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Pendleton Ward

Pendleton Pen Ward (born 1982) is an American animator, musician, screenwriter and producer. He created the two time Emmy nominated Adventure Time (2010).

Adventure Time Bravest Warriors Princess Bubblegum Cartoon Network Jack Black Broken Age Lumpy Space Princess Jennifer Hale Wil Wheaton Tim Schafer Rebecca Sugar Ice King Elijah Wood Jeremy Shada Tom Kenny Alex Hirsch Olivia Olson

Dude, show creators are fired or quit from their shows all the time. Genndy…
idea from Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward. My most fav animated tv show
Next we're gonna be hearing that J.G. Quintel and Pendleton Ward run a joint sex dungeon in Cartoon Network Studios' basement
Are you secretly Pendleton ward, bro?
Adventure Time's showrunner quietly stepped down this season
I'm surprised that they didn't have a POC helping out with the story in that book. I mean, Pendleton Wa…
Gotta say though, hiring someone to chime in is a pretty basic missed step. The…
like Monty Oum, Alex Hirsch, and Pendleton Ward. They're all people who created amazing stories and worlds.
Pendleton Ward co-created this series along with some of the animators from AT so there's definitely some overlap
Catbug squishables are emotional lifesavers, god bless you Pendleton Ward :)
Pendleton Ward?! I may have to start playing Betrayal.
i remember when i was like 10 and would constantly message pendleton ward to give him my dumb ol' princess ideas for AT. what a wild time
I would like to formally thank Pendleton Ward
Renew this show until Pendleton Ward decides it's over
Pendleton Ward is more iconic than Kanye. Don't @ me.
I want to spend the rest of my life with Pendleton Ward.
lmao it's Pendleton Ward. The show creator.
On a scale from Brian Sheesley to Pendleton Ward, how creative are you?
omg LSP is voiced by pendleton ward himself, the creator of the show.
Figured out how to break my brain out of, I don't like Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time, huh.
Hello, I am a representative of the convent in Russia adve con in Moscow. We would like to invite you or Pendleton Ward in Russia.
. Hello Mr. Pendleton Ward. I adve con organizer in Russia. We would like to invite you to this event which will take place on
-sending hate messages to Pendleton Ward (despite the fact he's not writing it anymore).
"It's been a BMO time" Pendleton ward's favorite character and the cutest character in all of…
Pendleton Ward isn't genderfluid just because he voices Lumpy Space Princess.
S just showed me a video by Pendleton Ward about Pikachu farting so now I'm okay, I guess.
I really hope I'll meet Pendleton ward one day bc hes my biggest inspiration w/o him I mightve chosen to do smth different than art in life
This little guy came right up to us... @ Ward Lodging Camp Pendleton California
Stretching the Boundaries of Identity in VR with Pendleton Ward
'Adventure Time' Creator Pendleton Ward on Stretching the Boundaries of Identity in VR - Road to VR
I mean people HAVE to love Pendleton Ward's style. Bravest Warriors, his other cartoon pilot, got picked up as a webtoon after AT's success
For several days, Pendleton Ward has been ringing in my mind, wondering where or when I heard it. . "For those in the know... CORALINE"
I forgot I had this skin Pendleton Ward made for the Venus Patrol Kickstarter. Fit right in.
🔐 Pendleton Ward must do a lot of acid.
Pendleton ward is Dan deacon in disguise
FACT: Finn's name was originally Pen in the pilot episode, named after Pendleton Ward, the show's creator.
Alex Hirsch, J. G Quintel and Pendleton Ward are all friends irl
Is Pendleton Ward doing cereal boxes now? ;)
Standing in the grocery store trying to remember a name.. it was Pendleton Ward !
To live life, you need problems. If you get everything you want the minute you want it, then what's the point of living…
Adventure Time creator working on movie, but nothing official yet
one of the antelopes in the Zootopia trailer sounds a lot like Lumpy Space Princess. i wonder if that's pendleton ward
I thought you were making a reference to Finn and jake off of off that Adventure Time cartoon by Pendleton Ward
Are they seriously trying to pass off advice Pendleton Ward gave as a joke?.
Um the MST3K revival has Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Rob Schrab, Pendleton Ward, and Rebecca Sugar on staff? WHOA.
We wanted cartoons to grow up. Pendleton Ward, Rebecca Sugar, Alex Hirsh, many more, they made that happen.
uh, did Pendleton Ward give his permission for this?
That's cool, I'll be over there with Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Pendleton Ward having a fukkin partay
When do we get to find out what you and Pendleton Ward were working on a few months ago?
tossed around with and Pendleton Ward's you made ROSA blush!
