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Personal finance is the application of the principles of finance to the monetary decisions of an individual or family.

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Yes it is, I didnt take Personal Finance
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The Best Personal Finance Posts of 2016 follow and get the latest.
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Only 20% of personal finance success is head knowledge; the other 80% is behavior.
Devil’s in the data when it comes to writing off your cellphone bill as an employment expense
Land-use restrictions have constrained GTA's of new detached say Ontario gov officials
A to Z of Personal Guarantee: a guarantee that debt will be repaid personallyto a finance provider if the company fails.
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Another reason why personal finance should be required in high school!
Here are major trends that may impact your retirement, and how you can plan for these trends.
Emergency funds can get used up fast however make sure you replenish it with these tips.
Need a helping hand? Our personal loans start from as low as 3.8% APR. Get a quote today >
We've partnered with to offer scholarships!
Seedly wants to simplify personal finance for millennials
Vancouver and Toronto markets help drive home prices up 16.4% from a year ago.
Check out these 6 tips for I’m here to help talk through your plans.
Be sure to share this article with anyone who is struggling to care for aging parents and young children.
British chancellor introduces new life-time savings scheme for under-40s to save for pension
Moak: Hucksters market solar panels: There's a lot of interest these days in solar and other alternative energ...
Take control of your personal finances with the help of this app
Suburban living is more expensive than you may think
Personal tax allowance and the higher rate are increasing further
UK Personal Finance: Angel investors benefit from investment spur
England star Jake forges finance career from an apprenticeship at
Is your personal How will the decision of the affect you financially?
Jenn...we're doing a personal finance series and would like your input for some posts we have in mind. Interested?
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More mass evictions. People paying rent to no avail. Cork tenants told quit complex over sale via …
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On New Year’s Eve, The Mail on Sunday’s Personal Finance team did an obligatory team hug and came up with their financial resolutions for
Are you a social spender or a saver? Check out the JA Personal Finance program to learn how to build a budget!
have teamed up with to create The Rough Guide to Personal Finance
Are you a budget whiz? Check it out--maybe you should take Personal Finance this Spring at KRCUI!.
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Join us at Towson's Personal Finance session going on now in Stephen's Hall room 310!
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Listening to Think Enriched Money, Debt, Personal Finance & Investing Dana White,Made weakness into an income stream
I teach business. Anything from Business Law to Personal Finance to 7/8 grade Junior Achievement.
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Reporter, Personal Finance - New York, NY: Dow Jones is a global provider of news and business informati...
Online discount deals in for headphones.
Taxman gets new US-style powers to raid tens of thousands of personal bank accounts to recover debts.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Money & Me: tennis pro manages debt from the baseline.
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Build up a cash fund to cover credit card and loan payments in case of job loss.
Property Bulletin: Ireland's castles and country estates have been taken...
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Ireland's castles and country estates have been taken over by a modern aristocracy:
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ESG investing is about sustainability: Chief investment officers of asset m... -
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ESG investing is about sustainability: This was the general opinion of asset managers participating in panel d...
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Can anyone show me a soft landing in housing anywhere or ever?
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days are numbered Rising against cruel circus TippingPoint at hand .
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ESG investing is about sustainability
There’s no question more fundamental to personal finance than how much money we should save:
YAM A personal finance and lifestyle blog focusing on topics relevant to those
Have a fireplace or a pool? Beware, these 14 home features will raise your insurance
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Why moving back home might be the smartest thing for millennials to do.
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in personal finance wit us. Her and shawn
It may not be easy, but it might become necessary. Some advice for handling the investments of your aging parents.
The do's and don'ts of spending your student loan cash:
Check out your choice for personal finance
Time in the market boosts young savers - - via
I say this nicely: speaking that way makes it very clear you have no clue how diverse personal finance is.
put it in line right behind personal finance. Let's just worry about teaching them how to pass a test.
U.S. News & World Report discusses what to do when you must manage mom or dads money:
Starting my new life today. Taking Momentum's 2-day course on how to teach personal finance skills to low income & vul…
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Doing my life plan for personal finance like 2 weeks late just to reassure myself that I don't have a plan for my life.
Apply now to work for BNP Paribas Personal Finance
05:15 Wake Up to Money: Latest news on business and personal finance with Sean Farrington and Mickey Clark.
