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Perez Hilton

Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. (born March 23, 1978), better known as Perez Hilton (a play on Paris Hilton ), is an American blogger and television personality.

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Perez Hilton has 3 kids.. Perez Hilton is Cuban.. so I must live under a rock
Perez Hilton announces the birth of his third baby via surrogate - Daily Mail
We've come a long way from suing me in 2005! Thanks for this, guys! All ❤️!
“I always thought Perez Hilton was a girl.” -as she realizes that Perez and Paris Hilton are not the same person.
I hate Perez Hilton. Why is he still a thing? What does he do other than run a couple of blogs? His face just annoys me. RIGGED!
“Mayte Amor waited until 41 weeks to make her fashionably late arrival,” he wrote on Instagram
Surrogates are becoming mainstream, as we walk away I think this would be a good option to have kids. .
star Perez Hilton welcomes his third child by surrogate... and she has an incredible name
Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is a father for the third time via surrogacy.
The final round of a "Celebrity" game show on Food Network features Perez Hilton against Barbara Jean from Reba.
Perez Hilton literally looks like an ape mid evolve
Further, is Perez Hilton gonna win worst cooks in America?
Seriously legendary. Also back in the day a Perez Hilton post would have never been approved.
Thank you to all who reached out with love and concern over my needed social media break. So happy to announce... https…
WOW! It doesn't get any bigger than this! A beautiful article from proper!! The mothership!! GRACIAS!
Hugs to you, Thanks for sharing the love!   10% Off
Perez Hilton becomes father for 3rd time -
Perez Hilton welcomes third child, and reveals unusual name
ANOTHER article about how Mayte is an "unusual" name. Latinos be like... 😹😹😹 
Tyler Oakley, Lohanthony, Perez Hilton, and Alexander Goldschmidt all need to go on the Titanic together
Did me & Perez Hilton just roast Jake Paul together
Perez Hilton and Ross Mathews hanging out in . WATCH:
Because of early-2000's Perez Hilton, I can never say Evan Rachel Woods' name properly 😭
Perez Hilton: Tel Aviv Pride a beacon of hope and acceptance in the Middle East
"I threw my phone across the room at you". Me: catches phone. Me: texts myself. Me: follows myself. Me: unfollows Perez Hilton. Me…
LOL no body knows who Katie Hopkins is? I am American I know her, She gave the best beat…
I download the video on youtube when greyon perform in perez hilton and then i converted it to mp3 :)
Perez Hilton is the POS who spread that rumor about Ariana hating her fans... & now he's supporting her LOVE she's ALWAYS had for them 🤔mhmm
comments and vicious opinions. Perez Hilton posted a photo of Val and Wes with a huge white X over them. Every night, 1189
Perez Hilton liked my ish. I feel special now 😁...Change like a chameleon. 🦎
Ben Rothenberg is really the Perez Hilton of tennis. Such a shame.
"Newsweek, Perez Hilton, and Fortune, claimed that the President’s personal account gained 5…
On the low this looks like Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton being gross!. Perez Hilton has fake hair and kids. 🤡
No it proves once again, Perez Hilton is a fool.
My latest podcast is out early! Hear The Perez Hilton Podcast with on or ht…
NEW SHOW: ‘The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton’ premieres tonight at 9p ET on Fox News Channel!
Gossiping is not "savage". It's feminine. Flat out. It don't make you a thug or hard. You ain't a banger. You're Perez Hi…
Wait what I thought Perez Hilton is a fancy way to say Paris Hilton! Whoops
You and Perez Hilton are headed to *** God chose Trump, He told his prophet in 2007, every word of the prophecy has com true
if u want Perez Hilton's account suspended
Please only listen to confirmed reports. When people like Perez Hilton spread unconfirmed information it only worsens the…
Perez Hilton's comments about BTS' sexuality angers fans
Y'all think anyone will punch Wendy Williams the way wyclef punched Perez Hilton.?
