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Peter Andre

Peter James Andre (born 27 February 1973), better known by the stage name Peter Andre, is a British-Australian musician.

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My friend bought me a signed Peter Andre CD for Christmas and omg it's so trash I love it. 😍
Katie Price’s wedding day to Peter Andre was all ‘a...
Guy on just described himself as Danny Dyer *slash* Peter Andre. He's clearly trying to bale out of this date ASAP
OMG, met peter Andre today at Taunton, in coffee one it was amazing!!!
Junior Andre DEFIES dad Peter as he declares: 'don't let your parents tell you what to do!...
Looks like Junior Andre is a bit of a rebel!
CUTE PICS! Peter Andre takes a night off from changing nappies to treat Princess and Junior
Finns boyfriend in looks like Peter Andre on a bad hair day
Charlotte actual Benson just thought a Peter Andre song was Bob Marley
RIP Pardiola. At least we'll always have you dancing to Peter Andre at the FA Cup final
Just like his dad: Peter Andre's son is double of reality and music star
Doting dad Peter Andre cradles his newborn son Theodore James as he ventures out with wife Emily MacDonagh
What do you get the 16 year old boy that has everything for Xmas?? A peter Andre calendar and a blender.. ?
Who is Emily Andréa? Wife of Peter Andre and mother of two of his kids – here’s what we know
Peter Andre spends quality time with Princess and Junior after birth of new son Theo – OK! Magazine -
Answer! Swansea beat Hereford 4-0 at home on ... 10th Sep 1996 ... while Peter Andre reached with "Flava"
Right off to Iceland. . Hopefully I see my aussie mate Peter Andre.
Looks like is getting ready for Christmas in style!
Peter Andre and wife Emily introduce baby Theodore James and reveal birth details via
We're literally one Peter Andre away from 60 second makeover here 😂 new: dishwasher, tap, sofa's and deliveries in the space of three hours
already making plans to be a full time backing dancer to Peter Andre.
Let's be honest, who's still listening to artists like Peter Andre, The Corrs and Vengaboys etc?? lol
Reggie N Bollie are back with a new track (and some help from Peter Andre)
When? Reply or Swansea beat Hereford 4-0 .. while Peter Andre topped the charts with "Flava"
CUTE! took a night off from nappies to treat Junior and Princess...
Peter Andre reveals wife Emily is struggling to sleep with newborn as he treats Princess and Junior to Frozen on I…
I really want to confuse you by saying Katie Price and Peter Andre. Now there's an awkward dinner party.
petition for Peter Andre & Jordan's long, long awaited second single to be a cover of Westlife & Mariah Carey's version of Against All Odds
Peter Andre reveals he was sleeping on maternity ward floor as Emily MacDonagh gives birth EARLY .
Has Peter Andre finally chosen a name for his new baby?
" All I’ve wanted in my life,. Is Someone honest by my side,. - Peter Andre. (That's where I'll Belong).
At least Peter Andre has made the front cover of OK, she wouldn't make the back cover of the Beano.
Peter Andre is 'extremely happy' to welcome a baby boy with wife Emily MacDonagh:…
Peter Andre and Emily discuss relief following arrival of their son
We like these suggestions... hints at baby names
Peter Andre and Emily's relief with baby boy after health fears before birth
Peter and Emily are delighted with their newborn baby boy – read the EXCLUSIVE interview only in OK!
New father Peter Andre opens up about his battle social anxiety
Just found out that Peter Andre has had another baby, which is great and all but it means that I have to update my tinder bio.
Peter Andre suffers from 'social anxiety'
Listening to Peter Whittle today, it's clear the guy hasn't got a scooby
Peter Andre discusses baby names after birth of baby boy .
Is that the Peter André/Katie Price version playing in the background?
Thank god they're not playing the Katie Price & Peter Andre version of A Whole New World 😆
Remember when Katie Price and peter andre did a cover of a whole new world
Oh my did just use the Peter Andre and Katie Price version of a whole new world??? 😱😱😱
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Peter Andre reveal he suffers from social anxiety on social media via
DEAL "thank you for voting for me & Peter Andre for letting me be his Mysterious Girl for life! & thank you to emojis, obvs ➖➖"
Surprised you weren't up there with Get Peter Andre on...
Don't miss this week's OK! Magazine, with and Emily talking about their new baby boy!
Peter Andre reveals secret struggle with 'social anxiety' and admits...