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One more reason to more to Toronto, yet titled another world's hottest luxury home.
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Debit & Credit - Personal Finance by Ivan Pavlov best finance app
The Presidents Budget for Fiscal Year 2013 - Office of Management and Budg | | Personal Finance
VIKING VIEWS: The ACT Registration Deadline is TODAY! Make sure to get registered at or come by the Counseling Center for assistance! Our weekly FCA meetings will begin next Friday January 16th. Meet in room 165 at 7:30am! Off-season football and track will be every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday right after school. Hey key clubbers! Wear your key club shirt to club pictures on January 14th. Come by room 267 to pick yours up before then! Our next meeting is Thursday, January 15. We will be signing up for volunteering at Convoy of Hope on January 20th from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. See you there! Student body applications are now out, you can pick yours up in room 170 If you are currently enrolled in English Composition II, AP English, Personal Finance, or Computer Applications, you can potentially earn college credit this semester by dual enrolling in the course through MSU. There will be an informational meeting next Tuesday, January 13 in the auditorium if you are interested. YAC will be meeting ...
Looking back over some of the things our students have had fun doing while allowing us to have our fun along the way... On our second year,we were able to hold a Lady's Slumber Party Fund Raiser thanks to: Anthony's, Countryside Animal Clinic,Visions, Singletary Tire, CATO, Dr Hugh Hudson, Shipp Shape Lawn Care, Doug Hughes Pest Control, Personal Finance and Shell Rapid Lube donating door prizes. Charlotte and Denise Ross came and gave facial demonstrations and gift bags to each lady from Avon, a Pampered Chef demonstration with wonderful food and a dessert and Dayna Vega gave a Belly Dance lesson for the ladies. We all had tons of fun and a few of us even made it through the whole night talking. Together, we capped it off by cherishing the sunrise and the promise of lasting friendship. With the money raised by ladies attending, our students had a night out at the John Berry Christmas Concert in Norman Park followed by dinner at Applebee's. The show was wonderful. Afterward, John took time to talk w ...
A basic Personal Finance course is a most and something that teach how to recognize a pyramid scheme.
Taking steps in the right direction: "Teaching the ABCs of Personal Finance in Papua New Guinea’s Tsak Valley"
2011 State of American Business in China White Paper - American Chamber of | | Business & Personal Finance
Debit & Credit - Personal Finance - Ivan Pavlov: If you are looking for a personal financ...
Personal Finance: How do you put loan debt in a will?: Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answe... http:…
[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : Want to sell my Brazzers account for 2$!! through PayPal?: Account details Not by your name. PayPal...
09-09-2014 PLEASE SHARE AND LIKE The National Council on Teacher Retirement Supporting Retirement Security for America's Teacher When People Believe there Is No Retirement Crisis A recent article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine demonstrates what can happen when people begin to believe the arguments of those such as Andrew Biggs from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and Sylvester Schieber, who writes on the topic of retirement with Biggs. As the two have recently proclaimed, there is no retirement crisis facing America. In an article entitled “How Much You Really Need to Retire,” Jane Bennett Clark, the magazine’s senior editor, picks up on this line of reasoning, and announces that assessments of Americans’ retirement readiness are “too dire” and that “most of us are in pretty decent shape.” The reason, Clark says, pointing to work done by Schieber, is because people’s ability to catch up on their savings after their children are grown is underestimated; the level of ...
Human Resource Development, Business Ethics & Social Responsibilities, Business Law, Personal Finance and Spanish 3 to boost the gpa lol
It's All About Investments on September 6, 2014 9AM - 6PM Know your investment appetite. Learn the different types of investments. Plan for your future. With only 200 slots remaining, this Finance and Investment Seminar on September 6, 2014 is selling fast! Together with the ReHub Expo ( happening from September 5-7, 2014 at World Trade Center Metro Manila, a seminar on Investment and Personal Finance will also be discussed on the 2nd day of this 3-day Expo at Mezzanines B & C of the World Trade Center. With (7) seven industry gurus from complementing backgrounds, the September 6 Finance and Investment Seminar will be a diverse and comprehensive lecture covering the topics of Fixed Income, Equities, Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchange, Insurance, Real Estate, Business and Other Special Investments. Featured speakers are Mr. Tommy Tiu, Trainer at Ateneo Graduate School of Business, CCE PSE-CSS program and the PSE Academy, Lexter Azurin, Equity Research Head - Manager Unicapital Secu ...
