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Pete Wentz

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born on June 5, 1979) better known as Pete Wentz, is an American musician best known for being the bassist and primary lyricist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy.

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I accidentally left Holly alone for 2 mins & this dude to her was like "what's your fave band?" "All Time Low" "Pete Wentz dude right?!!"
Hey if the world does end in 30 minutes just know that I love Pete Wentz, Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles thank you and goodnight
Pete Wentz's appearance on OTH just made me cry.
Tonight mood: listening to old Fall Out Boy with Pete wentz screaming "I'm a nervous wreck" on repeat
“How’d you get blocked by Pete Wentz?”. Me: I begged him endlessly to add more Folie songs to the set list
Can you believe Pete Wentz created beauty??
If Legolas and Pete Wentz had a baby it's be the guy with the bow
The experiences were fun, the people were better. Not even all of the people who made this week are featured. . Sho…
Actual results of an MRI of pete wentz’s brain
Pete Wentz blazed with twenty one pilots's gods ???
The ungrateful Hispanic squid ran from Pete Wentz
I just spent like an hour liking old gifs of Pete Wentz on tumblr...
I can't believe Pete wentz is a weaboo
All dressed up for Emo Prom and I am channeling Avril Lavigne fights Gerard Way in a Barnes and Noble parking lot realness ft. Pete Wentz 💀
Literally, this is so Pete Wentz. . Sometimes you don't know when it's about real life or if are new lyrics
I'm really thankful for pete wentz just holy thanks for existing
Zachary Quinto in an episode of Charmed with Pete Wentz hair is my favorite thing
Instagram 7: Jeremiah Brent, Henry Cavill, Pete Wentz and more: Here are .. via
Pete Wentz, Hayley Williams, Mark Hoppus and more speak out against the Charlottesville march violence:
Joe Trohman died twenty one pilots's Pete Wentz .
Pete Wentz felt broken while hearing Cash Warren hugging the reindeer in the breakfast nook
35.) "Music never leaves you alone, and punk rock will always be there when nothing else will." ~ Pete Wentz
Ashlee Simpson Ross out in Los Angeles with Pete Wentz and friends (June 15)
By the way Pete Wentz is one of the most amazing lyricists that I know (along with Ryan Ross)
Randomly thinking yesterday...we live in a universe where Diana Ross would be at the same birthday parties as Pete Wentz. Lol.
8. I didn't start playing around with eyeliner until I saw Pete Wentz, Davey Havok, and Billie Joe Armstrong do it and think it was cool.
Of course Pete Wentz was wearing an Invisible Children shirt in 2008.
New favourite club - USL's Phoenix Rising. Owned by Diplo and Pete Wentz, with Drogba, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Peter Ramage on the books.
The first *** pics I ever saw was Pete Wentz' and then it was Travis barkers so in other words, I'll always be rawr af
Is the third property brother not 2007 Pete Wentz???
Thats pete wentz you uncultured swine
I didn't know Pete Wentz was related to the Property Brothers.
I thought Pete Wentz was their brother for a second
Wait this is not photoshopped Pete wentz hair ?
So he turned into 2010 pete wentz, I'm not scared
I didn't know the third Property Brother was 2007 Pete Wentz
Why does the third Property Brother look like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy
why does the third property brother look like Pete Wentz circa 2007
low key thought that was Pete wentz trying to fit in
Wow I can't believe the third Property Brother is Pete Wentz
I can't tell if this is a joke or if he's literally Pete Wentz.
This is a very specific romance book saga. 1st brother - the alpha hero, 2nd brother - the romeo, 3rd - the Magicia…
I'm watching it's always sunny in philadelphia and one of the guys reminds me of pete wentz and it's putting me off
Pete Wentz as an artist & individual is so underrated don't @ me
Pete Wentz dancing to Kids in the dark by All Time Low
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
pete wentz raised me. Thank You Father
Had a dream Pete Wentz was into me... best dream of my life.
Aw lads I got a ticket to see panic at the disco in Los Angeles LA devotee is going to go off they better have Pete wentz as a guest
I was gonna say go eat a Pete Wentz
My favorite thing to know is that one of Pete Wentz's children only knows him as being a blonde and now assumes that's his natural hair
The hardest question: is it Pete Wentz's livejournal (2005) or Rorschach's journal (1985)?
