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Pep Band

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Senior Night Uptown Funk Michael Jackson George Mason

Pep Band cheering on our Varsity Boys Basketball! 1st game of many!!!
When the pep band is on their way to K-State and they stop in Clinton to eat lunch without me. ily and imy Clinton
Liberty's band and pep squad headed to the SHIP: Football Championship 2016..Tech Life
Pep Band : sack lunches available at 4pm today. Full band meet at 4:30.
Report time for pep band members for tonight's basketball game is 6pm in the band room. Please wear crimson...
So when I was a freshman at NYU back in the 60s, I joined the Basketball Pep Band. It sounded…
And the pep rally didn't acknowledge marching band is which has won 1st place at Marengo competition 4 years in a row
Now that pep band has started, we need to have a representative on the council. If you are interested, be at the election on Saturday.
Three tight first-round games thus far then this happened: the George Mason pep band drove from DC to be a part of the
If you're interested, sign up for our basketball pep band TODAY in the band room!
Pep band had some 'guest conductors' last week. They did a great job!
Great job last night, Pep Band! We had a fun and great sounding start to our pep band season supporting our...
Can you feel it "In the Air Tonight?" Pep band rehearsing for BB games vs Hoxie tonight!
Just finished Golden Sound Pep Band rehearsal! We're excited to play for the Basketball Teams tomorrow night!!
These two- might be the best pep band in the state! Thanks Turner & Blake for "bringin' it" tonight!
Join the SDSU Percussion Ensemble and Pep Band for their concert Mon, 7:30 in the PAC. Accepting donations for the Brookings Food Pantry!
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A little bit of Rocky Top from our Pep Band!
Pep Band starts today's High School Pep Assembly off with a little Jazz. 🎷🎺
Creighton brought a small but energetic bunch, including its pep band. @ Dakota Dome
Shoutout to my TU band for putting the "pep" in pep band
You can never have enough cow bell. The pep band brought the intensity tonight! 🎶
*** should have joined the pep band and gone to Denver!
.since when did you join Tulsa's pep band?
I love how the Tulsa pep band (I think) is singing 'Hey Baby' to distract the free throw shooter. Hilarious.
That game tonight had the highest scores I've ever seen in my three years in pep band and we also won! Go Dukes!
I went to NCAA in 2012 in pep band. We had to pay $20/day then for it. Team was in hotel with us.
As a member of Pep Band, I had to pay $20/day for it in 2012. Hope they provided for the cheerleaders/pep band too.
Lively game with enthusiastic trash talking from the pep band. up 16-14 over in the 2nd set.
Had a blast this year with the Pep Band. Love these guys! .
By the way, starting my day off with Cuse/Dayton and the Dayton Pep Band.
Yep that was Tulsa Pep Band playing a very DRY version of "Uptown Funk"
The Pep Band is working around the clock.
What would a Lenape Basketball game be without our Lenape Pep Band?
For those who think they might want to do Pep Band in college, worth a read.
Tulsa band doing a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" like only a pep band from Oklahoma can.
Band-please don't forget to be in the band room at 6:45 in the morning for pep band to send off the bball team!
Bad song choice by the pep band. No one is on fire in this game. Ugly half of basketball.
Heard this when the game cut back and was deathly afraid that was Michigan's pep band.
Statesmen Nation and the Pep Band getting louder with each strong play...60-49
Shout out to the Penn Pep Band making the trip to KC
I just wish my school could even take the pep band to the conference tournaments.
Swear to God I just saw Michigan pep band members mouth "We are Penn state" to Zombie Nation
Mercer County's pep band dusting off one of the favorites from my pep band days, The Horse.
Really jacked up for some Pep Band tonight!
Pep band got me hyped, unlike the highland fan section tonight 🙄
u have to love the pep band 😄. When they play Texas Fight my worries go away. They r the very best, hands down 👍
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Under 8 til tipoff! If you notice that's the pep band playing the school song!
Hi "The Best Pep Band i n the Land" - do you klnow if u will be in a diff corner Friday because RIT is not home team?
My Iowa pictures came up on my timehop from 2012... Oh, pep band.