Gonna write me essay on Pendleton ward because Adventure Time is the bomb
I won't watch another Batman movie until it's directed by Pendleton Ward.
did the drawers model Finn's dad after Pendleton Ward in Adventure Time?
I still can't believe I got told to look at pendleton ward for art inspiration
I liked a video from Interview: Adventure Time Creator Pendleton Ward
Thanks to Pendleton Ward, and congrats them all for Adventure Time.
When I see people approaching their work as a brand like Mike Mignola, William Joyce, Pendleton Ward etc. the results are really exciting.
Imagine having a conversation with Tim Burton, or Pendleton Ward.
that and Pendleton Ward hasn't been with the show for awhile either. Once a show creator leaves, it goes downhill
I wanna see what it's like to have a mind like Pendleton Ward like he constantly has awesome ideas running through his head
If yr ever mad that all the kids are aping Pendleton ward these days just remember there was a time where EVERYONE drew like Jhonen Vazquez
Need a new series from pendleton ward 😭🙏
Who are your favorite cartoonists these days? Mines are and Pendleton Ward !
Hey, Pendleton Ward donated to SGDQ last year. Cool.
I'm seeing Natasha Allegri and Pendleton Ward at Tokyo Anime Award Festival this weekend! *** yeah. xD
It was awkward because we were in a YouTube series produced by Pendleton Ward!
Pendleton Ward, same guy that made Adventure Time
the creators of Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Regular Show all became friends while attending CalArts. -
Pendleton Ward must be some kind of crazy genius
Hi, I'm Kyle Ward. You probably know me as the creator of hit arcade games In The Groove, ReRave, and cartoonist Pendleton Ward
I love Picard. Pendleton Ward said he modeled Finn's decisiveness on Picard's.
A though-provoking and entertaining podcast featuring Jesse Moynihan and Pendleton Ward,...
Pendleton Ward has stepped down from Adventure Time :(. The Ice King actor says Ward is basically Simon/Ice King...
Diaporama : indiecade: Pendleton Ward and David O’Reilly are Keynote Speakers at IndieCade 2014! We’re...
I kinda think Pendleton Ward has been depressed considering how Adventure Time has been for about the past two seasons
"Olson answered a fan’s question (cut off in the video) concerning Bubbline, referencing a conversation she had with creator Pendleton Ward+
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Pendleton Ward confirmed that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum dated once, but they can't do a episode because lesbianism is not for kids.
I want to become a famous artist like Pendleton Ward cus I could draw doodles and sell it for hundreds of dollars and people would buy them
Dude those drawings by Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time are pretty basic. And people are bidding a lot of money for those in that auction.
Voice actress Olivia Olson has revealed that "Adventure Time" creator Pendleton Ward told her that her character.
Pendleton ward drew me her robot hand
Festival 2014 is where u can hear from incredible creators like David O'Reilly and Pendleton Ward! REG NOW
Adventure Time goes deep bruh. Pendleton Ward just pops a dose every time he need to make a new episode
Season 5 and 6 of Adventure Time are top class. Word to Pendleton Ward and co.
I really just wanna have a AT screening w/Pendleton Ward so he can just like pause the show and explain everything like the war and such
Whellpp found out I'm stationed in camp Pendleton California 1st marine division
I feel like Pendleton Ward could be behind this, but not really.
Check out this tattoo I designed based on 's (aka Pendleton Ward's) Adventure Time!
K, stop hating children and comparing Pendleton Ward to Satan. GAWD.
ppl u look up to? — John lasseter, Pendleton ward. they've created really important things to me!!
Said by Pendleton Ward himself, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline once dated. ❤
(On Marceline and Princess Bubblegum) "You know they dated, right?" - Pendleton Ward. *gasps* ah!
oh yeah and i learned that peebles and marceline dated like pendleton ward said it. DON'T YOU LOVE IT WHEN YOUR SHIPS BECOME CANON
Apparently Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward confirmed that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline did, in fact, date.
Apparently Pendleton Ward confirmed that PB and Marceline once dated. Huh, I guess all that "fan art" I've come across had the right idea...
Pendleton Ward confirms Marceline and PB once dated. Doesn't really surprise anyone but still. Kapow!
Pendleton Ward confirmed Bubbeline and I've never been more pleased.
My favorite video is Pendleton Ward playing Animal Crossing at a Beyonce concert. Here it is:.
Bubbline was confirmed by Pendleton Ward. That means there was a homosexual relationship in Adventure Time. Let the hate begin.
Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network.
It's a strange game, but if you like you should check it out -
Thanks, Pendleton Ward, for renewing my hope in humanity and social media
Adventure Time creator turns game maker as $TWTR plays Pendleton Ward.