Peter Andre opens up about social anxiety: 'I never thought I would admit it'
Peter Andre shares his joy at becoming a father again amid stressful complications
Peter Andre reveals secret struggle with ‘social anxiety’ and admits he gets so stressed he ‘hides away sometimes’
mind Katie Price and Peter Andre made a cover of a whole new world from Aladdin
Katie Price shares pictures of newborn guinea pig as ex-husband Peter Andre celebrates the birth of his son
I don't like the aunt Bessie's advert.. I kinda miss Peter Andre trying to convince us to go Iceland.
Aunt Bessie is doing my nut in already..Bring back Peter Andre with the Iceland adverts 😂
Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Andre makes an appearance on Corrie
Peter Andre to cameo on Coronation Street? - Radio Times
Coronation Street spoiler: Is this the moment Peter Andre makes cameo appearance on the……
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Peter Andre joins the cast of Coronation Street?
That geeza with the thick bird Brad Holmes who pranks her. What does she see in him honestly. Makes Max Green look like Peter Andre.
At an 18th in Wallasey. Graham & Jan Walton (sextuplets) have just said hello. They must recognise me from Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover.
my favourite past contestants: Steve Backshall & Peter Andre come close but Lisa Riley hands down for me!
Please post anon . I've just seen Peter Andre coming into Casa Brazil in Port Solent. I didn't get a chance to get...
Katie Price insists 'marriage is for life' despite two failed ones under her belt to Peter Andre and Alex Reid…
Peter Andre at our local Sainsburys tomorrow. Might ask for his autograph and then say "Oh..Thought you were Richie Firth 😁
Peter Andre says family grief made him 'shut out' wife Emily.
'It tore us apart': Peter Andre on the family grief that made him 'shut out' wife Emily,…
Stormzy announcing the Pogba transfer is actually decent. Can't wait for Peter Andre to announce Jonny Evans to Arsenal
Peter Andre implies he's cut ties with Harvey Price: 'This will be my... More Related:
Peter Andre says Harvey Price will always be 'special' to him: The singer is seeing more of Katie Price's 13 ...
Peter Andre says Harvey Price will always be ‘special’ to him
Peter Andre sets the record straight about seeing Harvey:
Peter Andre talks about meeting with Harvey Price lately
Peter Andre and Emily's stunning intimate wedding footage
Peter Andre opens up about his relationship with Harvey Price,
'I gave her a signed photo': Peter Andre on his unusual first wedding an
Peter Andre reveals joy at being reunited with former stepson Harvey... More:
Peter Andre has been talking about how "special" Harvey Price is to him
Peter Andre on Harvey Price: 'He'll always be special to me and I want him to be happy': Peter Andre has said...
Peter Andre's unusual first wedding anniversary gift to wife Emily via
Peter Andre opens up about reunion with former stepson Harvey
Peter Andre insists Harvey will ‘always be special to him’ despite Katie Price claiming he doesn’t see teenager
Page 3 offerings? The photos of men! For *** Mirror? Classic paedo offering with photo of Peter Andre with Harvey in a
Peter Andre insists Harvey will 'always be special to him' despite Katie Price claiming he…
Peter Andre clears up claims he never sees Katie Price’s son Harvey
All you need to do to be a bit sexier is to smile once in a while! – Peter Andre
Keller was loving the jacuzzi, pretending he's Peter Andre 😂😂
This is like seeing Katie Price bang on about Peter Andre; except Charlie is bordering on psychotic! 😡 Leave Jason alone now lass!
Peter Andre, Coleen Rooney, Kerry Katona, Stacey Soloman, Jason Donovan and Colleen Nolan, your boys are taking one *** of a beating
Come on Peter Andre, Kerry Katona, Stacey Soloman & Jason Donovan, give the French one *** of a beating
Insert bad joke about Kerry Katona and Peter Andre.
How much hate mail are Kerry Katona, Peter Andre and Stacey Solomon getting at the moment?
unfortunately it seems that way. If we lose this I think I may send hate mail to Peter Andre
Getting in the mood for Lanza by listening to Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl☀️☀️
Peter Andre, Pixie Lott, and Britain's Got Talent winners on Sunday Night at the Palladium...
So many people know about the dangers of sunbeds but when you have a b...
listener request and : Andre, Peter (& Bubbler Ranx) - Mysterious Girl at
The last in the series of Sunday Night at the Palladium is on ITV 1 tonight (June 8), and host Bra...
