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Pennsylvania Ave

Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Washington, D.C. that joins the White House and the United States Capitol.

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send your letters to trump at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Wash D.C. or trump tower nyc.
I will be holding a yard sale tomorrow at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Its going to be huge. I'll make billions.
Lawn facing Pennsylvania Ave, can be used for Tasteful Outdoor Advertising and terrorist buffer.
US Capitol & Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC, thought to be about 1918:
it's always in DC. But, the inauguration parade goes along Pennsylvania Ave., from the Capitol 2the White House.
where are your taxes. What about all business interests. What about your hotel on Pennsylvania Ave
In 2 weeks I will parade down Pennsylvania Ave from the Capitol to the
I'll bet ya the Secret Service enjoys protecting Trump in his NYC 5th Ave Tower 🇺🇸over Obama in the wide-open WH space on Pennsylvania Ave
CAIR NHQ, 453 New Jersey Ave se, just down the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! 100's of meetings with WhiteHouse!! This is a problem !!
If you wanna know what kinda person I am, just remember that i once wrote a letter to Santa and sent it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave , Wash DC..
Name on mailbox @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Wash DC is OBAMA. Will be until Jan 20. Actors heads are empty.
One reason why downtown DC traffic is so exasperating: Govt. decisions to close Pennsylvania Ave (and earlier, E St…
Accident in on US 30 EB between Roosevelt Ave and Pennsylvania Ave
Accident in on LOUCKS RD Both EB/WB between Roosevelt Ave and Pennsylvania Ave
Get ready for an alt-reality news outlet operating from within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Closed in on MD-648 Both NB/SB between Pennsylvania Ave and Alabama Ave
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In another 2 months Loretta Lynch will be working at White Castle on Pennsylvania Ave not in Wash DC but in Brooklyn
The 216 year old White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. will be torn down to make room for the new Putin Palace.
1600 Pennsylvania Ave would make a great listing.
Possible headlines:. House for Rent: Trump mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, condo for rent. Prime location..
I wonder if the "White House" will be moving to 1100 Pennsylvania Ave.
Trump burns the Constitution on Pennsylvania Ave. soon and I am truly terrified.
Watch out! DC -295 SB - Somethings going on just before Pennsylvania Ave - Traffic appears to be STOPPED from Eastern Ave
Accident in on DC-295 SB at Pennsylvania Ave, jammed back to Eastern Ave, delay of 7 mins
Laura Ingraham as Press Sec is awesome! She will kick the butt of the MSM down Pennsylvania Ave and back again! Go Laura!
Obeezy's going away kickback. Bring your own wave. Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Bottles and Bitc...
My address is: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave xx see u soon 💋
We can all take pleasure knowing this's as close to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. as wil…
Everyone should send a copy of their New Obamacare Premiums to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington DC, 20500
will he start a coup in Trump Hotel and walk down Pennsylvania Ave to White House.Get the Police position&national guard ready
2101 Pennsylvania Ave, right behind the Rodin Museum and a block from the old store.
Buckle up, we're in for a thrilling ride! We don't rest until Mr. Johnson's address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
New renderings for proposed development at 249 Pennsylvania Ave in
Seriously, check if 1 is Pagliano. Suspect in custody after 2 stabbed on 300 block of Pennsylvania Ave, Capitol Hill.
Two people were stabbed mid-morning Tuesday along a popular stretch of Pennsylvania Ave. in Capitol Hill.
The Trump Org. Is about to open the old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave. - Wiener has rotten judgment as usual!
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave south of SW 15th St
Accident cleared in on SW 44th St east of Pennsylvania Ave
happy graduation day, we made it! 14900 Pennsylvania Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 @ 2:15 !
Trump has secured the pivotal Cliff Clavin vote-Might as well hand him the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave-
Closed due to accident in on I-240 EB at Pennsylvania Ave and Western Ave, stopped traffic back to May Ave, delay of 22 mins
in 1864 wrote a $2.50 check to Franklin and Co., opticians located at 244 Pennsylvania Ave
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave at SW 59th St
Accident cleared in on SW 66th St east of S Pennsylvania Ave
On January 20th 2017, you'll be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500. For 8 years!
Trump goes to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave lyin ted Cruz will go to 1313 Mockingbird Lane
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Thank you for following This Norwegian. Hopefully we make a change and together send to…
Pennsylvania: Don't forget to vote for the TRUMP DELEGATES in your congressional district!
My "shiny object" will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, AGAIN, YOURS, back in Vermont
And you support a man that doesn't know how to talk to minorities and will never reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave 😂
A long time ago on Pennsylvania Ave...Amazing shot of on the right...
You better find a safe space, cupcake when President Trump moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...😂
Towsontown Festival coming up this weekend! We will be set up on Pennsylvania Ave in front of…
On Gretta you were right on target. We are with you & Donald all the way to Pennsylvania Ave.
If the bumbling moderate did his job, his view would Pennsylvania Ave.
the new low is that a hole at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave today.