Perez Hilton reveals what he told Taylor Swift regarding her silence on Trump and the
"What is Perez Hilton up to these days?" "Paris or Perez?" "I didn't know there were two..." - Dan 😱😳
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
That time when Perez Hilton & the late great Pete Burns appeared in Vengaboys music video, Rocket To Uranus!
Human effluent Perez Hilton atempts to cash in on George Michael's death. The *** community should
2016 is taking everyone except Perez Hilton, Donald Trump, Tomi Lahren and Selena Gomez
RIP George Michael. What the *** 2016! Can we do swapsies for Perez Hilton or someone else annoying and ridiculous?!
“Perez Hilton, Wendy Williams, she was on her road to being one of those people.” ~ on Nicole Milfie.
are we really gonna overlook Salacious Crumb? The Perez Hilton of the Jundland Wastes??
Perez Hilton returning to go against Bear. Oh I can't wait.
Kayla : Perez Hilton is the father . Liz: why is it a girl?. Kayla: .
My mechanic makes David Puddy look like Perez Hilton.
I'm bisexual and support lgbt rights but the sight of guys like Tyler Oakley and Perez Hilton make me want to commit hate…
At least Bill splurged and didn't get Chaz Bono or Perez Hilton to officiate his wedding.
EXCLUSIVE! Kick back & relax with acoustic version of Kickin' Back!
I know "Bionic" isn't Christina's best album, but the way Perez Hilton was so obsessed with dragging her during that era was disgusting.
can y'all let me replace Perez Hilton? I'm free at 8:50 AM every weekday. 💖
What's worse than watching Meghan Trainor perform? . Perez Hilton introducing Pitbull.
I just saw the horror movie Most Likely To Die and was so happy to see Heather Morris, but so mad seeing Perez Hilton
work that I am proud of. I am not going to sell my soul for National Inquirer, TMZ, People, Perez Hilton, E! dollars. whatever.
lol blocking this acc along with Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton is just a hater. If you know you're not going to like something why go and listen to it. Or comment on it. He's still bitter
Beautifully said, though there is a tradeoff...this guy is the Perez Hilton for the world of sex tapes! Love "The Fireman", BTW!
And he even was on Perez Hilton CURSING OUT the woman the BLACK WOMAN writes for his show. 👉🏥
Perez Hilton is a literal disgrace to the world. He makes a fortune off of destroying the lives of people and ruining their careers.
Can Perez Hilton do me a favor and stop commenting on all of Brit's Instas he's so creepy leave her alone
please, don't use Perez Hilton as a source, he's super trash and super pressed
Check out the new artists on PEREZ HILTON PRESENTS: POP UP
Perez Hilton is full of hate. Smh no wonder he's been single his whole life.
Check out all my personal photos of the week HERE:
at least i dont look like Perez Hilton
I was literally referring to myself as "the next perez hilton" & "iconic" at 800 followers. People believed it cuz I exud…
What a CRAZY week!!!. While you would have thought that Hillary Clinton's triumpha...
and Perez Hilton was in it for some stupid reason too lmao
So. Over. Trump. Listen to this and more from The Perez Hilton Podcast on or directly at
So. Over. Trump.: He's reached Kardashian level — only worse!. Listen to this and more from The PHP: Perez Hil...
The ladies have found continued success. But 1 of Glee's best, poor Heather Morris, is on with Perez Hilton as a co-star. Sad
Jason Lee wants to be Perez Hilton so bad
look at the fools that liked the picture. Kris Jenner and Perez Hilton.
of course Kris Jenner and Perez Hilton liked this
Pleassse notice that both Perez Hilton and Kris Jenner liked it. White ppl have no shame.
That's my guess, especially with Kris Jenner and Perez Hilton listed as liking it. But won't care. 🐝🐝
this is fake lol! But I love that whoever did this try to drag Kris Jenner and Perez Hilton into it too.