TAX & LEGAL Is your parent a veteran who served in WWII, the Korean or Vietnam conflicts, or the Persian Gulf War? He or she may be eligible for the little-known 'Aid & Attendance Pension'. It can provide up to about $2,000/month toward home health car, a nursing home or assisted living. Spouses may also qualify. Veterans do not need to have a service-related injury. The program is income-based. In general, an applicant must have less than $80K in assets, excluding a home and vehicle. Veterans with more assets may qualify. Visit for information. If you believe your parents are eligible, be persistent. .Kiplinger's Personal Finance.courtesy of Business Digest...
Day 148. 5/1/14 Happy May! It was just an ordinary day. Personal Finance was good. Opera was good.…
MUTUAL FUNDS PHILIPPINES | The Myth: Accountants and Personal Finance | It took me four years to complete and understand, a bit, my college course BS Accountancy before I graduated last 2008. It took another sleep-deprived six
Would've had Straight A's but I got a B in Personal Finance ... Either Way Made Honor Roll Again 🙌👌🎓
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine ranks the University of California, San Diego the 14th best value public university in the nation based on its high four-year graduation rate, low average student debt at graduation, the availability of financial aid, low sticker price and overall great value.
Personal Finance columnist Michelle Singletary is holding a live chat with Tim Prosch, the author of “The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking With Your...
What to ask for on a business partnership? - Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange
Attended "Personal Finance for the Provider" put on by The Business of Medicine Club during lunch today.
JOURNALIST KNIGHT KIPLINGER TO INTERVIEW AWARD-WINNING RADIO HOST DIANE REHM AT THE FREDERICK SPEAKER SERIES Talk show host praised for intelligent, probing yet civil discussion, offering listeners compelling conversations with the world’s most interesting people FREDERICK, MD, April 14, 2014 – Diane Rehm, Executive Producer and host of NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show, goes from interviewer to interviewee as Knight Kiplinger, editor-in-chief and president of Kiplinger Washington Editors, publishers of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and, will serve as the Host/Interviewer at the next Frederick Speaker Series event. Ms. Rehm and Mr. Kiplinger will appear together onstage as part of the second Frederick Speaker Series season, joining Dr. Ben Carson, Tom Brokaw and Brian Billick on this season’s roster. The onstage conversation will take place on Friday, April 25 at 8 pm at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Downtown Frederick. Ticket prices range from $20-30 and are available at the Wei ...
Interesting resource for Personal Finance and other Business classes. Thanks for sharing!
Do you see yourself financially free in the coming years? Are you smart enough in finding the right and potential investment for you depending on your risks appetite, time availability, money to invest and objective of your investment? Now, is the best time for you to be educated since according to Benjamin Franklin “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. The Cagayan de Oro investors and Traders (CDO-I&T) in Cooperation with The Global Filipino Investors would like to help you achieving your dreams by conducting a seminar entitled “SMART INVESTING 2014-CDO” which includes Personal Finance, Retirement Planning, stock market 101, Forex101, fundamental analysis and comprehensive technical analysis. This will be held at De Luxe Hotel Capt. V. Roa St. Cagayan de Oro city on April 26, 2014 at 12:30pm to 7pm. Early Birds registration is only Php 649 for early birds, 799 regular fee and 999 for onsite or walk-in registrants. We give free Registration for student leaders from different schools ...
Introducing RHS' two newest DUAL-CREDIT classes being offered through the Business Department: Advanced Computer Applications and Personal Finance! Even if you do not plan on majoring in business, these courses will help you meet general education requirements that are mandated by all universities! For more information, talk to Mrs. Robertson or Mrs. Clift.