Peter Andre wants to be on Loose Men again -
Girl or boy!? Peter Andre makes an announcement about his and Emily MacDonagh’s baby following pregnancy…
Showing your life so public is a mistake sometimes, but I blame myself...
Peter Andre refuses to know sex of his child...
Peter Andre discusses sex of his fourth child:
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New post: Katie Price and Peter Andre ‘likely’ to ‘reunite on Loose Women
Did Peter Andre snub Katie Price? Singer sets record straight on rumours about his ex-wife...
Katie Price and ex-husband Peter Andre 'set to reunite on Loose Women and put their...
Peter Andre refuses to know the sex of his baby...
Katie Price and Peter Andre to reunite with Peter Andre on Loose Women...
Katie Price and Peter Andre in talks to reunite on Loose Women live via
Katie Price and Peter Andre back together for
Peter Andre shares the sweetest 'family time' photo from Cyprus - see it here...
Peter Andre makes confession about THAT pregnancy announcement: 'I just couldn't wait!'...
Is Peter Andre too busy for a live TV reunion with Katie Price on Loose Women?...
Reunion of the century: Loose Women to bring Katie Price and Peter Andre back together?...
Peter Andre reveals why he won't find out sex of second child with wife Emily MacDonagh...
Are Katie Price and Peter Andre reunion really planning to reunite on Loose Women?...
Katie Price and Peter Andre 'to reunite on Loose Women' after putting rift behind them...
Want to feel old? This is what Peter Andre and Harvey Price look like now.
Peter Andre admits he quit the ballroom after - ​He's glad he'll just be watching this via
Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh looked seriously smitten tonight, new pictures!
R Kelly, Craig David, Peter Andre...has good music taste 👍
I hear you I mean I used to look like Peter Andre in Mysterious Girl video now im more like Paul Potts who won bgt
Nothing like a bit of Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl to cheer you up on a Monday afternoon :) :)
I found myself foot tapping to Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre. I understand if you all collectively never speak to me again.
And this concludes my theory that Peter Andre and Antony Worrall Thompson are the same person.
Next year, the GB entry should be Peter Andre wailing about when Oliver Cromwell killed our King
Snake charming with Peter Andre, Alligator Wrestling with Jason Gardner, Rabbit pies with James Martin...
Had a wonderful time meeting Peter Andre today. Thank you & xx
Cummings is closer to Peter Andre than Andrea Pirlo. That's a fact
Who's coming 2 see Peter Andre its in the Upper Mall outside Victoria Secrets 1.30 -3.30 2morrow Perfume &…
Someone stop Morgan from playing Peter Andre throughout the house please
Me and Shayne Ward could be the next Peter Andre and his super young, non famous lady
Katie Price and Peter Andre's son Junior is taken to Tattoo Fixer by Kieran Hayley: . Jay Hutton thought the s...
. Manchester was to Tony Wilson what his kids are to Peter Andre.
I wish I was on a cruise ship with Ant and Dec, Peter Andre, Ashley Roberts, Stacey Solomon etc
these things have happened to amy winehouse, jade goody, Peter Andre, Reese Witherspoon etc. Not just blacks.
Katie Price takes husband Kieran Hayler and the kids to see ex-husband Peter Andre in...
Happy 40th Birthday Kelly! Hope you have a great day! It's a great day to be on a Peter Andre high! ;-) X
2 tickets to Peter Andre at Symphony Hall - Birmingham, 19 Mar, less fv £15.00 ea. To buy these tickets and more:
Cliff Williams. Chris Slade is Welsh! Mind you they gave us Peter Andre.
Peter Andre exclusively reveals being a stepdad to Harvey made him more aware of his children's health: Mysterious Girl singer felt ...
when did Peter Andre start commentating on Boxnation Tyson?
Archie predicting he is the only person at the Peter Andre concert wearing a Harris Tweed bunnet...
Are you attending Peter Andre - Come Swing with Me Tour 2016?? Clyde Auditorium ; We welcome all at Charing Cross...
