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Persian New Year

Nowrūz (meaning [The] New Day ) is the name of the Iranian/Persian New Year in Iranian calendars and the corresponding traditional celebrations.

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Persian New Year is almost here City Hall thanks to https:…
yes it was like walking in fairy tales. reminded me of us a month before our Persian new year that we r in rush 2b prepared 😊
oh yes! Persian cuisine is some of my favorite on EARTH! Wish I could've been at your New Year's celebration!
watching Persian New Year then on to the next episode! I ❤️ Persian culture!
Very nice to meet you & your family this eve Look forward to a Persian meal together in the new year. Simi
Shamoon virus returns in new Persian Gulf cyber attacks after four-year hiatus.
Nowruz, Iranian festival of spring & Persian new year, inscribed in UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage!.
Persian New Year Fest Nawruz listed by UNESCO as humanityheritage
UNESCO will register the Persian new year or Nowruz (New Day) as world cultural heritage. It's a 2500 y/o tradition…
Nowruz, shared by 12 countries, inscribed on UNESCO list
Countdown NYE is the biggest Persian New Year’s Eve party in Canada. Last year over 800 party…
This year for Christmas I want a new baby girl so much for you right here . Um.
Kurdish Women fighters celebrate Persian New Year as they train to fight ISIS  via
BBC Persian's Sahar Zand explains how her family celebrate the Persian New Year.
Sen. Schumer on Persian New Year: I'll do everything I can to make regime disappear!
I enjoy all our Iranian traditions and customs of celebrating Nowruz (Persian New Year); but growing wheats and...
This Persian new year omg I don't even care for my deadlines I'm going to enjoy it
someone should tell DG there IS a new year every March. It's called Nowruz. It's Persian for New Day.
All the new TLDs are giving me agita .. FFS there is even a .NOWRUZ? Is Persian New Year just THAT domain poor?.
Seriously cannot wait until Persian new year🌷🌿 this amazing weather is getting me excited😊
Mohsen Namjoo is playing one oh his unreleased songs, it's such a great song! Going to be released in Nowrouz (Persian New Year) .
March 21 is the new year should've traveled to instead
We are officially one month away from Norooz - Persian New Year. We celebrate the arrival of…
Nowruz (=[The] New Day) is the Iranian/Persian New year that is celebrated on the beginning of the spring
I thought it would be a party for 2016 Persian New Year, but that's on March 19th. Maybe belated Persian Happy New Party? IDK?
.hey, my mom is asking if you are definitely coming over for Persian New Year. She's just trying to get head count.
last year's ISA Nowruz (Persian New Year) Event w/ this gem because it's her birthday week💎…
“Persian Violet” has always been a timeless Nike colorway, and this year it’s been rejuvenated thanks to new H...
Celebrate Persian New Year with Faz, Four parties at four locations-visit
Any plan for year think about Decorations
Shout out to for sampling Googoosh on "Feedback." You can come to my house for New Year. We got that zereshk poloh, fam.
5th Annual Nowruz (persian New Year) Festival with music, dance and more. For more info.
How late is too late for a New Year's resolution?! Missed Gregorian, and Chinese... Might have to go Persian!
Mark your calendars, folks -- we've got Persian New Year celebrations coming your way next month!
Accidentally just ordered all the materials to make a new puppet: a 138 year old Persian Monster.
very lucky for New Years at Colin's house last year😉 I love u so so much and ur my fav Persian 😂❤️
Cavalli Club Dubai is proud to welcome to host NOWRUZ Persian New Year Celebration…
Join us at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse to celebrate Navruz - the Persian New Year and first day of Spring.
Went from 122 to 118 in a week of a lighter diet. 🤗 now to lose 3 more pounds and be 115 by March 20 (Persian new year)😆
Idk how this works but some Persian dude from college is hella Chinese now doing lunar new year in traditional garb and whatnot
Pomegranates are perfect for the Persian New Year!
