Pep Guardiola & La Masia

Josep Pep Guardiola i Sala (born 18 January 1971) is a Spanish football manager and former player. La Masia de Can Planes, usually shortened to La Masia, (English: ), is the name given to FC Barcelona's training facilities located near the Camp Nou in the Les Corts district of Barcelona, and is often used to generically describe the youth academy of Barcelona. 5.0/5

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1984 - Pep Guardiola and his young brother Pere in La Masia after Pep signed for Barca. Look at this "athlete".
"The player who has passed through La Masia has something different to the rest." - Pep Guardiola.
Pep Guardiola quote: It was the heaviest defeat in the Catalan's coaching career, At Barcelona, Guardiola knew the club inside out and implemented a style of play already familiar to the entire squad. The Catalans' one touch passing plan is instilled in footballers from a young age at La Masia. Pep had lived and breathed that football as a player, just like Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi et al. When Guardiola took over as coach and inherited that golden generation of players, the diamond was there. It just needed to be polished. After winning the treble last season under Jupp Heynckes, Bayern's diamond was already polished, just not quite how Pep liked it. Instead of adapting to his new players, however, Guardiola wants those footballers to get used to the methods that made his Barca side so brilliant between 2008 and 2012. But there's one problem: there's no Messi. Meanwhile, Messi won all four Ballons d'Or during his time under Guardiola. He also made the difference on nights like Tuesday. I miss Li ...
Guardiola: “The profound sorrow I have will accompany me for the rest of my life” FC Barcelona's former manager and current coach of Bayern Munich expresses his deep sorrow for the loss of his friend, Tito Vilanova After Bayern Munich’s victory over Weder Bremen (5-2), Pep Guardiola held a press conference in which he remembered his friend Tito Vilanova: “I want to express my condolences on behalf of my family to his father, Joaquín, his mother, María Rosa, to Montse, his wife, and to his children, Carlota and Adrià.” Guardiola, who had Vilanova as his assistant for five years at FC Barcelona (one year with the reserve team and four with the first team), talked about his long relationship with the late manager that started when they were both children at La Masia: “We were very young, we wanted to conquer the world and that’s what we did. The profound sadness that I have will accompany for the rest of my life, forever.”
In 2001 he managed a Barcelona under-13s side that included Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi. And just over a decade later he coached the same three players to the Spanish league title. Messi had become the best in the world; Pique and Fabregas had become World Cup winners with Spain; and Vilanova had become Barcelona manager. Twice he arrived at the club alongside Pep Guardiola: first as a young hopeful in its La Masia academy in 1984; and then to coach alongside him in 2007 first winning the third division with the B-team and then taking over the first team and bringing home 14 of a possible 19 trophies in the greatest four seasons in the club’s history. barcelona and the fans we always think of you
R.I.P Tito Vilanova who lost his life to throat cancer at age of 45. Cancer is a cruel cruel disease and our thoughts are with his family and friends. One of his greatest achievements is stepping up to be Barcelona manager after Pep Guardiola earning 100 points for the club - the highest total ever for Barca. He began as a youth player at La Masia and ended his football life coaching the club he loves. May he rest in peace.
He was the manager in the season of 100 points, the highest total ever for FC Barcelona A product of La Masia, Vilanova was part of the greatest Barça team of all time On April 25 2014, at the age of 45, Tito passed away after a long struggle against the illness which was first diagnosed two and a half years earlier. Vilanova was brave, honest, hard- working, perfectionist, methodical, pragmatic and intuitive on both a personal and a professional level, and always remained loyal to the club and to himself, as defined by two of his companions from his youth right through to his managerial days, Jordi Roura and Aureli Altimira. As a coach, Vilanova was analytical, cerebral and observant and was famed for the amount of gestures he used make as he directed his teams. Those that worked alongside him considered him a tactical genius in a job for which his nature could not have been better suited. On April 27, 2012 Tito Vilanova was the natural choice to take over from the departing Pep Guardiola as FC Barcelon ...
La Masia is not only school of football but also school of life [Pep Guardiola]
Pep Guardiola:“The academy of Liverpool is the only one that can compare to La Masia of FC Barcelona.”
At the time, few supported Pep Guardiola when he favoured La Masia product Sergio Busquets in the holding role ahead of Yaya Toure, who had been excellent throughout Guardiola’s debut, treble-winning campaign with Barcelona in 2008-09. Toure was more powerful, more commanding and allowed Barcelona to play both Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta without being overrun. Yet Busquets soon proved his quality, bringing more positional discipline and intelligent distribution to that role. Today, there’s no question that Guardiola was correct to have faith in his protégé. Toure, however, will be desperate to prove his ability in his first meeting with Barca since his departure in 2010.
Remember, Bojan Krkic, number 11, he was a La Masia graduate, and took part in Barcelona successful years under Pep Guardiola..
