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Penelope Garcia

Penelope Garcia is a fictional character on the CBS crime dramas Criminal Minds and its short-lived spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, portrayed by Kirsten Vangsness.

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Every guy should talk to a girl the way that Agent Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia.
So I am thinking either Fiona from Shameless, Alex Dunphy from Modern Family or Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds for Halloween this year.
I need a Derek Morgan to my Penelope Garcia
Derek Morgan AND PENELOPE GARCIA ARE THE CUTEST PEOPLE EVER OMG. They better end up together. (Nobody spoil this for me!)
If I was Penelope Garcia he'd have one time to call me baby girl and Shemar Moore could GET. IT. Oh My Gah, he's beautiful!
Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan's relationship. minds girl
Penelope Garcia is the ultimate woman
Penelope Garcia and Anthony are my inspirations
So what do I have to do to become Penelope Garcia... I think I would be GREAT at her job
as you well know, I have high school newspaper experience, so I'm also a "researcher." I'm basically Penelope Garcia
Penelope Garcia you are the greatest ❀️
hey someone talk to me the way Derek Morgan does to Penelope Garcia
Deciding whether or not I want to be Penelope Garcia or Dr.Spencer Reid for Halloween is the hardest decision I've ever had to make
Watching Criminal Minds.. Penelope Garcia should be my bestie, I LOVE her!!
"Bless you for turning my life into a Cher song." Penelope Garcia. We are one.
I would wife up Penelope Garcia in a half a second
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Every guy should talk to their girlfriend the way Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia
I just want a guy who will talk to me like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia.
The way Penelope Garcia feels about contacts is the way I feel about contacts. Glasses forever.
or I could pretend to be Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds
Penelope Garcia is amazing, and if you think otherwise you are wrong.
every girl deserves to be treated the way Derek Morgan treats Penelope Garcia
I wanna find a relationship like Penelope Garcia and Derrick Morgan.
"I kinda love you, Derrick Morgan". "I kinda love you too, Penelope Garcia". CUTE AF OMG GOALS
One day I wish to be as cool as Penelope Garcia
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Be the Derek Morgan to my Penelope Garcia pls.
The way Derek Morgan treats Penelope Garcia is the way every girl wants to be treated 😍
Having a Derek Morgan treat me like Penelope Garcia 😍😩😭
I want Penelope Garcia as my best friend
Every guy should talk to their girl the way Derrick Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia
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Came to the conclusion that I am Penelope Garcia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
every guy should talk to his girl like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia are my relationship goals
guys I had no idea Kirsten Vangsness aka Penelope Garcia off Criminal Minds was *** and MARRIED to her partner omg they're so cUTE TOO
I really do love you Penelope Garcia
I love Penelope Garcia out of Criminal Minds so much 😩😩😩
The relationship between Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. 😍😍😍
do Derek Morgan and penelope garcia ever get together or not ?? I NEED TO KNOW
"I'm not the kind of girl that boys write songs about." pENELOPE GARCIA U PRECIOUS BABE UR WORTH MORE THAN JUST A SONG U DESERVE A SYMPHONY
My sociology teacher looks just like Penelope Garcia and it makes me super happy😊😊
nice poll, but why is every female except Penelope Garcia on the list?!
to all you Chandler Wolf N Ites out there.enjoy and join us.
Well, I think u found the right mexican family to share this with, so, come on Garcia's, let's show our...
I don't care how they would look. Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan will forever be my favorite unofficial couple.
Dream friendship: Penelope Garcia and Derrick Morgan on Criminal Minds
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Abby Sciuto > Penelope Garcia. Because when it comes to wildly inappropriate office relationships, Gibbs > Morgan.
Penelope Garcia backstory can I get a HALLELUJAH πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
" I kinda love you Derek Morgan.". " I kinda love you Penelope Garcia.". Exit Wounds season 5 one of my favorite moments.