Accident in on NW 35th St east of N Pennsylvania Ave
79: Due to traffic congestion on 9th St NW at Pennsylvania Ave, buses are experiencing up to 20-min delays.
Tis the season: saw office workers shepherding this mother duck & 8 ducklings along Pennsylvania Ave. today.
Plaque on Pennsylvania Ave in near the honoring Neat in…
Wow!! This was awesome. I got my seat on the Trump train and I'm not getting off until 1600 Pe…
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What should replace the FBI Headquarts in DC? Apartments? Offices? An Apple store with a really big Genius Bar?
After the FBI moves, Pennsylvania Ave could be reborn:
her daughter gonna park her 5th wheel in the behind 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? SHE HAS NO COMMON SENSE! great fit for DC
Now this is Presidential, caring.compassion and in general the type of man I want at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Handyman/woman property available for a short time! Once we start the rehab, the property will not be available...
Stopped traffic in Bklyn on Belt Pkwy EB between Rockaway Pkwy/x13 and Pennsylvania Ave/x14
The only thing I want most in this world is to end up at 935 Pennsylvania Ave. ✊🏻
he criticized our cycletrack on Pennsylvania Ave after looking at some pictures, so dropped a Truth Bomb.
We're going to visit DC, stay at the Trump Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. to visit President Trump in White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC, today 1865:
Come join us for the Jubilee Arts Block Party!. 4/16 - 12p to ­4p - Pennsylvania Ave & Presstman Street...
he was doing that from Pennsylvania Ave. way before he got to Harlem.
Accident reported in on SW 81st St at S Pennsylvania Ave
Freedom Plaza parallel with Pennsylvania Ave; a shot from Winter 2012
The popular vote doesn't put a candidate in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Its the electoral college that does that.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Barack and I's brackets are both officially busted... Pity party on Pennsylvania Ave? I'll bring snacks, you bring Biden. RIP Kansas
Kansas City. After 11pm. Don't know what to do? Gambals Social Club on Pennsylvania Ave in Westport. THE place to go
Terribly saddened by the death of Ken Howard, star of two of my diss chapters (on 1776 and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave), & beloved actor. RIP
Beautiful here in on Pennsylvania Ave. today.
Stopped traffic in Bklyn on Belt Pkwy WB between Pennsylvania Ave/x14 and Flatbush Ave/x11
Picture of ballroom at International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave
Accident reported in on Pennsylvania Ave south of N Fulton Ave
Pennsylvania Ave on the 30S Bus to Friendship Heights is a parking lot!
An American themed hotel and casino is approved by Congress and zoned for development at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
18-hour boil order issued for Weir Avenue, from Lee Ave. to Pennsylvania Ave., in Weirton following work on a water line valve in the area.
Some might say the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is a bit of an antisemite. . Obama Opposes New Pro-Israel Measures.
Prediction if DT becomes POTUS:. White House on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC becomes "Trump House on Trump Avenue in Trump, D.C."
2 Vehicle Accident on Pennsylvania Ave in Charleston between the Little General and the Virginia St Entrance Ramp...
tomorrow at Budget on Pleasant Grove in and at StopNLock on Pennsylvania Ave near I-96. for info.
12-year-old struck by a car on Pennsylvania Ave. En route to hospital. has latest.
If Pop can keep 1600 Pennsylvania Ave from being renamed Trump House?...I'm all for it.
Disabled vehicle, center lane blocked in on DC-295 NB at Pennsylvania Ave
LOVED meeting education policy advocates from the White House!! Eagle landed on Pennsylvania Ave.
right out front of the John A. Wilson Building at 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
If you value a Republican sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW come 2017, you'll do anything to stop them both.
Authorities have confirmed they are on scene of a working house fire on Pennsylvania Ave in Rehoboth Beach.
2 House Fires in Rehoboth Beach w/in the past 24 hours. . Pennsylvania Ave.
- reported working. 47 Pennsylvania Ave - alerted and responding.
Units responding to a report of a Structure Fire on Pennsylvania Ave in Rehoboth Beach
Accident cleared in on SW Grand Blvd EB at S Pennsylvania Ave
2morrow lunch at 6033 West Century Blvd, 11am-2pm and at Pennsylvania Ave between 26th st and Stewart 12pm-2pm...
Corn state is ready to lend Trump their ears and their votes! On his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave at NW 150th St
There is a Republican at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. again. All is well in the world.
Only if another Republican occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will the press actually do their *** job again…
But, osama will invite you to the new mooslim temple located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. then hire you a lawyer.
Steve Bannon: The Grand Mufti of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave lectured us last night.
Put them up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. until Frank David Marshall Jr. is jailed then send them back.
Lancaster Fire Dept. is responding to a small kitchen fire in the 700 block of Pennsylvania Ave.
I think the odds of him being in a nursing home in 2017 are much better than living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
SUCH a good idea. Linking Met Branch extension with Pennsylvania Ave is genius!