"Thiago Alcantara, created by: La Masia. Discovered by: Pep Guardiola. Destroyed by: Tito Vilanova :)"
"The player in the Premiership I admire most? Easy – Scholes." - Patrick Viera "An amazingly gifted player who remained an unaffected human being." - Roy Keane "I tell anyone who asks me – Scholes is the best English player." - Laurent Blanc "I can’t understand why Scholes has never won the player of the year award. He should have won it long ago. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t seek the limelight like some of the other ‘stars’." - Thierry Henry "Paul Scholes had the best football brain I’d ever seen in a kid. Let’s face it. Paul Scholes is in a class of his own." - Brian Kidd "Paul Scholes would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team." - Marcello Lippi "Out of everyone at Manchester United, I would pick out Scholes, he is the best midfielder of his generation. I would had loved to play alongside him." - Pep Guardiola "He is the one whose level I aspire to. He is the best player in the Premier League." - Cesc Fabregas "At La Masia his name was mentioned a lot. ...
I joined La Masia at the age of 13. I made by debut appearance for Barcelona against Cadiz CF. I have also capped for Barcelona 263 times in my career. The last club I played for before retiring is Dorados. I am one of the legends of FC Barcelona and their fans will always continue to love me. In my last season playing for Barcelona, I made 28 appearances, scoring 2 goals. Comment who you think it is. -ResidentArab
Pep Guardiola has the luck(maybe he created the luck himself) of finding well-oiled machines to work with.Apart from La Masia,Frank Rijkaard left behind a phenomenal team behind.Josef "Jupp" Heynckess is leaving a great team behind at Bayern Munich.I wonder if Ulli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenige won't regret their decision given the team Jupp had managed to put together
Rosell: Picking Vilanova as coach was the best decision Barcelona President Sandro Rosell has praised the decision to replace Pep Guardiola with Tito Vilanova. Vilanova replaced Pep Guardiola at the end of the 2011-12 campaign following the latter’s decision to end his four-year spell at Camp Nou and Vilanova has since guided the Catalans to their best ever La Liga season. “Tito has talent, he understands what Barcelona mean, what La Masia is and what being Catalan means,” Rosell told reporters. “It was a brilliant decision by Zubizarreta to give him the job.” Rosell then discussed Xavi Hernandez, who signed a new contract on Monday. “He has just renewed his contract until 2016. He’ll be 36-years-old by then, but we believe this deal won’t be the last he signs with us.” inside spanish football, admin andrew
Here is what the best coaches has to say about our one and only busquet Pep Guardiola: ''I wouldn't have won any trophies without Busquets''. Vicente del Bosque: ''I don't care about who ever is missing in the National Team as long as Sergio Busquets is in the squad''. Sir Alex Ferguson: ''Paul Scholes and Sergio Busquets are the most important players in their teams''. Tito Vilanova: ''I have never seen any player with that much confident''. Gerd Muller: ''For me Busquets is the best DMF in the world for the last couple of years''. Johan Cruyff: ''A player with a successful passing rate above 95% is indescribable. The least I could say about him is that he is one of the most Technical players from La Masia''. for Busquets
One of the greatest players of all time – Holland legend Johan Cruyff – has revealed why Arsenal would be crazy to get rid of Arsene Wenger. Cruyff has given the Gunners boss solid backing and says the Arsenal board would be mad to even consider parting company with the Frenchman. “Wenger will ALWAYS bring the club back to the top,” said Cruyff, who is credited by Pep Guardiola for establishing the La Masia academy at Barcelona, which produced Lionel Messi, Xavi ­Hernandez and Andres Iniesta. -DB
Tito Vilanova, 8 -- With 37 out of a possible 39 points won so far, Pep Guardiola's successor has officially equalled La Liga's best-ever start. Credit must be given to a confident newcomer who has managed to keep this group of players hungry for victory, eager to improve and ready to compete for reaching even higher heights. Fielding the first ever La Masia eleven will also go down as one of the proudest moments in over 100 years of Blaugrana history.
A History was made in the 14th minute when coach Tito Vilanova sent on Martin Montoya to replace the injured Dani Alves - completing a team full of La Masia products for the first time in the modern era. Not even Vilanova's predecessor Pep Guardiola managed the feat, fielding a maximum of nine homegrown players at any time. Brazilian substitute Adriano Correia broke the monopoly in the 75th minute, by which time Barca were four goals to the good. In the era of cosmopolitan swings, Barca provides an answer.
Wow, Pep Guardiola gave 1st team debuts to 22 La Masia graduates in his 4 year period in charge!!
"Pep Guardiola: "The best academy in the world, except La Masia of Barca? The academy of Liverpool." - 5.07.2011"
yeah but that option is too risky. Pep Guardiola was La Masia manager, but VdS? he..he..
Pep Guardiola decided to leave Barca at the end of the season to take a break from football after a successful four-year period, and Rosell is hopeful that the coach will return to the club as president someday. "It would close his cycle at the club; from a little boy in La Masia to president, having gone through all the stages," Rosell said. "I would vote for him, I certainly would."