Penelope Garcia is a piece of art work! Look at that! πŸ’žπŸ’•
want a friendship like Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan >
when you start watching it, I want to do what "Penelope Garcia" does in the Air Force. It's bad *** πŸ‘Œ
I'm Penelope Garcia... now where is my Derick Morgan?
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's relationship is my life goal
I want a guy to treat me like Derek Morgan treats Penelope Garcia
Penelope Garcia is one of my favorite characters in the history of all tv shows
The fact that I am not Penelope Garcia will forever be depressing
My beautiful princess enjoying life ;D
Named our dog after our favorite show. Welcome to the family Miss Penelope Garcia
I am convinced that I am Penelope Garcia
Bismuth with strong blue coloring over the rainbow colored specimens...
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I have never heard of Amethyst in this Crystal Habit or Formation.Cactus Amethyst ;D
Penelope Garcia is my spirit animal
I ship Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds so badly.
Is there anything better than Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's friendship
...that's right! After all, they are suppose to be making eachother better people, right?
i love paget also but Penelope Garcia her even more
Penelope Garcia, you are like my long lost soul.
More I watch it, the more I wonder how other shows manage without a Penelope Garcia, Tech Fairy Supreme.
Can Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds be my long lost relative? Plzzz
Penelope Garcia is actually my role model.
you need Penelope Garcia on the case πŸ’
Penelope Garcia is definitely crush worthy.
Someone please speak to me the way Derek Morgan speaks to Penelope Garcia 😍
I love Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan but Penelope Garcia is really just the raddest chick ever. I just love her. Everything
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's relationship is perfect πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•
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I want a love like Derrick Morgan and Penelope Garcia' its perfect 😍😍
Derek Morgan is perfect for Penelope Garcia πŸ’• They need to date already! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
then again Penelope Garcia is wearing a nice dress so we can keep it on I guess
How do I get Penelope Garcia as a personal shopping assistant?!
We had Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds (Kacey Murrow) in the costume contest today!
Reid: It's too bad all those emails and texts are gone forever. . JJ: I'm sorry?! Have you ever met Penelope Garcia?
a relationship like Penelope Garcia & Derek Morgan's would be lovely
Word to my cousin who's soon to bring the next addition to the Garcia family . little Penelope
Penelope Garcia a.k.a is just so funny season 3 love you baby girl
ep. 3x09 - Penelope . Derek tells Reid he asked Garcia out. πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•
I just want an adorable lady like Penelope Garcia in my life
My offices merged so now I get called Penelope Garcia daily. I think I'm going to play the part & dress like her too. I need some pizazz πŸ˜‰
"You're a statuesque god of sculpted chocolate thunder"-Penelope Garcia
Double Sigh.I could do this all day.
I'm basically Penelope Garcia so it's pointless to lie to me. –  10% Off
Penelope Garcia is the embodiment of everything I want to be and the confidence I want to have. Thanks to you brought her to life
Thanks for sharing Tio and uh, good luck with that ;D
Want a relationship like Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
If a creeper maniac in a pig mask kidnaps me, I'd like Penelope Garcia to find me πŸ™
How do I become involved? I would love to audition for/reserve the role of Miss Penelope Garcia :) LOVE her :) And the others.
Where can I find someone to flatter and flirt with me the way Derek Morgan does with Penelope Garcia?
totally obsessed with Penelope Garcia ,such a great job ,i love you β™₯β™₯
Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan need to have babies
I'm consistently being told I look like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds but that I also look like/remind people of Kat Dennings or Juno.
Derek Morgan. Aaron Hotchner. JJ. Penelope Garcia. Spencer Reid. David Rossi. Emily Prentise. If you know who these people are…
there's this lady here @ broken egg who look exactly like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds...
Every girl needs a guy that talks to her like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia 😍
I think my family thinks I'm equivalent to Penelope Garcia when it comes to computers.
We must all recognise that without Penelope Garcia, there would be no team.
