First Thoughts

Perfect Time

Perfect Time is a music album by Irish musician Máire Brennan (now known as Moya Brennan). This recording was for the Word Records company.

Perfect Time, a fabulous song and film for Friday Life would be dull if not full of surprises!
Why Now is a Perfect Time to Travel Solo in the Islands with Ecoventura:
Perfect Time to Join the. The Girl on the Highway FB Group =. Less than One Month from Launch! 😎…
With proflssor Gates off to hbve a beer with Obama, now would,be the perfect time to break into iis house.
Makes perfect sense to me to swap them at half time & let them express themselves, or to just not swap them in the first place at all?
Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time - so let go of via
And we left in a perfect time before the cops came lol
It's 7am so clearly its the perfect time to finally go to sleep.
Would love to win, perfect for my first grandchild, due any day. Bath time would be a while lot more relaxing 💤
🌻is the perfect time to make a change- Whatever it is, can help
Favorite first lines in will be perfect for student share time!
First draft of the issue tree and hypothesis: time management does not exist
It's the beginning of a new month, and therefore the perfect time to start sorting out your wardrobe!
watching pitch perfect 2 and Benji to Emily is a perfect resemblance on how i act to a crush. Every single time. 😏
The only reason why I'm still trying after all this time and hurt is because I still believe in the perfect possibility of us.
Half the time when I want to write I want to write something so perfect I end up not writing at all.
Spring is the perfect time to renew and review your social profiles.
Now is the time to check out Truglo's for the coming bowseason!
you are so perfect as Joe in - I'll be back again for my third time next weekend! This should be an open run!⭐️
Now an algorithm matches hosts & guests by relevancy. Every time you search, learns about you & tries to find your perfect match.
Sunday afternoon😌. Always laid back. Perfect time to catch up with 🎧
Why spring is the perfect season of all be be selling up
First time I've done my liquid eyeliner in ages and it's gone perfect
Couldn't have picked a more perfect time to go and see the Impala today
You don't need a perfect partner. All you need is one who loves your weirdness, wants to spend time with you & respe…
My all time favourite I never get tired of that song perfect
Can I just how perfect their style is every fricking time. And how is asha so fricking pretty with min makeup *-* https:…
That time of the academic year again when I'm too lazy to sleep. Perfect timing as always, this time for the last push.
Eventually she would pose for some mag. The 100th anniv and connect with patronage makes it the perfect time
it's perfect time for Stegen to show up.. and prove if he deserve to start. what do you…
Aparently the neighbours think that Sunday morning is the perfect time to see how loud we can jump around, slamming doors etc.
Because Saturday night is the perfect time for a tasty treat...
Briana is learning how to be a mother, people should give her time.She is not perfect, she is a Human.Let her live and fin…
It's that time of year again folks! Perfect for iced lattes, cold brew, blended decadent mochas…
perfect time for Juve to start the serie A.
We're completely wrong for each other. She makes me crazy. I drive her insane. We fight all the time. It's perfect.
Hoping we can work on their dps output over time, everything else about them is kind of perfect to fill the spot
Sunday roast time is nearly upon us - the shine is shining and it's - sounds perfect to us !
I secretly hate those people who have perfect hair all the time.
MT The Truth reveals itself at the perfect time.
Marie Kondo taught us the magic of tidying up, time to look at your wardrobe
To grasp a complete understanding in Buying and Selling Property . Click Here: and save Time.
Happy the perfect time to buy your tickets to
Literally perfect day, Game of Thrones tonight and birthday at the same time :D
"You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going. Babies don't walk the first time they try." Jack Canfi…
An African sunset like no other. The perfect time to go on a game drive.
. Zac's such a nice bloke,he's just perfect 4 him,shame 4 people,spend money & time there but have no say
You cann't always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare…
What a miserable day weather wise! The perfect time to enjoy our Island Breeze candle 👌🏻…
Still binge watching but deeyymm perfect time to buffer. 💞
Memorial Day vacation is coming up and it's the perfect time to do a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas...
