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Perry Stone

Perry Stone is an American radio personality, disc jockey and shock jock.

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Campmeeting is coming soon!! Join Walter Hallam, Tim Storey, Jesse Duplantis and Perry Stone at
"There will be multitudes of people who will spend eternity separated from the Kingdom of God because they refuse to humble their spirits and repent of their pride." -Perry Stone
Bri Perry graduation party at Cameo she was looking stunning.
Rolling Stone thinks you need listen to me. Listen to them.
"God becomes our heavenly Father and adopts us into His family the moment we enter a redemptive covenant through His Son…
""The life you live is the lesson you teach others." -Perry Stone"
😂 LAWLS im trying to kill two birds with one stone by seeing both of you
Is there a Rosetta Stone that will teach me how to use complete sentences in front of guys I think are hot
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what about seeing it in person healing though prayer from perry stone, Jesse duplantis or John Hagee
Getting my crock pot/slow cooker and wooden baking stone delivered tomorrow. Oh yes..
Matt Stone almost beat Neil Perry on Iron Chef Australia last night. Here are some more reasons why he's one to watch. h…
Perry Stone: When Angels Battle for the Fulfillme of Prophecy: via
Praying for Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Iggy azalea and Taylor Swift. Please leak
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Did you know that you can get the *exact* lipstick that Katy Perry wears in her latest Rolling Stone cover?! Well...
This photo captures the grief of 's father at the burial. (Photo by Richard Perry, AFP/Getty Images)
Idk, but I just have an urge to go to not by myself, but with Emma Stone and Katy Perry! :P
“Riff Raff was Katy Perry's date to the VMA's last night. I will never, ever, tell myself what I can't do.” U…
I added a video to a playlist Perry Stone | THE HIDDEN RAPTURE PROPHECY!
You need to watch Perry Stone, UTube, U.S. Becoming Muslim Nation. Massive study of symbolism about Islam. He has studied.
Shout Out to the guy who said he got bored of Queen of the Stone Age. P.S Katy Perry ***
Perry Stone - The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring: via FASCINATING!!!
Katy Perry & Riff Raff together? What a mis-match. .. he will use this as a stepping stone, he is trying to stay relevant lol
You will never change what you permit and never face what you deny. . Perry Stone
Bruh, Fifth Harmony needs to give that award to Sam Smith. Even Katy Perry was in well as the rest of the world.
The VMAs would be better if Hank Jr. ran out with a dip in his lip, Stone Cold stunnered some a hipster, then started a US…
“This happened. Katy Perry and Riff Raff paying homage to Britney and Justin. riff stone cold
Riff Raff flexed on errrbody pullin up in the all gold Lamb with Katy Perry
I have a Katy Perry song stuck in my head I think I'm sick
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women have unrealistic expectations of relationships thats why I'm perfectly content jacking off to Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone posted about Katy Perry I'm officially done with the 2010s
Katy Perry might be taking polyjuice potion.
“If Katy Perry wins I will kill myself” I'm out
No, I just visit especially when Perry Stone comes in. Is the message archived online yet?
Emma Stone is always gonna be my number 1. But based slowly on physical appearance, Katy Perry is the sexiest women in the world…maybe ever.
Katy Perry rolls in wearing some hideous Versace mess.looking at would turn anyone to stone 😂🙈
Hello, just wanted to enquire about the BIBLE that Mr. Perry Stone was working on. When could I get a copy of the same?
Kevin and Perry Go Large - Kevin Costner and Katy Perry put on 5 stone to see what life is like for the Clinically Obese
"Faith will make the invisible visible and the impossible possible." -Perry Stone
"Satan cannot hate you more than God can love you. Satan cannot bind you more than God can deliver you." -Perry Stone
I need to vent about something that has made me stew all day. So, as I drive constantly, I find myself drifting into range of different radio stations at different times of the day. During my afternoon drive, however, I find myself listening to classic rock on 97.5 3WV, when the other stations fade out. Now, from 2pm to 7pm there's a shock jock wannabe who likes to play fart noises, make asinine comments about minorities and play parodies that 'poke fun' at people. These parodies, and his commentaries, are always mean spirited but only towards anything that could even remotely be construed as non-conservative. Perry Stone, this deejay, made the same disparaging remarks about Robin Williams that Shep Smith made a few days ago (for which Shep has since apologized and I won't repeat). Today, he devoted a sizable portion of his show to furthering his idiotic diatribe, about which he knows nothing, and vowed not to apologize. He even went so far as to call Shep, and others, 'wusses' for caving in and apologiz ...
"What we refuse to forgive causes us to enter the realm of unforgiveness, which, in the New Testament, is sin and carries spiritual consequences." -Perry Stone
coming on, but yes, I got the Rolling Stone Magazine with the Super Beautiful Katy Perry on
what do u think of my killer queen stone art? Katy Perry
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My parents are playing a perry stone message in the living room and it's the perfect volume coming through into my room.
I am excited to be hearing Perry Stone this weekend. I always get so much from him when I hear him speak. Come...
my friend posted an instagram of katy perry's rolling stone cover w/ the caption "Back off! She's mine!"
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Successful trip to Port Perry! Got the cutest stud stone earrings from this siq shop Tribal Voices! Literally wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS!
