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Percy Pringle

William Alvin Bill Moody (born April 10, 1954), better known by his ring names Paul Bearer and Percival Pringle III, is a professional wrestling manager and former wrestler best known for his time in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF—later WWE).

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Ray Traylor on tonight's NWA looks like a young Percy Pringle
I've listened to Bad News tons of times, also Percy Pringle and Jim Mitchell
Backstage at a show with Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) talking biz.
Ok, thanks for that, very true. Re-watching some old Percy Pringle/Jim Cornette/Bobby Heenan stuff. Incredible entertainers
. I am screaming Norvell Austin. The PYT manager was Percy Pringle later know as Paul Bearer.
My 1st Torch sub (1995) came w/ a bonus paperback insider book by Percy Pringle. I can't remember the title, can you help?
but you gotta go dig up some time that Percy Pringle wrestled in WCCW so this answer can stand
I liked a video from Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle III Shoot Interview
Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) on commentary has me missing him even more
Idk how long that Moody/Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle is doing commentary on these shows, but it's so jarring.
The Tag Team of the day is Shaun & Steve Simpson with Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer.
I'm told that Michael Moody, the son of the late Paul Bearer aka William Moody/Percy Pringle, has passed away. My condolences t…
Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer revealed the story about the rats falling in the deep fryer in an interview. Classic!!
I looked at a match today between Bruiser Brody and Texas Red who was managed by Percy Pringle. I wonder whatever happened to Texas Red
Happy Birthday to one of the best gulf coast wrestling ever produced, Mr. William Moody aka. Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle III. Congratulations on the well deserved Hall of Fame. Rest in Peace Percy.
I'd like to take this time to honor those who have entered the battle royal up in the sky. The rest of the world may not understand the impact you all had on this world, but all of us in this crazy world of wrestling know and appreciate everything you all did for this wonderful business. So this is my personal thank you to every person that has ever stepped through those ropes and put it all out there for the crowd. You are not forgotten and your respective legacies will all live on! R.I.P. Jim Helwig(Ultimate Warrior), Percy Pringle III (Paul Bearer), Nelson Frazier Jr. (Mabel, Big Daddy V, Viscera), Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon, Matt Osbourne (Doink The Clown), Brad Armstrong, Doug Furnas, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Giant Gonzales, Bastian Booger, Luna Vachon, General Skandor Akbar, Lance Cade, Chris "Kanyon" Klucsaritis, Ludvig Borga, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Umaga, Cpt. Lou Albano, "Playboy" Buddy Rose, Andrew "Test" Martin, S. D. Jones, Walter "Killer" Kowalski, Gary Hart, Fabulous Moolah, Dewey Robertso ...
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Some know him as Paul Bearer, but I knew him as Percy Pringle III. Percy knew how to work a crowd, obviously he knew where the cameras were. Was always posing for us to capture such memories. I'm so happy, to have been able to watch Percy in Hollywood, mentoring Shaun Ricker. Congrats in your induction and thank you for the memories.
Born on 2day are Chuck Conners-Steven Seagal-Mandy Moore-Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer-Angelo Poffo-Jesse Neal-Orlando Jones-Joseph Pulitzer-Haley Joel Osment-Harry Morgan-and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest-Cher and Gene Simmons on the cover of People magazine in 1978-President Kennedy threw out the 1st pitch in 1961-Charlie Chaplin gets and Oscar in 1972-Nat King Cole gets beaten up in 1956-John Travolta performs on American Bandstand in 1976-Little Eva died in 2003-Public Enemy released Fear of A Black Planet in 1990-and on this day the 1st color 3D film opened the movie was House of Wax starring Vincent Price in 1953-and that izit 4-2day!! and another Happy B-day 2 T.B. !!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Moody, I know you watched proudly as your boys accepted the honor on your behalf this past saturday. Thank you for the many years of great entertainment you provided. Your legacy will live on forever and with the help of the wwe network many generations to come can be introduced to you as the genius manager Percy Pringle, and of course Paul Bearer leading the way to the ring for Undertaker, Kane, *** Foley, and countless others.
Cool to see Paul Bearer as Percy Pringle in the Warrior set.