Psychic Central Reader Jessica (Pin: 4285) is an experienced and talented phone clairvoyant and medium. She uses Tarot cards and a white quartz crystal ball, along with the intimate protection of the Angels and the assistance of her spirit guides. Consulted on most situations including relationships, career, relationships, past lives and dream analysis and Personal Finance. She offers in-depth, positive and empathetic readings including colours in your aura for spiritual guidance moving forward. As a natural medium she can communicate with loved ones and pets who have passed away. Since posessing the gift since childhood, she believes her spirit is like a helping hand of energy in our lives which is always with us. She is available for live Phone and SMS readings at
Dubai Islamic Bank will also be recruiting to fill a number of positions; it will recruit staff for Branches, Call Center, Retail Credit, Operations, Sales of cards, Personal Finance, Auto, Bank Takaful, Home Finance and SME sections. The Shariah-compliant bank will hold walk-in interviews on Tuesday, February 11, at Al Bustan Rotana Hotel near Cargo Village in Al Garhoud. The candidates must bring along CV and copies of passport and educational certificates. The bank promises attractive salary package and other benefits
Dubai Islamic Bank - Walk-in Interviews on the 11th of February Walkin Interviews on the 11th of February for the following departments: 1. Sales (Cards, Personal Finance, Auto/Banctakaful/Home Finance/SME) 2.Branches/ Call Centre / Retail Credit /Operations Time - 9 am...
The Ateneo Management Economics Organization presents Kapihan, a monthly talk on finance and investments. This month's talk will be about Personal Finance to be discussed by Ms. Frances Chua, licensed financial planner. Join us on February 17, Monday from 4:30-6:00 PM at CTC 305! Free coffee and snacks will be served! See you there! Poster by Krishna Dela Paz
WINNIPEG - The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a lower court ruling that a pension surplus of $43... - Personal Finance - Winnipeg Free Press.
Take your time to choose a property that's right for you | Personal Finance | Finance | Daily Express
Platform Neutral group for call-for-entries includes these categories: Investigative, Personal Finance.
Only three Pennsylvania universities are on this year's Kiplinger's Personal Finance list of the 100 best values in public higher education, and West Chester University is one of them!
Range Rover: Limo luxury in an SUV package - Video - Personal Finance
Shout out to the Brooklyn College- Pi Phi, Kappa Sigma Fraternity. We will be doing a Personal Finance & Professional Success Seminar (closed session) at Brooklyn College.
Nice to see Commbank for Windows Phone 8 as Personal Finance app in the Australian Windows Phone Store
Watching Ancient Aliens in Personal Finance , because the two obviously relate .
Personal finance: Do you celebrate financial milestones? Should you?
Warning all new Make sure you don’t fall for these common personal finance mistakes:
Nine million adults in serious debt - but few seek advice essential to escaping it
still high amongst American workers
"Why Canadian homes are unaffordable": Over 17yrs, incomes only up 2.6%/y, prices up 5.4%/y
Today's musings: Why Cdn homes are more unaffordable than ever. Thinking of ...
Kids saving accounts: NatWest launch piggy banks based on drawings by girl aged 13
Detailed personal finance advice! Money Bulldog A personal finance blog designed to help you reach your financial goals
2 more assignments in personal finance && then 3 more assignments in history && I'm done with those classes 😁
Your participation in a 401(k) plan may limit your ability to make tax-deferred contributions to a traditional IRA.
This got me out of personal finance. I can't complain...
Couples who live together w/o first walking down the aisle face financial vulnerabilities that married couples do not
Housing prices are grossly out of sync with our incomes. What can we do about it?
you do not want to take personal finance! Get switched out before its too late it *** and you don't learn anything
Omg my personal finance teacher is making us trace our hand and draw a turkey 😂😂😂😂
(Almost) everything useful I've learned about personal finance in 10 sentences:
Fatwallet has great threads on personal finance, like this one on which rewards credit card to get:
.is breakin' the personal finance blogger rules -- she pays bank fees -- GASP!
Here are a few Green Thanksgiving tips!
Why Canadian homes are more unaffordable than ever, Globe and Mail:
MSN Money: 13 things not to buy on Black Friday
Why would you post personal finance information?
Love this: Violating the Foundational Tenets of Personal Finance for Fun and Profit by
Why Canadian homes are more unaffordable than ever.
In the market for a new house? Canadian homes are more unaffordable than ever From
Houses are unaffordable because wages suck in
get personal finance!! idk if it's a good class, my counselor gave it to me today. I was supposed to ta but she didn't know he
I want to switch my 2nd period, is Personal Finance a good class?!
First You Can't Keep Your Plan, So Can You Keep Your Doc?: Experts say doctors may be the next thing to go due...