And predictably, Perez Hilton plays dumb. And Kris Jenner really has nerve. Her whole claim to fame is black culture
you want me to save Marc Jacobs, Kris Jenner. and Perez Hilton?
Yes to Frenchie Davis.but Perez Hilton?? Doesn't he make a living by bullying celebrities on his blog? 😐
Perez Hilton - Your first look at Sarah Jessica Parker's new TV...
Frankie Grande is third in. Imagine if you cross bred Perez Hilton, Louie Spence and Jedward. This tool would be the result.
He's like the love child of Perez Hilton and Louie spence🙄
a nation can't grasp without the opinions of Mark Critch and Perez Hilton
So Donald Trump called terrorism on Flight 804 without doing any vetting first. He has a Perez Hilton comment section task force at work.
"Iggy Azalea, Perez Hilton, an associate editor at Vice, Lil Kim" you're famous!!
Don't forget to check out "Most Likely to Die" this Friday the 13th and our interviews with Anthony DiBlasi & Perez Hilton
I liked a video Trevor Donovan interviewed by Perez Hilton
Jamie Laing, Perez Hilton, Rylan Clark have cameos in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Reveal
Are we sure that Rita Skeeter wasn't based on Perez Hilton?
VIDEO: Perez Hilton and Ross Mathews hanging out in
Mike Tyson is a MUCH better actor than Perez Hilton. Trust me.
No one cares what meth head, media *** Perez Hilton says. Your opinion is irrelevant.
Mike is the Perez Hilton of comedy. He can't get famous doing comedy, so he bashes comedian's to get attention
I can't either. He says horrible things so I shouldn't be surprised he wrote that Sarandon piece that Perez Hilton shared... xo
How do I get you to dance with me on my vlog? Gloria Estefan, Jerry Mitchell, and Perez Hilton have already done it. NOW YOU?
Had to pull Perez Hilton aside and get my Delious selfie! Tony photo bombing me!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
lmao you still look good. Depending on what I ate 48hrs prior I either look like Jake Gylenhaal, Perez Hilton or Drake 🙃
Trying to click Perez Hilton link re: John Legend & Chrissy Tiegen, phone shut down & restarted. I hear you God, I'll go back to college.
"Back in 2006, Perez Hilton outed both Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris." wow
Perfect response. "Why you shouldn't be ashamed of bathing with your kids, despite the Perez Hilton controversy: https…
my friend says Perez Hilton can go straight to *** 😂
Perez Hilton is so awesome that people here in BRAZIL read his site! He is Worldwide, he is internacional. YOU GO !!!
After seeing what Perez Hilton looks like I see why he feels the need to put other people down. Anyone that ugly is bound to be insecure.
Perez Hilton had to start somewhere
Check out exclusive interview with on how he is using his stardom to inspire others!
I still feel like cbb2015 with Perez Hilton was the best one out there
of course it's made up. It was on Perez Hilton & he quoted the daily mail 😐😑
Why do Dan wotton and Perez Hilton look like the same dry, bleached ***
😂 timeline was lit throughout. I'm still not forgetting the madness of Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins
In the clip of Emma earlier she referred to the series as "Lee Ryan's" and "Michelle Visage's and Perez Hilton's"
The first time I actually agree with Perez Hilton
SO MUCH DRAMA! We talk about EVERYTHING on our latest podcast! Out now! Listen at & https:…
Did a search for "respect" in our photo system. First image to come up was Perez Hilton.
I'm sad that the LGBT+ community have Perez Hilton and Frankie Grande. They're such an embarrassment to the whole community.
I dont slander ahsan for a week and this *** done turned into Perez hilton
ThePerezHilton: Fear, guilt and life! Can U relate???
Time Warner Cable eyes Hulu deal to stop cord cutters from watching new TV shows: As Perez Hilton explains, th...
Fear, Guilt & Life!! Can U Relate???: From Perez:. "I've been going through a lot lately. . This is where my hea...
Perez Hilton and Dan Wootton are definitely related
Perez Hilton is so irrelevant and I don't understand why celebrities even talk to him.
the article originates from DailyMail, but this version is Perez Hilton.
