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Pell Grant

A Pell Grant is money the U.S. federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college.

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naw i got Pell grant Since my parents didnt go to college n make lil bit a yr I go to skool for free as long as i keep my gpa up.
The Gilman Scholarship for study abroad is open! If you receive a Pell Grant, consider applying.
with both your parents... Ion think ull get a Pell grant... But then again it's a four person fam... You look into dat?
Now that I'm getting practically my whole PELL Grant I don't really want to work. Lol
when you see your pell grant has FINALLY began processing and you wanna cry
MT The typical student is 22, female, white & receives no Pell grant
.$115 Million to sponsor a stadium is less than the $135 million in Pell grant disbursements they had last year.
47% of all 2013 high school graduates didn’t complete the 821,041 missed out on Pell Grant.
Do you currently receive a Pell Grant? Are you planning to study abroad for at least 28 days this Summer/Fall?...
Over $1Billion ripped off from the Pell grant program each year. Reform, anyone?
Get this pell grant and deny the rest
you should be able to get a pell grant instead of paying. They have it at my school Ima see how much n how long
Pell Grant money will be disbursed in 7-10 business days, Student Loan money will be disbursed 7-10 business days after …
What’s a Pell Grant, and how do you know if you qualify? Get the answers:
oh ok! I might be able to handle that because I'm trying to go to London & I think the pell grant will cover most of it
Finally got my pell grant loan after freaking 3-4 weeks.
I forgot the Cal Grant website & I'm not sure if we will still receive the Pell Grant
I forgot i got 10,000 in scholarship funds from the pell grant.
so are you saying those who can't afford CC can't go? Really the Pell grant is for those people.
Yea, I might get the Pell Grant or something from FAFSA but that's it
wendy is gonna drop a mixtape. “Pell Grant: Whoops there goes your baby’s green beans.”
so in this case I'm TOTALLY down with being a bad person and taking the Pell grant. Bad!
no, I did it on time and I'm talking about the pell grant. I don't owe anything back.
I just heard someone trying to bet their entire Pell Grant on a 1on1 game at the rec lmao
Pell Grant Refund instructions can be found at the link below.
Wish I could fill for taxes but I decided to have 3 different jobs and waiting for pell grant mail. Ugh
Seniors reminder that your parents need to do their taxes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We need to do you so you can get the Pell grant.
Our staff editorial suggests that although the Pell Grant news is good, it is long overdue and some concerns remain
but I get a pell grant check which is free $ every semester 😳😳😳
Development & Communications Internship with open to Pell grant students this year! More:
All of a sudden my pell grant decreases. That's bull.
all I wanted was a little wisdom and a Pell Grant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Maybe God can put the fear in me. Cause *** *** can't.
“You want pell grant but you not watching the state of the Union .”☕️
And he is proposing less that 4K in tuition so that is even less than the current Pell grant is giving
Its already free for poor kids. It's called a PELL Grant. It pays up to $5500 a year. Also student loans.
And for those of us who can't? Pell Grant doesn't cover enough and scholarships are rare. I was a lucky one.
More details on increase in Pell grant commitments, next year’s rise in tuition
Newsflash, if you need the taxpayers to pay your community college tuition beyond Pell Grant, you're not middle class.
S/O to the Pell Grant just deposited in my account. cc:
FAFSA daunting but necessary for aid: A Pell Grant is money the federal government provides college students t...
DU in the News - speaks to Drury's financial aid dept about how to avoid leaving Pell grant money on the table:
Florida shows how to increase access to higher education: When you factor in financial aid, such as Pell Grant...
I know, you have to be on welfare sucking *** on the corner to get a pell grant. College is just too expensive now. Period.
Students who submit a FAFSA have a 72% greater chance of staying in college than their peers who do not file the aid form. The positive effect of filing a is even more significant for lower-income students eligible for the free, Federal Pell Grant. As FAFSA filers, these students’ graduation rates were 122% higher than lower-income students who did not file a FAFSA. Read about the independent 2011 study and how completing the FAFSA with the help of a professional FAFSA preparer, who charges a fee, or by filing it for free on the US Dept. of Education website each year helps college students persist to graduation:
Why isn't there a bill to help out with people's if wants the pell grant to be snubbed?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I have four classes now so I'll get my refund baby oh yea an keep my pell grant a my cousin name is grant
In 2012-2013, the Univ of Alabama had a total of about 67 football players receiving Pell Grant.
The students should thank anti-education for voting to cut Pell Grant!
Did you know? We match Federal Pell Grant funds. Get an Associate degree at ABTU w/ no out of pocket! Find out more:
He just had a daughter pell grant checks won't feed that baby
lmfao!! Yea! My college pell grant had just kicked in! No regrets! Lmao
Are you a first-gen student and/or Pell grant eligible? Are you a 2nd semester freshman or a sophomore? Are you...
If I get the whole pell grant ima get like a 3,000$+ refund 😩😁
That a post-baccalaureate in teaching is the only option to qualify for a pell grant reinforces my theory that school is a pyramid scheme.
: Y'all need to drop this at your respective parties and events
once upon a time. A large chunk of a pell grant check was spent in one of those former establishments, circa 1995
Waiting for my $$ from the Pell grant for books. Anxious to get my supplies ordered and books purchased.