Warrior vs Chris Adams:. Gary Hart managing Warrior. Percy Pringle comes out to demand a rematch for Rick Rude. Everyone involved is gone :(
I added a video to a playlist Thank you Ultimate Warrior & Percy Pringle
My tribute to the Ultimate Warrior in to Percy Pringle III.
Percy Pringle now at ringside... MAN we all go TOO quick
He should've kept Percy Pringle. LOVE that name
No, you were right. Percy Pringle is Paul Bearer.
I must have been thinking of Ravishing Rick Ruud with the Percy Pringle reference
He was with the Dallas wrestling scene before WWF. I wanna say Percy Pringle was his mgr. Could be confusing wrestlers tho
He truly is, much like Paul Bearer (or at least Percy Pringle) was for me, he was a really inspirational man
The Ultimate Warrior originally began with Sting in the 1980s they called themselves Blade in the Mid Atlantic Wrestling in the 1980s facing the Road Warriors when I was in the marines. They faced the greatest wrestlers from the Von Erics in Texas, the nature boy ric flair and the 4 horseman to the great Dudley Boys.He used to be called the Dingo Warrior and his manager was Percy Pringle aka soon to be called Paul Bearer. Sting and the Dingo Warrior were a great tag team then the Ultimate Warrior became a legend when he defeated Hulk Hogan for the intercontinental championship and the World Championship in the the late the macho man randy savage, like chris benoit, like eddy guerrerro,like percy pringle who became Paul Bearer, it truly breaks my heart to lose another legend.
Photo: robschamberger: Percy Pringle III Ink and watercolor on 12” x 18” watercolor paper...
makes sense really with Percy Pringle as taker as control of the outcome pretty much
Yeah it would be, got an awesome (and rare) Paul Bearer signed pic from them the other day signed Percy Pringle III from WCCW
Bobby Heenan is the greatest manager then and Percy Pringle.
The only cool thing about the Warrior/Adams match is the appearance of Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer
Last night, while we celebrated the life of Percy Pringle III, I was also honored with the opportunity to pay...
Fitting final tribute to aka Percy Pringle, most known as By gave me chills
Congrats & RIP to Percy Pringle III. First saw him when I was just 6 years old on an old floor tv, watching in Fort Worth Tx
Cowboy Bob Kelly remembers Percy Pringle, talks about their shared love of Gulf Coast Wrestling.
It's weird that they didn't even mention Percy Pringle as one of Moody's gimmicks.
As a kid I wanted to be Bobby Heenan & Percy Pringle
Thank You and R.I.P William Moody aka Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer. He was an amazing man.
he really loved the business. Even as Percy Pringle, he was great wrestling entertainment.
I can remember watching Paul Bearer as Percy Pringle when USWA aired on ESPN back in the day.
Percy Pringle.. He will always be that to me.
You don't know about Paul Bearer unless you know about Percy Pringle, Eric Embry and the Sportatorium.
Breast Cancer Awareness
So excited for Percy Pringle's induction to - so deserved and
Speaking of Percy Pringle, let's get the guy standing next to him, in the soon.
I'm a bit ahead of you. Guessing Taker's accepting this for Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle III
Glad they didn't ignore the Percy Pringle part of Paul Bearer's career
The first Percy Pringle mention by WWE in a while.
Credit to Kane for at least mentioning Percy Pringle III
I hope is happy. Good ol' Glen Jacobs brought up Percy Pringle persona.
Percy Pringle III is like my favorite guy.
Paul Bearerr/Percy Pringle/William Moody was and will always be the man!
I hope they talk about Percy Pringle and his days in Texas. And not just as Paul Bearer in
Percy Pringle was the first person I remember seeing enter WWF and going "I remember him in WCCW"
Percy Pringle has the best shoot interviews
I wish Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer was still alive to accept his award
On top of his work as Paul Bearer, William Moody also did incredible work as Percy Pringle.
One more time, my emotional, heartfelt blog about my friend Percy Pringle.
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is out to introduce Percy Pringle's kids who will induct him as into the
Congratulations to the 4th inductee into the Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle!
My heartfelt blog on my friend Percy Pringle who is about to be inducted into the
Anyone at please be sure to pay respects to my mentor late great Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle III.
My tribute to my friend Percy Pringle -
Writing a very heartfelt, emotional blog on my friend Percy Pringle who's being inducted into the Saturday night in
A lot of fans don't know that Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) once managed The Dingo Warrior (Ultimate Warrior).
