Penn St & Jerry Sandusky

The Pennsylvania State University, commonly referred to as Penn State or PSU, is a public research university with campuses and facilities throughout the state of Pennsylvania, United States. Gerald Arthur Jerry Sandusky (born January 26, 1944) is a retired American football coach. 5.0/5

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Aka the story of Jerry Sandusky showering with a bunch of little boys on the campus of Penn St and how Paterno cove…
Hide in Plain Sight - Jeffrey son of Jerry of Penn St suspended as corrections officer at Rockview St Prison, for child sex crimes
Jerry Sandusky was allowed to anally rape boys for years because a bunch of suits made $ off Penn St football. U think Trump is the problem?
is a Jerry Sandusky in Penn St gear w a bag of candy in 1 hand & your kid in the other
Bama Balled out on Penn St after that Jerry Sandusky scandal
Daddy left him with a stranger (I think Jerry Sandusky) from Penn St at an early Old Cardinal Stadium game.
is an *** The current students at Penn St had absolutely NOTHING to do with what happened with Jerry Sandusky.
3 years ago, the NCAA sanctioned the Penn St football program for the sick and disgusting acts of one man, Jerry Sandusky. This man deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail or even worse, but Penn St did not deserve the sanctions they received. Tonight the NCAA did something they should have done and they gave back all of Joe Pa's win's he earned as a head coach. The sicks acts of one man did nothing to help Joe win Football games, get recruits or give him an advantage on the football field. I am not talking about what kind of person Joe was off the field, this is about what he did on the field, and he will be recognized for the greatness he did on the field. Very happy to see this happen.
Let's see, Reggie Bush is accused of taking cash favors while in college and USC gets 4 years of extreme sanctions because the NCAA claims without proof that one of their coaches knew about it. Jerry Sandusky is proved to have molested boys for decades, admits to it, and the school administration has a number of people resign over the flap as well as has criminal charges brought against them. But the NCAA feels mercy is due Penn St after only 2 years and reduces their sanctions? A child molester and a school covering him up for decades vs a family that appears to have taken money and kept it from the school but the school should have known. (...and for all you SC haters, check out the status of McNair's lawsuit against the NCAA before you comment about what the coaches knew). Once again the NCAA has proven itself to be a bunch of duplicitous, hypocritical, windbags deserving of a special place in the 7th *** Fight On!
Penn St. interim Larry Johnson eyes full-time job Associated Press | January 3, 2014 Larry Johnson was one of the few bridges from the Joe Paterno to Bill O'Brien era. Now, the coaching staff holdover has strong support from his players to become the next Penn State coach. Johnson was appointed interim coach this week and can only hope the players' vote of confidence carries weight when he applies for the permanent job following Bill O'Brien's hiring by the Houston Texans. "Why not Larry Johnson? I've been here 18 years, I think I know the lay of the land very well," Johnson said Friday. Penn State, however, has other candidates in mind to take over a program steadied by O'Brien after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. But one big name with connections to the team's storied past is out of the running. A person familiar with the situation told the AP that former Rutgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano was not a candidate. The person said neither Schiano nor the school had interest in going through the ...
Sean Lee (penn st grad) was walking off the field like Jerry Sandusky gotta hold of him again lmao
Penn St. agrees to pay $59.7 million HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Penn State said Monday it is paying $59.7 million to 26 young men over claims of child sexual abuse at the hands of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The school said 23 deals are fully signed and three are agreements in principle, but it did not disclose the names of the recipients. The school faces six other claims, some of which it says may still produce future settlements. University President Rodney Erickson issued a statement calling the announcement a step forward for victims and the school. "We cannot undo what has been done, but we can and must do everything possible to learn from this and ensure it never happens again at Penn State," said Erickson, who announced the day Sandusky was convicted in June 2012 that Penn State was determined to compensate his victims. The settlements have been unfolding since mid-August, when attorneys for the accusers began to disclose them. Penn State has not been confirming them, waiting instead t ...
In case you missed it, Mark Emmert and the NCAA have gone back and reduced Penn State’s penalty in the Jerry Sandusky case. They are restoring some of the Nittany Lions scholarships and may revisit the postseason ban. Now that this is official, what...
