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Perry Mason

Perry Mason is a fictional character, a defense attorney who was the main character in works of detective fiction authored by Erle Stanley Gardner.

Barbara Hale Raymond Burr Della Street Hamilton Burger Robert Downey Jr Ozzy Osbourne William Hopper Twilight Zone

Well, is it just another classic Bonanza’s “Land Grab,” Perry Mason “The Case of the Howling Dog,” aired 4/11/1959,…
Dodgers great, forever team of Destiny. Big Blue always does something Historic. Cohesive Team Spirit. Kenley Jansen is like "Perry Mason"
Hurray! is back up via after 6 mos. Fav shows are back, inc. Perry Mason. Laptop watching was a little awkward.
and peeps are working with the Native American Perry Mason. Nice.
It's called opposition research, all campaigns do it, and the dossier is true. Solid win you got there Perry Mason.
*** Perry Mason couldn’t have done better with a line of questioning.
RIP Robert Guillaume. With Yaphet Koto, when the two had guest parts on Perry Mason. NBC, 1987
Confession My dream Epic Rap Battle of History to see?. Phoenix Wright vs Perry Mason.
He and the Trumpers watched too much Leave it to Beaver. Should have watched Perry Mason instead. Mu…
I hate to say this.. but you better get Matlock or Perry Mason to represent you
Perry Mason in the street. Paul Drake in the sheets
22 years ago today (Oct 24, 1995) Ozzy's 7th solo album, "Ozzmosis" was released. Has half of Black Sabbath on it,…
There's always a chance of infection. Who is it? This is Perry Mason. Hello. Hello. Hello, Mr Rollins. Mr Mason. . –
Since you like Perry Mason... Maybe you like this?
Should make the doctor more like Sherlock, or Perry Mason, (Never Wrong). Otherwise it's just a lot of self pity !
Words of Wisdom. I always tell my Trial Advocacy students, "There are no 'Perry Mason' moments."
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I'm gonna have you out by Christmas!. "It's August?". SWEET JESUS AND MARY JANE. I'M NOT PERRY PISSING MASON! https:/…
Watching questioning Jefferson Sessions is a thing of beauty. It's like a classic episode of Perry Mason.
THE COLOR OF NIGHT: Lurid, luscious "Perry Mason" illustrations from the Saturday Evening Post. Art by James R. Bingham…
I don't think Perry Mason, Johnny Cockran & F.Lee Bailey combined could keep this fraud out of Leavenworth..
Ruta Lee, Julie Adams, Hugh O'Brian: S7e6 of Murder She Wrote is like a Perry Mason guest reunion.
California elects their District Attorneys. Ever wonder Y people kept reelecting Hamilton Burger in L.A. when he only beat Perry Mason once?
DA Hamilton Burger vs. Perry Mason was like the Washington Generals vs. Globetrotters
It's like Robert Mueller is Perry Mason prepping to go against Ty Cobb as Hamilton Burger. . Why can't I write stuf…
I've watched Perry Mason reruns for years. And it just tonight hit me that the hapless District Attorney, Hamilton…
Just when you think it's safe to watch Perry Mason. Twarthed at every turn by John Farrell
This season one episode of Perry Mason features both Batgirl and her pops, Commissioner Gordon!
IT'S OFFICIAL: is bringing 'Perry Mason' back to TV!. Find out more here:
Was just wondering if the long gestating reboot is still happening, & well, news as of Sunday says yes!
Perry Mason is the coolest man in all history.
Thanks Ben, I just found every season of Perry Mason. I'm sure I'll feel better soon!
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Omg I just found every season of Perry Mason.
The "human bulldog" has his teeth on a bone and the bone of contention seems to be legal. practices law like Perry Mason.
Brought those kids up right! I just want to know what lawyer wanted a Judge on his case! That so Matlock & Perry Ma…
That's exactly what my dad said! Raymond Burr is the perfect Perry Mason.
Gave up cable. Robbery. Watch great old Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, and 60's westerns with HD antenna. Plus 4 NPR channels.
