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Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras (born August 12, 1971) is a retired American tennis player and former world no.

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I just played as You against Pete Sampras in the Daily Challenge
I'd second that Pete! Also a potentially great match up with Kyrgios too!
"The guy you have to beat is yourself - the part of you that's prone to doubt, fear, hesitation, & the impulse to give up.…
backs to pass Says 5 years is big age difference:.
Tennis great Pete Sampras sees Canadian teen sensation Denis Shapovalov as potential top-2 player
Sampras tips Murray to come back stronger: Pete Sampras believes Andy Murray will only come back stronger from his……
Pete Sampras sees Denis Shapovalov as potential top-2 player
That left hook though. Sounded like a Pete Sampras serve
They have both shown this year they can still win a few more each!
.to host tennis legend this weekend. Read his views on the hottest topics in the game here:
.has 'a pretty good shot' at overhauling Grand Slam record, says:
Exclusive: Pete Sampras on Andy Murray, Rafa Nadal challenging Roger Federer's record and the new kids on the block
Roger Federer now holds the record of most singles title with 8 victories, overtakes Pete Sampras and Williams R…
Yvette Nicole Brown, Michael Ian Black, and Pete Sampras were all born exactly 21 years before I was and I am fascinated for whatever reason
Pat Cash is giving away signed memorabilia from 14 time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras.
Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras' rivalry is way beyond surpassed now by Nadal and Federer. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Added to that, has played against Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and still playing against Murray etc.
I really hope you hire either Boris Becker or Pete Sampras for your Hard court and grass tournaments now...Keep Toni for Clay.
Pete Sampras and Tim Henman to Play an Exhibtion Match at the Greenbrier Tennis Showcase
Get your tickets to 2017's Showcase featuring Pete Sampras vs. Tim Henman!
Read about Pete Sampras and Tim Henman at Tennis Showcase in the .…
American retired tennis player Pete Sampras is 16 days old today. FourOfAKind numeric
Roger Federer & Pete Sampras met only once in their career. Wimbledon was the scenario. Who won?
oh no. I want him tied with Pete Sampras forever.
I have not seen a player going for his 2nd serves at times like you since Sampras 💪 Watched Pete any?
16 years ago today, 18-year-old Andy Roddick announced his arrival with an upset win over Pete Sampras. Can Tiafoe do the same vs. Federer?
WAY better than me. Think the only 'famous' people born on the 12th August are Pete Sampras and *** ' out of *** & Dom!
Did you know Ms. Vaughn from Billy Madison was married to Pete Sampras? Where have I been
Federer has a little air Sampras in him, but you're right, Pete practically trademarked that shot.
What are these tennis legends up to now?. From Bjorn Borg to Steffi Graf, CNN has spoken to plenty of tennis leg
Taylor Fritz's (idols growing up were Juan Martin del Potro and Pete Sampras
those years when I thought Pete Sampras was the hottest. Fed kills it.
Pete Sampras played more football than him last year
He's a footballer mate, not Pete Sampras.
Pete Sampras was a ahead of his time.
American retired tennis player Pete Sampras is 16661 days old today. Full House metric
My biggest dream of my whole entire life was to play with Pete Sampras and just try how it is to return the 130 mph
Man Serena ain't the greatest tennis player or Roger, my boy Pete Sampras now we're talking
Are we really fighting over whether the greatest tennis player of all time is Steffi Graf or Pete Sampras?
Ridiculous answers, everybody knows the first concern when trying to raise a giraffe is to make it aware of Pete Sampras.
This day in history: 20 years ago Pete Sampras peeled an orange in one piece.
Pete Sampras had a weird dunking style
In my eyes and my heart, infact in my everything, Pete Sampras is the greatest male tennis player ever 🗣🗣
Well I almost said Arthur Asher but he had some complications. Plus Pete Sampras had a cold backhand serve
the Tennis racket put it over the top. Why this *** wanna be Pete Sampras & not Arthur Ashe tho. 😔
Matt gave his all left money for pete sampras home 7,5 mln $ sorry 😆
Two tennis champions, Tracy Austin and Pete Sampras, went to the same high school as I did, but before me and after me (I think).
ESPN giving Pete Sampras an extra Major even though he has 14. Why not?.
second best ever only to Pete Sampras
... I'm shocked 😳 I tell you. Shocked. Woman, it's Pete Sampras.
Even Pete Sampras himself would gladly defer to Roger Federer as the greatest ever.