Reiki I Class on November 7, 2015 from 1 pm – 5 pm at Infinity Wellness Center at 10320 S. Pennsylvania Ave,...
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave at NW 140th St
>on budget deal: "Nobody is going to be popping champagne corks at either end of Pennsylvania Ave"
Well, we r taking Trump to Pennsylvania Ave, so Hillary can valet her parking & her racial division elsewhere
VIDEO BETHANY BEACH: Pennsylvania Ave flooded from Garfield to Rt. 1 via
Video: Pennsylvania Ave in Bethany flooded from Garfield to Rt. 1 via
Large section of Pennsylvania Ave in Bethamy Beach closed off due to flooding, starting at Garfield Pkwy.
They really think we bout to put they raggedy *** in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Disabled vehicle, left lane blocked in on Belt Pkwy WB at Flatbush Ave, stop and go traffic back to Pennsylvania Ave
"1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It's a big White House you can't miss it"
are you going to be in Central Florida in the near future, good luck sir, we need you in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Everyone come out to here Live Music & Spoken word at Capital Lounge on Pennsylvania Ave. Tonight 8pm-1am $5 ladies $10 men
REOPENED: Rt. 4/Pennsylvania Ave heading INBOUND at Silver Hill Rd. Earlier closure was due to overnight fatal accident
Accident, center lane blocked in on 175 WB at Pennsylvania Ave, stopped traffic back to Jim Miller Rd, delay of 57 mins
UPDATE: Pennsylvania Ave Brooklyn still causing an extra 21m delay
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave south of SW 67th St
Zillow says WH is off the market, but estimates it would go for $387 million. But does it have granite counters!?
. We took over the House and Senate. Pennsylvania Ave. Next!
He knows that he has ZERO shot of living on Pennsylvania Ave in DC, unless he rents an APT.
Took a stroll on the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave of Clemson yesterday
1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20004. I'm on the Orange Line so that's perfect for me.
Useful when building a hotel on Pennsylvania Ave.
."PUTTER ONE" is ready! Should we send your Slim 3.0 to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
Today Capital Lounge hosts Mondays w the Mayor at 1531 Pennsylvania Ave Please join us from 5-7p. No RSVP needed.
Join us for tonight's Mondays with the Mayor from 5-7 pm. Capital Lounge - 1531-33 Pennsylvania Ave. See you there!
China scouring U.S. for high-ranking defector I can help-he is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC; goes by "Barack" now
Board of Education regular meeting today at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administration Building, 1515 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
I'll start worrying when tanks are driving down Pennsylvania Ave. HAS ANYONE CHECKED PENNSYLVANIA AVE FOR TANKS!?
Teachers, lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What do you know about the architect of the President's House?
Accident in on I-240 WB at Pennsylvania Ave, slow traffic back to Santa FE Ave, delay of 1 min
Traffic slowed westbound 210 at Pennsylvania Ave. due to single vehicle accident on embankment.
Accident, right lane blocked in on 210 WB at Pennsylvania Ave
Existential angst and the Pennsylvania Ave cycle track go hand in hand.
Accident cleared in on Pennsylvania Ave at SW 29th St
HRC will end up in the Big House but which one? Pennsylvania Ave or the one up the river?
Accident in on NW 39th St at N Pennsylvania Ave
.paint store opens at 1442 Pennsylvania Ave. SE in Hill East
.may be the candidate most likely to head to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
I was hoping to never see Paul "the Forehead" Begala back in the headlines. He's like a weed on Pennsylvania Ave
In fairness, he and the White House staff have been busy with exterior lighting displays at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Lincoln freed the slaves and we have black man at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. still prints this garbage. so sad.
Where can you rub shoulders with political staff and enjoy Happy Hour along Pennsylvania Ave?
Germany, the World Cup can be shipped to:. The White House. c/o Freedom. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. 20500
6/16 at the North Side Sports Bar & Grill (499 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Glen Ellyn). Bring friends!
"A President Rubio would institute street drag-racing on Pennsylvania Ave."
Barriers are going in on the Pennsylvania Ave bike lanes, per
More determined than ever to put Rick Santorum at the helm at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. speech sets him apa…
Media Advisory: The reports of a shooting in the area of North Ave / Pennsylvania Ave are unfounded.
The reports of a man being shot at North and Pennsylvania Ave are NOT true. Officers have arrested a man for a handgun…
NGO Food Not Bombs offers great food for free at Pennsylvania Ave in
Don't speak on DC if you only been down Pennsylvania Ave by the White House. That's Not The Real DC that's just what t…
Over 1,000 people have already volunteered to clean up tom. 10 a.m. Pennsylvania Ave.