Can't get a pell grant bc my parents make too much. Like that don't have nun to w. me!!
Can't qualify for this internship bc I don't have a pell grant.
community college is almost free now with the Pell grant. needs this b/c his presidency is horrible
Hamilton Collection
Out of Utah's public colleges, had the most students receiving 2014 Pell Grants: 13, 432
should be easier to get than a Pell Grant.
Affordable childcare is quickly becoming on my wish list for social progress. Should be like a Pell grant.
Florida students, apply for the pell grant! Too much $$$ went unused last year!
that new heat from the Winners Circle Oligopoly
if you get Pell Grant or scholarship money, your books are free...but if you're on loans like me, you buy now, pay later.
Caller who dislikes Pell grant students was a _retired_ teacher whose views may be a bit biased.
Did you know a Federal Pell Grant does not have to be repaid? Learn more about
it says I'm hitting my max for my Pell Grant but it just says it's being reviewed so I just want to know if I'm supposed to do +
What's wrong with the Pell Grant being used for this. Why? Pell Grant required higher academic standards!
I need Financial Aid to fund my wedding, maybe a Pell Grant?
Fill out yall FAFSA people! You know u gone want and need dat Pell grant
HS students already have many "free avenues" already, POTUS is giving us the PELL Grant that already exists!
goood to know im not the only one. Im missing my pell grant. But I went ahead and emailed a fin aid advisor about it to see
Now to wait for my Pell Grant to disburse. LOL
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Did not use Pell Grant to buy crack.
How I was when that pell grant check came thru
And if you are pell grant eligible, they know that 5000$ a year is not enough on its on.
It's crazy.. Our parents work so hard for us to attend college but they end up making a little bit more for us to meet pell grant.
Of those students,1.3 million would have qualified for a full Pell grant valued at $5,730 for the 2014-15 academic year
Wish the President knew what a - pell Grant - is ... Was . . . how was he ever a professor
Pell Grant already gives some living expenses!
pell grant requires no drug conviction. Hmmm. NOT FAIR!!
Nearly 40% of USHE students received Federal Pell Grant support in 2013-14
HOLD THE LINE Do not pass this NUTZO CR Bill! Food for kids Pell grant Dodd/Frank etc...DEMS need to stand up f…
exactly. A distraction, college is already free, its called the pell grant.
the PELL GRANT is already free education w/ the same constraints, so the POTUS is really giving something away that already exists!
My pell grant needs to come through So I can get my new car.
Gift aid:money that does not have 2 b paid back: pell grant, scholarship, state grant.Selfhelp: loans (must be repaid) and work-study
Looking for a paid summer internship? . Are you a rising so, jr, or sr? . NC Resident? . Received a pell grant? . If yes, DM or email me.
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How much Pell Grant aid did your students leave on the table? Over $396m for CA. Analysis by state here:
So it’s a republican world for 2015. These are some new policies that are going to be passed. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform is going to be “adjusted”. The “swaps push-out rule” that was written by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sheila Bair is going to be repealed. This was one of the crucial rules that put limits on how they were going to use taxpayer backing on high-risk loans, with a few other changes that benefit Wall Street as well. The IRS looks like they are being “punished” and their budget will be cut under $4.9 billion. $300 million in Pell Grant cuts to low-income students. The money will instead be going to student loan debt collectors. Section 8 housing will be losing half a billion in housing, and will not raise with climbing rents over the years. Also there is a $300 million dollar cut on housing programs for the homeless. No “restart rules” for interstate truck drivers. That was a law that enforced “sleep rules” and they could drive only certain hours on a ...
Learn what the Fed. Pell Grant limits are and how your remaining eligibility is calculated:
FACT: There's a maximum amount of Pell Grant funds you can receive over your lifetime: Are you close to the limit?
to the 1970s when college costs were 1120% less than now. Let's do better by students & increase Pell Grant funding!…
A Pell Grant is money the U.S. federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college. Federal Pell Grants are limited to students with financial need, who have not earned their first bachelor's degree, or who are not enrolled in certain post-baccalaureate programs, through participating institutions.[1] The Pell Grant is named after Democratic U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, and was originally known as the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant. A Pell Grant is generally considered the foundation of a student's financial aid package, to which other forms of aid are added.[2] The Federal Pell Grant program is sponsored by the United States Department of Education which determines the student's financial need. The U.S. Department of Education uses a standard formula to evaluate financial information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for determining the student's expected family contribution (EFC).[3] The Pell Grant is covered by legislation titled t ...
You may qualify for the Government's Federal Pell Grant on your own Income Merits! Up to $5,645 can be yours in 2014!
maybe you can give him a Pell grant
A list of accomplishments so far by president ObamaPresident Obama Improved the Economy and Reduced the Debt 1. 3,680,000 private sector jobs created since the end of the Bush Great Recession ref ref 2. Expanded government’s fight against fraud in Financial ref, Federal Contractor ref and Health Care areas ref 3. $2,000,000,000,000 in deficit reduction ref 4. He saved the economy from ruin (until the Tea Party took over Congress) with a stimulus that was as large as possible given the political realities ref 5. Saved the US Auto Industry ref, ref 6. Health Care Reform ref 7. Reduced military spending by $500,000,000,000 ref President Obama Reigned in Wall Street Excesses 8. Wall Street Reform ref ref ref 9. Leaned on the banks to recover almost all “bailout money” with interest ref ref 10. Saved the world from global financial collapse ref ref 11. Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back all bailout money. ref President Obama Made America Safer 12. Ki .. ...