2- (Persian New Year) and festivals and keeps imitating them until he dies in that condition, will be resurrected with th…
March 19 persian New Year with belley Dance. Call in for reservation
And if we all blow our New Years resolutions a second time, we can try again at Persian New Year next month.
Check out what I found New Year Offer Persian High Quality Handmade Tufted Wool Shaniel Large Black Rug via
Ring in the Persian New Year at our eighth annual celebration on March 5!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
A celebration of Persian New Year with Friends of the Royal Alberta Museum Society
Let's get Chef Seb in the White House to cook for the Persian New Year (Nowruz) event in…
God bless the man who's park hosted many ayso picture says and Persian new year picnics 🙌🏽
Navreh or the Kashmiri lunar new year is an important Kashmiri Pandit festival and could be the origin of the Persian festiv…
God out for a stroll among mortals for Persian New Year in Chicago via /r/funny
Flashback to the Navruz (Persian New Year) celebrations here in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
((( I love Persian art, especially at New Year. )))
Sale no mobarak! Happy new year to my persian brothers!!
My Flickr account only had pictures of the Persian new year decorations
Happy New Persian Year to all my compatriots in & all over the world
Rare Persian /Iran Silver Coin persian new year eddition with Shah
Islamic State claims to behead three Kurdish fighters in video on eve of Persian New Year: via
It's officially Persian New Year (Nowruz) in the central time zone! A happy new year to all my Persian friends!
At least 20 killed in bomb attacks on Kurds celebrating Persian New Year in Syria - activists
A little persian dancing with our mayor Eric Garcetti at the Persian New Year ready for 2015 Norooz Festival
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
That's it! The last celebration for this years's Persian New Year, Sizde Bedar the huge annual picnic.…
Nowruz Mobarak! Greeting young constituents at Persian New Year celebration at 4S Ranch Library.
Nowruz: one of the world's oldest festivals "My paleness is yours, your colour is mine!" The Iranian New Year celebration "Nowruz" has been a feature of Persian culture for more than 2,500 years. The roots of this festival lie in the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism. Today, more than 300 million people all over the world celebrate Nowruz. Shohreh Karimian looks back at the history of this new year celebration and explains some of its customs "Eyd-e Nowruz", which literally translates as "celebration of the New Day", is an age-old festival marked every year at the start of spring, at the equinox on 20 or 21 March. When daylight triumphs over the darkness of night, nature regenerates itself and the old and burdensome falls away, the Persian New Year begins. Nowruz is a festival of joy, hope and the family that was celebrated even before the era of the Persian Achaemenid Great Kings, and is deeply anchored in ancient Persian, pre-Islamic culture. The "Shahnameh" (Book of Kings), which was written i ...
is 3x Blessed!! They have Sunshine, the 10PM PERSIAN NEW YEAR SHOW and MOST of all they have the *AWESOME*
Congratulations, history is made today. The bill ACR 91 passed with 72 votes, that March 20th, 2014 as the beginning of the Persian New Year and throughout California.
Why am I always at the hospital on the Persian new year.. 😓
India Joze, my home away from home, honors the arrival of Spring with a celebration of Persian New Year ~ or Now Rooz ~ a 4000 yr-old festival welcoming the return of the light & honoring principles of the Zoroastrian faith ~ Justice, Generosity, Truth, Prosperity, Good Deeds & Thoughts. During the Festival Dinner, the six course feast steeped in Persian culinary wonder, we are immersed in Light, Color, Texture & Revelry as we bow to the power of re-birth & re-creation ~ all hail the great return of Spring !
"Let's welcome this Norooz. With smiles on our face and hopes in your heart for the best! Wish you a very happy Persian New Year" :)
Happy Persian New Year to you all who celebrate it :)
Can't wait until Persian new year supperclub tomorrow :)
* via Nizo Abu Issa: Groundbreaking statement from Sheikh Ar'our about Jews and Shia. "One can come to an agreement with the Jew. The Jew (regrettably) is treating our wounded. The Jews treat the Palestinians when they injure them. All of Europe/Canada/US provides medical treatment for its Muslims... The Rawafidh (Shia) will never do. To them we are always the enemy because our forefathers conquered Persia. Sarcastically: Today is Nowruz (Persian New Year) and on that occasion I would like to thank Obama for congratulating the Persians."