Remember when Peter Andre was a geezer, like when Mysterious Girl was out? Robert Miles - Children and Babylon Zoo - Spac…
Katie Price reveals she is a 'big fan' of Peter Andre's wife Emily MacDonagh:
Just found out that Peter Andre and Katie Price got married at Downton Abbey ***
Katie Price says Peter Andre's wife Emily is good for the kids:
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Katie Price reveals she would join Peter Andre on Loose... via
EXCLUSIVE: Katie Price admits she's 'happy' Peter Andre is with a woman like Emily MacDonagh…
Pop star Peter Andre ready to wow crowds at this year’s Portsmouth Summer Show – Portsmouth News
Prays PJ Harvey & Peter Andre trending is not related. . PJ Harvey playing Glastonbury. . Prays harder. . Thank you Lord I don't believe in
# it may well b the case that MP Dianne Abbott, Sadiq Khan, Ed Miliband, Rio Ferdinan, Katie Price, Peter Andre,
Dear C4. Please do not cancel The Jump until you've let Alistair Campbell, Russell Brand & Peter Andre all have a go. We would watch that.
Peter Andre will host a new show on
please tell me you're watching Peter Andre's 60 min Makeover. Linda Barker is trying to flog a crystal extractor fan! Shocking 😳
I hadn't heard Ian Roberts. Good one! I have also heard Peter Andre good be heading in.
The battle of the insta selfies! Katie Price goes head to head with Peter Andre
Mrs Wag: Why is Peter Andre on What does he know about food? . Me: That's Michael Caines.
Katie Price, 37, has now settled her privacy claim against ex-husband Peter Andre and former manager Claire Powell in court on Wednesday.
Iwan Thomas and Peter Andre on the same stage together. Two of the most sycophantic, self-obsessed knobs ever. 😡
Peter Andre and Jason Donovan do Iceland?opening act Kerry Katona?
The only Iceland JBG should be representing is the commercial with Peter Andre and Kerry Katona.
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I'm good Si - promise I'll be down soon - been a bit insania as our mate Peter Andre would say X
Peter Andre just introduced the Festive Spice Girls as Baby Jesus, Noël C, Geri Xmas and Mel Tree. He couldn't think of one for Posh.
. Donald Trump vs George Galloway. would be like. Peter Andre vs Muhammad Ali. lol
Peter Andre . an honorary brown person ? Smiles :)
collymore is on my list. Gary Barlow , Peter Andre and Chris Kamara are too
cheers. Peter Andre is easy as is gary Barlow (just mention tax) and Mike Brown (rugby)
Peter Andre has become the ninth celebrity to depart the dance floor in Strictly Come Dancing 2015!
Sad to see Peter Andre leave Strictly Come Dancing last night but don't forget you can catch him live here in March htt…
Katie Price and Peter Andre viewed rob's dads old house. Harvey dribbled over the TV and left his jumbo pack of sun-dried raisins.
Peter Andre sends video message to oldest fan celebrating her . Strictly Come Dancing star Peter...
Peter Andre hits back at Jamelia as he rubbishes Strictly fix claims:
Strictly Come Dancing's Peter Andre is booted off after Jamelia fix claims. . The Mysterious Girl hitmaker a…
Peter Andre loves his kids,apart from that swizzing marble eyed harvey...
The way Peter Andre pulls all those stupid faces on strictly I'm beginning to think he could be Harvey's biological dad after all !!
Peter Andre & Jeanette American Smooth . Awww lovely. Old movie style. Love it
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Peter Andre. Harvey Price could dance with more rhythm than that *** .
Jamelia sent home from after facing Peter Andre in the dance off!
As if Peter Andre is in the place I work, what a bloke
Strictly Come Dancing's Peter Andre reveals his father was a SLAVE ... - - -
so im not the only one then?. Peter Andre and Jamie Oliver have the same effect too
anyone else find it weird that Peter Andre isn't on your TV every 10 minutes trying to sell you king prawns 💭
Thank god iceland don't sponsor I'm a celeb anymore, I'm not sure I could take another year of Peter Andre and his spri…
he is nearly as bad as Peter Andre.
The weapons merchant in Diamond City looks just like Peter Andre and once u see it there's no going back
Claude, can't you replace that conceited buffoon Peter Andre?
Last night doing shots with Peter Andre's brother in the DJ booth in Missoula was proper random 😂
Peter Andre tops Strictly leaderboard after two perfect 10s for his Charles …
I see Peter Andre has released an album of Sinatra covers. And apparently, Jeremy Clarksom is rewriting Finnegans Wake in time for Christmas
Next year I think they should let Peter Andre release the advert... . Or maybe Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee
Peter Andre is VERY excited for his next Strictly Come Dancing routine
For some reason I pictured Peter Andre when I saw the name Craig David. I will deny I know who Peter Andre is if I'm asked btw.