Great news for Penn State!NCAA slowly restores Penn St. scholarships
“NCAA to restore Penn St. scholarships. not so much. SMH!!
There should have never been penalties from the NCAA in the first place: NCAA slowly restores Penn St. scholarships
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The NCAA announced today that it will gradually start restoring some of the football scholarships it took away from Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Beginning next season, the Nittany Lions will get an additional five scholarships back per year, allowing the program to return to...
Strike up another one for the NCAA. They havd announced they are going to give Penn St all the scholarships back that they lost from covering up the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Great job Mark Emmert, college football is more important than the safety of children.
The three Penn St. officials charged with a cover-up in the Jerry Sandusky scandal will go to trial, a judge ruled
Report: Penn St. to pay some victims $60M
Yudichak Comments on Paterno ReportOn February 10, 2013 · NANTICOKE, February 10, 2013 – - State Sen. John Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Carbon/Monroe) today released the following statement concerning the new report on the Jerry Sandusky scandal commissioned by the Paterno family.“Yet again, the late Joe Pat...
Jerry Sandusky's lawyers argued that he deserves a new trial on child sex-abuse charges because his defense lacked sufficient time to prepare for the first one.
Here is something interesting I found. Two storied college football programs. Two rape scandals. Only one national outcry. How do we begin to explain the exponentially different levels of attention paid to crimes of violence and power at Penn State and Notre Dame? At Penn State, revered assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was raping young boys while being shielded by a conspiracy of silence of those in power at the football powerhouse. At Notre Dame, it's not young boys being raped by an assistant coach. It's women being threatened, assaulted, and raped by players on the school's unbeaten football team. Yet a sports media that's overwhelmingly male and ineffably giddy about Fighting Irish football’s return to prominence has enacted their own conspiracy of silence. The sports media has chosen not to discuss the fact that this football team has two players on its roster suspected of sexual assault and rape; two players whose crimes have been ignored; two players whose accusers felt harassed and intimidated; tw ...
"Jerry Sandusky went from Penn St to the State Pen"- lmfao
Penn St hasn’t had a little white guy run that fast since the Jerry Sandusky era
STILL UNDECIDED... Now that KGB and Russian thug Vadimer Putin , S.American ballot stuffer Hugo Chavez, Red China's leader and human rights poster boy Hu Jintao, political genius and has-been Cher and her beastly offspring Chas.and former president and sex maniac Bill Clinton have endorsed Barak Obama.I'm still waiting for Penn St. famous shower monitar Jerry Sandusky to weigh-in... then I'll be ready for to decide who to vote for Tuesday
USC is in more trouble than Jerry Sandusky in the Penn St locker room.
Two Penn State administrators facing new charges they hushed up child sexual abuse allegations against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky were preparing to be arraigned on Friday, although the university's former president was not due in court until next week.
Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier has been charged Thursday in relation to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.
Graham Spanier faces child endangerment, perjury charges in connection with Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case
HARRISBURG, Pa. — Former Penn State President Graham Spanier was charged yesterday with hushing up child sex- abuse complaints against Jerry Sandusky, making him the third school official to be...
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I have always gone to ESPN to get my sports coverage...As much as I hate Penn St. University, I am sick and tired of having a Jerry Sandusky story pop up as a top story. Get it together ESPN! Give me my sports. If i want my news I'll go to a reputable news company like Fox News, i mean CNN lol
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The "conspiracy of silence'' that protected Jerry Sandusky extended all the way to the top at Penn State, prosecutors said Thursday as they charged former university President Graham Spanier with hushing up child sexual abuse allegations against the former assistant football c...