New post on the Persian New Year, Nowruz...An Ending and a Rebirth "Haft Sin," the 7...
An Afghan journalist killed with his family on Persian New year eve JOJ, March 21, 2014:-An Afghan 40-year-old journalist ,Sardar Ahmad, for a French news agency AFP,shot dead including his wife and two children when they were busy to celebrating Persian New Year (Nowruz) in the luxury hotel was considered one of the safest spots in the Afghan capital Kabul by Taliban. At least nine people were killed including journalist with his family as four gunmen walked in, proceeded to the restaurant and pulled out pistols hidden in their shoes and opened fire on the sitting people. The journalist’s wife and his two kids were shot in their heads. One child survived but was seriously wounded. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, and later retracted its statement as condemnation of the brutal attack grew.The Taliban boasted that the assault Thursday night shows they can strike anywhere, and Afghan officials issued a string of conflicting statements as they scrambled to explain how the attackers penetr ...
Persian New Year herbed rice Thanks for a magnificent feast nazilam and TH!…
In honour of Persian New Year, let's learn a handful of English words that have Persian roots:
Update your maps at Navteq
Rose Parvin shared your photo. THE PERSIAN NEW YEAR! REBIRTH OF IRAN (7 photos) Rose Parvin Global Peace and Reform Program is being negotiated as we speak and yet the predator keeps promoting puppets on films and in magazemes and concerts to hi- jack my lifework and then they bring a film with the dignified Liam Neeso.n in it that he ( the man as Saul) is a Air Marshal and trying to sve a hi-jacked plane and in Divergent the brain- wash system continues when they give my character to young man and... woman and the role played by Winslet is connected to me by offering tea as I always offered tea in my center to people who came to see me and trusted me and paid m gladly since after years of their struggle and staying in the past with mental health professionals who knew knotting about them even after years of draining them financially I would see them in a few sessions and always brought them back to their true self and free of. All toxic controlling patterns of an old and outdated losing system that cripp ...
The Persian New Year Festivities were mad real... shout out to kayvan_1 on the partnership for the…
ugh, it ain't persian new year without someone denying the holocaust. Thank god it's not my dad. anymore.
Nowruz, the Persian new year, I congratulate all the people in the world. I hope to be a good year for everyone. http:/…
Economic crisis and inflation continues after Persian New Year
We had a great time celebrating Persian New Year last week, Persian food is incredible!
I am glad that you are acquainted with the Persian new year.
Performing at a 1200 people Persian new year event tonight with Nowruz Mubarak!
Theguy at the bank just asked me if I celebrated Persian new year this weekend, which is weird because we were both so obviously not Persian
Persian new year video for the supporters!
Missed the Persian New year Program at Complex? No problem!
First Nowrooz in Exile 1981 Iran's Royal Family gather in Cairo around the traditional HaftSeen to celebrate their first Persian New Year in exile and without the head of the Family: Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi who passed away the previous summer after a prolonged battle against Cancer. (Circa) 1981, Cairo Front Row: The late Princess Leila Back Row Standing from Left to Right: Princess Farahnaz, Crown Prince Reza, The Shahbanou, and Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi
Voting for the bill to recognize NOROUZ as the official Persian New Year in California
Did you get a chance to read Pelosi's statement on Nowruz?
نورزتان پيروز . Hope Norouz Persian new year brings peace and love for the World.
Design improvement, a hole! now you can hang it up. who did that? bravo, excellent. I am going up the wall. happy Persian new year, photos and design review class, comic and all , of professor parvaneh borhani, copy right protected.
