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Pepe Reina

José Manuel Pepe Reina Páez (born 31 August 1982) is a World-cup winning Spanish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English Premier League team Liverpool.

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28-17 Niners Pepe Reina has had quite a few big offers this fall The U.S. Open this weekend.
Pepe Reina, he could kick a pea into an egg cup from 50 yards with ease
i will never forget Pepe Reina's howler against Arsenal in 2010 it set the tone for a terrible chapter in history the Roy Hodgson era
Why is Pepe Reina behind the Betis manager
Didn't Pepe Reina take the *** about this on a World Cup reception with Spain as Champeones in Spanish is shampoo
Love it how supporters moan over the Catalan press and Barca. They seem to have forgotten all about Pepe Reina.
Pepe Reina appears to be forcing a move to Aston Villa, however no bids have met his £11.2m valuation. (Di Marzio)
one could say that Pepe Reina made an on goal by telling LFC he was going to Barca when he did not have a co…
On this day in 2014 we sold Pepe Reina. Arguably one of our best ever 'keepers. Would you have him back at the club…
On this day in 2014, Pepe Reina left Liverpool. His Premier League record speaks for itself:. Games: 285. Clean Sheets…
Wish I’d gone to Bournemouth vs Napoli now just to see Pepe Reina one more time 😂
Pepe Reina. Remember: anyone with a pulse thought we were done with this guy but...defeat snatched from the jaws of victory...
Simon Francis has just taken it around Pepe Reina and slotted it into the net. Absolute scenes at the Vitality.
U can keep ur 3 CL🥇,DDG is 150M or never, if you guys can't pay then sign pepe reina, Joe Hart or mignolet🙄pls keep…
Facts bro. I hear Spanish international goalkeeper Pepe Reina could be on the move. He won't come chea…
Adrian would be more expensive than Pepe Reina which confuses me
Did Messi put 4 past Pepe Reina in a 4-4 draw at Anfield though? Yeah, thought so ..
Very exciting season ahead, I think Napoli have a shot but only if they sign a replacement for Pepe Rei…
Why would we? . Would we sign Ross Barkley or Samaris or Pepe Reina as a Striker? . We are…
Pique didn't. Pepe Reina did to the best of my knowledge
I miss when pre season was used as a pisstake thing where things happened like Pepe Reina playing midfield.
Wow. Pepe Reina close to joining Man City according to Napoli want £4.4M.
Pepe Reina has emerged as a surprise target for casting doubt over Claudio Bravo’s future at the club
Man City are close to signing Pepe Reina with an expectation an agreement can be reached in the coming days. (Source:…
Claudio Bravo close to Manchester City exit after miserable stint: Pepe Reina targeted
'Manchester City in shock Pepe Reina move to replace Claudio Bravo'
Pepe Reina has a contract offer from Napoli, but Manchester City have reportedly joined Newcastle United in ...
Pepe Reina hanging out with Jerzy Dudek last night . Love them 😍
Pepe Reina hanging out with Jerzy Dudek via /r/LiverpoolFC
Manchester City are leading the race for Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina. (Corriere dello Sport)
Newcastle United have made an enquiry for Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina.
It's alright, I am sure Pepe Reina will win the golden glove
Fulham times for Vincenzo Montella: what an acrobatics against Liverpool and Pepe Reina!
'He passes on advice from Pepe Reina and Navas' - Freddie Woodman on 'brilliant' Rafa Benitez
What did Pepe Reina warn Dani Carvajal ahead of trip to Naples?. 👇 👇 👇.
Pepe Reina says winning the Scudetto with would be the greatest achievement of his life...
Hatem Ben Arfa swings in an exquisite cross to find Cisse, who heads it perfectly to beat Pepe Reina.
Hehehe although Pepe Reina taking out Nemanja Vidic is still a highlight 😊
Pepe Reina did the same thing a few years ago
Pepe Reina has played in midfield for us before!
Shamal George, Liverpool's No.80, becomes first keeper since Pepe Reina in 2006 to play as an outfield player. What scenes
Liverpool's sub goalkeeper, Shamal George, will do a Pepe Reina & come on as an outfield player in a pre-season friendly! . Klopp's laughing.