Chorus of boos from Dunbar students greet Mercer as it retakes the floor. FWIW, Titans pep band drowned them out
A FANTASTIC pep band playing their ❤️s out for
I'm waiting for the pep band to play lol
Dunbar and Mercer on the floor ... Titans pep band out in force tonite
outside of the pep band and E Madison student fans in the house?
The Trojan Pep Band performing at the Hard Rock in Denver.
Southern with the best pep band at the First Four hands down. Wichita gave it their best effort.
pep band was like the only time I saw you and now it's over honestly I would've died without you in my band
The Pep Band has arrived in Providence and are ready to make some noise!
Heh. Our pep band director hates the NCAA. They were told to not be so loud last year.
When Bemidji State made the Frozen Four, so unexpected the Pep Band had other gig, so George Mason Pep band subbed
Not much of a crowd but Squan has mini pep band
All purpose parts banner
Five things to know about Southern hoops (Besides their "great pep band) .
You know how much you're school doesn't care about sports when pep band's leading the cheers/the only ones cheering
without reason. The pep band was being taken care somehow but we were to ride with them so we'll see what happens. Surely if
It's time adopted new policies regarding pep bands during Band world unite under h…
Such a shame that talented and dedicated pep band members are told they can't play the big dance when they worked all sea…
Duquesne's pep band is weak. They don't even have a tuba player.
Petition to expand Pep Band size at NCAA Tourney games to larger than 29 and to allow Electric Bass
Nice efforts, but can't wait for Tiger Cheer, Dance, and Pep Band to be here to show folks how to entertain! Tiger Domination!
Come support all our Senior WARRIORS tonight! Recognizing Boys Basketball, Dance, Cheer, and Pep Band!
Tonight is Senior Night for the Basketball Boys and Pep Band. Seniors will be honored between the JV and Varsity games in Doglio Gymnasium.
Sr Night for hoops vs Sutherlin starts 5:45p for Girls & Sr's-only Anthem by Pep Band. Sr Cheer & Boys at 7:15pm.
Boys Basketball at GKHS tonight:. Central vs GK. Senior Night for Boys BKB, Cheer, Dance and Pep Band will begin at...
Girls will host Green Lake/Princeton Monday night with Pep Band and Dance team performances.
How could not accept an invitation from the best pep band in the country?
Thanks to pep band, & Willie mascot for their energetic support of our
As a die-hard music fan, I appreciate the pep band. Now it's time for you to as well.
"We met in the Pep Band our freshman year and were good friends but didn't start dating until…
Caitlin Minnehan & Travis Rivord (Athletic Bands). "Travis and I met in pep band our freshman year, both of us...
Candy hearts + pep band = love! Take a on campus and tag it for your chance to win a prize!
If you're wondering what Dropkick Murphys song the BC pep band played, don't. It was that one.
As the brother of a former member of the BC pep band, I can say that it's embarrassing and on brand for them to play Dropkick Murphys
Have you read the article in the Tulsa World on ORU's pep band?. READ:
Home 1/4 final section game for the boys' hockey team! Bring on the pep band-2/18! 🎶❤️🏒
The pep band bones love AU Women's BBall!
Thank you for Lakeview, Jefferson, O'Neill and Eisenhower for joining us at Junior High Pep Band night!
ATTENTION BAND! Girls Hockey made it to state. We get to go down to the Excel Energy Center and play PEP BAND!!! 6pm on …
ManCity is just dead... Pellegrini and his band of overpaid primadona/mercenaries seem to have lost their way since Pep was announced...sad.
BC's pre-game would be fun if it were a good team. Good video of team in tunnel, some Shipping Up to Boston by the pep band.
Apparently the pep band is letting some political candidate play at their concert which is nice!
When you are a pep band director and your personal music preferences influence the music selection.
Greatest College Pep Band in the Nation talking to you Jimmy
Doc Nix and the Green Machine, Greatest College Pep Band in the Nation wants to ROCK WITH YOU JIMMY!
most of my pep band friends play trumpet. They somehow convinced me to learn it and switch to their section. (I'm very bad 😬)
I'm living proof that you don't need pep to be in pep band.
Villanovas pep band arrangements are weak
Nova pep band playin tunes. This is college
For real, thanks to this pep band from Eden Prairie for being our background/pre live shot entertainment.