Thank you to all my dear friends and family for your kindness during Persian New Year this includes your emails, phone calls and attendance at our home. I'm so fortunate to have all of you in my life. You all made our New Year much more cheerful and I wish you all the best. Love you all.
On behalf of everyone on the Boozman Delivery team we would like to thank Javanan Magazine for featuring us in their latest issue. Thank you for all of your support! To all of our dear Iranian friends/supporters and customers, we will continue to serve you with our 24/7 liquor/beer/wine delivery service. Happy Persian New Year to you all, you know who to call. (416) 424-2626 or (416) boozman Cheers!
Photos from our Persian New Year - for those who are hungry, be prepared to feel ravenous
Nowruz (Simply Explained!) نوروز How much do you know about Persian New Year called Nowruz? Did you know that there is an equivalent for Santa Claus in Persian culture called Uncle Nowruz? Or did you know that you might have guests at your home at 3 a.m., right after the arrival of Nowruz? Nowruz is the name of the Persian New Year and marks the First day of Spring. It has been celebrated for more than 3000 years not only in Iran, but in other countries as well. Celebrating Nowruz has become so widespread that in 2010, United Nation's General Assembly recognized the International Day of Nowruz. Canadian Parliament also added Nowruz to the national calendar of Canada in 2009. So what does Nowruz mean? The word "Nowruz" is a Persian compound word, consisting of two words: "No" ,meaning "New" [pause] and Ruz , meaning "Day". Nowruz, therefore means that a "New Day" has begun, signaling the beginning of the new year. Interestingly, despite its popularity around the world, there is little agreement on the ...
Happy Nowruz!! We had a fabulous Persian New Year Celebration with friends and family. Maybe next year we will be able to celebrate with our family in Iran. Love to you all!
Happy Persian new year to all Iranian
Persian New Year holidays finished! Heading to Shiraz for work in the year 1393!
No Rouz; Our Persian New Year, by E.S. Zameen. Great information in this book and ideas to implement in your classroom
Azerbaijan celebrates Nowruz: Azerbaijan, the land of fire, has been celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year,...
Hello everybody! I'm putting on an event this Friday to celebrate the holiday of Norooz. What is Norooz? Norooz, also known as Persian New Year, is a holiday celebrated throughout Central Asia that celebrates the coming of spring and the new year in this part of the world. Come join me in the first floor lounge on this Friday, March 28th to learn about and celebrate a holiday that is one of the most important in Central Asia. There will be many Persian snacks, tea, music, and a presentation!
in message: wants to "transform the country of into a country…" »
Dad: "During the Persian New Year girls tie a ribbon on a tree if they are looking for a husband." Mom: "THIRSTY MUCH?"
Clear denial by Leader during his Persian New Year speech >
Happy healthy persian new year to all my FB mates
Nowruz is the Persian New Year and literally means New Day. "ONE THOUSAND AND ONE WORLD PRODUCTIONS" Nowr...
I'm doing the days of happiness thing, starting today, because I'm trying not to be "disgrateful"... unlike some people. And what better time to start than after Persian New Year, "no ruz" indeed!
Home sweet home, celebrated Persian new year, unpacked and got a good night sleep, ready to work. Happy Monday 🌴
Thanks to a very dear friend to visit Nowruz they met and talked several different fields. Speech of the President of America, and the point that he should have mentioned it in his speech. After the talks were not going to post it for him. If you're willing to do it. Sincerely Fereidoon You can send a message like this: The Honorable Barack H. Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Dear Mr. President, As a United States citizen of Iranian ancestry, I would like to express my appreciation for taking time out of your busy schedule to send a message for the Persian New Year (Nowruz). Your approach of giving diplomacy a chance is quite admirable. With all due respect, however, I am concerned, sir, that there was no reference to Iran's dismal human rights record in your message. The government in Tehran continues to ignore international norms on freedom of religion by harassing religious minorities including the Baha'is, Jews, and Sunnis. I do hope that you use your high office ...
It was Persian New Year. Our family got together. Then this happened.