"Penelope, Garcia... My friends call me wonderful"
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia .. I love them 😍😘 I don't need them to be a couple to love them . They're everything πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
Every girl deserves to be treated the way Penelope Garcia gets treated by Derek Morgan!!!
I'm in need of some murder, a hot nerd, a sexy chocolate man with a gun, and a little Penelope Garcia. Criminal Minds marathon? Don't mind if I do-after all, what else is there to do after you've been blown off and forgotten?
Oh my Garcia. Derek Morgan. You are crazy. I was about to cry alongside Penelope Garcia (I'm mad at you, too.
I swear, by the end of the Criminal Minds series, Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan are going to be together.
"The drama teacher in high school musical (Ms. Darbus) is actually a middle-aged Penelope Garcia, I just had an epiphany"
- I been feening for pink berry , shes the only person i got to pink berry w/ i miss my bae Penelope Garcia πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜”.
Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia are my favourites ever
At work I'm the Penelope Garcia of the office. And they still look for the computer guy.
I love the way Derrick Morgan and Penelope Garcia talk to each other
i watch Criminal Minds literally everyday and literally everyday i cry bc PENELOPE GARCIA
"P.G at your service don't let the name fool you" ~ Penelope Garcia
Photo: penelope garcia + moodboard (inspiration//code poem) darling inspiration of life goals. (also wife...
Did you catch this weeks (S9, Ep21)... aka Penelope Garcia wear the January Blues Hair Flower by
"It's raining kittens and poodles."- Penelope Garcia It really is. Well not really, there's not animals falling from the sky.
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can I be penelope garcia bc she's the black queen who hacks fricking everything and wins at life bc she's spends everyday with the team ok
Penelope Garcia... my friends call me Wonderful
On many different levels I seriously wish I was just like Penelope Garcia. She is so confident in…
my love for Penelope Garcia is never ending πŸ’ž
I wanna be as smart as Penelope Garcia
A five pitchfork rating from the Succubus Queen for "THE SUCCUBUS IN A RED DRESS"
YOU beautiful lady are THE most perfect person to play Penelope Garcia! I love you all!! Stay gorgeous! πŸ’–
people that don't ship Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia, I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.
If you have seen the show "Criminal Minds" and you don't ship Derek Morgan with Penelope Garcia, you need to re evaluate your life and fast.
Penelope Garcia: Fount of all Knowledge - check my flow!
I tell you what, those Canadians they seem so sweet and innocent but when they go bad they go Darth Vader bad - Penelope Garcia
Penelope Garcia is my favourite character ever.
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia are my favorite crime-fighting duo.
I love the relationship Derrick Morgan and Penelope Garcia have on Criminal Minds πŸ˜πŸ’˜
There's a reason why has been on for 9 seasons because she made Penelope Garcia http…
Robert is the Derek Morgan to my Penelope Garcia
"What's the difference of being strong and being jaded?" -Penelope Garcia
Where is Penelope Garcia when I need her? Has anyone else experienced the phenomena of the mouse just doing stuff you didn't direct it to do? Clicking on stuff you didn't click?? I don't want to sound like some conspiracy nut but really this is becoming quite an annoyance.
i like penelope with a gun, she was a hero. She ia part of the team Great job Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: We are each on our own journey. Each of us are on our very own adventure, encountering all kinds of challenges, and the choices we make on that adventure will shape us as we go. Those choices will stretch us and test us and push us to our limit. And our adventure will make us stronger than we ever knew we could be.
Penelope Garcia is my all time fave FBI character on TV
Penelope Garcia is the most adorable angel in the world.
Penelope Garcia has granted me a new catch phrase "Plus plus also and"
The first episode I ever watched of criminals minds was β€œ Penelope Garcia" been obsessed over since
You know, I suddenly have dangerous thoughts of Penelope Garcia trying to teach Salsa dancing steps to Derek Morgan
Penelope Garcia just made a Doctor Who reference!
oh my gosh i need a Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan friendship relationship so bad
Oh Penelope Garcia, I'd call dibs on sharing a room with Derek Morgan too. 😏
LOL, that's my babygirl alright... ;D .and uhhh...yeah, admittedly, me too :D
I think this is the smart new way to prevent texting and!