The group at Pennsylvania Ave & North Ave has the cut one of the fire department's hoses while they are attempting to …
On-ramp closed in on 210 WB at Pennsylvania Ave
Waka flocka's first change as president is the White House address from Pennsylvania Ave to Grove street
Accident in on SW 26th St west of S Pennsylvania Ave
Injury accident in on NW 122nd St at N Pennsylvania Ave
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave at SW 15th St
God help me if I ever try to kill someone for going 20 on Pennsylvania Ave
It's our house that Obama lives in currently. But O resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Just saw you with on his show. I (We) need your next address to be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The WE 🇺🇸 Need U sir.
Because of the "gyrocopter" landing on the US Capitol grounds Leigh wanted everybody to expect delays on Pennsylvania Ave NW and First St NW
Great idea, let's start with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, move to the Capital, and on to fire 1/5 of Bureaucrats.
30N,30S,32,33,36: Buses are operating on or close to schedule following earlier delays due to protester activity at Pennsylvania Ave NW.
Join us tomorrow for the 11am Parade as we march down Pennsylvania Ave in celebration of
CLEARED: Turnpike Roadwork on Pennsylvania Turnpike I-476 all directions between Exit 122 - Keyser Ave and Exit 131 - I-81/US 6 affecting an
We are cooking up delicious, mouthwatering, tasty cheesesteaks off Pennsylvania Ave. right across from Cook Children's hospital.
Off of Pennsylvania Ave is nice too. That's where I'm looking next.
CM Orange announcing Emancipation Day festivities: parade @ 11am down Pennsylvania Ave. after free concert!!
Alert: In reference to the Demonstrators, Pennsylvania Ave, NW has been reopened. Demonstrators have arrived to Freedom Plaza. /8710
Good morning We'll be 2700 Pennsylvania Ave for lunch. Door will be up from 11-2pm. Join us :)
if the win the Cup I'm going streaking down Pennsylvania Ave.
Alert: Demonstrators near 13th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW, with Eastbound Pennsylvania Ave traffic blocked at this time. /8710
I am excited to announce my support of Hillary Clinton on her journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! I am…
Hilllary is elected President, Bill & Hillary Clinton move in White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will show up on Sex Offender Address List.
say yes for Hillary Clinton, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!!
For Oswegatchie Hills, park at Vet's field on Pennsylvania Ave in East Lyme.
open up a restaurant someplace near the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and Linden BLVD in Brooklyn
we'll bring the fire, you bring the brimstone! Party on, Pennsylvania Ave!
Pennsylvania Ave on Sousa Bridge: CLOSED to thru traffic. Follow direction from
How about the "virus" that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
Good ole Pennsylvania ave, so much for getting to work on time smh
send my prize to 1000 Pennsylvania ave in the district of crush
Butlers and maids dish on life behind the scenes at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
It was literally a 🚔 on every block from Pennsylvania Ave to Nannie-Burroughs!
Accident Update. All NB Lanes are now OPEN > 295 at Pennsylvania Ave SE. /7066
U & those *** will NEVER live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! Dream on b/c u so desperately wish u could b like
Overturned vehicle Update > NB 295 at Pennsylvania Ave SE/MPD reports only one Lane gets by in both directions/Expect Delays. /7066
Rand Paul to make major announcement tomorrow in Louisville, KY. He's most likely hoping to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
DC Police: Disabled Auto > NB right lane of 295 prior to Pennsylvania Ave SE Exit/Crane 3 r...
US Secret Service has just cleared Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House.
Day is just two weeks away! Join us for a parade down Pennsylvania Ave at 11am on April 16!
- Even Jimmy Carter was smarter than the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave south of John Kilpatrick Tpke
REMINDER: Old US 41 in Bonita Springs is closed between Reynolds St & Pennsylvania Ave for the National Art...
Action today 12-1pm infront of the Department of Justice. 950 Pennsylvania Ave. So ready.
Go to 1600 and invite Obama to join. MT March has shut down 200 block of Pennsylvania Ave. in DC.
Amazing the stuff I find out when I read other newspapers. There was an article that was describing setting up the National Christmas Tree. Every year, before they can set up the National Christmas Tree, the White House deputizes a special task force to handle police problems in the Ellipse, which is that big grassy area just south of Pennsylvania Ave. In addition to problems with the homeless and drug dealers, the unit has recently had a lot of trouble clearing out all the pimps and prostitutes. Apparently, to handle this crisis, the President also created a special sub-group within the Department of the Interior: These are now known as “The *** Force Men of the Park Ellipse.”
Accident in on S 29th St east of S Pennsylvania Ave
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Accident in on S 59th St at S Pennsylvania Ave
The man approached a uniformed Secret Service officer near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. saying ”someone in Iowa told him to drive to the White House,”...
Chilly and wet from raining morning in Washington, DC. View of from Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Taken at 06:20.
Where is L's cottage? Aside from the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Reddit nearly lost its mind in July when Snoop Dogg owned up to smoking a joint at the White House. But let's not forget the time Willie Nelson lit up on the roof of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. See the video.
"Watchdog: Obama to bring African Ebola victims to U.S. please deliver to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC.