This the first time in a few months Penn St couldn't wait to hit the showers. I'm sure Jerry Sandusky is pleasuring himself to the thought of a good old shower
“not at all”"Obama going down faster than A Jerry Sandusky bath towel in a Penn St shower room"
Imma be Jerry Sandusky for Halloween and my room gone be Penn St
I am surprised that this is news on Oct. 16, 2012: Penn St. won't renew contract of accused AD Curley COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — Penn State will not renew the contract of Athletic Director Tim Curley, who has been on leave since being charged last year with perjury and failing to report a child sex abuse allegation against Jerry Sandusky. University spokesman Dave La Torre says in a statement that the school has notified Curley his contract would not renewed when it expires in June. La Torre declined further comment Tuesday, citing a personnel issue. Sandusky, the former assistant football coach, is serving a minimum 30-year sentence. Curley and retired vice president Gary Schultz are scheduled to stand trial in January in Harrisburg on the perjury and failure to report charges. Both men have denied the allegations.
Jerry Sandusky should have gottin LIFE in the hole for ruining Penn St. THAT IS, IF NOT THE TOP SCHOOL, It was top 3 to 5 at the lowest, all i got to say is LIFE will take care of him
Not to bring up a sore subject, but with the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky today I think of the elimination of 14 years of records in regards to Penn St football. In my eyes, Joe Paterno is still the winningest coach in NCAA Football history. Sandusky on the other hand, meet Jamal..PLEASE
Have fun in your new shower Jerry Sandusky! This time the soaps on the other rope you p.o.s! Hope you took a class at Penn St. on how to do corn rows cuz ur new husbands will have you doin that and lots of other things at the St.Penn!
Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced to 30-60 years in prison for sexual abuuse while at Penn St. I pray that maybe this will bring some closure to the victims. As a victim and surrvivor of sexual abuse myself, I know how much the pain can hurt. The scars never go away. I'm just so thankful that God is sooo much bigger than any hurt we could ever have. I'd be lost without Him.
From Penn St. to State Penn. May you rot in *** Jerry Sandusky!
BREAKING: Penn St. ex-assistant Jerry Sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years in child sex abuse case. -BW
Thanks to Penn St. & Jerry Sandusky, I can't even enjoy a nice situation comedy. I've been watching a lot of Coach.
Walked by a man on the way to class who was wearing a Penn St hat and closely resembled Jerry Sandusky. No joke...
If Jerry Sandusky was still coaching, Penn St would have totally come from behind to win. after all, thats what he's best at.” 😂😂😂😂
The Baltimore Ravens have a radio announcer named Jerry Sandusky with no relation to the Penn St rapeist.
Let's be clear, Penn St and Jerry Sandusky jokes of any kind are tasteless and not funny.
Penn St. misses four FGs vs. Virginia, falls to 0-2: If not for the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal that led th...
I hope Jerry Sandusky wasn't waiting in your dorm today when Penn St came to town
Talking with Adam about me, Christopher and William going to the Iowa-Penn St game. Told him I would look at tickets for him and dad to go with us if he wants. His comment was "Yes, as long as I dont have to sit by Jerry Sandusky"
That awkward moment when you see someone wearing Penn St. Clothes and the first thing that pops into your head is Jerry Sandusky Lover!
Penn St reports nearly $17 million spent in costs to help deal with Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal
Just to prove how much Ohio State fans are *** they just put out a new T-shirt that mocks the victims of Jerry Sandusky by saying "I would rather shower at Penn St than cheer for Michigan.". That's pretty low.
hen Penn State football fans hear the lyrics to the Neal Diamond song, "Sweet Caroline" -"touching you, touching me" -they immediately think of Jerry Sandusky. Right? Well, they won't this season, because the song, which has a long history of being played at sporting events, including at Penn State football games, has been stricken from the repertoire. Heaven forbid that we use the term "banned." "Although the lyrics were brought up and discussed, to say the song was 'banned' because of the lyrics would not be accurate," said Gregory J. Myford, associate administrator of business relations and communications at Penn St
Jerry Sandusky scandal: he and Penn St officials was totally wrong & they have to pay for the kids.
Victim 1 sues Penn St. over Sandusky handling via
Penn State University is holding a national child sex abuse conference as it seeks to rebound from the scandals involving former assistant football coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.
Jerry Sandusky, the ex-Penn St. asst coach, convicted of molesting children at his football camp is writing a book. The Washington Post claims he wants to tell his side of the story. Should he be allowed to profit from crimes committed against children?
