife is his £50k secretary? How on earth did he get airtime
It is striking that of 300+ MP’s, a number of them lawyers/QC’s, they can only muster Peter Bone to…
hugely amazing on correcting the myths surrounding human rights act today, scary an MP (Peter Bone) could …
Highlight of my day- watching Peter Bone on not having any idea what he is talking about.
peter Bone? He used Christian sect registered as a charity to lobby for him and deliver leaflets,against …
I debated Tory MP Peter Bone on human rights today on BBC2 - watch from 19 mins for a sparky debate! http:/…
nice comment, Peter is a great guy Paul, he hasn't got a bad bone in him. 😊
"Instead of a coalition dragged to the centre by the it is a coalition dragged to the right by Peter Bone" Rory Bremner
looking at Peter Bone et al this week, they want a tiny amount of extra control - for all of the upheaval of HRA etc would involve
So Peter Bone is a Member of Parliament. I've been telling people that for ages.
What a couple of geeks on pointless. I'm going for Peter bone.
embarrasses ignorant Peter Bone MP on the HRA. Superficially ok points demolished. watch this;
.failure to show his birth certificate is worrying. What are you trying to hide Chuka? Me, Mad Nad and Peter Bone want answers
Peter Bone refers to rights AND responsibilities a lot. If goes will 'irresponsible' people have fewer rights?
Question, if Peter Bone is having an influence from the backbenches, is it appropriate to use the line, 'this Government has a *** ?
Tory case for scrapping the Human Rights Act falling apart on BBC News. Peter Bone showing perfectly Gov position is a…
26265 people of Wellingborough love getting screwed over by Peter Bone, nice one. At least Farrage didn't win a seat though
Peter Bone: Plymouth Brethren support costs us £521 pa for every vote for Bone. Your "free" leafleting is not really free, is it!
Peter Bone -After speaking in HoC on behalf of Plymouth Brethren,in return for "free" leafleting costs us £521 pa for each vote he received
Shocking information about Plymouth Brethren. Well done Peter Bone, you sold your soul...if you had one!
Please watch this video, Plymouth Brethren/PBCC. Peter Bone's actions resulted in them receiving £13m pa tax breaks.
Please see video,Plymouth Brethren/PBCC,they're in 98 towns. ConsExMP Peter Bone gave them £13m pa for leafleting help
The cost of Peter Bone ...£13m p a.Plymouth Brethren/PBCC in return for free leafleting.
Please enlarge to read.Peter Bone's email to Plymouth Brethren/PBCC resulting in £13m tax cuts pa,for free leafleting
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hope you can all read this.. Peter Bone's email to Plymouth Brethren/PBCC in exchange for free leafleting.
Peter Bone's email to the Plymouth Brethren. …. a…
Peter Bone's email to the Plymouth Brethren. …. aka
Peter Bone's email to the Plymouth Brethren. Why is campaigning so hard for this group? …
Please read. Peter Bone's email to the Plymouth Brethren
Just caught up with John Bercow sorry. Never did I think I'd ever be on same side as Peter Bone and Philip Davies in a parliamentary debate
Philip Davies, Zac Goldsmith and Peter Bone are labourites now?
I think Govt may struggle with some MPs on his own side - Philip Davies, David Davies, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Bone all angry about process
Peter Bone still in Westminster. not really helping those defection rumours
Tory MP Peter Bone on coalition row: Nick Clegg should resign 'you can't have a home sec & deputy PM accusing each other of treachery'
I would say that Nick Clegg is in the right, Peter Bone has his own agenda.
Con MP Peter Bone tells that should resign after the Deputy Prime Minister attacked the home sec for "outrageous" claims
William Hague's been Commons leader for a week, but Peter Bone thinks it's already time for a change. Hague doesn't.
I would not welcome additional countries having free movement into this country Peter Bone
Patrick Mercer steps down. How about Peter Bone stepping down too!
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Nadine Dorries, Maria Miller, Patrick Mercer, Peter Bone. Four reasons to legislate for power.