I'm hearing the Seido pep band from Ace of the Diamond playing in my head. This'll be fun.
College looks so exciting tho. You can get payed to play in the pep band. Like *** son sign me up
last night was my last pep band game as a high schooler and you'd think I wouldn't be so…
Yep! "The king of all pep band legends is Doc Nix at George Mason"
Pep Band rockin' at today's double-header! We even had a few alumni return to join us!
The one weekend that the pep band wasn't there was very depressing
So it was he last day of pep band for the season... And i don't know if i should either be happy or sad?
Last year on V-Day I was at a basketball game playing pep band & that night went to a party with Maddy & froze to death & left within 30mins
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Everytime I get off the bus for pep band 😂😂
SO great to see again. He is a one man pep band.Brings out the best of wrestlers as performers & as people.
Alumni pep band brought the mighty and righteous Aztec sound to the Mesa tonight. Well done. Aztecs over AF.
Last pep band game of my high school career. Wowza.
Sarah from the pep band literally bowing down to Chet after he does the 1-2-3 Aztecs chant makes me wanna start rooting for a different team
Senior members of the Bellarmine pep band were honored today at Knights Hall.
Still don't understand why we don't play the Paul Simon Opener and Oh, Pretty Woman in pep band any more.
Congrats to and the middle school students for a successful day at Richmond!! So proud of all of you!!
YouTube video of the PEP BAND members' Senior Night.
if we were at pep band do we get to dress down Tuesday?
so. i was at pep band and we started playing centuries by fob and i have the song memorized so I was watching the other team warm up
Thank you, Pep Band and Mrs. Johnson!! From Bloomington North to Clay City today!! Rock in' It!!!
We will be having Senior Night for the Pep Band, Sidney Singers & Danz Team after the girls varsity game on Friday Jan…
Dixieland band at 5 PM in the commons. Pep Band at 5:45 PM.
Excited seeing all the new names pop up on the Pep Band roster. Can't wait for you to share in our Practice starts soon!
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Shout out to Pep Band and cheerleaders for their support tonight!
Pep Band: The Band room will be open at 6:15 PM tonight! See you soon!
So honored to be a part of the Pride of Oklahoma pep band receiving OU/Tennessee game balls from and
When the Pep Band goes to Hedke then little kids ask you for your autograph.
Homecoming is Friday and i haven't finished my mum, i haven't bought a wrist band for the pep rally nor have i bought an outfit 😓
Shout out to the UHS pep band for the suprise visit to the volleyball match last night. You get us hyped!
Pep band is changing to black pants but i just bought some fresh *** khaki's come on man
as a pep band alum, and a proud member of the FAR superior I'll be cheering on
I just want to see Ky at her Senior Night but nobody will sub for me at this pep band gig 😊😊🔫
Thoughts: gotta give a shout out to and the pep band group for their support as well! Your energy is always 100!!
"Shrewsbury, what's the point of having a pep band that dress like bumblebees? You might as well look like the Auburn cowboys..." -Millbury
Oh my god. has a whole station that's just marching band covers.
Photo: Chopin’s Funeral March makes for great pep band music.
Why aren't there pep rallies for musicals, speech tournaments, academic challenge competitions, chess tournaments or band tournaments?
The BJHS Band was awesome tonight and added some extra pep to the game tonight.
We are sending a pep band to Georgia Tech next week. A really, really large pep band of 250+ Chiefs.
Pep band today was long, but the car ride there and especially coming back. 😂 was too funny
Nothing beats a HS event with the pep band playing! Thanks for coming to soccer!
Somehow ended up listening to 80's music, and I'm ok with that. These would make great pep band charts.
...UIL Band tomorrow. Work the JV/ Jr High games and play in the pep rally. Game Friday. Saturday is senior pic
Pep band busting a move at the Girls Varsity Soccer victory tonight!
Nice job tonight Pep Band... Now go play some video games (see below).
When you miss one of your songs for Pep Band ;-; I feel so guilty, oh my god. No.
There was pep band at the swim meet tonight.. I now understand why we don't do pep band at swim meets.
Only 3 more games left. And then pep band doesn't start until December 1st. My life is going to be living *** until then
GVB: Eagles win set 3! Milford up 2-1 over Loveland. Thanks to pep band for being here tonight!