The CDC is out of control! A THIRD Ebola patient (second healthcare worker). I am not a union guy, but THIS IS A CASE WHERE THE LABOR UNION IS NEEDED AGAINST A OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT. Don't blame the private hospital, the nurses or the patients. Let's fix it by admitting our government is incompetent. Where are the emergency showers for the health care workers? (we saw them in practice right after 9.11 remember the scrub down tests). Why are they not here in Texas? Where are the respirators for the HC workers? Heck, how about booties? Why are we not working and fast tracking z map? Why have we not shut down travel F R O M West Africa? A UPS truck delivers packages and then returns back to its origin EMPTY. Mr. Friedman needs to learn that airplanes can do the same thing. We can send help and isolate those who are returning. Have we found Typhoid Mary? She is a man and she may be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (the CDC buck stops there, in fact all $2.5 billion on infectious disease control yet ...
George W. Bush's Resume George W. Bush (Dubya) The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Past Work Experience •Ran for congress and lost. •Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie. •Bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas; company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock. •Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money. Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox. •With father's help (and his name) was elected Governor of Texas. Accomplishments in Previous Positions • Changed pollution laws for power and oil companies and made Texas the most polluted state in the Union. • Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog-ridden city in America. Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money. • Set record for most executions by any governor in American history. • Became president after losing the popular vote by over 500,000 votes, with the h ...
Taxi drivers are taking over Pennsylvania Ave. at lunch today with another protest:
Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Julia! It's a wonderful world after all! Pennsylvania Ave is like Disney World.
Sarah Palin Says White House is Located at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. She can see Russia from her house in Alaska after all, but it seems Sarah Palin isn't quite sure where the White House is located. The former GOP candidate for vice president [selected by Sen.John McCain] gave a speech Friday in Washimgton, said the White House was located at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue National Journal points out. The Willard Hotel is located at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. Don't think President Barack Obama is going to stay there over the White House - no offense to the Willard. We know a lot of stupid comments made by Palin, but this has to be towards the top of the list.
Sarah Palin, truth "is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave". What's wrong with Peacock Alley Restaurant?
MD = Maryland "Columbia" was 1st clue but at least you don't think the WH is at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave!
Former vice- presidential candidate Sarah Palin was criticizing the president today and quoted saying, "The truth can't be found at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.". Ironically, neither can President Obama (the true president). He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I think America made the right choice.
Heads up Sarah Palin... 1400 Pennsylvania Ave, in Washington, DC IS NOT the White House... If memory serve me, it's a hotel.
OMG! They moved the White House. Yes. Sarah Palin says it's at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave now. Geez, they must have torn down the old Willard Hotel overnight to make way for it.
The village *** went to the GOP/KKK annual hate fest.only to say this. Sarah Palin spoke at the Values Voter Summit Friday afternoon and informed the ultra Conservative audience that it's time for the Republicans to move back into 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now I'm exactly sure where this 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. is, but I say have at it Caribou Barbie. The Dems will be more than happy to continue occupying 1600 Pannsylvania Ave. while you do that. I guess we should be grateful that at least she can locate Russia from her house.
This is what is wrong with the American Public and the Republicans in particular. They admire and look up to the least among us. Like Sarah Palin who today was quoted giving a speech and stating that "it's time Republican's moved back into 1400 Pennsylvania Ave." That my friends is the address of Caribou Coffee. Stupid is as stupid does.
The Secret Service is considering a range of measures to increase security at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Thank you for worshipping with us. If you are in the area, we're located 335 Pennsylvania Ave, Atlantic City, NJ. Have a blessed week!
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave between SW 89th St and SW 78th St
It's set.up time and it's all coming together nicely! The Dane Myers Band is setting up their stage at Cedar Street and W Pennsylvania Ave. Tonya PinkButterfly DeRose is set up under her pink tent to face paint, the Dunnellon Police Department is set up and getting ready to serve their root beer or coke floats! Streets are being closed to thru traffic on West Pennsylvania and Cedar Street.
Accident in on Pennsylvania Ave north of NW 164th St
BREAKING NEWS: An MPD officer has been shot on Southern Ave and Pennsylvania Ave, SE. Officer transported to a local hospit…
Marion Barry in car crash after being seen driving the wrong way down Pennsylvania Ave
Marion Barry hospitalized after car crash driving wrong way on Pennsylvania Ave. I'm quite sure no drugs or alcohol were involved.really.
Estate Sale Today - St. Albans - Pennsylvania Ave & Ninth Ave (entrance from rear of home off 9th Avenue - look...
and deciding to build a new Trump Plaza Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave in DC is a brilliant power move.