Ermm, ok just keep it at 10 men. It's Pepe Reina all over again
said it when we signed him, he's the new Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina has left Napoli's training camp after picking up an injury. He will spend one month in Spain doing physio.
really. Is he not of similar height with Pepe Reina
. Pepe Reina kept more clean sheets in his first 50 league games (28) than any other goalkeeper in the cl…
pepe Reina is insane if he moves to camp noun this summer. How those Barcelona board reason?Bayern condemned Reina
Shay Given, Fabien Barthez, Pepe Reina aren't much taller than Khune, if they are at all.
also dribbled 20 yards past Lucas & Charlie Adam before dragging a shot wide of what would have been Pepe Reina's near post
Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo (33) could leave Barcelona this summer and Napoli's Pepe Reina (33) is an option to replace th…
What enticed Brendan Rodgers to sell Pepe Reina and and buy Mignolet and Bogdan i will never know.
If Claudio Bravo leaves the club Pepe Reina will replace him [Esport3]
I don't consider the likes of Suarez, Torres, Kuyt, Agger, Pepe Reina etc as "legends". They were great for Liverpool, yeah, But not legends
Daniel Agger and Pepe Reina, the most unappreciated legends ever at Liverpool. Hope they come back as coaches.
Napoli’s Spanish stars Pepe Reina and Jose Maria Callejon offered to Barcelona
Love that DDGs kick was interrupted by some knob lobbing a ball on too, shades of Pepe Reina and the beach ball
no he stays but Benitez drops him for our new signing Pepe Reina.
"We all know what Kenny Dalglish means to He is like the badge on the shirt." Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina wore similar type of kit.
I think it's got a slight Pepe Reina look to it.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Never forget that time went in goal after Pepe Reina 'head butting' incident 😂😂😂 Good luck with the future Jose!
or that one time Pepe Reina was sent off and he became our goalie for the rest of the match 😂
Reina: 'Napoli, full stadium!': . Goalkeeper Pepe Reina calls for 'a full stadium' as ...
Pepe Reina calls for 'a full stadium' as prepare to 'make their dream come true'.
Pepe Reina was in no man's land for Bruno Peres' goal. Peres flipped it and Reina was left clutching at straws.
Decent save from Mignolet. I'd praise him more, but I'm awaiting a massive mistake that makes me want to look up Pepe Reina on YouTube.
distribution reminds of Pepe Reina back in the day
Kasper Schmeichel's side winder is better than Pepe Reina's. There I said it. ⚽️🏌
On occasions it might be relevant but then that’s more of a ‘Pepe Reina’ long pass.
2 blokes in this pub in Chester saying how De Gea reminds them of a younger Pepe Reina. No seriously. Im not joking 😂😂
Worst Bayern Munich players of all time. Pepe Reina. Landon Donovan. ..
Pepe Reina. His last season with us wasnt his best but signing Mignolet to replace him was stupid. He was a great GK
It was only a few years ago that Torres was having a huge year and Gerrard and Pepe Reina were still dominant. Short dry spell
Think this is the first time I've seen Mignolet initiating the Pepe Reina style attack.
Aye not sure myself, Pepe Reina is out injured so :/
Pic: Pepe Reina's son, Luca in Real Madrid shirt before yesterday's game.
Might as well advocate the return Pepe Reina or Daniel Agger. Just let it go, Torres couldn't do what Klopp wants.
With his head screwed back on, would you have Pepe Reina back at Anfield?
LB totally under control by the Legendary Pepe Reina 🙌🏼
Couldn't afford to sign Pepe Reina, highly doubt they're after Lukaku!
Jermaine Defoe beats Pepe Reina and it's 2-0 to Tottenham. Two men down and two goals down for Liverpool.
Liverpool owners 'underestimated how poor squad was' when buying club' via
Liverpool haven't had a great goal keeper since pepe reina left, i believe LFC would be challenging top 4 if we had a decent keeper.
Shortest YouTube video ever: Pepe Reina's greatest saves this season.
Pepe Reina: "I want to retire at Napoli, but only after winning the Scudetto".
My first article for The game strategy of Sarri's with systematic involvement of .
scoring the penalty in the last minute against Pepe reina the scenes
'Scudetto, then retire at Napoli': . Goalkeeper Pepe Reina says he wants to retire at N...
Pepe Reina explains the differences between and 'Fate is in their hands'.
Pepe Reina: 'I want to retire at but only after winning the Scudetto'.
Big up the dude in the Pepe Reina home shirt
Pepe in vertical strategy. We put on for us
Iker Casillas and Victor Valdez both them are mediocre goalkeeper. De Gea should be Spain 1st GK, and Pepe Reina be 2nd GK.
