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Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense, formerly known as The Last Word, is a 2011 drama film directed by David Mackenzie and written by Kim Fupz Aakeson, starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor.

Ewan McGregor Eva Green

Eva Green during the 'Perfect Sense' Premiere at Eccles Center Theatre (2011) | Photos by: George Pimentel
Just learned that baby puffins are called pufflings, which makes perfect sense, of course, but still. Pufflings! Day instant…
Rides motorcycles at triple digit speeds without flinching. Gets real bad anxiety at the dentists. Makes perfect sense
It makes perfect sense that the party controlling Congress with a 14% approval would embrace a candidate with 70% unavailability.
SW is hardly related to the X-Men though. It makes perfect sense. Quicksilver is way more of an X-Men character
you definitely are!!! And your sense of style is perfect! 😍😍😍
trust me, it makes perfect sense. I feel like most of the Bates fandom feels the same way
watch Charlotte beats both Paige and natty fair and square ! Makes perfect sense when sasha beats her it's gonna be huge
Here's the contradiction that makes perfect sense: Digong violating human rights and Digong actually delivering. Look at how deprived our
Makes perfect sense to the producers who don't want Blake having 3 artists in the semi-finals.
Looking at it now, how different we are is very obvious to me, and is breaking up makes perfect sense. Sometimes love only i…
it makes perfect sense I've gone in theatre and watched u play
I think it makes perfect sense for Mauer to hit leadoff. Can he hit 2nd and 3rd, too? Just let him re-hit.
Of course, it's all so you don't have to go through notifications for everyone and to have it auto sorted, which makes perfect sense.
States are promoting bigotry and suppressing the rights of citizens, makes perfect sense.
"I don't know where I'd be without you here with me, life with you makes perfect sense. You're my best friend."
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The gag reel from Deadpool could have made it into the movie and made perfect sense. That says a lot about how funny the movie was!
. Well that makes perfect sense now.
Elie Saab is the most beautiful designer and she is the most beautiful woman so this makes perfect sense
The opening segment of is the perfect microcosm of the "New Era":. None of it made any sense, but it was entertaining.
Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and...
I think is designed to be understood live. Just think about each track performed live and it makes perfect sense.
I type "again" and auto correct goes "ago" YES CAUSE THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE
Because First Class was in the 60's, Days Of Future Past in the 70's, Apocalypse in the 80's. Makes perfect sense! https…
Lol Girl shut up!! All I did was state facts now Ima *** rider? Lol makes perfect sense ✌🏽️
You dislike Leni cos she's from LP. You dislike Bongbong cos of Martial Law. Ofcourse, but that makes a perfect sense from your perspective.
it's a radical position, but it's the one I take. And it makes perfect sense. . To see race = racist. 😔
This makes perfect sense. It's also one of the reasons why I voted for BBM. With him as VP the yellowtards would...
This makes perfect sense to me now. He dropped out if the race to retain his position as the zodiac killer.
IT makes perfect sense to enjoy life so make the choice, right now, to enjoy life, before long.
see, I look at you, and this makes perfect sense to me
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Loved your post on frictionless journey! Makes perfect sense for our business. What are next steps?
No everything I said makes 100% perfect sense, there's no such thing as unnatural.
as always you make perfect sense Henry san
Fascinating. Did not know this was possible but makes perfect sense (E-D type 3 here :) )
Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Cold calling is dead. It's always about trust.
Makes perfect sense tbh. If you didn't have to go through a ritual of a valueless speech, you wouldn't. It contextualizes to reality.
Can't forget concert so perfect talent person with sense of humor,bright aura,cute smile and harizma😍 h…
It makes perfect sense. Was there not a lot of opposition at the time? Read a book, get an education.
ah, that makes perfect sense. Sorry for the inconvenience. So 1 day left until there's 2 days left
If Donald trump became president it would make sense. A perfect reflection of where the country is at, oblivious, racist, and…
Someday everything will make perfect sense...until then just keep moving forward.
Walmart didn't give me the job. But they said I was perfect for the job. I love how that makes sense 🙃
makes perfect sense to bomb Syrian oilfields. Cut funding to ISIS.
Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So far now, laugh at…
it does make perfect sense... WJC is glorified shinny already, might as well run with it
totally agree man. This made perfect sense. Don't see that on here much
That said, it makes perfect sense from a money perspective, and money rules all.