Even Sampras regards Federer as the greatest ever. note that this was even in 2009! .
You really want to compare Pete Sampras to Roger Federer?
Im a Nadal fan, but this guy is just incredible...Im also a Pete Sampras fan, but this guy is probably the greatest…
This was Federer's 22nd title after turning 30. Ivan Lendl has the next most with eight. John McEnroe had five and Pete Sampras one.
Agassi was upset that Sampras was able to do the 1 thing he thought he always did better than Pete (besides win Roland Garros). Showmanship.
Pete Sampras would make a good coach to help you with your serve and volley.
All these small players will see Djokovic and suddenly start playing like Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in one body
I love that Australian Open outfit is totally a throwback to the Pete Sampras era. 90s are truly back.
Pete Sampras's controversial interview with The BBC: What does Sunshine the Koala mean for Caroline Wozniacki's career?
You see Boris Becker, Mats Wilander, Nadal, Pete Sampras - they wer...
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John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, Marat Safin to Sign Autographs and Compete at Olympic Park SK Stadi...
After I went through two years of not winning an event, what kept me go...
I can't just wake up and watch TV and do nothing. I need a day off work...
I never wanted to be the great guy or the colorful guy or the interesti...
John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Marat Safin and Pat Cash to play in Seoul!
I swing so hard you should call me Pete Sampras
Beverly Crest home once owned by Kenny G and Pete Sampras fetches $5.25 million
I've worked hard my whole life, since I was a little kid. But now it's ...
I am going to hold serve the majority of the time. It is nice to have a...
Happy Birthday . Your journey from loving tennis and idolising Pete Sampras to winning Cricketer of the Year award for Aus..
Pete Sampras among others in attendance oh by the way
Last Q for : Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer in their prime. Who wins?
When I committed to playing a little tennis in some exhibitions, it was...
Was really cool to see how many moments from the pilot (Pete Sampras, the kite!!!) were referenced in last 2 eps. Nice work
Pete makes his 2016 Champions Tour debut as he headlines in Seoul. Who else will be joining him? Read:…
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As turns 35 today, throw it back to his Centre Court debut against Pete Sampras...
I don't know how I do it, I really don't.
Where I fall down is my short game. I don't practice enough, and when I...
Retirement is a work in progress. I try to figure out my day, and what ...
People wrote me off, but I believed in myself. I got the confidence bac...
would luv 2 c him in a real match like that also match b tween Pete Sampras & Andy Roddick dressed similarly
Got schooled by my 6 yr old on Wii Grand Slam Tennis. He used a serve & volley tactic. Do you think you're Pete Sampras?!!
I just played as Pete Sampras against Pat Rafter in the Daily Challenge
thought he was going as Adam but he's Pete Sampras as a vampire
GOATs happened to be LEOs !!!. . Roger Federer on 08.08. Rod Laver on 09.08. Pete Sampras on 12.08
what, you didn't believe it was for real! Pete Sampras's wife was in it! Christopher Lambert is hot!
Nike Holds a Tennis Match on the Streets of New York With Andre Agassi & Pete Sampras
Uh, no he doesn't.that would be Roger Federer. Nadal is tied with Pete Sampras
Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are my two favorites in tennis history. Those two have set the bar by the example on and off the court.
“His closest rivals, Pete Sampras and Rafa Nadal, have 14 each. The world’s No 1, Novak Djokovic, who has achieved…”
I ran into Pete Sampras in Tony Roma's in 2004 (Indian Wells, home video)
Novak Djokovic and other tennis greats, including Pete Sampras and Mats Wilander, reflect on the Serb celebrating ..
Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic & Rafa Nadal compare to Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi for 'Big Titles' conversion.
This action is like watching Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras in the $UWTI $UVXY $SVXY $SPY
Real Madrid has got to be the luckiest team of all time. Then again, Pete Sampras once said "luck always favors greatness"
How could I forget Andre? Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras for player development.
of COURSE had a Pete Sampras racket
Sportsline tonight: Big 12 expansion talk and we'll be joined by Pete Sampras who will be at the Greenbrier in June.
You kind of live and die by the serve.
It is nice to walk out on a court to have it packed.
Golfers are forever working on mechanics. My tennis swing hasn't changed in...
I do not understand Vasek why you do not ask for advice from other tennis pros like Ivan Lendl or Pete Sampras Jim Courier?
If Davis Cup was a little bit less or once every two years, I would be more...
Imagine if Pete Sampras said Wimbledon don't matter?