Married at 19, went to college w Pell grant and stafford student loans. Had my first child weeks bf my 21st bday. Had TNCare, WIC & 2/x
Finally things are looking better, we have almost all our stuff ready for the wedding, I got my car fixed and it runs like new, I received a pell grant for college and I'm on my way to receiving an associates degree in education, then transfer to usi and get a bacholrs in elementary education! Plus had a great and hilarous night with great friends!
I am not normal I am not brilliant I am not a good person I am not a tourist ever I am not a local I am not on FB or FRITTER I am not on track to receive a PELL grant I am not a Toastmaster or a Shriner I am not sure what I am But I know I am not normal, never have been Dammit.
I am almost maxed out on my financial aid for my associates. I will be graduating with 7 hours left available. After my as I want to transfer to a new school and go for a specific degree. Will additional aid be available since it is a new program and school
the maximum amount pell grant fafsa has is $5645. You can get other larger grants but you have to pay them back.
These *** deducted my Pell Grant but approved me for Cal
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My pell grant won't pay all of my tuition.. So I owe $30 a semester..
Been paying for my school for the last year but finally got a pell grant for $6,000! SO STOKED.
We're thrilled to announce a special grant made to the Pell Center at Salve Regina University as part of the...
I have over $4,000 in my pell grant but can only use $1,020 of it. On top of that, I can't even get into phlebotomy until spring. L O L
Yall have no problem offering me the maximum amount of loans to accept but yall cant give me even half of the maximum amount of pell grant..
The application is open! 3.3 unweighted GPA and Pell Grant eligible and YOU can ! It's never too early to invest in your future!
I'm gonna ask for it, cuz I got the Pell Grant, I'm broke, I need whatever I can get
it just said if you got the Pell grant you probably get it, but I got nothing this time
Shout out to all the freshmen enrolling in college for that pell grant😅
After they drop your classes you can add them back up when your pell grant goes through, I'm having to do the same thing 😒
today the state of NC pasted a bill that limits the amount of pell grant money.…
forrealla tho. Have you gotten your pell grant yet?
When you trying to get Asian grant money from your FAFSA pell grant
some people use the pell grant and waste it. It's just taxpayer's money 😒
I had to verify my "untaxed income" before I could get my PELL grant approved.
So besides the pell grant and student loans how else are you people paying for college!!!
When that Pell Grant check come in ! .
Although I didn't get pell grant , I'm still glad I got some financial aid.
yea now it's anything over 20,000= no pell grant. Last year it was 30,000. That's a huge jump down.
"A study by the New America Foundation found that Federal Pell Grant recipients with family incomes less than...
Why would they take my Pell Grant off? 😕
Did You Know that you have to be Pell Grant eligible to ?
Does financial aid not take into account that I have BILLS cuz they not tryna give me no pell grant
Feel sorry for the younger generation coming to college once Obama out of office & we get a republican won't be no pell grant str8 loans
Just received word back from FAFSA that my pell grant application was denied. Worst news at the worst time. I just want to go to school.
Received maximum pell grant again :)
If I don't get the pell grant for school I might cry
We don't see avg gpa of all freshmen for last year, but in the Pell grant chart it seems average GPA hovers around 3.3
And I didnt pay a dime, and I got pell grant
How is it my pell grant decreased by $1065 from 2013/2014 - 2014/2015? Why is attaining a higher edu. made so difficult!
Lisa Humphrey "As the mother of a college student and the wife of a veteran, I see no reason why both of these subjects cannot be addressed, and addressed in a timely manner. If Congress had gotten their job done, students would not be graduating into an economy where they cannot find a job in their field, nor would veterans be standing in long lines for treatment. In the past 10 years the bachelor degree graduates student loan debt went from an average if $18,000 to $29,400; when is Congress going to address THAT issue? In the last dozen years we have been fighting 2 wars yet the Veterans Administration was in no way prepared to treat all of the returning injured veterans; when is Congress going to address THAT issue? And before someone tries to "correct" me, yes, VA funding has increased for the last few years - but never near enough, never near what the President asked for in his budget, and Congress continued to ignore this then pretended to be surprised when the VA could not deal with the incredible ...
Since its a pell grant I wont have to pay it back. So I can take that money and buy a car. And I can still do su in the spring 😅
Here’s good info on Madison County education that contrasts with Thad's opponent saying he opposes any federal funding of education - $800 million per year for K12, plus more with higher ed. MADISON COUNTY Community College/Workforce. Cochran's support for education is evident in the amount of federal resources he has helped drive to MS, including Madison County. Mississippi's community colleges, including Holmes Community College (which has a Ridgeland campus), receive about $250M in federal funds each year. In 2011-2012, about 4,900 students at Holmes CC received $17.8 million in Federal Pell Grants to help them offset the cost of attending college. Without these funds, our state's community & junior college system would be crippled - not to mention, our workforce training facilities would have to be shuttered. Cochran's work to steer federal workforce funds to MS has provided countless hours of training to Mississippians, resulting in thousands of new jobs. K12. Again Cochran's consistent support ...
