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Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Washington, D.C. that joins the White House and the United States Capitol.

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If they're arresting sexual abusers, maybe they can pick up a notorious offender. His address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Yes, her husband and his children playing government at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Both seem to be working out so *cough* well.
I’d have don backflips all the way down Pennsylvan…
Ask anyone about the dog poop residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the conversation shifts to citizenship and civil war.
How a bout a change to our 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Can we get a change there?
If elections were held today you would be kicked to the curb of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
If could successfully start with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she'd solve a HUGE percen…
Deflection begins at home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
is giving a major facelift to the Pennsylvania Ave railroad overpass near Potter Park Zoo! Over the...
And the worst of them all is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Just waiting for the goosestepping parades down Pennsylvania Avenue
No leadership from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That your address. Pretty sure you didn’t know that.
That speech is best given in Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600
That is the same problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Poor leadership. Too worried about playing g…
See should adress bullying at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Some would argue that same statement happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Buy a few statistics textbooks, dog-ear sections on medians and means, and send them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Let's not get distracted from the clear and present danger currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania…
Pennsylvania Avenue into their money on me and putting a report that looks good reason I did get together.
But you know, you're going to Pennsylvania Avenue into our politicians are leaving.
He is sat in an expensive palace in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. His secretary can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wa…
Pennsylvania Avenue has a Weinstein problem. You guys just don't want to pursue it.
Good luck with this one. The rules apparently don't apply to the adult day care center on Pennsylvania Avenue.
A fan took this photo of me in my ride going down Pennsylvania Avenue. Love it .
Albert Gallatin statue, located north of the Treasury Building, at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washin…
Calling all peers to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All peers on deck.
Scary that current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hates 1st Amendment. is anti-American.
It starts and ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
If Putin wanted a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue feting his Precious Fascist Thug *** he would have one ASAP! Pit…
Photos my camera takes without me, somewhere along Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC…
No, he has every right to say what he wants. Besides, it's more profound than anything coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
I hope this doesn't lead to Pitchforks and Torches and Marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.
Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. These are the things that scare me.
Some of you will enjoy this nostalgic trip down Pennsylvania Avenue. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featuring...
Clarence Thomas still sits on the Supreme Court. And Donald occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Protesters shut down Pennsylvania Avenue to protest Trump's decision to end DACA:
Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and Ivanka Were Repelled by Washington’s Elite
LOL Snyder can claim that he finally helped fund a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue!.
I have this image of Robert Mueller strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue whistling "The Farmer In The Dell"
A snapshot of Pennsylvania Avenue taken by White House Photographer Robert Knudsen 55 years ago this week.
Woah!! You've never been? It's a delicious grilled cheese bar on Pennsylvania Avenue. If I…
I think Trump would literally have to shoot someone on Pennsylvania Avenue before Congress would take action.
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." Or should that be more precisely Something is rotten in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
He has so many people from Goldman Sachs working for him he could open up a branch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
When the chumps residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can't even use Priceline right... Trump can’t get a hotel
Can someone please send the sanitation department to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC to pick up the trash?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Just heard that Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Lansing's Potter Park Zoo is flooded. 😮
I'm a guest in our nation's capital this weekend and I had the privilege of walking in front of our White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.
US Secret Service is now "randomly" closing Pennsylvania Avenue to protestors. "Routine," one agent says.
The Crown Jewel of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Willard InterContinental is a landmark hotel rich in tradition,...
Total trivia. Phil Silvers and Joan (Molinksky) Rivers both lived at 417 Pennsylvania Avenue in East New York...
"There's going to be a lot of attention directed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the next four years. But we at...
Not 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW, is:. 1. Where you are. 2. What…
.Of course! That yuge orange tabby on Pennsylvania Avenue heads south to see his gator friends every weekend.
address the Warrant 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington, DC. Suspect has tiny orange hands.
I'd like to report a squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Kinda orange with bad hair and he's a horrendous liar.