And what, exactly, would be the mascot? Perez Hilton? (PH, JK)
Wow thanks!! Everybody else needs to get on board now!
I'd study the background comeup stories of TMZ , Perez Hilton/or any large televized gossip show. I'm sure they started like u
.thinks he needs more than one set of for tomorrow! Get the podcast now!
Perez Hilton will die and I just hope his mom takes a garbage bag and shoves his lifeless ugly body in it and burns it.
The one with Dappy, Jim, Evander Holyfield or Perez Hilton, Katie Hopkins them two series were wavey.
"She's become this caricature of whom she thinks Jennifer Lawrence should be" not so fond of
I'm marrying This is happening!! Get all the details on my latest podcast at htt…
Perez Hilton needs to be stopped and put back in his cage asap
yup. HuffPo recognized the union yesterday. Gawker folded Io9 into Gizmodo & turned Jezebel into Perez Hilton after theirs
Perez Hilton was being victimised on last years CBB, better blame it on racism. You guys are pathetic
Perez Hilton and azealia banks on my tl?
Well this is the craziest episode of celeb big brother ever. And that includes all the episodes with Perez Hilton
Making A Murderer's Steven Avery Files For Appeal!: Could this be the break he needs?!. Ma... Perez Hilton Gossips
These housemates are outraged. Didn't they watch Katie Hopkins & Perez Hilton last year
Nobody has stood up to the plate as well as Perez Hilton did yet and I'm disappointed.
Ayoze Perez Hilton to score the winner.
I always think you're talking about Perez Hilton
Before Perez Hilton, TMZ and all them, there was MISS RONA!
"You're making me feel stupid for watching this."is not impressed by Ricky Gervais at
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Are YOU Over Jennifer Lawrence Too?: So done with J. Law! We explain the many reasons why on our latest podcast…
"It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark"--LtoR: Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson and Perez Hilton as hi
Perez Hilton discusses the moment host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.
Miss Universe judge, Perez Hilton: Steve Harvey ‘just didn’t do his job well’
Not holding back! judge Perez Hilton had THIS to say about Miss Colombia:
Miss Universe judge Perez Hilton wants Steve Harvey back as host:
Miss Universo 2015 Pia Wurtzbach with the judges: Emmitt Smith, Olivia Culpo, Niecy Nash and Perez Hilton ,missuniv…
thats actually the only time i don't wanna punch Perez Hilton.
but it's Perez Hilton. Would we expect anything less? That's why I got him blockt.
"She says all these amazing things but doesn't walk the walk" - Perez Hilton on Lady Gaga... I'm embarrassed for him ht…
Remember when Perez Hilton said Lady Gaga latches on to people, uses them then dumps them?
if Ya didn't know Perez Hilton liked my post on metaphorically dragging him into his grave
Pérez Hilton died the world would be a better place
If Perez Hilton got hit by a truck and died I'd probably send flowers to the truck.
Who is Perez Hilton? 😂 Stop. It just show how search your "5 seconds of fame" 😂😂God bless you man. Leave her alone.
"Perez Hilton just posted this about Selena
Perez Hilton just posted this about Selena
More like Perez-ident Hilton, if I have any say in the matter!
Hey just a daily reminder that Perez Hilton is absolute garbage :)
So far I've been blocked by Perez Hilton, Danielle staub, Jonathan cheban, and Spencer Pratt... Who's next?
- The only way I'd watch this , is if Simon Cowell, Jay-Z, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga, Lorde, & Pete Burns were contestants.
Y now it's time for the Futurology show starring Perez Hilton. Oh, Cheryl Ladd.
Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I cannae breathe! Perez Hilton just liked my Instagram videos...
Shall we freak out about how Perez Hilton bathes his son?: by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Perez ...
If you've never bathed your kids there is sometime wrong with you, if you look at Perez Hilton photo and see abuse you are sick in the head.