HBO has formally picked up Robert Downey Jr.’s reboot of the legal drama Perry Mason.
Do you also drink to Steve McGarrett and Chin *** and Dano and Columbo and Perry Mason and Trump…
Perry Mason defends Godzilla. Bet he gets him off. 😄
Robert Downey Jr is the next Perry Mason for HBO. So shocked.
I've all N American, AU and EU channels,Netflix,A-n Prime,HBO,shtime,Starz and can't wait to go to bed…
My 10% discount in jogginghose you in wendover i swear that sax trill is from the perry mason.
Perry Mason "The Case of The Clumsy Clown". A circus clown hires Perry to sort out a case of bigamy and forestall a blackmail threat.
now I'm on a 90s-era Ozzy kick because of that Perry Mason reboot news Mr. Tinkertrain via
ENTERTAINMENT: Robert Downey Jr.'s "Perry Mason" reboot picked up by HBO
Remember of Perry Mason in dreams ... Ozzy sheets LOL. Wake up with clothes XD
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He will always be Perry Mason, or the killer in Rear Window..reporter in Godzilla..
HBO has picked up a reboot of Perry Mason starring Robert Downey Jr? Um, *** yes!
if you appointed Perry Mason as AG, he'd indict and the rest of those servile traitors!
A bit of the behind the scenes on our recent installation. Love the cameo by Perry Mason.…
what is going on? No Colombo last night. Now no Perry Mason. Put on good shows please.
||59A3F558WKBS|| e.f. hutton says perry mason is the drugged racquetball ; king arthur takes refuge in you-know-where. ||EOT||
||59A3EF04TDSY|| usual sources confirm that perry mason takes our sinister oar and fled from poland. ||EOT||
The like is cuz I'm opposed to Monday. Who's this Mason character? Perry's son?
Whodunnit? Watch a dozen Perry Mason movies in this combined box set
FTR- Perry Mason was a defense attorney.
S7.7 Recap: Perry Mason outsmarts Littlefinger. Theon needs to stop going to the biker bar. Cersei's drinking for two.
Robert Downey Jr.'s Perry Mason a go at HBO!…
So Robert Downey Jr finally gets to play Perry Mason, on HBO.
||59A384D8WKBS|| usual sources confirm that perry mason promotes the balanced skateboard and the perfectly ordinary racquetball. ||EOT||
Pizzolatto has apparently left the project to focus on True Detective Season 3, Deadline reports, which has...
Katy Perry is really makin a fool out of herself with these political jokes. Another reason she's garbage.
I now do move to sue the state of georgia and the united states of defimation of character. MASON
The HBO that gave us such groundbreaking television as The Sopranos, The Wire and Six Feet Under is now giving us.a Perry Mason reboot?
fine, you twisted my arm, I will be your perry mason podcast's legal expert in 2018
Robert Downey, Jr. is doing Perry Mason on HBO, so... why not. .
."Perry Mason" series at has brought on "Weeds" writers Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald https:/…
Barbara Hale the one and only Della Street on Perry Mason (1957-1966).🧐
I liked the comparison with Perry Mason / Della Street, another crime favourite.
I think she knows he's alive and her attempt to convince the Captain to plead guilty tipped Perry Mason off.
the Star Trek version of Perry Mason! Defense played by Oliver Douglas! metvsvengoolie
Actually I think there is. They save it for Perry Mason.
Concentrate be a Perry Mason don't leave no stone uncovered convict convict you the man…
Time to rest my mind with Perry Mason on Cox Cable channel 108
I'm watching a Perry Mason episode you were in during the days of black and white TV. Wish you had been on screen longer!
My favorite character name on Perry Mason was the LA DA's - Hamilton Burger. Erle Stanley Gardener m…
The first Perry Mason novel, to complement the Nero Wolfe. James M. Cain and Horace McCoy. I should go home now and dig in.
Reminds me of Hamilton Burger objecting to Perry Mason. About as effective too!
Seeing him play Perry Mason was a switch! Especially being used to Raymond Burr!
I'm at the point in the Perry Mason series where Raymond Burr was especially large.