151203 Sooyoung - 'Perfect Sense' Event Preview (international day of people with disability)
So we're being tested on illnesses we didn't even learn about in class🤔 okay that makes perfect sense
All the yapping about guns and mental illness makes perfect sense if male privilege + anger issues = mental illness.
The Creed lead was clearly portrayed as a loner. Absence of friends makes perfect sense in film's context
Me too! Edmund's choice made perfect sense. I can't say the real stuff was a total disappointment. Just less chocolate
Love your sense of humor! You can always copy paste into It doesn't need to be perfect.
So Naomi's character is a lesbun huh? Now it makes PERFECT sense why she was into Hakeem.
Xantares randomly times out with 6 frags in 18 rounds, comes back and they win 19-17 and he has like 28. Makes perfect sense
Many people are inspired by the creative sense to arrange perfect timing of climate meeting in Paris with
More I think about it, it wouldn't shock me if the show killed off his son. It would make perfect sense
It makes perfect sense that the first month of winter is dominated by lights trying to stave off depression
Things that make perfect sense, closed minded ppl don't take the time to break down cuz they want their info quick
Rescinding a lease contract: This makes perfect sense. Where your nephew already indicated that he would be looking… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Layering multiple rugs creates a sense of depth in even the smallest of rooms. Find the perfect rugs for your...
♠️. Life isn't always perfect. Life isn't always easy. Life. doesn't always make sense. But that's the beauty of life.
That's hilarious because I had no idea what you were talking about but my reply makes perfect sense lol
Starbucks*My husband's perfect sense of humor*Friends like *People who crack me up, like
Winnie the Pooh's bucket list makes perfect sense to me: (from
that’s fascinating. I wouldn’t have considered it but it makes perfect sense to drop them. I won’t miss them.
Makes perfect sense right? Like going out for a walk and deciding to attack and embassy !
great speech. Perfect example of how brilliant public speaking can contravene common sense. Bombing does not make us safe.
Tom is a chameleon; a top undercover operative. Makes perfect sense to see character changes then the real Jacob
I adore her. She is an amazing wife , mother and has a great sense of humor. Just perfect woman for Chris. X
Endgame these two; with their story it just makes perfect sense 🙏🏻.
Another Teuvo night with Mashinter... Makes perfect sense
So this guy got mad when i told him "Top tear doesn't make sense, but Top TIER makes perfect sense" lol *** said "I aint your students"
yup O makes perfect sense ..unarm citizens. Can't wait till he's out of WH
Perfect Sense is great, so beautifully sad. It's one of those movies I find myself thinking about often.
Some kind of brain tumor in The 3rd Hospital. Terminally ill in My Spring Days. and now blind in Perfect Sense.
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense, Part 1 & 2 via the geatest. i think, anyway.
The signing of Tim Tebow makes perfect sense for Chip, seeing as how he went to Oregon.
I understand there is no perfect person are no perfect administration just want somebody to use their common sense in office
Being imperfect, is my perfect...if that makes sense to you.
So, it's the repetition! Also, it's all kind of formulaic. That makes perfect sense. Y'all so smart.
Summerslam higher tier than Wrestlemania? Yeah that makes perfect sense.
That is perfect non-sense. Your mannequin and 'Real You' can never be the same for your parents. Aum is the 'Life' in Yog.
Makes perfect sense, I mean when you look at miley cyrus when she started twerking everyone started doing it
It makes perfect sense. Mariota starts. Tebow spells on 3rd/4th and 1 and GL. Both run spread. Making D account for QB is Chip
I see! It makes perfect sense. I wonder if she's been to Rehab as much as her sister.
Oh, your a *** So your not attracted to men, but go on date with girls who look like men. that makes perfect sense.
Totally, he meant to throw at that guy's toe in the 2nd inning of a 0-0 game. Makes perfect sense. Smh...
"Life with you makes perfect sense, you're my BestFriend" ❤️😘
Life makes perfect sense with you♡ Your my favorite person and you mean the world to me
This makes perfect sense. Ya know I preordered this months ago and I'd really like to have it but IM NOT PAYING AGAIN
Never did make sense.I mean no girl is perfect, but if she good then why hurt her.
what the heck are you even saying? What I said made perfect sense. Why would I take someone's opinion who is ignorant
But you much cycle better when drunk you are. (That should make perfect sense to you)
I shipped RB and SW first. But to me, from a storytelling perspective, SQ makes perfect sense. Now if Lily had been around S1...
well if ur a kool aid drinking lib it makes perfect sense Otherwise it's just another symptom of insanity.