Katy Perry in the new Rolling Stone: 'I’m not, like, a crazy ‘I’m gonna die for my fans’ type. Some people are so...
I just read your rolling Stone magazine and man ! Its hard being you !
"Hope must have a reason but faith must have an object." -Perry Stone
Chiseled In Stone by perrypotter via for on at Perry Potter!
I will never get tired of watching Steve Perry perform l Journey - Stone In Love:
Perry stone is the Paul of this age
Perry stone is impossible without a rewind and pause button
onlookers sang a modified version of If I Die Young- The Band Perry as the train and mountain spewed gouts of stone and fire
Perry Stone - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge - 6/12/2011 - YouTube
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This week, on the Rolling Stone Everything Index, we've got Katy denying her cartoonish roots...
Ahhh Katy Perry just came on seriously I can't wait 😩😍
2014/5 Many USA scholars (Chuck Missler, Perry Stone, Sid Roth...) have warned about the FINAL Bible Prophecy...
talks about Katy's interview with rolling stone mag☺️💁
Foto: rollingstone: Katy Perry chats about her teen awkward phase, motherhood, her ‘Prism’ tour and more in...
I’m going to put that on my kindle wish list just as soon as I get done reading the Katy Perry cover story in Rolling Stone here.
I liked a video Katy Perry Illuminati Rolling Stone Cover: "Conquering the World One Sin at a
TBN Praise the Lord with Perry Stone and Irvin Baxter - 2011: via we miss paul...praise ye the lord
Leadership exercises on black creek today with Forest Stone and Perry co 4Her's
Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry on back-to-back Rolling Stone covers!! Heaven is forreal y'all!
Ha! My dog just stood and stared at the new Rolling Stone with Katy Perry on the cover for like, a full minute.
Katy Perry tries to defend her cultural appropriation in Rolling Stone - but just ends up sounding really racist.
Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!
You're all invited to my multiple weddings with Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams, Jessie J, Ellen Page...
Lunar eclipses indicate problems for Israel. I believe I learned that from Perry Stone. Interesting guy. As is Chuck Missler
I need Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, and/or Emma Stone to marry me
tricep bounces ain't full reps .. Can't believe uve been beat by a man whose 3 stone heavier !!
Stone (aggregate concrete) was probably found to just make sure the lovely note didn't fly away.
Craving a cookies and creme milkshake from cold stone right now😍😭
Stone in Love- Journey w/ Lyrics (Steve Perry): I feel sorry for teens today before phones in pockets there was this
Perry Stone - The Man and Women that the Lord blesses | Full Sermon |: via
Perry stone is preaching my life too. Aha. Amen Amen Amen
I liked a video Perry Stone - State of VA Church of God Camp Meeting
This weapon poses in stone and hashtags 'casual way of life' but 2 weeks earlier he's wearing a Fred Perry polo and converses
Starting today, you can find at a brand new time! Watch on Sundays at 10am CT and 8:30pm CT:
Steam Punk Stone Ship Bowl by perrypotter via only by Perry Potter!
you need to show up to the Big 3 (Windy City Heat's Perry, Don & Mole) pilot taping dressed as Stone Fury. Perry would LOVE it.
I added a video to a playlist perry stone talks about Jonah and God's mercy 2 of 2
Perry Stone is an excellent teacher! Enjoy listening to him!
I am no Perry Stone fan btw. I just found it interesting that Stone did actually set out to ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
You'll need a much better authority than Perry Stone to convince me of ANYthing. And, he's not a language scholar.
Perry Stone once was in the same denomination I grew up in. But about 20 years ago, he wandered off the reservation.
Preech it Bro Perry Stone...the grass ain't always greener on the other side & why Boaz laid it on I'm still following that dream!
If I swung the other way, Katy Perry, Kat Dennings and Emma Stone would be top of that list, js
can I ave the stone island and Fred perry at soton game Ross? You promised me 5 years ago when you play for milwall
Excellent teaching on Book of Perry Stone "Sudden Attack, Sudden Reversal": via
we want men wearing reebok classics and Fred perry with stone island to quaff. Too much to ask about here.
Are you ready for, A perfect stone ~ — listening to Katy Perry - Dark Horse
I liked a video Perry Stone Mark of the beast 2017 Riots in America Martial Law
I liked a video from Perry Stone explains Blood Moons.
To my "friend" who sent me a clip of Perry Stone saying that giving money is equal to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross: I hate you
Cool is defined as Joe Perry riffing "3rd Stone f/ Sun" during "Sweet Emo.." breakdown. Almost as cool as "Batman" & "Peter Gunn".
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no, now down in Stone, wanted house instead of flat, much better, esp with little 1 on the way, less fuel to get 2 bluewater!
Stone Box of Color by perrypotter via Today is always a day at Perry Potter!