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Come on all you R&B and Rap Lover's out there.come and support these new up and coming artists. My Grandson...
"Garcia had Reid's back in last night *** yeah penelope the badass
Penelope Garcia makes me realize that you don't have to be serious to be successful and brilliant.
The Philipines need to be added to the Ameriasian act just the same as any other country. How disgraceful we have...
Penelope Garcia is my spirit animal.
I love the relationship between Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia 😍😘
Can Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia get married already!!
I hope that one day I can have a friendship like Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia
Dedicated to all of my beloved IT coworkers I have ever worked office poster must-have.\../.
I wish my job was Penelope Garcia's job...
Unknown numbered called. Found out (through my research) that it's a spammer calling from Escondido, CA. I feel like Penelope Garcia. Nbd πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
Derrick Morgan and Penelope Garcia... Their relationship is so good to my heart 😭
"But what's the difference between being strong and being jaded? " ~ Penelope Garcia .
Still waiting for Penelope Garcia and Derrek Morgan to get together! 😁
I would happily be someone's Penelope Garcia if they would be my Derek Morgan.
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Does that mean that Penelope Garcia has never shot a gun in all six seasons
Love Garcia and Reid, there is a magnetism about Penelope she's so fun!
YES! Thank you for such a nice finale, for Reid and for Penelope Garcia!
Penelope Garcia with a gun ladies and gents
Penelope Garcia finally logs off and washes herself.
this is priceless! Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia at a Sci-Fi Convention.: via
i'm glad Hotch Rossi Morgan Reid penelope and JJ don't leave the show. Love Rossi and Garcia.
Two of my favourite people from Criminal Minds and great friends in real life Kirsten Vangsness who plays("Baby Girl", Penelope Garcia) and Shemar Moore who plays("Chocolate Thunder",Derek Morgan) both of you!
" I believe humanity was born from conflict. Maybe that's why in all of us there is a dark side. Some of us fight it, but in the end it's as natural as the air we breathe. At some point we are forced to face the truth...Ourselves." -Penelope Garcia 'Criminal Minds'
Who are some of your favorite television couples? (Those who did become a couple on screen, and those who you wish had...) Here are some of mine, with show: Lee Stetson & Amanda King -- Scarecrow & Mrs. King John Crichton and Aeryn Sun -- Farscape Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter -- Stargate Catherine Chandler and Vincent -- Beauty and the Beast (The original, not the sad remake) Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia -- Criminal Minds The Doctor (9&10) and Rose Tyler -- Doctor Who Booth and Bones -- Bones Pacey Witter and Joey Potter -- Dawson's Creek Fox Mulder and Dana Scully -- The X-Files Nathan Wuornos and Audrey Parker -- Haven Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson -- Covert Affairs
is tomorrow! Is Dr. Spencer Reid or Penelope Garcia your CBS Match? Find out!:
Nice to see you again Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia! Missed you!
I just realised that almost all of my favourite female TV characters are sassy geeks. Penelope Garcia, Felicity Smoak, Kenzi, Chloe Sullivan, Abby Sciuto, Martha Jones, Veronica Mars, Kaylee Frye, and Jemma Simmons is the ONLY reason I'm still watching Agents of Shield. And maybe the same is true for the men, like Harry Kennedy, Richard Castle, Jonathan Creek, Nolan Ross, Simon Tam and Charlie Eppes. New rule: All TV shows MUST have a geek character.
Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia and Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reed on Criminal Minds
Just can't decide who I have the bigger crush on -- Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan, or Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia! OK...maybe Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid too. What a pretty, delightful cast!
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korewinchester: I think the relationship between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds is...
Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Jason Gideon and David Rossi are the BEST characters in the world!!