Huge thanks to the pep band for supporting the volleyball team tonight! They sounded awesome!
It's always cool when our Student Section shows up, the Pep Band plays, and our entire Volleyball Program is in the Gym. Great Atmosphere!
Great Pep Rally today Kudosand student/staff game participants.
TMB pep band rocks at panther playoff game!
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This monsoon is robbing me of my pep band practice
Can't wait for basketball season pep band
basically anyone in uniform doesn't have to pay. If you have a huge role in pep rally (cheerleaders, band, football)
This Iowa State soccer game makes me really wish my school had a Soccer Pep Band
Lakers VB up 17-15 in set 1 vs Lakeville South. We have a packed house at PLHS. Thanks to the pep band for being here tonight!!
I cant contribute to the account anymore (thanks but I figured I'd remind every one to go to the pep band meeting!
Thanks for the Pep Band coming out tonight.
.home basketball games will have a little more pep in their step thanks to the newly formed CCSJ Pep Band.
LIVE on A pep band plays out a wedding party on the Magnificent Mile.
Heard "Low Rider" on the radio today and thought of my pep band family. 😊🎶🎷🎺
Although let's be real it's probably just that I miss pep band lol
Yael Yuzon and his band Spongecola also performed at the PHOTO via PEP Alerts
Neither Pep, nor Roberto, want him, and that, my merrie band of brothers, is evidence enough for me.
18x24 inches. Acrylic and enamel on canvas. "Pep band"
tbh I didn't want to make a pep band shirt design bc I have no creativity and I didn't want people judging & talkin trash but whatevs now
Pep Band, BU-BC, and summertime hockey. Who could ask for more? Come check us out this Friday at the first annual Comm Ave Char…
So if athletics can afford to send the basketball team to the Bahamas (and the Atlantis Resort), there'll be a pep band for Ireland, right?
Christmas in July? Try hockey in July! The BU Pep Band is ready to go at the first annual
Congrats to from your friends the Monmouth Pep Band, the Big Sound of the Jersey Shore™!
pep band and colorful trees and cardigans and YAY
And you get paid to play in the pep band 😂
Currently working on a playlist for when the Power Pep Band isn't playing. Can you believe were only 15 days away from
I play guitar and sing. Can I join the pep band?
MUSICIANS: Don't forget to email pepif you want to join the legendary GeekyCon pep band! (You will need your own instrument.)
Cause honestly, we need new pep band music.
I hate not having data or wifi. I could be arranging music for pep band right now.
Being a part of the Big Red Marching Machine was a great experience! Along with pep and University band :)
• pep band, DJ, Bryan, and your smile hehehhe 😂
I remember like the 2nd of school I saw a WWA wrist band on the floor after the pep rally and I had like war flash backs
Dude what if we played Uptown Funk for pep band this year
Meet Black Singles 300x250
that song rocks. Our high school pep band played it at basketball games and it was a huge favorite
is cause I was the 1st string player to join our pep band, and I cherish every moment of it. 🎼🎶💙
UWaterloo's "pep" band said the same about the Waterloo Warriors in the '80s and were disappointed every time.
My heart is a little broken that I'm not playing there this year but I'm so excited the pep band lives on.
there was just a bunch of confusion about my instrument so I didn't have time to prepare I'll probably do pep band
That afternoon when one of the neighbors decides to play pep band baritone at stadium-worthy levels.
good luck making the Trojan Pep Band!
Meanwhile, your favourite CFL pep band is always available at
I’ll just be over here. Conducting the pep band. Don’t mind me.
Throwback to football pep band season 😭 when this picture played on the senior slideshow at…
.I was under the impression Pug Wash was a short story about a high school fundraiser for pep band.
1 official away game plus Lafayette if they're away. just a pep band for the others.
Wow, what an era for high school basketball in SC. My bro was in the pep band and SV so I saw a bunch of the…
Pep Band member Robert Slaughter plays the cow bell during a rally for the UB Men's Basketball team
Life is a like a Pep Band trip, you never know what you're gonna get.
You know Harlan's playing when the pep band strikes up "Jesus Christ, Superstar." The song is in the Cyclones' DNA.