International events not working out to US favor: Leader Leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says developments worldwide are not working out according to US plans. “The realities on the global stage are not going according to US wishes,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. The Leader made the remarks in an address to a large crowd of people in Iran's northeastern city of Mashhad on the occasion of Nowruz (Persian New Year) on Friday. Pointing to the failure of US plots to Judaize Palestine as well as the futility of its scenarios in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Leader said Washington has failed to achieve its goals. Ayatollah Khamenei said the US-Israeli conspiracy in Palestine is aimed at clearing Palestine of Palestinians, whether Muslims or Christians. “The US has failed in Palestine. They devised a scheme against Palestine and spared no efforts [in carrying it out],” the Leader said. “The scheme has [so far] failed and God willing will not succeed [in the future]. They ha ...
the occasion of the Nowrooz holiday, or Persian New Year, that his country has decided to double the number of visas for Iranian pilgrims. This would increase the number from 80,000 to 160,000. Al-Shahri said that the Saudi embassy in Tehran would stamp 6,000 visas a day instead of 3,000 in order to accommodate the increase in the number of visitors. Observers said that this announcement signals improving relations between Saudi and Iran. Another sign of the improving relations more generally between Iran and the Gulf States, observers noted, is the visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Muscat, Oman two weeks ago. It was the first official visit for him since he was elected president. Saudi-Iranian relations have long been plagued by high degrees of tension over several issues. Saudi has refused several attempts by the Iranian president to visit Riyadh. However, the second largest Arab state has recently started to send indirect messages to Iran. Saudi changed its policies regarding Syria as it ...
beautiful picture of over thrown crown prince of Iran , greeting with family Persian new year
Psyber Freakuency Presents you another Killer party after Persian New Year ! Don't miss it !
Everyone guess what day it is today... That's right, it's day 5 of the Persian new year! Oh yeah and James's birthday or whatever...
Got an amazing opportunity to celebrate Persian New Year! I love our fascinating diverse world! What an honor to learn about other cultures and I always fall in love with people, traditions and history. Love my amazing friends and family from all over the world, so thankful that I have you all:)!
I would like to say a big thank you to ava production for a job well done for the sold out Norooz persian new year party and a massive thank you to all our dear fans who patiently waited and did not stop dancing untill 2AM.what a night it was to remember.thank you all
Also, I want to thank My friend and fellow broadcaster Vida Ghaffari for explaining The Persian New Year and where to go celebrate it. Also, I want to thank Actor Richard C. Christian and my co-host and editor of Judy's Corner, Model, Actress, Businesswoman Judy Karman. We did better than expected.. We are part of The Success of LA TALK RADIO.
Happy Persian new year to all and best wishes for a better world for all in this new year. I would have loved to have been in the photo on the left so that I could have done more for my volunteer social work, and recorded a little piece for you too as I usually do every year. Sadly though I have been mostly in the photo on the right working in my courier business 12 to 14 hours a day which was needed to pay the bills. Working on it though. Happy new year.
Michelle Ghaffari set up the seven "S's" for Persian New Year - Haft Sin
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Blessings of Love Peace and Unity. Happy Nowruz to all of my dear friends around the world ~ which is every person, our animal and plant kingdoms, all of the beings in every form and our beloved Water on Earth. Xx We've stepped through the equinox on Friday and into the Persian new year. The equinox is the time when day & night are nearly exactly the same length - 12 hours all over the world, and in the Persian calendar marks the start of Spring. Nowruz ( New Day) has a beautiful space in my heart as Its an ancient festival that starts at the beginning of Spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. ( being here in Australia I can still feel the Earths happiness going into Spring in the North) Persians have a haftseen alter decorated with 7 items, each being a symbol of Spring and renewal. I can feel the renewal in my life right now, and am feeling the Joy of celebrating the new Tribe Heart in April- being in the Western, Eastern and Persian New Years. I held my own ceremony in our wonderful botanical gar ...