You'll find them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.
looking to invest or purchase? Was one of the properties 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.? I hear it's owned by Putin
Women suffragists at the head of the parade, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, with the U.S. Capitol in background, on March…
The Ringling Brothers may be going away but there's already a new circus in town at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Uber down to 12th & Pennsylvania Avenue and start working on thumb print recognition voter registration in California.
"The road to greatness is not down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, it's down the Via Delarosa to the Cross"-
This is new. Unplanned protest amassing down Pennsylvania Avenue. Never seen anything like this in my 20 years in DC. htt…
Tom Hoefling . "Down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue we're in the promise-keeping business," said Vice-President Mike...
President Trump leaves his car and walks down Pennsylvania Avenue during... by via
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ALERT: Known sexual predator moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC today
President-elect and VP-elect make their way to Capitol Hill from Pennsylvania Avenue. ht…
the last time I marched in a parade was on main street in Johnson City, NY. today, it's Pennsylvania Avenue. Not sure how, but I'm grateful.
I'm not saying we need tanks and missiles rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue but, again, it's a dumb freakout.
In 10 days, 5th Avenue becomes the new Pennsylvania Avenue. Let's free 5th Ave and make it a great American space
Didn't even pay the bills on Pennsylvania Avenue:.
Pres Elect does not understand theater nor any world outside the solipsistic bubble that will transfer from 5th Ave to Pennsylvania Avenue
When Trump moves in I'm officially referring to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as The White Power House.
November 15 is America Recycles Day! Come to the Heman Park Community Center (975 Pennsylvania Avenue) to...
...and don't land on Trump Tower or Pennsylvania Avenue! GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL! ;)
Same old Chicago-Difference is the "Outfit" changed address to Pennsylvania Avenue
Council passes resolution to bring back 2016 Christmas tree display at Main and Pennsylvania Avenue at no cost to the city
Weirton council has passed a resolution to sponsor a community Christmas tree at the intersection of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.
Happy to join Team for the 2016 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society walk on Pennsylvania Avenue! 🏮…
I'm pretty sure this license plate on Pennsylvania Avenue means exactly what I think it means.
Donald Trump’s new Pennsylvania Avenue address is already 'making America great again'
1919’s Fourth of July Parade on Pennsylvania Avenue - These great old photos we found shows the Fourth o...
Today for teens! Dress for Success with Kimberly Klacik, 3pm, Pennsylvania Avenue Branch
New renderings for proposed development at 249 Pennsylvania Ave in
Suspect in custody after 2 people stabbed on 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washignton's Capitol Hill area - WRC via
And I know the negotiators in the world on Pennsylvania Avenue, right opposite the White House, between the White House and Congress.
Seriously, check if 1 is Pagliano. Suspect in custody after 2 stabbed on 300 block of Pennsylvania Ave, Capitol Hill.
Two people were stabbed mid-morning Tuesday along a popular stretch of Pennsylvania Ave. in Capitol Hill.
Trump moves in on Pennsylvania Avenue – with luxury hotel
Ever thought about living in Kennedale?
I work in the original National Archives Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. ht…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Trump builds great bldgs & he'll fix our economy, too!. The Donald Tours Pennsylvania Avenue’s Trump Intern'l Hotel. https:/…
Donald Trump's hotel in DC on Pennsylvania Avenue opens today. Ahead of schedule and under budget.
The US: Washington DC neighbourhoods: Get away from Pennsylvania Avenue to see the real DC, writes David Whitley.
The City of Oak Ridge Public Works Department will close one lane of Pennsylvania Avenue between West Outer Drive...
A new star on Pennsylvania Avenue...The Old Post Office back to life...https…
HUNTINGDON COUNTY: On July 25, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., a PSP Recruiter will be at Careerlink, 54 Pennsylvania Avenue, Huntingdon.
Last evening a fundraiser was held for My dear friend Matt Meyer at the Columbus Inn on Pennsylvania Avenue in...
