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Penny Hardaway

Anfernee Deon Penny Hardaway (born July 18, 1971) is a former American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA), specializing as an unconventionally tall point guard.

Grant Hill Brandon Roy Tracy McGrady Derrick Rose Reggie Miller Charles Barkley John Stockton Orlando Magic Jason Kidd Gary Payton Michael Jordan Greg Oden Nick Anderson Shawn Kemp Scottie Pippen Chris Rock Mitch Richmond Baron Davis

Penny Hardaway is selling his plush Florida mansion for $3.8 million . Penny Hardaway Selling Florida ...…
Patrick McCall reminds me of Penny Hardaway he's about the same height same build and 10 pounds heavier that kid is athletic
I could've went to school and played ball I took the hardaway like penny
And you can't get a penny like Tim hardaway
To me toss up between Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill.
Miami pad of former NBA star Penny Hardaway lists for $4M - Curbed Miami
Anything happens to Penny Hardaway I might call out of work for a week
The Jordan I looked up to didn't pass to Pippen. A fan of Penny Hardaway and Scarface when Brad was spitting I had to listen
Brandon Roy isn't the only one getting it done with the youth. Head coach Penny Hardaway repeats as state champ. https:/…
My favorite Orlando Magic players of all time are Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardaway, Tracy McGrady, JJ Redick, Dwight Howard and Aaron Gordon
Lonzo ball gonna be the next Penny Hardaway for us watch 🔥 or Jonathan Isaac the next Paul George
Who would have had the best NBA career without injury - Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, or Tracy McGrady? http…
Players that wear/wore Kemba Walker, Penny Hardaway, and Jamal Crawford VS J.R Smith, Tracy McGrady, and Chaunc…
Magic inducting Penny Hardaway into team's Hall of Fame
If you're wondering, the Magic will not induct anyone else this season into their Hall of Fame. Penny Hardaway will be…
This dude looked right at Penny Hardaway and told him his son is trash 💀
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Looked at Penny Hardaway and told him his son trash??? Fam already the GOAT
Charles Oakley/Anthony Mason, plus Penny Hardaway and Gary Payton. All around the same time.
Penny Hardaway the best "what if" of all time. Greg Oden is closer to a modern day Bill Walton than the biggest bust ever
Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley. But Jordan Brand still wins with Ray Allen and a very slept on Michael Finley
Penny Hardaway was a nupe? A list of famous Kappa Alpha Psi members via
Penny Hardaway on D’Angelo Russell: "I knew that he was special a long time ago.". . Video: https…
NEW: Former NBA star Penny Hardaway is a big fan of "unselfish" UK recruiting targets John Petty and P.J. Washington
One of our favorite basketball sneakers of all time, Penny Hardaway's Nike Air Penny 2 now available in stores.
There's a kid in 2017 NBA Draft that looks like a cross between Jason Kidd - Penny Hardaway. I hope the Knicks suck
As a youngin all I knew was Tupac, Penny Hardaway and Ken Griffey Jr.
Bummed we won't get to see Steph in shooting from a 22' 3pt line but I don't want him to be Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill 2.0 so 👏🏾
Every major players that's worn for the Orlando Magic has gotten hurt. Penny Hardaway and then Tracy McGrady
Shaq and Penny Hardaway are the only duo other than Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars to put Jordan and Scottie out of the playoffs in the 90's.
Nothing more sad than the careers of great nba players like Penny Hardaway, Brandon Roy, etc getting cut short by injury
Isaiah Whitehead hit the Penny Hardaway stepback in the Big East title game early in the game. Isaiah Briscoe did in in state playoffs
Yep. Agreed. I think guys like Bo Jackson and Penny Hardaway did reach their potential but didn't last as long as we hoped.
It really *** to watch guys like Penny Hardaway, and more recently Brandon Roy and Greg Oden, have injuries kill their careers.
Memphis IS basketball. Penny Hardaway. Thad Young. Joe Jackson. Which prospect will be next on the list? REGISTER:
Ken Griffey and Penny Hardaway the same person to me
John Stockton, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, Steve Nash, AI guards were feared more back then than now
GS traded Penny Hardaway and three first rounders for Chris weber!? Wow
Penny Hardaway was EASILY my favorite player when I was a kid. Posters & everything.