This would be the perfect time for some Anime..
Maybe if we met at a different time, we'll be perfect for each other.
Perfect time of year for Rhododendron arboreum, barbatum, campanulatum
The beach with people you enjoy, at this time is perfect
Lee Hyun Woo is a boy who can be cute and manly at the same time. Perfect mixed! Miss you leeboy
her kids are perfect all the time I guess it's ridiculous
3 fights away from home! I think it's time for big fight in London and Wembley would be perfect.
Figured out why I like Archers of Loaf's "Perfect Time" so much: it sounds like Mark Knopfler's playing guitar!
Bring me back to the time when everything is perfect.
I started my period at the perfect time... Instead of my typical submissive self, I am a lioness.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
If had time to count out 60 beans for a perfect cup of coffee each day. What's my excuse?
😭 it's almost playoff time, I have to get me Lebron hate to the perfect levels lol
You know.right now would be the perfect time for Rage Against the Machine to drop a surprise comeback album. Just putting …
I love The movie is so perfect!I♡ every moment!I can't wait 4 Ascendant but at the same time I'm not ready
Literally had the time of my life last night with perfect friends 💗
That was also something I loved about it. Watchmen is in my top5 movies of all time. Perfect 10/10 for me.
Spring is here - the perfect time to 'play' with flowers...
Perfect weekend away with Ella, seeing my beautiful best getting married&reuniting with the rest of the first time uni crew. Complete gems ❤
It's hard to really like someone from a far. ..especially when you finally realize he's perfect and was right in front of you the whole time
The song that's on and my life always line up at the perfect moment in time.
Sunday is the perfect time to examine our duty to resist state violence. Jesus was victim of an obscene "criminal…
."";To kill time, a committee meeting is the perfect weapon.""; - Unknown
Something about the color orange?. Tennessee and Syracuse are peaking at the perfect time:
Perfect for this time of the night 🎧🌠
Time to celebrate! Cocktails and confetti make for a pretty perfect pair, if you ask me ;-)
Your time would be perfect right now.. 😞😞
Perfect perfomance by iFani this time around.lets hear Anele gobu Bais uzothini this time 😂😂😂😂
When you got to dole out some justice but you got a perfect on time record.
None of us are perfect in due time hope you see that everyone makes mistakes.
Family time today! Love it more than anything. Having a big family is perfect! ❤️
Time to sleep.. *yawning, open Hoya's All of me cover . Perfect! .
A perfect description of my political ideological journey. Took time to reach the final stage. Happy to stay here!
This is the perfect day to analyze all good and bad things that you did it on all this time... and learn of this...
u hv been perfect captain in every sense apart from ur support to Raina n Dhawan both should have been dropped long time back
Gren Parrots have besieged Islamabad. Perfect time to unleash cats in Islamabad
Fantastic bank holiday at MSB, now time to watch followed by What a perfect weekend!
Sorry haters, but they can't stop the Blues this time. Nothing says Cup Champ like perfect goaltending.
ALLAH makes everything beautiful in His time. Keep believing. His Plan is always Perfect.
There’s no perfect time for anything, do it now or you’ll regret later.
What a perfect time for We’re celebrating with our Easter fragrance Jelly Bean. htt…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I just spent an hour reading this. Now’s the perfect time to go listen to podcast.
"Cultivator" Helles Bock may be the perfect spring time beer.
Easter morning is apparently the perfect time to go to the bank in leisure world, there's not a ton of old people around!! 🐰💐
The perfect moment can be at any time ❤
is the perfect time to point out that is on the WRONG side of every world conflict. Time to step up and …
Ever taken a trip on the Valley Scenic Railroad? Now that it's Spring, it's the perfect time!
Dont wait for the perfect time, make the time perfect
Don't expect everything to be perfect all the time. If things always went according to plan, life wouldn't be interesting.
There is never a perfect time to do anything, stop waiting on the "Right Time" to do it. Just do it and get it done
I wish I could turn back time to when everything was perfect."
Siblings are busy with Easter loot & I have free time to Perfect Easter morning but I'm sure I'll have to help cook soon.