Raymond Burr in this dual role as the (maybe he's supposed to be a Cockney) seaman. Perry Mason has jumped the shark. No mean feat.
Having first met Raymond Burr as Perry Mason it's been a hard education to learn about his film career as a menacing heavy.
Did you guys never see Matlock, Perry Mason, Dragnet, the criminals always deny doing the crime. That is covered in First Crim…
Not sure why, but I'm watching old classics- Peter Gunn, Perry Mason. Enjoying the cinematic essence w…
Barbara Hale (Della Street) of Perry Mason was beautiful & classy! Those are very rare traits in today's modern age…
Today's hearing showed off some Senators who think they're Perry Mason but who are closer to Hamilton Burger.
I can't sleep if I don't watch at least one episode of Perry Mason before closing my eyes.
It had the Perry Mason theme tune in the background, and I was freaking awesome in court.
And she gave great credibility to characters in her Perry Mason roles.
I'm not a fan but it makes me happy to see and his mom experience this! They built from the ground up…
Maybe he'll appoint Perry Mason or maybe Matlock
domain names
You can come up with Perry Mason Questioning. I have confidence in you.
MAYBE some people believe they are going to do a cross exam like Perry Mason, or Tom Cruise v Jack N…
Last night Perry Mason wasn't on...I was in the Florida room playing w/my cat & suddenly heard what sound like...
Now that houseguest are gone, can watch Perry Mason instead of a Basketball game.
It's a straight up Perry Mason mystery.
ah! ha! Need to call Perry mason to be your defense lawyer should you or someone kill someone? LOL You m…
Where is Perry Mason when we need him?
Where's Perry Mason with all the Clinton Crimes ? Does anyone care ?
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Dear heterosexuals, it's AKA allow us to interrupt your year-long celebration that straight bashing isn't a thing.
Discuss? Are you talented enough to make him admit he lies viciously? Only Perry…
should consider reinforcing his 'extreme vetting' procedures for hiring attorneys, lol. AG Sessi…
Ok, Perry Mason, Sessions didn't have to stick to anything. The playbook is backfiring!
Perry Mason Legal terminology would be "Asked and Answered"
Failure will never overtake me https:…
Wherever you go, shine... Congratulations 2017 winner in wearing style…
I should be a guest star on Perry Mason
I have 55 episodes of the 60's Perry Mason saved, in case you were interested in feeling jealous today.
Wherever you go, shine... . congratulations to 2017 winner On wearing
I didn't either! Derek is freaking Perry Mason over there!
I had one just like this - pink, too. Wore it while I watched Perry Mason Saturday nights before going out on a...
divorce lawyer laying it , is a loose canon. SADon thick. hey perry mason, the yewt in…
I guess you should be making an even greater attempt to dig in, then. Maybe some investigative report…
He should never have been confirmed. Probably prepping w/Perry Mason reruns to meet 45's…
I wanna hug You are so sweet and just the cutest! Incredibly Talented!
Remember what happened to the last guy who marched against Putin?. Moscow. the *** outta there 🤣…
Is the spreadsheet in the filing? It has to be out there somewhere for discovery, no? They can't j…
the case. I watched every episode of Matlock & Perry Mason dagnabbit. :(
"Let's not kid ourselves, baby. What we need is scratch. Money." Perry Mason reruns dialogue feels more relevant now than ever.
& they didn't ask several obvious questions that should have been asked. I'm an uneduca…
Are you in a situation where you feel like you have to hold back your feelings and emotions?
Perry Mason was the original gangster
it's 12:29 and i work tmrw but i'm watching Perry Mason movies.
But Trump probably has seen him on TV. i'm surprised he hasn't tried to hire Saul Goodman and Perry Mason.
That's the stuff...though I like the early drama's the best: Perry Mason, Hitchcock, Twilight Zone.
I added a video to a playlist Perry Mason 28 The Case of the Grimacing Governor 1994
So this administration made a mess.and is telling someone else to clean it up.reminds me of an old Perry Mason episode.