MINNESOTA: I-35E SB: Debris on roadway from Exit 107C - University Avenue to Exit 108 - Pennsylvania Avenue (Saint…
White House put on lockdown on Memorial Day: A woman threw something over the north fence along Pennsylvania Avenue.
Speaking at University of Penn Club on candidate communication skills. Pennsylvania Avenue to Wall Street: The Best Communicator Wins!
From Bloody Harlan County to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Will Carroll will definitely bring change we can all believe in!!! 😂😂😂
Great night! Thank you Indiana!!! We love the HOOSIER STATE. Onward & upward to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue & the defeat of Hillary Clinton!
I used to sit on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue and wonder why the Se...
Any one collecting monopoly tickets from mcdicks? Looking for these three. *Pennsylvania Avenue. *Ventnor Avenue . *Vermont Avenu
Look at 595 Edwards Avenue, LLC from Pennsylvania - That's amazing! Isn't it?
Did You Know that Pennsylvania Avenue was once owned by ?
See our latest Pennsylvania and click to apply: Open House - Retail Bank Branches - Lock... -
If anybody has the Pennsylvania Avenue mcdonalds monopoly piece dm me, i'll split some of the winnings with you
Easy to Say if Your Perch Happens to Be Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
We hope you come back here one day because we Marylanders love you, Mr. Trump. Trump Trump Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
So y'all don't need 25k in y'all life 󾌦 ... Somebody find this *** piece so we can flip sumn lol ... Pennsylvania Avenue ... Need Dat
The day when 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue & 10 Downing Street are exorcised & turned into homeless shelters with soup kitchens
."Let's work to get Hillary from Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue."
Another Work Day. Despite the large number of tourists streaming along Pennsylvania Avenue…
Catholic leaders back Obama in immigration case - Immigration advocates demonstrate on Pennsylvania Avenue...
Look at 6201 ELMWOOD AVENUE, LLC from Pennsylvania - That's amazing! Isn't it?
center bike lanes are NUTS. look at Pennsylvania Avenue.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ✅✅ and the old post office too 4 great guest 🏦🏫
From 1313 Mockingbird Lane to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Politics have never been so scary!
Is UR catering company going to help open the new DC Trump Hotel on 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue? If so, cool! BTW, like the Kitchen!   10% Off
Today is the day join us at our health fair at 2909 Pennsylvania Avenue SE starting soon as the rain stops
where are you at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20500.THE White House
. Donald has some minor renovations in mind for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
If you want to get ahold of me in 20 years, contact 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Runners, mark your calendars: The 2nd annual Navy Mile 2016 is announced for Sunday, October 2nd on Pennsylvania Avenue in…
If republicans are interested in having a reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they would nominate the candidate who…
Does anybody have Pennsylvania Virginia orTennessee Avenue we can split the money
don't let them sleep on Pennsylvania Avenue.
We're going to visit DC, stay at the Trump Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. to visit President Trump in White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
From 1313 Mockingbird Lane to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ted's a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster lol
"A week later, D.C. Animal Care and Control got a call that a greasy duck was wandering near Pennsylvania Avenue..."
Michelle Obama isn’t exactly the most beloved First Lady to ever occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington,...
Awesome view of the and from the balcony overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue. MUST...
In a clime where regulators bark & bite with no pressure from Capitol or Pennsylvania Avenue. Your back on the wall
."Hillary is looking to move back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I've kind of got different government housing…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
True story (sad to say). . Guy at work: "Washington, D.C. is a state, right? Capitol is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, right?"
California Borough: Fire department responding to 238 Pennsylvania Avenue for report of a shed on fire.
He's going to make Pennsylvania Avenue great again! (@ Trump international Hotel)
Trump is going to relish selling condos in his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel during his first State of the Union address.
A total beat down. "greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."
Sellers: DC used to feature a Tiber River, originally known as Goose Creek. It still flows under Pennsylvania Avenue.