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This might be a really stupid thought, But has anyone said you look like the tennis player Pete Sampras? The hat says it all
I'm learning phrases like "what in Pete Sampras is going on here?"
Can imagine Pete Sampras at 50 beating a top 10 pro. It happened w/Cliff Swain in Racquetball- the ex player. .
Hi Mark, hope you gave some love to the Genesis/MD J-Cart ^^. Remember Micro Machines, & Pete Sampras ? fun fun !
Yes I use to use the ATP tennis list of names - but then had recpetionist ask me if Pete Sampras was coming!
"Does Pete Sampras get to mix it up every time he plays Andre Agassi? No. When Pete Sampras plays Andre Agassi he plays as Pete Sampras."
I loved Wimbledon and what it meant, but the surface felt uncomfortable. I ...
Also, and I think I may have mentioned it before, PETE SAMPRAS TENNIS. P.s. I always thought it was pronounced "Gynorg"?
Pete Sampras: Why I won't coach on the pro tour via
Why are you having a bet with Pete Sampras?
Do you think that Pete Sampras would have won more Grand Slam titles if he had retired later on?
I just defeated PETE SAMPRAS in a . Exhibition match!
Prof just gave an example of an athlete that advertises equipment... She picked PETE SAMPRAS tennis player who retired in 2002
My interview w the great Pete Sampras at the Indian Wells
Andre the great rival of Pete Sampras..but Pete is better do!
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One of my fav players. His rivalry with Pete Sampras was epic
Happy birthday This blog is on Agassi getting his start at .
A Champion's Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis by Pete Sampras Paperback Book
Pete Sampras: 'Nadal is so good' Novak Djokovic: 'Rafa plays Fantastic Tennis'...
Pete Sampras and his wife Bridgette Wilson: via
L T A the greatest sport, Bjorn Borg John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Agassi, Rafa and Federre, but Rod Lever the All time Great
"She is sample sized, right. Sometimes I call her Samps. Pete Sampras!" 😂 I love Laird!
w/ Pete Sampras, would have been perfect "Rod Laver ☝🏼️
Honor to get to introduce 2 legends. Billy Jean King and Pete Sampras.
Jordan spieth.the Pete Sampras of golf z
speith is boringly consistent. Reminds me of Pete Sampras.
April 10, 1995: Andre Agassi becomes the No. 1 player in the world for the first time, replacing Pete Sampras, (via app)
Oarks in this area. Mark Poyer or whatever his name is now. Michelle Pointon. Keith Tatlow. Pete Sampras aka Neil Jefferson. Carl Salter.
“Don’t forget to take care of your most important weapon: your body.”. - Pete Sampras.
I used to like Pete Sampras, but when Rafa came along, my world exploded! 😉😍
Why do people even doubt that Pete Sampras' second serve was the pinnacle of human achievement?
.No doubt you made TENNIS 🎾 famous with your elbow 😉 . Who's ur fav PETE SAMPRAS or Roger Federer? .
I can remember practicing tennis in an indoor facility. I'll never be Pete Sampras but I had a ton of fun and I met hella girls that way
not sure. My W over Pete Sampras at a wedding reception (seriously) Can I get that sanctioned ex post facto?
49 facts about Pete Sampras: holds the ATP record of six year-end No. 1 rankings
People know me. I'm not going to produce any cartwheels out there. I'm not ...
I hate to lose, and I do whatever I can to win, and if it is ugly, it is ug...
An hour of hard practice is better than 3 hours of going through the motions - Pete Sampras
Pete Sampras has aced a reyt serve up both my nostrils Jesus a canny breathe man
When I watched and Pete Sampras practice. Moment of a lifetime.
Why do we talk about Michael Jordan? Or Babe Ruth? Or Pete Sampras?
I think it's important in life to loose well, like Pete Sampras did when he was playing tennis and most pro's.
Have the people who believe Novak is the most boring top player of all-time ever heard of Pete Sampras? Because nobody will ever top that.
In tennis, you can make a couple of mistakes and still win. Not in golf. I ...
Besides grunge, Seinfeld, blue dresses, & Pete Sampras, what do we miss about the 90s? Check here:
I know Pete Sampras changed to one-handed and ended up losing a lot of matches for a while...worked out well in the end though!
please, for the love of Pete Sampras... let this go to Cesaro.
I let my racket do the talking. That's what I am all about, really. I just ...
[VIDEO] Pete Sampras on Rafael Nadal: 'It's not yet over'...