I had a delightful time today at the Persian New Year celebration at Bill Barber Community Park in Irvine. Good music. Good food. Great dancing. A joyous atmosphere with gracious host committee. Here one of my favorite dance troops is trying to show me proper hand placement.
Happy Persian New year(Norooz) to all my beautiful Family and friends. I have a feeling that this year will be a fun and fruitful year. I wish all of you the best of Health, peace, happiness, laughter, Love and plenty of wealth.!!
Back home after five fantastic days visiting my little sis & her family for Persian New Year. Today, we capped off our time together with an amazing brunch, followed by some nice chill time at her house. In six short hours, it'll be back to life, back to reality. Feeling recharged & ready.
Celebrating Persian new year and my brother in law, Dr. Azimpoor's 75th birthday, with family in Houston, Texas.
We had a fabulous time last night at the Norouz Party (Persian New Year) hosted by Sandra Sonbol Sarpoolaki and Shawn Sheibani then today a great trip to Boca Raton!!! What an awesome way to kick off Spring Break!!!
In honor of my friend Janet's birthday, I made biryani for dinner. Because her birthday falls on or near Navroz (Persian New Year), we had a tradition of cooking Parsi food for her birthday dinner. She moved away last year (sniff), but the tradition carries on. The good news: the biryani smells super tasty. The bad news: dinner is really late. Sound familiar? :)
Since I'm Iranian, I celebrate nowrooz (the Persian new year, which fell on the 20th this month). I guess that means I can start a New Years resolution all over again! Time to cut out dairy and gluten all over again! I slowly eased my way back into eating it here and there. I'm not happy with that so here I am... Promising myself I'm going to stop and get on the right track.
Happy Persian new year to all my friends and family
Roozonline: Happy Nowruz!: The traditional Persian New Year, the Nowruz is here and we wish happ...
Go from novice to pro with these 7 ways to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year.
New clothes and goldfish? Not your usual spring rituals, we know. But those are two ways to celebrate Nowruz. Iranian-American comedian K-von Moezzi explains the rest of the Persian New Year festivities in his offbeat, video mini-doc.
Happy Naruz (so. ?) Persian New Year to my Iranian friends.
March 21st is the first day of Spring and Mothers Day in many countries in the Middle East. It is also "Nowruz" the Persian New Year. Hope it's a time for peace, love and new beginnings for everyone everywhere insha Allah.
This week is our Persian New Year and in celebration of the upcoming year I wish everyone a happy,…
WRITE A LETTER TO THE PEOPLE OF IRAN AND WISH THEM A HAPPY NEW YEAR LIKE I DID. PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST NOW! Dear Alan, Have you ever wondered what life is really like in Iran? Lost in all the debate over foreign policy are conversations about people’s everyday lives -- about the things we all have in common and the very basic reasons why we don’t want to see war. We very rarely go to war with people we feel like we know or relate to - that’s why individuals talking to each other is so important. Last year, through Berim’s ‘Letters from Iran’ project, hundreds of Iranians sent us letters full of questions and stories to celebrate the Holiday Season and the New Year. This week Iranians all over the world will be celebrating Norooz, the Persian New Year. Would you like to write a letter to Iranians wishing them a happy new year and sharing your thoughts and questions when it comes to their country? We’ll translate your letters and use social media to reach Iranians in Iran to make sure they . ...
Happy Nowruz (Happy New Year) to all celebrating the Persian New Year!. Everyone at Trimax Realty & Loan wishes...
🎊🎉🎈I wish everyone a very happy Persian New Year. So much can happen in one year, the goods arrive and…
You are invited (or if you're not in the Seattle area, I included you in case you would want to invite someone you know who lives in the Seattle area) to a gathering of Christians (and others) in celebration of Nowruz (if you've joined us before at John Weed's house or Bill Goss's, you have an idea of what to expect). For those of you not from Turkey or West/Central Asia, Nowruz is the Persian New Year, starting at the Spring Equinox, March 21st. We celebrate it because it is a part of the heritage of many of our friends from Iran, Kurdish areas of Turkey / Iraq / Iran and elsewhere, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uighur, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and other West and Central Asian peoples, and a great opportunity to get together as friends and friends of friends to talk, eat, sing, laugh, and share from the heart our new life God has given us and our hopes from Him for the future. If you have friends from those regions, whether they are Muslim (especially) or not, please feel . ...