Finally got my financial aid and I got a pell grant👏
.Expect size of GIA to be reduced by the amt of Pell Grant. Don't have to give all SAs a full GIA.
Just found out my school never payed my pell grant for last semester and they owe me 2000 school owes me lol
On top of being accepted, I received a pell grant and my classes will only cost about $58 each term in all 😄👌
Where's my Pell grant and xc scholarship?
CONGRATULATIONS to Essa Shomali for receiving almost a $1000 in scholarship award fund from the Mott Community College's "Arab American Heritage Council Scholarship Endowment Fund!" This restricted scholarship fund was established few years ago by the Arab American Heritage Council and under the leadership of Dr. Abd Alghanem who at that time served as the AAHC's Board President. The AAHC's scholarship fund was established with the purpose of supporting Arab American students with their educational needs at Mott Community College. Scholarship monies are awarded on a yearly basis to deserving MCC Arab American students who meet the eligibility criteria. ** Selection Criteria 1. Only applicants of Arabic descent are eligible for this scholarship. 2. Applicants must be enrolled at Charles Stewart Mott Community College and be in good standing with the college. 3. Applicants must possess a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. 4. Awards may be merit based, or based on financial need as determined by the O ...
School update: With my credit being repaired currently, my Fafsa and Pell Grant money won't be enough to get me...
eh, that's tough. My parents couldn't afford to throw me stuff but a Pell grant was out of the question. I'd suggest breaking
thoughts on unc mess? Pell grant money for classes that didn't exist? Have we ever seen anything like this.. Ever??
yea me to too ... I got pell grant .. And waiting on fasfa
Dang. Even w/ the scholarship, Pell Grant, fasfa, & direct plus loan, it's still not enough. I gotta apply for another loan
trying to bring Pell Grant into this discourse is ridiculous and arrogant of NCAA its needs based 4 all students
I'm saying! Like can I get anything besides a pell grant for staying on track? I'm not asking for too much lol
Reminds me: How many federal $ paid for fake classes? mt Many athletes sent Pell Grant money home to families.
Many of our athletes sent Pell Grant money home to families.
Wilken: What does the Pell Grant giver think given that the student has full tuition, room and board scholarship?
Judge Wilken asks to understand how athletes can receive scholarships and get a Pell Grant. Noll explains the history.
NIH would see budget increase of more than 4 percent next year under Senate budget measure drafted Tuesday:
Not to mention it seems I'm elligible for $5K+ financial aid in pell grant form. so yay for more college & yay for $ to visit friends!
Senate panel approves budget bill to increase funding for by $605 mil. /from
A new Senate bill would increase the maximum Pell Grant award by $100, to $5,830:
Senate approves bill to increase NIH funding: via
States, "Pell Grant Increases Mean Little if Washington Acts Alone" -
Exciting news about proposed increases in and award amounts.
If you qualify for a Pell grant or work study that is federally funded, you should see an increase 2015-2016.
Senate panel approves NIH funding boost of $605 million for Pell Grants and more.
Pell Grant money is wasted too. Graduation rate so low on Pell Grant recipients Gov won't give figures.,
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Fargoing back home because I lost my Pell Grant
you should qualify for the Pell grant which is over 5k
Young guy died in Ḥaram while in sajdah, may Allah grant him Jannah, what an amazing ending.
I got my 2 year degree at the Mount paid for with the pell grant! So pumped!!
PND NEWS KOCH BROTHERS' $25 MILLION GIFT TO UNCF SPARKS CONTROVERSY Koch Brothers' $25 Million Gift to UNCF Sparks Controversy JUNE 10, 2014 39 3Google +0 33PrintKoch Brothers' $25 Million Gift to UNCF Sparks Controversy After announcing last week that it had received a $25 million gift from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation, the United *** College Fund is scrambling to defuse criticism of its decision from those concerned about the libertarian Koch brothers' influence on education policy, Inside Higher Ed reports. The gift includes $18.5 million to create the UNCF/Koch Scholars Program, which will provide funds to outstanding students with demonstrated financial need and an interest in studying how entrepreneurship, economics, and innovation contribute to the well-being of individuals, communities, and society. The remaining $6.5 million will be used to provide general support to UNCF and historically black colleges and universities, with $4 million set aside to help students who have bee . ...
People tell me how a Pell Grant helped them go to college, build a career and raise a family - b/c we invested in their future.
EST TAP: 645.00$ EST PELL GRANT: 1,640$ TAP PROGRAM: 893.00. This is why a lot of people don't go to college it's to expensive.
The consensus is growing- time for states to step up in funding Latest piece from via
I support Sen. Landrieu's Passport to the Middle Class to increase Pell Grant $, make college more affordable!
But...I have YET to see a pell grant or any grant for that matter. Im on scholarships and my mama income but let me stop I could go all day
Obama, you can increase Pell Grant awards as much as your heart desires!
