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Perry Stone

Perry Stone is an American radio personality, disc jockey and shock jock.

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Misguided prophecy preachers like John Hagee and Perry Stone and others, attaching some prophetic significance to the full lunar eclipse scheduled for Tuesday, is just about as stupid as the same preachers rejecting the hair doctrine. Why do the most lunatic of all preachers seem to make the most money. On a side note, I'll say this, the prosperity gospel does work for the prosperity preachers who use it to milk the church and make themselves rich. If you support a prosperity preacher, like the nut case Mike Murdock, why don't you cash your next pay check, and tape the cash to the tail of a wild rabbit. If you pollute your mind with the perverted mumbo-jumbo promoted by Christian television preachers, because they are able to affect you emotionally, you really need to get a life. They are all about false doctrines and false promises. If you will completely go off the contaminated chow of the TV preachers, in one week you will be hungry enough to enjoy a full course of the full gospel and never hunger agai ...
Perry Stone is one of my favorite Pre-Millenial Pre-Trib Dispensational Preacher/Teacher's. His views that the gifts are still available today makes him fairly unique from this camp. I am Dallas Theological Seminary blood brother philosophically, with the only exception being that I believe the gifts are still present. Folks we are living in The Last Days .as in Your life Time. ..and very soon a New Government and King will rule. And IF you have fallen in Love with Jesus you will be part of this government which will operate right here on Earth. If however you are in Love with this will be under the authority of Jesus and His believer's in ways that you will wish you would have listened to those who spoke about Christ to's not too late, cracked open a Bible and dive in.
Mary Sisseck Melinda Silotto Ida Tucker Judie Hickman Quarles Joy Womack Griffin Shirley Jacobs Listen Up and CLEAN OUT YOUR EARS! Perry Stone has been advertising his prophecy conference on the local radio in Cleveland and all the hotels in Cleveland and Chattanooga are full. We are going to have to get up early and get there early to make sure we have a spot every service. Get Ready!
For more sermons and purcheses go to International Evangelist Perry Stone, a fourth generation minister of the gospel, directs one of Ame...
Want to know the real story about blood moons? Read John Haggee and Perry Stone. God is still showing His people signs!
is seriously rocking out to some Katy Perry in the shower 😂😂
Perry stone leaks information concerning the mark of t...
This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, Perry Stone pioneered understanding the Hebraic roots of the Book of Revelation, the key to the signs and the seas...
Perry Stone unlocks the significance of the seven Biblical feasts and why the Fall feasts are important to you today. As the Kingdom age approaches, you need to know what Perry is saying.
There is no religious significance to the four lunar eclipses this year. Perry Stone is either a moron or an oportunist. A Charlatan no matter what.
"Bush" means recount in the Hebrew, according to Perry Stone.
Perry Stone on Radio. Says Holy Spirit told him Bush would win whitehouse. He met Bush at wailing wall and told him.
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A prophetic practical study of the Bible with Perry Stone. Broadcasts Sunday 8:30PM EST.
Just found out Perry Stone has all of his episodes on podcast. You guys are probably never going to hear from me again just so you know
Thanks for responses and comments. If you care to rebut or question upload a vid response please. Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministr...
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Things don't happen, because you see them, or because you hear them. Things happen because you say them! Perry Stone !
Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! -John 1:29 Join David Cerullo and Perry Stone as they share the beautiful significance of Jesus as the Lamb of God on Inspiration Today! 9:30, 15:00 & 21:00 UK/4:30a, 10a & 4 ET. Click to watch!
Hey Perry Stone my co-worker at the Temple use to listen to you in San Fran. He knew exactly who the Shock Jock was...
Matt is off Fri-Sun, PERRY STONE is coming to Cathedral on said days, and CeCe is at Mama's all weekend. We are getting this message for sure. God is good!!!
Perry Stone - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge - 6/12/2011
Perry Stone comin this weekend to Catherdral In The Pines! Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!!
Stone Roses have been repressed on Vinyl. So get on down to your nearest Urban Outfitters to purchase it with a new Fred Perry polo!
An established male TV actor, say Jon Hamm or Bryan Cranston would not pose on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine naked.
666 Mark of the Beast Setup Worldwide By 2017? ~Perry Stone. Thank you for sharing Apostle Melanie Nunnally.
Perry Stone – The Man and Women that the Lord blesses | Full Sermon |
Donkey noises, sexual innuendos about Katy Perry, and Liz's ability to turn people into stone...
*** or Straight, Katy Perry and Emma Stone are hot.
The truth of GOD'S word is the support that lifts our sword when in battle brings rest in times of peace... :D -Perry Stone-There's a crack in your armor!
If you believe the things Rod Parsley, Paula White and Perry Stone profess, PLEASE do your own homework. Find what they preach in Scripture WITHOUT their prompting.