Welcome to the Persian New Year " NOWRUZ" celebrations at Applebox on Thursday 20 March 2014 at 6:00 p.m. The special menus on offer is: Appetizers: Eggplant with yoghurt dressing Feta Cheese and fresh herbs served with aromatic bread Yoghurt and cucumber Main Course: Salmon served with herb rice (Sabzi Pollo Mahi) Split peas and lamb served with rice and garnished with potatoes chips (Khoreshte Ghayme with Saffron rice) Desserts: Selection of Persian cookers Home made Bakhlava Wishing all a very happy new year and hope to share our celebrations with you.
Display for the Norouz, a celebration of the vernal equinox, the Persian New Year. Persians prepare
Press TV Iran will host the renowned Tajik musician and composer Davlatmand Kholov during the Persian New Year (Nowruz) celebrations in the capital city of Tehran. Kholov will hold concerts during Iran's 2nd International Nowruz Celebrations which he will attend along with Tajik president from March 26-28, 2011, Mehr News Agency reported. Iran will host senior officials from the Persian-speaking states of Tajikistan and Afghanistan who will join representatives from the countries that celebrate Nowruz such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Albania, and Turkey. Davlatmand Kholov is an expert in the southern folk genre of Tajik music called Falak and is best known for his works on traditional instruments of Dotar, Qeychak, and Setar.
Drive to LA, my dad immediately makes me get dressed up so we could go to a Mormon church to celebrate Persian New Year. And I'm Jewish.
Happy (Persian New Year)/1st Day of Spring! Here are pix from our Nowruz celebration. Look at the haft-seens
All Google doodles for Persian New Year from 2004 to 2012. No doodle for 2013
Happy Norouz to all who celebrate Norouz, Persian New Year and hope this year will be the end of Satanic Islamic Republic of Iran.
Persian New Year clashing with the DIAMUN 2013 opening ceremony...just like previous years -.-
More than 100 volunteers to mark beginning of Persian New Year at Skid Row's Midnight Mission: Skid Row's Midn...
I just got an invitation from the Permanent Mission to the UN of the Islamic Republic of Iran to come and celebrate the Persian New Year with Ambassadors from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan , Turkey , Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. For want of a plane ticket and one night in a hotel I could ask some very important people some very interesting questions. LOL! *** I hate being poor. ;) The point of this post however is to point out that the Persian New Year, which this event at the U.N. is celebrating, falls on the 9th day of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, March 20th 2013. That is the anniversary of Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and it is the same day that Obama will make his first state visit to Israel, Jerusalem in particular. I just thought that we should add this to the growing list of "coincidences" surrounding Obama's visit to Israel. Prophecy is unfolding around us every single day folks. To be honest, it's exhilarating and frightening all ...
Watched "Argo" last night: as you know, it's based on a real story with some "additions" to it. While watching I was thinking, "Oh, this really looks like Sultanahmet and Grand Bazaar", in fact, it was Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar and at some moments, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. I was curious where they were shooting this movie. Turned to be California. I kinda forgot: there are lots of Persians live in Southern California. When I lived in San Diego, we had them in our School, and my friend was dating a Persian guy. In fact, celebrating Nouruz (Persian New Year) was lots of fun, dancing and delicious food. And, yes, I read about Tom Mendez today.
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Originally performed on Voice of America's 2012 Persian New Year program, this clever tune has gained Rana attention worldwide. Music by Rana M...