Celebrity blogger and former big brother contestant openly *** Perez Hilton under fire for…
Trump hired *** bigot Perez Hilton to attack Christian Carrie Prejean in MissUSA 4 her no *** marriage
Why do people make a big deal that Perez Hilton was at the Madonna concert? In who's mind is this actual news? I would be ashamed actually
Perez Hilton: "Katy Perry will be irrelevant soon. Once you're over thirty you become irrelevant.". ..Explain this? ht…
Remember when I heard Perez Hilton was rumoured for and I went days thinking Paris Hilton was going in lol
Little Giant Ladders
None of the other band members officially announced that their children were born. An adorable photo might pop up, but nothing was ever mentioned on the band's website. Seth didn't have to post a photo but he did. Why does an official announcement need to happen? Will Jennifer Carpenter's fans not be happy unless news of the baby is mentioned in some tabloid rag? She's D-list anyway... The story would only make Perez Hilton and JustJared.
People I don't want to hear opinions from again:. 1. Piers Morgan. 2. Wendy Williams. 3. Raven Symone. 4. Perez Hilton
.and they scrape it off on the ground? What was scraped off = Perez Hilton.
Like why does Taylor wanna be friends with Alex Gold when he hates her fans? Why does she like Perez Hilton?
Substitute Rick Dees for Perez Hilton and it’s 1981.
Jim Davidson defo has. Don't know about Freddie Starr. Only one I watched properly was recent with Perez Hilton. That was ace.
I never noticed how Dave Holmes sort of looks like Perez Hilton...
Perez Hilton and I went to Las Vegas and guess what happened?...
I added a video to a playlist Candace Cameron interviewed by Perez Hilton
Pro-vaccination dad Perez Hilton plans Father's Day at home - LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sunday will be Perez Hilton's fir...
I added a video to a playlist Darshelle Jones-Raymond-Usher-Perez Hilton
I liked a video from Darshelle Jones-Raymond-Usher-Perez Hilton
Isn't Perez Hilton white and cis and *** and massively homophobic? Tyler Oakley? Why are white cis *** boys the most homophobic lmao
I'm sorry for sounding like Perez Hilton here, but how can Jim Parsons and Will Wheaton be 42? They look my age!
I am SO GLAD *** of Thrones” is back on Jonathan is always serving up some George RR Martin-meets-Perez Hilton realness!
Kris Jenner and Perez Hilton in cold war of words following her silence on Bruce jenner sex ch
This makes the feud between Perez Hilton and seemingly everybody else in the house look a bit pathetic...
Perez Hilton Shade "I feel bad for that poor bandwagon... Trying its hardest to fit everyone""
have you seen their latest video, with Perez Hilton and Margret Cho? they also wrote the song :)
Perez Hilton doing Celebrity Big Brother? Can't wait for him to drag Gaga on live television. And praise Rihanna.
I'm blocked by Amber Rose, Benzino, Lala, Chopper, I was blocked by Joe Budden, Perez Hilton, Katie Got Bandz, and probably others
Wow today has been great I made it on E news and Perez Hilton's page and many more plus my fav Harry potter fan page followed me
the last opinion you should care about is NB. that's like a VS model caring what Perez Hilton thinks. It just doesn't add up
So has Perez Hilton slammed Naughty Boy yet, bc I'd actually praise him if he did..
I don't like Perez Hilton but he called out naughty boy on his lies so bless him
why the duck is Perez Hilton on this episode
You can’t be Darren Rowse and Perez Hilton at the same time!
also ask her about what her goals as a plastic surgeon are. I think I heard her right on Perez Hilton? 😁😂
AUDIO: on Out of Bounds talking Hilton Head & previewing the RBC Heritage w/-
okay your hilarious and pretty and I hate you but I love you i have mixed emotions I blame perez hilton
that was from like February 2012 I saw that on a perez hilton website 3 days ago ded
Zayn will not present an award at MTV Awards! How stupid can you be if you believe Perez Hilton
You eat at Denny's with Perez Hilton. You order macaroni and turkey ramen combination.