Peter Bone has been implicated for £100,000 worth of expenses fraud. As of this time, Mr. Oliver Lewis has declined to com…
Peter Bone and Nigel Evans asked questions today, in from the cold?
Look what faces now, Peter Bone referred to CPS on £100k benefit fraud allegations
When I lived in Northamptonshire, I had to serve coffee to Peter Bone MP (who spent £250+ a month on it)
Careful, you're starting to sound like Peter Bone
.Gov't *not* contemplating it. It's a private member's bill moved by hard-right nutjob Peter Bone. Won't happen. 38deg hysteria
Can't wait to buy another 50:) Craigslist needs some bone stoke cheap ones! Then ill hook it up!
I’d show him how to make good use outta that bone……
Ethan really likes putting his lips on a nice bone
you can shout about big Ian but he's more back bone than dodds and peter the *** will ever have
He said: “My own view, I don’t think we should end up like different countries where we tell people how they go about their business. I do think there is an issue with teachers in the classroom…that might be an area where a full veil might be inappropriate.” The debate was given momentum last week when David Cameron’s spokesman said the Prime Minister would have no problem with the veil being banned in his children’s schools. Thank you for voting! Yes, veils should be banned 6.74% (32,122 votes) Schools should be able to ban veils if they want to but it should be up to the individual school 3.8% (18,123 votes) No, everyone should be free to observe their chosen religion 89.46% (426,679 votes) Total Votes: 476,924 Return To Poll Tory MPs, including a vice-chairman of the party, have now voiced support for Mr Browne. Mr Browne told The Telegraph: “I think this is a good topic for national debate. People of liberal instincts will have competing notions of how to protect and promote freedo ...
hm? *he turns* fake pan? Pf you sir are incorrect! I am the real Peter Pan. Flesh and bone. The one and only
Great to see the data analyst (being explicity mentioned in a press release:
Peter Bone really is the best living advert for Yes Scotland going. Utter tosspot.
By Steven Swinford, and Christopher Hope10:03PM BST 15 Sep 2013 Britain should consider banning Muslim girls and young women from wearing veils in schools and public places, a Home Office minister has said. Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat, said there needs to be a national debate about whether the state should step in to protect young women from having the veil “imposed” on them. Mr Browne said he is “instinctively uneasy” about banning behaviour, but suggested the measure may still be necessary to ensure freedom of choice for girls in Muslim communities. RELATED ARTICLES Banning veil would be like outlawing miniskirts, says Baroness Warsi Ministers mustn’t duck the debate on the veil Should Muslim veils be lifted in schools? The Home Office minister is the first senior Liberal Democrat to raise such deep concerns about Islamic dress in public places. A growing number of Conservative MPs also want the Government to consider a ban. Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, has suggested he may sup ...
UK minister: ‘Thick’ Eurosceptic Tory MPs are still angry at David Cameron over equal marriage January the 21st, 2014. By: Scott Roberts Source: A government minister has said Conservative MPs who signed a rebellious letter over Europe are “thick” – and believes several were doing it to get back at Prime Minister David Cameron for legalising equal marriage. The comments suggest the Tory rift on equal marriage has not yet fully healed. 128 Conservative MPs voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act as part of its third reading last year – only 117 Conservative MPs voted in favour. The unnamed minister told the London Evening Standard: “A number of the 90 are the ‘outers’ who want the UK to leave the EU no matter what. Others are hoping they will be able to push the Prime Minister into a tougher position. “But there are also the thick, who won’t have grasped exactly what it was they were signing or will have been told by colleagues the letter was something other t ...
Bro-are you watching True Detective?. Great production & a killer theme from T Bone Burnett
Photos: Peter Okoye Vs son Cameron, Who has more swag in this new father and son pose?
"Ezra doesn't have a mean bone in his body"
The Express claims it's supported 'across the political divide' and then quotes Farage and Peter Bone to prove it
NGLND XPX by Ian Hutson to curl your toes and tickle your funny-bone
“The philosophy behind this campaign is to listen to local people about their concerns and then to campaign on...
Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone is gearing up to take your questions on the issues which matter to you.
