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Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf, in Western Asia, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula.

Persian Gulf War Arabian Gulf Middle East Persian Gulf Arab Cold War Saudi Arabia United States North Korea

Remember those Navy patrol boats in the Persian Gulf? Did Russia make this ship disappear? via
Lt. Emmons served as an Army Combat Engineer 1988-1991. Persian Gulf for Shield/Storm/…
In the Persian Gulf, Iran's drones pose rising threat to US doudrone
Israel has been created to protect the oil fields in Persian Gulf
Divers of American Torpedo Boat Hunter USS Howard rescued by accident, a sea in the nets of a semi-cast f…
Faux sympathy for Iranians belied by Trump’s use of fake name for Persian Gulf, calling them terrorist nation& banning them fro…
. The Official Lie, framing the 2 Lybians, was seen as a necessary lie, so as to get Syrian cooperation in the Persian Gulf War
Put me back in the Persian gulf plz
And when deployed to hot areas like the Persian/Arabian Gulf, we paid no taxes at all.
deployed today to the on a mission to patrol for Qom-class microsubmarines
US approves $1.1B Qatar arms deal, saying Qatar is an important force for stability and progress in Persian Gulf. https:/…
Iran calls for dialogue with Persian Gulf Arabs to tackle common challenges
N Korea probably the loosest cannon but not going to do anything.…
I seen Bob Hope do an mso show when I was in the Persian Gulf,what a great patriot he was.
Russia expands its business operations in the Persian Gulf
The US and UK along with other European and Persian Gulf allies openly fueling terrorism at home and abroad
if you have a problem with the Persian Gulf, you should say the Persian Gulf Please do not talk about unrealistic and dreamy places in
United States doubled down on strategy. Needed Saudi oil+security in Persian Gulf+reliable ally in Muslim world
>Aided ISIS. >Broke deal. >Called all Iranians 'terrorists'. >Called the Persian Gulf 'Arab'. Thinks he can make a deal.
The is Part of the Habitual Range of the Humpback Population..h…
The Royal Australian Navy is constantly patrolling the Pacific, Persian Gulf & now visited Madagascar. . ~
Our house style is Persian Gulf, the Pentagon still says Arabian.
"Arabian Gulf" vs "Persian Gulf" must be among the most mind-numbingly stupid nationalistic disputes ever in the histo…
Just saw Time magazine reported that trump referred to the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf. Once again, the dumbest words
The Iranian military has long planned for a defensive naval war in the Persian Gulf, in which it would leverage...
"Who knows: perhaps in the Persian Gulf, the third time’s the charm. Anyway, I don’t buy it."
If Ralph Northam`s military service was so great than why wasn't he in the Persian Gulf War?
I remember when Breaking News was USA at war in the Persian Gulf...NOT two people die in South Asia. NOT ALL NEWS IS BREAKING NEWS
You have no idea how it was when he went to war. You have no idea how we held onto each other through the Persian Gulf
I saw SB 37 from USS Saipan as we steamed to Persian Gulf. was all we had to distract from impending war. Don’t tell me not to watch.
British troops used to promote weapon sales to Persian Gulf regimes: Report
As a navy vet Persian Gulf War veteran I salute you mr president and general John Kelly I pray for our nation and values
2/ invasion although he did send 2 or 3 frigates 2 the Persian Gulf in sup…
History don't repeat, it rhymes. "A POTUS seeking farce-evidence for war with a Persian Gulf nation for $500, Alex?"
My brother was a casualty in the Persian Gulf War. He was a 22 yo Blk man; taking a knee is a protest against racism.
"Iran is predestined to become the preeminent power in the Persian Gulf."
Reducing aviation through the Persian Gulf would help a tiny minority achieve a huge reduction in emissions.
‘Mr Trump! If you’ve forgotten the name of the Persian Gulf, look at your soldiers’ headstones!’ — Kayhan
Persian gulf president you read history today?.
In 1988, the U.S shot down an iranian PASSENGER plane in the PERSIAN GULF because they thought it was a threat. 290 passengers.