All my tuition money and Pell Grant money is gonna be POCKET 😂😄jk
The federal government made enough money on student loans over the last year that, if it wanted, it could provide maximum-level Pell Grants of $5,645 to 7.3 million college students. The $41.3-billion profit
Dr. Kimbrough questions Dr. Dre I wonder if Dr. Dre knows that not only does USC admit very few black students, but the ones who are there are subject to serious racism and racial profiling. During a recent campus party, the LAPD sent over 70 police officers in riot gear with a helicopter to break up the party after noise complaints. All the while, the white kids were partying up in their fraternity houses without so much as a peep from the police. Additionally, for Dr. Dre, his $35 million dollar donation (half of the $70 million he is sharing with Levin) is merely a drop in the bucket for a school like USC that is sitting on an amount of money that no HBCU will have for at least another 100 years. USC shed no tears when Dr. Dre’s baby brother was murdered in the violence that has poisoned the black community. They did nothing when his son died from an overdose on the drugs that were dropped into black communities in the 1980s. HBCUs have scholars working to solve these problems, and thousands of ...
President Bush Walked The Walk For Black Americans “The role of the government is to open up opportunities for people and give people a chance to succeed.” — President George W. Bush President George W. Bush appointed more blacks to high-level positions than any president in our nation’s history and spent record money on education, job training, small business development and health care. The number of new businesses started was an incredible 4.7 percent increase, and over $24 billion was spent for small business loans and grants. Federal spending on education increased nearly 40 percent, with record expenditures for important programs that affect blacks. The No Child Left Behind Act, a civil rights measure designed to achieve education reform, was fully funded to the tune of $13.1 billion. President Bush also spent $18.8 million for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). Spending on Pell Grant funding nearly doubled, helping more than 5.5 million students attend college i ...
In the last 30 days, Help for Renters has helped 762 people get the Pell Grant and get on their way for better job training! If you are over 24 ~OR~ married ~OR~ have kids then you are Pell Grant eligible! Yes.if you answer "YES" to ANY of those above questions, then you are Pell Grant eligible!
So as I look for jobs on the interwebs I have noticed several things . One is you want people with experience but you want someone to adapt quickly into your company . Now I'm not the sharpest colored pencil but wouldn't a person you could train to do it your way be better then breaking somebody in like a horse rode in the triple crown ten years ago. That old saying "old dogs don't learn new tricks " comes to mind . I think its time for a pell grant and get some certs and get that big money . I'm not gonna settle till I'm some where I wanna be and wanted to be . determined but frustrated . I'm leave it in gods hands .
where u going?! & hurry up lady so u don't miss out on the pell grant that's almost $6000 right there & I KNOW u got hope
Them $1800 pell grant checks was love to say the least
It is time to talk about monies running out for food stamps, Pell Grants, extended unemployment but not social security payments which most of us paid in to.
* The White Side of the Story of Negroes . This is the reason CNN has dropped Buchanan. It's like Newt G. said, "You are not supposed to bring up uncomfortable Facts." (verified on Buchanan’s website) BUCHANAN TO OBAMA Finally...It is Said Publicly. I have never seen the white side explained better! Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it. It is about time!! BUCHANAN TO OBAMA By Patrick J. Buchanan Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances, and demands heard. And among them are these: First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Jerem ...
I mean those loans will mess you up if you let it... if you got on scholarship, you can pay back loans with the Pell grant..
-A SOUND Farm Policy -No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. -& cuts to Pell Grants or loans.
I see the Pell Grant never kicked in.
I'm trying to get out of the "no job or minimum wage job" trap that I'm in. I have a two-year "degree" from a fake *** ripoff school that used to be called Hamilton Business College, and is now called Kaplan (stay away from there) but I might as well wipe my *** with that "degree", even though I completed it early, with a 3.85 GPA, because Hamilton Business College was supposedly "about to be accredited" twenty years ago when I went there, but even now, twenty years later, you still can't transfer credits from there to a real school, because they're still not accredited, and employers still only consider you for entry level positions that you could get without a degree when you have a "degree" from Kaplan (formerly known as Hamilton Business College). I also have 52 credits from a real school (DMACC) and I need to actually complete a degree program there, so that I can finally make a living wage, instead of constantly being on the verge of homelessness, as I have been for the past ten years. I've been acc ...
Just learned from my sister that my niece got a Pell grant for college. Congratulations Liz All! Full steam ahead!
I couldn't have made it through school without the Pell Grant
In 1988, when I entered college and the last time I made even close to minimum wage, the minimum wage was $3.35, my rent was $350/month, and tuition for $500 per semester or about $125/month. In 2014, minimum wage is $7.25, same apartment is $625, and tuition is $3300 per semester or about $800/month. My parents gave me about $500/month and I think I worked only 10-20 hours per week. My first year, I had scholarships and financial aid in the few thousand range including Pell Grants. I didn't own a car, but had a $500 moped that got like 100 miles to the gallon. It had a 1 gallon tank and I had to premix the gas with oil in a 5 gallon drum that I had. My sister had a car which we "shared" which meant she had a car that I used on occasion. We would also drive back home together. I didn't bother buying any furniture for my apartment other than a bed, a desk, a file cabinet, and a chair. I got this stuff at Walmart back when Walmart was all American. I brought my 13 inch color TV and VCR and some night stands ...