Top 5 I saw in high school not in order Danny Manning,JamesOn Curry,Penny Hardaway,Todd Sanders,and easily the best Rodney Rogers
nope, they mite be a lil faster bt stronger nah. Bt Kevin Johnson, Penny Hardaway, Iverson, Jason Williams, like they was cold
Penny Hardaway still ringless. Iverson too. Reggie Miller. Chris Webber. Jalen Rose. Dwight Howard, lol. Oh yeah, Dikembe Mutumbo too.
Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Brandon Roy and Penny Hardaway got robbed of great legacies due to injuries
That's easy Penny Hardaway in a heart beat
Penny Hardaway. Should have been all time great!
with tyreke evans. Penny hardaway name has popped up as a replacement
Penny Hardaway or Dwade didn't have a problem with Shaq. Kobe was the big issue in L.A not Shaq!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I used to save pennies now I stay next door to Penny Hardaway 😏💯
Yeap!. Listen to RHYNO - Penny Hardaway Slight Mix prod. by Big G Tech by Rhyno on
Penny Hardaway was so raw. Woulda loved to seen what he coulda been without all his injuries
Penny Hardaway should become an assistant coach so it can boost the recruitment process. I don't want him to be treated like Coach Pastner.
I can drink to that. That's a fair point. There's clearly a difference between Pastner and Penny Freaking Hardaway, you know?
Penny Hardaway: you saw what this city did to Larry Finch. Unless all the NBA money's gone, don't do it!
a bird caught my attention, I chased her and she got away. now I'm left with penny's & i had to learn the hardaway...
Penny Hardaway to the U of M is the move.
Josh Pastner expected to accept Georgia Tech & Penny Hardaway expected to jump-step right into the vacant Memphis gig.
Please Pastner go to GA Tech so Memphis can get Penny Hardaway and my freshman year will be lit 😈🔥
Memphis not a big enough gig to attract those names! Maybe a Penny Hardaway?
Go get Penny Hardaway or Jeff Capel don't touch Gregg Marshall!
Josh Pastner about to go to Georgia Tech.Which means Penny Hardaway will be Memphis head coach 😳
If Pastner does get Ga. Tech, it will be interesting to see names that pop up for Memphis: Gregg Marshall, Penny Hardaway,…
In the 1 NBA game I've ever been to I got to see:. D-Wade. Jason Kidd. Vince Carter. Shaq. Penny Hardaway. Alonzo Mourning
Next years' Wrestlemania is in Orlando. Shaq, Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson vs The New Day
Penny Hardaway presented me with the Gatorade National Player of Year award 🙏🏻🏀
I just met Penny Hardaway. — traveling to Ft. Lauderdale from Delta Terminal - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta...
5. Walt Williams goes for 40 and Kings beat Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardaway, and conference finalist Orlando Magic
Anfernee and Penny d Atlanta hawks then..crossover kings..chai..bbal used to be fun..theres rly no competition now
Project Pat Jerry Lawler and Penny Hardaway are the only ppl that can appoint who the next king of memphis is
but before I call it quits, let me just say, I wouldn't make no Penny's, if I didn't do it the Hardaway.
I went the hardaway before I had a penny.!
Would you rather have knees or Penny Hardaway's knees.
I'm just saying because ppl felt like this about Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway and stuff but if Steph stay healthy it's green
draft kevin mchale. Flash forward, the warriors drafted Penny hardaway but traded him to magic for chris webber
12 hours left here too. Vintage Penny Hardaway.
and then penny plays off Hardaway and becomes a crazy 4-headed small-ball outfit with Mullin and Spree 👀👀
as Emcee for Steak n' Burger this year with Guest Speaker Penny Hardaway!
Read a article about how Memphis shouldn't hire Penny Hardaway as the next coach. Penny is Memphis, so you cant go wr…
One of the best people I ever meet.Looking forward to working out with his organization soon .(Penny Hardaway)
"Penny Hardaway believes Mike Conley will stay with Grizzlies"
Trappin' Penny Hardaway's , I can take a screen or two
bro what kicks go with the black penny hardaway jeresy .. I'm lost lol
Penny Hardaway, Greg Oden, And you can say T-Mac as well since his career was cut short.
Don't the Penny Hardaway next that beat crazy
I've heard both David Wesley and Penny Hardaway say today that Joe Johnson chose Miami for the beach weather lol
Booger McFarland, Jhonny Peralta, Chip Kelly, Penny Hardaway, and CoCo Crisp think Scooby Wright has a dumb name.