ITV2 is ordered by the High Court to pay more than £4m damages in a case involving Peter Andre's reality show.
'Peter Andre isn't Craig David though, is he?' Ryan Sergio Sainsbury 2015
Peter Andre sucking up to the judges does a good impression of Uriah heap,
Peter Andre, your such a brown nose
Peter Andre gushes over wife Emily MacDonagh with unseen snap from their lavish wedding
Craig Revel Horwood fears Peter Andre will be booted off
Please stop Peter Andre doing the comedy it is a waste of valuable time!isn't long enough wish could have an hr every evening!
David Cameron has gone to Iceland. When asked why he's there, the PM said, "If it's good enough for Peter Andre, it's good enough for me"...
At the BBC Xmas party, Greg Wallace is masterchef, Peter Andre will Strictly Come Dancing and Clarkson will supply the punch.
Why can't we just fire Peter Andre into the Oort cloud?
Thank GOD for live pause & fast forward- it means I haven't seen Peter Andre dance at all this season!! 🎉 👍🏻 yey!!
Peter Andre. Lovely fella but the cheese factor. Greater than The Hoff, Mooney and Roger Moore put together.
Rumour has it that the new John Lewis Christmas ad will feature Adele doing a cover of Peter Andre's 1996 hit, Mysterious …
This week's Gazette: A2 slip road poised to become reality, Peter Andre meets his fans, fury over student landlord.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mica Paris, Rozalla, Dannii Minogue and Peter Andre to name but a few. Glen continues to work with new, up and coming acts. We are so.
I'm now supporting Ainsley Harriott, Peter Andre, Kirsty Gallagher and Helen George - they'll be the final 4 methinks
Sorry, but I'm not a Peter Andre fan.Have you heard "My Way" sung by Sid Vicious?.
sorry, I don't hate anyone so I will refrain from wait I said and now say I despise Peter Andre. Aaaah, that's better.
Peter Andre, the Tango & Blue Monday. Sorry my head just exploded with postmodern irony
'Hello Police ?'. 'Yes, Peter Andre is murdering music live on BBC1' . 'Swat team ? Yes ? Now? Thank you darlings'
Who doesn't love Peter Andre? I'd like to see him do an Argentine Tango
I found an album on iTunes of Peter Andre doing swing covers and I laughed so much. I'm not even sorry.
Sorry - did they just say Peter Andre has a hectic work schedule? How? Why??
Somerset Latest: Western Daily Press published Peter Andre's wife Emily checks up on him at Strictly Come...: ...
Why is Dan Walker on The best surprise so far this season - better than Peter Andre going for a fly
- Kay Burley interview with Alton Towers chief gets more than 1100 complaints
Which star has been practicing their drawing skills?
I think I might be a Peter Andre fan. Nobody is more surprised than me.
Peter Andre must wake up ever morning and give thanks that he is Peter Andre. "Another day being Peter Andre, cannot believe my luck".
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Nick Knowles & Peter Andre sat next to each other on looks like a plastic surgery before & after picture.
Peter Andre always seems like a nice bloke
Peter Andre at the Echo Arena? You must be joking, is he working behind the bar or something?
Couldn't we tranquillize Peter Andre and send him in the opposite direction to the 2 bears? He's so nice ☺
Why is Peter Andre still in the public eye? I just don't get it.
The definition of compassion? Peter Andre's expression as he sat beside emotional Nick Nowles on
Peter Andre manages to get himself on every TV show the sleaze
Is it just me or is Peter Andre looking more camp by the day?
Popular on 500px : Without the hands by Andre_Villeneuve
I've got priority booking for Peter Andre at the echo arena
not if peter bodge it Andre does it 😂😂😂
the 2 charity campaigns/appeals & Peter Andre's new album have all made me cry tonight, never realised this show was so emotive
.crying on The One Show. Let it out fella, let it out. Felt a bit teary myself when Peter Andre started singing earlier
I've changed me mind, I'll do a Peter Andre covers album, er EP, okay single then.
Did you enjoy Peter Andre on the One Show tonight? . Tickets are on general sale Friday 9am
BOL or Peter Andre 60 minute make ova 😁
Wanna go see Peter Andre nxt yr but no one wants to come with me !!! 😢
Nick Knowles AND Peter Andre on The One Show. My two bizarre crushes on one sofa. Nice.
Quick Steve, wake up! Your mate Peter Andre is on telly, again.
Omg. Nick Knowles and Peter Andre on the one show. Am I in heaven?