Hey, you! Stop bickering over how doomed humanity is and gaze upon Pendleton Ward’s brilliance:.
Pendleton Ward is no stranger to gaming. His popular cartoon, Adventure Time, frequently references video games and tabletop roleplaying games, and even
Pendleton Ward is the coolest person, here;'s one reason
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Bravest Warriors is a web cartoon from Cartoon Hangover that was written by Pendleton Ward, the same zany brain that created Adventure Time. Although ...
my art teacher's brother was college roommates with Pendleton Ward
Broken Age may be the COOOLEST point and click adventure ever!!! HOLY COW! WHAT A TWIST ENDING! CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT FOR ACT 2! OMG! I wish I had been privy to the game when it was on kickstarter. Created by Double Fine's Tim Schafer, Voiced by Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale, Wil Wheaton, and friggen Pendleton Ward! Music featuring the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! perfect way to spend a sleepless sinus infected night!!!
The voice actors include voice acting veterans John DiMaggio (who portrays Jake the Dog), Tom Kenny (who plays the Ice King), and Hynden Walch (who voices Princess Bubblegum). In addition, Jeremy Shada portrays the voice of Finn the Human, and Olivia Olson portrays Marceline the Vampire Queen. Ward himself provides the voice for several minor characters, as well as Lumpy Space Princess. Former storyboard artist Niki Yang voices the sentient video game console BMO, as well as Jake's girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn.[38] Polly Lou Livingston, a friend of Pendleton Ward's mother, Bettie Ward, plays the voice of the small elephant Tree Trunks.[39][40] The Adventure Time cast records their lines together in group recordings as opposed to different recording sessions with each voice actor. This is to record more natural sounding dialogue among the characters. Hynden Walch compared these group recordingsto "doing a play reading—a really, really out there play."[41] The series also regularly employs guest actors and ...
Ok, the new PowerPuff Girls Special.! Admittedly it wasn't the best nostalgist special out there, but I liked it :) It was cute and action-packed as PPG ever was, but some parts were a little too absurd (not used to that animation and sometimes it doesn't really fit with PPG... and did there seriously need to be a Double Rainbow reference in it?)... however I liked the ending and the fact this episode was really a Professor Utonium episode (the ending was funny too) XD It was fun hearing Tom Kenny, E.G. Daily (Buttercup's still my favorite!), Tara Strong, and. well, I forgot who did the voice of Blossom, but I also remember cameos by Kevin Michael Richardson and Pendleton Ward (yes, the Adventure Time guy himself!), but the real scene-stealer was the voice of Professor, Tom Kane (god I hate when people confuse this guys name for Tom Kenny...)! The ironic thing was that the Mr.Peabody and Sherman trailer was in the first commercial break with Tom Kane narrating, so that's more to the epic voice XD It was f ...
Best comment ever: "3.3 Million dollars!?! And all I got was incredible art direction, wonderous and unique animation, terrific voice acting by Jennifer Hale, Jack Black, Elijah Wood, Wil Wheaton, and Pendleton Ward, amazing writing with compelling characters and the most electrifying ending seen in years, a live score featuring the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 4-6 hours of gameplay with funny puzzles and missions, a 13 (so far) episode making of documentary of the development from scratch to release, production updates and live streams, and a T-shirt... Jesus Tim, what did you do take all the $$ and head to Vegas?!!?? I am going back to CoD where they know how to waste money right!!"
Found Jack Black, and Pendleton Ward's voice acting in Broken Age so farrr
Really surprised that Pendleton Ward signed off on this, if he has any kind of veto. Utterly bizarre.
is that Jack Black? And RICHARD HORVIST?! Whose next, Pendleton Ward? Elijah Woods? There is no way such a game could exist...
I swear, Pendleton Ward's website is the best.
I think my son's going to grow up to be one of the Pendleton Ward s or J.G. Quintel s of the world
Woah, J G Quintel, creator of Regular Show actually went to college with Pendleton Ward.
I don't know how to get pendleton ward out of the tree
outlining phase one of my scheme to get Hideki Kamiya and Pendleton Ward into an elevator together right now.
dreamt that I had an Adventure Time book with pendleton ward's autograph in it :(
Pendleton Ward is going to be at animate miami 🍍💡
yup, done by pendleton ward Youtube only, slightly grown up Adventure Time
perhaps could do a deal with Pendleton Ward to sell Adventure Time-themed food with faces on it.
Pendleton Ward’s advice to be successful at anything is to stick with it. But, math, do I jump around in my...