Wayzata pep band takes us out with Pharrell's Happy
Shout out to the traveling pep band for being the student section tonight.
Still wondering why I always accept to do pep band .
That moment when the seniors turnt up for their last pep band performance 😂
The best pep band in the 16th region!!
When fans at a basketball game naturally respond to the pep band with "sieve!"
S/O to whichever pep-band was putting on a live performance with singing and all
Did anyone else notice Kansas' pep band in concert black? Lol
“Honorary members of tonight's pep band and ✊😂 yas thank you 🙌
Huge thanks to the pep band, and cheerleaders for showing their support tonight and all year! We really appreciate it!
Honorary members of tonight's pep band and ✊😂
My 🇱🇦🇸🇹 pep assembly was on Friday & I still can't believe I'm graduating in a few weeks. Missing my «marching band»
Best pep band in the State supporting the Mavs at sectionals!
Madi hanging with Alex and the Lafayette Pep Band "A." Go Lady Generals!!
To the kid in the pep band at the game, thank you for not turning down.
Drummer for Creighton pep band doing his thing while wearing a penguin suit;
Dude, that one guy in the UNF Pep band absolutely kills it when "Turn Down For What" plays!
The cheerleaders will be sacked and replaced with the Oregon pep band.
Shoutout to the hesston pep band trumpeter (trumpeteer?) for NAILING the live and let die solo!
He and Ms. B made us the musicians we are now. We have the greatest memories with him, Marching band, concert band, jazz band, and pep band.
for my Spanish trip to Costa Rica and NYC, and pep band, and NHS, and just everything tbh 😳
Literally people are singing pep band songs really ¿¿??
Pep rally's are the best 😂 not's only funny watching us band kids have more fun than the whole school combined
When the bus to pep band feels like ***
Pep band at a baseball game. This is pretty cool
State Pep Band with these guys today.
I really want the pep band to play Marching Lehigh this Thursday at the basketball game. Why not?
Bus leaves from the FAB at 5:45am for game. Wear jeans & either your pep band polo or blue and gold Heelan shirt
I use the term pep band loosely because they are the size of an entire Class A school enrollment and they are playing stro…
Indiana's pep band is playing the theme from "Halloween".
We would like to welcome the AHS pep band to SHS. Thanks for making this a fun game!
AE Tournament begins tomorrow night! Pep Band is off to UNH!
Pep Band: great job tonight! Next possible performance: Saturday for Sectional Championships at Jeff. More info...
Listening to my son, Patrick, play in the pep band for IU. Indiana Hoosiers Sports Network powered by Learfield Sports on TuneIn.
Pep Band will be back at school at 8:34! Please have rides ready. Band Room and school will be locked at 8:50.
“Q:Which Eagle is next to go, Riley Cooper or Demeco Ryans?” Eaglea Pep band. Please let it be that horrible pep band.
Tonight 105 student athletes, athletic trainers, pep band members and cheer & dance team members will be...
WHOA WHAAA??? “Shut Up and Dance getting some love at the from the Pep Band. http…
At a Class B District Final. The pep band is better. But how will the crowd be tonight?
we have a great pep band in Shullsburg
What time should we be at school for the playoff game for pep band?
So I'm playing baritone for this pep band game, but for certain tunes I switch with a friend and play trombone. Yas
At Dunk City to see daughter play in FGCU pep band for A-Sun Tournament game ...
About to leave for the plane! Don't forget to add jtjack to snapchat to follow all the pep band shenanigans
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
My favorite UB memory: going to Cleveland as a pep band member for the MAC Basketball Tournament!
Good luck at state girls! See you at the Well. Hi from the back of the pep band bus!
Get to tell my director that I cant make it to pep band tomorrow cause my sisters kids are staying with us while she has her 5th child..
HUGE thanks to EV pep band and cheerleaders for adding to the playoff atmosphere for the CI Hawks!
It’s JACKETS TIME!!! NHS Pep Band playing for the CBJ vs. Capitals tonight at Nationwide Arena.
Great job also by our pep band and cheerleaders. What great representation today by all involved.
Unless you're in pep band, then wear your polo of course 😏👌
on the radio right now. Funny how some songs you start to like the pep band versions better...