Private members bid by Peter Bone I think to have Margaret Thatcher Day. Barbara Castle BC
Peter, you do not have a sentimental bone in your body
Once again... Every bone in Peter Gunz's body. It'd be warranted.
We're terribly hurt Peter. Given the number of Bicycling fans at the company, this cuts to the bone.
cortical bone erosion secondary to tendinitis? Any symptoms at all?
What's your thought on the cortical bone line? It looks very irregular near the collum (bare area)?
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| Vitamin D is not only important for bone health. It has many functions in the body to keep the immune system s…
If you had one question for what would it be? He'll be taking part in our session on Feb 7
Your chance to question Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone - Northamptonshire Telegraph
Got a question for ? Then get in touch and join the online Q&A with on Feb 7
Peter Bone was delayed by Mrs Bone's worries about the Welsh being allowed to marry.
Mr Peter Bone is the Conservative MP for Wellingborough. He first joined the House of Commons on 05-May-2005.
Eurosceptic outside Commons just now. No, it's not Peter Bone.
Peter Frampton must really have a bone to pick with Richard Sherman
In what sense? Got a couple of adip./bone met. papers to read on the train tomorrow.
Did anyone attend Cape Hill School from 1959-1966? Know Peter Bone did, he is also a member, we were in the same class.
If Peter calls me a bone head one more time I'm going to freak out 😤
Its just a candy bar . My father never liked you no matter how many times the dad chokes on a bone to concussion me
At least no one had their collar bone broken ala Zack Greinke Peter.
Peter Bone MP - its a very silly name, with a silly, nasty divisive idea; only it's got a 2nd reading: more silly/nasty MPs?
"Ladies and gentlemen. Here he is. The largest turkey bone that was pulled. Make a wish, somebody said. And they did. I…
I have already praised for his House of Commons Disqualification Bill.
Run along pup. -Elena. . Pup? Have you seen the bone I can bury?- Peter. Now that's way I want to wake up!
Presenter gig in nice warm studio for Newsnight vs. standing in the pissing rain interviewing Peter Bone on Westminster Green?
Wonder how it is to not have responsible bone in your body. Especially when you have a kid. Grow up Peter Pan.
If Margaret Thatcher Day patches I swear I will pee on everything Peter Bone loves.
Acceptance can be skin deep. goes to the bone.
Lunch. Baked French "fries" garlic toast and garlic and black pepper pan seared thin cut bone in rib eyes.
"It's my bone benjis saying... postman...what postman..haven't swwn
This may be naïve of me, but I do think the Bill to create a Margaret Thatcher Day in perpetuity had not a hope in *** of success. I don't doubt that Peter Bone MP who is responsible for this appalling suggestion knew that quite well. But he is probably fairly delighted at the response including the rather ill-conceived petitions that resulted.
oooh yes. Nice long walk this morning special breakfast and a new toy and chew bone... and loads of cuddles.
As an ex-copper your lack of impartiality chills me to the bone
Tory MP Peter Bone wants the August Bank Holiday Naming Margaret Thatcher Day!! so it looks as if you tell lies, destroy peoples lives by closing Pits and Steel Works, it's ok !!!
BBC: Tory MP Peter Bone runs out of time for Thatcher Day How to turn a Bank Holiday into a day of protest and riots
pls mate.16 scousers pushing each over in wheelbarrow from Etihad-Anfield for bone mar…
Am so angry right now. Waiting for Peter Bone to get back to me and the ET. Sometimes you just can't take things lying down.
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THATCHER BONFIRE NIGHT. I've just been thinking about, what I originally thought was a joke but turned out to be true, that this Tory Politician, Peter Bone, wanting to pass a bill to make the August Bank Holiday into Margaret Thatcher Day. When I first read about it and actually found out that it was indeed true, I signed the petition to stop it, quicker that an Iain Duncan Smith Haircut. However, the more I thought about it, I suddenly had an idea. If this bill does get passed, which quite frankly I don't think it will, but if it does, why don't we turn the day into a sort of modern Guy Fawkes day...a mid summer, Burn Margaret Thatcher Day. It could be great for the community...and educational for the kids. We could all build a huge effigy of Thatch, and then throw her on a massive bonfire, while we all sit around and sing Jam and Flying Picket songs. You know, have a few beers and a baked potato or two as well. Then set off some fireworks to the soundtrack of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. I think it co ...