I will meet Pendleton Ward before I die
It's so much more than a show!!! Pendleton Ward is a prophet or something.
How dare a cartoon twist up my emotions like this. *** you, Pendleton Ward.
Pendleton Ward,a genius,a vivid imagination and the creator of Adventure Time
I didn't know Pendleton Ward and J. G. Quintel helped with Flapjack. so rad.
Pendleton Ward has stated that 'Business Time' is the episode in which they decided is post-apocalyptic.
Pendleton Ward's site by the way. That was Pendleton Ward's site. Adventure Time guy.
also Pendleton Ward if only for this wonderful thing
Knocked out that Pendleton Ward also plays 'Baby On Board' on his uke. That could be me playing!
in all honesty though Pendleton Ward is one of the most magical humans in the world I worship the ground he walks on tbh
My new year's resolution is to seduce Pendleton Ward.
Lord Pendleton Ward, forgive me, for i have sinned...
Pendleton Ward: Why are you deceptively influencing our kids w/ your satanic b.s?
We stopped by Cartoon Network to talk Adventure Time with creator Pendleton Ward and animator Andy Ristaino. Adventure Time merch:
Pendleton ward is the voice of Lumpy Space Princess lol
Lumpy Space Princess is voiced by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. No way.
Can Pendleton Ward just be my best friend?
Have you peeps seen Pendleton Ward's underground cartoon Here's the first episode on youtube:.
program in character animation alumni: Tim burton, pendleton ward
listening to the Duncan Trussel Family Hour Episode with Pendleton Ward and Jesse Moynihan and it is surprisingly life affirming
I wonder if I can work for Pendleton Ward and make heartwarming ditties.
Pendleton Ward is a hero of our time.
Pendleton Ward is a genius. Hands down.
hey it's uh you I guess? . Nothing but Mr. Pendleton Ward. Nice Beard. Don't ever shave it!
Pendleton Ward is the Voice of The Lumpy Space Princess AND the Creator of Adventure Time, he is my Hero.
If you could go on a roadtrip with any person, who would you c... — Pendleton Ward! And I would go to LaWard Texas.
BBQ, Pendleton Ward, comics, riding horses in a more badass way, Hollywood, and your webcam (okay not so proud of that one)
seriosuly, work for Pendleton Ward lol
Confession Twelve: I prefer Pendleton Ward's other project, Bravest Warriors, to Adventure Time. Adventure Time's too immature for me, unless we're talking about Marceline. I like Marceline. c:
Sooo... My sister happened to run into Pendleton Ward. Taking this picture was the second time I've touched this book since Christmas..
He seems like a really REALLY cool guy. Probably better than Pendleton Ward
Pendleton Ward hire me in the near future pls
you're not related to (Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time) are you? Cuz you're seriously my two favorite people
thank you Pendleton Ward, thank you.
I just read the Article by Pendleton Ward that the Episode "Brothers in Insomnia" Is really Season 1. Here are the Scrapped Episodes: Brothers in Insomnia • The Helmet of Thorogon • The Glorriors • Jakesuit • Diamond Jim • Jake-Less ~Flame Princess
I think I just tied Pendleton Ward on Quizup Cartoons...
Ok, if hearing about the truth of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's past via Pendleton Ward himself (or at least his writing), I have to say, even with the info pulled off of youtube and his future neautral statement on the subject. I have to say, I have to give it to him for continuing with it after choosing said neautrality, seriously everyone, check out the Adventure Time episode called Skywitch. Seriously, really, it is awesome!
Wait. WAIT. Pendleton Ward and George R R Martin are different people? They're not... y'know, the same guy?
I legitimately cannot for the life of me decide whether Bravest Warriors is better because of the lift of the 'G' rating, or whether Pendleton Ward's style is better with the childish values. Ugh in any case, they are both fantastic.
Pendleton ward the creator of Adventure Time went to lee high school
"Fart jokes are a really Precise art form" -Pendleton Ward Probably one of my all time favorite quotes
My Top 5 Best Thing of 2013 continues with Number 2! 2. Cartoon Hangover: Bee and Puppycat and Bravest Warriors Frederator, the company that created Fairly Oddparents, Chalkzone, Adventure Time, and more have brought a new way to watch Cartoons to the internet, creating an entire sub channel called Cartoon Hangover where they help some rising animators and other creators make cartoons free of any network censorship and more, putting them on Youtube for the world to see for free. The two best examples of this, are Bravest Warriors, and Bee and Puppycat Bravest Warriors is created by Pendleton Ward, who also created Adventure Time, and it shows in this show. Picture Adventure Time mixed with Tron, and you'll have a good idea of Bravest Warriors, which incorperated more Dimensional and CG effects into its show, along with more adult humor, and or words that wouldnt make it past a CN Censor, Adult Swim but not CN. Bravest Warriors follows the tales of Four Teenagers who have taken over the job of looking afte ...