My only regret is that we've already played Napoli. I'd pay good money to see anyone break Pepe Reina's neck. By mistake of course.
Some more European adventures!. Look at the Barca team sheet, what are they up to now!. Plus is that Pepe Reina,...
Pepe Reina in his prime was pretty special
This is REALLY poor goalkeeping in a penalty shootout. Makes one understand how great Pepe Reina is at this.
Benitez teams are hard to break down...Pepe Reina won the golden glove 3 years in a row at Liverpool. Beat VdS and Cech.
trophies are team archievwments, Pepe Reina has a World Cup and 2 Euro medals
Liverpool had a spine of Pepe Reina, Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres
Shikhar Dhawan is discussing Tolkein and 81') and Pepe Reina | ... - View it again. Athletico Madrid in 2004 I liked a goal
Pepe Reina: Only Gianluigi Buffon (14) & Samir Handanovic (13) have kept more clean sheets in Serie A this season than (11)
Benfica surely have to go after Pepe Reina now.
Funny, but do you know who we actually need? Pepe Reina
Thanks Pepe Reina for winning me title with that own goal. Officially the best moment of my life.
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Mostly to use him go get close to Pepe Reina. But Spanish so I'll take him too 😍🇪🇸
Wish we still had Pepe Reina in the sticks.
"And he's beaten Pepe Reina and Aston Villa have taken the lead!' Benteke Vs Liverpool 2012/13
Suarez, StevieG, Pepe Reina & Agger for sure my starters to face AV...
These last few years we've got rid of Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, Sterling, Suarez, Gerrard and Carragher. Massive spine. And replaced them..
Pepe Reina's goals conceded per game has doubled from 0.7 in 2008/09 to 1.4 so far this season.
like having Pepe reina in his prime
Cant believe rodgers sold pepe reina for THAT😂😂
D'you know what, Minger has your heart in your mouth sometimes. Stop thinking you're Pepe Reina and bang it long ffs
Seriously. Pepe Reina was also terrible with some costly errors in Liverpool. But he's a legend when you compare him to Mignolet
i was thinking that too but is Adam Bogdan really a better option? Y'all are missing Pepe Reina right about now
Honestly! Benteke's weak headers are making this bald goalkeeper seem like Pepe Reina!
Just goes to show what a strong character and good player Liverpool let go in Pepe Reina.
Great short piece in Corriere del Mezzogiorno over the importance of Pepe Reina to Napoli. Often consulted on tactics, a team leader.
Hey if you can go check out my vine it is Pepe reina
over to you pepe Reina. I can't see us paying that kind of money for an understudy.
Honestly tho, honestly! Should Pepe Reina really be behind Simon Mignolet... I'm not so sure he should...
So Pepe Reina has the 2nd least goals conceded in Italy this year and fans will still tell you Mignolet was better. Never…
imagine 2008 Pepe Reina as a quarterback and Fernando Torres as his receiver
53 yard punt, Pepe reina that thing 80 yards at head height
I bet Pepe reina has more assists than mignolet does saves
Well done First to find Pepe REINA in our Liverpool
Pepe Reina was our recognisable goalkeeper ,we will never have a keeper in Bruce "the Showman" Groobelaar's standards
Remember when we had Pepe Reina in nets, he should of never been sold 😒
You are Absolutely Correct with regards to 'Goalkeepers' like Richard Wright, Pepe Reina, Asmir Begovic & Victor Valdes...
Fair. Since Achterberg joined in 2009, Pepe Reina went from world class to mistake-prone quite quickly.
That guy who was training Pepe Reina when Rafa was around is what Mignolet need.. Forgotten his name
Pepe Reina: "The team that concedes the least amount of goals usually wins the Serie A."
and throw in my other fave boys...Glen Johnson, Gerard Pique, Pepe Reina
25 as a keeper. I had it actually. Thank Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina at the final whistle. Napoli is more than just a team to him. Incredible performance
Here's a picture of Pepe Reina's head looking like the top of the World Cup trophy.
Pepe Reina has secured his future in show business XDD
Pepe Reina was really, really good. Mark Madsen became a low key star during one
When did Pepe Reina's head become the World Cup trophy?
A picture of former Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina when he was a young lad
Pepe Reina could barely control himself after a stunning match-winning save in added time last night!