"One day this all will make perfect sense"
Yeah let me just make my back worse and find your stupid shirts . Makes perfect sense right .
When I heard the perfect country song, "You Never Even Called Me By My Name", I thought, no sense in listening to any more.
well that makes perfect sense ha. I have yet to mess with vagrant. Or vvv. Or whatever it is ;)
makes perfect sense's like a low feeling for me. Because I know better.
: he never knew how to drive, so it makes perfect sense... If you believe he drove that vehicle then it's stupid
B/C kids should be armed that makes perfect sense.
Tebow Hater Logic: The Eagles are now a significantly worse team becauss of Tebow. Yup, makes perfect sense...
"The Message of Christ on the Cross seems silly to those hellbent on destruction, but for those being saved it makes perfect sense" 1Cor1:18
I may not be perfect, but I have what a lot of people don't, and that's a keen sense of spirit, and a third nipple.
The political media just doesn't understand stuff like this, but to most faithful Christians it makes perfect sense http…
.Because we have ONLY Symbolic problems.yeah, makes perfect sense.
well, you're a legend, too. So, it makes perfect sense
Mariota starts. Tebow on 3rd and 4th and 1. 1 system. Chip makes D account for QB as ground weapon. Makes pe…
I hate when u have a dream and it makes perfect sense in ur head but when u try to explain it u can't put it into words.
but its ok because orangutans mean more to me that any wife I have or any child I have. Makes perfect sense
That makes perfect sense. Oh, hang on...
America wants us to low key die makes perfect sense
Tebow move makes perfect sense: Use him as trade bait to get the No. 1 pick & Mariota. Probably don't even have to includ…
Kirsten Dunst as Zelda makes an eerie amount of sense. Like, *perfect* sense. 0_0
This makes Perfect Sense...Barack Obama is most liberal President since Woodrow Wilson...just left of FDR ->
"The Wall", a Norwegian Tribute to Pink Floyd performs "Perfect Sense" in Olavshallen, Trondheim, november 2013. Special thanks to Geir Johansen for video ed...
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense - Parts I And II (Live)...what a great song from a great artist from a great album...amazing me anytime i listen to it!!!from th...
Watch "Perfect Sense" w/ Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. One of the better movies I've seen in years.
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Just finished watching one of the most remarkable and affecting movies I've seen in years! 'Perfect Sense' (2011) - starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. David Mackenzie's film is terrifying (and not a zombie or vampire in sight), shocking and emotional in equal measure. Not to be missed!
Makes perfect sense (if you have no sense), she'd be slapped down so hard her Mamma would feel it.
Awake too early and so of course it makes perfect sense that I'm promising myself that someday, I'll go to TIFF.
Someday, everything will all make perfect sense,
Ha ha - in that case it makes perfect sense!
ur treatise is perfect sense, in addition, the US has probably sold almost all their gold plus that of others eg Germany
"That makes perfect sense.Terrorists come in all sizes and they like to hide in caves."
I've become what a mother wouldn't want in a daughter, and I have done a few things I regret. But practice makes perfect sen…
Like when I'm dreaming I'll be saying something and it makes perfect sense, then I wake up and it can't be put into words. Reality filter
Good read. Makes perfect sense. However, rather than putting the glass down from time to time, I have someone...
But they all think I'm crazy but to me it's perfect sense ♪
Made perfect sense to me at the time :)
When I'm with him,everything makes perfect sense
yes, strangely that makes perfect sense. No more to say. Capachino it is then.
A manager in who doesn't eat chocolate?? Make perfect sense
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100+ is pointless,unless you cable in everything, which makes perfect sense I suppose. Don't see the need for more than 60.
Am I really discussing my love life using food analogies? More importantly, why does it make perfect sense when worded in such a manner?
But well of course :-) That makes perfect sense to me :-) Expanding ones musical horizon is so much fun :-D
Some day everything will make perfect sense.