Moment of Thought: It’s not good for the country to raise minimum wage to $15/hr. for folks with no education or little experience. This move will make big businesses increase employees health care cost, lay more people off to counter act the increase, reduce the quality of service/product receive. For the ones receiving $15 this means you don’t qualify for government assistance programs anymore. No big tax returns for having a bunch of children and so forth. Since you make $15 an hr. (which is $31,200 a yr.; $1200 every two wks.; about $925 after taxes & benefits) you will be held accountable for your new found wealth. But, you’ll realize what many working middle class already knew… It’s hard to pay bills, eat, cover emergencies, pay for child care, car payments, and try buy extra things like Jordan’s, weave, & name brand clothes unless your financially savvy or have a working spouse. $31K is just enough money to NOT get food stamps, reduce school lunch, Pell Grants, WIC, Medicaid, utility & ...
Signed up for Pell Grants today.. going to go to beauty school ;)
Happy on the amount of my pell grant 😊
I did not get the pell grant bc my Mommy makes too much, but they just said I can get $1,200 🙌 That's better than nothing thank God!
:/ Mine was for federal loans. I was covered by a pell grant and a tuition offset grant because of it. See what they can do.
Should of stayed my *** at del tech and ride those Federal Pell Grant to success
   I recently posted a meme on FB that pointed out some glaring examples of the schism that separates the rational left from the radical right.    My favorite  Libertarian scoffed my post as political drivel to which I responded:    This rhetoric is political but to call it drivel is to not consider advancing the quest for a better quality of life for the citizens of this country.    Republicans’ need to define morality seeks to restrict women’s access to healthcare. In 2011, there were nearly 1,000 Republican-sponsored bills in state legislatures to restrict a woman’s right to legal abortion services. Fully 68% of these new provisions restrict access to abortion services, a striking increase from previous years, when 26% of new provisions restricted abortion.    Abortion indeed is a morality issue. Aside from issues due to health reasons, it assaults conservative moral sensitivities but it is also the personal, moral decision a woman must reconcile with her God.    Morality must not be ...
Good feeling to have maxed out all TA and Pell Grants funds and maintained a 3.6GPA through 2 semesters
oh plus i'm now an official WA resident & also am poor so i might be able to cover a full quarter on pell grant alone? wooah
Tennesse Tech at Memphis : CNA , DA , X-Ray , LPN also plumbing , general contraring etc .. GED courses and testing Moore tech : general contracting , plumbing ,wielding etc ... UT of Memphis , Methodist school of nursing CBU , Southwest , U of M : All fields of the studies medicine U of M , Southwest , CBU , Leymone , Rhodes : All fields of study All these schools are free if you qualify ( Pell Grants etc ...) and some of us do qualify to send our children to these schools . These schools offer 89 % to 100 % placement in some feilds . If they want to continue their studies these schools credits will transfer to each school . Why would allow your child to attend a school where you must take out a loan ( Concord , ITT tech etc...) even the department of human services have programs that no loan is required plus Concord and others are not accredited that means what have learned will not transfer . Education is not cheap or easy ( 6 to 9 mos ) if comes easy , it leaves easy
College Board recommends changes in the Pell Grant program:
So i guess its official... Im finally going to college lol... thank you PELL GRANT. be cool go to school
I just read that applying for a Pell grant is possible so long as you don't have a bachelor's... maybe something to bring up?
government grants, like a Pell Grant, is dependent on the student picking that school and qualifying, thats "revenue" generated
Why is it that I only got only $1280 for a Pell grant and others get more to go back to college?
ulyssa agrees that needs to give me another pell grant to buy the big pack of Nutty Bars.
Applied for FASFA, it came thru and now I have a full pell grant😌 …
you'd get more money from a pell grant. Btw our govt would allow them to receive that also.
no more pell grant for me thanks to my parents EFC 😩 sad life!
😔 only reason I can is cuz of the pell grant.
Got accepted for pell grant. Not sure for how much but something is better than nothing. Signing up for classes after work.
Can students afford more Pell Grant reductions?
I didn't go to my Graduation. My behavior is? I finished and paid. Therefore I am intelligible for a Pell Grant!
Since I'm pell grant eligible... Financial Aid paid for my housing deposit! AYE!
Pell Grant was clutch for CCBC. I only gotta pay half the tuition basically.
Shiddd I wish “Anybody get a pell grant for summer school ?”
Anybody get a pell grant for summer school ?
OH:"Your kids totally look Mexican. Shoe in for a scholarship.". "Nah, man. MAYBE a Pell Grant, but I'm not holding my breath."
Love how I lost my Pell grant... I wish the government actually knew how much I needed that to help me with school.
Got my bag and pell grant refund but then I lose my keys fml
I also got called into the FA office today to be told that I got another pell grant! How rad is that!?
With the pell grant alone they should be able to give you 5500, if i can get that than so can you for sure featured in NBC s Science of Love
voted for a GOP spending plan that would have lowered avg. Pell Grant award by $650 for NH undergrads
my pell grant has been taken away TWICE
I'm looking to interview students who received a year-round Pell Grant when it was still available. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Dear Pell Grant and TAG Grant,. I'd appreciate it if we could all meet again.
Oh, turns out I did get Stafford Loans in addition to a Federal Pell Grant. Neat, I think that gives me enough to pay for the next year.