An accrediting body has warned Pennsylvania State University that its status "is in jeopardy" following recent developments in the Jerry Sandusky scandal and that it needs to take steps to save its...
Penn State's $60 Million NCAA Sandusky Fine Should Go To Child Abuse Victims, Prosecutors Say Pennsylvania prosecutors are pushing for part of the $60 million fine imposed on Penn State University for its poor handling of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal to go directly to victims and to provide more child-advocacy centers in the state. “Too many children of sexual abuse don’t have access to these much needed services due to the lack of dedicated funding stream and the current limitations,” Shawn C. Wagner, president of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association said. PHOTOS: Disney's Most Scandalous & Scandal Free Stars Several top Penn State officials, including legendary coach Joe Paterno, were harshly criticized by an internal University report for knowing that Sandusky was sexually molesting children and doing nothing to stop it out of fear its football program would be hurt. And the story hasn't ended. As exclusively reported on Friday, the name of a prominent Penn St ...
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Umm... I heard Harry Reid and.umm...Jerry Sandusky.threw pool parties every weekend at Penn St. That's all it takes right? Unverified speculation?
Does anyone else find it sickening that the Penn St. Board of Trustees are appealing the sanctions by the NCAA? The Jerry Sandusky scandal was a failure of leadership. A failure by Joe Paterno. Failure by the Athletic Director. Failure by the President. But ultimately a failure by the Board of Trustees who hold the institution "in trust" and failed to hold leaders accountable or even exhibit a hint of curiosity when horrendous accusations were made. This is why I supported the death penalty for Penn St. Football and this is why I believe a complete overhaul of the Penn St. Board of Trustees is necesary.
It's been a year since we've seen the SCML here in town. We did get a list of some of the things our favorite cat has done since we saw him last: Helped deliver Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby. Popped the tires on Sarah Palin's car with his claws preventing her to attended press conferences announcing that she would run for president. Cliff dove in Acapulco. Ran with the Olympic Torch. Spent a week in NYC with the "Occupy Wall St" creeps until the Hippie Stench became too unbearable. Had a torrid two week affair with Lindsey Lohan. Stalked the Boston Marathon. Ate two tasty Kenyans along the way. Protested outside Chic-Fil-A holding a sign that read "Eat More Far Right Nut Jobs." Opened a production studio, signed Akon to new recording contract at gun point. Blew the lid on the Penn St. scandal, being victim "number 8" in the affair as Jerry Sandusky had "mascot day" at his dojo back in 1994. The Lion knew something was up when he was the only mascot in the basement, Barry White was playing, Jerry had a Cheshire ...
Gary Busey should play Jerry Sandusky in the film-version of Penn St: Tickle Monster Unchained.
Franco Harris and two other Former Penn State football players say the report about Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal is highly flawed, and factually insufficient.
A man who claims to be the unknown victim molested in a Penn State shower by Jerry Sandusky in a case that led to Joe Paterno's firing intends to sue the university for its egregious and reckless conduct that facilitated the abuse, his lawyers said Thur
Jerry Sandusky was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting 10 boys over 15 years, accusations that shattered the Happy Valley image of Penn State football and led to the firing of Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno. Sandusky, a retired defensive coach, was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts.
it seems a majority are putting the entire Penn St program in the showers when it was 1 monster - Jerry Sandusky
depending on the infraction...sometimes..sorry is not quite good enough..i am sure the victims of Jerry Sandusky..dont think 20 less scholarships is adequate for the pain and suffering they will undoubtedly endure for a lifetime...which in alot of ways could be prohibitive to an abundant life..full of joy and peace..rather most certainly they will be terrible memories in there any traumatic event takes up residence in our minds..forgive yes..forget..probably not...Penn St understood the statue most go..the NCAA understood the name in the record books must slowly but surely..a generation will not be reminded by his immortalizing bronze statue..that He could have done more...He could have prevented a few more victims..He could have revisited the issue..rather than wink at an ole pal and fellow coach..fraternal bonds are great..but we all must have a boundary in the sand..where..we say no i cannot rob a 7 eleven with my best i cannot testify..that i saw him commit t ...