Currently sitting at dinner with Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds and I want to go talk about criminals with her
I'm Penelope Garcia I'm wearing a severe amount of make up . My πŸ† bigger than my boyfriends and my wig itch
Clearly, I am FBI ready Criminal Minds style. My attempt at pulling off the one and only Penelope Garcia
I was nominated for three Profilers' Choice Awards: Best New Author, Best Characterization of Penelope Garcia, and Best Morgan/Garcia.
GUESS the name of the character: . a) Penelope Garcia . b) Emily Prentiss
His alibi is solid as a pre global warming glacier - Penelope Garcia
I so want a glasses collection like Penelope Garcia's!
Rocked the bangs on Halloween and someone told me I look like the ever-awesome Penelope Garcia
In your new avatar picture you remind me of "Penelope Garcia" from "Criminal Minds" :)
Penelope Garcia and JJ on Halloween! I hope I did you proud!
Of course I went as Special Agent Penelope Garcia for Halloween! Who else?
These are "Criminal Minds the FBI"people talking what I just wrote down There is Spencer Reid,Emily Prentiss,Penelope Garcia,Derek Morgan,David Rossi,Blake idk,Aaron Hotchner(the boss),Jennifer Jareau,Jason Gideon that is all
how did you make out with your Penelope Garcia costume last night?
Today looking like this someone asked me if I was on TV - they thought I was Penelope Garcia from…
I'll tell you the Criminal Minds jet & Penelope Garcia comes on screen way the i-carly screens are green shooting
My this year..Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds! Oh & I dyed my hair blue and purple..which didn't turn out that greatπŸ˜’πŸŽƒ
was going for the Fijian version of Penelope Garcia but have to conclude that I'm just
I was Penelope Garcia of the BAU just looking for Derek Morgan!!!
"Office of Unfettered Omniscience. Penelope Garcia is in. Speak,oh fortunate one."
i'm done this neighborhood *** !! next year i'm goin as Penelope Garcia
I dressed like NCIS Abbey and my friend dressed like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.
kirstenvangsness my Penelope Garcia costume. All this baby girl is missing is to be her…
Penelope Garcia technical analyst for the BAU reporting for duty. Tell me your poison.
Happy Halloween everyone I did Penelope Garcia again this year for my spooky night in lol lame I know :)
I'm Penelope Garcia for Halloween love your costumes :)
"Death ends a life, not a relationship." Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds.
Saw this on Criminal Minds last night. The character Penelope Garcia did this & the team participated. I like that!
Just got asked if I worked in TV, got mistaken for Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds again…..
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Someone remind me to go as Penelope Garcia for Halloween next year. :) Wardrobe could use more color.
FBI special technical analyst Penelope Garcia reporting for duty. :-)
Texting about and my phone auto corrected Garcia in Penelope Garcia to TARDIS.
Dressing up for Halloween @ school having a blast. Going at Penelope Garcia from Halloween.
One day, I want to celebrate Day of the Dead the way Penelope Garcia did in Criminal Minds.
I'm going to post a couple of pics of myself as Penelope Garcia, please don't be shy & give your honest opinion. TY
I'm excited to dress up like the Fijian version of Penelope Garcia aka !
Penelope Garcia really the mastermind for the BAU... Without her and Dr. Spencer Reid.. They would never solve anything!!!
"It's too bad that those e-mails and texts are gone forever." "Umm... Have you known Penelope Garcia?"
"Hello, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?"
I started a Penelope Garcia fan page, i freaking love her that's how i feel about her. :)
I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia
Penelope Garcia is a nerd. Amy Ferrah Fowler is just disgusting. giving her more pathetic back stories won't make her likable, writers.
I love Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds, and I want to be her friend.
JJ: Oh im sorry, have you ever met of Penelope Garcia?
It's a shame those texts and calls are gone forever. Um excuse me, have you met Penelope Garcia?!
"I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?" Well played, JJ. That is a VERY good question. Reid's losing it.
"I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia?" Ily JJ!!
umm I'm sorry have you ever met penelope garcia
Am I the only one waiting for Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia to get together??