Never forget Pete Wentz made out with Kim Kardashian.
I can't take my work seriously anymore when Pete Wentz pops up
Why people hate me. Fren: Where has Pete been?. Me: He wentz away. Fren: Any idea where?. Me: Idk I'm stumped. Fren: For how long?. Me: Weekes
Pete Wentz - What’s In My Room brought to you by Marriott Rewards,
Pete Wentz didn't attack the listener, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth . I have more faith in Paramore however
back in 2012 I told that same thing to Pete Wentz, just a little funny fact before coming to Argentina
Panic! At the Disco hates his Pete Wentz >:3
I memed it out with Pete Wentz's Gerard Way .
Still can't believe there's a club owned by Pete Wentz & Diplo that has Omar Bravo & Shaun Wright-Phillips on roster &…   10% Off
You are the Patrick Stump to my Pete Wentz!!!
2007 Pete Wentz drowning you in a pool of liquid eyeliner
don't call yourself "emo" if you don't even know any interractions between Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship), William Beckett (TAI), Pete Wentz
if you ever feel stupid, just remember that people out there think Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta are white
A list of things One Tree Hill should have never done:. 1. Get rid of Jake Jagielski. 2. Pete Wentz (???). 3. Make Mouth fat. 4. Everything else
If she stans Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz she's happy that they still talking to each other
The filmmakers considered actual rock stars like Pete Wentz and Joel Madden for the role of musician Nikolai. The role went to Adam Brody.
If you were the guy biking down the A127 who looked like a mix of Dougie Poynter and Pete Wentz, please come & find me. I'm in love with you
yeah Pete Wentz named his first baby Saint
JENNIFER'S BODY - Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Good Charlotte's Joel Madden were considered for the role of Nikolai.
Pete Wentz farted on not an Dahvie Vanity owo
Pete Wentz married kind of a Dahvie Vanity .
Pete Wentz talking about Karl urban on Instagram I am ALIVE
Pete Wentz is on the NL Celebrity team?. AMERICAN LEAGUE TIL I DIE BABY
hey, I like Pete Wentz. Mainly because I like Patrick Stump.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Watch: Pete Wentz and Kendall Schmidt Take on the Kids in 'School of Rock' Clip via
When I was little, I always thought that it was Pete Wentz who played Cal in Titanic instead of Billy Zane...
Pete Wentz is one of my day one heart throbs. Back in my Tumblr days omfg.
Can we talk about the fact that Pete Wentz is referenced in one of Childish Gambino's songs
Got to see Baz Luhrmann, Tom Vaughan Lawlor, Pete Wentz and Evanna Lynch at college this year. Not bad.
"Patrick has pretty much accepted by now that he is going to die with his *** in Pete Wentz’s mouth."
Perhaps Joe wouldn't hate ISIS so much if they just mugged Pete Wentz
apparently mac looking like pete wentz is like a Thing im not alone
Throwback Thursday: Paramore with Chad Gilbert and Pete Wentz at the VMAs 2009.
I made this account for when I am mad at Pete Wentz
normally when I say "I miss my husband" it means Pete Wentz hasn't posted anything in the last 24 hours
who is a funnier human being: Ryan Cabrera or Pete Wentz
today is the day Bruno Mars was excited to pass by Pete Wentz on the street.
Peyton gets to kiss Nathan, Lucas, Jake, Pete Wentz and she's married to Denny Duquette. . How does one "Peyton"?
Seriously, if Pete Wentz went up onstage instead of Carson Wentz would more than 30% of the audience notice? Including…
Two of our favorite friends! Selena Gomez and Pete Wentz are looking dapper tonight!
Does cobra starship really have a song called "Pete Wentz is the only reason we're famous" ???
Why is Pete Wentz gonna be in that kid show school of rock
The extras in the 5sos movie with Pete Wentz was the best part
main goals in life: to obtain hugs from: Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles + Literally just to stand next to JarPad
"I know depression and anxiety can kill you, I know from personal experience." Pete Wentz made me cry. again.
Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy talking about 5sos in 'Rolling Stones Magazine' - jordie
Jingle bells, VIClaus came,. I still love Mikey Way,. Panic! Is just Brendon now,. and Pete Wentz is the Bae, Hey!
Yesterday Kira went to school looking like Pete Wentz circa 2007 and today she went to school looking like Gabe Saporta circa 2009...