By calling Persian Gulf Arabian you created more than 80 million Iranian as your enemy. You need to study elementary geo…
George H.W Bush George W Bush Carter Clinton Obama and UN called the Gulf “ the Persian Gulf.” Why you called it Arabian…
Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. They're "angry" that referred to the Persian Gulf a…
No wonder supporters of Trump’s inane Iran speech are those bastions of democracy in the Persian Gulf: KSA, UAE & Bahrain. 3/
Trump couldn't unravel the JCPOA but called Iranian nation Terrorist/ misquoted the Persian Gulf. Always remebered by Iran…
was right Iran has a great history but he must know nobody can change the history with money. .
Iran was civilized, there was no American at all. You do not know the name of the Persian Gulf
Tell Iran to prepare for Persian Gulf War 3.0
Please read carefully then tell the invader of Oval office in whit house what is the real name of PERSIAN GULF then open hi…
You allow that orange ape call the Persian Gulf other than its proper name? You are a dying nation & you know it!
Hillary took $1.5 million in donations from and $100 million from Persian Gulf Muslim states. Plea…
Hey & Have you noticed what Bashar Assad calls the
FIRST ON BNN: Qatar seeks new trade ties in Canada as Persian Gulf neighbours freeze it out
Iran does not seek to exclude other regional actors. They should be only blaming their own mistakes & wrong choices.
To clarify the confusion over the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Golf.
That is not true. Even trump called it Persian Gulf in his previous interviews. It was just very ridiculous.
durr we have Navy planes flying in from the Persian Gulf, Navy Seals, Seabees, Intel al…
Peter Jesella's interest in Persian Gulf news class please comment! PJ via
Qatar holds unmovable U.S. air base in unstoppable conflict with Persian Gulf allies
1980: Persian Gulf - the conflict between Iran and Iraq erupted into full-scale war that lasted nearly 8 years.
OMG the Persians are in the Persian Gulf acting aggressive against American war ships.
. Would you be interested in interview with Fmr FBI unit chief & US naval officer (Persian Gulf War)?
Kill the Yemenis BIG NEWS - Yemen has more oil reserves than the entire Persian Gulf region.
Between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, Sunni and Shia numbers are so nearly equal that neither...
"Without Iran 's cooperation, we cannot bring an end to the Persian Gulf War..." --Ronald Reagan
I like the gown Barbara wore at the Persian Gulf...only the best for the greatest military in the world!
2 Major US Bases in Persian Gulf are very vulnerable to IRAN's coming WAR.
Is CUP serious in referring to Arab states of Persian Gulf as "monarquías pérsicas"? Come on my dudes. Persians don't have monarchy anymore.
2015 . Christianity in the Arab-Persian Gulf: an ancient but still obscure history.
This is a style followed on both sides of the Gulf where ethnic Arabic reside. It's certainly not Persian.
"described by the Navy as unsafe, unprofessional and dangerous" lmao!! then get tf out of the Persian Gulf!!! 🙄
Iranian drone buzzes US aircraft over Persian Gulf .
"An Iranian drone came within 1,000 feet of a U.S. Navy jet Sunday over the Persian Gulf." Second time in a week.
IRGC to continue drone patrols in Persian Gulf
Yemen is the most culturally distinct Arab state of all on the Peninsula Dark Signs in the Persian Gulf via
Iranian drone harasses US aircraft carrier fighting ISIS in the Persian Gulf
Should have knocked it out of the sky with a high speed pass. Hit it with a sonic boom or wake vortex. Oops.
Iranian drone buzzes US aircraft over Persian Gulf.
QATAR: Trump Steps in to Protect US Assets in the Persian Gulf Mafia Battle
Pulled by the mirage of work in the Persian Gulf countries, two boats of migrants came ashore in war-torn Yemen
Today is Bahrain's Independence Day! Discover the often overlooked Khaliji music of Africans in Bahrain! ==>
Exactly. Guess they don't count in their "women and…
You think American ships have a right to be in the Persian Gulf but Iranian ships don't h…
An Iranian drone flew in an "unprofessional manner" close the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf, Navy official says
Another close call for U.S. jet and Iranian drone in Persian Gulf via
When the booming & skimming reaches diminishing returns, you can use MicroSorb to finish the job
"Unsafe" US fury as Iranian drone buzzes warplanes in Persian Gulf for second time in week
Carrier buzzed by Iranian drone in Persian Gulf - US Navy
Incident comes one day after Iran said it would spend $500M to boost its missile program following sanctions from US ht…
has started construction of its first 'mosque on water' in Kish Island, Persian Gulf
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps drone patrols in Persian Gulf will continue despite…   10% Off
Iranian Persian drone buzzes US Navy aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Sinking it would just poll…
Iranian drone buzzes US aircraft over Persian Gulf
military engages again in "unsafe and unprofessional" action near US aircraft carrier, via https…
"IRGC drone patrols in Persian Gulf will continue despite US psychological operations"
Kuwait battles oil spill in Persian Gulf waters
power has a shelf life...the best way to preserve the Pax Americana is to avoid another idiotic war in thr Persian Gulf.
at the time, TV shows like are interrupted because of the war coverage of Persian Gulf.