Me: at work on Easter Sunday when I don't have any make up remover sounds like the perfect time to try this new brow filling technique.
Happy Easter! Perfect time 4 our hope 2 be renewed! 💛 The tomb's empty & graves R 2
We waste time looking for the peryect lover, instead of crea ing the perfect love.
2008 Suzuki M109R vzr1800 for sale perfect condition. Black with chrome. Only 4000 miles like new. No time to...
*** ..first time I cried just because the trailer! So perfect! 😍😭
I know I'm not perfect, but I have no time to prove it, I'm not angel of love
"Lent is the perfect time to learn how to love again."
Going by standard time, was a young whippersnapper in his days.
The season of love is here and the perfect tune for this time is Romantic with the first lady on it!
I mean it hits at the perfect time though so well done.
is the perfect time to celebrate efforts to create an inclusive, active Nation & champion female athletes that are leading the way!
Bob Ludwig's role is at the finishing line of an album _ helping it sound a perfect as…
What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfil...
Come on don't be lazy. You know there are time lags, that the correlation is not claimed to be perfect and that MUP is targeted
Time! Would you like to The Perfect Gift for Two this Simply &
is a perfect time to showcase your Work-Based Learning College & Career Success stories. Submit...
Home Depot hiring 80,000 seasonal workers via Perfect time to join the THD fam!
My birthday is the perfect time for people to give away there unwanted Christmas presents,not to soon, no one will remember u got it 4crimbo
This is the perfect time of year to visit to enjoy their spectacular snowdrops!. More information here:
It only takes a little bit of time to have your perfect
And what a perfect time to add and to the cast, or as guest stars. Both are fan favorites, you know… 💚🎭❤️
3am. Perfect time to go to sleep, right? RIGHT?!?
If you're not already talking about mental illness now is the perfect time to start💚 https…
Worked with Lucan in the early 90s - always a perfect gent, with time and advice for up-and-coming nanny murderers.
Lets look on the bright side, its almost spring, right!? Perfect time to update your home!
Having read the book for the first time in dec'15, this was the perfect opportunity to get me to reread it.
Had such a wonderful time at Beautiful place. Delicious food. Polite staff. Perfect evening! Thank you!
Great ideas for planning the perfect getaway for two if you have limited time!
When I vote this year it will be the first time I'm not choosing between the lesser of two evils, .is …
Time for a running jacket? What look for to find the perfect one for you.
Happy Wedding Wednesday! This beautiful ring can be yours just in time for the perfect Valentine's Day proposal!...
Early mornings are perfect for spending time with my wife. Then she spoils it by waking up.
sobrang overdue na yung buddy date natin and i think now is the perfect time to have our second one ❤️ LOVE YOUUU
Every time I felt uncomfortable because everything started to fit me small, I just wanted to be cute he was there to tell me I was perfect.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Provisional came at the perfect time 💥
New lotion order comes in today which means it's the perfect time to find the right one for you!…
Like oomf the perfect female, and she's baad af. But that's not Finna ever happen 😂 all I needs one time..
Ever try a cinnamon roll waffle with Nutella? is the perfect time!
Now is the perfect time to sell your home. If you you want to know how much is your house worth,…
Perfect way to measure time. Love it.
you can try. I mean it's like the perfect time to do it lol
Dude, trump is brining alot of news coverage on Cruz, now would be a perfect time to drop.
[★TRENDING] Netizens compile Hyuna's most REVEALING and SEXY photos of ALL TIME --
Sometimes I wonder how she manages to look perfect all the time. Then I remember she is an Empress after all.
3 days and counting to Regionals. Time to perfect your event before Saturday!
Everything happens in GOD's perfect time, have faith. Congratulations Bossing and Poleng! 💍
As Magicians we spend most of our time looking for that perfect trick, we don't realize that our best magic comes from within.
Homemade Soup + Sandwich combo is perfect when you're running short on time! . STUDENT SAVER: only €5.50!
are you offering commissions at this time? I've got a Disney sports idea percolating, and you'd be perfect for it.