The whole PAC thing was crazy though and it made perfect sense and no matter who you are you don't want to live in LA
Well, we laughed when Russians started going back to typewriters, but recent reports show it made perfect sense.
oh that's okay. Lady first. So you'll pay. It makes perfect sense.
Makes perfect sense. Hight quality all the way we say. will fit right in with your business.
and use taxis to get to and from work. That makes perfect sense doesn't it. Safer driving with no license.
ok, so penalising the people for the actions of the leaders. Makes perfect sense. .
Under the circumstances, can't argue with that. Makes perfect sense to me. ;-)
“It all made perfect sense, and at the same time, nothing seemed to make sense at all.”
"What? You make no sense it mug." Yes cause that makes perfect sense you weapon!
Someday, everything will make perfect sense👌
and I makes perfect sense all the time
domain names
Maybe I don't make sense or Maybe I make perfect sense. Who knows. I don't.
If I ever go to therapy ever again, remind me to conveniently forget to mention that pyromania makes perfect sense to me.
You make me smile, laugh and happy. With you everything makes perfect sense. ♥♥
HINT. OPPOSITE OF LOWEST. IN CONCLUSION, A FAIRY IS LIKE THE AVATAR. I know that sounds crazy, but it makes perfect sense. Or better than.
you're awake & I'm awake and we aren't communicating? makes perfect sense .
That *** be thinkin he be making perfect sense but no you sound dumb
wish I were Ianto or Tosh Maybe then the Higgs BosonHiggs Field would make perfect sense idio
If I was really tweaked out on some acid this Medicine LP would make perfect sense
Saturday voting makes perfect sense. Not sure why more countries don't do it.
Life with you makes perfect sense, you're my best friend (:
Keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason and someday it will all make perfect sense ;)
The Conjuring was actually so good, made perfect sense... Scary though makes me want to research about the REAL story behind it...
“savanna never makes sense i wanna shoot myself” I make perfect sense what u TALKIN bout
S/o to the anti social people that say their anti social on all their social networks . Makes perfect sense
Yeah you can Like my status but not reply back to my messages THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE !
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Yes that's what I think. The intellect is there just not the correct words although she thinks she's making perfect sense!
So first my mom wakes me up and then she asks if I wanna have breakfast or continue sleeping, yeah makes perfect sense
En route to Exeter therefore it makes perfect sense I took a picture...
There will be a day that everything that is happening right now will make perfect sense to us. God will work it all out, …
give 7,000 students at the 1stof the alphabet their refunds on Friday and not the rest till Monday? makes perfect sense NOT
"I don't like Damon and Elena together they make no sense now Stefan & Elena make perfect sense…
A movie. "Perfect Sense" (2011). Not like anything I expected. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. A great story in my book.
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Memory is stranger, history is for fools... ♫ Perfect Sense, Part I – Roger Waters
Performing at Painted Hills Golf Club in KCK this Friday at 5:30pm and Wil Jenny's in Overland Park, KS this Saturday at 8:30pm for Texas Independence Day! Only 45 2012 "Perfect Sense" CD's left. No plans to duplicate anymore. Once they're gone...they're gone. I will have those for sale.get some:) Thanks and cya soon!
I just watched Perfect Sense with Eva Green and Ewan McGregor in it and my mind is totally blown. O.O
YEP i was just gonna say that and it really makes perfect sense he WOULD do that
Yay! My dad let me rent Pitch Perfect sense Im the only kid home! He loves me more than my brothers(:
They say we are not perfect and we all make mistakes, but I believe that most mistakes could have been avoided by usage of common sense.
Wait, now that I think about it, Pitch Perfect is a really short movie that makes no sense...
I think this made perfect sense. I understood it completely. If i was in a mood.. I would have cried
So my small feet make me cute, makes perfect sense
Being with him just makes perfect sense (:
Some day it'll all make perfect sense.
They all think in crazy but to me its perfect sense
He'd be 3rd highest rated WR in UF class. Not always does a recruits decision make perfect sense. Hope I'm wrong.
Ah! Makes sense now! Will be renting eventually. Pitch Perfect seems fun but very corny. Am I misjudging it?
Life with you makes perfect sense. Your my best friend
So Vine was just a Chinese government hack job, eh? Makes perfect sense now.
Dammit.yes it really does make perfect sense
well that makes perfect sense, ya can't starve yourself. Just cover up the mold spots with peanut butter. Good to go!