Pete Wentz wore the same sweater to New York fashion week that he wore the 2nd time I met him. I've met that sweater
So daddy is taking me to NYC soon and then a Fall Out Boy concert bc he's bros with Pete Wentz lol
I. Feel. Like. I'm. Gonna. Die. If I go, bury me next to Pete Wentz's eyeliner and tell my frens and tony perry I love them🙃
There's a part of me that says I still have a chance with Pete Wentz. A bulging ego? Perhaps. Natural selection at work? More likely.
I didn't know Pete Wentz, Slash, Jennifer Beals, Carol Channing, Wentworth Miller are black..This article is dope!
whatever Pete wentz wants he will get
Pete wentz and chester see look so much alike
Exclusive: and react to their nominations!
I don't have any excuses for the ridiculous amount Pete Wentz and Orlando bloom feature in my search history
. "Pete Wentz, then Dallon Weekes." Two men that both knew, but that didn't matter, what mattered was that Brendon laid —
Night of Binge Season 3 brings us the death of Uncle turned Father Keith, A child molesting Uncle Coop & Pete Wentz acting
apparently the first time Shane Morris met Pete Wentz he stomped on a box full of kittens at Ryan's house
Pete Wentz named his baby Saint way before Kim Kardashian did..awkward
Who knew Pete Wentz has a son called Saint a year before Kimye.
Pete Wentz will get a tattoo of a unicorn to express his love for Mikey Way
no he's trading his whole team for Pete Wentz...I mean Carson
cuz we gonna do Fall Out Boy no duh and you gonna be Andy Hurley and Im gonna be Pete Wentz its gonna be rad
Josh Dun makes me Josh DONE. Pete Wentz makes me Pete WINCE. Dallon Weekes makes me Dallon WEAK. Ryan Ross makes me want to DIE
Shane also compared Mikey to Pete Wentz, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Aaron Carter
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love. [ Pete Wentz ]
Pete Wentz is the least talented band member since Meg White
Okay but Rose's boyfriend before Jack seriously looks exactly like Pete Wentz
Rock and Roll. . Adams reached out to the group at the request of Fall Out Boy's friend and collaborator Butch Walker. Bassist Pete Wentz
"Fall Out Boy is not Burger King, we do not make it your way." - Pete Wentz.
Jennifer Beal, she could pass. Pete Wentz, Wentworth Miller...they could pass. Lena Horne was a high beam but she wasn't passing.
when did Pete Wentz emerge triumphant from a Ryan Hansen cocoon
Can't help but think of the Good King Wenceslas carol right now. Also know as Saint Wenceslas - I wonder if Pete Wentz knew?
Pete Wentz of on what George Washington is thinking in a Peter Saul painting.
Theres camera close-up on every member except Pete Wentz even though he's the Adam Lavigne of Fall Out Boy
The only answer is Pete Wentz or Gerard Way. Or me.
Princeton was Frank, Kate was Alicia. Brian was Bob and Gary Coleman was Pete Wentz
don't glorify him and make it seem like he is the first person to do this, examples like Pete Wentz and Frank Iero have done this
Honestly look up to Oli Sykes, Pete Wentz, Gerard Way, and Kellin Quinn
When I was still planning on going to the show, and I were gonna dress up as Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz.…
I had a dream I saw title fight and minor threat with Pete Wentz in a church
Mel B, Pete Wentz and Kevin Nealon by the "Heavenly Dream" photographs on "Hollywood Game Night"
😢gone by...introducing Pete Wentz as Michael Phelps. Any ideas for my costume…
Just told some kid at work to pick up Pete Wentz and Curt Menefee for Fanduel this week. Couldn't understand why they weren't listed.
How to make me not hate you: be Drake, John Mayer, or Pete Wentz. 👏🏻💅🏼
The most stressful thing I did today was watch the Hollywood game night with Pete Wentz.
Pete Wentz (7:14:42 PM): Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick. Ryan Ross (7:16:57 PM): yeah thats the only thing we get that alot.
Pete Wentz & Twista think the Cubs will beat the Cards;Scott Bakula disagrees. Gary Sinise declares himself "jazzed"
that's Pete Wentz by the way. And I'm still fighting your ex
Pete Wentz and Gerard Way are so inspirational and really just make my day
And Wentworth Miller, Pete Wentz & Nicole Richie white-wash themselves. Go out their way to look White. Please
So few things in this world are limitless; space, time, stupid pictures of Pete Wentz….