An attempt by Conservative MP Peter Bone to re-brand August Bank Holiday as "Margaret Thatcher Day" has failed in the House of Commons.
" UKIP " THE crusading Daily Express has won praise from across the political divide for highlighting the looming dangers of Britain's out-of-control immigration crisis. We have been the only national newspaper and website to campaign to halt a new surge of European immigration. Our pioneering stance has been backed by tens of thousands of worried readers and dozens of political leaders who commended us for making the public aware of the scandal of the UK's open door policy on migration. The Government is facing a public backlash as experts warned 350,000 Romanian and Bulgarian migrants could flock to Britain over the next seven years. Worried council leaders said their arrival would place an unprecedented strain on public services with schools, hospitals, housing and the NHS stretched to breaking point. Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: "As a small country we simply cannot accommodate the hundreds of thousands who may look to Britain as an opportunity for a more comfortable life. The result will be so much ...
The right hon peter bone has had his thatcher day heckled to bits in parliament..back to diana day ...fool
I have something I would like for some of you to consider. Pastor John Tino has two young college students whom are true servants of God and attending university in Nairobi. They are also praise and worship leaders among the Maasai and fellow Kenyans. Joshua Kaputah and Apostle Erick Ole Muntet are their names. They are also outstanding singers in their native tongue and admired by many for this gift. They have produced a DVD of several of their songs which all are praise and worship to the Lord in their native tongue. I am posting here one that is called "NANU" from their DVD. To help pay for their University costs they are selling their DVD's at $10 each! If anyone wants to help support these men of God by purchasing a DVD, please contact me! I will compile a summary video of clips from their other songs also. This is a cool way to enjoy some "different" but quite lovely culture from the modern Maasai land people of Kenya plus help two young and godly men acheive their dreams of college educatio ...
Prominent Tory Eurosceptic Peter Bone has backed Ukip leader Nigel Farage's demand to be included in TV debates between the major party leaders during the 2015 general election campaign. In remarks that will further boost his reputation as a thorn in the side of Prime Minister David Cameron, Bone to...
But Lord Mandelson told the BBC: ‘Membership of the EU is absolutely fundamental to British interests and therefore we should be very wary about putting our interests in the hands of a lottery.’ In the Lords, he said Mr Cameron had been ‘taken hostage by the militant tendency’ of the Tory party. When he left Brussels, Lord Mandelson received £234,000 ‘top-up’ salary payments and a £15,000 resettlement fee. Under the terms of his pension he has to continue to show a ‘duty of loyalty to the Communities’. BBC BIAS ROW AS EVAN DAVIS SAYS REFERENDUM PROMISE IS 'STUPID' BBC presenter Evan Davis suggested it would be 'stupid' for Labour to promise a referendum The BBC was accused of ‘unbelievable bias’ over Europe yesterday after a presenter branded a referendum a ‘charade’ and suggested it would be ‘stupid’ to give the public a say. Radio 4 broadcaster Evan Davis was accused of repeatedly interrupting Tory Lord Dobbs on the Today show but let Labour’s Lord Mandelson twice speak f ...
Latest news on the Margaret Thatcher Day Bill 2013-14 This Bill is expected to have its second reading debate on 17 January 2014. This Bill was presented to Parliament on 24 June 2013. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage. This Bill is a Private Member’s Bill. These are often not printed until close to the second reading debate. If the text is not yet available here and you wish to know more about this bill please contact its sponsor, Mr Peter Bone. Summary of the Margaret Thatcher Day Bill 2013-14 A Bill to make provision that the annual Bank Holiday Monday in late August be known as Margaret Thatcher Day.