Dimitar Berbatov seals his hat-trick against Liverpool in September 2010 with a header past Pepe Reina
Reina: My mistake against Bologna was crucial: Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina has admitted that he was at fault ...
Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina felt his side lacked humility after suffering first loss in 18 matches
Reina: 'Napoli lacked humility': . Pepe Reina admits Napoli “did not have the right hum...
Pepe Reina takes blame for Napoli defeat...
Pepe Reina takes blame for Napoli defeat
DID YOU KNOW? Napoli keeper Pepe Reina has 145 UEFA club competition appearances – only 8 players have more. https:/…
Buffon said Pepe Reina is the best with his 'feet' for a reason...
Bologna 3 Napoli 0 so far game is still going. Pepe Reina at fault for the third goal. Horrendous mistake.
Feel Pepe Reina should have done better for at least 2 of the 3 Bologna goals this morning, maybe even all 3.
Classic Pepe Reina. Juve are going to end up winning this league, despite their awful start.
Mateo Destro gets his 2nd and Bologna's 3rd goal. Pepe Reina really should be saving that in the Napoli goal. 30 minutes left. Some match.
That was Pepe Reina's karmic trade-off for his save against Inter. Awful goalkeeping.
Pepe Reina costing Napoli the title here.
There was only one thing missing - a Pepe Reina blunder. Destro fires near post and Reina can't hold on. It's 3-0 and rather embarrassing.
What kinda save was that from Pepe Reina 👀
Pepe Reina showing everyone why Liverpool and Bayern let him go. 3-0 Bologna, game surely over for Napoli?
GOAL! DESTRO! Pepe Reina error but that must be it.
Pepe Reina needs his baws kicked for that. 🙈
Very cool photo of Pepe Reina at the San Paolo.
Pepe Reina going down like a Dock Road bridge😀. Bologna 1 Napoli 0
In the 2005–06 season, Pepe Reina took over as Liverpool's first-choice goalkeeper, relegating Jerzy Dudek to the bench.
obviously forgotten names like David James, Chris Kirkland, the last 2 years of Pepe Reina, for starters.
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Bromance alert! Pepe Reina and Dirk Kuyt publicly declare they’re BEST FRIENDS FOREVER
Pepe Reina and Dirk Kuyt spent time together
Pepe Reina and Dirk Kuyt spent some time together recently. Who misses them?
Got the Pepe Reina sidewinders out today ⚽️
Reina y princesa. Like mother, like daughter?
Are Pepe Reina & Stanley Tucci the same person? It's frightening how much they look alike
Will you be the Dirk Kuyt to my Pepe Reina?
Don't be surprised if klopp moves for Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina (with hair) playing for Barca - with Luis Enrique, their current manager: Liverpool vs Barcelona - 2001
A new render of Pepe Reina was added to the website - View it here:
Those were the days were Pepe Reina was in goal. And person dey actually keep.Not the type of goals mingolet dey allow enter Hin toro today
I bet pepe reina eats his own toe nails
Still cant believed they're keeping the same man who 'raped' Pepe Reina's career
The miracle of Pepe and is like a bunker
He still loves . Pepe Reina is celebrating with us .
Even our beloved Pepe Reina is having a pork-chKLOPP while waiting for the confirmation of Klopp as the manager
Would you take Pepe Reina and Alonso back in January if you could? Quote.
wanted him gone since Pepe Reina became poor
Pepe Reina sends message to Liverpool fans after Brendan Rodgers sacking: Pepe Reina says he wants to see Live...
Pepe Reina wants the old Liverpool back after Brendan Rodgers is sacked | GiveMeSport
Pepe Reina takes dig at Brendan Rodgers as former Liverpool boss says the club can now boun...
Pepe is ranked 6 at the "Most clean sheets in history" with 134 games without any goals against!
De Gea and Reina lead goalkeepers union praise for Arsenal ace Petr Cech
Man Utd and Liverpool heroes praise Petr Cech after first Arsenal clean sheet: PETR CECH wa...
Pepe Reina's recurring nightmare captured on video:
Can't just be me that thinks Cesaro looks like an incredibly buff Pepe Reina?
Suarez? FA cup game against man utd,Kuyt got the winner,An assist from Andy Carroll/Pepe Reina,can't really remember
Reina: “Not easy to win at Sassuolo”: Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina looked on the bright side after his team’s ...