I'm currently watching Bruiser Brody vs Rick Rude w/ Percy Pringle. I love the
Watching legends of wrestling on Rick Rude vs Bruiser Brody, anyone see who's at ring side? Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer
Legendary CWF - NWA - 1985 - Interviews Jesse Barr - Rick Rude - Percy Pringle and the Missing Link is wandering around in the background ~
Watching Rick Rude (w/Percy Pringle) vs. Bruiser Brody at Texas Stadium for the heavyweight title. All of them are gone. Sad.
Percy Pringle managed Rick Rude in wccw :o holy crap that's news to me!!! I love this wwe network :D
should watch the one on independent shows that has Kamala, Kevin Sullivan, Percy Pringle
The story of the Mighty Kamala James Harris aka Kamala was born in Senatobia, Mississippi and grew up in Coldwater, Mississippi, where his family owned a furniture store. The family collected welfare to help pay the bills. He became a habitual burglar in his teens and, in 1967, local police suggested he leave town. As Harris put it, "Back then if you didn't leave like they said, you would be found dead somewhere." So he relocated to Florida, where he picked fruit. At age 25, Harris moved to Michigan, where he met wrestler Bobo Brazil. Harris then began training as a wrestler, under Brazil's friend, "Tiny" Tim Hampton. He moved to Arkansas to continue training, and to escape the snow in Michigan. Harris trained alongside Michael Hayes, Percy Pringle, and Terry Gordy. He debuted in 1978, facing The Great Mephisto. Harris originally wrestled as "Sugar Bear" Harris, then "Ugly Bear" Harris and "Big" Jim Harris. He wrestled in the United Kingdom for several years, developing his skills and the character of The ...
Join us as we pay tribute to the legendary Career of the late great William Moody(AKA Paul Bearer, Percy Pringle). We will have on Mr. Moodys son DJ Pringle as well as many other guests to share their memories of this great man. It is a show you do not want to miss. Paul Bearer will always be symbol...
The answer: according to Paul Bearer, the Undertaker's debut match was as the masked Texas Red against Bruiser Brody at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Bearer managed "Texas Red" as Percy Pringle. BRO-dy
The premier edition of CWF: Maximum Force saw many exciting moments that will go down as some of the most memorable from the shocking conclusion to the title for title encounter to the shocking betrayal of a son and the fresh new faces on the horizon. However that night was also a somber one as we celebrated the life and career of the man William Moody as most know as Percy Pringle and Paul Bearer. Maximum Force also saw the debut of Mr. Moody's son D.j. Pringle taking on Milo Beasley. The night opened with a touching tribute video and here now, we would like to present the tribute video that was featured on the video tron at the show, which was followed by the customary 10-Bell Salute. Rest in Peace Mr. Moody
I liked a video Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle: Kevin Dunn
Formerly known as LIMITS. Ex-members of And We Danced, Seconds From the End, Percy Pringle, and others came together to create something that they love to do. Write music and play shows. We're in this to have a good time and play hateful heavy music. Share the HATE!
We formally announced that a Percy Pringle card will be released next month with card art posted tomorrow!
Percy Pringle playing card coming next month as announced on our first podcast!
.just delivered "Percy's Prayer" at a heartfelt and moving tribute to his friend, Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer.
Mr.fugi,Slick,Jimmy Hart,Bobby Heenan,Lou Albano,Harvey wippleman,brother love,Jim Cornette, and RIP Percy Pringle. Who do we have now?
Finally watching the entirety of that Cornette/Percy Pringle shoot.
A great photo from of the late "Percy Pringle III" with Natural Selection. They were fantastic!
Shaun Ricker talking about Percy Pringle gave me goosebumps. This is something every wrestling fan should see.
FANS did u all know that Paul Bearer was also PERCY PRINGLE ???
I liked a video We remember Percy Pringle III (William Moody) on CWFH
Remembering and Celebrating the life and times of Percy Pringle III from some of the ones who knew him "best" in...
Going to watch parts of Raw again. RIP William 'Bill' 'Percy 'Paul Bearer' Pringle III' Moody
I'm late yes, but R.I.P Percy Pringle AKA Paul Bearer. Great Character and could bring things back from the dead.