Want to learn how to character build? Watch Adventure Time. Every recurring character has such depth, it's really awesome. GO PENDLETON WARD!!!
The title card for "Death in Bloom," an episode of Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time. "Death in Bloom" premieres on Cartoon Network on Monday, February 28, 2011.
As I watch the Adventure Time Christmas Special, I must say something. Regardless of what you think of Adventure Time, if you love it like me, if you think it is the stupidest thing you've ever seen, which is your opinion, you cant tell me, that the last five minutes of Holly Jolly Secrets wasn't a Masterpiece of writing. Pendleton Ward, the creator, is a mad genius. He can take something that looks like absolutely nothing, or just a fun Christmas Special, and turn it into maybe the biggest plotpoint in all of Adventure Times history so far. To the people who hate Adventure Time, not liking it because the first few seasons seemed to random or stupid, just watch this Special, in my opinion, has some awesome funny moments, but its one of the most shocking twists in a Character, a Story, and an Arc, ever. EVER. Oh and Nicks Airing the Full House Christmas Specials for the 4th time this week I think...just to update you on the absolute nothing that's going on over there...
That none of you introduced me to Pendleton Ward's "Bravest Heroes" makes you all the suckiest friends ever
So your meaning to tell me Pendleton Ward was the excellent writer who wrote about me?
Do yourself a favour and watch Bravest Warriors on YouTube. I love you Pendleton Ward.
OMG, the voice actors who are involved in the Double Fine kickstarter game "Broken Age" are amazing! Although no Claudia Black yet ;] Here is an extract of the post we got today: Big Broken Age casting news! Part 1 of Broken Age (Double Fine Adventure) comes out in January! And if you're a backer, you'll get your hands on the beta early. With that release only a matter of weeks away, our voice cast has been coming together fast. Earlier this month at the Spike VGX, we announced that Elijah Wood will be playing the role of Shay, the game's male lead. Watch the reveal video [link], including some new footage of the game! Along with Elijah Wood as Shay is Masasa Moyo as Vella, the female lead--you may have heard her voice in such games as Batman: Arkham Origins, Saints Row: The Third, Final Fantasy XIII, BioShock Infinite, and many more! And our good friend Jack Black, star of Brütal Legend, is back--along with a big list of returning friends of the studio including Jennifer Hale, Richard Horovitz, Nick Jam ...
Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has heavily implied a romantic relationship between characters Princess Bubblegum & Marceline. Although the relationship is only speculation, I believe that Pen should be a trailblazer and officially make known Princess Bubblegum and Marceline as the first *** couple in a nationally broadcasted children's show. For one, *** rights and *** marriage is becoming increasingly visible in the news and children shouldn't be hid from it forever. Secondly, children and young adults seeing this *** couple may validate and encourage them to be open about their sexual orientation. Also, I believe Adventure Time has a strong enough fan base to defend the relationship and possible support from the LGBT community even if cancellation looms from parental outcry and executive decision.
How much longer until Pendleton Ward ends this farce of not being my friend and we get down to business (makin' toons)
A cool interview with Adventure Time Creator Pendleton Ward: Check it out!
Pendleton Ward is the Rick Rubin of cartoons.
Hey if you like Adventure Time you should look up Bravest Warriors cause they're both made by Pendleton ward and it looks pretty cool (:
The cast for Double Fine's Kickstarter success story, Broken Age, keeps growing. Wil Wheaton, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale, and Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward have all already been announced, but Double Fine President Tim Schafer revealed yet one more big name at this year's VGX.Elijah Wood will join…
A couple of other people doing voices are Jack Black, Wil Wheaton, and Adventure Time's creator, Pendleton Ward.
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in which i tell you how culturally in debt i am to Pendleton Ward and his part-cat, part-bug creation:
Pendleton Ward, I beg you, make this canon somehow
I added a video to a playlist Interview: Adventure Time Creator Pendleton Ward
You guys. I can't even tell you enough how much I enjoy Bravest Warriors. You really need to watch it. It's a show by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward that streams exclusively on the YouTube Cartoon Hangover channel. Season 1 is about one hour long. It's getting bigger and bigger and I've only seen people cosplay Catbug but there are many more likeable characters!! Go watch it!
"Princess Bubblegum" 2013. Original character from Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward.