What the NCAA did to Penn St today is pathetic. It was not a football matter. Joe Paterno is the biggest name there and is becoming the scapegoat for all of this. Nothing on the field was wrong and the media is making this out to be about the Penn St. football team and Joe Paterno. Lets not forget about the monster that is behind bars (Jerry Sandusky) for life because a lot of people seem to be.
To Pennsylvania State University football fans who think that the NCAA has unjustly brought on sanctions against their football program, Your head coach, Athletic Director, and university president not only knowingly harbored a serial child rapist for decades (plural), they also gave him access to the majority of his victims. To say that these sanctions hurt the Penn St players is incorrect. Any of the players can transfer to any university in the country. Any player that would have gotten a scholarship over the next 4 years to play at Penn St can get another scholarship at any other D-I program. The players also get a chance to distance themselves from the Penn St program--certainly a good thing. Paterno's inability to report the actions of Jerry Sandusky makes him just as guilty as if he were the one violating those young boys.
Jerry Sandusky's criminal charges need to be adjusted. Several thousand charges of sodomy need to be added on behalf of the boosters and Alumni Association of Penn St. University, whom all just took it in the ***
Jerry Sandusky & Penn St...James Holmes in Aurora...seems crimes are getting more and more despicable as time goes on
Penn St. did right thing removing Paterno statue. Would serve as memory of all the lives ruined by Jerry Sandusky that could have been saved
This goes out to all of the Penn St fans that are pissef off, upset, and crying about JoPa's statue being taken down.Would you feel the same way if it was your son, daughter, brother, sister, or you were raped/molested by Jerry Sandusky? The old man has received everything he has deserved for covering up such a despicable crime. Melt it down and drop Sandusky in the lava of brass for all I care.
Who cares about Penn St. Or there Alumni .so tired of hearing they need to think about the supporters before the take down the Paterno Statue.he is as much of a Child Molester as Jerry Sandusky.when there is a child involved all bets are off lucky my child wasnt one of the victims i would of burned the whole University to the ground and im sure im not the only parent who feels that way
used to clean the showers at Penn St. after Jerry Sandusky got done horsing around.
Touched is the story of Jerry Sandusky’s life in his own words. From his childhood to his professional career, this book goes behind the scenes to explore the successes and challenges that Jerry Sandusky has faced in life, both on and off the football field. After graduating from Penn St...
Why does everyone hate Joe Paterno? He may have helped cover up the sex abuse scandal or failed to report it sooner to the authorities but he wasnt the one on trial! Jerry Sandusky was tried and found guilty by a jury NOT Joe Paterno!! The NCAA may cancel the Penn State football program because of the sex abuse scandal. Should they cancel the Penn St football program?
In the midst of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse investigation, former Penn State Nittany Lions coach Joe Paterno was planning his exit strategy, according to a report by the New York Times.
An independent report states late football coach Joe Paterno and other top Penn State officials hushed up child sex abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky more than a decade ago for fear of bad publicity.
The details of Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's report on the Penn St. cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's evil crimes is scathing and devastating. I'm deeply saddened at what appears to have been a massive cover-up by the University President and the late Joe Paterno. I grew up as a fan of the Penn St. Nittany Lions and Joe Paterno. It is painful to see heroes fall in disgrace. The failure to protect young children is shameful beyond belief or understanding. When the desire to win exceeds the call of human conscience and empathy, our world suffers.
Ventre: NCAA must give death penalty to Penn St. updated 9:44 am. EDT Jul. 12, 2012 Ordinarily, with the passing of Joe Paterno and the incarceration of Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State story would be considered closed. But it seems like it is just now unfold...
By lying, Joe Paterno betrayed himself, his legacy, his university and, most of all, the children who were victims of Jerry Sandusky's serial pedophilia...Do y'all think that Penn St should be put on the death penalty or will Penn St give the persona non grata treatment to JoePa & Sandusky be removing all references & everything JoePa & Sandusky?
Video on NBC Sports: Now that the Freeh Report has shed light on what happened at Penn State around the Jerry Sandusky scandal, should the NCAA go after the school?
A new report released Thursday morning finds that senior leaders, including Joe Paterno, at Penn State University disregarded the safety and welfare of victims abused by Jerry Sandusky, says the Associated Press.