Every time I see Anthony Davis go down with an injury, flashes of Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway go across my mind.
I think a good comparison for Jamal Murray is a bit shorter version of Penny Hardaway
Penny Hardaway was destined to be better than Mike.
6'7 Philmon Gebrewhit(2018) played like a young Penny Hardaway. Could not be stopped ,So impressed with his ability to play make
Just tryna see a mil before 26, I think I took the harder way(Hardaway) been flipping every PENNY since
same thing with Jamal, he's our Penny Hardaway.
The people Jordan couldn't guard: Bird, Magic, Isiah, Kobe, Iverson, Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway...shall I go on.
I'm apparently the only one who liked this movie, but "Blue Chip" with Nick Nolte, Shaq and Penny Hardaway is a good flick.
Might be the new Ralph Sampson, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill or T-Mac. Great talent, horrible luck.
Who had the Penny Hardaway action figure with Chris Rock voice?
"What the" Lebrons inspired off of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Andre Agassi, Penny Hardaway, Ken Griffey jr.
Ohh silly me I left out Dikembe Mutombo, David Robinson, Baron Davis, KG, Jason Terry, LBJ, Shawn Marion, and Penny Hardaway.
Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill both was injured that summer that's how Allan Houston and Steve Smith got on
Jason Williams will always be one of my favorite PGs to ever play along with Penny Hardaway and Mike Bibby.
Clyde the Glide Drexler, Shaq Diesel, Hakeem the Dream, Kenny the Jet Smith, Penny Hardaway. Any better era for NBA nicknames?
Check out this separation move by Penny Hardaway! now kids should learn that move!
"My favorite players coming up were Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill."
Westbrook joins Oscar Robertson, LeBron, Penny Hardaway and Chris Paul with 4,000, 1,500 assists and 1,000 rebounds in firs…
put these players in order from best to worst (prime). James Harden. Tracy McGrady. Clyde Drexler. Allen Iverson. Penny Hardaway.
Mitch Richmond, Shawn Elliot, John Starks, Penny Hardaway, Gary Peyton, Cylde Drexler and I'm missing more. Stop saying MJ had no comp
Josh Smith reminds me of Jordan, Kobe, Penny Hardaway and Muggsy Bogues in their prime.
Al-Farouq Aminu looks like if Penny Hardaway and Fetty Wap had a kid
Just saw that e60 piece Lisa Salters did on Penny Hardaway and his friend battling cancer... . Mercy
Could you imagine watching Brandon Roy, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway and Tracy McGrady playing full careers without injury…
nicekicks Penny Hardaway (iam1Cent) wears a new colorway of the upcoming
Most women couldnt tell Penny Hardaway from Penny from Good Times, but they in line for Foams just to be around *** T…
Report: Brian Shaw interested in Magic coaching position -
I think ima wear my Penny Hardaway's today. Hm😯💭
I had no idea Penny Hardaway was 6'7!
Greatest NBA player? That's tough. But Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway would've been something if they stayed healthy.
Derrick Rose can either be Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill. smh
Sad to say but looking like Derrick Rose = Penny Hardaway
This knee injury seals it: Derrick Rose is the new Penny Hardaway - New York Post
penny hardaway, Staudamire, ROY, had theirs removed, washed in 3 years.
Got My Penny Hardaway Jersey NBAStorePh, the following day I visite the store Outofstock already. Thank God I got it.
"D.Rose the Penny Hardaway of this generation"
D.Rose the Penny Hardaway of this generation
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Dat black Penny Hardaway the hardest thing on earth
Dear 24-hours-ago-me: you're currently reading articles about Penny Hardaway. Prepare accordingly.
My boii Derrick Rose turning into Penny Hardaway smh.
I'll break out the Genesis. Dominate NBA Live 96 playing with the Magic featuring Shaq and Penny Hardaway
DRose the modern day Penny Hardaway. Could've been great... Limited by injuries. Smh
Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, & Tracy McGrady all had similar injuries as D Rose. Major difference is they could all shoot. Work on ur jumper.