Dreams, visions, prophetic words, and spiritual gifts are not intended to REPLACE the inspired word of god (Bible).They serve as compliments to the teaching and preaching of the scriptures and act as tools for the Holy Spirit to assist in directing us during special seasons of our lives. However, we must not ignore these SPIRITUAL VISITATIONS as they prove that our GOD IS ALIVE and NOT DEAD! (Understanding Dreams and Visions by Perry Stone)
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yep,enjoy perry stone, jentzen but that about it.We will watch when r southern gospel friends r on. Wife sang on tbn,yrs ago
Why do actresses continue to do this? Put your clothes on. "Julia Louis-Dreyfus is naked on our cover
Perry Stone discusses compelling theories of the 2nd coming, Jewish feast days, signs in the heavens & end-time prophecies.
Dr. Paul Crouch and Matt Crouch on TBN Praise the Lord with special guests Perry Stone and Irvin Baxter (Topics discussed in this pr...
Perry Stone Message of the Month CDs: 2005, 2006, 2007, - 31 CDs, good condition
And Perry Stone believes in talking to the dead. False prophet
There are several books and DVD's out about the blood moons. The book I sent you, Becky, is by John Hagee, who also has a DVD. I think Perry Stone also has one. Mark Biltz's, however, is by far the best I've seen.
almost, next 2 seasons at 40 goals & you can set it in stone. Elite being in the same sentence as Ovi, Kessel, Perry & P Kane...
And let the stone say "here lies the girl whose only crutch was loving one man just a little too much"🎶--The Band Perry
she's going on tour with Katy perry so we'll kill two birds with one stone lol
Say hello to Dr. Perry Cox, the fish I commandeered from Stone
You see them on television spouting off all their worthless religious knowledge! Irvin Baxter Perry stone!
Best Dressed: Emma Stone, Katy Perry, the Duchess of Cambridge and more :: Harper's BAZAAR :
Encrypted is the need to DECODE as in Restructure or RESET in order to be Regenerated with The SPIRIT of...
I added a video to a playlist Perry Stone | Breaking The Apocalypse Code | It's Supernatural with Sid
I listen to dark horse by Katy Perry at least 3 times a day but Jesus said "let he who is without sin throw the first stone" so
Nature In Stone by perrypotter via for on at Perry Potter!
Should I get a stone island or a Fred perry and a Lyle and Scott jacket ?
For anybody that wants to get deeper in the word, I highly suggest Perry Stone and or Chuck Missler.. They break the Bible down in amazing ways!
Can google blood moons for teachings by Perry Stone, John Hagee or Mark Biltz!! Here's one link 4 you:.
wish u wd invite Perry Stone 2 talk about what media will say when Rapture comes. Most say media won't admit it was The Lord coming
Watch TBN's "End Times Praise" LIVE tonight at 7pm PST (9pm CST, 10pm EST) with Matt & Laurie Crouch, Irvin Baxter, Perry Stone, and more. Watch online at or on your TV on the TBN channel. Comes on 9:00 PM on TBN or you can watch on computer.
Perry Stone - The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring: vía
Paul Miller, Zac Wiley & Hunter Perry had 2 hits apiece for Collins. Miller also had a pair of RBIs.
And get E.W Bullinger, Joseph A. Seiss, and Perry Stone's teaching on the same subject. He taught it on Mannafest as well!
A main point Perry Stone makes in response to the erroneous "Cessationsim" belief brought up at Strange Fire conference. Full length DVD will be available on...
Watching Perry Stone prophecy update, very good!
I liked a video Perry Stone - Prodigies & Cosmic Harbinger Reveal Time of End
Calling all prayer warriors. Surrendered Drama Team will be traveling Thursday to Cleveland, TN for Warrior Fest with Perry Stone Ministries. We will return sunday night. We will compete against 16 other teams throughout the country. Please pray for traveling mercies. Pray that God will use us to minister in a great way. The competition is fine but I want God to set this drama team on fire even more than they are. Lives to be changed to glorify Him even more. Thank you Jesus for another open door of opportunity to show others about you.
Read a sample or download The Judas Goat by Perry Stone with iBooks.
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I have everything!! Cathy E Kitchens, SelenaRenee Hobbs Rowland, and u to Amanda Perry Stone
Wowzers no trousers Katy Perry you stone cold Fox!! Literally obsessed with this
If you enjoy Prophecy and End-Time preaching, tonight on TBN and tomorrow night at 10pm, set your DVR to record. Perry Stone of Perry Stone Ministries, Bill Cloud of Shoreshim Ministries with Bill Cloud, both from Cleveland, Tn will be on TBN!
.shares why the Biblical feasts are important to you today:
Our revival with Perry Stone ended last night, but was so awesome, many souls saved, PTL! I certainly received great blessings, thank you Lord!