Cleared: Incident on EB from Exit 5 - Bay Parkway to Exit 14 - Pennsylvania Avenue
The Navy Mile on Pennsylvania Avenue: Location: Start on Independence Avenue SW, between 7th and 4th Streets; north…
See a video tour of our 524 N Pennsylvania Avenue
We are looking for a buyer on 524 N Pennsylvania Avenue
Update: Incident on EB from Exit 9 - Nostrand Avenue to Exit 14 - Pennsylvania Avenue
- Welcome Aboard the Carson Train. Last stop is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.
Felt the same thing that Dre felt during President Obamas Inauguration when he stepped out of his Limo to walk Pennsylvania Avenue
Prediction if DT becomes POTUS:. White House on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC becomes "Trump House on Trump Avenue in Trump, D.C."
I was wondering if they were going to fix a huge pothole on Pennsylvania Avenue right before 29th street?
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So much for "the good one," but thankfully none of these 'bublicans will be moving to Pennsylvania Avenue...
To see where you can get tickets to Pennsylvania Avenue starring Bernadette Robinson, head to
By this time next year you will be cleaning toilets at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Shout to on screening his debut documentary at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today. We love good news!
We are going to help our brother Bernie across the finish line located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Thanks, I know about the trivia. But I also heard about a candidate forum at 6p at Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church today.
Stake Holders Meeting happening now at our Pennsylvania Avenue office 2811 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Washington DC
Under a presidency expect Wrestlemania to be held at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The only propaganda being used in regards to Is coming from Pennsylvania Avenue!
Greg Lorjuste, '04, works in the White House. Here's a day in the life of the man who plans President Obama's life.
The address of the residence of the U.S. President is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500.
What about his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue?
I don't want even ONE Clinton back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let alone TWO Clintons
Nevada moves Trump one step closer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! . . https:/…
all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! . .
Let's move the detainees to the Gov't Installation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.
Elcon said because of comments, their trucks will not use Pennsylvania Avenue.
One way or another, Trump will soon have a residence on Pennsylvania Avenue...
Taken with Eric's phone but taken by me! @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Obama should lead a protest march down Pennsylvania Avenue!
It wasn't on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC by any chance.
What did Hockey take all the Treasury forecasts to Pennsylvania Avenue ?
Absolutely all the way to his new residence on Pennsylvania Avenue January 2017.
. Yes, I BELIEVE. Woot woot for Mr. Trump all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
. There can be NO doubt! The Trump Train is going all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue! Woot woot!!
TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP can you hear him coming down Pennsylvania Avenue?
walking locked arms with black lives matter & Occupy Wall Street down Pennsylvania Avenue
BBCNews: "Before '92 no one.. got to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue w/out winning New Hampshire primary" Bernie & Elizabeth Warren
Delighted to be supporting the Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans on Pennsylvania Avenue. Great to...
(That is a center-running cycle track on Pennsylvania Avenue between White House and Capitol Building.)
exactly, and with that, she is lying her way to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Sending mail to j Trump at his new address The White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Washington, DC 20500
365 days until Barack Obama is out of the White House! I can't wait to see the moving truck pull up the 1600 Pennsylvania…
governor, you gotta win this!!! You're the ONLY one that gets it! What can I do to help you to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
Check out next time you are in for some awesome craft beer (and wine), 1124 Pennsylvania Avenue
Jump right on the So far it has been an awesome ride. Final stop, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Please YRH ignore the ginger bread...1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not a casino nor up for sale.
TRAFFIC: 3-car accident on Parkway West inbound
495 sb at Pennsylvania Avenue exit slow possibly due to the Sun as you get down to branch Avenue.
If by some stroke of misfortune gets elected, I'm opening a Hooters at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue for
OMG Bernadette Robinson in Pennsylvania Avenue is just brilliant. Wow! Go see her! I'm gobsmacked!