Pendleton Ward, thank you for creating Adventure Time. ❤
GO FOLLOW CARTOON HANGOVER! They have AWESOME animations, and one of my favorite series is only released by cartoon hangover. It's called Bravest Warriors, created by Pendleton Ward. It's wonderful and if you haven't seen it yet go check it out, all of season 1 is up, and they are starting to release episodes of season 2 :)
Pendleton Ward is the most wonderful, imaginative and amazing animator in the world.
Then it would be relevant to your interests to know that the awesome creator, Pendleton Ward, goes by here. :D
Pendleton ward is gon' see that, then he gon' sue yo *** c:
If Doctor Who were an animation series by Pendleton Ward...
I refuse to be a productive member of society until Finn is back with Flame Princess. *cough Pendleton cough Ward cough*
If I could have one wish, it would be for Pendleton Ward to be a part of my friend group. We would finally be able to actually play d&d and he'd be a good dungeon master.
I don't like Pendleton Ward's animation style.
Jack Pendarvis works on AT, but Pendleton Ward is the creator
I'm leaning towards that and the Pendleton Ward one
same here! Pendleton Ward's artwork is so unique too, so even better to put it on a shirt promoting Bino lol
I hope Pendleton Ward will still release those shirts he made for Bino
The alternate cover by Pendleton Ward is better imo
Even though Pendleton Ward created Adventure Time he only wrote/helped like 7 episodes of Adventure Time including pilot
I have a lot of respect for Pendleton Ward, especially since he just emailed me back after I emailed him less than 20 minutes ago. Pretty nice guy.
I am immeasurably glad that Lauren Faust, Pendleton Ward & Natasha Allegri exist. You should be, too.
I have a confession: Everyone knows I love cartoons. However my love for cartoon characters goes further. I grew up with cartoon characters, I entered adulthood with cartoon characters and I'll go through my life with cartoon characters. Cartoon characters helped save me from being depressed as a child, cartoon characters gave me hope and made me feel better about myself. Cartoon characters to me have made as much of an impact as many humans have. Alot of my mannerisms and quotes come from that of cartoon characters. I also believe that cartoons do exist and I am a heavy believer at that. I believe they exist in an alternate universe. And I am happy to believe that I would love to thank so many animators for making cartoons possible: Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo, Dan and Swampy, Mike Judge, Craig Bartlett, Craig McCracken, Jim Jinkins, Joe Murray, JG Quintel, Alex Hirsch, Pendleton Ward, Butch Hartman, Bob Clampett, Walt Disney, Everett Peck, Genndy Tartakovsky, Fleischer Brothers and many, many more.
I swear, I can be 34 and still watch cartoons if Natasha Allegri and Pendleton Ward won't stop making them.
Really need to sell my signed Adventure Time Mondo poster. =/ if anyone's interested let me know. Signed by Tom Kenny and Pendleton Ward
the frickin loser who got legitimately upset that Pendleton Ward likes Anita Sarkeesian followed me
Pendleton Ward and Jack Black make me want to get my hands on Broken Age even more.
You can help Finn and Jake outrun the forces of nature in our upcoming mobile game Ski Safari Adventure Time ! Preview the endless downhill action in this sketch from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward!
Pendleton Ward makes good cartoons. I love Bravest Warrior and Adventure Time.
Wow, i just found out that Jake from Adventure Time, was originally created from the Creator of Adventure Time Pendleton Ward, whom he based the character Jake off a dog who mauled his best friend and died back then, and thats how he got the idea of jake x.x Thats brutal.
If you love Adventure Time, then you'll love Bravest Warriors, and original YouTube series by Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time. Too raunchy for Cartoon Network, but not enough for Adult Swim.
pendleton ward & his team are on Asgard meth..Regular show??
YouTube 'Bravest Warriors', another show by Pendleton Ward. Haven't seen it yet though
As much as is too weird for me, I am far too addicted to right now to criticise Pendleton Ward in any way.
Pendleton Ward, your show has gotten me through some low points during 2010 and sometimes the simplest…
In the mood for head tripping podcasts? I present to you " The Duncan Trussell Family Hour " Just awesome whacked out stuff - with a great heart. I recommend the Episode 63 with PENDLETON WARD and JESSE MOYNIHAN on Adventure Time to start with.
Pendelton Ward loves video games and he was able to play Pepsi Man at the age of 25 and absolutely adored it.
I was asked twice if I was Pendleton Ward yesterday at comiccon. I am.
I love Rebecca Sugar, I love Natasha Allegri, I love Emily Partridge, I love Pendleton Ward and I love cartoons
Pendleton Ward and Izzy Stradlin accepted my friend requests this week.