New Larry Levan compilation ‘Genius of Time’ is a perfect intro to the greatest DJ ever.
Tommy Dreamer's Return to WWE Comes at the Perfect Time: Tommy Dreamer returned to WWE on…
James J. Griffinthinks it's the "Perfect Time of YEAR to write or read" DO U AGREE?
Perfect time to get rid of my cold 👌
FULL TIME!!! 0 - 3 The Toffees have had a perfect day at Saint Mary's, brilliant performance
People are so concerned with presenting a perfect life on social media they have no time to actually improve their life.
Summer weekends...the perfect time for painting projects, of course. Come see us at Parvo's Paint for the...
£1 joining fee this Saturday & Sunday only. This is the perfect time to join and get started t&cs apply
Delicious pizza made fresh every time! Perfect for summer 🍕😎🍕
Summer is winding down, and now is the perfect time for a cleanse!
I make perfect sense all the time what're you even saying?
Of course take your time to make this album perfect and- NEVERMIND DROP IT ALREADY
So happy for my long time friend and his engagement yall are perfect! Love you and katelyn 💕
“Oh, he did look like a deity – the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and...
The Chicago air & water show is this weekend. I think that's a perfect time for to play
Rannnbbbiir stop being so flawlessly perfect all the time! You take away the urge even to look at other boys! 😂
I love these Promo's If you have been sitting on the fence :) this is the perfect time to get FREE Balance. (...
Every time Method Man and MJB "You're All I Need" comes on, I have to sit and listen to it. Every single time. It's perfect
We're perfect for each other, just not the perfect time😧
Still drunk. Perfect time to drive to Jersey to see my best friend 😄 Let the shenanigans continue 🍻🎉
⚠NOW⚠. Is the perfect time to find your new Fall fragrance. Check out — my favorite store (
The weekend is a perfect time to hit the legs HARD!!. Check out my Quad Killer workout with fellow WBFF Pro and...
All ;ou need is love and Valentine's Day isgthe perfect time to buy lots of things to prove it.
We waste time lboking for thl perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
Watched "Perfect High" again, but this time showed it to my mom. I just love Bella's acting.
Time to make money, today is a perfect day to buy or sell.
You can't always wait for the perfect time... Sometimes you have to dare to jump.
Looking at 1500 RAM trucks today. Still like my 2004 Laramie Quad cab which is in perfect condition but time to upgrade to a 2013 or 2014.
CHICA DE HOY Mara Roldán sexy Colombiana has been in SoHo & Maxim.Spend time in the gym to maintain her perfect body ht…
A sunny Tuesday. The perfect time for a cold beer -
The one that brings you happiness, will also bring you sadness at the same time. Nothing is perfect.
I find the North Fork sunsets particularly breathtaking. It's a perfect time to give thanks and…
Happy is the person who learns to wait as he prays and never loses his patience, for God's time is the perfect time. 🙏…
Me: *tries to go to bed at a reasonable time*. Me: ah yes. Me: 4am. Me: perfect
I saw him for the first time in 2013 I think and realized he was the most perfect human being on the planet
Just because a person smiles all the time, doesn't mean their life is perfect cause a smile can hide so much.
Woke up with puffy allergy eyes... Perfect time to try my
About Time is a perfect, perfect movie.
Perfect time to bring out the mobile phone.
Surf Time in Riva Ligure 🏄🏄🏄 Perfect way to spend the day and celebrate Ferragosto in Italy 🇮🇹 Thanks…
Saturday afternoons perfect time to get up to speed with invoicing.
this is not on at all, bad egg. This would be the perfect time to have a car 😩
Here's the thing, there was a time I worried about life, being judged & being 'perfect'. Few yrs ago, Spice was born n went fcuk it. Live!
I wanna see the perfect guy, but at the same time it looks very predictable
Your Is the perfect time. for a BIG THANK YOU. to your friends. Set. http…
With the 5 family story its a perfect time to bring back (mobster role)
JL99 "Lap time wasn't perfect i was near crashing but fortunatly i did not crash. Best lap i ever did"
The weekend is the perfect time to catch up on *looks over at * . Tell all your friends & family to catch up!