Perry Mason and Matlock are my boys too...but the way Columbo solves a murder: truly unique lol.
That amazes me i think all these senators want to do now is be on tv attempting to be perry mason
55 years ago tonight.The great Ken Lynch and Joan Vohs in "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop" on 'Perry Mason' with Raymond Burr on
I could literally watch MeTV all day. Perry Mason, Matlock, Remington Steele, Big Valley...
hey look. It's the Six Million Dollar Man's Boss on Perry Mason!
Don't forget Columbo, Perry Mason, MacGuyver, and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. All more qualified, and three of them are fi…
Everyone knows that except Perry Mason and Della Street of Republic.. .
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asks Raymond Burr how Perry Mason lost three cases. RB: "It wasn't easy."
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason in The Case of the Fatal Framing (1992)
55 years ago tonight..Otto Kruger, Connie Hines, John Larkin & Burt Reynolds in "The Case of the Counterfeit Crank" on 'Perry Mason' on
Good thing it wasn't Raymond Burr because Perry Mason never loses his cases.
Today in in 1952, Raymond Burr, who would later become Perry Mason, debuted on the Gruen Guild Playhouse.
This was the 1st Perry Mason movie filmed after Raymond Burr's death with Paul Sorvino as an opera loving lawyer…
I knew Stephen Stills was on an episode of Perry Mason--one of the made-for-TV movies. Stephen Stills and Raymond Burr. Wild.
It's *** Clark and author Erle Stanley Gardner as the judge in the Perry Mason series finale, "The Case of the Fin…
55 years ago tonight.James Coburn, Robert Bray & Jeanne Bal in "The Case of the Angry Astronaut" on 'Perry Mason' starring Raymond Burr.
What? Who would conduct such an investigation ? Perry Mason and Johnny Cochran?
Holland Taylor, from 2&1/2 Men, starred in the 1st Perry Mason movie in 1985 & the last as Della' s replacement in 1995 w/ Hal Holbrook.
Vanessa Williams, Nia Peebles, Angela Bassett, & Kene Holliday are giving me my life on this Perry Mason movie!!…
Perry Mason is a national treasure. Every character on that show is just pure gold.
Thread. makes some good pts about what collusion looks like w/o the Perry Mason Moment.
3yr old, but still a fascinating read. Also, I think the Netflix-Consciousness simply likes Perry Mason movies.
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Kansas' best players in recent memory are Perry Ellis and Frank Mason both who played 4 years
If you have no haters then you not poppin' 💸🍾 -
For the life of me, I have no idea which episode of Perry Mason they're referring to.
Perry Mason! *** I better make time for this tomorrow...
Holy crap. TV nets aren't ordering full seasons of hits, but is airing ep 26 of Perry Mason's 6th season.
Reminder: This is Kansas' first appearance in the NCAA Tournament without Perry Ellis since 1952*. *stat may not be accurat…
I saw this same story on Perry Mason but the surprise stripper witness was called a 'dancer'
2/3 with 5 tests, 7 odi and 4 T20. Let's see how many stay on srini side and how many on side - where do u think he d…
. Tell Geraldo I saw him on tv today. An old Perry Mason movie. His character was a jerk and killed.
WOW! I just watched on Perry Mason. It was great. WAY YO GO GERALDO!
Wish Frank Mason could pull off a "Perry Ellis" and play anorther year. Love that guy.
Frank Mason passed Perry Ellis on the all-time Jayhawk scoring list for 8th place. Currently at 1,803 points.
Frank Mason has become the 8th player to score 1800 points in history and passed Perry Ellis as well today.
The big and If anyone in their right think they can take on the then think not twice - 10 times. Yo…
I'm watching a 1980s Perry Mason TV movie on True Entertainment now. I should finish my gin and just go to bed shouldn't I.
Now to clean the house and do some artsy stuff while Perry Mason Season 01 plays in the background.
Perry Mason made-for-TV movies are taking over the weekend binge. Starting tomorrow!