Pete Sampras: 'Novak Djokovic is one of the all-time greats'
would be no Novak without Pete Sampras ... And keep in mind that Novak is at the top with no one challenging him
The Indian Wells / Miami double. . Pete Sampras, one of the greatest ever, managed it once. . Novak Djokovic has done i…
Unveiling of the Pete Sampras Mural at the in Indian Wells, CA
Peter Sagan is like the Pete Sampras of cycling. Both machines that make it look easy.
this reminds me of when Pete Sampras won everything (except on clay) and it got really boring; sad to say
Exactly. With that stats we could conclude that Andy Murray is better than Pete Sampras or Agassi
I just played as Willy Beacher against Pete Sampras in the Daily Challenge
We are so lucky to have Paul Annacone joining us at the trainer! Paul has coached Tennis greats such as Roger Federer and Pete Sampras!
The list of great Greeks is rolling in now: from the athletic arena Fred Smerlas, Pete Sampras & "The Golden Greek" Harry Agganis
Some successful players do very well as loners - Nick Faldo, Pete Sampras, Jack Nicklaus. No one would have rallied behind them either.
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Wait, do Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf still play?
Still cold for a tennis player to play off. Pete Sampras & Michael Chang couldn't have made those work
- what do you think Pete Sampras is up to these days?. - me: prob tennis, still. - aubrey: no.
Wouldn't be surprised if my would next hire Pete Sampras as a consultant.
Exactly! Come to Australia but don't bring your personality or sense of humour - Bring Back Pete Sampras
Sure, but Kyrgios was rebuked over the Stan incident by Pete Sampras at a Nike shoot before the USO.
Let's do . We'll start. . When Andre Agassi in burgundy bandana beat Pete Sampras in the '95 final for…
Check out this article by Pete Sampras! 🎾
When Tom Brady flashes gang signs or Pete Sampras crip walks at the French Open then
Pete Sampras overdosed on bananas one Wimbledon. So a friend tells me... They might've been pulling my leg...
HARD-COURT MATCH-WINS: has surpassed Pete Sampras & is now alone on 4th spot with 452 victories!
I since the great Pete Sampras vomit on the court now might see the great Lebron lol
Letter to My Younger Self: Pete Sampras shares key advice with his 16-year-old self.
Sports Illustrated is publishing a four-part series on tennis that will look back in history and chronicle the...
please not Dairy Milk. Surely the Pete Sampras of the confectionary counter.
FUN FACT: veronica vaughn from billy madison is married to pete sampras. they have two children
If I were Murray's coach, I would force him to sit down every single day and watch Pete Sampras hit second serves
Becker The best Pete Sampras would have beaten Roger Federer -
(Federer won his 15th Grand Slam title that day, breaking the record of 14 wins by Pete Sampras) ..(5/5)
Q: Who is your all-time tennis idol andwhy?. Federer: Stefan Edberg and Pete Sampras were my biggest inspirations ..(1/2)
Late with this but, as a big Sampras fan back in the day, this surprises me not at all. As great as Pete was in the Slams, he
Something that will surprise you: Pete Sampras only had 1 season with single digit losses (1999), and he only played 47 matches that year.
Here is Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras before their 1995 Australian Open final!
Weidman is the Pete Sampras of the UFC
A salute to Pete Sampras, who 20 years ago today, clinched the for the USA with amazing effort in Moscow htt…
"For my old friend Pete Sampras's sake" is just delicious.
I have to say, this is one of the best letters I've read in a while: Letter to My Younger Self By Pete Sampras
Interesting to read Roger Federer has a "Platz" named after him on the Nike campus in Oregon but Pete Sampras has a building named after him
Dance with the mantis, note the slim chances. Chant this anthem, swing like Pete Sampras
Roger, I am a Basler pastor & theologian and a big of yours. Your choice of a new coach is unimpressive. Why not Pete Sampras?
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Djokovic's coach is Boris Becker, so to win the 18th Grand Slam Federer should have a coach like Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.
'I saw Pete Sampras three weeks ago and he's still upset about that Davis Cup final in 1991.'.
[Bleacher Report]Pete Sampras was arguably the greatest tennis player on a grass surface. He c…
always.. forever.. Nagesh is my Pete Sampras of Indian cinema..
Mane help me find some Pete Sampras (Nike Air Oscillate) in a 13 for the low.
Roger Federer and Legends Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras lol.wishful thinking but hey nothing is impossible with
Roger Federer wasn’t always the record holder of major wins. He had to take that from Pete Sampras.