For the last week God has been pressing and reminding me to tell the people something that I forgot to mention in my report from the last prophecy conference I attended a few weeks ago of Dr. Perry Stone. The scripture passages he read in our hearing was Joel 2:30-31 30)And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth. Blood and fire and pillows of smoke. 31)The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood BEFORE THE COMING OF THE GREAT AND AWESOME DAY OF THE LORD--BEFORE THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. Perry Stone overempahsized on this because these passages refer to the Blood Moons and full solar lunar eclipse. Remember that in my first report I I told you that Perry Stone gave 3 things to look for if this is really it. 1) Watch the volcanic activity over the next 13 months now. Vs 30. 2)The sun has turned into darkness and the moon into blood, they have to fall in line with the Blood Moons. There has been a tremendous increase in the Volcanic activity. Look at Yellowstone National Par ...
Just started reading my new Perry Stone book "Is there a crack in your Armor". I'm just in chapter 1 but so far I am enjoying it. I got it with the DVD sermon "Blood Moons Rising". I want to try and get the dvd watched before Church but don't think I can make it lol. Oh well If not today tomorrow.
Thursday night - Fri 10 am-7p-Sun 5 pm Perry Stone is at my church !! Don't Miss "the greatest prophetic outbreak I have ever taught". per Perry More ppstings after I get my notes all together. He says he has only one more chapter in his Bible to complete!! :) and has cost him over 1 MILLION dollars to produce so far. His editors said he should have produced two books a Bible and a commentary cos so much stuff is in it!! :) AMEN!!
Getting ready to worship and hear a word from Perry Stone.
Stone me Higuian, Heskey would have done better than that...
I have precisely 11 days to lose about a stone. Hubby bought me a Fred perry dress for the Paul Weller gig - in a size 10?! Wishful thinking
I love when Perry Stone comes and preaches.
Just seen a casual girl account. It's just full of girls in Fred perry polos and their dad's stone island jackets
"If Perry Stone put out a Prophecy Study Bible, I’d buy it."
stone island, Fred perry polos and a good pair of sambas
Great Services so far with Perry Stone...mind blowing revelation! Love it! Tonight starts at 6pm! Don't miss it!
Check out this item I found on eBay: ?
Rex and Melissa had dinner with Pastor Rodgers and Perry Stone last night after the meeting Mickele…
Turning into a good match now would like to see Dave burley and perry stone start catching
Watching Fish O Mania with Ben Emery, isn't the same watching at home, Comon Perry Stone
predict massive comeback for Come on Perry Stone!
Perry Stone says money is as important as the Blood of Christ
Doesn't say how to get the stone out without making a mess. Still, useful tip!
Went to see Perry Stone last minute, I'm glad I went! Saw some great people there ;). Looking forward to tonights...
As we waited for the band perry to start we bought tickets to little big town. Two birds one stone
Jack Van Impe Presents added to playlist of end times ministries, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, Irvin Baxter
So my uncle did this pancake mountain video with Katy Perry and today it was in the Rolling Stone magazine 😜
Perry Stone has all the facts surrounding the fact that Obama is definitely a MUSLIM. Was born Barry Soetoro, and changed his name to barack HUSSEIN Obama. He is supporting the regime in Iran. He is an enemy of Israel!! He is in alignment with the Muslims worldwide, and the agenda is to make America so weak. she will collapse. Illegal immigration, allowing this mass influx of illegals on the border, currently underway {by the way where are all my critics of my stance on immigration? Are you down on the border helping your brothers, and sisters with relief?...I think not} a total wanton defiance of the Constitution of the United States, muslims being exempt from obamacare "because insurance is illegal to them" hm? and on and on it goes. Perry Stone will be at AGAPE again today 10am, and 6pm.
"The Holy Spirit comes to us, inspires us, teaches us, directs us, and shows us truth from God's Word that we can believe on. That is how we grow and mature in the Lord." Perry Stone Ministries
Last night was awesome with Perry Stone and Scott Stewart at Agape we were dancing ! God is soo Good !!! I've been re-newed ! With Corey Brian Hogue,Brandi DuPree Bond , and others !!!
"Often times when something is not done with our preference at church we judge it not by the Word but by our preference. There was a day when "Amazing Grace" was new. . . . Aren't you glad that your grandparents didn't say 'my God we don't want to hear any of these songs in this hymnal?!' Don't ever look at your preference and say you can't worship God with THAT music that someone else is worshiping with. That you can't worship God unless they're sing "your" song. We need to say that as long they are singing about Jesus we will worship Him!" - Perry Stone The message Perry Stone Ministries preached last night at Agape Church LR is needed for every Church in America.
"Stand up, speak up, pray up." -Perry Stone. We are getting to a point in History to where it's more crucial than ever to do the work of God.
Perry Stone pioneered understanding the key to the signs and the seasons we are living in. You must understand it, and Perry can help. - See more at:
Watching a muted spanish version of dancing with the stars on the Spanish channel followed by Perry Stone with my Dad. We always have a interesting father's day LOL
Rick MiesseAngie Tuson Lang--Perry Stone touched on an issue we ran across yesterday. You might learn something from it, I did. I just finished watching it on tv, but is not on his web site youtube site yet.