Ever have Bill Moody aka Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer work your shows? If so was he as great a guy as all said?
Road Dogg: "Lord have mercy, this is for you Percy" Paul Bearer also went by Percy Pringle is his early days.
Hey Tony, did u ever work with Percy Pringle other than your time in TNA?
Throw on a random wrassling documentary. 20 minutes in see Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle.
Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle. He was the manager of "The Undertaker" aka Mark Galaway.
that kid seriously thought percy pringle was takers dad? Stupid kid.
Percy Pringle III and Shaun Ricker talkin the talk (2011)
Percy Pringle III and Shaun Ricker talkin trash on evraboday (2012)
Seems like only yesterday, though it was almost 25 years ago, that I was baby-sitting Percy Pringle's children.
Percy Pringle III and Shaun Ricker making an entrance
Percy Pringle III and Shaun Ricker own the room
RIP Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle you will be missed!!
I think he was great in either gimmick, but did you prefer him more as Percy Pringle III or Paul Bearer? Or is it even for ya?
what are your thoughts on Percy Pringle III, aka Paul Bearer? Have a drink for him?
if that happened then It's all good. Also people forget he was Percy Pringle before WWE :)
Verifying that Paul Bearer clip was my voice and not late Percy Pringle: via
"Independent Wrestling is the grass roots of our industry. When the roots die, so does the tree." - Percy Pringle III.
No, it's from CWFH, the Percy Pringle III cup was the urn. It was that company's version of the MITB
R.I.P. Percy Pringle, before he was Paul Barer. And Y2J is one of the greatest INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPS. 8x
Very sorry to hear of the passing of Percy Pringle. I liked Percy very much and will be thinking of him today.
It's weird seeing William Moody as the blonde haired Percy Pringle III.
What'd you think of Percy Pringle III/Paul Bearer? Did you ever get to meet him or work with him?
RIP Paul Bearer. I remember watching him as Percy Pringle, when he and Eric Embry battled Skandor Akbar's army, back when wrestling was real
Agree. Percy Pringle loved the business & a good guy. He would have loved one last ride.
Thank you for everything, Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle III aka Bill Moody. We miss you.
it was special. I'll always remember him best when I was a kid in Ft Worth seeing Percy Pringle in World Class. He was the best
Rest in peace William Moody. More commonly known as "Paul Bearer" and later known as "Percy Pringle"
They had a tribute on wrestling to Paul Bearer who died last week at the age of 58. Paul Bearer was at one time was a manager in World Class Wrestling out of the Sportatorium in Dallas Texas. He was known then as Percy Pringle. In fact, in Chris Von Erich's first match ever, he wrestle Percy Pringle. RIP Percy Pringle.
RIP William Moody, aka Percy Pringle, aka Paul Bearer... I was truly saddened when I learned of his passing last week at just 59... a great performer that will be missed...
BIG NEWS FOR RAW! From Wrestling Observer: "Michael and Daniel Moody, the two sons of William Moody (Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle) were flown into Indianapolis today for Raw. There will be a tribute video at the very least. I haven't been told of a Hall of Fame induction announcement but it wouldn't surprise me.
ON THE COUCH WITH JUSTINSANE TODAY WE WILL BE TALKIN ABOUT THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS LONG TIME FRIEND AND MANAGER Paul Bearer AKA PERCY PRINGLE This is a special edition of my show coz William Moody also known as Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle passed away a few days ago at age 58... William Moody debuted in wrestling in 1975 in WCCW as Percy Pringleand he managed lots of wrestlers not just The Undertaker. We all know Paul Bearer entered WWE as The Undertakers manager in 1991 but wat some wouldnt know is bk in 1984 in WCCW The Undertaker was known as The Punisher and Paul Bearer managed him bk then as Percy Pringle. Their real life friendship went for longer then u think infact it went for 29 years. *** .. Thats a long time!!! Of course since 1999 Paul Bearer has only been seen in 2004 and 2010 for two brief stints in the WWE as The Undertakers manager. The last time he betrayed The Undertaker and allied with Kane for the second time the first time being in 1997 when Kane debuted. The Undertaker has been a uni ...
RIP Paul Bearer! from the Bayou La Batre civic center as Percy Pringle to Madison Square Garden! You touched lives world wide.