Pete Wentz shares his favorite party anthems and skateboarding jams. Listen to his playlist http:/…
they're all vine stars or like 15 year old youtubers that i don't care about where is Pete Wentz and Corbin Bleu
-- waste any of Patrick's time. When he did speak, he could barely make out his own voice.] U-uh, Pete Wentz..? Listen, I'm sorry,--
Pete Wentz is our emo king. Our emo lord. Our emo savior.
everyone was like lizz what are u drawing and i was like voilà pete wentz and then there was a knowing silence
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I want to watch Live In Denver with Pete Wentz
One time I went to a party in LA where the only person older than me was Pete Wentz.
I feel like Pete Wentz & Kanye West would make great friends
Another example-- Pete Wentz is actually mixed. His mother's side is from Jamaica. Media whitewashes so much.
a spider was crawling across emo-2008 Pete Wentz but it kept falling down and it was entertaining
In the next year I will have saw 2 or my 5 mains:. Pete Wentz ✔ . Jack Barakat ✔ . Vic Fuentes ❎ . Ben Bruce ❎ . Dan Avidan ❎
just go "Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979), known professionally as Pete Wentz, is an American musician.."
Pete Wentz is 36 years old his Real name is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz 111 Born sometime in June
my science teacher looks like Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross's love child I can't stop laughing
Cute picture of Bronx & Saint Wentz posted by Pete Wentz. ♥
There's a lot of "relationship goals" out there, but Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper are the King and Queen of relationshi…
How the *** did Fall Out Boy make it on the best dressed men list of 2015? Did no one see Pete Wentz on skates? Or the leather/cardigan?
I usually just sob over pics of Alex Turner and Pete Wentz
I was friends with Pete Wentz in my dream last night
Hi my name is Pete Wentz and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reach
My mother’s names for bands I listen to - donnya101: That band that Pete Wentz is in (Fall Out Boy) Old...
Pete Wentz screaming is my life and soul and everything in between
Sometimes when it looks like I’m deep in thought I’m just trying not to have a conversation with people. Pete Wentz.
i've been up since around 2 am watching videos of pete wentz i need Help
I dreamt last night that I was married to Pete Wentz and that we had propane together and I think that says a lot about me
of a friendship like Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz.
not dirty but I really just want to cuddle w/ Pete Wentz for hours as he plays with my hair & we talk about random stu…
Q: How many times can you say "Pete Wentz has let himself go" at a Fall of Troy gig before everyone around you hates you? A: 3.
pete wentz in black cards after Bebe left
notice me and I'll give you a picture of of fetus Pete Wentz
I feel extremely 2005 Pete wentz today
"He had balls instead of brains, and you need people like that in your life becuase they keep you honest". -Pete Wentz
Its like Pete Wentz or Devon Saw a I'm not sure.
"...Pete Wentz and his spectacularly emo fringe..." well thats wrong
tell Lexi, 19, that Pete wentz does not approve.
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Pete wentz is literally so hot omfg
I mean...Tori Kelly, Wentworth Miller, and Pete Wentz don't "look black" but.whatever it ain't my business.
The relationship between Fall Out Boy and One Tree Hill makes my middle school heart cry especially for Pete Wentz
Brendon Urie, James Maslow, Nick Grimshaw, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Pete Wentz have been requested.
Nothing makes me happier than finding out Pete Wentz is biracial
The screaming part on The Carpal Tunnel of Love really gets me in a good mood bc Pete Wentz
During the APMA's, my mom was at a bar in Cleveland. Craig Mabbitt walked in and she thought he was Pete Wentz
Josh Dun is a Gemini. Lavern Cox is a Gemini. Angelina Jolie is a Gemini. Chris Evans is a Gemini. Pete Wentz is a Gemini
oh and Pete Wentz is Elvis in the video I mean c'mon 💕
Can I just not cry & watch pete wentz videos on youtube
Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time and 2006 Pete Wentz is the definition of Guy Liner
Tagged by 4 pics of my celeb. crushes. This is hard. Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Josh Dun, & Pete Wentz ht…
yesterday I dreamt about how I met one of the guys from FOB at a library and called him Pete Wentz even tho it wasn't him.