We the Ones tht Never got tht PELL GRANT
Omg I got $5,700 in Pell Grant money for Hunter yearly tuition is only $14K I could cry I'm so happy
May actually be eligible for a Pell Grant this year.
i got accepted and my Pell Grant came through. however, in order 4 me 2 go 2 school, i have 2 get my manager 2 change my work
I'm mad I can't get a pell grant anymore. This system is so messed up.
“calm down mr full ride” lol it don't matter .. I still want more money on my pell grant.. 😅
More black college students are part-time, which results in lower Pell Grant awards to support their education
Anyone know the website to register for pell grant ? I went to the wrong one yesterday. Lmao
My pell grant for college only $780😭 shoutout to my moms for making too much money 😫😒
Are you interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide? . There may be a Federal Pell Grant available for you!...
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Pell Grant Resources. We find that most people in our program rent for 1 of 2 reasons. Their credit is unhealthy,...
My reaction when I realized that won't have to pay for out of pocket bc I qualified for the Pell Grant htt…
Sitting here stressing out about financial aid for the fall and my letter finally came. I got a Pell Grant this year and also the Baker Merit Award for my good grades. I couldn't be happier! :) Stress has be lifted!
Athletes that dont live in a dorm gets their $$ reduced? Lol Did you not apply/receive a pell grant on top of the scholly?
Carol was out with the Illini Democrats today to fight for Pell Grant funding, so students can continue to afford an education. Help us send a strong advocate for student issues to Springfield!
"Expanding Pell Grant eligibility for short-term job training is key to closing the skills gap" --> READ:
Holy cow...we just filed our FAFSA (financial aid) applications and they estimated that we each are eligible for a $3000 Pell grant. 5th year of college it's about darn time the government is gonna give me some money! Even though it will only pay for like two classes...I am incredibly grateful! First time receiving financial aid besides loans...suddenly the jokes I made years ago about popping out a kid to get financial aid are a lot more serious lol
less than 500. Pointless to take a loan but a Pell Grant would be nice.
Please get out and vote this fall. We have to get some people with Oklahoma values, not tea party values in the house. I don't care if they are repub or demo, if they use common sense and don't bow to ultra conservatism. April 11, 2014 House passes Ryan budget that hurts kids, families, and seniors The House on Thursday passed the NEA-opposed Ryan budget by a vote of 219 – 205, with no Democrats supporting it and 12 Republicans voting no. The budget sacrifices the well-being of the middle class and our most vulnerable populations, including children, to give deep tax breaks to those who need it the least. Instead of replacing the devastating sequester cuts in upcoming years, the Ryan budget would slash spending on domestic programs that help kids and families – like education – by nearly $800 billion. The maximum Pell Grant award would be frozen, making the dream of college unattainable for even more students. Medicaid, which provides healthcare for one-third of our nation’s children, would be cut ...
I am SO done with lsc-o! Last semester they took away almost all of my pell grant because supposedly i'm "not really in need of it". And this semester they have my account locked because I haven't logged in for a while, and they won't unlock it because nobody EVER answers the phone. Or when they finally do everyone is completely incompetent and doesn't know the first thing about the website! I'm so aggravated. I seriously don't even want to give them my money ever again. rant over.
have you done calculations on how much they get to say mismanagement is the end all be all. Excluding Pell Grant
Today we protested at office b/c of his support of Pell Grant cuts and the Ryan budget.
Under the Iowa students will receive $78.7 million less in Pell Grant funding, cc:
I have no phone number for Christopher Scott Braden, but for those of you who do, please encourage him to go online and complete his financial aid interview and go to the financial aid office to sign the verification worksheet that I have turned in for him. Hopefully he has done this, but as of when I completed what I can of his pell grant and student loan process, he had not. Deadline is coming up.
Cause I had fine from me not being a fulltime student which made me not eligible for my ohio pell grant.
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Send a letter to your Representative and Senators urging them to protect and invest in the Pell Grant program.
House narrowly passes GOP budget that would freeze grant funds--How your representative voted
Going to make an appointment next week for my PELL Grant, time to get rolling for school this fall. 👏
How the proposed Pell Grant reform could affect you |
college students take notice speak the heck up! you are going to pay dearly with a Paul Ryan budget!On top of these draconian cuts to nutrition and health, Rep. Ryan’s budget systematically cuts or dismantles key supports that provide economic security and mobility for struggling families. He restricts the Pell Grants that help low- and moderate-income students attend college, We're talking about raising the Medicare age and ending Medicare as we know it, replacing it with vouchers that won't keep up with costs. Cutting Pell Grants and student loan funding. Cutting Medicaid while also repealing Obamacare. These are cuts that would hit a vast number of Americans hard. In fact, the cuts would be so broad and deep in people's lives, it can be hard to believe that this is seriously the budget plan of one of the major parties. But it is, and you don't need to exaggerate anything in Ryan's budget to make a very real case that we should be scared by it.
Ga state said I made too much last year and bc of that I won't get pell grant!!! But I get all the hope scholarship I need 😡
woo hoo,, been approved for $3380.00 of pell grant Money for the 2014-2015 school year, I am Kinda braggin here, but with that and the kindness of my hubby sharing his GI bill, by Nov 1, I will have and AAS in Human Services... currently no plan to pursue a bachelors as that requires an evil algebra class.