Feast of Trumpets First trumpet - associated with Pentecost Last trumpet - associated with the Feast of Trumpets Great trumpet - associated with the Day of Atonement Three Harvests associated with these feasts Passover - Barley harvest (soft) - has to be winnowed or thrown into the air for the wind (spirit) to separate. These loaves had no leaven (sin) in them. Pentecost - Wheat harvest (hard) - has to be threshed (Romans used a threshing roller called a tribulim (tribulation) to separate the wheat. Also means pressure that causes separation. There were two loaves (Jews & Gentiles) that were waved before the Lord. These loaves had leaven (sin) in them. Tabernacles - Fruit harvest - Grapes had to be crushed to receive the juice (Winepress of the wrath of God). At the final harvest, the four corners will be left. Jesus will send forth His angels and gather his elect for the four winds. Just food for thought. Enjoying listening to Perry Stone's teaching on Revelation.
THE BIBLE PROPHECIES = They are " 100 % " accurate. As we read the Holy Scriptures and watch them take place before our eyes you may want to watch some of the leading Servants of the Lord go into detail tonight at ( 10 : 00 ) PM on TBN network eastern time. Bill Cloud who knows ( Hebrew ), Dr. Perry Stone ( The Rabbi's ) are intrigued what he knows, Dr. Irvin Baxter studies end times, Pastor Mark Biltz, Bro. Bill Salus. " THE PROPHETIC CLOCK IS TICKING ". Ken & Cathy Zifer Perry Stones Ministry.
"Whomever you rub shoulders with will rub off on you." Perry Stone
I heard a sermon last week, "Don't offend your angels", preached by Perry Stone, it was an awesome sermon.
STONE HENGE vibes on route to Cornwall to play with Lee 'Scratch' Perry!
I just saw this a couple weeks ago on Perry Stone.
I've been listening to some really good teaching on the four blood moons. If you haven't paid attention, you should. I've heard there or four good preachers and prophecy teachers on it. John Hagee and Perry Stone both are,very good teachers. Folks, if this isn't a wake up call, nothing is. It is not a coincidence, even scientist have to say it. Start listening!! Gods word us full of talking about signs in the heavens. This is happen mg family and friends. You'll please start listening. Instead of watching all that junk on TV, start tuning in to some Godly men and women and learn what is going in un this world. God is giving us one more chance. Please take it to heart. I love you all.
I liked a video from Perry Stone - The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Messiah |
A Israeli F-4 Phantom on its way back from a mission in the Yom Kippur war in 1973. Will Israel be at war again soon? This is something we need to watch daily, for it shows the Word of God is true and all the prophecies of the the nations is coming to pass. WE ARE THAT GENERATION! LOOK UP CHILD OF GOD,JESUS IS COMING! ARE YOU WATCHING & PRAYING? GO TO "END-TIMES HEADLINES" FOR "REAL-TIME" PROPHECY NEWS UPDATES!!! VERY AWESOME SITE, THE CREATOR OF THIS SITE CAME UP UNDER PERRY STONE.
I've been seeing this guy Felix alot ever since first fruit, :His collecting my money! Around January The Lord showed me an angel in a vision whilst walking to church, it had a head of n eagle n body of a man, it had a sword n it struck down poverty in half, then as the poverty spirit was regenerating the angel shot at it n destroyed it with laser eyes, poverty looked afraid n looked like sum crumpled brown paper. I thought it was my imagination then on the 25 jan was reading sum text called "the wisdom of Solomon on the CEVD bible version." Then came across this wisdom of Solomon11:18 or you could have created savage beasts just to punish them-beasts that breathe out fire n smoke n shoot sparks from their eyes. Then on sat sum pastor on TBN-perry stone was explaining revelation4:7 The 1st creature was like a lion, the 2nd one like a bull, the 3rd a face of a human, 4th was like a flying eagle. he explained how the eagle represents prosperity, being above principalities. Isaiah40;31 but those who wait upo ...
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I liked a video Perry Stone When God Lays favar on you
The last five days with Perry Stone has been truly amazing. We thank God for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that he has passed unto us through the Holy Spirit, and seeing so many come to salvation, and lives transformed. Amen!!
Busy week ahead...asking all the prayer warriors to lift up the Surrendered Drama Team as they leave Thursday for TN to perform during Perry Stone's Warrior Fest!!
I so enjoyed these past couple of days filled with God and good messages about him I absolutely loved the message that Perry stone preached tonight and i pray that everyone that needed to hear that message heard it! :) can't wait till his back next year!:)
Great service tonight at Griffin First Assembly! Perry Stone is Awesome! !