TMZ reported that Bill Moody, also known as Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle, suffered a blood clot on Saturday. Cowboy Bob Kelly, Alabama's top wrestling star of the early 70s, said he was with Moody on Saturday at a local Cauliflower Alley Club area wrestlers reunion when he was in bad shape, having trouble standing and was coughing badly. He went to the hospital after the reunion and Kelly said he was diagnosed with a blood clot.
I liked a video Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) Talks about the Owen Hart Accident
sad. i remember him when he was doing the Percy Pringle bit down in Texas for the Von Erichs, managing Rick Rude.
From the desk or NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe The National Wrestling Alliance was saddened to learn of the recent passing of William (Bill) Moody who also was known in wrestling circles as "Percy Pringle," and to a wider group of fans worldwide as "Paul Bearer," manager of the Undertaker. Percy was 58-years old. I first met Percy in 1985 and took the summer off to referee in Florida - one of the most enjoyable times of my youth. I was in the ring every night that summer, and Percy was always at ringside managing either Jesse Barr, Rick Rude or the Missing Link. Percy always did his best to make me laugh and crack up in the ring; my job was to try and keep a straight face. Frankie Cain (the Great Mephisto) gave Percy his real start in the business managing the Samoans Tio and Tapu in Mississippi . Some of the personalities who started with Percy in that small territory included Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy (who went on to become the Fabulous Freebirds), and Sugarbear Harris (who became Kamala, the Uga .. ...
As Manager of Rick Rude in WCCW. I always knew him as Percy Pringle. RIP Mr Moody.
Heh, I remember him more as Percy Pringle when he was a manager for Rick Rude under the Von Erich's WCCW. Great piece, Kev.
I will always remember him as Percy Pringle, manager if Rick Rude and Eric Embry in WCCW.
Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle: Kevin Dunn via Another reason to love Paul Bearer
RIP Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle. You were my favorite wrestling manager who also doubled as a funeral director.
We’ve lost another one folks. My fellow Cauliflower Alley Club Lifetime Member William Moody, known to the current wrestling generation at the Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer (formerly Percy Pringle III) has passed away just weeks before he was to receive the CAC 2013 Lou Thesz Award. From the new CAC Reunion Coordinator Morgan Dollar, “With sad news and totally shocked, I must say a dear friend, Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle aka Bill Moody is no longer with us. Percy (as I called him) and I had a long conversation Friday night. He was so looking forward to receiving the Lou Thesz award in April at the CAC Reunion. He talked about how humbled he was to know the CAC thought enough of him and his career to honor him with this award. I told him, Percy not only are you worthy enough to receive it, you earned it! May Percy rest in Peace and may his family and many friends and fans find comfort during this time.” B Brian Blair: “It's a sad day Morgan... may he rest in peace with his ear wife... Amen! ...
RIP Paul Bearer: Official WWE story: with a WWE career that spanned three decades, Paul Bearer (born William Moody) entertained fans as one of sports-entertainment's most recognizable managers in history. While he might have terrified youngsters with an iconic shrill voice upon his WWE arrival in 1991, Paul Bearer truly became one of WWE's most beloved personalities. Mostly known for helping to catapult The Undertaker to championships, Moody also helped launch the WWE careers of Kane and Mankind. Prior to joining WWE, Bearer worked under the persona of Percy Pringle in World Class Championship Wrestling and elsewhere, where he nurtured the talents of ring greats including Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior. It should come as no surprise that when news broke of Moody's passing on Tuesday evening, more than just fans were compelled to pay respects.
Percy Pringle arrives in Florida with Rick Rude and the PYT's in 1985:
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RIP William Moody. Most will remember him as Paul Bearer, but he'll always be Percy Pringle to me. Rick Rude's manager in world class. is reporting that William Moody, aka Percy Pringle, and most famously as the Undertaker's manager Paul Bearer, has died. Recently, he had reformed the Pringle Dynasty in Hollywood, where I got a chance to talk to him about being married to and caring for someone with breast cancer (unfortunately, his wife ended up succumbing to the disease), and I'll never forget what he said on the Monday Night Raw the night after Owen Hart's death; it may not bee 100% applicable to Bill/Percy/Paul, but it's what I have. RIP. "He will not grow old like we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary him, not the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember him."