Rose will join the Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill story... Great player, just can't stay healthy. Lighting in a bottle
and he's 26. The new penny hardaway
AUDIO: 4x All-Star goes empathizing with what is going through with his knee:
very sad. Happens to some greats. Grant Hill. Penny Hardaway. Yao Ming etc
he's done man. Start interviewing penny hardaway. Hope I am wrong.
We saw Penny Hardaway's career derailed by injuries, then Tracy McGrady, and now we're witnessing the beginning of the end of Derrick Rose's
We wrote this back in 2013. We changed a few things, but it sadly still works. D-Rose = Penny http:…
is on the verge of being in the same breath as Penny Hardaway and Brandon Roy. *** shame.
Derrick Rose is this generations Penny Hardaway.” And both came out from Memphis 😕
nah I would say more Penny Hardaway than Sam Bowie. At least Rose had some very good years in the league
My Lyrical reign take my enemies heart away, Ab King Rap game phenom never felt pain but never reached my peak like Penny hardaway!!
I think it's safe to say he's Grant Hill-Penny Hardaway
Penny Hardaway and Shaq must of been a sweet lil combo. Wish I coulda watched them play together
If theres any player i wish i couldve seen play it would be penny hardaway
nahhh. he will keep playin but he is just like Penny Hardaway. GREAT player but injury prone
yeah man its tough and well idk Penny hardaway but still puyol is the best example. Dude still tried to comeback
Yall compared him to Puyol but not Penny Hardaway!!! cmon
Shame to see this happening to Derrick Rose. Was awesome, won MVP and never even got his career started. Brandon Roy/Penny Hardaway x1000
Derrick Rose is officially now in Brandon Roy territory. Penny Hardaway. Sam Bowie. Maybe Danny Manning. Careers dera…
Penny Hardaway was SO great. For those of you who didn't see him play think about a skinny LeBron.
The NBA Hall Of Fame will have the ghosts of . D Rose . Penny Hardaway . Grant Hill . Brandon Roy & . Amare Stoudemire... From my era of hoops
“It's Bernard King. It's Penny Hardaway. There's always one per era.” Tracy McGrady too for the 2000s decade
It's almost like Derrick Rose is Penny Hardaway at this point.
Micro-fracture knee surgery is tough - look at Greg Oden, Amare, Danny Granger & Penny Hardaway . its Major
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Final score of game 1 of the Penny Hardaway's Hoopfest 65-45 Whitney Young(Chicago, IL) over the Lexington(TN).
At halftime of game 1 of the Penny Hardaway's Hoopfest. Whitney Young and Lexington are tied at 23
pretty much. The PGs these days are so athletic yo. I remember watching Avery Johnson and Penny Hardaway chug it up the floor.
Basketball legends Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Penny Hardaway help Kyrie Irving launch his first signature shoe, the KYRIE 1. If you missed it, catch up here:
Kenny Smith welcomes Charles Barkley and Penny Hardaway to the stage. WATCH:
CP3, Magic, John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Oscar Robertson, Penny Hardaway, Steve Nash. I like that order too.
I grew up idolizing three players: Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway, and...
Ty Beanie Ballz Baltimore Ravens - Medium Black Friday 2014 SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY OFFER → Ballz Baltimore Ravens - Medium Steve Francis Dealt To The Knicks With Orlando acquiring their 5th PG it was evident that Steve Francis was likely to be traded. On Wednesday the Magic traded him to the Knicks for Trevor Ariza and the ancient Penny Hardaway. Both events assume the trade will operate but like most trades one is dead improper. Ty Beanie Ballz Baltimore Ravens - Medium. Who Are The Folks Offering Sporting activities Memorabilia Now? The enterprise of internet marketing collectible sporting activities goods these days is a big organization predominantly since there are so a lot of insatiable sporting activities lovers and collectors all more than. Most sporting activities fans are hunting for a huge time hero to glance up to. Utah Jazz - In the Pink Figures-Not the Pink Hoop Whether or not supporters care to see it or not, sporting activities in each individual time period are a organization venture. Wi ...
I found an old school Penny Hardaway Champion jersey, the REVERSIBLE joint for $50 shipped. People were listing those for like $100 a pop.
D-Rose is the modern day Penny Hardaway.
what ever happened to that guy?? I haven't seen a fall from grace like him since Penny Hardaway!
I know I didn't just see a D Rose/Penny Hardaway debate. Too late for that nonsense man, go to bed lol
I'm waiting for penny hardaway to call up the cavs.