Isn't it interesting that food prices are not part of the inflation
Lower pension charge cap not ruled out. Still time to back which?'s campaign for 0.5% cap.
Here is some wonderful money advice from some Globe and Mail readers. I really like one lady’s view on debt:...
One casualty of new restrictions could be 30-year mortgages via
"Food Drive For Workers" at a Wal-Mart store is causing the discount giant to defend the action.
What's your take on the being used in LA
Looking for new money-focused reads? Here are my favorite personal finance blogs:
Help me out with a quick survey on how can bring transparency to personal finance + I'll buy you a drink!
Why Canadian homes are more unaffordable than ever by
when I can't ta for Dewitz anymore so she puts me in personal finance 😅🔫
Are proceeds from insurance policies tax-free?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's never to late to start saving! Financial planning: Five tips to set you on the right course >> Globe & Mail
Personal Finance: Pass the turkey, then start the money talk - Modesto Bee
I started my Essentials of Personal Finance class today and I am thrilled that the book we are using was written by Suze Orman!
Zinio is here! What’s Zinio? The largest collection of online magazines available to libraries. Starting today, Delmar Public Library cardholders (and cardholders from other public libraries in Sussex County) will have access to 136 titles available for download onto your home computer, tablet, or smartphone. Some of the titles you may be interested in: US Weekly and Newsweek, Food Network and Martha Stewart Living, Bloomberg Businessweek and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Interweave Knitting and Interweave Crochet, Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, the New York Review of Books, and many, many, more. There’s something for everyone. Click below to get started setting up your account today or contact the Library for more information.
The Interview: Maya Wiley is the Founder and President of The Center for Social Inclusion, which "works to transform structural inequity and exclusion into structural fairness and inclusion." She has been named one of "20 Leading Black Women Advocating Change" by and recently appeared in a panel discussion on income inequality in New York. The Panel: Jim Glassman is a former Under Secretary of State for Diplomacy and Public Affairs, the Founding Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute, and a visiting fellow at AEI's Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy. He also contributes to Kiplinger's Personal Finance and his latest column is "9 Winning Retail Stocks You Can Scout at the Mall." Chris Matthews is the host of MSNBC's 'Hardball' and author of Tip and the Gipper. In the book, Matthews (a former top aide to Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill) describes how O'Neill and President Ronald Reagan "found their way to agreements that reformed taxes, saved Social Security, ...
My kids in Personal Finance hate watching Dave Ramsey, but I love it! I wish Rodney would be open-minded enough to watch this with me! We might get out of debt! 󾌩
Planning to gift someone funds for down is what you need to know!
"Sometimes I sit in the back of Personal Finance class and crochet condoms."
New video hook to persuade kids to learn valuable personal finance lessons in classroom not the school of hard knocks
I liked a video Personal Finance: Class 3 - Credit
I liked a video Personal Finance: Class 2 - Budgeting
INFOGRAPHIC: the 20-something's guide to achieving money goals.
has previously served as a reporter and personal finance columnist for USA Today and as a writer and editor for
Taxes: What the prescribed rate is, why it matters and how you can save on tax
Details on the past iPhones, along with new ones - Ct Post
Canteen allowance part of basic wages for PF deduction
Personal finance *** especially bc i have it 8th pd, but i'm learning stuff from it so it's ohk i guess
Personal Finance is so dumb. Cant wait til next semester when im OUT.
When even my personal finance teacher says private schools are a waste of money 👌 graduating with no debt
Petrol prices: 5p a litre cut urged after cost of oil hits three month low
Why your job and your portfolio should never be best friends /via
Seniors have long been targeted by identity thieves and scammers and as boomers becom...
“There are no shortcuts to wealth.” via Take this no nonsense approach to our personal finance:
Do you have a personal finance question? Ask and I will choose one to answer in my Inquirer column next week.
I'm trying really hard to keep my A's this year but personal finance is killing me
Accounting and general business aren't bad but personal finance is worse than Spanish 3
MT 8 things to do when staring divorce in the face, including reviewing your
Personal Finance has got to be one of my favorite classes this year👌.
Everything you need to know about personal finance -- on one index card |
INFOGRAPHIC: the 20-something's guide for your money goals
Ugh I'm not ready for this personal finance quiz tomorrow ...