Saturday time to get FLEEK for work
Shooting in my old neighbourhood? Looks like I moved out of Brampton at the perfect time
Guys remember the girls will appear on live stream tonight at 11pm UK time performing She looks so perfec…
Pirates Are Getting the Best Version of Neil Walker at the Perfect Time -
A blast of soon from Xfm favourite & 'Perfect Time'.Check it out with 2day
No more internship. Now is the perfect time to crash my tbr pile. We📚🍵
My best friend couldn't be coming home at a more perfect time 💗
Many times, God has forgiven me, which I am very thankful for. It has enabled me to forgive myself and move forward one da…
Repost It's Wedding Month June, what a perfect time to grab a copy of Weddings & Beyond Mag 2015-16 ft...
Things are hotting up in the The perfect time to enjoy a tranquil cycling escape:
Hornsea Leisure Park - the perfect place to spend time &take advantage of our 12 month season!
The perfect amount of time to visit with your family is 24 hours. Just trust me on this.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sunny day; the perfect time to throw on the soundtrack.
Apart from everything being on time and perfect. It's the luggage, hassle, and rush I don't like. Rush hour is terrible.
Smart oven uses image recognition to cook the perfect meal every time - Mash..
Goodmorning! This is The perfect Time for a fresh in for sure!
TV show dominates timeslot . It had 6.51million viewers So its perfect time to release new si…
It's 4 AM. Perfect time to make life changing decisions.
half 9/10 is like the perfect time to wake up I swear
AND stop looking perfect all the time, it's not fair to us mortals. Thank you very much.
if the manager position is still unclear mate then it makes perfect sense. When's the last time u heard Brendan speak ...?
They've run perfect without any cleaning, not sure if I'm just lucky. They spend most of their time in an air tight box atm.
YES. this is the perfect time to let the # clohyun ship sail. so, are you with me? /offers you my hand, smiling smugly at you.
Sony MDR Ad Making [GIF]. cr: boxgame. Perfect time to steal a kiss! BaekSeungChan where are you? LOL!
My internet starts to lag at this perfect time
In God's perfect time , everything will fall into places :)
being a bit messed up just means we arn't perfect. But in time we realize that we will never be perfect.
Hamilton Collection
Here at we have one of the oldest technologies ever invented. It still keeps perfect time.
This time last year covered Give Me Love exclusively for us and it was pretty much perfect: htt…
you complain all the *** time too don't act like you're perfect because NEWS FLASH you aren't
it seems just like the perfect move at he time I vote for for the Rising Star Award 2015
Find out why thinks boxing is the perfect workout's presentation at is one I'll remember for a long time. Wonderful audience, amazing venue, incredible energy. Perfect.
Still time to make your mint julep if you are at home
Perfect day to stand up paddle board for the first time and I was a pro 🌞 @ Texas Rowing Center
Night time drive would be perfect right now
Just in time to get the perfect smile for spring. Save $200 on professional teeth whitening:
Days this perfect call for beach time with my handsome fiancé and adorable puppy. Love my life 💕…
6 am. The perfect time to go to bed.
The weather has perfect and it's great time to start exploring the Golden State! Here is an “Ultimate Road Trip...
It's Derby time in We are loving the hats & the Crown cocktails taste perfect on a day like today! Who are we betting to win?
I am sorry, but I am doing the all the time. Yes, I really am. I know, I am not perfect either, so I make mistakes. It's a given
Update your maps at Navteq
Had to take a little more time to make the video PERFECT, but no worries - we're releasing it next week!
What a coincidence. The pause after someone says, "wait for it..." Is the perfect amount of time it would take to punch them in the face.
This is the 1st time since 7/5/2014 that Tim Hudson has been perfect through the 1st 3 innings of a game.
Pitch Perfect is like my favorite movie of all time 🎶
Going to LACMA came at the perfect time. That lady was dropping gems.