Like bring the family back to 100 Pennsylvania Avenue. I am in to bring Home. . Go bring home a victory for Hillary Iowa
Block of Penn Avenue to be closed Sunday
is there continuing on past Pennsylvania Avenue continuing on up the road
Hamilton Collection
seems to be a police escort on 495 northbound starting around Pennsylvania Avenue it's back in traffic up.
Finally made it inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after living here over 9 years. @ The White House
Who's protecting both of them from Pennsylvania Avenue?
.. "... and be riding down Pennsylvania Avenue. I will still refuse to believe it." -- *** is he saying? He's publicly giv…
I guess he can insult his way to the corner of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Lol
will you please 'mind the store' in 2016 since Mr. Mayor is focusing his everything on Pennsylvania Avenue's cabinet?
Go & see Bernadette Robinson in Pennsylvania Avenue. She is magnificent
corner of 9th and Pennsylvania Avenue 👨🏻
You need 1 more arrow, pointing to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Never stress over things you can't control. @ San Agustin, Pennsylvania Avenue, City Of San…
Hllary sure is coming! to the Oval Office. Enough is ENOUGH with the 300-year-old BOYS CLUB at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
Rubio is moving on up!! And soon it will be to Pennsylvania Avenue!!
only appointment he has is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Somebody please bring a container ship of aloe to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Hillary could shoot someone on Pennsylvania Avenue and...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
One sunny day in January, 2017, an old man approaches the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue where he’d...
The manager should jump on board the Trump train to Pennsylvania Avenue choo-choo !!!
...and then he'll ride down Pennsylvania Avenue on his unicorn.
We will be following you every inch of the way to Pennsylvania Avenue! Iowa - fellow citizens, please do not let us down!
This sign on Pennsylvania Avenue makes me very uncomfortable. (It's says "Coming 2016.")
Chocolate shop proposed for downtown Glen Ellyn: Chocolaterie Stam would be located on Pennsylvania Avenue
One of my favorite photos of Washington--check out what's in the sky above Pennsylvania Avenue!
In 20 years, we'll rename Pennsylvania Avenue "Bryce Harper Blvd" and no one will use it. The world will thank us.
RE “not within 10 miles of the White House” - Hillary Clinton already lives only 2.3 miles away.
.+ have the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Next is on
she will also be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year
He's the guy I want at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
"Laugh-out-loud funny, charming and heartrending..." REVIEW: Bernadette Robinson in Pennsylvania AveNUE
Because she wants to live at the Trump Towers White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.
More video from Rehoboth Beach fire on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Scene from house destroyed by fire on Pennsylvania Avenue in Rehoboth Beach.
Photo of Segregated Southern Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue click=>
Members of the National Guard are seen at Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore Maryland on Apr…
Trump's followers live in a reality-show world ~ the winner gets to live and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC!!!
Sanders all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue!
just submitted my application to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, here i come😏
The Democrat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will block it with his famous pen. V-E-T-O.
Cleared: Incident on EB from Exit 11A - Flatbush Avenue North to Exit 14 - Pennsylvania...
We the Ppl will not give GOP Access to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue .!
Can you recommend anyone for this Teller - City Line Avenue - Philadelphia, PA - Pennsylvania
send the papers to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Does your father, by chance, live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
Why don't we house ALL these cockroaches at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?.
Part 15 MSM & O' lies)Two things are for sure: 1) After reading it you will know what type of hoodlum resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
We're Click to apply: Part Time Teller - Club Avenue, Bethlehem PA - Pennsylvania
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Announced a $40 mil redevelopment project at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue which will bring in new condos & businesses.
Donald Trump will attempt to buy the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and evict the new residents.
last year we enjoyed a Pennsylvania Avenue with our neighbours.
Would someone at 1600. Pennsylvania Avenue, give a sh't and fix this holocaust.
Can't wait to hear the words "live from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C."
It's about the history of Shake and Bake Family Fun Center on Pennsylvania Avenue -- which is a pretty magical place.