Always loved the challenge playing against Pete "pistol" Sampras. I would love to see him in a…
One of Pete's tougher moments: On this day, 1995 USA/Russia final -Sampras seizing up right after victory! http…
Pete Sampras as he could teach all of them a few things
Who Will Go Down as the Greater Player: Novak Djokovic or Pete Sampras? via
oh i liked him too along with Goran Ivanisevic! Pero talaga si Pete Sampras in my book😍
I liked him back when he was a tennis pro! He was the younger version of Pete Sampras! Them Greek gods!!!😍
Watching a PBS documentary on the Carpenters. Karen is Adams female doppleganger. Forget the Pete Sampras.
Q4. Who did Greg Rusedski lose to in the US Open final?. 1. Pete Sampras. 2. Roger Federer. 3. Andre Agassi. 4. Pat Rafter…
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Congrats ! What a year ! Never seen that kind of performance since Pete Sampras !
The last player to win 3 matches in the final of the Davis Cup was Pete Sampras. That's what Andy Murray has accomplished.
.the first player to win three live rubbers in a final since Pete Sampras in 1995.
If Andy Murray wins tomorrow he would be the first player since Pete Sampras in 1995 to win 3 live rubbers in a Davis Cup final (as per ITF)
Me too. But for me my favorite will always be Jimmy Connors & Pete Sampras
Fed and Djokovic set for early clash: Novak Djokovic has the chance to join Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl as fiv...
John McEnroe My worst nightmare would have been facing Rafael Nadal on clay: 'Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Roger F...
I just played as Pete Sampras against Andre Agassi in the Daily Challenge
Steve Johnson is the first American to reach the Vienna final since Pete Sampras won the title in 1998. Americans 5-0 in Vienna F since 1984
he's Pete Sampras now I guess, or maybe more like Monica Seles after he just got got by Lamar
TBT - Andre Agassi vs. Pete Sampras in the 1995 Indian Wells final! [VIDEO].
Is this even a topic for debate.. This is like saying Mahesh Bhupati is not Pete Sampras..
Djokovic becomes 5th man with 10 Grand Slam titles in the Open Era joining Federer (17), Nadal (14), Pete Sampras (14) a…
Number 5 in the best US Open moments countdown is Pete Sampras' 2002 win
i belong to the Bjorn Borg John McEnroe gen. That was like yesterday. Pete Sampras still v much part of the 'now' of the planet!
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.celebrates the tennis heritage with the rerelease of Air Oscillate QS.
This O.G. tennis classic designed by Tinker Hatfield returns for the U.S. Open:
Sampras looks about 16. What a brilliant player. One of my all time favorites Pistol Pete.
are we gonna address how pronounces Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras like a German feudal lord or ju…
Thank you for re-releasing these Pete Sampras classics! Must-cop August 29
Pete Sampras looks like he played on the Wonder Years. Lmao
Nike is retroing Pete Sampras' signature sneaker 🙌🙌:
Nike Air Oscillate QS White/Black-Midnight: Striking quickly ahead of the U.S. Open in New York City at the en...
Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras are doing something together next week?! Why don't I have tickets?
Pete Sampras's Classic Air Oscillate Returns via This is awesome! One of the best tennis shoes of all time.
- Watch Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi at the Indian Wells 1995 final! [VIDEO]. >
Nike really is bringing back Pete Sampras' shoe...wish they bought back the black/red colorway.
instead I share a birthday with Pete Sampras and Pat Metheny.
Pete Sampras and John McEnroe are returning to The Greenbrier for the fourth time! Details:
Will we ever see another American men's tennis player like Pete Sampras, Jimmy Connors, and John McEnroe again?
Novak Djokovic joins Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and John McEnroe as 6th man in Open Era with …
Have never been a fan of big serving tennis players, since Richard Kraijcek beat Pete Sampras.
DIFFERENT YET EXCEPTIONAL. Psa139: 14. From Bjorn Borg to Pete Sampras to Andre Agassi to Roger Federer, the...
Djokovics shares the frustration of Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg & Jimmy Connors, who won everywhere bt on d Roland Garros clay
It's nostalgic when I remember Stephen Edberg, Boris Baker, Pete Sampras. . That was Golden Era of Tennis. 😊
Seems like is the Patrick Rafter to Pete Sampras
Is it the one where Derek claims to be talking to Elvis then Pete Sampras ghost comes in dressed as Captain Birdseye
Just found out Pete Sampras is married to Veronica Vaughan (billy Madison teacher). Pistol Pete has won at life
Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Michael Chang, & Andy Roddick could all be used to defend the idea of skipping college
Tennis legends Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Michael Chang and Mark Philippoussis joke and stroke at UBC .