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Happy Father's Day to my dad perry stone and happy Father's Day to all the dads and Stepdads and Single mothers That are dads and momsHappy Father's Day to all
Please note: 1. I will be resharing this status until this quake happens. We must pray for the people in this area. Texas is not a state prepared for a large earthquake so even a 6 or 7 magnitude quake that lasts for a couple of minutes could do major damage. 2. This prophecy has been confirmed by God to me, when I shared it two years ago and again this time. If you want details on the confirmations please message me. PROPHECY - Edom, Texas Earthquake About two years ago I shared that the Lord had shown me a mega earthquake, with the epicenter being in Edom, Texas. I did not know the timing of when this quake would hit. My husband and I attended Perry Stone's prophecy summit in April of this year, Bill Cloud brought up the biblical Edom. I knew at that moment that it was for that one remark that I was at that summit. I knew that the earthquake that God had shown me two years that was going to happen in Texas was fast approaching. When we got home, I prayed and asked God for a sign, a combination of THR .. ...
On the appropriation of Native culture (and Pharrell in a headdress - or Katy Perry for that matter)
I'm watching Perry Stone on CTN...IS elaborating on how people take the word of God out of context.
Join us @ Agape tonight live with Perry Stone on
cannot take your "stuff" with you, then release yourself from the worry of losing it by occasionally blessing others with it. Perry Stone,
I got a book in the mail yesterday from my pastors entitled The Meal that Heals: Receiving Your Healing through Daily Communion by Perry Stone, Jr. Only after reading 18 pages, I received deliverance. The Spirit brought to my mind that I had never truly forgave an Aunt of mine. “Some emotionally weak Christians cannot build a relationship without it ending in conflict. In some instances, they are manifesting an inward struggle, birthed from past pain and fed by continual clashes with others. I have met believers who know that God has forgiven them of their sins, but they have difficulty forgiving themselves. The greatest danger is that continual unforgiveness in your heart can open the door to allow a tormenting spirit to operate in your mind (Matthew 18:34-35)… As long as you are not willing to forgive others, you lock the door of God’s blessing on your life (Matthew 6:15). Emotional problems are the underlying root of many spiritual and physical problems… There are many people in the hospital to ...
AMAZING CHURCH SERVICE! Pastor Steve Munsey preached using the transformers as a theme to relay a message! The Holy Spirit is amazing! He moved and now I wanna go preach the Gospel more!!! AND HE SAID PERRY STONE WILL BE HERE IN SEPT! I am stoked!!!
Christian Church Mike Bradford Julie Garrett Bradford Sandy Holley Heather Riggs Cindy Walden Cranmer Billee Rogers We want to get a group together to go see Perry Stone aka Manna Fest from GodTV., on July 10 at 7pm at Evangel World Prayer Center 6900 Billtown Rd in Louisville. We will be going on church bus. Taking kids and any parents that want to go. As far as I have found so far, it's free.
If u want to hear a Good Teacher, teach u about Jesus listen to Perry Stone, he'll open your mind to Gods word like no other.
This morning I need to address the issue that has arisen lately about the timeline of God's prophetic Word. It is truly heartbreaking to hear people say that there is no rapture or that they want to be left behind. So let's review what the Bible says. First, there WILL be a rapture (Rev. 3:10, 4:1). That is clearly established not only in these verses, but in others as well. Read 2 Thessalonians also. Now, it is also clearly written that those who are the children of God will be taken to meet Him when He calls us at the Rapture. We will be called and we will receive new, immortal bodies that are presentable to the Father. These bodies will know no pain, no illness, no disease, no death. We will not decay nor grow old. We will be taken into God's Kingdom for a period of 7 years, the time of the tribulation here on earth. During that time, we will be called into account for what we have or have not done to serve God on this earth, for every idle word spoken, for all of our thoughts and actions that have not ...
Just watched Perry Stone. Another awesome message full of good news to live by and words that convict my heart. We do not realize how much the words we say about ourselves place a self-curse on self and family. Thank you Jesus for the enlightenment today,
Attended8:00 service at our church and now at 10:00 service at agape with the man of god no other than the dynamite speaker Perry Stone that's here in the Rock. He is awesome!
Just wanted to take a second and thank all of you for the Father's Day wishes. By far my boys Perry Stone and Pierce Stone are my greatest joy and achievement in life. I just thank the Lord for blessing me with them. Congrats to all the other fathers out there that have been blessed by our heavenly father to be fathers.
How did iTunes Radio go from Hillsong's Oceans to Katy Perry's Dark Horse?
It’s another Father’s Day upon us! I like my profile picture in particular. I’m at my cousin’s house in Pasadena and I’m taking selfies. I get next to my dad and snap one, but he didn’t know to look at the camera, which cause me to take a second one. Lol. So, I’m listening to Perry Stone preach about dying, Heaven, Paradise, and what happens to saints when we die. He told a story of his grandmother in the hospital on her death bed. Her husband had already passed on a few years before. One evening, she says to him: “I saw your grandfather last night. He came and took me to Heaven—and he didn’t have on a white robe, he had on his work clothes.” She goes on to tell of how he took her to a huge banquet hall in Heaven. The grandfather says: “This is the banquet hall for the marriage supper of the Lamb. See that table way over there? That’s where the family is going to be sitting. Everyone is working hard preparing for the arrival of the saints, and it won’t be much longer.” She di ...