Barring injuries, who would you take: Dwyane Wade or Penny Hardaway?
the whole next 10 got me hot, Shaq wanted to Penny Hardaway over Dwyane Wade
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.check out this picture in the Penny Hardaway Hall of Fame! Coach Carol leading by example.
I wish Penny Hardaway never got hurt he was something special
Disappointed that was trying put Penny Hardaway in the top 60 ever over smh who helped you win 4th chip?
"Get paid a pretty penny for my thoughts I'm Hardaway"
"Penny from The Big Bang Theory has yet to be given a last name." Hardaway?
Ball like penny hardaway judge try to lock me up cause my pee a lil darker that ain't gon solve none weed solve all my problems
Who remembers when Penny Hardaway played for the Heat
I gotta hurry up get a seed planted. My man gon have a whole starting 5 before I birth the next Penny Hardaway. Lls
Shaq was too sentimental with his list. He had Penny Hardaway on there
"Which player before your time you wished you was alive to see play ??"penny hardaway & 1990's shaq
Big basketball news: Hamilton will play Oak Hill Academy in an ESPN game. Part of the Penny Hardaway Hoopfest. 3 pm, Januar…
They put D-Wade top 50 players all time but not Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, T-Mac, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller -_-
If they never got hurt, Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill? Which would u take ?
most underrated NBA players of all time. C Webber, Penny Hardaway, Wade, T.Parker, John Stockton.
The funniest thing about this Open Court is everybody completely ignoring Shaq every time he mentions Penny Hardaway.
Penny Hardaway dropped 38 on the 96 Bulls in the playoffs
Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, David Robinson pre-Duncan, Dominique Wilkins, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, you get the idea.
My favorite players have been Penny Hardaway, Tracy McGrady, DWade, Brandon Roy and now Westbrook
I don't know how Penny Hardaway played ball in foamposites they lowkey heavy
Get paid a pretty penny for my thoughts im hardaway with grammar I'm hot.. They only care about a *** when he handle the rock
I liked a video Penny Hardaway's Top 10 Plays on the Magic
Carl Malone, John Stockton penny hardaway all didn't win a ring and they all better than melo
Penny Hardaway the hardest player ever 💯 🙌
I'm very offended by those assumptions. Actually I watched this inspiring video
Penny Hardaway was so cold before he got hurt
I used to be an Orlando Magic fan when Shaq and Penny Hardaway wore the jersey.
That Penny Hardaway stepback in game one in that 97 series vs the Heat on TNT>>>>
They call me Chris Paul, rondon, John Stockton, gp the glove, penny hardaway
yeah I toke the hardaway penny naw I don't like you I anit friendly
You know you always be my number 1.. Penny Hardaway, so please baby don't take my heart away
Did say "Only God is nicer than me, watch me take the Hardaway(harder way, heart away) & make a million off of Penny" 😲😲😲
All I do is study Penny Hardaway ... I have no life but Idc
Nba rookie cards colege is penny hardaway
"Penny Hardaway was first guy I saw that could post up a 4, then blow by a 1" -on
What if this is all just Penny Hardaway's dream?
Here's one player I bet y'all forgot about.. Penny Hardaway people
I used to save my pennies now i stay next door to penny. Hardaway *** i got my meals the hardaway.
Penny Hardaway Didn't Debut The Foamposite One... Who was the first player to hit the court in them? This goes to my
The first Penny Hardaway signature shoe to include the 1 cent logo. OG magic colorway.
Now im left with penny's and i had to learn the Hardaway
I was a HUGE Penny Hardaway fan. Think I cared when they got swept by the Dream in the finals? Nope
Penny Hardaway with one of the sickest passes I've ever seen!
Now I'm left with penny's and I had to learn the hardaway 😳😎🔥
Jermaine Haley is like a mini Penny Hardaway.
I wish Penny Hardaway would've had a full career.
not in order but Stockton, Pippen, Rose, and I always liked Penny Hardaway back in the day
Penny Hardaway won one championship his entire life. But even though it wasn't in the NBA it still meant the...
If you got a boyfriend I can take you far away, hit the mall you won't spend a penny like hardaway
As a standout college basketball player, was being considered as a replacement for Penny Hardaway at the Univer…
Only reason I wear flight 1s is because Penny Hardaway is my fav PG behind Baron Davis
"Name yall top 5 NBA All time players"no order but ..Penny Hardaway , LeBron James ,Michael Jordan ,Hakeem olajuwan, Dr J
I'm so memphis I remember going to Penny Hardaway basketball camp
I think people forget how nice Penny Hardaway was back then.