There's a band of apologists at Penn State, but nobody around to say 'We're sorry.' Gregg Doyel is fed up with the coverup, and just wants somebody in Happy Valley to show some kind of remorse for what Jerry Sandusky did.
The chairwoman of Penn State's board of trustees says the panel believes Joe Paterno's "61 years of excellent service to the university is now marred" by the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.
Hidden for 14 years.Investigation of Penn St shown that of the college president and board knew of the homosexual rapes of children. All by one man, Jerry Sandusky the linebacker coach. Waiting to be sentence and still insisting he is not homosexual. Tell that to the male children that he cause pain and suffering too...Some college staff members may be brought up on criminal charges. Even the head coach, Joe Paterno, covered this all up, for the sake of winning football games.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s report on Penn St.’s handling of Jerry Sandusky is expected tomorrow morning, and if the statement the Paterno family released yesterday is any indication, it’s not going to go well for JoePa: “Joe Paterno did not cover up for Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno did not kno...
So, now we will hear all about the big Penn St decision on the "news". Our "news" broke into live coverage about Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, etc... Don't you wish the "news" would do this about REALLY important things, like 9/11, LIMOR, rigged Wall St markets, the endless wars, rigged elections on electronic voting machines, unconstituional laws like NDAA/HR347/Patriot Act/IDRP/the recent communications executive order/etc...???
Death penalty for Penn St.?: Ventre: If Joe Paterno and other officials knew about Jerry Sandusky's crimes but i...
Joe Paterno's family issues statement, says late Penn St coach "did not cover up for Jerry Sandusky"
Penn St. received the 2nd highest total of donations in school history this year. Promote Jerry Sandusky to lead booster
Paterno's appointment books at Penn St library end in 2000, so Tim Curley continues to hold a legacy in his hands
Getting ugly... evidence coming out about Penn St. covering up Jerry Sandusky's child molestations |
What kind of people cover up a serial child rapist using their facilities as his torture chamber? Paterno & Penn St.
"Most amazing thing is how good that Penn St offense was" Louis C.K. isn't afraid to make Jerry Sandusky jokes
Is there any child in the Penn ST community that Jerry Sandusky hasn't molested? He needs to go explain his predator life to his new inmates...
Subscribing to HBO to get Bill Maher is like cheering for Penn St because you like Jerry Sandusky.
Where are those Penn St students who rioted after Joe Paterno got fired for not doing anything to Jerry Sandusky after he found out he was molesting Boys. Guilty on 45 counts now you fools must feel like *** Just a thought
BELLEFONTE, Pa. - Jerry Sandusky's lawyers said Saturday they tried to quit the night before his child sex abuse trial because they weren't given enough time to prepare, raising an argument on the trial's speed that could become the thrust of an appeal.
I got one request, for all you parents out there... I herd, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty!:) My "hart" goes out the young victims & there families! For those who don't know? Jerry Sandusky is the "Penn St." pedi- file! Guilty of 45 of 48 counts of molestation! I got a "chainsaw & beer" let him spend the "night with me, please! I'll be nice;)
Jerry Sandusky found guilty on 45/48 charges.Yah,he will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison and get a taste of his own medicine in that's irony.It's sad though that Joe Paterno and Penn St. did not act on this when it was 1st brought to their attention long ago.A good higher learning university and a college football legend were both discraced as a result.I suppose that's part of the justice of the whole ordeal.
Won't harp on the Sandusky mess a whole lot cause it's a pretty "touchy" situation. It's no secret I was always a big Penn St. fan. But when all that surfaced about Sandusky and Paterno was fired, I was done. Pulled for Nebraska the following week and I hate Nebraska. It's tough when somethin' similar happened to me as a child and then the defensive coordinator for my fav team is messin' with lil boys. Then you get to hear professors and psychologists talk about how it creates trust and relationship issues to victims throughout their lives and i'm kinda like, "that really hit the nail on the head." I can't trust anyone or have relationships (of course bein' homeless doesn't help) Plus, it killed me when JoePa died. That man's life was football. 442 years? Yea. That sounds bout right. Jerry Sandusky, rot *** you.