Totally loving seeing you on Perry Mason on and Dawson's mom (plays your killer! Such fun!
am watching a Perry Mason oldie & you are in it .. It's fun to see it .. All the best Judi Clark
Watching an old episode of Perry Mason in which Geraldo got murdered for being a jerk!
All dis blu cheese got me gainin weight😂⛽️
US politics is now like a Perry Mason novel- fast paced, mind benders. Everything is possible. Suddenly is now my favourite site.
Does Josh look like Perry Mason or what...Could be Ramond Burrs son...
Baby sis Caryn S. Shinske suggested my top ten TV shows of my life:. Brotherhood . In Living Color. Perry Mason...
In lieu of training, I've watched HYBRID, Rick And Morty, Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, The Simpsons, Perry Mason, my food, and my eyelids.
Atticus Finch, Perry Mason and Michael Clayton Have Nothing on the Legal Profession’s Favorite Attorney: Vinny.
Imagine there are no more Buddhist, Christian, Jews, Muslim. We are all one, just imagine.
You're right, I think he was named after Perry Mason - I think this solves it.
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The sun slants through the blinds, slicing the mahogany into ribbons. Perry Mason would use a binder clip on his brief like this
Perry Mason: TV's excellent version of Film Noir, & it holds up excellently well today. PS: I always was in love w/ Della Street so sue me.
ALLISON HAYES born this date (1930–1977). Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Bat Masterson, Perry Mason, Rawhi…
It's amazing Raymond Burr is so affectionately remembered as Perry Mason, given how many pure evil roles he played in classics.
Rest in peace Barbara Hale who was famous for playing Della Street in the Perry Mason legal procedural TV show and TV films.
Perry Mason and Judge Wapner inspired me with a love for the law. The inspiration left long ago. Now the Judge has joined Raymond Burr. 😥
52 years ago tonight.Virginia Field and Kent Smith in "The Case of the Meddling Medium" on 'Perry Mason' starring Raymond Burr on
Thsts my Gov one tough SOB in Wheel chair Ironside has returned (what Raymond Burr did after Perry Mason on TV)
Oh, it's the best! Jimmy Stewart's blue eyes! Raymond Burr before he was Perry Mason! Grace Kelly...for EVERYTHING!…
now Theme from Perry Mason of Jerry Goodman of It's Alive ... 1988
I always mix up Perry Mason and Ironside and freak out every time Raymond Burr stands up.
I could see it at the end of a Perry Mason episode.
On our radio right now Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason -
When I was a kid I loved to watch the reruns of Perry Mason. His beautiful and smart assistant was played by...
Just read we lost Barbara Hale. Can borrow "Perry Mason" from our & find it still stands up.
Michael Miller here reporting that "Perry Mason" actress Barbara Hale dies at age 94.
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No! Della Street was my shero when in was little!
TBH Della Stree was a *much* bigger part of my childhood than Mary Tyler Moore, as much as I loved her.
Perry Mason was produced at the former Chaplin Studios 1960s
Barbara Hale, who played Della Street on ‘dies at 94
Barbara Hale 🙏🏻 Loved Della Street and Perry Mason and still love the reruns💁🏻 I'm pretty…
Rest in Peace, Barbara Hale. Here's a clip where she is with other Perry Mason cast members and wearing a very...
I know this makes my mom sad. Linda Smith
The reason I love crime shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS, & Bones is all the time I spent watching Perry Mason as a child. RIP…
'Perry Mason' actress Barbara Hale dies at 94 (from
Raise a glass to Barbara Hale, star of PERRY MASON, THE WINDOW and GIANT SPIDER INVASION, who passed today at age 94.
Barbara Hale ... Perry Mason's Della Street --- 1922-2017 ... Great actress ... will be missed ...
RIP Barbara Hale. I watched all 271 episodes of Perry Mason. She was an absolutely delightful Della Street.
Emmy winner Barbara Hale, who played Perry Mason's secretary, has died at 94
I have the fondest memories of watching Barbara Hale on Perry Mason with my dad when I was little. Sad to hear of her passing.
My favorite line often heard on Perry Mason was his PI Paul Drake who would say to her "Hey Gorgeous"
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Barbara Hale 'Della Street' passed away today. I loved her in Perry Mason.