Penny Hardaway. T-Mac nvr EVER played defense “Who would have had the better career?
““Who would have had the better career? TMAC” penny hardaway
Man I wore bobos till I knew who penny hardaway was, and even then my mon had me rockin reebok n converse from the outlets
Hate to see him go out like penny hardaway, Grant Hill, and Brandon Roy did
I had to learn though, the hardaway, pushin penny's
I need Umbros, a cutoff Oasis shirt, and a pair of size 10 Penny Hardaway's. Throw a slap bracelet and a pager in there too.
wish I had all my basketball jerseys from grade school. Syracuse Carmelo Anthony, Timberwolves Garnett w/the pine tree edges, Penny Hardaway
domain names
Now I stay next to Penny , Hardaway ... I got my mil the harder way .
If someone told me I had to spend the rest of my life on a island with Wyatt bailey and penny Hardaway id be like "okay" add Percy and "no"
The best thing to do is not rely on others to make you happy.. lol I learned the Hardaway no penny
I might be your father, ball like Penny Hardaway
I need a Penny Hardaway, Magic jersey. Royal blue with the white pinstripes.
We can do this the easy way or the Hardaway. *puts on Penny Hardaway jersey and cracks knuckles.
These are the 15 greatest Pennys of all time.
Taking the easy route is something that I've never done, ask Penny, the Hardaway is definitely number 1
looks like the crazy arm Penny Hardaway poster
He's one more lost season away from becoming this generation's Penny Hardaway.
love D Rose but he has penny hardaway & Grant Hill written all over him.
Met another fork in the road during conversation with tonight as she discovered Penny and Anfernee Hardaway are one in the same.
One day I actually saw two different people in Penny Hardaway jerseys. Gotta mention its a good mix of men and women.
Looking at old Penny Hardaway clips, man if only his knees would have held up
I needa Penny Hardaway poster for my room.
This is that game I was talking about yesterday: Penny Hardaway & Memphis vs. Todd Day & Arkansas. Awesome game.
Paterson-based NJ Playaz just beat Penny Hardaway's AAU team, 85-83, to win Nike Peach Jam on ESPNU; 1st time Playaz won 1…
Really impressed w/ Penny Hardaway's commitment to his AAU program. Spends 300K/year, but as important is the time he spen…
HOF or not, Penny Hardaway is legend.
I can watch Penny Hardaway play all day
Is Penny Hardaway going to the hall of fame?
Oh you never heard of Penny live the Hardaway
I want to see a universe where Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, T-Mac and Yao never had injury problems.
El mejor point guard para el my team de 2k14 es Penny Hardaway!
Had to learn tho, the hardaway, pushin penny's
Hall of Shame: A Recent History of Homophobia in Sports via
If he's smart like Penny Hardaway, he saves his beaucoup dollars and coaches AAU basketball.
Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, Penny Hardaway & CP3 were never superstars, but Paul George is right now? Ok.
I feel bad for anyone under 23 that didn't get a chance to see a healthy Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill. Their window of greatness closed fast
word up. downhill since.. i just hope he's not Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, or Steve Francis.. which he could end up being featured in NBC s Science of Love
5 fav players all time: Dwyane Wade, Reggie Miller, Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway, and Bradley Beal.
I wish I lived in the era of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Penny Hardaway, Reggie Miller... Loads more guys
My top 6 favorite all-time players: MJ, Scottie, Shawn Kemp, Chris Webber, Penny Hardaway & Rod Strickland
Someone was asking me a question of who out of anybody in any era would give LeBron trouble on defense? & i didn't hesitate i said Scottie Pippen because Pippen in his prime would give LeBron fits just like he did to Magic Johnson in the 91 Finals, also gave Charles Barkley fits i the 93 Finals & keep in Mind Pippen was the best all around player back in his day & yes Jordan was also a very solid all around player to but even MJ himself said Pippen was the best 2 way player & whoever was the best player on the other teams Pippen would lock you down big time if you don't believe me just ask Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Millier, Gary Payton, Tim & Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Mitch Richmond, Latrell Sprewell, Allen Iverson, & young Koby Bryant & everybody else they will tell you Pippen was a beast on defense but we will never see that match up with him & LeBron & also remember this Pippen nearly took the Bulls to the 94 Finals vs the Knicks in the Easteren Confer ...