IRANIAN NOWROUZ BAZAR Our Community will be having Nowrouz Bazaar celebrating Persian New Year where all families & friends gather at Nowrouz Bazaar to do their last shopping to set up Haft Seen Table, where you get a chance to taste Persian Cuisine, Kebabs and Rice, Pastry, Tea and more... you will be entertained with live Traditional Persian Music & Dance,... with special Persian Dance Performance as well as Belly Dance, Salsa dancing, Singing,.And you get to meet two most important Persian Personalities: AMOO NOROUZ & HAJI FIROUZ It’s an Indoor show, Free admission, free parking. Family event, All ages welcome Prizes to be won. Non-alcoholic event & open to everyone... Please invite your friends. THANK YOU TIME : SUNDAY MARCH 17TH. 11 AM - 1O PM LOCATION : St. Elias Banquet Hall (750 Ridgewood Ave, Ottawa, ON K1V 6N1) To all Business Owners, Organizations: You can purchase a table to sell and promote your products. It's a great occasion to display your products at one of the biggest & most elegant Ba ...
Can't wait to post the Persian New Year's teaser tomorrow and the interviews of Sahar Biniaz and for
Pencil on Friday 22nd March into your diaries for a huge Persian New Year feast in a central London restaurant!
Aurangzeb: Piety Versus Impropriety Aurangzeb has been variously described as a bigot and rigid moralist by most scholars of the Mughal period. The moot question here is was he so much of a bigot and moralist that he completely escaped the Mughal passion for the royal revelry so passionately displayed by his forefathers. Did he eschew the two Ws (Wine and Women), one S (Song) and one O (Opium) that lent so much colour to the lives of his predecessors. On the surface at least the answer must be yes. Aurangzeb, definitely cast his courtiers into gloom when he banned the nine day bazaar (also referred to as the Meena Bazaar) introduced by his great grandfather Akbar to enliven the already decadent lives of his (Akbar’s courtiers). The bazaar was introduced to take the Nauroz (Persian New Year) celebrations to fresh heights of excited debauchery and debauched it was – Jahangir in his own memoirs has described the Nauroz celebrations of March 11 or 12, 1606 as follows: ``Singers and players of all bands a ...
Wonderful holidays coming up: Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and Persian New Year in March!
The European Fatwa Council; made up of 20 of the worlds greatest Muslim Jurists, stated that it is permissible to greet people on these days (exchange gifts even) as long as it does not involve approving any creedal differences between us, or open evil (drinking and so on). In other words, a simple happy holidays is not a sin or going to take that person out of Islam. It is reported with authentic chains that Ali (ra) celebrated the Persian New Year, even eating ice cream with Imam Abu Hanifa's relative. Many of the fatwa quoted by sincere folks are rooted in an age of empire and war (the crusades) or a social reality that does not fit ours in the West. Most importantly, a person should ask those who use words like "haram" "kufur" "Halal" and "encouraged" about their religious training. Yelling and over blown emotionalism does not equal training and scholarship. Allah knows best. via Suhaib Webb
American Sharia! For weeks after the murderous 9/11, 11th anniversary attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, U.S. President Barack Obama, rather than its jihadi perpetrators, blamed a crude and laughable internet parody aimed at the founder of Islam for inciting their actions. Incredibly, to a global audience during his September 24 UN address, Obama six times reinforced that lie. Now Obama plans to authorize Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to announce a temporary nuclear crisis “solution.” Iran will swap a temporary halt in partial uranium enrichment for U.S. sanctions cuts, including some on Iran’s Central Bank, before the March arrival of Nowruz, the pre-Islamic Persian New Year. [ii] The U.S. Treasury Dept. long ago designated Iran’s Central Bank for supporting terrorism. The massive inflation caused by sanctions has increasingly harmed Iranian nuclear ambitions. Obama’s blatant ploy to win reelection loosens the noose. Obama banned terms that help define the current Islamic w ...
A soulful master musician from Iran, Kayhan Kalhor gives a beautiful and introspective performance to celebrate the Persian New Year, Nowruz — and shows us s...
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