I really like this book I'm reading by Perry Stone, The Judas Goat-How to deal with false friendships, betrayals, and the temptation not to forgive.
o has to be area11 for band and Katy perry for singer! (Favourite rapper is Stu Stone)
Was not going to publish this till next week but had many requests for it! London/ Dublin Review +Press
Steam Punk Stone Ship Bowl by perrypotter via Fresh Start with Fresh on at Perry Potter!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, whi... — KATTY PERRY, EMMA STONE and nora danish
A Severe T'storm Warning has been issued for Stone, George, and Perry Co until 8:45 am.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for George, Perry, and Stone County until 8:45am.
We are thrilled to announce that we have received permission to host a live feed of the Perry Stone conference that will be conducted at Griffin First Assembly beginning next Wednesday, March 19 at 7 pm nightly through Sunday evening March 23rd (Sunday evening at 6 pm)! Please join is for this wonderful biblical teaching and prophetic word that Perry Stone is known for. We are expecting a great time in The Lord!
THE END OF AMERICAN CONSERVATISM Posted: February 20, 2014 in Uncategorized Tags: BILL CLINTON, FOX NEWS, GEORGE W. BUSH, Glenn Beck, Perry Stone, REPUBLICAN PARTY, RUSH LIMBAUGH, SBN, SEAN HANNITY, TBN 0 Image “The wicked shall be turned into *** and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:17 Recently the Indiana House and Senate lost a considerable opportunity to ratify an amendment to the Indiana Constitution which states that marriage is between a man and a woman. The votes were there, the overall sentiment of support was there, public opinion was high, so it seemed everything was aligned to bring about change – so it seemed. Then it happened, men desiring not to be seen as backward or intolerant caved under immense pressure by a highly organized and well funded group of opponents backed by the spirit of political correctness. This not only squashed any attempt by the Indiana House to allow the people to decide a vote on this issue, but it pushed the issue back two more years, and considerin . ...
Our Jesus warned believers, "...'Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am He,' and, 'THE TIME HAS DRAWN NEAR.' Therefore do not go after them.'" (Luke 21:8) “Jesus could come back at any moment!” Perry Stone “The Son of Man could split the sky right now!” John Hagee “The rapture is drawing near; even today!” John MacArthur “His coming is near at the door!” Ken Copeland “I can feel His coming is so close!” T.D. Jakes “Our catching up could take place any second!” Charles Stanley “The rapture is imminent!” David Jeremiah “His coming is so close, are you ready?” Grant Jefferies “The rapture comes first, then the Antichrist!” Tim LaHaye “There no events left to be fulfilled!” Jack Van Impe "Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day (of the Lord) will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is wors ...
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Jentezen Franklin and Perry Stone are both good.
Powerful message tonight by Perry Stone! I have to admit it felt nice to run down the aisle and dance uncontrollably in the Spirit! Felt like camp meeting days!
We had an awesome time in the Spirit of the Lord last night at Metropolitan Church of God hearing Perry Stone and all the praise and worship songs. With my amazing friend, her brother in law and Haleigh Moman.
Ok,this may sound crazy but here I go. In gen 1:14 the bible says there will be lights in the heavens for times of the seasons...Ok, Perry Stone has a teaching on this. look it up if you want... The moon is linked to Israel and the sun the rest of the world. Sounds crazy, look it up, it we'll make more since. Any how a full lunar eclipse makes the moon look bloody( in the tribulation the moon we'll turn to blood. its in revelation look it up). ok, each time this happens something major happens to Israel and the world, look it up and see for your self. Now that being said John Kerry is going to help pass a peace treaty law. That will make Israel share there land with the very people that want to kill them. This is the peace that we'll begin the tribulation. Also he was wanting to do it on 4-29-14. This is the first blood moon of 4 in the next 2 years. Also they "all" fall on "Jewish holidays" look it up this is real also there will be a solar eclipse in the middle of the 4 lunar eclipses. If your not right ...
Cant wait to start studying this guys teaching at our mid week Bile Study. Perry Stone via
Colorful and in the Rain photo by D. Perry Lawrence ISGT
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I wish I was as hot as Emma stone or Katy perry 😭
Throw your stick . and your stone,. Throw your Bomb . and you Blow . but you're . Not Gonna . BREAK MY. SOUL. — listening to Katy Perry
Perry Stone The Mysterious pian of the ages: via
Perry friggan waste more than a mill on the friggan referendum and then ga friggan regret it?! STONE HIM
Have come to the heartbreaking conclusion that I need to break up with Katy Perry after her Rolling Stone interview.
Katy Perry on smoking weed in the new Rolling Stone: "I can't do that stuff. I'd be like in the corner: 'Are you trying to kill me?!' .
Perry Stone tonight! Kind of taking advantage of the fact that he's planted in my city. 💖
finished Unleashing the Beast by Perry Stone and gave it 5 stars
Perry Stone talks crap just like Rush Limbaugh. Make him talk to me & I will clear his Fundamentals
OMFG!! is freaking perfect I love this cover! loved your cover of Roar by Katy Perry xoxoxo love you.