Don't forget our Navy's recent interactions with Iran's Revolutionary guard in the Persian Gulf this week.
Breaking: Persians found sailing in the Persian Gulf. US war machine has fired warning shots. . via
UPDATE: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp scuffles with US Navy in Persian Gulf for second time this week -…
More War: Iran: U.S. Navy again fired warning flares at vessels in Persian Gulf -
fires again at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf- Obviously US want 2 ignite war with
The say no to the third war at Persian Gulf but regime try to bring into this situation…
it's look like there was a Short war between iranian ship and America ship in Persian Gulf in this week +_+
Viet Nam Greenada Libya Pakistan twice Afganistan and Persian Gulf to name a few ,price of war is not a Freebie .Quit belly aching .
WAR DRUMS: US warships fired several warning shots at Iranian patrol boats in the Persian Gulf in what Tehran...
US neocon mil itches for war pretext$: insane US Navy fires shots @ Iran mil vessel in Persian Gulf 2nd time in days
Iran’s IRGC Forces Ranked 3rd in First Stage of Army Games 2017 in China (+Photos)
Published Ref. ancient Indian's connection with Persian gulf.
Persian Gulf Arab bloc is essentially finished: expert
Its the Persian Gulf you stupid morons!
Late uncle. Sea captain. On bridge in Persian Gulf. All I think about is a wet Saturday in Sauchiehall Street.
The umpteenth provocative Navy move in the Persian Gulf. restraint is remarkable. .
With the GEORGE HW transiting home, has taken over Inherent Resolve combat duties in…
Zippy was spark 4 this provocative foolishness by Iran's "navy." Time 2 blow one of their little speedboats to *** h…
US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian boat in Persian Gulf
VIDEO: US Navy releases video showing ship firing warning shots at Iranian vessel in the Persian Gulf -
Yeah, apparently, the empire that spanned from Mauretania to the Persian Gulf was 100% white people. You can't…
Iran seizes Saudi vessel and arrests crew as tensions escalate in Gulf
Or Oman, maybe. But Oman is the calmest and least backward of the Persian Gulf States.
US Navy ship fired multiple warning shots at Iranian vessel in Persian gulf that came within 150 yards of US ship.
Analysis | The strange role North Korea is playing in the Persian Gulf crisis
1986.. Midway ..I was an LT on a DDG in her group. The other 2 were on their way Sou…
but we had Wisconsin in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm - it provided fire support during the invasion
US Navy ship fired warning shots at an boat in the Persian Gulf.
Read about the tortured politics behind the Persian Gulf crisis.
Due to the importance of healthcare vote, rising tensions in Korean Peninsula/Persian Gulf, I won't be spending much t…
U.S. Navy fires warning shots at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf.
After coaching NCAA D1, California JUCO and CIF high school, I then joined the military and participated in the Persian Gulf War.
I'm proud to be a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Persian Gulf War. . I'm Special Operation…
I want you to read this headline very carefully. Read it 3 times. US navy ship fires warning shots at IRANIAN boat in the…
Thanks for all the love since the cover! Currently working offshore in the Persian Gulf, 6 weeks in! A few more to go
Commander in Chief says no way to Iran's BS. With Obama Iran boarded US ship had sailors on knees. http…
Jul 27 1987 US asked Iraq to stop attacks on shipping in Persian Gulf in hopes that Iran would follow suite Iran-Iraq War
US and Iran warships have another close encounter in the Persian Gulf
Another close encounter between Iranian boats and US Navy in Persian Gulf
Before tonight, the words "Persian Gulf" conjured images of the heavily televised Gulf War. . Glad to have now repl…
and if you didn't freeze your rear in Korea and Germany during the Cold War, or sweated it off in the Persian Gulf,…
I was disqualified for eczema during the Persian Gulf War years. SGT said we can't have someone w. h…
I had command of a 175' US flagged vessel in Persian Gulf during Iran/Iraq war. 16 man civilian crew. 7 man Navy EO…
Via - US Navy fires at Iran ship in Persian Gulf video: WW3 tensions rise -
US Navy vessel opens fire on Iranian ship in Persian Gulf as war tensions mount.