The Government has been criticised for giving millions of pounds in aid to China, despite the country being able to afford an ambitious space programme. Figures seen by the Daily Mail show the UK distributed £27.4 million to the country last year. China, now the world's second largest economy, according to the World Bank, celebrated at the weekend when it successfully landed a space probe on the moon. The Government said it no longer gives aid to China directly, but via non-governmental partners working to achieve UK objectives such as tackling climate change and building sustainable economies. But Tory MP Peter Bone called on International Development Secretary Justine Greening to explain why UK money was still going to China. "The public will be rightly horrified that we are still wasting money on aid to China,' he told the Daily Mail. "It's extraordinary that we are doing this while they send a mission to the moon. "If these aid programmes are still continuing then I think Justine Greening needs to co ...
Peter Bone to Danny Alexander: "Will the deputy Chancellor agree with me..."
Tory MP Peter Bone has devised a system that would stop Nick Clegg staging a coup d'état
Peter Bone has a plan to stop Nick Clegg seizing power if David Cameron is killed in an 'airstrike on No.10'
From Christopher Everard . THE CRIMINAL CLASS at WESTMINSTER - KEEP IT ALL IN THE FAMILY... Not happy with earning nearly £150,000 for doing NOTHING - many Members of Parliament employ their family members who then pass those wages back 'under the table'. Two Conservative MPs, Christopher Chope and Peter Bone, paid their wives the highest amount possible under law – between £45,000 and £49,999 a year. Normally, for this kind of wage, I expect there to be a person who is QUALIFIED - maybe with a university degree? It seems the only qualification you need is to be RELATED...! A further eight MPs, paid family members between £40,000 and £44,999... The oily Stephen Hammond, the transport minister, paid his wife up to £45,000, while Chris Grayling, the No-Justice Secretary, and Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, paid their wives between £35,000 and £39,999 - just a single £1 under his limit! Andrew Miller, the Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston, employed both his wife, Fran, and his c ...
very lively row between Tories Derek Laud and Peter Bone on whether their party is racist, and whether the "Go Home" vans have…
Derek Laud and Peter Bone on C4 news having a “who’s the most ridiculous” contest. Laud edging it, just.
Peter Bone tearing it up on Derek laud hopelessly put of touch!
Is that Peter Bone or Sven Goran Eriksson on the
Margaret Thatcher Day not a vote winner Is this a Nazi salute from Tory MP Peter Bone? video:
Bad news for Peter Bone: Margaret Thatcher Day not a vote winner, poll finds
What do i expect to hear today after Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory ?? Perhaps David Cameron stating that "This victory was only achievable under a Conservative government". As for that Conservative M.P. Peter Bone trying to introduce Margaret Day as a bank holiday ? What an absolute moron he is !! Talk about not having a grip on reality ??!
Nadine Dorries and Peter Bone complaining about appearing on Centre Court, they want him to move to Far Right Court
How would you feel about a bank holiday being named after Margaret Thatcher? A Conservative MP, Peter Bone, is pushing for the late August holiday to be named after the Iron Lady as a tribute to her. He's put a bill before Parliament which is scheduled for debate later today. He says it would "overwhelmingly get the support of the British people", as she was the greatest Prime Minister in peacetime. What do you think?
The Wellingborough MP Peter Bone wants to turn the bank holiday at the end of August into "Margaret Thatcher Day". Do you agree the former prime minister deserves that accolade? Call us 01604 23 44 55 or post your thoughts here.
Mensch isn't great but I wouldn't be as harsh to her as to say she is a British Bachmann, a more comparable Brit - Peter Bone!
Peter Bone,Tim Loughton, Gerald Howarth? Who would you rather have representing you?
Courtesy of David Oakley, here is a list of 161 people who do not believe that people are equal. These are the 161 MPs who actively believe that I am an inferior being, not to be treated the same as real human beings... Remember them, and in a few years time, ensure that they are banished from holding office where they are sent to represent all in our communities in an equal and fair manner. Conservatives: 128 voted against Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty), Adam Afriyie (Windsor), Peter Aldous (Waveney), David Amess (Southend West), Richard Bacon (Norfolk South), Guto Bebb (Aberconwy), Henry Bellingham (Norfolk North West), Sir Paul Beresford (Mole Valley), Andrew Bingham (High Peak), Nicola Blackwood (Oxford West & Abingdon), Peter Bone (Wellingborough), Graham Brady (Altrincham & Sale West), Julian Brazier (Canterbury), Andrew Bridgen (Leicestershire North West), Steve Brine (Winchester), Fiona Bruce (Congleton), Robert Buckland (Swindon South), Simon Burns (Chelmsford), David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate), ...