"Roar" - Katy Perry, a song that I loved so much, remixed by go to listen to it ;)
WOW!!! Perry Stone was on Sid Roth's show! Check it out!!!
I liked a video Perry Stone - My Latest Dream of What is Coming in the Near Future
Dear: Perry Stone, Rod Parsley, Guillermo Maldonado, Cash Luna and John Hagee. I love your books how I can keep up?
What about the Wedding of the Lamb?. Here is one view from Perry Stone for your consideration. "The wedding of the...
Love Perry Stone!! love his knowledge and how he talks about the Holy Spirit.
Two more counties issuing burn bans in today. Perry & Garland are added to Franklin, Van Buren, Stone, &...
Ray comforts show is way of the Master and it is on TBN Perry Stone is on TBN and not a prosperity preacher
Sounds like its NOT yet set in stone, but def working on it: "European Tour"
Truth shall set you free. Perry Stone Strange Fire & Cessationism
I will never look at the Bible the same after hearing Perry Stone preach last Saturday. *** is actually under our feet...
Oliver Stone has dropped out of a Martin Luther King movie over creative differences. I wonder if Tyler Perry is busy?
I added a video to a playlist The Bloodline of the Antichrist - Perry Stone
I liked a video Perry Stone The Alignment of the Devil's Triangle
Amazing segment from on the WV water poisoning. Kill 2 birds w 1 stone by stopping fossil fuels!
Listening to Perry Stone is a sermon and a science lesson.
In listening to Perry Stone, John Paul Jackson and Jim Bakker, as well as a few other unknown prophets, they're all saying the same things .
via Adam from Charismatik - Perry Stone preached about the four faced seraphim in the book of Revelation. Blessings!
I was listening to Rev. Perry Stone on Youtube, and he said (Genesis 4:10 when Cain killed Abel and the earth cried out to God) the DNA in our blood has voice. I looked it up and he was right. Online Science Editor Dr. David Whitehouse says you can hear the melodic atoms of our DNA molecules. It was published on November 26, 1998.
sorry mr label *** were all not as swagged out like you in your Prada island, armarni perry or stone religion ✋
Off da top of da dome I said Katy Perry, Emma Stone, and before I could finsh my list dey said plz dont say MILEY...I said yea ha too 😂
Stone Box of Color by perrypotter via for the Year on at Perry Potter!
he can't have Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone or Blake Lively then! He's pushing limits here :)
Breaking it brother Perry Stone
Bonding w/ sisterette. Chikay's thrilled to know this is Katy Perry's fave ice cream place!😋 (@ Cold Stone Creamery)
'When people come to knowledge it changes things' - perry stone
I liked a video Perry Stone - Where We are Now Prophetically According to the Feasts(Full Sermon)
I liked a video Perry Stone -Israel Between Barack and a Hard Place featured in NBC s Science of Love
that is what I call perry stone overload😂😂
Maybe Rolling Stone meant to say Katy Perry was a magician, but got the words mixed up.
Rolling Stone also puts Katy Perry on their cover and calls her a musician, don't here's that..
Is it sad I have a Perry Stone binder.
My baby cousin put me on this Perry Stone character, and I've been watching his videos on and off today. He's pretty legit
Zooey Deschanel is like Emma Stone and Katy Perry in one person it's perfect
'These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.' (1 John 2:26) These popular prophecy teachers are taking away from the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 22:18-19) by sowing the deception the resurrection must come before the Beast wars against the saints. (Rev. 13:3-7, Mat. 24:15, 30-31) “The Rapture could happen today!” Tim LaHaye “The Church will never face the Beast!” Perry Stone “The rapture is imminent!” David Jeremiah “Believers will be caught up before the Antichrist!” John Hagee “His coming could take place at any second.” Charles Stanley “The Bride is taken, then the Man of Sin is revealed!” John MacArthur “The rapture is so close!” Grant Jefferies “We are Kings Kids; the Beast won’t se ...
Someone asked me to read "Unleashing the Beast" by Perry Stone. I have finally read it! I just cannot remember who loaned it to me! Debby and I are having a very refreshing time in Indian Rocks , FL. Beachwalking, napping, and reading make for a wonderful time. And Debby would add Hallmark Christmas movies.
We are excited for our Prayer Cloth service taking place this Sunday. These pastors have agreed to join us by faith and in prayer for your miracle: Pastor Rod Parsley, Elder Germaine & Lisa Brunson, Pastors Brandon & Cristabel Clack, Bishop Rick Hawkins, Psalmist Rick Pino, David Huff, Pastor Tommy Bates, Pastor Darlene Bishop, the Bethel Music team and Dr. Perry Stone. Don't hesitate and turn in your prayer requests. We're in REVIVAL!