Barbara Hale of 'Perry Mason' passes away at 94.
I just heard Barbara Hale passed away at 94. She played Della Street in Perry Mason. Loved her as Della. So sad to hear.
Barbara Hale. She liked that Della Street was unmarried & childless so it wouldn't confuse her real-life kids. https:…
Barbara Hale, who played Della Street on ‘Perry Mason,’ dies at 94
.Barbara Hale, "Della Street" of Perry Mason, a show I still enjoy watching with my dad on
Barbara Hale, who played the secretary Della Street on the long-running "Perry Mason" TV show, dies at age 94.
A family spokeswoman says that Barbara Hale, who played steadfast secretary Della Street on "Perry Mason," has died…
Barbara Hale dead: Perry Mason actress dies at 94
Hard to believe we lost Perry Mason's loyal Della Street & Joe Mannix on the same day. REQUIESCE IN PACE BARBARA…
Actress Barbara Hale, best known as Della Street in the iconic series Perry Mason has passed away at the age of 94. https…
I watch Perry Mason every night on MeTV! Though I did not know much of her work, I do know this one. RIP
Not only did she star for years on "Perry Mason," Hale's son is "Greatest American Hero" star William Katt:
Barbara Hale, the Loyal Della Street on 'Perry Mason,' Dies at 94 . She makes the 4th or 5th major celebrities...
Barbara Hale, the loyal Della Street on 'Perry Mason,' dies at 94
Barbara Hale. The Perry Mason actress has died at age 94.
Barbara Hale, the steadfast secretary Della Street in the long-running "Perry Mason" series, has died. She was 94:
RIP actress Barbara Hale, best known for the role of secretary Della Street on TV's Perry Mason. She was (cont)
Rip Barbara Hale I will continue to watch u every morning on Perry Mason on
Barbara Hale of Perry Mason also died today. 4 in 2 days.
RIP Barbara Hale. Years before "Perry Mason," she starred with Robert Mitchum in 1945's "West of the Pecos."
Five years before "Perry Mason", Barbara Hale portrayed Robert Cummings' expectant wife in this comedy:
Dennis Patrick played the decedent, an unlikable golfer, in a final season Perry Mason episode broadcast in early 1966.
Ryan O'Neal is on Perry Mason. Last night, Jack Klugman & Jonathan Winters were on The Twilight Zone. I love
Dang, Perry Mason is going to take the witness stand at the request of Hamilton Burger. What am I doing up at this hour?
i.e.: I'm in the middle of the Perry Mason episodes w/out Hamilton Burger (because the actor was fired for basically having an orgy). Rough.
Bette Davis, Michael Rennie, Hugh O'Brian & Walter Pigeon took over for Perry Mason in 4 episodes where Raymond Burr made only cameos.
So will reboot 'The Honeymooners?' This will be as bad as 'Perry Mason' without Raymond Burr.
Ozzy Osbourne - "Perry Mason" Live at Ozzfest 1996. Wow this was 20 years ago
Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (1989) - Region 2 PAL, plays in English w
it's not a cultural touchstone the same way now. Hardly anyone talks about Perry Mason as legal procedural television anymore.
I'll check that out but count tends to put me asleep. :) Even Perry Mason did. :)
WOW. Alberta Justice needs to re-do this video. Mentions of Perry Mason & the clothing!! not to mention pixellation
Just in case I don't have your new address, holiday greeting from Ditto, Dash, Mason, Walker, Lalani & Steve Perry!
The video showed him shooting a fleeing man then trying to frame him after his death. His lawyer must be Perry Mason or.
Perry Mason was often argumentative, irrelevant, & immaterial, but never incompetent.
Deep, dark secret that I've never told anyone: I love Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote...and Colombo.
WHY THE BIG HEADLINES?. Most of us knew this was to be the result a year ago. Like a Perry Mason movie we KNOW. how this will play out
did he expect it to be like Perry Mason?