Iran seizes Saudi Arabian fishing boat and arrests crew as tensions escalate in Persian Gulf
Exclusive: On board as shoots down drone over Persian Gulf with laser weapon. Our full story:
Even if we're granting the Cold War, you could still argue "Persian Gulf, Granada/Vietnam, Iranian ***
ONGC Videsh led consortium gives $6bn offer for Farzad Oil fields in Persian Gulf
"From the American Civil War to WWII, from Vietnam to the War in Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf, the..."
Trump was an official in at least two-dozen businesses in Persian Gulf states he’s now allying himself with.
Pakistan's in no mood to take sides in Arab-Qatar row but can't just say No to KSA and UAE. Maneuvering tactfully.
Qatar given list of demands from Saudi, allies to end crisis: AP
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Islamabad slams US drone attacks in Pakistan
Iran, world countries mark Quds Day with rallies
EU extends sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis
Now Arabs counties around well understood the only could support them,Oman ,Kuwait…
List of request of states around from
Please check the history of the Persian Gulf.
Iranian and Chinese destroyers hold joint drill in Persian Gulf -
In the feud among Arab nations, President Trump has supported the ones with which he does business
What to laugh about!! You Persian call it persian gulf and we call it Arabian Gulf.
My uncle served on the Sara during Iraqi Freedom/Persian Gulf (Air traffic control)
when someone calls the Persian gulf the "Arabian Gulf"
Persian gulf hhh you feel like those people don't respect arab gulf people only they like 😍$
Search Arabian Gulf and all you will see is Persian Gulf (sometimes Arabian Gulf) in brackets.
All the maps until 1960 used Persian gulf and the first time someone wanted to change it was in 1930
Also in CA w/o test. 1877-present are the standards; usually get to 1991. is to teach past the P…
We don't need further destabilization in the Persian Gulf.
"Shut down the closest thing to a free press in the Persian Gulf."
Bahrain orders Qatari troops to leave as Persian Gulf row escalates. : Report
and to conduct military drill in Gulf amidst growing tensions between and in the region ht…
U.S. Army AH-64D "Apaches" over the Persian Gulf at sunset. So beautiful it brings a tear of American joy to my eye. W…
But remember, Hillary once met with a Nobel prize winner, so both sides
That is just sad.. how can anyone take something like this from him.. all my medals from Persian Gulf on up, but wo…
Based on the Historian Roger Adelson, the Persian Gulf was turned into the British Lake Let's talks White Supermacy
Ground combat in the 1991 Persian Gulf War lasted just 100 hours, but it’s meant 17 years of pain an
Persian gulf based on historical documents
To further show Arabian Gulf has no historical root, founder of Saudi Arabia AbdulAziz uses Persian Gulf in letters to the Brit…
They are happy to sell. we are happy to buy 👌. Not fm d smelly 👉Persian Gulf Arabs
SURE. the evil petro dollar rule the world. the Persian Gulf.
The unsolicited approach comes amid criticism from United States carriers that Persian Gulf competitors have an unfair advantage.
"The Swahili Coast and the Persian Gulf are only a monsoon apart ..."—Abdul Sheriff
🌹My IRAN has many nice islands in the Persian Gulf.🌹One of them is Kish island 🌹that has the most beautiful hotels in the Middle East🌹Bijan
examines extent of pollution in the Persian Gulf
Iraqi govt. forces advance into heart of Daesh’s last bastion
Theresa May to set out proposals for EU citizens at EU summit
Trump's commercial ties to Saudi/UAE are deeper than to Russia/Russian oligarchs and more politically consequential http…
The start of the war in Afghanistan is closer in time to the Persian Gulf War than it is to today.
Lived in Persian Gulf in 1970's & every weekend local sheiks off to Bahrain to get drunk as it only place not dry!