A stepping stone to the the last game for the year in Sun Devil Stadium Come support…
Amir's stone hands make Perry Carter look like a Biletnikoff finalist.
Prodigies and Cosmic Harbingers - by Perry Stone NEW 2013: via harbingers thing to come!!
What ever happened to Emma Stone? I like her. Emma Watson is the best young actress out right now imo. Jennifer is overrated
Stone perry — he seems cool him and ashly are the cutest couple!
When names Katy Perry's Roar one of the best songs of 2013, you know there's something wrong with Rolling Stone.
Perry stone has done 80,000 hrs studying Revelations .Gain quick knowledge from all his hard work
Lee Scratch Perry remixing a song about the Wirral's best-loved geological formation, Thor's Rock, is a bit surreal
Found a 2 year old performance of mine in a documentary by Jameson Jordan with Jason Perry Stone! Performance...
“My concern is that when America pressures Israel in a negative manner, within 24 hours our weather pattern...
I liked a video Perry Stone - The Hebrew Roots of the Holy Spirit
I wrote a thing about a thing that I really like for
The enemy will to use the desire to feel good against you if you're not careful- Perry Stone
Perry Stone yh.just drop some nuggets of Wisdom. My man goes yh and i quote "There's no such thing as love at first sight, there's
Katy Perry is a bigger part of my life than I dare to imagine.
Bit mimsy, goes nowhere, lovely bass end loud, Lee Perry scratching about, someone put this up, can't remember who...
Colorado Stone Sleigh by perrypotter via Great at everyday low prices at Perry Potter!
God in Ezekiel promised Israel very difficult times because disobedience, but FAR WORSE FOR THOSE WHO HARM ISRAEL h…
Wow, really breathtaking! Ginger and I just returned from 8 days in Israel, with Perry Stone, Karen Wheaton, Judy Jacobs and Steve Strang. We covered the entire country, including the Golan Heights and the Western Bank. We saw sites that go back 4000 years to Abraham's days. We floated in the Dead Sea, went sailing on the Sea of Galilee, got baptized in the Jordan River a little ways from the site Jesus was baptized at, and walked the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Went to the Mt. Of Ascension, Mt. Of Olives, Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall. Saw actual Walls of Jericho that fell. Also saw the actual steps that Jesus walked up while being led to Caiphus' house. Saw Valley of Megiddo where Armageddon will take place. Went to the top of Mt. Megiddo where they have uncovered Solomon's city. Saw place of the skull, Golgotha, Garden Tomb. Went inside the old City where the Temple was. And saw many things inside the walls and under the city. Words can't describe what we have seen.
Me and should get ao faded that we wake up naked next to 4 strippers and Katy Perry and Emma Stone makes us breakfast
Brother Perry Stone said he started off scrubbing toilets & look at him now. Whatever I do must b as unto the Lord! Good night everyone, ilu
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Perry left in the NHL Stone Age after his penalty expires. Ducks say "no deal" to the Devils PP, by the way.
Perry Stone🙌 why am I not in Israel with him right now?!😩
my friend told me I remind him of Emma Stone & today someone said Katy Perry. I obviously know crack heads, but I'll take what I can get.
Perry Stone - Great and Fearful signs coming from the 2nd Heaven (Full S...: via
Perry Stone, & Robert Morris have great revelations!
Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and John Mayer just need to go on tour together so I can kill three birds with one stone
The word of God moves his angels into action. -Perry Stone
I liked a video Perry Stone teach's how demon's feed off of you and your family.
Tired legs 10k for lunch - Stone Mill 50 still lingering in dem bones
Tyler Perry is a stone cold *** tho hope his car slides off the road and hits a pole
Perry Stone when Peter denied Christ he was actually cursing himself and Jesus reversed the curse when he told...
Perry Stone - Back to the Future > one of the BEST sermons I have ever heard.
Perry Stone gave a teaching for his Manna-Fest program. This one from Garden of Gethsemene.
I'm writing this from Jerusalem where I am visiting with Perry Stone. As I'm able I'll post photos and videos of...
Bob Dylan Goes Interactive in 'Like a Rolling Stone' Video, Finally makes an official video for his classic 1965 song
Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Allyson Felix, and Lolo Jones are the epitome of perfection.
joins in on the music references and describes a player's play as "Katy Perry Hot and Cold"
"Angus and Julia stone's music is so perfect" omg yas ♥♥♥
Angus and Julia stone's music is so perfect
In June of this year Rolling Stone met with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in the Nightbird [...]
I know a lot of people don't like Perry Stone, but he uses actual facts from studies in this video
thinking perry stone, I don't wanna know do I
Deliverance takes it out, Discipline keeps it out, ~ Perry Stoneimm go check them out now ^^ when did th
Don't give up when your blessings dry up. -Perry Stone
"Mystery of the Priesthood and the Blood" by Perry Stone
I really thought I might grow out of my Katy Perry phase, but I never did... I just added more artists on top of her...