Every single time I parallel park I have to text bc he's the beaut that made me the perfect parker that I am today ✨
So before you pull the trigger did you ever consider?this ain't a good time but when is it ever,i know the perfect time and baby thats never
I mean, it's the perfect time to set up a plan so evil because everyone is distracted. 😂
Speaking of Lenins, time for "Goodbye Lenin", accompanied by Romanian wine. Perfect.
TOMORROW!! Head to Sears for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Find special, limited-time deals at Sears’ Family &...
For the first time in years, the stage looks proper, the lightening is perfect, my compliments
That was kind of a perfect day.. Spending time with my chummy 💕. And now: watching 💻😍
thanks for all your time as the guest and all these perfect pics of Emilie you gave us! Bless you Mel x 😘
Please have a look at this. . And with the great discount a perfect time to try them 🍬
He seems a Dark Angel! He can be sweet and hot at the same time. Whatever he does is perfect!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
First time I've ever gotten my top eyeliner to be perfect and even! So freaking happy
So the new song Sunflower on new album is now tied w/ Hummingbird for my ALL TIME FAV! Well done you two!!…
didn't get any videos of you singing, you're voice was so perfect I just forgot about filming 😂 next time I will!!! X
Wallowing in the past will rob you of your vibrance, your time and your trust of other people. Having new memories requir…
your eyes are perfect, your smile is perfect, YOU are perfect thank you for making me laugh every time I see your vines
Mr gives us his step-by-step lesson on writing perfect songs every time:
TIME magazine's definition of a perfect body in 1955
Every perfect face Prince George made while meeting his sister for the first time
With the discount this weekend a perfect time to try them. SO ORDER THEM (cont)
I don't understand boxe but sure you're The Perfect Mom! Have some great time!
ah can't wait to see you my perfect baby girl💘💘we will go Camden them Oxford street by have to decide what time we are
Experience the magic of now is the perfect time to go! Intimate tours, skip the lines at top…
Perfect Time for to show Arun Shourie's interview with Thapar by adding voice of Shourie saying "Latka diya modi…
Had an amazing time last night thank you guys I love you more then anything I cried so much it was a perfect night.
Bhai Ji just see your performance in full Kaam *** Gaya Sarkar. Bas announcement kardo. Perfect time hai …
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Thanks, good to hear. Really coming at a perfect time; England been incredibly harsh on him.
to Alliston to pray for the tonight. perfect time to test…
Two new dresses, perfect for WisCon, RenFaire, or any time I want to feel like I'm in another era.
THE 7 VIRTUES OF A GODLY HUSBAND Woman you must start Praying Sincerely & Honestly for God’s right time – If you want a Godly Husband in your Life then Your heart should be so lost in God that a man will start to seek God in order to find you. Keep Praying and Your Prince Charming will arrive in God’s Perfect Time. 1: Selflessness – Men, in general, tend to be selfish and it is one of the reasons that marriages are failing in greater numbers. A Godly husband is selfless, like Jesus. He never focused attention onto himself, but rather always on the Father and then His bride (the church). A Godly husband will follow that example by focusing his attention on God first and then his wife. Jesus taught husbands how to be servant leaders and that is what every marriage needs. Let us learn from Jesus, as He would first go to the Father for instructions and then focus on the needs of the people. As I started going to God every morning for instructions, He would help me to see how I could serve my wife ever ...
Artimise was raised by her Father who was A Pastor in Sacramento i ran into her in Modesto,Ca she was Planning on Committing Suicide but God came thru at the Perfect Time i was able to Share with about the Love of Jesus on Thanksgiving Day 2014 on my way to Work.
check this out Mark Sanchez, LeSean McCoy Picking Up Eagles Offense at Perfect Time - Bleacher...