Turned bbc1 on and was greeted by peter andre, looking as good as ever 👌
Is Nick Knowles especially big, or is Peter Andre far away?
So Peter Andre still can't decide on an artistic identity. Now it's pseudo-swing? And a BBC paid advert...!
Mr Justice Flaux said Peter Andre was "an extremely unsatisfactory witness" & "not truthful". He didn't add, "and he cannot sing for toffee"
*** my ears! Peter Andre has recorded a swing album and a clip was played on The One Show. How I wish I could un-hear it!!
Hmm, got that a bit wrong , Peter Andre's dad's favourite is Come Fly With Me, not Fly Me To The Moon!
Peter Andre untrustworthy and a liar according to the Judge at a recent court appearance
Peter Andre's new album of old covers is out Friday should anyone be bored of chewing their own *** off
Peter Andre's swing version of Mysterious Girl. We are one of those parallel universes where everything that could happen does happen.
'I quite like Peter Andre... I don't know what that blip with Katie Price was but I quite like him' - Mother
Peter Andre's released an album of swing classics. Somehow Mysterious Girl has made it's way onto the track list.
Peter Andre's new album is a swing album and has destroyed some of my favourites. I'd like an anvil to destroy him.
Peter Andre is releasing a swing album 😳 Could it get any worse? 🙈
Peter Andre did a whole interview without saying how much he loves his kids..
Peter Andre is trying to be the next Michael buble... He needs to give up!
Peter Andre is just a really nice guy
Peter Andre releasing a swing album for Sinatra's 100th birthday...and you wonder why I wanted nothing to do with the music industry!!
Peter Andre just ruined Fly me to the moon! No one can sing a Sinatra song like the man himself so don't try
Bloody *** Peter Andre has a new swing album out. Will he ever give up?
still find it quite funny how me and queued for an hour to meet Peter Andre
that Peter Andre cover you just played was fly me to the moon, not come fly with me.
As much as I like Peter Andre, not sure he's quite got the vocals for a big band album 😩 Buble, don't eat your heart out
why is Peter Andre (an already good dancer) being plugged and plugged on the one show! Shouldn't be in Strictly
Peter andre .thinkn hes frank sinatra .+ i wanna kik fkn telly in .but catch reach it as its above fire place
So Peter Andre is now doing the thing Robbie Williams did, the same thing Bublé only does.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I literally cannot explain how much I hate Peter Andre or why 😂😂🙅🏻
What has Peter Andre got on the BBC. On the One Show talking about dancing reality show and new album perfectly timed for release...
Has Peter Andre mentioned how much he loves his kids yet??...he's been on two minutes so must be in double figures
Why am I paying the bbc to watch a peter Andre advert
Peter Andre sings the classics, well I say *sings*, murders would be more accurate
I'm sure Frank Sinatra would be ecstatic to realise they've chosen Peter Andre to celebrate what would've been his 100th bday.
Peter Andre's dad, what a sweet old man, love him!
Peter Andre singing 'come fly with me' no 😣
why has Peter Andre ruined some classic swing music 😫😫😫
I still can't take Peter Andre seriously
Fake as fck Peter Andre on the One Show *Turns Tv Over*
Nick Knowles and Peter Andre on The one show 😷 could this get any worse?! Least favourite people ever 😷
Peter Andre is such a sweet little pea
Imagine being a lion in captivity and Peter Andre comes to release you
did Peter Andre just give away a secret about 60 minute makeover? I've always thought they must take longer than that!
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I'm still ridiculously attracted to Peter Andre 😻 such a pretty man
My word, Peter Andre is so bloody annoying!
Peter Andre on The One Show, hasn't mentioned his kids yet
Photo: - Georgia May Foote and Peter Andre lead the Strictly Come Dancing glamour:
"Peter Andre is dressed as a pirate tonight.". "Where's the plank?". "There. Dressed as a pirate." .
Who did it better riker lynch or Peter Andre
I dunno, I thought Peter Andre's dance was good, but Riker Lynch's version was astounding
Watching Strictly with mum. Peter Andre in the background dressed as Capt Jack Sparrow. Mum: Is that Andre Previn?
Peter Andre, he loves his kids. except Harvey .
Andre branded 'unsatisfactory witness': Peter Andre has been deemed an "extremely unsatisf... from world news app
Peter Andre is the only 'celeb' I know on Strictly. Why not book Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro or Nicki Minaj? They do everything for money.
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