Someone running in OK wants to stone *** and Rick Perry wants to help reform them with a sort of therapy, ugh so sad we live
Hanging out with God and some great people, Jeff Pasierb, and Susan Pasierb! Perry Stone has been on fire this weekend! What a work God has done in His people this weekend at Agape Church! We even had a divine encounter. Thanking God for all He has, is and is going to do! One message last night, one this morning then one tonight came back here watched Bill Johnson calling it a night and headed to church tomorrow! It's been a great weekend and it's not over yet, pressing in! :-)
Katy perry, zooey deschanel, and emma stone r babes
I love to hear Perry Stone teach. He has such interesting insight of God's Word. He will really get you thinking!
Wow ! Church was good tonight!! Perry Stone dropped a lot of Knowledge AND flowed in the Holy Spirit.. Christians, it's now up to us to changes the way things are operating in this earth realm. I love his quote " We are not White Christians were not Black,Hispanic,Asian or Native American Christians but we are the Body of Christ".And it has come to the point where you MUST stand up for the Word of God on these decisions that are being made in the political arena. The two main things Christians will have to stand on the word of God on 1. Abortions (Killing our babies) 2. Same sex marriage ...We are held accountable to bring change in this earth realm. Just think about it for a moment. Have you ever wondered why you were born in this time span of life? You were born in this time or as church people say "This dispensation" You were made to live in this time frame to evoke change though the POWER of the Holy Ghost.If you say "Well I'm not filled with the Holy Ghost and I don't believe in a Holy Ghost." Wel .. ...
God uses the metaphor of a cup being full when describing how generations of sins eventually fill up a cup of iniquity. In Revelation 17:14, Mystery Babylon is destroyed in one hour because her cup of iniquity is full. In the past, Americans were a spiritually minded and motivated people. This spiritually was often mixed with patriotism, as we would sing “God bless America,” or “America the Beautiful.” Liberal progressives have engaged in a war against God since the 1960s and sadly with silent believers sitting in comfortable pews, they have won the battles. Today, abominations are acceptable and just as in Noah’s day, the earth is filled with violence and man’s imaginations are evil continually (Gen. 6:5, 13). When iniquity becomes acceptable, and righteousness rejected, then we have entered the end of the end and the last days of the last days. Perry Stone.
If you want the blessing of God in these last days, you'll have to do it God's way! -Perry Stone
Taping partnership special at VTN this afternoon. Always good teaching from Perry Stone.
Aw so sweet that performed at Kimberly's wedding!
Well, it's Sabbath again! join us as we celebrate in a sabbath service tonight at 6:00 with guest Perry Stone. Also in the morning at 10:00.
Literally every jacket I tried on today was too big. Stone Island, Fred Perry, Pretty Green, even Adidas today! Bugger me
Imagine being interested that Katy Perry had put on a stone of weight. I despair for society.
From hatewatching to twin-screening: How to watch television in 2014
More books authored by Perry Stone! There's nothing better than spending Friday night with some good reads
Nerd slush from Sonic, country Rolling Stone and Katy Perry/Kacey Musgraves Crossroads 😊
After hearing Perry Stone speaking on the moon & seasons, sharing pict of our full rose moon tonight.
Katy Perry claims in the new Rolling Stone that she is the American Dream. Well, she may be right. I’ve dreamed about her a few times…
“Matthew Perry's stepdad is Keith Morrison from Dateline.” Always figured it was Stone Phillips not Keith.
Listening to The First Covenant and the Final Battle - Video from Perry Stone | Manna-fest.
They say there's no such thing as a quick fix diet, but i lost half stone queuing for two days at PWT so...
Papa Perry was out there being a rolling stone.
Word on the street is Kimberly Perry is getting married today in Tennessee
Stone Box of Color by perrypotter via Fresh & Prices @ Perry Potter!
Here is the awesome word Dr. Perry Stone brought to Texas Campmeeting last night! //
meanwhile rick perry compares *** to alcoholics and GOP candidate thinks it's ok to stone ***
In other news, a candidate in Oklahoma said it should be legal to stone *** and Gov Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism. 😑
Here's loads of hot celebrity haircut inspiration, we can't decide if we want to copy Katy Perry or Emma Stone...
Vince Bogener worse than rick perry
Tea Party cand says it's OK to stone *** to death & Perry says *** is like alcoholic
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Great new book: Is There a Korban in the House? - Perry Stone Ministries
*** - *** and alkees are all the same, we should stone them. The *** I mean.
Some seem to be either totally confused or are just accepting deceptions about the Rapture. It is not my calling to do research and Bible Study for you. I suggest you listen to and watch such devoted men of God like Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, David Jeremiah, Perry Stone, and Charles Stanley. Do so after you pray for the Truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit. No matter how many scriptures I give you showing you the Truth, many still just argue and restate their erroneous interpretation. If you truly desire the Truth, then do these things and God will reveal it to you. daughter! Just looking over some pictures from our road trip to Cleveland Tennessee! This girl is amazing and so much fun. The trip was to Warrior fest with Perry Stone, but we made a new connection, with God and each other. We laughed so hard we were crying. Isabel Melo, I love you baby. So proud of who you are and amazed at what God is doing to you and through you!!!
International Evangelist Perry Stone, a fourth generation minister of the gospel, directs one of America's fastest growing ministries - Voice of Evangelism. ...