One of the composers from the new show Steven Universe is following me on soundcloud! He works with Rebecca Sugar, who did the music for Adventure Time. So basically, Pendleton Ward and I are best friends now and roommates.
I have a feeling that Pendleton Ward might become my favorite animator.
gave Pendleton Ward a run for his money that's for sure >_>
'Adventure Time' creator doing voice-over work for Broken Age
One day I'll be making cartoons for Cartoon Network like my heroes J.G Quintel ,Rebecca Sugar , and Pendleton Ward
pendleton ward was the best I've created ! (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
pendleton ward (Adventure Time creator) is working with childish gambino for new merchandise. :D
Another reason to love Childish Gambino. His new Album "Because the Internet" Will have art drawn from Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time made into 5 different sets of shirts that come with the album.
That's awesome! theres a youtube series by Pendleton ward that we need to watch.
She got her start through a personal connection with Pendleton Ward and made huge contributions to Adventure Time, now maybe her own series.
So it turns out Pendleton Ward has the best website ever even though it doesn’t do anything.
No lie Pendleton Ward must be high add *** to think up of these episodes!
I don't even think I'd enjoy it as much as I do if I were a kid. Some of Pendleton Ward's jokes are blatantly just for grown-ups...
“without Pendleton ward, there’d be no Adventure Time and without Adventure Time there’d be no tumblr” and the world suddenly made sense.
"I’m kinda embarrassed at how much I relate to Lumpy Space Princess." - Pendleton Ward Same, Pendleton Ward, same.
What'd I do tonight? Chatted with Tim Schafer, and hugged Pendleton Ward.
Holy poop, I just saw Pendleton Ward and Tim Schafer walk in and I shrieked. I am ashamed of my fan girl but dying with joy.
"Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, has stated in an interview that the Land of Ooo is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth". :)
To anyone who loves Adventure Time - Pendleton Ward, the creator, has another show on Youtube called Bravest Warriors. Basically Adventure Time meets Star Trek. Watch it.
.announces that Pendleton Ward will be joining the voice cast for their Kickstarter videogame Broken Age.
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Double Fine has announced that Pendleton Ward, who created the animated series Adventure Time, will be joining Jack Black and Jennifer Hale as a voice actor for their Kickstarter adventure game Broken Age, formerly Double Fine Adventure.
... Is that some Tim Schafer and Pendleton Ward in the same picture? WHAT IS HAPPEN HERE?!!
Unofficial turnout as of 3 p.m. from Ward 6: A (downtown) 13%; C (otr) 10%: D (pendleton) 6%. If you have other pls send
Mine is surprisingly recent. Bravest Warriors by Pendleton Ward.
I want to go live inside the mind of Pendleton Ward.
Double Fine's Kickstarted adventure game, Broken Age, will feature the voice talents of Pendleton Ward, creator of the beloved animated series Adventure Time, the studio announced today during its...
I really hope Pendleton Ward is the next Chuck Jones.
Pendleton Ward is collaborating with Double Fine Studios. Shaun Micallef is collaborating with Danger 5. Holy rusted metal
Pendleton Ward doing voice acting for DoubleFine's new game, gimme a sec to flex my nerd muscles
I can't not follow Rosario Dawson, JG Quintel and Pendleton Ward. I hope they never become aware of me though. D:
I think I'm probably weird in that most writers idolize J. Whedon or JJ Abrams. My gods are Matt Groening & Pendleton Ward.
I introduce to you, Catbug! The cutest little thing created by the maker of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward! 😀
If you haven't seen this, it's worth watching purely because Pendleton Ward created it! :P x
ask the creator of Adventure Time Pendleton Ward how many times has he been to ComicCon and what is his favorite booth there
This past morning on imagination land Herman Wallace Pendleton ward and Daniel Bryan
Pretending to be at Comic con 2. Meeting Pendleton Ward.
Petition to make Pendleton Ward my grandpa
You just have to keep doing something in order to get good at it ~Pendleton Ward Adventure Time creator
A new episode of airs today? On my birthday? Thanks, Pendleton Ward (for the mathematical birthday present!
Agree with you though, but the creativity of Pendleton Ward is nice, borderline psychotic.
Operation Pendleton Ward!! - tributegames: Guys, Adventure Time creator and all-around positive guy,...
Pendleton Ward, made two cartoon series that I adore, & the worlds he creates are intricate and beautiful
I just want to meet Pendleton Ward and give him a big hug
aw yeah pendleton ward and I share the best AC villager - Olaf
Slime Princess is Pendleton Ward's favorite princess because she has a "hot lady voice."
Fans of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! Well Pendleton Ward and Wayforward team up...