RIP Percy Pringle 3rd -- remember him way back when he led the Pringle Dynasty in the Florida Wrestling circuit. His "dynasty" included the PYT's, Ravishing Rick Rude, and the Missing Link (pictured here)
he had Dr. Rigor Mortis, percival Pringle, Percy Pringle, Paul Bearer and something else
RIP Percy Pringle. I will forever remember the blonde haired weirdo from WCCW when you managed the great Rick Rude.
Unfortunately, there is sad news to report today, as one of wrestling’s most well-known manager of the last few decades,Moody, aka Percival Pringle III, and better known to most fans as Paul Bearer, passed away today at the age of 58. The man who would become best known for his time managing The Undertaker, began his career all the way back in 1984, creating the Percy Pringle character for the original FCW and taking it with him to both WCCW and the USWA, managing future legends such as Steve Austin, Mark Callous (later known as The Undertaker), Bobby Eaton and Lex Luger, to name a few. After a few years, he was brought into the then-WWF at the suggestion of “Ravishing” Rick Rude in 1990. The next year, Bearer began his legendary run with ‘Taker after former manager Brother Love passed “The Dead Man” on to Bearer. Bearer went on to manage ‘Taker for nearly 7 years during this run, leading him to two WWF Championships in the process. He turned on ‘Taker in 1996, to begin managing Mankind, a ...
A real shocker in the wrestling world today. William Moody, better known as managers Paul Bearer and PERCIVAL PRINGLE III, has suddenly passed away. As Percy Pringle, he managed a whole bunch of stars in Texas and Florida, including Ravishing Rick Rude, The Missing Link and One Man Gang. Then he became Paul Bearer in the WWF and gained everlasting fame as the ghoulish manager of the Undertaker. In recent years, he returned to the Percy Pringle persona in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, where he managed Shaun Ricker.
Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle: Kevin Dunn: via talking about the WWE's behind-the-scenes guy Kevin Dunn
Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle: Becoming Paul Bearer (and more): via on his caeer & becoming Paul Bearer
Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle: Sunny: via in memory of Will Moody,a rare shoot w/ Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette & Percy Pringle: Classic Ribs Pt. I talks about that Urn on this one
Wrestling community lost another great one in Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle. RIP
Another ringside Percy Pringle interview regarding the "Save Eric Embry" campaign. This time, Cactus Jack and Gary Young come out and kick the snot out of him!
A Great Sadness tonight in the wrestling world we lost one of our brothers William Moody Aka as Paul Bearer in the WWE and Percy Pringle my prayers are with his family.
RIP WWE legend Paul Bearer (Bill Moody). Whether it was Bearer or Percy Pringle, Moody was fantastic. One of the best managers ever.
RIP Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle. One of my favorite wrestling managers from World Class in Dallas and later the WWE.
If there any wrestling fans out there,William Moody aka Percy Pringle & Paul Bearer,Undertaker's manager passed away tonight. All of the great ones are leaving us
sad to hear that. I'll have to watch my shoot DVD of Percy Pringle and Jim Cornette tonight
I could listen to Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) shoot interviews all day, those two blokes have class stories!
Recent Paul Bearer interviewPosted on January 31, 2013 by David BucklerIn a new interview with Chris Yandek of, wrestling manager Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle speaks candidly about what he’s been up to in his life and provides insight on many wrestling topics:Percy says he’s still under...
Yeah is "THE MAN!" I also got Paul Bearer a.k.a. Percy Pringle and Jillian to reply to me! That was cool!
I favorited a video Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle: Heat with Kevin Dunn
Good day sir, I was wondering whether you prefer being called Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle, it's not obvious.
Ah, the good old days. When WWF superstars were carted off to the nut house and shoved down manholes after being threatened in front of live audience. On November 30, 1998, Paul Bearer was trying to get Kane taken to the funny farm, as part of his recent heel turn with the Undertaker, who recently betrayed "The Big Red Machine." Unfortunately for ole Percy Pringle, Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't havin' it. "The Rattlesnake" helped Kane get 'Taker carted away (after clowning him with a shovel) and exacted revenge by stuffing Bearer down a Baltimore sewer. As far as the "Attitude Era" was concerned, this was just another Monday night on Raw.