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Jerry Sandusky -guilty- thank God. Someday he'll apologize but, not to the people he hurt. He'll be sorry for not knowing that what he did was wrong. Shame on Penn St. for putting their football program before doing the right thing. How many people swept everything under the rug, how influential were the alums? Sickening.
It is now confirmed that Jerry Sandusky is a monster who used a charity for young boys and his position at Penn St to do numerous unspeakable acts to helpless children. In my mind there is NO WAY Paterno had no clue SOMETHING was going on. If Penn State continues to glorify him, or name their stadium after him, their Big10 membership should be revoked. Sandusky will sit in jail for 90 days until he is sentenced. Think he will make it that long?
Ex-Penn St. assistant coach Jerry Sandusky convicted on 45 of 48 counts
Jerry Sandusky Penn St, assistant coach found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts of sexual abuse of young boys. Wow a football coach, a mentor, a predator of you boys. Now, we may understand that children are more important than football. Take time to hug your kid. Tell them of the evils and predators that pray on them. Don't take for granted every adult in your child's life and don't be scared to confront a predator like Jerry Sandusky.
Jurors spent more than eight hours deliberating on charges Jerry Sandusky sexually abused 10 boys over a 15-year period, as new accusations of abuse were leveled against him by a pair of accusers,...
Jerry Sandusky...from Penn St. to the state pen.
Ex-Penn St. assistant Jerry Sandusky convicted on 45 counts of abuse:
BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) - Jerry Sandusky's son says his father abused him, he was ready to testify at Penn St. trial.
Woman supports Jerry Sandusky during sex abuse trial As Jerry Sandusky's child molestation trial continues, it's almost unanimous that this guy is a total scumbag, and should be in prison for the rest of his life. Unless there
This better be the end of Jerry Sandusky and Penn St - shame on all of you.
Jerry Sandusky from Penn St. will die in jail after this criminal trial is over for raping kids.
If I were to make a movie about the Penn St. scandal, here's how I would cast it (without regard to the fact that some of these actors are dead): Jerry Sandusky: Leslie Nielsen Joe Amendola: Don Knotts Joe Paterno: Joe Pesci Mike McQueary: Ron Howard Gary Schultz: Jeffrey Jones (Principal Ed Rooney from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") Graham Spanier: Jeremy Pivens Tim Curley: Kevin Bacon (every good movie has Kevin Bacon in it)
Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary has told jurors at Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse trial about seeing the former coach with a boy in a campus shower.
A school official at Penn St. Said Jerry Sandusky "has a heart of gold" wow
So the Jerry Sandusky trial has started.Just to remind us of how many Adults turned a blind eye while this sick piece of garbage abused young boys.all to protect Penn St. May he and anyone else who knew about this rot in prison!!
❖Second Accuser Testifies in Jerry Sandusky Trial: The trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn St...
why do they call it Penn States Jerry Sandusky trial. Should we still associate Penn St with this guy?
Former Penn St. assistant coach Jerry Sandusky now at courthouse for opening statements in his child sex abuse trial
Nine of the 16 jurors in the Jerry Sandusky trial have been selected, including a current Penn St. student:
FILE - In this April 5, 2012, file photo, Jerry Sandusky, a Former Penn State assistant football coach charged with sexually abusing boys, arrives at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa. In a series of discovery requests made to the attorney general's office in recent months, Sandusky law...
Pick The Cincinnati Bengals select... (Vinny Curry here would make the Cincy D tough!) Devon Stills -DT- Penn St. (Jerry Sandusky is so happy about this he is touching himself!)
Penn State University has hired two public relations firms to help it deal with the continuing fallout from the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal.
Plus: Why Kathleen Kane's win will highlight the gov's handling of Jerry Sandusky investigation.
Judge to rule on Jerry Sandusky request to ease house arrest, allow visits with grandchildren: A Pennsylvania ju...
Ex-Penn St assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky asks court to let him see his 11 grandkids: -CC
Ex-Penn St assistant Jerry Sandusky arrested on additional sex abuse charges brought by new accusers
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