Just twenty Tory backbenchers have remained loyal to David Cameron this Parliament, the Sun reports other Conservative MP who has not been a minister or aide has defied the party whip at least once since 2010.  In all, 148 Tories took part in revolts up to April 25, said a University of Nottingham study.  That includes 85 per cent of MPs who were elected for the first time in 2010 and have yet to get a senior role.  The academics said: “The most striking feature of the 2010 cohorts is how troublesome they have been.”    The biggest rebellions came on Lords reform, when 91 Tories revolted and an EU referendum when 81 defied the whip.  Philip Hollobone is top rebel, ignoring party orders 129 times, followed by David Nuttall on 88, Philip Davies on 85 and Peter Bone on 68.  Even some of the 20 loyalists opposed *** marriage or the EU, leaving the PM with SIX ultra-loyalists.  
Interesting discussion between leader Nigel Farage and Peter Bone on the Daily Politics show earlier:
My i/net access keeps dropping out during debate but Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Lilley and Peter Bone did well
If only there were more Conservatives like Peter Bone
Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I'm sorry I haven't responded to all your texts, calls and messages. A lot is on my mind and I just havent felt like talking about it. I did have the bone scan today. 4 spots did show up but I do not know what it means. Doctor wants to see me Monday morning to discuss all the test and to see where we go from here. I don't know what to think. I am scared and devastated. I am praying that what they see is not bone cancer as they suspect. I think I'm gonna pack up and go on to Philly and try to keep things as normal as possible until we get definite answers. Im counting on my friends and family to keep me smiling and laughing ;)
'The Proposition' (A Bundy Quicksilver Mystery) - Page 71: Chapter 9 ‘Larry, this is Bundy Quicksilver. He’s helping me with the disappearance of Peter Clayton.’ they shook hands. It was a firm grip. Bundy always was keen to shake another person’s hand. The handshake told much about the other person, particularly if they smiled with a warm greeting. If it was firm, he immediately liked the person; however, if the other person declined to shake his hand, there was a reason. Larry Smiles was of similar rank to Kate’s rank. They were both Detective Superintendents. This rank puzzled Bundy for when he was a detective if you held this rank you wouldn’t be at a crime scene. Your official duty was at Police Headquarters Command Post directing operations. Things had certainly changed since his days in the job. Detective Superintendent Smiles was in-charge of Homicide. Human bones were discovered by a forestry worker who was spraying poisonous weeds. He’d told Detective Superintendent Smiles whilst h ...
I Decided that today is; FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!! not just Seattle bands but a mix of the 90s so if there is a group or song that you would like to see or hear- shout it!! Dee
THE SEVEN SEALS. THE ONE SITTING ON HEAVEN’S THRONE. THE TWENTY FOUR ELDERS & THE FOUR LIVING CREATURES JUNGLE-FARM-FOREST-SKIES. EACH HAVING SIX WINGS. Revelation 4:1 After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.” Behold, a door standing open in heaven the kingdom of eternal life, kingdom of Father for anyone and everyone member of men kind, the human race people of this world who wish, want, desire and/or needs to go through it. This standing open door in heaven is wide open, but very narrow and available for men kind in general but will not stand open for a long time, but just long enough for the human race to know the truth, use reason, common sense and their own power of free will, {voluntary choice} and make the choice, go through the door or be condemned for eternity to the lake of fire, the kingdom of *** kingd . ...