Want the lastest dirt on Hollywood? Perez Hilton is gonna give it to you coming up shortly right here on i101
Gaga revoked Perez Hilton's ticket to her show at Roseland Ballroom tomorrow.
i know right whats more sad is that she uses Hollywood life and perez Hilton as her backup to explain her reciepts how sad.
Since imet i.i hadmad respect 4 ueven had some back& forths w perez hilton aboutu lol ty again 4 thepic
guys please know that I absolutely despise Perez Hilton
lol, right? oh, btw Wim Vander Zalm on that page looks like Perez Hilton, that is ... if u squint a little bit.
I should just be the Perez Hilton of gca
That Becky Who vine with Camila reminds me of that vine of that guy flipping off Perez Hilton omg
According to Perez Hilton Zayn is presenting at the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow,
Celebrities about Charlie: . Perez Hilton mentioned about Charlie:).I'm so happy for him. Beagles Rule
Why is Perez Hilton writing about my band. 😒
Zayn Malik might be presented April 12 to "MTV Movie Awards 2015" but MTV has not yet confirmed their attendance, accordin…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Today I'm 26! Just found out I also share a birthday with Mo Farah, Chaka Khan, Russell Howard and Perez Hilton..Well you can't have it all!
THOSE were the famous people they chose that share my birthday? What about Joan Crawford, Ric Ocasek, Perez Hilton, Amanda Plummer...
Perez Hilton nd Kelly Osborne get eaten by sharks 😆
Perez Hilton is angry at Dolce and Gabbana because he can't stand people who talk crap about other people.
Probably my best cool celeb story from my musician days was the time I drunkenly accosted Taylor Hanson at a Perez Hilton party in Austin TX
um...Michael Strahan on the Oscars telecast. ..why??? Can we expect Perez Hilton as a sideline reporter at a NFL game next year?
We had Katie Hopkins, Katie Price and Perez Hilton locked away, and THEY WERE LET OUT!?! No wonder ISIS hates us.
Katy Perry video chat with Perez Hilton: and ❤
Will the real Perez Hilton please stand up? via
Celebrity Big Brothers Perez Hilton blames the EDITING for viewers negative ... He has been dubbed Br…
Got to love stand up against the biggest in history Perez Hilton to the last minute of the show!
Double standards much? Azealia Banks definitely is trash of the same kind as Perez Hilton. (see the irony here?)
'You're disgusting!' James Jordan enters Celebrity Big Brother and slams Perez Hilton as 'vile'
➟ CBBs Michelle Visage and Calum Best lead the celebrations as Perez Hilton is ... 458
Christmas Dinner 2014 with Perez and J.R. Hilton: Aw❤❤❤❤ and his son
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Celeb Big Brother: Nadia Sawalha and Perez Hilton arrive for the finale. Photo by: David Fisher/REX
Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton claims he ‘needs a therapist’ after the house left him broken Celebrity B…
Perez Hilton gets a dinner invite from star
Perez Hilton is 'like thrush' according to Katie Hopkins
Perez Hilton does seem like an incredible ***
Don't see why The Sun give out at Perez Hilton doing his radio show from the BB House when Katie Hopkins was allowed to write her column 😂
“Why a certain CBB star made our villain list THREE times in a row: 😂😂
Lance Bass, in our Love & Marriage special issue: "Perez Hilton bullied me to come out"
That's just wrong. Seriously. Sometimes I don't think it's not about what you are but who you are. I'm a *** man...
If Perez Hilton shades Ariana on what she wears to the Grammys I'm a kill a ***
you don't believe me when I say I'm like the Perez Hilton of our school, I know everything
You need to investigate why C5 Celebrity Big Brother allowed Katie Hopkins to bully Perez Hilton live on TV. It's DISGUSTING
At what age to people start liking Granny Smith apples 😷 They're like the Perez Hilton of apples : REPUGNANT.