TIME WASTERS for the PERFECT TIME is a Time Waster and sometimes an ‘excuse’. Don’t wait, it may never come ! It is good to have plans and goals and something to work towards, otherwise not having them can be a Time Waster all on its own. But don’t put those plans or goals on hold, simply so you can wait for the Perfect Time. Opportunities will present themselves constantly, if you are open to spotting them, and should be taken if it feels right and good to do. Waiting for the Perfect Time may well find you putting things off that you could be working on or enjoying right now, for reasons that aren’t really all that important. I’ll wait until I have a better job ... more money ... a bigger house ... when my kids are grown ... when I’ve retired ... when I’m more energetic ... when I’ve cleared the clutter ... when when when . The Perfect Time may NEVER come. And Life is far too short to be putting those things off that you desire to do. If your heart is calling, then tackle the reas ...
3 Reasons It's the Perfect Time to Be an Entrepreneur by
5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Time to Sell Smart sellers spend a whole lot of time and energy strategizing about how to sell their homes for top dollar. They factor in buyer demand, the competition, the job market, the mortgage market and their agent’s track record. And that doesn’t even account for all the time spent understand recent home sales in the area as an indicator of how local buyers will react to this listing. Many a smart seller will also try to time their listing just right, too. And most often this looks like waiting until they feel buyers are sufficiently ready, willing, and able to pay a good price for the property. One timing consideration that sometimes gets short shrift is this: the calendar. There’s a season for everything, as you might have heard. And recent data revealed some powerful geographically-specific seasonal trends in search activity for homes, adding proof to what agents have long known – the calendar portends various shifts in buyer activity, which sellers need to not ...
they don't air many tv ads as they should, Televisa wants more money but don give Lucha Libre Respect & Perfect Time
"Don't wait for the [Perfect Time]. You will wait forever. Always take advantage of the time that you're given and make it [Perfect] for you!" -Daymond John-
Perfect Time to Buy as Spanish Property Prices Continue to Fall Drop in prices means now’s the best time to buy a property in Spain Prices of property for sale in Spain fell by 12.8% in the first three months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. This was the largest drop in all Eurozone countries where house prices dropped by 2.2% and the European Union which saw an average decrease of 1.4%, according to a statement by Eurostat. The property crash means buyers can snap up property in Spain at bargain prices. Property prices in Spain also fell 5.1% in the first quarter compared to the previous three months. The average decrease in the Eurozone was 1% and 0.6% in the whole of the EU. Sales have shown significant demand for modern-style properties in Spain with enquiries being particularly high in areas such as the North Alicante and Murcia regions for well designed Houses, Apartments and Villas. With Spain recording the largest decline in property prices in the EU, there has never been a better ti ...
Good Morning, Its friday the perfect time to review your website, contact us for a Free MOT today.
Another wonderful is coming... The perfect time to enjoy amazing moments
Full of allergies and feeling squinty. Perfect time for a filmed interview
MESSAGE TO ALL The more people who are aware of this, the better, then share it . This is not fiction! it is a truth ! Make humor if you want, but share ! Whether or not you believe in aliens ( intergalactic brothers and sisters ) is not important. They are still here and they always have been . We must know that if they were not there , the earth would long since destroyed by these people who have nothing to do with the earth and the humanity. There has to look at what this world to face facts ! This is a truth I assure you ! We are miracles and we do not even know ! So be afraid of these beings will ridicule is not it ? They are our friends , our brothers and sisters. It is possible that we are just as " pygmy " that would for the first time a helicopter to hover above their heads , imagine ! But we have a lot of information through the internet , we . We must be vigilant and know but we sort information . Videos and testimonials from drivers etc ... for those who want to wake up there is to do! Serte , ...
Malala is a true hero and contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. Speak out,girls. Now is the perfect time. The world needs you and might finally listen. "Carpe Diem"!
Cause whats the perfect boy if it's not the perfect time ?
I took the picture about a week ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it ...thanks x
Two people crossed their path for some reason.. And sometimes that reason is the same reason why they need to go separate path.. Maybe the time that they cross the path that's not the perfect time to be together..
If you try too hard to solve it yourself without engaging God, all you will do is Prolong a problem and subsequently delay your answer. Allow God to do it His way and in His perfect time, for He knows it better!
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