I live in TEXAS. Have you seen the Rio Grande Valley lately? I live 8 COUNTIES up the Gulf Coast from there. Not that that matters to most, but it's too close for me. We have 600-700 illegals entering at that point PER DAY. Do YOU plan to house them, feed them, medicate them, immunize them, give them your job, provide clothing and diapers and shoes? Thanks Obama. Thanks for cutting the amount of agents and the funding for the wall back in 2011. Thanks for not standing up for AMERICA and protecting us from disease, gangs, tax drainage, ... It's not going to get better, it's going to get much worse. We can't protect America, we can't provide jobs for Veterans, we have homeless and hungry Americans. Yet we have 3.7 million to take care of these illegals who are paving the way for the adult drug cartel? I'm disgusted beyond belief. If you want al these people, YOU take them. YOU take care of them. Pack them into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Just don't stand there and cry blame cause Congress won't give y ...
What it’s like when Michelle Obama shows up to the restaurant where you’re dining 0 More First lady Michelle Obama serves herself some salad during a dinner at an Olive Garden restaurant in 2012. (Carolyn Kaster/AP) By Tom Sietsema July 11 It’s true what they say about Michelle Obama. She has amazing arms. I saw this up close when she unfurled her bare right limb in front of me Thursday night, while the two of us were doing tapas at the jumping Barcelona on 14th Street NW. Clearly the first lady works out, clearly she moisturizes and clearly L’Oréal should hire her as its pitchwoman after she leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “Ma’am, you rock,” I wanted to tell her, even though I was seated a table away from her party of eight, which included White House chef Sam Kass, and was separated by a table occupied by two Secret Service agents. (They ate, too, but didn’t drink anything stronger than soda.) A food fan who has eaten around the world (Le Diplomate, Cafe Milano, Zentan) around town, the . ...
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Accident in on S 89th St at S Pennsylvania Ave
Well Vern , You know what I mean.Cigna Insurance *** !! CF INDUSTRIES had the BEST Insurance . I am writing the Insurance Commissioner and Monroe St. and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I woke up June 26 with swollen arm I paid out of my pocket $ 432.00 just for the femoral artery in my right arm. Then the Hospital began to tell me that Cigna did not approve all these other test that my cardiologist and neurologist had ordered. So , My doctors office ladies , hospital reps , and myself have been fighting since then. Today , CIGNA denied yet again, although they had mailed me proper paper of approval , just not with the correct code number nor the correct Dr. names. how lame.!!! and I'm the one with the crispy fried brain and swollen arm and 4 stents in her heart. All I can say is My husband , my families and my friends know that I love them and it is all in GOD"S PLAN . So when this Aortic Aneurysm burst like a cherry bomb.Kenny best sue the *** OUT OF CIGNA ! MY MAN EARL PITTS WAKE UP AMERICA !!!
"Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, One-Eyed Joe?" Joe is a 3-year-old Shih Tzu. Weighing in at 10 lbs., Joe is a fighter. He has overcome losing his eye to an infection and his owner recently passing away, but he's keeping his head up, in search of a new owner. He's a lover and a snuggler, and happiest when he's close to people, receiving belly scratches. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. Joe is currently available for adoption at Suncoast Animal League. He is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. If you'd like to meet him, please email Infoor stop by the shelter. 1030 Pennsylvania Ave., Palm Harbor Wed-Fri 11-4 / Sat 11-5
TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Please join us on the 5th floor of the Wilson Building at 9:30am. 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.
Injury accident in on Highland Pk Blvd at Pennsylvania Ave
Starting our heritage walk of Pennsylvania Ave w/ Mr. Hamlin at the Avenue Bakery
Palm Harbor (Pinellas County), FL: Meet Lola the Westie. She spent the first years of her life working as a breeder in a puppy mill. Thankfully, they retired her early and surrendered her to us. She is a little timid, but very sweet. She just wants cuddles and love. She will make a great pet. She stills needs to be spayed but she is currently available to foster. She is at the shelter right now so please stop by to meet her. We close today at 5pm. 1030 Pennsylvania Ave., Palm Harbor.
TODAY10am to 1 pm at the Mexican Embassy,1911 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC with Shak Hill, TX Cong Steve Stockman ht…
ERIC HOLDER ANNOUNCES TASK FORCE THAT IS LOOKING FOR DOMESTIC TERRORISTS [If Holder would go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC head straight to the Oval Office he will find a skinny tall black man with big ears. With a deep seeded inferiority complex with all the power in the free world who is a domestic terrorist. Goes by the name Barry Soetoro aka Barrack H. Obama.]
Well alright alright alright!!! There's some music happenin' tonight at North Side Sports Bar & Grill's (499 E Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Ellyn) MONDAY OPEN MIC!!! Grab your guitars and friends, we'll supply the rest. Starts at 8:30...lets do this!!!
Today is P.R. Day = stay away from Bushwick Ave, the entire Bushwick, East New York, Pennsylvania Ave, some parts of the Stuy
Accident in on NW 39th St west of N Pennsylvania Ave
On May 21st, we adopted a block in Stewartstown! Come join the team in blessing the neighborhood TONIGHT at 6pm (and every Wednesday night). Adopt-A-Block will be meeting at the Rutters on Pennsylvania Ave. (across from Summers Ice Cream) at 6pm before going out. As Matthew Barnette says, "Find a need and fill it. Find a hurt and heal it!"