Pendleton Ward needs to make an Adventure Time episode featuring All Time Low, it would complete my life
Pendleton Ward should make a cartoon with characters that are the physical embodiment of the 12 zodiac signs. It'd be cute!
they're both so good! Plus the creator's name is Pendleton Ward so that's pretty epic :)
Would someone like Pendleton Ward open a door for me? The answer is most likely no.
For anyone who loves Adventure Time, I highly recommend watching Bravest Warriors on youtube. Its by pendleton ward, the same guy who did AT
That moment when you find out that Lumpy Space Princess is voiced by Pendleton Ward
Pendleton Ward needs to make a spinoff of AT focusing on the darker plotlines. I bet it would be Eva's fav show ever.
I wonder how much shrooms Pendleton Ward does.
Watched a couple of episodes of Bravest Warriors by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward (Definitely worth checking out.
Pendleton Ward looks like an eccentric scientist to me.
Bueno The Bear by Pendleton Ward, the precursor to amazing lol.
Operation Pendleton Ward!! - has been kidnapped by CLAW, you guys!
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? — Pendleton Ward
I really like Pendleton Ward for creating 2 very impressive cartoons
Instead of sleeping until class in 4 hours im going to listen to family hour ep Pendleton ward n jesse moynihan
Pendleton ward needs to hit up tyler asap or vice versa idc
we should just work for Pendleton Ward.
Bee and PuppyCat Part 1 on Cartoon Hangover: via dude pendleton ward is GONE!!!
Pikapew Poop Chu: via || farting with pokemon pendleton ward Adventure Time
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Marathon'd The Bravest Warriors because sibling suggested it. short episodes but super funny and clever (also by pendleton ward)
yeah. hopefully Pendleton Ward can figure out a way to change finn's voice and not upset the fans.
someone found pendleton ward's animal crossing town via dream suite I should visit it
The 50 Best Life Story Questions If you could do one thing over in your life, what would it be? I would not dare tamper with the past and ruin the present. What makes you happy? Watching movies, listening to music, & spending time with loved ones. Looking back on your life, what do you regret? This is a little similar to the first question...I like to live my life with no regrets. What do you believe to be true? Happiness is always attainable. What is the secret to a happy life? It's a secret. What do you believe happens to us after we die? Hopefully we get reborn into another life-form. Who’s had the greatest influence on your life and why? Everyone I've ever encounted have shaped me. What are the qualities that you admire in your friends? Honesty & humour. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? Fall out of love. How would you describe yourself? Passionate & creative. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? I don't know...maybe Amy Lee...or Pendleton Ward...or Hayao ...
I love Pendleton Ward :) I also think its cool the Jaden Jeremy Shada the voice of Finn has the same birthday as me :D slammacow!
Had an odd dream that felt like an Adventure Time episode: it was a manhunt/paintball war (without guns though). I remember Finn and Jake crazily not getting hit and Princess Bubblegum sniping Ice King. Not sure why it was going on (the goal) though. It even had a title card! What do you think Pendleton Ward? Lol. Then the dream morphed into a half anime/realistic one where gangs and all kinds of other creatures/people were fighting one another. I distinctly recall a sundry of weaponry being wielded along with lots of killing and death. It took place in a huge mall/theme park/train station/Wal-Mart (a fusion of the four). Interesting. I've had another dream take place inside a mall/Super Wal-Mart/movie theater before. Anyways, I awoke after being shot in the arm and imprisoned while everyone else was mowed down by laser/gunfire from an unknown in the distance force. Oh, and I've got the hiccups atm.
Trivia of PB On the Cartoon Network official website (in 2010), Jake referred to her as "a horrible mutant mix of bubblegum and human DNA." When he brought up Finn's crush on her, Finn replied "it's just 'cause of the radiation." Her original name was Bettie, but Pendleton Ward changed it to Bonnibel because Bettie is his mother's name. Princess Bubblegum loves pink, as stated in "The Real You." In "To Cut a Woman's Hair," she reveals that she loves spaghetti. She has since been seen eating it in multiple episodes. As seen in "Mortal Folly," "The Creeps," and "Reign of Gunters," Princess Bubblegum wears earrings but does not appear to have ears. However, in "All the Little People," little Princess Bubblegum is shown with ears. Princess Bubblegum's gender-swapped character is Prince Gumball. Marceline is the only person known to call her by her first name, Bonnibel, or Bonnie for short. Princess Bubblegum seems to be the most active in dealing with royal affairs, as she is seen managing the potluck for pri ...
There is so much on So here's my response. I channeled Pendleton Ward for this...
The number 5318008 just showed up in Adventure Time. Apparently Pendleton Ward had a calculator when he was 12.
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