At the request of the great Jim Avers, the 10 most injury prone athletes of all time: 1) I'll Have another. *** horse won the first 2 legs of the triple crown, then scratched from the Belmont Stakes because it had tendonitis of the *** Either that or it was too drunk to run. 2) Sam Bowie/Ralph Sampson. Neither gimp played enough games to be counted as an entire person by himself. 3) Mark Prior/Kerry Wood. See Grant Hill/Penny Hardaway. See # 3. 5) Micky Mantle. Maybe the most talented baseball player ever. 6) Ken Griffey, Jr. See # 5. 7) Gayle Sayers 8) Jim McMahon. Did he ever really finish a single game? 9) Derrick Rose. just cause I like putting Chicago sports stars on this list. 10) The 2014 edition of YOUR Texas Rangers. What say you?
Watching a 19 year old playoff game between the Indiana Pacers and the Orlando Magic. Orlando has a prime Shaquille O'neal and an uninjured Penny Hardaway. With the lack of any quality centers in the NBA nowadays any good Shaq team from the late 90s could easily win the NBA championship this year.
Your Stop The Violence Arlington Day Host ANTONIO JOHNSON Antonio Johnson was born in Memphis, TN on October 7, 1972. A graduate of the University of Louisville, KY, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. At the age of 15 while working at a Burger King Drive-Thru, a woman who worked for a gospel radio station discovered him. So impressed with his voice, she offered him a job on the spot. Antonio has worked in radio ever since, having worked at gospel radio stations in Memphis, TN, Louisville, KY, San Francisco, CA, and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Antonio has interviewed Jesse Jackson, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Penny Hardaway, the Williams Brothers, Melba Moore, Les Brown, Usher, Shaq, Bishop TD Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Beverly Crawford, Prophetess Juanita Bynum and many more in the music industry and beyond. He is considered to be one of the best gospel radio announcers in the country. He now worked for Heaven 97 KHVN-AM in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, which was voted Gospel Radio Station of the Year ...
Air forces for sale plus Penny Hardaway socks that go with it!!! . 9.5/10 condition
What some people don't realize is, Penny Hardaway wore the Air Up 14 back in his playing days, so now that Nike is gearing up to release a Orlando Magic home colorway should come as no surprise. Nike has used a mixture of royal blue and white leather on the uppers with some perforation. The OG air unit and "Air Up" placed on the tongue is also back in full, making this particular Air Up model true to its predecessor. At this time we don't have a release date, but you expect them to release during the Summer. via SF.
Kids these days will know Shaq more as the Gold Bond commercial guy with big lips as opposed to the dominant center who played alongside Penny Hardaway with The Orlando Magic
Random: Were all the Heat fans Heat fans when they were an expansion team? Do the names Ronnie Seikely, Kevin Edwards & Sherman Douglas ring a bell? Now...if you live in Miami, of course I understand your fandom. I lived in Memphis when they had Penny Hardaway. Lived in Sacramento when they had C Webb & the Yay when they had Baron Davis. But if you don't... Like suddenly we had a lot of Patriot fans when they were winning...
McGrady, Horace Grant, Penny Hardaway, Scott Skiles, Nick Anderson, all didn't so you sound like a fool
Dante Exum really reminds me of a cross between Penny Hardaway and Russell Westbrook. Comparisons to Michael Carter-Williams floating around
Me and my homie have been arguing for some time this morning and decided to ask you fb. Who would you take Shawn Kemp or Penny Hardaway?
Who would yall take .. Penny Hardaway or Shawn Kemp? PLEASE respond I need some answers ..
Who would you take, Penny Hardaway or Shawn Kemp?
To me Michael Jordan is the best player but Kobe Bryant is seriously the number two on my top five. LeBron James is not even on my list! So here it goes MJ, Kobe, Penny Hardaway, T-Mac, and Me! Penny and Tmac kept getting injured but both had great careers whose your top 5?