Carnt wait t get off this fukin coach
ready! Live Graffiti! Live Music! Live *** Crowd! This isnt just another party! Its the party Going in on the decks: The Snacks with Live Drummer J. Bone Peter Parker by: to you by: Wreckaz Status Marketing Group FC Promotions AMG ATS Galaxy Vinnie Styles Ga Followers FamOly RaveATL
Bruges Group:From Here to the Referendum- excellent speech from Sir Richard Shepherd MP & Peter Bone MP
Ugh first time AZ spider bite...two puncture spots next to eachother...any advice? Been two hours and I'm still alive. How long til I know I'm in the clear from a venomous bite?
Verily i say unto you expectation brings hurt
.I have yet to hear Peter Bone scream "THIS IS NOT A PRIORITY!" on horsemeat. Good point for future arguments... ;)
That's the end of my 6 month tour!! Now home to see the most important people in my life, the fam!!
Am in preliminary talks with lacan dot com about becoming an assistant editor. I think living in new York might be important!
Big daddy needs help! Our drummer got hit by a car on his bike may have a broken collar bone. W have a show tonight in engle wood. 7-11. ANY DRUMMER AVAILABLE? Need to know in the next 30 mins. PLEASE!
Interesting Stuff...Suzanne Suzanne Graf Slupesky Beck I'd like your insight and thoughts on this...If you have any...
I am amazed when I hear some people who call themselves "Christians" say things like "This is MY page! I can say whatever I want and do whatever I want! I just don't give a eff!!!" Well that's fine and dandy if you are just representing yourself. But as a Christian (follower of Christ) you should be saying what HE says and doing what HE does.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I remember this song from the early 60's. I didn't know who sang it but I never forgot it. I haven't heard it since the early 60's. What a treat!! I even still remember all the lyrics. I really love this song!!
Just got a prank call at work from my 3 yr old daughter. Weird. Parents... Plz keep your kids off your cell phones. An absolutely unnecessary form of entertainment for them. As kids, they'll choose to be 'unplugged' from real life soon enough... No need to force it on them. *rant end*
Protein and Exercise For the longest time, protein was an afterthought, and carbohydrates and fat got all of the attention with respect to human health. However, advances in research have found that consuming adequate amounts of protein, especially that of high quality, can promote optimal wellness and vitality. Recent popularity of diets including Atkins and South Beach has propelled protein into the forefront. While there are a significant number of flaws in these dietary programs, they do serve one important purpose: getting people thinking about protein. Types of Protein Protein is found in a vast array of foods. However, certain foods contain protein that is considered to be of a superior quality. For example, the protein found in a chicken breast is of higher quality than the protein found in pasta. Protein quality is measured by how it promotes net protein balance within the human body and is a function of the amount of essential amino acids (cannot be produced by the body) that it contains. For om ...
Morning conversations with health care workers like my wife Vicky Martin Lacksonen aren't always fun. The president speaks of "shared sacrifice," but in her nearly 20 years of practice, "shared sacrifice" means cuts to health care worker pay and benefits while everyone else goes on as usual. No wonder every health care worker I know regrets going into the field to one degree or another, and many want out altogether.
to be fair Peter Bone & Dennis Skinner go to the Chamber every day and there are others
Help me here guys! Yesterday on my way to da shop not feeling well due to terrible flue! I gave other *** some hot 2 to 4 fists nearly broke his jaws! Reason being! I found him hitting his lady with fists nearly broke her ribs! He opened a case against me that I interfered on their business! Da lady I was helping she now sides with her abusive boyfriend! Said I assaulted her boyfriend! How do I deal with this? :-)
m, must be barbie time, i can here nice T-bone calling ( eat me, eat me , come on ya barstead i dare ya eat me ) .
BREAKING: Fragments of at least one meteorite crashed in Russia, causing flashes in the morning sky and sharp explosions, Russian officials said Friday. The office of the governor of the region in the Ural Mountains said in a statement that many calls about injuries and damage to buildings had been received, but there were no immediate confirmed figures or specific reports on damage.
hm, just found a "best" recipe for marinated rump, that I had all the ingredients for. it better be worth it! I haven't bought "rump" for years, I'm normally a scotch fillet kinda chick. anyway. time will tell. If it's like always/tuff. never again will I buy rump.
Romantic or not...what did you have for dinner last night? I had lots of mashed potato! Charlie xx
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