"When Satan fell from heaven he landed in my choir." -Perry Stone
Perry Stone EXPOSED! By David J. Stewart Perry Stone is a heretic who sells a meal package on his ministries' website, calls it the Lord's Supper, and claims if you buy it from him you'll be healed of any sickness or disease. His so-called "ministry" is Voice Of Evangelism. It is tragic that false prophets today have turned the church into a den of thieves, just as Jesus said (Luke 19:46). Charismatics are guilty of this more than anyone else. Christianity is not a business! Of course, Perry Stone won't give you a refund if you don't get healed. What a disgrace! Peter Popoff sells his Miracle Water to make a buck. Don Stewart sells his Green Prosperity Prayer Handkerchief to make a buck. And Perry Stone sells his Meal That Heals to make a buck. Lordship Salvation Heresy Perry Stone teaches Lordship Salvation. On his website, under the "contact" dropdown menu, click on "How to be Saved." Here you'll read the following words... I now ask Jesus to come into my heart. Be my Savior. Be my Lord. Be ...
9 random facts about me. 1. I love Jesus Christ! without Him I am nothing. 2. My favorite flower is the Daisey. 3. I have 2 favorite authors, Frank Peretti and Steven King. 4. I love Sci-Fi shows. I can't wait for Dr. Who to get going! 5. I have 2 favorite Bible teachers, Chuck Missler and Perry Stone. 6. I like being different! 7. Classic rock, Dwight Yoakam are some of my favs. See I'm different. 8. Absolutely no classical or opera 9. I am married to my only bestest friend! For 21 years he has stood by me. I am so blessed!
One thing that I would do if I were to ever win the Powerball, is start my ow AM/FM Southern Gospel radio station. it would also have programs with good preaching from anointed preachers like Ron Phillips, Tommy Bates, Perry Stone, Rod Parsley, and others. And have some insightful teaching from people like Ronald Dart, Grant Jeffrey, and Hal Lindsey. But for the most part it would be pure Southern Gospel. Old and new! Why? Because we need a little bit more variety in the Central Florida area. And right now, we do not have any! And quite frankly, I'm about sick to death of our SAFE FOR THE LITTLE EARS station that we have now. I have a prayer, and it goes as follows.LORD HEAR MY CRY AND HEAR MY PLEA! PLEASE DELIVER ME FROM Z88.3! LOL!
Perry Stone -Israel's Peace and the Road Map to Armageddon: via
An interesting take on The Bloodline of the Antichrist -by Perry Stone: via
Iraq - The future headquarters of the coming antichrist - Voice of Evangelism - Perry Stone.
Why; be unhappy when stones are hurledStone are not thrown at dead trees but to trees that bear fruits" culled from perry stone's book
S.T.A.N.D. Join us Sunday 5 pm est for Camp meeting at OCI with Perry Stone & Mark Casto in Cleveland Tn. Come worship with us.
Not every road is straight. There will be potholes, roadblocks, and detours on the journey. -Perry Stone
I liked a video from The Schmihad Factor by Perry Stone
Love this chart from the book, Breaking The Jewish Code, by author Perry Stone.
Perry Stone presents an important consideration in considering how we behave in regards to political conditions.
Ephesians 5:15-16 .Perry Stone: Signs in the heavens
In his latest book The Judas Goat, Perry Stone is now revealing his most comprehensive study on dealing with...
This is not a self help book, but rather a life changing book. .
More Winter deliveries this morning from Fred Perry, Stone Island and restocks on Y-3. Available in-store and...
GEB America programmer, shares how forgiveness unleashes
Perry stone, Bible teacher and historian teaches manna fest on insp network, he's super! My favorite Bible teacher
absolutely Perry Stone said the same thing
Snares are seasonal . Darts are daily ~ Pastor Perry Stone
I liked a video from Decoding the Apocalypse by Perry Stone
We hope to see everyone Oct. 18-20 as Perry Stone joins us for 5 powerful services! Check out for compl ...
Casey doesn't know who Perry Stone OR Jentezen Franklin is😳
went to perry stone event last month. Need to listen 2 his new vids on YouTube. "Shake down,sifting of the American church"
pastor perry stone just did a sermon on this. And how people who receive heart transplant start acting like the ppl they got from
Does anybody out there know about Perry Stone ?
Church was nice at World Harvest Church. Perry Stone is amazing!
"The future should never scare a believer (of Jesus Christ) but it should prepare you." - Perry Stone
Just left from church . I heard Perry Stone speak tonight .
Here at World Harvest Church ready for guest speaker Dr. Perry Stone!
"The reason we lose faith, is because we forget the things God as already done for us." . - Perry Stone -.
Just had my first experience with World Harvest & Perry Stone...