Got home about 30 mins ago from hearing Perry Stone preach at Redemption Church International in Knoxville, TN. Great word, even more fired up about reaching this next generation! Enjoyed going with my dad, my sister Ashley, and brothers David, and Daniel!
Aand my grandfather is listening to a Perry stone podcast... How far the apple has fallen...
Perry Stone - powerful message tonight! God speaks to your destiny not your present situation. Join us Sat at...
Though our giving leaves our hand, it does not leave our life. -Perry Stone Watch Perry explain and tune in tonight at 11 ET/4:00 UK! Streaming live at
What's with all this going the match in Adidas sambas and stone island and Fred perry jackets
Great service with Perry Stone at Redemption Church tonight!!
If your are close to Knoxville, TN this weekend come hear Perry Stone at Redemption Church
The Perry Stone conference tonight at Redemption Church was amazing had a awesome time the Holy Spirit was in the house!!!
World Wide Global Unity Restoration - Acts 3:19-22 (KJV), Revelation 3:22 (KJV) Apostle Narietta (Naritah) Safford Ambassador for Christ, Prophet of God to the Nations God bless you always... 05.17.13 – 06.06.14 (ministries by the Holy Spirit) The Kingdom of God – The Restored Church of God (The Body of Christ) End Time Prophecy Fulfilled Part 4 – Final -Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers -Archbishops, Bishops, Elders, Ministers, Believers and Friends Kingdom Greetings Beloved in CHRIST: Let us Honor and Praise God. Let us pray and be humble. “Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, "Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” Matthew 18:2-5 NKJV Amen. Praise God!!! Our Father, Everlasting ...
Join us at 7 at Redemption for Perry Stone. You don't want to miss! Expecting the Holy Spirit to do great things.
Don't awaken love before the time. Brandon Kastning Re-Uploaded - Perry Stone - Mann…:
"Often we judge a person's spirituality by the outward manifestations we see, but the real strength is in the inner, hidden part of a person, which Peter identified as "the hidden person of the heart" (found in 1 Peter 3:4)-Perry Stone
A killer stalks victims via an NYC dating service called EliteAirs, in the new
Bride-to-be Kimberly Perry tells Rolling Stone Country The Band Perry's next album will have more romance
"Your Korban (sacrifice, offering) has nothing to do with giving up something. It has everything to do with drawing closer to God." -Perry Stone Are you ready to grow closer to God today? Watch Perry Stone on Campmeeting 2 ET/19:00 UK!
Perry, what do you think of the Stone Tower Temple music then?
Enjoyed Perry Stone at Bama Camp meeting last night
Sometimes in the heat of the battle you will need to take a moment and check out your armor, because at times it can get a crack in it and while you think your all dressed up, well the enemy see's a place to get to you. The word tells us ( that means all who claim to be a christian) to put on the whole armor not just a few pieces and even when we are fully dressed for battle this can happen. I have been preaching on Wednesday nights a series on the mind and how we must keep it protected. If we put on the whole armor then after doing that we must do a wardrobe check from time to time. I guess what I am saying is if you and I will spend our time making sure we are dressed for battle then is when we will be truly dressed for spiritual success. In a book I am reading by Perry Stone he focuses on There's a crack in your armor and it is a very good read.It is truly up to you and I to check ourselves out and make sure we are battle ready not battle weary. So as you begin this weekend and you have been faced with ...
Katy perry followed you. Lana del rey followed you. Emma stone followed you. Emma watson followed you. Azwan.ali followed you . Omg!*troll face*
Perry stone :) they been doin a church of God campmeeting in Birmingham
I truly love when Perry Stone backs up one of my points. 😌
Pineapple In Stone by perrypotter via Great everyday prices at Perry Potter!
Had the BEST time at Camp Meeting tonight!!! I have never heard Perry Stone, but he brought forth a GREAT message! :D
So Dustin Dyess how did you like Perry Stone tonight preaching? Have not seen any postings from any of you all so making sure all is ok? Pray for Mawmaw.miss and love you.
Me and Brian fixing to leave to go to metro church of God this morning. And tonight we seen perry stone awesome preaching from him tonight we really enjoyed it God was moving in there.
Thoroughly enjoyed the preaching of Perry Stone tonight. His preaching is always relevant to pastors, parishioners, the church as a whole. Excited about the move of God taking in churches everywhere.
Wow!! Is all I can say about Perry Stone's message tonight at camp meeting!!
How can you forget God when you are living in the Promised Land. Perry Perry Stone
"When you're born in the fire, you can't survive the smoke." -Perry Stone
Just found out I'm going to TN twice in one month. Once to see scotty, and again to see Perry Stone 💪
Church of God Campmeeting 2014 at Metro Church. Perry Stone is special speaker.
Looking forward to hearing Perry Stone tonight — at Metro Church
Looking forward to hearing Perry Stone tonight
Ready to hear Perry Stone tonight at Campmeeting. It's getting full in here. :)
Ready for camp meeting! God had moved all week,and I'm expecting great things tonight with Perry Stone...
And let the stone say "HERE COMES THE BAND PERRY!" Cause they won group video of the year!
You don't know how much I love perry stone lol
“I'm so excited about perry stone tonight” not as excited as I am😍😍
Aww there was just an engagement proposal at The Band Perry party, congrats y'all!