I recommend Arab countries in Persian Gulf to read so…
This month, the Gulf was hit by a diplomatic crisis. I discuss the new developments and the potential implications:.
Underground Newz Inc. IS BACK!!: Young princes in the Persian Gulf are playing with...
Trump’s Business Ties in Persian Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances- He was offered 2Billion dollars after he was elect…
DJT 2015:. Saudis "buy apartments from me, they spend $40-50M. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much".
On his trip, when DJT more welcoming to Saudis than Germans,. was this for good of the USA or his personal portfolio?.
Trump views Prince Mohammed as a crucial ally in his effort to cement a Sunni Muslim alliance in the Persian Gulf
I'm a Desert Storm/Persian Gulf Vet, can only work part time, I need Healthcare, please don't kill me, I served proudly
I guess the Iranian fishermen like the "Arabian" side of the gulf more than the "Persian" gulf
"A single B-1 can drop as many bombs on Syrian/Iraqi targets as 40 jets flying off a carrier in the Persian Gulf."…
I really, really, really, hate hearing "the Persian gulf". It's the ARAB gulf man, what's that :I . Iranian imperialism isn't okay.
Persian Gulf in 2003 has to be considered..That's not a NATO obligation b…
Biggest ever war exercise by the US and its allies in the Persian Gulf.
Anti-Trump protesters face decades in jail: Report
China calls for THAAD to be removed from South Korea
French prosecutors open inquiry into Macron’s minister
Friendly fire kills 10 troops in southern Philippines
I feed in my restaurant in Benidorm 82,sailors from the Forrester and Saratoga ,5000 each carrier.just controlling the Persian Gulf,US = Oil
Qatar to extend production in Persian Gulf. Not worried by Paris Agreement ?
How said we hate Arabs?! let me correct you. We dont hate arabs. We…
This colorful Iranian traditional clothes is mainly worn by Iranian people living around the Persian Gulf (
Biggest ever exercise by the and its allies in the -
Backdropped over a wide scene of topography in the Middle East, the International Space Station passes over the Persi…
The Levante sweeps down the palm-lined streets like a new wind blowing through the Pearl of the Persian Gulf.
"In Quran, 'those your right hands possess' refers to the slaves one is allowed to own and sleep with.". Persian Gulf
Slavery Now: Migrant Labor in the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia by CHRISTIANE SALIBA
We will be open tomorrow, and for the record, I am a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War, and will be working...
Our fearless leader is a Veteran who serve in the United States Navy. He served in the Persian Gulf War and Desert Shield 1990-1992.
The natural habitat of these black crows,is southern shore of the Persian Gulf. If they do not like th…
US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf.
Quality in every detail. The has positioned itself as one of the best in the Persian Gulf. See more…
Spread of radicalization by returning workers who embraced radical Islam during their time in the Persian Gulf. RAND…
BREAKING: Persian ships are, again, in the Persian Gulf. More on this revelation as it develops.
UK Gov't 'Making a Mockery' of Human Rights in the Persian Gulf: via
The new British Imperialism in the Persian Gulf. Read our report: …
New report: UK government accused of 'arming repression' in the Persian Gulf
defense minister: "What is the US doing in the Persian Gulf? They better leave this region and not harass the regional countries".
How has financed Global Terror & why we need to deal with them ASAP
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do you have orders going somewhere else tho ? I got Persian Gulf in a couple months
.why should Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, the Iran director 4Pres Obama’s now in charge of Iran & the Persian Gulf region desk
Almost every Incidence in the is indirectly sponsored by House of
Trump ‘will be vindicated' on surveillance claims: White House
Saudi Arabia steps up using cluster bombs in Yemen
British-born man identified as London attacker
Each year in Nowruz holidays, Tehran can breathe
Pakistan flexes military muscles on National Day
IMN continues protest against detention of Zakzaky
My son will be deployed to the Persian gulf soon. Commander and chief is clueless 🇺🇸😂
I played basketball for & swimmer for my colleges; coached NCAA D1, Calif JUCO and CIF; Bachelor of Science 98;' Persian Gulf War veteran!