On thought Pete Sampras was trying something new for a moment lmao
The fact that the guy who plays the new Daredevil looks exactly like tennis legend Pete Sampras takes me right out of it.
Pete Sampras stole his looks so he can keep eternally young.
I thought it was still Pete Sampras... Where was i all these years...
hmm that's the only major he hasn't won , hope he wins and doesn't end his career like Pete Sampras.
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Pete Sampras v Mark Philippoussis in the Daily Challenge won 6-0.
Come on Sampras. What did you call him?. Sampras, like Pete Sampras. Why?. Well, you know, rabbits tennis, you know that whol…
Keep those sporting icons coming into us. David Beckham? Pele? Thierry Henry? Pete Sampras? Johnny Wilkinson? joins us soon
Watching Father Ted and it's the episode where they name the rabbit Sampras after Pete 😂
Enjoying a Pete Sampras (1/2 tea 1/2 limeade) out here at the Birth and Baby Fest. Here until 2pm!
was a Pete Sampras fan and had no one to root for when he retired, but saw Nole about 7 yrs ago & he's been my 1 since
so it for dey, Nadal come worry Federer, Federer come worry Pete Sampras, every bro get ein Nemesis. What be the score?
THE FINAL: Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras. The winner of our Tournament of Champions is...
Good Morning from Palm Springs. MTV Cribs need to come over -full size tennis court! Call me the black Pete Sampras 💪😎
Pete Sampras: Stats Prove Roger Federer is The 'Greatest Ever': 14-time Grand Slam winner Pete Sampras has bee...
Meet & Greet with 14-time Grand Slam winner, Pete Sampras on June 20th at The Greenbrier! http:…
my picks for coach Jennifer Capriati, , Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, and Pete Sampras
is not watching Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi play during their heydays!
It should be Pete Sampras but failed :p
she mentioned her throwing up and then said not many players have ever done that at a major and won except Pete Sampras did
fun fact: me and my brother's coach at one point worked with Pete Sampras
🎾very true. any earlier he would've met up with Pete Sampras. but Andy is doing fine, some huge achievements.
Did you see that tackle by Pete Sampras?
Did you see that tackle by Pete Sampras!?!
did you see that tackle by Pete Sampras? HOLY MOLY
In 1990, at 19 years and 28 days old, Pete Sampras became the youngest man ever to win the US Open
my Steinmart in Tampa Palms is closing , Pete Sampras, Wade Boggs, Dave Andreychuk and many people including myself will miss that store
Bought some Pete Sampras Pancake Mix. On the back under serving suggestions it says;. "Just get the ball over the net and follow through".
I think the fact that he's so unparalleled makes him not quite as exciting. Call it Pete Sampras syndrome. A rival is needed
During the Pete Sampras had been holding in the emotion all week. . WATCH:
It is vs 1 out there. There ain't no hiding. -Pete Sampras
You're about to get BACKHANDED like Pete Sampras!!!
Marion: Pete Sampras is my hero. I cherish the signed t shirt he had gifted me once.
Agassi also won Kooyong twice, but Sampras only won it once, so commentator commending Fer on winning a tournament more often than Pete. LOL
Pete Sampras won both the and in 1994, the first of 2-straight titles in IW.
FACT OR FICTION: In 1994, Pete Sampras became first unseeded player to win the men’s singles championship.
Jan. 15, 1990: Pete Sampras, 18, defeats 76 67 46 75 1210 in 4 hours, 59 minutes in longest match at the time..
"I just had to hang in there and make sure I was dictating play,". -Pete Sampras
Pete Sampras was bae material, breh; especially when he was young. So sad he's not coming to MN for the Champions Shootout. :(
Former Home of Kenny G, Pete Sampras, Jon Peters and Kate Jackson for Sale: Why is it so hot?
.: "On TV, i watched Pete Sampras play for its first Wimbledon title that's when i decided to dream big." h…
Great to see back on the tennis court in January!!! Still remember when he beat Pete Sampras in the mid 90's!
"I was a surreal time walking out to play Pete Sampras in the US Open, the tennis ball moved in slow motion" - Lleyton Hewitt
Aren't those Pete Sampras legs from way back?
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