Pep Guardiola: "The only academy in the world that can rival La Masia is Liverpool's." 2011. Enough said.
Pep Guardiola y Gabi Milito - Barcelona Former Barcelona defender Gabriel Milito has conceded that the Blaugrana's recent success is down to the homegrown Catalan players.The now-retired Argentine centre-half was part of the Barca squad between 2007 and 2011, winning two Champions League crowns and three Liga titles. However, the South American has stated that the players who graduated from La Masia were, and are, the side’s heartbeat.“The fact that we won so many titles says a lot for the
"Every morning when I open the window I see the Camp Nou.” Pep Guardiola (( when was 13 year old arrived La Masia ))
"La Masia, not just the place to learning about football but also learning how to respect your opponent" - Pep Guardiola.
The new coach and his assistant as well as the fitness coach, all lived together in La Masia 26 years ago. All three were at the Masia with players such as Pep Guardiola and Guillermo Amor
"Pep Guardiola and the graduates of La Masia academy were going to usher in a new age in which small was beautiful and tiki-taka"
22 - 22 footballers from La Masía have made their debut under Pep Guardiola.
The Academy Of Liverpool is the only ONE that can compare to La Masia Of Barcelona FC "Pep Guardiola"
Will definitely miss the charm of tikitaka from La Masia witchcraft and wizardry directed by Pep Guardiola. Guardiola
Pep Guardiola did an excellent job of promoting FC Barcelona's La Masía youth academy in a new advert.
VIDEO: Pep Guardiola, the perfect ambassador for La Masia [
Did Barcelona not have players before Pep Guardiola? But La Masia in its current form cam about in 1979
Pep Guardiola guided me around La Masia. Find Pep in the film to get your personal tour.
Why Barcelona Lost El Clasico Things happen for a reason. In this case, there are many factors that influenced the result. If we focus on the match itself, Barcelona were too slow upfront, often abusing horizontal passes. If Guardiola chose a 3-4-3 formation so we could have superiority in midfield, he should have fielded Cesc instead of young Thiago - The Fab4 is, at this moment in time, more experienced and capable of challenging rival defences coming from the second line. I have read how some Culés are rubbishing Cristian Tello for his performance. While he obviously missed a couple of chances, Barcelona have become part of World Football's elite by trusting our La Masia youngsters. Pep Guardiola chose Tello, who had hardly started any professional matches previously, in the match that decided La Liga. I can see how our manager wanted to add extra pace to our wings and make Real Madrid's Coentrao suffer, but it simply didn't work out. Looking back, fielding Thiago and Tello was the wrong decision. In ...
Pls take your time in reading this; Tribute to Pep Guardiola Pep Guardiola's departure as Barcelona coach, after 13 trophies, including three La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues, will sadden many beyond the club and its supporters. Trophy number 14 may follow on 25 May in the shape of the Copa del Rey, but this is the end of an era. Purely in terms of trophies, Johan Cruyff, who managed the side from 1988-96, is the only other Barca coach to compare to Guardiola. Yet like the influential Dutchman, the Catalan's success was about so much more than results. Guardiola unites probably the two most glorious eras of the club's history. Firstly, he was the midfield pivot that centred Cruyff's Dream Team in the 1990s. He went on to create a team as coach to rank as one of the most thrilling to have played the game. Almost 30 years ago, when Guardiola arrived at the fabled La Masia academy as a 13-year-old, Cruyff redeployed him as a defensive midfielder. With his visionary range of passing, Guardiola became ...
They have been the four most successful years in Barcelona's history. Since 5 June 2008 and Pep Guardiola's appointment, the Catalan side has enjoyed complete world domination. Three La Liga titles, two Champions League trophies, two Club World Championships, and a single Copa del Rey, all masterminded by a former B-team coach with zero first-team managerial experience. The former-Spanish international has won 13 of a possible 18 trophies available, a remarkable record. When Pep Guardiola took over from Frank Rijkaard he inherited a talented team, but one struggling to compete with Real Madrid. Their fierce rivals had finished 18 points clear of Rijkaard's men in 2007-08, successfully defending their La Liga title at a canter. Pep's appointment certainly raised a few eyebrows, he had only one season of experience with Barcelona B after all, but club president Joan Laporta recognised Pep personified Barca. Since joining La Masia as a 13-year-old, Guardiola has spent a total of 24 years at the club, as a pl ...
Pep Guardiola quits Barcelona.. He once visited and said LFC academy was 2nd best only to La Masia.. Just saying..
Pep Guardiola, please don't leave Barca, you're the heart of the team from La Masia, and Cules for life!
Tomorrow very big announcement from La Masia regarding Pep Guardiola. Really hope he stays and shows Barca's mental strength.
Fabregas dreams of a return to his hometown club but the form of La Masia's latest star may see Pep Guardiola wait a year, causing uncertainty for the Gunners skipper.
via Reddit: Great article on Pep Guardiola's journey from La Masía to Barcelona legend
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