How one Sailor earned his degree while keeping pilots alive in the Persian Gulf:
I was a Navy Gunner and participated in the Persian Gulf War. Photo here is my favorite weapon, a 25mm chain gun:
sponsoring in on behalf of and West
Won’t this be huge PITA for oil industry—near & dear to 😡 & TRex’s hearts—freq biz travel to Persian Gulf?. Never mi…
The Persian gulf is a place to sail. Countries like Qatar, and UAE. Kind of scenic. Oman and Yemen, less scenic.It…
Amen Robert! I'm female Persian Gulf veteran not enjoying this outcry from BO and his Whiners!
Laughable House of is trying to use fake news to state they are against
First U.S. aircraft carrier of Trump presidency enters the Persian Gulf: via
Colorado Springs come together to help Persian Gulf whose home burned to the ground.
Is this the spill detected on satellite imagery from March 8 and 11?
Scottish parliament to resume debate on Tuesday
Mosul parents sedate kids to avoid discovery by Daesh
Egypt court orders corruption probe into Mubarak
IRAN playing a Dangerous Game in the Persian Gulf. .
It's been called the Persian Gulf for thousands of years, long before Arabs were even civilized.
The Ezri Center's 9th annual Persian Gulf conference is dedicated to the Iran-Saudi relation
Saudi Arabia, like other Arab states of the Persian Gulf, is not a signatory to the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention
On This Day. 1991: George H.W. Bush declared an end to Operation Desert Storm - victory over Iraq in the Persian Gulf War
Every bass boat in the Persian Gulf is flying an Iranian flag this week during war games.
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At least this Times campaign is less likely to lead to an illegal war in the Persian Gulf.
Iran holds naval war games in Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with U.S.
Freedom of religion. The first Wiccan died in the Persian Gulf War in the 90s.
. on tour finds Jameson ... on board the in the Persian Gulf. Loving It.
This photo reminds me of my time in Kuwait right after the Persian Gulf War when Saddam started burning the oil wel…
we had a Ukrainian sub sneak up on our skip in the Persian gulf a decade ago
VLADIMIR PUTIN bombs in while Barack Hussein pulls America’s last aircraft carrier o...
still having problems with AIS coverage in Persian gulf 😒 Hopefully will improve soon. It's been going on way too long now!!
and loathsome barbarities sanctioned and initiated by him on behalf of his several western corporate and Persian Gulf Arab Bantustan bosses.
we have been in the Middle East since 1986- lol we have deployed to the Persian gulf for 40 years.
Turkey seeks to seize territory in northern Syria: Analyst
UN backtracks on 'political transition' in Syria peace talks
Israeli trooper takes own life near border with Gaza Strip
US man pepper-sprayed by police while strapped in restraining chair
Democrats raise questions about Trump’s mental health
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Johnson blasts former British PM for Brexit remarks
Iran defends title after beating US in 2017 Freestyle World Cup
Disabled Persian Gulf Vet brutally maimed in mob attack
Time to get out of the Gulf? Charles Glaser joins us Feb 27 to hash it out:
For operations in countries such as and cells are trained instead.
if you were ever anywhere near the Persian Gulf, a lot more presumptive illnesses open up.
Iranian For. Min. said $130 B in weapons sold to Persian Gulf countries, of which only $1…
(2/2) of the world? You find them around the Persian Gulf. They really don't know what to do with all their money. Germany has enough to pay
...and a geography book !! Its PERSIAN Gulf Michael not Gulf !
Can visit to Oman, Kuwait heal mistrust between and Arab countries?…
Iran's Persian Gulf Petrochemical is in talks to raise $1.1 billion for an expansion
Oil and U.S. Military Strategy. Is Persian Gulf oil still worth defending with American military might?. Must read!
I remember when CNN use to be a good source of news... You need to go back to The Persian Gulf War coverage to get that these days.
I don't understand the Evil Zionist Israel aggression towards Iran !. Iran is the friendliness itself!!. LOVE IRAN 👍
Hope that wasn't because the flight put you off Ahmed. I once flew at night up the Persian Gulf. Quite a sight of the oil fields.
Rouhani on Persian Gulf tour, seeking better Arab ties
‘Iran, Oman, Kuwait share will for amity’
Belarus purchases first ever oil cargo from Iran
Tillerson denies hinting at US will to scrap Iran deal
VP Pence heads to Europe to reassure skeptical allies
Administrative detention, Israel’s bid to eliminate Palestinians: Activist
France directly liable for killings in Syria: President Assad
Iran announces leasing deal for 77 new planes
Cyprus peace talks collapse over differences
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