We are at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave across from White House at historic WIllard Hotel dancing and drinking and eating. After a day of yachting on Potomac river. What a life with these politicians with newly weds Aretha Ferrell-Benavides and Teodoro Benavides. Love them a lot.
Amanda Aikens guessed it! The carving is above the door at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church on Pennsylvania Ave.
It’s time for the 75th North Iowa Band Festival Parade! We’ll be pulling our wagon from N. Pennsylvania Ave to East State Avenue.
TMZ.COM: Yes, the Headliner-Of-State broke out the jokes during a speech at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. today to honor the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.
By the time they got on Pennsylvania Ave headed for White House it was just 200. Federal Government was OPEN.
Looking at this photo of Pennsylvania Ave from the 1920s. Maybe today's traffic isn't so bad.
Accident in on SW 15th St west of S Pennsylvania Ave
MAJOR WAKE UP CALL MY DEAR FRIENDS: For decades I have been sharing and warning that ANTI SEMITISM is escalating in the US and worldwide. Since SON-OF-ISLAM obama moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (The White House) violent ANTI SEMITIC acts have increased significantly, especially against observant JEWs. Yet, during 6 unbearably long years, the US' Commander-In-Chief has remained stoically silent about mankind's most ancient vile hatred-the hatred of the JEWISH people. The results should surprise no one. People in 102 countries took part, 88% of the total global adult population today. 26% or 1.09 BILLION are profoundly ANTI SEMITIC. Only 54% heard about the HOLOCAUST. 2 out of 3 thought the HOLOCAUST never happened and never heard of it. Naturally the ANTI SEMITISM was the worst in the Middle East and N. Africa where muslims and followers of the predator mohammed, are a huge majority That group, NOT surprisingly, is followed, by Greece where 69% are ANTI SEMITES. This sitting US Pres, his spouse, his Cabi ...
Reopened in on Belt Pkwy WB between Rockaway Pkwy stop and go traffic from Pennsylvania Ave and The Mill Basin …
I imagine the core group, currently residing in our house @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. is beside themselves, anguishing over Trey Gowdy, someone with great fortitude who will FINALLY be heading up an investigative committee over Benghazi.Because it matters! While the mainstream media continues to be derelict of their duty of journalism and therefore, complicit in this 21 month cover up by this administration, hoping it would go away.unfortunately, there is a sufficient amount of interest and outrage by some of us conscientious and determined citizens. I'm waiting to see what this failed and corrupt administration has planned in their attempt to deter the focus.I'm sure anything and everything is on the table for discussion in the situation room these days. I wouldn't be surprised if this White House may suddenly develop a sense of urgency to send military to the Ukraine, for example; anything to draw attention away from the failure that led up to, and followed September 11, 2012 at our Embass ...
Penn Field taking shape: The field behind the waste water treatment plant off Pennsylvania Ave. in Oak Bluffs ...
So, another federal agency running amuck is the EPA. Under a new proposed rule, anyone who owns land (not just farmers) could find themselves at odds with the is the time to speak up! This proposed rule stems from the Clean Water Act of 1972, which limits federal jurisdiction to "navigable" waters of the US. This is another proposed rule by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to expand its authority beyond the limits approved by congress. Go to and search for Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880 or email directly to ow-docketOr send hand written comments to Walter Dockett, EPA, Mail Code 2822T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20460 Mention the docket ID number.
Noise Violation Arrest On April 26th, 2014 at 4:35 PM, Tompkins County Sheriff's Deputies again responded to 279 Pennsylvania Ave in the Town of Ithaca for a noise complaint. Deputies found that the large gathering they attempted to disperse earlier had started back up. This time there were over 100 people and a DJ playing amplified music that could again be heard around the neighborhood. Two residents, Kevin L. Collins, age 20 and Christopher R. Ramirez, age 23 were both arrested and cited for violation of the Town of Ithaca Noise Ordinance. Deputies also arrested Madeline Graziano, age 20 of 17 Sutton Place in Middletown, NJ for Under Age Possession of Alcohol. Graziano, Collins and Ramirez were all issued appearance tickets ordering they appear at the Town of Ithaca Court on May 7th, 2014 at 4:00 PM.
Asia Will Replace The US As ISRAEL's Top Export Destination in 2014 MY DEAR FRIENDS: It should surprise no one conscious or breathing that the US will be replaced by Asia as ISRAEL's export destination in 2014. With SON-OF-ISLAM obama in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (the White House) for the past 6 unbearably long years, ISRAEL is habituated to her treatment as a pariah and NOT the most steadfast loyal ALLY that she is, has been, and always be to the US. This, while the NUCLEAR Iran and other muslim-controlled countries where the world's 1.6 BILLION followers of Islam live, are treated like friends and NOT like the violent enemy JIHADISTS that they are. As in everything else that Herr obama touches with regard to ISRAEL, the JEWISH Homeland is compelled to look elsewhere for friends. She does and she succeeds. As shared, when the JEWISH people are challenged, with our backs up against the wall, we prevail. Our Homeland, ISRAEL, is a nation of miracles and achievements, built from the ashes of the ** ...