Which player would have been best if they remained healthy. Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway
Does anybody remember Starship Troopers? At one point in my life my top 3 role models were Johnny Rico, Ma$e, and Penny Hardaway. Johnny Rico almost made me enlist. Smh
New York Knick player under arrest for second and third degree weapon possession. I say get rid of him. Charles Barkley mentioned that David Stern left a legacy of getting the NBA to a higher reputation than ever. I highly disagree. The 90's had BY FAR more players who I admired both on and off the court who also had loyalty. Players like David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Grant Hill, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond, Kevin Johnson, Dan Marjerle, Penny Hardaway, Joe Dumars, Alonzo Mourning, Dominique Wilkins. The list goes on and on. Players who played with fundamentals, weren't show offs and stayed out of trouble. You had three quality dream teams. I don't remember growing up watching so many players get arrested, getting DUI's, etc. the only way to reverse the trend is to not tolerate it.
Happy 51st Birthday Bobby Bonilla!! Anyone who knows me really well...knows that I love Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla a.k.a. "Bobby Bo" He was my first CRUSH!! Way before Penny Hardaway, Yancy Thigpen, Allen Iverson, Corey Benjamin, Thurman Thomas, Eddie George, Cale Hulse's Daddy, Scott Hartnell, Big Ben, and Cam Newton.and all those others In my eyes, he is one of the best to ever do it. and his $$ team was the smartest cause he still getting paid over 1 million a year off his NY Mets contract until 2035...
"Shaquille O' Neal , Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady and Penny Hardaway all undoubtedly make up the four best playe...
Seriously thinking Derrick Rose as the next Penny Hardaway makes me want to cry
Chris Rock made his movie debut in what Eddie Murphy film? a) Coming to America b) Beverly Hills Cop Two c) Boomerang Chris Rock joined the cast of what show after leaving Saturday Night Live? a) Mad TV b) In Living Color c) L.A. Law Chris Rock played the alter-ego to what NBA star in a series of sneaker ads? a) Charles Barkley b) Penny Hardaway c) Tim Duncan
But I get ur point on Shaq. ... Kenny Anderson, Penny Hardaway, Mike Bibby are also pretty high up there.
Seeing Orlando Magic tonight but the last players I remember seeing are Shaq O'Neill, Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, and Horace Grant. Oh dear.
Sneaker chronicles cont. Let’s examine 1996. I’m in the sixth grade. The big shoes around this time included Reebok Pumps and Agassi, Griffey and Deion Nike Shoes. The best basketball shoes were the ones made for Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley and Jason Kidd. Penny had commercials where Chris Rock voiced a puppet called Lil Penny and those were the hottest commercials. If you could get Penny or Kidd shoes, it was a statement that you had on some expensive kicks. I didn’t see a lot of Jordans around this time because they were probably just too expensive. Some other popular shoes included Adidas Sambas, various vans and LA Gear w/ lights. One kid in school even wore Skechers with steel toe and it actually had a piece of metallic steel on the outer toe. As previously mentioned, Richard Bertoldo had the Griffeys but I think he also got the Reebok Big Hurt/Frank Thomas shoes. He was always the fastest kid in school. Parents got me the Converse Aero Jam w/ react juice. I once got a pa ...
How much $$$ have the Knicks wasted over the years? Penny Hardaway, Stephon Marbury, Amare Stoudemire, Allan Houston, Latrell Sprewell
Two duos I wish I got to see, but never did because of injury - Jason Kidd and Penny Hardaway in Phoenix. T-Mac and Grant Hill in Orlando
Kendall Marshall... did that really just happen? Penny Hardaway must be having a field day over at
What if Charles Barkley Reggie Miller and Penny Hardaway woulda have left and joined the Knicks with Ewing and Starks?
by on December 18, 2013 December 18, 2013 - After several looks and previews, it appears that the Nike Air Force 1 CMFT Low PRM ?Penny Hardaway? is on its way and currently landing on the shelves of several retailers.
Injuries can limit players so much. Look at players like Penny Hardaway, T-Mac, D. Rose & Grant Hill.
Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Penny Hardaway, Horace Grant and Shaq. *** that was a *** of a squad.
I need a throwback black Penny Hardaway magic, vintage white/purple VC raptors, purple Ray Allen Bucks and white J.Kidd phoenix jersey.
I used to save penny's now I stay next door to penny hardaway *** I got my mills da harder way
I wish I could go back to like 1995 and go watch Shaq and Penny Hardaway play on the magic. Or just watch 90's bball. Wow
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