Ballard pep band has played the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Nirvana... They win Pep Band of the year award. Nicely done by their Director!
Pep Band providing some surprise fun and excitement at Centris Federal Credit Union this morning. They loved it!
The kernel and the Pep Band are in the house to cheer on the Varsity Girls basketball team.
The RCHS Pep Band will be performing tonight and tomorrow night at the home Varsity basketball games.
UK Pep Band has a great uptempo version of 'My Old Kentucky Home.'
Productive day. 8am practice, went to class, took a nap, went to pep band, worked out. Now it's bed time 💤
The amount of times Mr. Booty has sung pep band tunes to me this week is ridiculous.
Pep Band tonight at the girls varsity hockey game was awesome!! too bad it ended up tied!
Thanks for the support and the pep band in attendance! Feels good to win especially on our home floor! Good job ladies 👏
Had fun with the pep band tonight. Tyre dunking like lebton
Great fans tonight at along with pep band made for a great atmosphere at the rink!
You likely won't hear a better pep band in the country.
Friday's game against DeKalb is going to be great and I hear there's a pretty rad pep band playing aka us
Just got the best birthday singing wishes from my brother and the Tiger Pep Band!!! Awesome y'all!! Thank ya!!
William &Mary's Pep Band was great as usual and the conductor kept her shoes on all night. Now that's a first. Ha Ha
Super glad I got to play in pep band today. Had a lot of fun. Good win for the Racers too.
me and yesenia are doing that St. Jude Elementary pep band thing ☺️ yay 💝
hey!!! Our pep band vs memorial this thurs u direct what do u say
Joseph and I had a little talk about having a pep band war during the game on Thursday but Mr Brown is busy 😭😭
KUMMROW I have a doctors appt. tomorrow at 730 don't kick me out of pep band please.
Happy birthday to ! Have an awesome night, and I can't wait to support you guys with the pep band tomorrow evening!
our pep band doesn't start until December 😩
So, enjoy this "media" timeout so you can watch the Quinnipiac pep band. Lol
. Get the sunglasses off our pep band while inside arenas. So ghetto…
I sort of serenaded to Hey Baby today during pep band rehearsal.
"I wanna be in the pep band!" . "No, Chloe. You're way better off being an athlete. Don't waste your talents.". -my dad 😂
My mom just correctly named the Arkansas pep band director from their first year in the SEC. That was 14 years ago. My family is crazy.
Moody knocks down another triple from the left wing and the pep band chants "Moody Moody Moody Moody rockin evrywhere"
Jacob and I conducted Get Lucky for pep band and it brought back all of the marching band memories 😭💔
yeah, Wu wasn't there, or the pep band or cheerleaders
Thank you EV Pep Band for playing tonight at Girls Hockey!
I'm sorry. Did the pep band just run across the stage?
Why do you come to pep band if you're gonna talk to whole time
I'm happy that I'm going to be part of pep band.
is that I just saw heading up the pep band like always? :)
Exactly the reason why I'm not doing pep band.
What's a pep rally with out the band the dancers and the cheerleaders ☺️
Skipping repeat signs, ignoring codas and playing in measures of rest with the Pep Band. Ah, the frigid wind of teen rebellion.
The pep band is pumped for this one...
are you talking about the MSU pep band or the team?
I really, really like when the pep band sings TSwift. Seriously rivals the game for most entertaining thing in Hilton
Every time I go to pep band I expect to hear the song Cool Kids start playing
Because I love pep band and can't wait for Friday 😄💖🎷
The band needs to play Power at the pep rally
If you are planning on watching the UK game this evening, look for Will who's playing with the UK pep band
Texas A&M-CC aside No. 2: W/that blue-and-green look, the school's pep band should be required to play Brass Bonanza. Like, all the time.
Good grief, how long can one pep band play Rock And Roll Pt 2?
I the basketball pep band has shrunk. Look like Estelle Getty but sound Jennifer Nettles.
-- Pep Band, Cheer, and entertain the crowds at weekday games. Next up: Wed. at 7…
Now it's time for concert season: Solo & Ensemble, Pep Band, Large Group, Jazz Band, and our concerts. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Come Visit the BK Auditorium this Friday Night at 6:30pm. The night starts out with the BK Hip Hop group...
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