My friend told me she doesn't know who Pete Wentz is and I literally cannot tell if she's joking or not?
my hair looking like I'm Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy lmao
Im gonna watch my boys of zummer videos and cry bc pete wentz touched my back brb
honestly I'm never getting married bc there's no way I will love anyone as much as I love Pete Wentz
Try and find a better Pete wentz photo shoot
I have a small crush on Pete Wentz ?
The fact I'm meeting Fall Out Boy especially Pete wentz and seeing hoodie allen all in one day is to much
This is what it's like to have Pete Wentz do your eyeliner.
ok I am so peyton i am sorry I am the one that dates Pete wentz. that is how this works.
Casually crying at an episode of One Tree Hill until a Pete Wentz plot line slips in 😐
*insert Fall Out Boy Fourth of July lyrics* . *insert Pete Wentz saying "please stand for your national anthem" from Gran…
last night I dreamt that you hated me and you used your disappointed pete wentz voice on me and I woke up crying
ok so i was at otra and i saw chris and i was like :O its chris but then they turned around and it was pete wentz in a wig
[Patrick smirked and kissed Pete's jaw, wanting to know what was on Pete's mind.] Are you trying to start something, Wentz?
I saw this at coney island right before fob and said "oh awesome pete wentz can ride if there's an adult with him!"
Still don't know what form Pete Wentz stayed in. Still sad.
Pete Wentz is a walking thirst trap, lord have mercy
That one time when Onision called Pete Wentz hot I literally died and I just re watched the video and I'm dead again
I love looking at peoples reaction when they find out that Pete Wentz is half Jamaican and half German.
Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie have been my mcm's since 2007
What does Hayley Williams,Pete Wentz and Josh Dun have in common?. THEY'RE STILL IN THEIR BANDS
I would sell my sister to satan for Pete Wentz to scream in my ear
Joel Madden, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz, and Brendon Urie. made my little punk heart melt in high school! (even...
Hi, I’m Mikey Way. I like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pete Wentz. Why do I keep wearing this hat. What are the Knicks
Modern day Pete Wentz looks exactly like Rob McElhenney if he hired Jeremy Piven's wigmaker.
Just walked by Pete Wentz on Newbury Street. He was breathing loudly out of his nostrils.
Michael and Calum say that they call Pete Wentz "Pee Twetz"
Kelly has a signed copy of Pete Wentz' book and read six pages
Pete Wentz looks FOB isn't in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame yet.
Fetty Wap,left, and Pete Wentz perform at the MTV Movie Awards at the Nokia Theater,on April 12 2015, in Los Angeles.
Watching Dave Gorman' Modern Life is Goodish and Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper were featured omg 😂😂
Happy birthday to the king of the Internet according to Grimshaw and Pete wentz (you are though) http:…
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pETE wENTZ Thinks you're awesome osdx,fndv omg I'm happy for u
I added a video to a playlist dans reaction to pete wentz prank calling him
go listen to the BBC delete and call yesterday, Pete wentz pranked called mikey
I added a video to a playlist dan being prank called by pete wentz on call or delete
i like you more than i like Pete Wentz :^)
Pete Wentz pranks Michael Clifford AND Dan Howell in epically awks game of Call or Delete
Reminder that Pete Wentz is in fact NOT 100% White. He may drink Starbucks like he is, but nope
I've got Irresistible stuck in my head after having a dream about me and Pete Wentz wrestling a shark to it ***
I'm sad because I'll never meet Pete Wentz?
Pete Wentz prank calling Michael Clifford AND Dan Howell on Call or Delete is our new jam
michael in that prank call from pete wentz IS THE BEST THING. he sounded so cute when he answered the phone
Pete Wentz prank calls Michael Clifford on Nick Grimshaw's Call or Delete: ||
*prank call* Pete Wentz said Michael is his favorite member. Well mikey sure does have that little emo in him too
5sos fans are mad at Luke for wearing girl jeans when Pete Wentz has embraced the girls cut jean since 2003
This is an important video of Pete wentz I'm laughing so hard
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pete Wentz and Paul Blart blamed the mess in the kitchen on the dog. It was a (mall) cop-out (boy)
Taylor could pass for a high yellow black boy now. Side note Wentworth Miller is half black and Pete Wentz (fallout boy)
No matter how hard I stay away from that scene phase, I'll probably still find Bill Kaulitz, Andy Biersack, Pete Wentz, and Frank Iero hot
I want Pete Wentz, Cody Carson, and Brendon Urie to plug my holes :-)
//Pete Wentz screaming in the distance
actual title of my nonsense peom for enlish: "*uses song lyric to convey how im feeling because who could say it better than Pete Wentz?"