"It was close, but they've done it: House Republicans just voted to pass Paul Ryan's most radical budget yet. Republicans are now on record voting to cut off 616,000 students' Pell Grants, cancel 22 million Americans' health insurance, and gut crucial social safety-net programs like food stamps and job training assistance. Republicans would turn Medicare into a voucher scheme and repeal Obamacare just as tens of millions of Americans have already signed up. This is an attack on the poor and middle classes. It is not just indifference or ignorance. The damage that will be done if this becomes reality is well known. It takes intent and awareness to inflict this much harm on fellow human beings. That is the saddest part of this whole process." The first part is from 2014 Democratic Victory and the second part is from my friend Sister T (Teresa Blundell).
So are you saying SEC schools allow kids to keep Pell Grant money?
Just wanted to remind parents of seniors who want to apply for a pell grant, to go ahead as soon as you file your taxes. It takes a little longer for paper tax returns to be retrieved, than electronic returns. You guidance counselor probably gave you this info at some point. I know life gets hectic with a senior in the house so I'm sending a friendly reminder.
That's discouraging 4 students I'm sure & I'm disappointed hearing that too!! Student loans are avail when pell grant 0, right?
I was awarded the Pell Grant today for my journalism degree! Slowly but surely Cash!♥
Pell Grant is a type of aid that if a student qualifies, they are entitled to receive above a scholarship.
Really? Colllege athletes get Federal Pell Grant money, including $500K to
If an athlete does not graduate, the school benefited from a bogus Pell Grant subsidy. IMO, schools should be on the hook, not taxpayers.
I got HOPE all 4 years as well as Pell grant. Wouldn't have made ends meet without a job.
Athletes can get Pell Grant on top of full scholarship if they qualify.
If a student-athlete already receives a scholarship, what additional benefits does the Pell Grant provide?
Another interesting read on student-athletes on scholarship getting pell grant money! RT
That max a student can get with a Pell Grant for a school year is currently $5,645. Not quite Koch Brothers money.
To apply for a Pell Grant, I need to register for the draft.. lol. There's always a catch.
lmao the amount of aid i'm supposed to get in the pell grant went UP
I've decided I wanna go to school, I really want to go for cosmetology but the school in Athens won't take my pell grant. It something I always wanted to do so I think I'll take a student loan and go for it. My career choices are thin do to my stupid choices, I think I have a real chance being a cosmetologist. Praying hard for this..
if u want to go to college w/ Pell Grant, get more than a crap job & have a fair shot at making it, vote in November
Completed my fasfa today n I qualify for 5,137.00 in the pell grant n 9,500 in student loans but im gonna look for more scholarships /grants so I can go to college. looks like everthing is looking good so far hopefully it stays like that
Alright, I decided to continue my education, but somewhere else, going over k.h.p.o.p. Pell Grants, fasfa and 3 different potential nursing scholarships this week, gonna end up with late enrollment but I'm accepted to all universities I applied for
I get NO pell grant money. Tap only gave me 989 a year for SUNY smh
In '76 a Pell grant covered 72% of 4yr public univ tuition. It's now 36% but GOP budget cuts Pell funds to RI by $12.7M? I…
I dare congress to take away my pell grant.
Because I got extra money from the federal government in the form of Pell Grants for school, the federal government is hitting me with a 45% tax on that extra money! That extra money paid for books, but they don't seem to care. 45%! This is ridiculous!
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Fill out your name, email and phone below and when you hit APPLY NOW you will be taken directly to the PELL GRANT form that will also help you with schools!   
*** college! Gotta wait to go after the BA till July, because my Pell grant won't restart till then. Guess 96 credits will hold till then. Bet the loans want repaid by next week lol. Life time student for sure. Can't take it when I die. I'll be like 85 with 10 degrees lol.
Currently the maximum Pell Grant award level is $5,645, but under the Pell Grants won’t be available. …
I know there are people out there who know so much more than me..would someone please explain to me how Paul Ryan's Budget can possibly 'boost the economy'? Middle class will pay MORE taxes..millionaires less..public schools loose, Pell Grants get cut etc., etc. I don't see it..but then that's just me.
Among the 7 Alabama universities that provided Pell Grant info by sport, football players totaled $2.1 million
Pell Grant data for South Alabama athletes by sport. Total: $588,016 (3rd in Alabama).
FAFSA application filed, eligible for a pell grant of $6000 for 2 semesters!! God is great!! Just waiting 2wks for financial aid status!! Now hurry up 6:30!! Got a MK meeting to attend at olive garden!!
Financial Aid Update: Returning students can expect to receive award offers in the beginning weeks of June 2014. If the application is selected for verification, the student will receive monthly email reminders to complete their file. If a student is eligible for the Pell Grant in 2013-14, and is enrolled less than full time (in either fall or spring semesters), they may utilize the "unused" portion of their Pell Grant for summer enrollment. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for specific information.
If you don’t think the Pell Grant matters one iota on Kauai, think again. We support the Pell Grant Protection Act legislation that preserves and expands access to Pell Grants, and here’s why:
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