More Millennials Stepping Up in Office, But Gen X Considered to be the ‘Best’
91% of Americans with post graduate education have been solicited for financial scams and 17% of them lost money
Personal finance professor asked what the pros and cons are of being single. My expertise.
Do you need to get your financial house in order?
Why You Need to Always Think Like the Boss, Even if You Aren’t One | Fox Business
oh my god stop 😍😍😍👌 go with rob !!! Ill tell him to ask you in personal finance
[News Update] Food bills rising nearly FOUR times faster than wages, figures show
I liked a video Personal Finance: Class 4 - Insurance
Why did I put off doing my personal finance? Why?
The shopping season may end up being the worst since 2009: via
The Ten Commandments of Personal Finance (Heed them, and keepeth thyself out of personal finance *** )
who has Personal Finance on Tuesdays at 10:15 with Daniel Cleary or something??? please someone please i don't wanna be the only third year
Personal Finance: Back-to-school shopping? Let your kids calculate the costs | Central Valley | Merced Sun-Star. k-to-school.
Why Mrs. Andress told my dad I finish 9th in the nation for the Personal Finance part at the National Convention
Personal Finance: Motor City running out of gas in drive to avoid bankruptcy - Chattanooga Times Free Press
Personal Finance: Five lessons in investing from this year’s baseball season
Personal Finance: Horse and buggy laws dictate how you buy a car - Chattanooga Times Free Press
This article was first published in the first-quarter 2012 edition of Personal Finance magazine. South Africans love Madiba and they love gold. Undeniably, the former statesman and the precious metal are part of the fabric of this country's identity. Put them together and they create a powerful, even intoxicating, appeal to our emotions. But investment decisions made when intoxicants are flowing freely are seldom good ones, even when buyers are snapping up commemoratives of former president Nelson Mandela struck in gold. As a result, high prices are being asked for Mandela coins and medallions, and, experts say, investors are going to burn their fingers when reality sets in and the heady prices come down to earth. Perhaps the flagship of these commemoratives is the Mandela/FW de Klerk medallion, issued by the South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE). The medallion, which contains an ounce of 24-carat gold, was retailing for R40 000 at the Scoin Shop, the SAGCE's retail arm, in early October 2011. At that ...
Financial Independence – Getting to Point X - Financial independence it is the ultimate goal of why we are doing what we are doing day in, day out, yes? According to the author of the book by Wiley John J. Vento, this is akin to getting to point X in a treasure hunt map. There are many ways to go around [...]The post Financial Independence Getting to Point X appeared first on LCF on Personal Finance.
JAPAN IS LOOKING GOOD Since the 1990s, Japan has mostly been on the bad list for investors. Numerous government corruption scandals, poor fiscal management, and various economic challenges have made it a dicey proposition. Some experts believe that is changing. Nellie S. Huang summarizes some of the latest developments due in part to the new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and his push for major economic reform (“Japan’s Rebound Is for Real” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, June 2013, pp. 34–36): “For investors, the outcome of a July parliamentary election is key, for it will determine how much the Diet, Japan’s legislature, supports Abe’s policies. Some positive changes are already afoot. After a decade of almost no wage increases, several big companies, including Toyota Motor and convenience-store operator Lawson, announced bigger bonuses in early 2013. ‘It’s not huge, but it’s change, and that’s affecting the psyche of the Japanese consumer, which to me is big,’ says Taizo Ishi ...
Club Gtmo (reminds me how sensitive we Americans are) The 166 terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay are offered a course in “interviewing and resume writing” as part of their indefinite stay at the prison camp. Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) lists the variety of classes and activities it offers to the terrorist trainers, financiers, bomb makers, recruiters and facilitators who are housed at Gitmo. Among them: “Interviewing and Resume Writing “and “Writing Success.” The classes are part of “The Instructional Program” at Gitmo, which teaches literacy, English as a second language and art. The prison that houses 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, also offers prisoners a “Life Skills” class, “Computer Familiarity,” “Personal Health and Wellness,” and “Personal Finance and Business.” Detainees at Gitmo can learn “Pashtu to English” or “Arabic to English.” They can also take “Art Classes in Camp 6,” a $37-million facility that has outdoor recreation area ...
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