my eyes look good in this (also im Pete Wentz apparently) this was in my drafts but is great so !!
well most people like the music and not just the vocals so id say the band. Pete Wentz is seriously bae 😍
Slash au where someone finally explains to me why people call Pete wentz a rapist
when u reblog game of thrones gifs from pete wentz. Thanks Dad
I want to be Michael Clifford and Pete Wentz's friend
Fall Out Boy has 10 letters. Fall Out Boy has 4 members. 10-4=6. Pete Wentz has 2 eyes. 6/2=3. triangle has 3 sides. ❗fob illuminati confirmed❗
Will you be the Mike Shinoda/Pete Wentz/Blake Shelton to my Chester Bennington/Patrick Stump/Adam Levine?.
imagine there's a zombie apocalypse and you're fighting Pete wentz to the death over the last eyeliner pencil on earth
I think you have a thing for young dirty blondes 😂
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Are there any videos of Pete Wentz just casually singing tho. I'd like to hear his voice and not RA
If Pete ever disappeared I'd just assume this is where he Wentz
'"We're older, not necessarily wiser," muses Pete Wentz' via
Someone told me I look "exactly like Pete Wentz" once and I will never recover from that blow
Pete Wentz ignites the 2009 in my heart
I have the same birthday as Carlie Butler,Troye Sivan, Mark Wahlberg,Pete Wentz,Mike Fisher, Dj mustard 😂
I had a dream last night that I found a channel on TV that was just videos of Pete Wentz having sex with girls it was so weird
I'm in love with Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Kendall Schmidt, and Logan Henderson
omg I will be breathing the same oxygen and smelling the same smells as Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley in 135 days
“Michael should take a picture with Pete Wentz!!” *** yes omg
Michael should take a picture with Pete Wentz!!
*sits down next to you* Well, it's a good thing you have a Pete Wentz sized human blanket.
Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump talk about "Uma Thurman" and how they feel about their fans. via
If Pete wentz is your favorite bassist honestly you need to get so far away from me
I wanna trace Pete Wentz's bartskull tattoo with my tongue
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Confession: I don't find current Pete wentz attractive
I used to ship Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross from P!ATD more than I shipped my parents.
Speaking of fights I've figured out the top 3 emos I would like to fight:. 1. Pete Wentz. 2. Craig Owens. 3. Gerard Way
I am so Dallon Weekes, Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz af lately ***
rocking the 2005 pete wentz look this morning from make up down my face. I'm sure it'll catch on
When you miss Pete Wentz on bbc R1 😒
I want to make out with Pete Wentz sooo bad rn.
Emo bang, the 5 star review blockbuster coming to cinemas in August. (Starring pete wentz)
*** emo sex ft pete wentz the new single coming out in February 2015.
we look fab with Pete wentz in this pic tho
I live for old pictures of pete wentz
"Pete Wentz... isn't he that frog meme?" - me
I wanna meet you guys so bad. Like you don't even understand. Your music is so amazing. I really hope one day I'll be able to ❤❤
Taylor. Your an inspiration to me. Love you so much!!!
love you so much Taylor. Your really an inspiration to me
Man, almost 10 years after I fell in love with Pete Wentz in middle school, I'm still falling for bassists.
If you don't think Pete Wentz is daddy af you have something wrong with you
The fact that Pete Wentz has a part in one tree hill..
I would give my life for Pete wentz
Pete Wentz. John Feldmann. Benji and Joel Madden. face it, this picture blessed social media.
hating pete wentz since he deleted michael's number on his phone. jk, he's part of FOB why hate him
also sad bc my hair will never be as bright as Pete Wentz
yep, in a painful way, I think she's adjusting herself for the birth
I keep forgetting Pete wentz is black
Pete Wentz was a sex symbol once, the world really is in decay, isn't it
Welcome to The Jungle by Guns N' Roses is one of the songs that influenced Pete Wentz. The way Axl performed on d music is what amazed him!
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