From the desk of Match Maker Jon looks like we're going to hold our first Casket Match featuring Brian Cage Vs. Shaun Ricker with Percy Pringle. You longtime viewers know that these two were once on the top of the Tag Team division, holding the Heritage Titles together and for over a year have been at one another tooth and nail. So, on Sunday Oct. 14th at the Glendale Studios you're all in for two super Main Events (we already announced that Scorpio Sky meets TV Champion Willie Mack in a Ladder Match) to be featured on our special 100th KDOC-TV Los Angeles episode. RSVP at
Circa 2005 | Straight Shootin w/ Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) & Jim Cornette Gonna avoid \/\/\/\/E vids at least the for the time being. This was extracted fr...
Rude pictured with Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) Imagine if Rick Rude got the Undertaker gimmick!
Percy Pringle / Paul Bearer joins Wade Keller in just over two hours for on the PWTorch Livecast. Email Qs now: pwtorchlivecast
hope she start a "Midnight Snack Fund" for Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle. Can BBQ ribs be sent by USPS?
I want to give a shoutout to the good Percy Pringle the real Paul Bearer, and a real-life former Funeral Home Director!
I just found out that Percy Pringle / Paul Bearer / William Moody featured my art, "The Manager" on his web's splash image. What a priviledge for a fan :)
You have a finishing move in your head yet? Need a manager? I'm like a cross between Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle lol
Now on with my wrestling knowledge before he was Paul Bearer, the Father of Destruction was known as Percy Pringle
From a 1984 WCCW show. Texas Red (now known as The Undertaker) is managed by Percy Pringle (Later known as Paul Bearer) and takes on another alltime great, B...
first time I saw Percy Pringle was yrs after Paul Bearer appeared, my jaw dropped! I had 2 brush up on wrestling history
Ravishing Rick Rude and a young Lex Luger stand outside the ring (along with their freaky manager Percy Pringle) and do what they do best: be badass heels!
WWE Legends Jimmy Hart and Percy Pringle "Paul Bearer" on June 1 when the Patriots face the River Sharks
Meet legendary WWE stars Jimmy Hart and Percy Pringle III (formerly known as Paul Bearer) at Campbell's Field on 6/1.
Directed and Edited by Fury Filmed by Eric Minor, Faggar Flores, and Ranses Rodriguez Special Guest Star: Percy Pringle III
lol Paul Bearer real name Percy Pringle was on wwe about 3 weeks ago..still around
Justified, Roger Rabbit, The Incredible Hulk, or listen to Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle talk about things? All of the above, how 'bout?
Strange RAW tonight. To be honest, I'm bored with the whole CM Drunk angle, but really dug the sobriety test segment. Loved Daniel Bryan's guest referee spot. Oddly, Kofi probably had the best showing in terms of wrestling tonight. That whole Percy Pringle angle fell totally flat. But, the biggest *** of the night had to be the contract signing. Lesnar was a disaster on the mic, the whole thing barely made sense. Awful.
Meet Diamond Dallas Page, and/or Lita, and/or Jimmy Hart, and/or Percy Pringle FKA "Paul Bearer" you get: • (1) Glossy 8x10 that you choose at the event • (1) Photo Op with your own camera • No Tickets will be given, print proof of purchase and bring with you. We will have a name generated li...
Los Angeles, CA - The National Wrestling Alliance and KDOC-TV are proud to celebrate the eleventh taping of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on Sunday afternoon, July 10th, with "TIME TO PAY: NIGHT OF GRUDGES", LIVE once again from the NWA arena at the historic Regent Showcase Theater deep in the heart of Hollywood!Fans in attendance on July 10th will be treated to 3+ hours of family entertainment and GRUDGE MATCHES including:NWA Heritage Tag Team Championship: STRAP MATCH!Natural Selection (w/ Percy Pringle) (c) vs. The TribeBoth teams will be locked together at the wrist by ten-feet of leather strap!SIX-MAN TAG / HAIR-VERSUS-HAIR!Ryan Taylor/ Famous B/Aaron Bolo vs. Peter Avalon/Ray Rosas/Rico DynamiteRyan Taylor and Peter Avalon put their locks on the line in this one! One of those two will be getting a ‘new do’ when this one is over!GRUDGE MATCH: Special Referee ADAM PEARCE!Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. Joey RyanThere is no love lost between Cabana and Ryan, and with Pearce as the refe ...
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