Probably expected a cross between Perry Mason and A Few Good Men, with a surprise witness taking the stand to yell…
I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to be. Did he expect Perry Mason or Rumpole of the Bailey to chip in?
I was waiting for an 11th hour intervention from a Perry Mason sidekick bringing news that Brexit meant peanuts
No, no, no. My Hamilton musical is about the the D.A. from Perry Mason, Hamilton Burger.
remember, Horwitz had Perry Mason amidst the Roman fall from sex...
Looking for any Perry Mason DVD box sets? Scarborough store's putting out these ones today
Gripping stuff on box channel 503. Perry Mason it is not.
no pressure on ones self then for the "Perry Mason " ending
Added a new video: "Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne cover by Elemental One at Hard Rock Cafe (H..."
There's no chance the Lawyers & Judges could possibly know more than armchair Perry Mason's who have countless year…
This isn't Perry Mason meets Judge Rinder. You do her a disservice.
Good idea. I'll just reboot Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun.
Perry's Nick Mason getting dinner at the lake county touchdown club banquet
Product of Hates Perry Mason is a close runner up.
A reminder: this is an excellent price for the complete Raymond Burr Perry Mason boxed set!
Two cat-themed Perry Mason episodes are mentioned here. Do you have a favorite?
One nitpick: I owned a 64 Skylark with PosiTraction. But this is still my all-time winner of the Perry Mason "Gotch…
Such a strange and pointless retort. Perry Mason would have done it so much better
Why is thee not a Perry Mason game? I love the Ace Attorney games but they don't exactly value realism. . Someone needs to try it.
Now playing Perry Mason by Ozzy Osbourne! Send us your demos and we will throw 'em on the air! ceo
I can hear the Perry Mason theme right now
William Hopper, son of Hedda, foil for Perry Mason.
Can Frank Mason pull a Perry and play for 10 years
Gail Perry Mason is both hilarious and informative.
So I was watching Perry Mason yesterday with my mom and we heard a pick line that threw us all the way.
Just thought of you this week caught "Whitey" on an episode of Perry Mason. :)
Amazing, Perry Mason makes the law look so clean & smart & all the positive things its not. If ALL Lawyers were like him; we'd all win.
Dobermans are frequently type cast. He is my 12th Dobie; all Perry Mason cast names had been used so he is Dobie Gillis. GILLIS
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake (1988, Ron Satlof) via
57 years ago tonight...Angie Dickinson in "The Case of the One-Eyed Witness" on 'Perry Mason' on
Della Street was absolutely crucial to Perry Mason solving crimes
ICYMI On PODCAST: Jim Hawthorne explains what Perry Mason & Hank Williams had in common
Absolutely hilarious! Oh by the way, Hedda Hopper is William Hoppers mother.William Hopper from Perry Mason.
Paul Drake, the Private Detective on Perry Mason, was a cool cat. Never seemed frazzled and always dressed nice and drove…
Why does Hamilton Burger think he can win in a case against Perry Mason? It's painful to watch sometimes.
Right now on Perry Mason episode with Adam West and Allison Hayes.
>it was easy to watch lots of older TV like the old "Perry Mason" and the Steven Hill / Peter Graves "Mission: Impossible"
. Elisha Cook, Jr. was good in everything he was in, even an old Perry Mason.
I grew up watching "Perry Mason" reruns. I wanted to be crafty like Paul Drake, talk like Della Street, and BE Perry Mason!
Raymond Burr, TV's Perry Mason, is in the 1956 US recut of Godzilla.
When we started 'Perry Mason,' w e thought it might go a year.—
I only hope that I can regain my own identity once I decide that 'Perry Mason' and m—
54 years ago tonight. . . Raymond Burr and Perry Mason play nighttime 'Password' with Allen Ludden on
On "Perry Mason" Raymond Burr played Perry Mason and William Talman played Hamilton Burger!. BURR and HAMILTON!. I gotta get some sleep...
Thank you, Perry Mason. Your elevation to the Supreme Court will be celebrated by lawyers everywhere.
Raymond Burr Plays 'Stump the Stars' with Perry Mason cast (July 8, 1963) via
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