7 hour train ride to go to a base thats an hour drive away? The army makes perfect sense
no that makes perfect sense😏 but gurlll I miss you Too! Ill ask kell when she's free from William & we can plan something😋
Ever have one of those feelings that you can't explain to anyone, but it makes perfect sense to yourself??
He treated horrible, but you still hold on. He treated you good, but you let him go. This makes perfect sense.
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ah...that makes perfect sense. I hear most people hear books spoken in their head in their own voice
Yes because it makes perfect sense to switch seats when you're 6 foot something and sit in front of A 5 FOOT GIRL.
why does no one understand how conner's and zatanna's sense of humor are like perfect for a sibling dynamic wHY
Combining the College of Fine Arts and the School of Journalism? Sure, that makes perfect sense!
I LOVED KOL but it makes perfect sense as to why he had to die. I mean Jeremy or Kol. Elena's choice is obvious.
She said no YOLO shyt as crazy as that may sound it makes perfect sense guess you can learn something from a Dummy after all
Yes, bc the inside should be the same temperature as winter weather, yes that makes perfect sense ok dad I will go put a fur coat on.
The tighter he gets, the looser he gets. For some reason that makes perfect sense.
oh so I see ,makes perfect sense now ..
Felt like RPing Piper. Sort of addicted to Greek mythology again. Plus with ti being February makes perfect sense to RP as ~
Why can't i have perfect fashion sense ? The way i match my clothes is like ew .
The weather is a perfect 10 in Gunnison in the summer. It makes sense. :)
"That makes perfect phycological sense" "well it's from a phycologist"
How do people not laugh at Pitch Perfect? Like do you not have a sense of humor?
Your name makes perfect sense. 'mono' meaning one. You are the 'one'real change to the team this transfer window. HOLA NACHO!
hey Geo look Gabriela is on fire tonight now start commenting cus i miss our 200+ comment posts Gabriela: omg alec Gabriela: aleec* Gabriela: srry Gabriela: cuz if i rite alec Gabriela: its THE alec from Mortal Instruments Gabriela: and hes liek 19 Gabriela: and *** nyan: close enough Gabriela: and with a magician Gabriela: and a shadowhunter Gabriela: so NO Gabriela: ur aleec Gabriela: EE Gabriela: and hes just alec Gabriela: E Gabriela: cuz ur way more awesome than he Gabriela: but i liek u both Gabriela: so Gabriela: ... Gabriela: ok im done Gabriela: Gabriela: i wrote liek a poem here Gabriela: just fo u aleec Gabriela: a haiku Gabriela: cuz theres no rime Gabriela: u missed me didnt u nyan: omg a tear just fell nyan: u wrote me a haiku Gabriela: i wrote fo both of us Gabriela: Gabriela: ofc aleec nyan: its the nicest thing someone wrote to me lately nyan: and yiss i missed u Gabriela: post it on fb Gabriela: nao Gabriela: and tag oeg too Gabriela: cuz i liek her 2 Gabriela: and i miss our fricking st ...
Sharks win! :) Best in the NHL at the moment (7-0). Great way to start the short season.
"The Coyotes will still be playing here tomorrow and our objectives will remain the same." - Bill Daly Guys I know it *** and we were really hoping to close this, but come on, this is hockey the hard way! NHL and Gary Bettman are not going to just give up now, heck, it looks like Jamison is not going to give up. When any of us have attempted to put together $170 million worth of investors, then we can talk trash and point fingers. We should be thanking Jamison and Bettman for continuing to fight to keep our team here. They could pick up an d ship them off to Canada tomorrow and be making big bucks, but they have faith in our franchise. We have come too far to give up now. Who cares what the ignorant Quebecers say! Did they not hear what Daly said today!? They have NO PLANS on relocating a team there. Keep supporting our team! Keep spreading the word of how great our team is! We are a pack and we have to stay together. Let's join our guys in forgetting about this for now and focusing on the game. Remembe . ...
Too funny I really had someone trying to tell me my pits are 100 pure bred. Wow!!
Max Richter's original for the motion picture 'Perfect Sense (2011)' is a must listen. Actually the whole film is amazing.