Calling all bikers . . . could you provide Perry Stone a motorcycle escort through Greene County this afternoon,...
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TiboThursday will end in 34 minutes. I'm in love with Christina Grimmie, Emma Stone, Chloe Moretz and Katy Perry. I'm still not a *** :)
Since it's still tibo thursday. The only girls I will be tibo for are Emma Stone, Katy Perry and Mila Kunis.
I'm so excited about perry stone tonight
I bet, Perry Groves is on the day I want to do it
Ready to get this day over with because perry stone 😍
There's a Crack in Your Armor by Perry Stone. I Like this Book too
is singing Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry in such a high pitch voice, help
Celtic Stone Dish by perrypotter via Fresh Prices Great all Pott…
Watch as well as pray and always believe and know that at any moment Christ could return.-Perry Stone
It is important that believers always stay steadfast-Perry Stone
Something weird... I was able to get my book in just about all of the secular book stores. Now the book is picking up speed and selling in the United Kingdom, Britain and Australia. But the "Christian Bookstores" I am having a hard time with. So I decided to do some research and found that many of the well known "Christian Authors" don't even bother with them Writers like TD Jakes, Rod Parsley, Bishop Bloomer, Cindy Trimm, Perry Stone, etc... sell there books online and don't even bother with these stores. These are mostly spiritual warfare authors or holiness. Jakes book signings and Hagee's books signing were (mostly) in secular locations. Why do Christian networks and people give each other a hard time. The world offers support, but Christians "from what I see" will not support each other. I am about to release my second book soon, I am learning a lot about the publishing industry, and the Christian market is a mess.
Growing up I fell in love with Bible prophecy, infact the Scriptures are prophetic and have coded messages in them. So I grew up watching John Hagee, Perry Stone, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe, and many others. I realized number 1. They never once spoke about what Africa was going through. Africa is a place of prophecy. We fulfill the scriptures. 2. They never speak about the Negroes in America, the Americas, Asia, Ocean and the curse of Slavery Deutronomy 28 V 68. 3. They never spoke about the atrocities that Israel(the State) commits against the Africans and Palestinians. And Jack Van Impe, well I don't know how many times his predicted the "Rapture". These are the main culprits who push this "Romance" with Israel. They are deceiving many people. They don't care about the true so called lost tribes of Israel. Michael Jackson was right when he said "All I wana say it that they don't really care about us". Selah !!!
There is a deception being spread in these last days the Holy Spirit wants to expose. Most Christians accept it without any question. Prophecy teachers Grant Jefferies, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, and John Hagee teach the rapture must come before the Beast wars against the saints. In an attempt to reach out to Catholics, an elated Dr. Jack Van Impe announces even Pope Benedict is preaching on how near the rapture of the church is. Dr. Billy Graham is so convinced he has devoted the entire year to teaching Jesus' coming has drawn near, at any moment. "...'Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying...The time has drawn near.' Therefore do not go after them.'" (Luke 21:8) Jesus warns believers not to believe in them (go after them). Many ask how could such admired teachers be so wrong on the timing of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him? (Luke 21:20-36, Mat. 24:29-31) They are not only wrong; they're setting up the church for the greatest falling ...
"Long before a harvest of failure occurs, the seeds of defeat were planted in the field of the mind" Perry Stone
Will write an apologetics soon with more computer time. Found my niche with Mike Murdock and Perry Stone influences
Satan's obituary has already been written, so when he reminds you of your past remind him of his future - Perry Stone.
Flash Flood Warning for western George, southern Perry, and Stone counties in MS until 5:45
Flash Flood Warning for George, Perry, and Stone County until 5:45pm Wednesday.
There is always a ziklag battle before a Zion victory.# rabbi Perry stone
Great day with Match This finalist, Perry Stone today! Find out how he killed his net limit demon on the link below! .
Stone On Fire: Spro backed ace qualifies for second major 2014 final.Perry Stone has become the first angler i...
I got a lot so here's half : slipknot,stone sour, staind, bullet for my Valentine, Katy Perry, wasteland, Hollywood undead-
Perry stone found out land next to his going to be bought to build Islamic mosque so he bought the land so now they cant build one try to build one here i know a lot of pig farmers get the drift
Journey: Stone in Love. In honor of Steve Perry making his first...
The Hidden Rapture Prophecy! Perry Stone explains the Rapture and unlocks the significance of the seven Biblical feasts and why the fall feasts are important...
Steve Perry is back! Don't stop believin yet- Journey cover band, Stone in Love, plays Aug 21 at Showtime at Shute!
A Tornado Watch has been issued for GEORGE, GREENE, HANCOCK, HARRISON, JACKSON,PEARL RIVER, PERRY, and STONE Counties
A Tornado Watch is in effect for George, Greene, Perry and Stone counties in SE MS until 5 PM CDT.
TORNADO WATCH for George, Greene, Pearl River, Perry and Stone Counties until 5:00 this evening.
If you want a Revelation that will change your Situation, get a hold of the word of GOD. ( read the bible ) ~ Pastor Perry Stone
The Perry Stone Regional Conference will be held at Redemption Church next weekend! Make plans to be here with us! http:/…
GOOD MORNING FOLKS! “Never use the message of the cross to crucify those you don’t like, or the sword of the Spirit to attack other believers.”Perry Stone Ministries."