Should bring in a pair of Pepe Reina's that go with the colour of his trousers
midfield getting overrun by the Sasoulo pace.Valdifiori needs help in there.Pepe Reina has pulled off two amazing saves so far
Latter days of Pepe Reina-esque by Howard there getting beat at the near post.
Think Pepe Reina has got to make a tactical sub for the baggies if he wants to get them 4 points
Reina: "It'll be a disaster if Juve don't win it": Pepe Reina returns to Napoli after a year at Bayern without...
And Alonso's career at Liverpool was brilliant too. De Gea is not as good as 2007-09 Pepe Reina
Napoli goalkeeper believes Juventus have to win Serie A: Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina believes Juventus will w...
Did Pepe Reina really think he was better than Manuel Neuer?
What A kick from Lloris, terribly wasted by Kane! Reminds me of the good old Pepe Reina days 😄😁.
I just found my signed photo from Pepe Reina and he's spelt my name wrong
Pepe Reina rate Dzeko behind Bacca and Mandzukic. Field performance will tell, very soon.
“Juventus are the favourites to win the Scudetto. They have to defend their four years at the top."- Pepe Reina
'Juve disaster if...': Pepe Reina is enthusiastic about the new and warns if don’t win…
now, reyna tries to make a new league. "Pepe Reina warns if don’t win the Scudetto “it’ll be a disaster for them”
Redmen TV picked Pepe Reina over David Seaman in a Premier League combined XI for Liverpool and Arsenal.Unreal.
I'm still 2 c a keeper who distributes da ball like u do. Only Fabian Batez did. Even Pepe Reina rates u bra!
GOAL! Stoke are back on terms after Jonathan Walters takes advantage of a slip to beat Pepe Reina. 1-1.
SA goalkeeper. Even Pepe Reina was impressed with Khune's distribution.
Pepe Reina happy to be back with Napoli (Tribal Football)
Pepe Reina happy to be back with Napoli: Pepe Reina is happy to be with Napoli this ...
graham busy reading your book I have the feeling you would leave your wife for Capdevila and pepe reina
Pepe Reina promises a ‘competitive Napoli’ this season, and explains why he chose to return.
Pepe reina loved a good assist didn't he
Pepe Reina use to be a focal point in our attack,his quick thinking would created counter attacking goals.LFC need a keeper in Reina's mould
Remember when Pepe Reina use to collect the ball from a cross or a corner and he'd distribute it in seconds?.
you never rated Pepe Reina are you mad.
He hired pepe Reina to be his bodyguard
ARSENAL have made a £25m bid for Pepe Reina, with The Gunners continuing to have Goalkeeper problems.
Video: Pepe Reina joins in with sing-along during Napoli pre ...
Pepe Reina: "Winning a Scudetto with Napoli would be better then winning the World Cup with Spain. I love this city" htt…
Oído al pasar: Some Spain NT players on what they would give Sara Carbonero as a gift. - Pepe Reina:...
"but I think his short for a goalkeeper" Pepe Reina, Fabio Barthez (sp), Simon Mignolet..I think he's fine.
I'd honestly have looked into signing Xabi Alonso, Alvaro Arbeloa and Pepe Reina as cover and a cheap, short term fix.
In 394 appearances for Liverpool, Pepe Reina kept 177 clean sheets. That means 45% of the time, the opposition failed to score. Hero.
DEAL DONE: Napoli have signed goalkeeper Pepe Reina from Bayern Munich. (
was going to say Pepe Reina but then Bruce Grobelaar gave me a brown bag full of money to vote for him.
Gary McAllister just looks like a very aged Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina said this about Sterling 3 years ago.
think it'll be a Pepe Reina esque situation with him. Reckon we'll loan him to a Serie A club while paying 50% of his wages
Sarri, "Pepe Reina? I spoke to him for around 15 minutes. He seems like a great person, intelligent, and a loyal person."
Zaza looks like a hybrid of Benatia and Pepe Reina 😁
Megan Rapinoe is the Pepe Reina of the USWNT. Never take the mic from her.
Nobody does victory parades like Pepe Reina
DONE DEAL: Napoli have completed the signing of Pepe Reina from Bayern Munich.
Remember how good Pepe Reina was. Absolute God between the sticks
Love how Pepe Reina still has YNWA as his header 👌
What a man Pepe Reina is! He is definitely one of my favourite players of all time. Yes, all time.