No Price tonight, No problem, look out Sens, the Budajball is gonna stimy ya's
Wow, GREAT drama in the Capital with this gun control debate. Graham: best way to stop a shooter at school is to have a security guard or cop gun him down. Yeah, ask the folks at Columbine. Wayne LaPierre: "Background checks are only 98% effective, so why bother?! We should only consider PERFECT solutions." “The problem with gun laws is criminals don’t cooperate with them” -- Wayne LaPierre, making the case against every law about everything.
Sen. Rand Paul voted for John Kerry as Sec. of State.what is up with that?!! Kerry gave horrible answers to Rand's questions, but Rand still voted for him.
Perfect example of America's obsession with food - I'm watching a US sports feed of the Sens game vs. Washington and the American announcers keep calling the puck a biscuit. When they score it will be all gravy so the hockey game will be biscuits and gravy ha ha ha Oh Amerika
Almost A Whisper, one of my most favorite song from Yanni. From the three versions, I still can't decide which one I like best as each has its own charm. I d...
So if we planned to do a meet up with as many members of this page as possible. Would somewhere in west Ottawa work for everyone? Would be required to sign up in advance. Would likely be an evening during the week.
do you think its acceptable to be calling me ugly on It does hurt you know and it makes me feel more and more insecure.. please stop? Thankyou.
If I got terminated because of something super rush and I don't have much knowledge on it...It is fair? We'll if this is the end of the Road for me, then GOD has its purpose for me...GOD I leave it all to you...
Am with u yah Rabi pls perfect my ways and alway d lead of my life
Argh Cali -May 2am then 4am now 630am little stink bum. No wonder I'm always tired this kid won't give up till she's planted between us, she's looking very satisfied right now grinning at me, Im trying so hard at this tuff love thing but failing miserably.
As I do art research and perusing the new books at work here I run across so many gems of beauty. I get many of these online as I look for good images of favorite artists.
So how many of you have enjoyed watching ZGH 9th episode. i loved watching kashaf and zaroon fight sequences and i believe Sanam and fawad did a superb job in few scenes... specially where kashaf had a fight in library, in the very next scene where she cried was shown very beautifully... reg FK, well he was brilliant in a scene at terrace right after fight scene where he tried to control his anger. few other characters remained same... special mention to Mehreen and Ayesha.. but overall i enjoyed watching FK and Sanam. your take on epi? [Admin - Fatima]
It's Australia day and I'm on the couch streaming Jets Vs penguins... perfect.
Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are "I Love You, "I'm Sorry", and "Help Me". Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in. To all my friends who are going through some issues right now--Let's start an intention avalanche. We all need positive intentions right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know ...
Can't wait for PK to get traded get out of here while you can! go somewhere where you can be yourself and have fun! We are not ready for a talent like you.
VEGAS Familia, Beware!!! I will be coming home briefly in May to gather up the rest of our prize positions to bring them back to Phuket! Cant wait to see you all! X
" Elle est grosse OMG pas moyen de lui faire la cour " - Wait By Night - Sexion D'assaut. " You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me " - Little Things - One Direction. Les premier son vénérés comme des dieux vivants avec des chansons " TrOôopP SwWâàg". Tandis-ce que les seconds sont considérés comme des tapettes sans talent. Je sais pas vous, mais moi je préfère les tapettes. ( Je haie les SA --' )
When friends turn and say ur somthing u hate yet you try to explain and the still don't get it and they say ur attions *** or this or that like sorry for not being perfect people don't make sens
Off to church. I dont even believe in God anymore. I have no reason to. But i'm going for the free food an my kidss have the rights to make they own decision...but there is no god.
Too much , Too fast... I guess i've been scared and i'm letting go that train. It wasn't meant for me !
Game time tonight folks, let's go Bruins!!!
In this world no one is pure and perfect,if you avoid people for their mistakes, u are going live judge less and love more.
This morning the MS House Ed Committee voted 16-14 to adopt a public charter school bill. (HB369) Next the bill moves to the full House for a vote by all reps. This House bill is a little weaker than the Senate’s bill because it allows C-rated districts veto power over any charter school application, but it is still a good place to start. For the 1st time the committee has not blocked the public's right to let their representatives have a real discussion and get a real up-or-down vote on the important issue of charter schools to help our kids. If you have not contacted your House rep, to make your wishes known, PLEASE call & express your opinion on public charter schools. If you don't know how to do it, message me and I will do my best to find you their name/number. It needs to be done immediately today or tomorrow. Help this House bill pass by calling your representative! Hopefully, here's the bill:
There’s a Sacred Sisterhood available to us as women. It’s rich and profound and it has the power to literally save your life. It did mine.