This is wicked. We're on the cover of rolling stone oz!
I have been spending countless hours preparing the Word for the upcoming Partner's Conference. I want to give a shout out to the 400 new partners that have joined the VOE family the past 45 days! Hope to see you in Cleveland in June!! Love you all! Perry Stone
I Love how our Pastor at CCM teaches us of the need to be ready for the coming of the Lord. And He also points out that it is sooner then you think. I you need more help realizing how close check out this on youtube "Perry Stone - 666 and the Scarlet Harlot."
Watched Perry Stone's show last night. Is neat how now when he stands in front of a site in Israel I recognize a lot of them. I also enjoy being able to picture places in Israel in my head when I read the Bible. It makes things so much clearer! Hope you are all finding the same. Pam T
I'm sorry 😕 I didn't know it was a bet going on till it was too late
"Recovery is always possible, but humility is required." -Perry Stone
When acts like he doesn't know you when you spot him at Pizza Hut 👍😂😂
I'm probably paraphrasing this to death but I needed to share this word. I was listening to Perry Stone tonight as I was doing something with Gabby and Jordyn. Perry Stone was mentioning somewhere in scripture about what we should be eating should be from the land and the only meat should be The Word of God. He mentioned scripture saying basically about meat eating meat (remember I'm paraphrasing) But it says something about us being Christian and fed The Word (the meat) and eating other meat, meaning devouring other christians. How true is this. Today Christians are ready to kill their own so quick instead of helping each other. I'm seeing more and more signs that the tribulation is on its way. It's some scary stuff. It shouldn't be though if we know the word and be fed that knowledge and spread the gospel. I am guilty not knowing as much as I should or studying what we should. I pray that everyone comes to Jesus before it's too late. I love you all and that's my thought for the night
The devils obituary is already made, the presence of Jesus in peoples lives torment demons.--Perry Stone
Can't wait to start reading my new book my hubby bought me tonight."There's A Crack In Your Armor" by. Perry Stone.
Reminder: Perry Stone conference 1st weekend in June and then 4th of July holiday weekend - We will meet the 2nd Friday in both June and July. 7-9pm If you have met a new visitor or friend you want to bring, just let us know! We would love to have them. Guests are always welcome. Come expecting a great discussion centered around the truth...BIBLE Menu planning by next weekend.
"If I Die Young" by The Band Perry has to pull heart strings or you're just made of stone lol
Most classy/beautiful ladies that are famous = Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift :)
Just casually reading when I saw that "Shatter Me" beat Katy perry in Rolling Stone's top 40!!!
Did you catch the 11 minute video of Steve Perry singing at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul MN from this weekend?
  Revelation 20:6 (KJV) 6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection [THE RAPTURE]: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.   Beware Children that that God himself sent the strong delusion splitting the nation down the center separating the wheat from the tares ….  We have come full circle back to 1776 and the National Central Leadership and all 50 State Leaders now and their military / police DemoCon NeoCon super soldier soul-less empathy-less drone enforcer machine are all on the wrong team: The Luciferan-Satanic fellowship of Cosmic Losers of the Universe     The French Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau said that people are like onions. You peel the bitter layers generating the eye tearing vapor they generate outer to inner and at their core is a sweet core. His British counterpart Thomas Hobbes said the opposite -- We are all rotten to the bone, and then we make a compact with our go ...
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Congratulations to the latest Mega Match This finalists, Brett Cooper and Perry Stone. Brett qualified from Gold Valley Lakes on Saturday with 92-07-00 from peg 119 on Syndicate Lake, and Perry Stone qualified from The Glebe on Sunday with the largest weight of the campaign so far - 257lbs - from peg 98 on pool 7. For a full match report from each qualifier, visit our website -
ALERT!! I was watching an old episode of Manna Fest/Perry Stone and he mentioned that his father received a word from God concerning a major attack on the church and it leaders. His father said that a lying spirit, a seducing spirit and a spirit of lust would infiltrate ministries. Watch and Pray!
U will never move forward with God, if you still live in the graveyards of the past!!move forward!!! Perry stone
Thank you lord for the word that I heard today that came from TD Jakes and Perry stone I was so so blessed even though I didn't make it to church I still make sure I received a rich word of the Lord
Published on Nov 3, 2013 Perry stone leaks information concerning the mark of the beast 666. The government is preparing for martial law after an…
Such a delightful day today. First, I watched Pastor Mark Boer on channel 9 at 9 a.m. here in Boise. Then, I went to Life Church in Meridian and interacted with others, worshiped the Lord, gave as I was led, and heard a great message from Pastor Mark. Coming home, I read the ads in the newspaper at the clubhouse of the apartments where I live, talked with a few neighbors who were there, made some watermelon juice bringing a glass of it to one of them. Then, I just finished listening to Perry Stone's CD on the Jewish secrets to study and memorization.
666 Mark of the Beast Setup Worldwide By 2017? - Perry Stone: via
If Memaw isn't watching Fox News she is watching preachers. Right now is Perry Stone.
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