World Harvest Church - Online via Just watched Evangelist Perry Stone, people be ENLIGHTENED!!!
Little Giant Ladders
Gr8 time @ Perry Stone's Campmeeting! After being away for 6 weeks, drove home this AM to be at my home church, this AM!
Good morning saints! Dr. Perry Stone will be ministering to us at 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. in the tabernacle. See you in church!
The Noah Code (1 of 5) - teaching from Perry Stone. Matthew 25:37 For the coming of the Son of Man w
My good friend Dr. Perry Stone will minister to WHC today, 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. Eastern time on World Harvest Live:
Cause there's a side to yoof that I never knew, never knew, all the things they would wear they were Fred perry, stone island. Adele
Randy Caldwell and I at OCI for the Perry Stone meeting. @ Omega Center International
So blessed to have gotten to know this beautiful girl this week in Cleveland at the Perry Stone…
4 of 5 stars to How to Interpret Dreams and Visions by Perry Stone
"Knowledge without like a computer...filled with information that is never turned on " Perry Stone
Last night of the perry stone conference, and it's about to get hype!
So excited for Dr. Perry Stone at WHC tomorrow!! He has so much knowledge it's ridiculous!
I get the honor of playing this AJP kit at Perry Stone's conference tonight with Campus Choir.
Perry Stone brought in the big guns.
Husband & I are at Pastor Perry Stone's new OCI building in Cleveland, Tn ready to listen to God's word. Each of you are in my prayer's. Jenn
Perry stone fall festival by Nicole Watts Jenkins -
Click on the link to see an video from Dr. Perry Stone, inviting you to tomorrow's services! Pls Rt
Joni so enjoyed watching Daystar especially ISRAEL teachings of Jonathan Cohn and Perry Stone of course MARCUS LAMB!
I'm having a great time at the perry stone conference!
- on this link, it's signed Perry Stone.
Perry Stone has absolutely killed it this weekend. He's better than ever. Be jealous,
Samuel Perry Stone we lost you a year ago, you will never be forgotten your our shooting star 👼💫💙
October Book Additions: I Will be Found by You by Francis Frangipane Dream Killers by Jim Raley One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian Turn Around at Home by Jack & Lisa Hibbs Traces of Mercy by Michael Landon Jr. & Cindy Kelley The Cross by Rod Parsley What Happens When I Die by Bill Wiese As You Wish by Mercy Lokulutu The Judas Goat by Perry Stone
Perry Stone, Andrew Wommack, and Joseph Prince... doing good stuffx
Perry Stone is wearing a Chicago shirt.I believe that's a sign!
My gosh, about to hear Perry Stone, pulled into the parking lot of his new building, so much anointing I began to cry just pulling in!
Join Perry Stone as he teaches on sheol,hades
A post about identity and being who you are:
My family and I truly enjoyed bro Perry Stone this weekend at victory!
Perry Stone - The Book of Revelation in the 21st Century (Full Sermon): via
Opening the Gates of Heaven: Walk in the favor of answered prayer and blessing/Perry Stone
Shout to one of my Mentor's Brother Perry Stone. The Conference this weekend was powerful. Excited…
Why does Fall Break have to be the one weekend that Perry Stone comes to Ohio?
Getting ready to hear Perry Stone bring a power word of The Lord.
Enjoying Code of the Holy Spirit by Perry Stone! I always love learning more about Holy Spirit.
Perry Stone just tore this place up... 😱👏🙏
Awesome word from Perry Stone this mornin!!!
Perry Stone is straight preachin today!
Perry Stone breakin' it down again live at
"That's why there's pyramids on Mars."-Perry Stone. :P
Jewish/Hebrew yh, I need that success book. “Breaking the jewish Code by perry stone”
Breaking the jewish Code by perry stone
This afternoon service Perry Stone spoke an awesome service
I liked a video Perry Stone Rapture Revelation 1of5 A Revelation Revealed to the Apostle Paul YouTube
The moment when you realize (again) how impossible it is to take notes when Perry Stone teaches.
Perry Stone is just getting warm up. It's going to be a powerful message.
Just finished listening to some of mark driscoll's podcasts. Going to listen to some apologetics teachings by perry stone next
Can not wait to hear what Perry Stone is going to bring tonight. You will not want to miss tonight.
Perry Stone this morning at Victory! Then again this afternoon :)
video Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge by Perry Stone June 12 2011
Perry Stone broke it down tonight at Victory Christian Center tonight! I was tired, but I held on to the finish! It was good!!!
Perry Stone is on fire. He will be here Saturday @ 10am, 5pm also Sunday @ 9am, 11am and 6pm. You don't want to...
consider having PERRY STONE, an end-time, bible-based person with astounding proof of what is going on. He's interesting .
So much fun doing today at Parkview!!! Now we are off to see Perry Stone! Tune in at 7pm
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