"I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia?" Favorite Season 9 moment so far!!!
"excuse me have you ever met Penelope Garcia" REID U JUST GOT BOOM ROASTED
I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia?
Penelope Garcia is my spirit animal, I'm pretty sure.
"I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia?"
"Too bad she erased everything from her phone." - Reid. "Um, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?" - JJ.
"Umm I'm sorry have you met Penelope Garcia"
Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds is pretty fabulous!
β€œUm. I’m sorry. Have you ever met Penelope Garcia?” Yes Reid! Never doubt the power of our tech genius πŸ˜‰
"I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?"
Penelope Garcia is the greatest..cuz she's a GARCIA.
Uhm, I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia ? -
I am sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia.
JJ "I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?" lol
"I'm sorry have you met Penelope Garcia?" Rossi doesn't have all the great one-liners, JJ too!
"Um I'm sorry have you've meet Penelope Garcia?"
All I want is every single pair of Penelope Garcia's glasses. πŸ‘€πŸ‘“
"Umm I'm sorry have you ever meet Penelope Garcia??"
"I'm sorry but have you met Penelope Garcia?" ~JJ .
Reid: too bad all those messages are gone forever. JJ: umm...have you ever met Penelope Garcia??
"I'm sorry have you ever met Penelope Garcia"
"Um have you ever met Penelope Garcia?"
I'm sorry have u ever met Penelope Garcia. Love it
I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia?
"I'm sorry, have you met Penelope Garcia?!"
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"Umm im sorry but have you ever met penelope garcia?" ok JJ
I've decided that this year I'm going to dress up for Halloween, & I decided to dress up as Penelope Garcia :-)
Absolutly love her , but wanna be her for halloween? any ideas on how this is possible on a low budget
I'd much rather be your baby monma forever than ur "Penelope Garcia" for ONLY A DAY LOL u r "so hot want to touch the hiney" :)
Penelope "Garcia" is my fav hunty on Criminal Minds β™‘οΌΎβ–½οΌΎβ™‘
Its scenario is amazing, but sometimes I watching for my fav. Garcia), after "The Net" ^_^
I could really do with a Penelope Garcia in my life right now!
Here with my own personal Olivia Pope/Penelope Garcia lol
Photoset: alex-vaused: four outfitsΒ Β» Penelope Garcia (β™₯) 8x01 Penelope returning to the BAU from a trip to...
In the Nikki Heat books, when she contacts the tech analyst at Quantico, I can't help but think it's Penelope Garcia.
My daughter and i are huge fans! Penelope Garcia is her choice for her Halloween costume,
"Woman, you have lost your mind. But you’re the best." - Derek Morgan to Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds...
I really want to be that person that tracks down criminals for the police like Penelope Garcia
Penelope Garcia literally makes me laugh so much I am fine
I've decided I'm gonna be Penelope Garcia/ Kirsten Vangsness. Her style is crazy unique and I love her!
Overheard: PENELOPE GARCIA: Reid, seriously, people that go inside that house never come out. Spoooky. DR.
I would totally hit Penelope Garcia. There I said it.
And here we have Awesome Lindsey and Penelope Garcia or Kirsten Vangsness!!?? :)
Watching Criminal Minds..Penelope Garcia has access to everything with that computer.. where she get those databases?
"Knock twice if your conscious" LOL! I love Penelope Garcia, so smart but yet so innocent
Love me like how Derek Morgan loves Penelope Garcia please
Hey I'm planning on being Penelope Garcia for Halloween. Any tips or favorite color combos?
I love Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.
All I want is a Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia type of friendship.
In the episode of I'm watching told Penelope Garcia he loved I wish that was me
Penelope Garcia why do I love you so much?
"We all have wounds that we want to heal" -Penelope Garcia
"I'll show you a goodmorning hot stuff" JAJJAA amo a la penelope garcia
Penelope Garcia's style is weird but I love it.
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