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Absolutely hate Pepe Reina glad he's not at LFC anymore. Most overrated keeper to ever play in the PL
That's speculative&depends on one's opinion.Pepe Reina has 3 golden gloves, all in a row, would you attribute those to Liverpool?
Liverpool FC Hairless XI from Pepe Reina to Nicolas Anelka: A bit of fun for a Monday morning! ht…
BREAKING: Napoli have signed Pepe Reina from Bayern Munich on a permanent deal.
was it the same guy who rang up last week & said we should sign Pepe Reina to replace De Gea??
That Bolt against Spurs and that strike that left Pepe Reina rooted to his spot. Thats love! Thamks Fam
As simple as this. shows support to with a RT. Watch this:
Pepe Reina made his own storm and got mad when it rained
"Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina still tracking Higuain's penalty" 😆
Good. Couldn't tell the difference between him and Guardiola. . Pepe Reina quits Bayern for Napoli.
Italian side Napoli, have signed former Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina from Bayern Munich.
Liverpool trio Glen Johnson, Pepe Reina and Jose Enrique back for Arsenal clash
Di Marzio | Bayern are interested in signing Genoa goalkeeper Mattia Perin as replacement for Pepe Reina
Bayern Munich want to sign Iker Casillas to replace Pepe Reina who is expected to join Napoli this summer [SportBild] h…
Within five years, Liverpool would have had Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard in their squad.
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Pepe Reina and Paul Scholes were also there but only Ronaldo was stoating about with a massive cigar
Pepe Reina: I urge David De Gea to stay at ...
. Step away from the absinthe! Didn't know he was taking Pepe Reina with him. Have a good night.
Love Pepe Reina so much. If I ever have children id want my son to grow up to be exactly like Pepe. Such a top bloke
Photo: Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina tune in to watch Liverpool
he also thinks Pepe Reina should be our GK so there's that
... withstood pressure in the past from other great goalkeepers, notably Victor Valdes and Pepe Reina.” (2/2)
Welcome to The Sports Blog: PePe Reina hints at Napoli return
Where next for Rafa Benitez? In recent days Liverpool legend Pepe Reina has admitted that former boss…
Pepe Reina: 'De Gea is one of the names suggested [to join Real], but I think he should be happy enough to play for Man…
yeah and Pepe Reina is now Bayern's first choice
"Pepe Reina is the be . worse goalkeeper in the worl"
Bayern Munich Goalkeeper Pepe Reina Open To Napoli Return: Reports are out claiming that Bayern Munich goalkee...
Pepe Reina prefers warming the bench at a 'major club'
Pepe Reina prefers warming the bench at a ‘major club’ did u already spot this?
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Pepe Reina: "I tried not to cry. I feel very proud having represented Liverpool. Big big thank you for the 8 years."
pepe reina won World Cup and 2 European cups by sitting on the bench
Official: Reina: I'll always be grateful to you: Pepe Reina acknowledged he was overwhelmed with em...
You don't rate Sergio Romero and Victor Valdes and Pepe Reina?
Pepe Reina applauds the fans at Anfield
you'll never get a reply off Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina admits “the doors are always open for ” and he’s undecided about his Munich future
Spain's best keeper with Pepe Reina and Iker Casillas..
Pepe Reina attempts to put off Steven Gerrard - but he scores from the spot!
"I preferred a move to a major club like Bayern over a spot on the bench at Liverpool" - Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina urges David De Gea to stay put at Manchester United via
Pepe Reina is second choice for Spain but still picked up euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 winners medals!
Liverpool should have kept pepe Reina
We are paying Pepe Reina top dollar to take selfies.
Pepe Reina was a master of it for years.
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Yeah any German GK would work, or Pepe Reina
Atletico are too good man 😂 Big dees just lit aat here is that pepe Reina the manager a barca
Pepe Reina's goal line balloon is deffo gonna make an appearance today Betfred are offerin odds of 8/11.
Pepe Reina's hairrline been skruggling since he was in his early 20s
If Barcelona buy a second goalkeeper, besides Ter Stegen, it won't be Pepe Reina. Keylor Navas and Willy Caballero are opti…
Has pepe reina picked up a ball for Bayern ?
fans - What would have happened if you'd kept Reina at the start of the season and played with him? Or if Pepe came in when Jones did?
me on the 31st of August I Share it with Pepe Reina!!
Liking the look of Matt Ryan. He's got a bit of Pepe Reina about him with his movement & distribution. Not sure about his hands though.
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