M not syin galz a perfect,bcoz we ol knw datz not TRUE,but Y b unfaithful 2 her if she waz true 2 u.
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Harrowing, surreal and poetic, Perfect Sense, directed by David Mackenzie, details the end of the world via loss of the senses, one at a time.
Perfect Sense is a 2011 British drama film, starring Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Big Fish) and the lovely Eva Green (Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven, Dark Shadows), that is set in modern day Glasgow, Scotland. The film has received very mixed reviews from film critics and the audience.
I like The Dreamers, An Education, Perfect Sense, Tristan & Isolde, Never Let Me Go and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
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add Perfect Sense to the movie list I gave you, Eva Green is brilliant in it.
We all watched a great film on BBC iPlayer this week: Perfect Sense. Stars Ewan McGregor. See it if you can.
I've just watched Perfect I have an urgent need for fresh air, to feel the autumn sun on my face, to hug someone
Ah just watched 'Perfect Sense' with Eva Green and Ewan McGregor - such a *** good film :-D
Perfect Sense on iplayer on bbc2. Best film I have seen in a while. Ewan McGregor & set in Glasgow too. ;)
i love you Ewan McGregor but not Perfect Sense,please watch some Kim Ki-duk movies , see the real sense of love.
Sat night flicks: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Retired Brits in India. Good. Perfect Sense - Senses lost one by one, society crumbles. Good
I watched a movie called Perfect Sense with Eva Green last night and teared up a little at the end. Doesn't happen often. Good movie.
I rarely make movie recommendations because everyone's taste is different but if you want something unique, rent "Perfect Sense". An apocalyptic love story starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. Brilliantly written, directed, scored, sound designed and acted. One of those that will stick with you long after watching and make you appreciate what you have while you still have it.
Wow, that actually makes perfect sense. BRAIN = BLOWN.
how does it not make sense?! It makes perfect sense.! Maybe if you read it better you'd understand!
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things just don't make sense. Obama's groomers & actions place him in the perfect place in history for Islamic takeover of USA
I never really understood a lot of things when I was younger, but now everything makes perfect sense.
Yeah it makes perfect sense that you can have the only ethernet cord and chat with ur bf while i do your job for you. I dont have hw to do..
It makes perfect sense that you're a kereru man, Angus. Another win for 'dogs resembling their owners' theory
So I wanna post a quote as my status, but it's really long. So I think I'll post it as a comment on this status. Cause, ya know, that makes perfect sense.
Why do celebs do stupid things IRL, then use the "I am not perfect" defense? We didn't ask you to be PERFECT, we just hoped you had SENSE.
I mean it makes perfect sense. I leave=skinny Kevin. Can you say obvious?
cheetah print dress. There's a TON of cheetahs in Hawaii. Makes perfect sense to me
I am so tired I'm not even tired anymore. Yep. Makes perfect sense to me.
My heart is going through a struggle that one day will make perfect sense.
Yeah cause that makes perfect sense
You make no sense . i make perfect sense.
He hates me so much that he's cuddle in my arms? Makes perfect sense.
That moment when everything makes perfect sense
The only style that makes perfect sense.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My girlfriend asked me to post a picture on Instagram, rather than send it to her...MAKES PERFECT SENSE. SOR
Ohh so your gunna come and beat my *** to cheer me up? MAKES PERFECT SENSE
Your Friendship Algorithm is outstanding. Makes perfect sense.
The lyrics don't make sense. His voice is obnoxious. But that one line is so perfect I overlook everything else.
I must be a British-American (why wasn't I told?) because both views made perfect sense to me.
Life with you makes perfect sense, your my best friend.
Everything in my mind has relevance and makes perfect sense.
yes Quinn is a *** she got into Yale and maintained a perfect GPA while being pregnant and crazy and depressed that ...
Life with you made perfect sense until I watched you walk away from it all.
I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be but most stuff is common sense
It doesnt have to make perfect sense, none at all!! For replacing your feelings...
Wake Me Up When September Ends...of course, September is the Illuminatis favprite month, song makes perfect sense
I believe that everything happens for a reason because someday everything will make perfect sense.
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