They played Born This Way when Perez Hilton was evicted from the Big Brother House 😂😂😂
Katie Hopkins comparing Perez Hilton to thrush! My opinion on that woman has certainly changed! F**king hilarious!
Perez Hilton doing his impression RT"I wish Perez had been beheaded
Perez Hilton and Dustin Diamond aka Screech, in a house together, Hopefully they would kill each other
Perez Hilton compares Celebrity Big Brother experience to 'living with AIDS'
CBB's Michelle Visage: 'Perez Hilton tried to cut me with LGBT comments'
Perez Hilton blames EDITING for negative reaction to him in via
'Claustrophobia and sleeping pills': Celebrity Big Brother evictee Perez Hilton reveals all to Loose - SEE MORE:
Perez Hilton definitely looks like ron perlman.
When I speak in English I sound like Lindsay Lohan's smoky *** but when I speak in Tagalog I sound like Perez Hilton's bitter *** :/
Paul Merson reminds me so much of Perez Hilton,both are absolute bellends.
Perez Hilton looks like Ron Perlman on crack.
Snow? Earthquakes? Perez Hilton? Where's Dennis Quaid when you need him?
Perez Hilton has just described as a 'wonderful mum'. Ironic that he said THIS about her then
Do you think Perez Hilton's place in CBB is fixed? I voted YES in the poll! Have your say:
Read what Alan Carr has to say about Celebrity Big Brother's Perez Hilton. Chatty Man star is not a fan of gossip...
BREAKING: Perez Hilton walks out of Celebrity Big Brother... (or has he?)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
(Picture: Channel 5) Perez Hilton has left the Big Brother House. Repeat: Perez Hilton has left the Big Brother House. No need to get excited though… Well actually, this could get ruddy hilarious. The celeb blogger has been sent from the house and into the bedsit next door to spy on the other housemates. Ooh it’s all about to get good. [ 48 more words. ]
Perez Hilton has bizarre 'mother earth' diary room moment, saying ''suck on my t*t all you want''
Got told I look like Perez Hilton last night. :) :) :)
I don't think Perez Hilton is trying hard enough in the attention-seeking stakes.
I like Michelle, Katie Hopkins, Keith and Callum. Perez Hilton...Jesus Christ, what is he on?
“OMG guys, has WALKED from the house. Kinda. why give him more attention
List of things has done that qualifies him as an awful human being - That is some list.
Can't believe Perez Hilton has walked from Celebrity Big Brother.
"Perez Hilton has WALKED from the house - watch the housemates' reaction -
". Perez Hilton promises MORE drama after surviving eviction in Celebrity Big Brother. ...
Perez Hilton has WALKED from the CBB house
In your quest to from a do not exploit the spotlight like Perez Hilton via
Watch Perez Hilton STRIP down revealing dinosaur UNDERPANTS as Alicia Douvall is evicted from Celebrity Big Brother house. Earlier in the evening the house o...
We every time Perez Hilton comes on the TV
Nik Nak from The Man With The Golden Gun is now just happy to be at home with his dad Perez Hilton.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Look, Perez Hilton as NOT walked out of Big Brother.
Katie Hopkins leaves CBB after she thinks she beat Perez Hilton after he was fake evicted.
'He won't be returning' housemates in shock as they are told has WALKED OUT
so excited to see this film dedicated to Perez Hilton!
Perez Hilton makes shock exit as CBB housemates are told 'he will not be returning' - I wish he really had walked 😒
The only throne Perez Hilton is next in line for is this one
Perez Hilton needs to drop off the face of the earth. Stupid ugly weak beard virgin. Fooking hate ya
why is Perez Hilton lying in the snow?
Perez Hilton has staged a walk out from the house... And is now in a secret room, watching his fellow housemates.…
shock: 'Perez will not be returning to the Big Brother House'
Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Perez Hilton has LEFT the house...
Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations take place... as Perez Hilton watches on
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