Bruce Springsteen and the Pennsylvania ave band
Personnel of this City Police Station conducted scheduled Checkpoint along Pennsylvania Ave Brgy Madayegdeg
I should charge for this. Driving down Pennsylvania Ave. at 1 in the morning with a nasty Bull Wagon playing Dr Hook FREAKIN AT THE FREAKERS BALL. Tell me that's not a perfect picture of the USA Today
Arsenio Hall was off the chain tonight with Orlando Jones and *** Gregory. *** Gregory say if he was the president he wouldn't have a dinner with the head of states he would have luncheon and they would sit out on the balcony and eat watermelon and spit the seed down Pennsylvania Ave, I love his comedy, but he be speaking the truth, he say they use to say we all look alike, but everytime he say he the president the white folks say you not Obama, dawg he can't get nothing free for trying to pass for the president. so we all don't look alike. Okaaay
Two days remaining to visit Sondra Barrett Hassan's quilt exhibit at the Hill Center 921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington DC. Looking forward to seeing the quilts on Sunday with Braxton Cook's parents. Anthony and Tracy are friends from when our grandson Kane played ball with their son Brody on the Maryland Baseball Academy and Braxton was at The Jazz Academy of Music, Metropolitan Washington.
Why they have a road block in the middle of Pennsylvania ave and Newlots ave. Clearly police have nothing else to. It's mad traffic 11:00 at night. Ugggh..
Come party capital lounge Pennsylvania ave lets get it
Yah, yah, yah The Low Riderz Free DANCE Meet & Greet Party is on with DJ Flash on the ones and two's. fire in the hole. ..1601 Pennsylvania ave Baltimore, Maryland 21217 from 9pm to 1am.
Who knows why two cruiser went speeding up pennsylvania ave. With lights flashing but no sirens about five minutes ago heade toward maxi lunchbox
AMEN BROTHEEER! May 16th ; The AMERICAN RIGHT will REAR its PATRIOTIC HEAD '"""AGAINST "" OBAMAS""" anti-Constitutional Administration ! His disregard to tripling our National Debt ! The Four American Deaths in BENGHAZI ! The Depletion of US Armed Forces and the embracement of Illegal Aliens over AMERICAN Veterans and Citizens ! The wasteful Millions spent on EXOCTIC TRIPS for the OBAMAS around the world and the ATTACK on our 2ND Amendment ! NOW:::AND NOWWW: the ATTACK on AMERICAN RANCHERS by US SENATOR Harry REID ! REID should be tried for TREASON ( Conspiracy with a Communist Nation to OBTAIN American soil ) !! OPERATION SPRING 2014 ,Washington DC 1600 Pennsylvania Ave 9 am ,MAY 16th 2014 ! BE THERE !! We are the Conservatives Gov.Cuomo Mocked !! REMEMBER THAT !!
First Lady Michelle Obama gets milkweed at the White House. Monarch butterflies hosting soon, as two Asclepia species (milkweed) join the kitchen garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Disabled vehicle in on Loucks Rd Both EB/WB at Pennsylvania Ave
Stopped traffic due to shoulder closed in on Rt-1 SB between Pennsylvania Ave and US-13, delay of 17 mins htt…
Scored some points today by selling a membership to Kati Bramhall! Did you say "Who?" Well, hold on: she's the office manager of the new Trump Hotel--as in DONALD Trump!--opening up in the Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Ave. and 12th St., a block away from my 12th St store. Wasn't hard to do because she purchased from me almost $800.00 in DC travel books today, and I saved the Trump $75.00, but my senior management are ecstatic because Kati wrote down for me her contact information because she's coming back for more reading materials for the high rise hotel! Didn't hurt that I had bonded with her by telling her about my year at 67 Wall St., across from the Trump Building.( I deserve a commission for all these memberships, my affluent customer Tom Herring reiterates to me each week--he spends several hundred dollars weekly--stating stubbornly that he needs no membership and to tell my boss he will buy one only after I am paid a commission for the sale(s).LOL! (Oh, come on, everyone knows I prefe ...
So today is a rainy day! Bring your kids down for some fun with us at Kids Club tonight at 7pm til 10 pm at Team Impact located at 1571 Pennsylvania Ave ELO. Ages 7-12 welcome for $5 admission. Dancing, arcade, food and fun with their friends. Kids under 7 are welcome with an adult present. See you tonight and feel free to share and help us get the word out!
BBQ for the the reopening of our community park Saturday April 26th 12:00PM. Game, food and music. Also a tribute to Michael Jackson and speech to stop the violence. Location: Pennsylvania Ave and Thomas Street Newark, NJ. ALL ARE WELCOME!
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