Love it, except it is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Americans, the Military, Vets, Truckers, Bikers, MotorBikers, etc, must unite to help him and them move out of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Sending this little ditty down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
enjoyed seeing you in Biloxi! We pray you keep this momentum until you live on Pennsylvania Avenue
I know, I know. "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown." Or in this case, "Forget it, Bibi, it's Pennsylvania Avenue."
Especially since she lives 2 miles away.
yeah but that won't matter to the at Pennsylvania Avenue
There's a camp just like that one on Pennsylvania Avenue.
That's how it works *** .. Caesar does not reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Wheels Up Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue the day he LEAVES - I'm IN!!
No matter who you vote for, trump will be on Pennsylvania Avenue this year
America-Someone needs to tell Barnum & Bailey we found the CLOWN they lost! HE IS IN THE OVAL OFFICE 1600 Pennsylvania AveNUE
Would that mean we could request a referral for a certain resident Pennsylvania Avenue?
Hope to see u thr ! Inshallah :-). If will is thr, I can cross road to see "Road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"
Ram the rino's horn up up *** Obama's *** and parade him up and down Pennsylvania Avenue for all to cheer, point & laugh.
Trump's a salesman looking for power to feed his narcissism. We don't need another narcissist at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Incredible speech happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now! Bravo sir .. BRAVO!
it should be 15000 at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...
The last thing we need is this blowhard evangelical southern Baptist Deacon anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
It is time! riders. Keep the third party in the back of your minds. We are going all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Liberty Rd became Liberty Heights below Northern Parkway. Spent tons of time at Mondawmin, on North Ave and Pennsylvania Avenue
A user is reporting Pennsylvania Avenue is OPEN
A user is reporting Pennsylvania Avenue is CLOSED
Are the Kennedys presently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia right now?
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Thank you for supporting this morning down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Had a great time!
I am looking for a buyer on 613 Pennsylvania Avenue
Tha front desk women who works on Pennsylvania Avenue was very rood.
Pennsylvania Avenue was underneath several inches of water yesterday, but residents still took the opportunity to...
Pennsylvania Avenue is closing from N. 7th St. to 150 feet east of N. 5th St. for new storm sewer and street paving. htt…
Sub-4 miler & star Donnie Cowart is coming to D.C. Sunday to run https:/…
Race Day is finally here! Good luck to all those running today. See you on Pennsylvania Avenue
Photo: President Barack Obama walks on Pennsylvania Avenue with Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on their way to…
Photo: President Barack Obama and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough place an order at Starbucks on Pennsylvania…
Photo: President Barack Obama greets people sitting outside a Chop’t restaurant after dropping by a Starbucks on…
Please join us Muhammad Mosque located at 202 Pennsylvania Avenue in Brooklyn or Muhammad Mosque in Harlem...
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is probably one of the most famous addresses in... @ The White House
Photo: President Barack Obama greets vendor Saied E. Abedy while walking back to the White House from Starbucks on…
VP Biden to announce decision in livecast from sideways-drifting, rubber-burning Camaro in middle of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. CC
Q: If guns don't make people safe, why doesn't Obama go out alone and walk Pennsylvania Avenue, to prove it?. A: He knows a lie .
Update your maps at Navteq
CONGRATULATIONS to David & Connie Muzzy of 401 Pennsylvania Avenue as the winner of OAK HILL PARK'S October 2015...
Just had a telemarketer call. I Said my last name was Obama & my address was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They apologized…
"Can trump really go from 30 Rock to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ?" I highly doubt it Jack.
Pack ur bags Donald.Pennsylvania Avenue...Time to FIRE the dumbocrats and get America back..!
Can't beat the view from Grandview Avenue.
I want to tune in for that January walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The will go on as scheduled. See you tomorrow morning on Pennsylvania Avenue!
I think Pandora is trying to tell me Red Dirt is taking over the White House! Seen both of these guys a couple w...
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