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Pell Grant

A Pell Grant is money the U.S. federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college.

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How the proposed Pell Grant reform could affect you |
college students take notice speak the heck up! you are going to pay dearly with a Paul Ryan budget!On top of these draconian cuts to nutrition and health, Rep. Ryan’s budget systematically cuts or dismantles key supports that provide economic security and mobility for struggling families. He restricts the Pell Grants that help low- and moderate-income students attend college, We're talking about raising the Medicare age and ending Medicare as we know it, replacing it with vouchers that won't keep up with costs. Cutting Pell Grants and student loan funding. Cutting Medicaid while also repealing Obamacare. These are cuts that would hit a vast number of Americans hard. In fact, the cuts would be so broad and deep in people's lives, it can be hard to believe that this is seriously the budget plan of one of the major parties. But it is, and you don't need to exaggerate anything in Ryan's budget to make a very real case that we should be scared by it.
Ga state said I made too much last year and bc of that I won't get pell grant!!! But I get all the hope scholarship I need 😡
woo hoo,, been approved for $3380.00 of pell grant Money for the 2014-2015 school year, I am Kinda braggin here, but with that and the kindness of my hubby sharing his GI bill, by Nov 1, I will have and AAS in Human Services... currently no plan to pursue a bachelors as that requires an evil algebra class.
"It was close, but they've done it: House Republicans just voted to pass Paul Ryan's most radical budget yet. Republicans are now on record voting to cut off 616,000 students' Pell Grants, cancel 22 million Americans' health insurance, and gut crucial social safety-net programs like food stamps and job training assistance. Republicans would turn Medicare into a voucher scheme and repeal Obamacare just as tens of millions of Americans have already signed up. This is an attack on the poor and middle classes. It is not just indifference or ignorance. The damage that will be done if this becomes reality is well known. It takes intent and awareness to inflict this much harm on fellow human beings. That is the saddest part of this whole process." The first part is from 2014 Democratic Victory and the second part is from my friend Sister T (Teresa Blundell).
So are you saying SEC schools allow kids to keep Pell Grant money?
Just wanted to remind parents of seniors who want to apply for a pell grant, to go ahead as soon as you file your taxes. It takes a little longer for paper tax returns to be retrieved, than electronic returns. You guidance counselor probably gave you this info at some point. I know life gets hectic with a senior in the house so I'm sending a friendly reminder.
That's discouraging 4 students I'm sure & I'm disappointed hearing that too!! Student loans are avail when pell grant 0, right?
I was awarded the Pell Grant today for my journalism degree! Slowly but surely Cash!♥
Pell Grant is a type of aid that if a student qualifies, they are entitled to receive above a scholarship.
Really? Colllege athletes get Federal Pell Grant money, including $500K to
If an athlete does not graduate, the school benefited from a bogus Pell Grant subsidy. IMO, schools should be on the hook, not taxpayers.
I got HOPE all 4 years as well as Pell grant. Wouldn't have made ends meet without a job.
Athletes can get Pell Grant on top of full scholarship if they qualify.
If a student-athlete already receives a scholarship, what additional benefits does the Pell Grant provide?
Another interesting read on student-athletes on scholarship getting pell grant money! RT
That max a student can get with a Pell Grant for a school year is currently $5,645. Not quite Koch Brothers money.
To apply for a Pell Grant, I need to register for the draft.. lol. There's always a catch.
lmao the amount of aid i'm supposed to get in the pell grant went UP
I've decided I wanna go to school, I really want to go for cosmetology but the school in Athens won't take my pell grant. It something I always wanted to do so I think I'll take a student loan and go for it. My career choices are thin do to my stupid choices, I think I have a real chance being a cosmetologist. Praying hard for this..
if u want to go to college w/ Pell Grant, get more than a crap job & have a fair shot at making it, vote in November
Completed my fasfa today n I qualify for 5,137.00 in the pell grant n 9,500 in student loans but im gonna look for more scholarships /grants so I can go to college. looks like everthing is looking good so far hopefully it stays like that
Alright, I decided to continue my education, but somewhere else, going over k.h.p.o.p. Pell Grants, fasfa and 3 different potential nursing scholarships this week, gonna end up with late enrollment but I'm accepted to all universities I applied for
I get NO pell grant money. Tap only gave me 989 a year for SUNY smh
In '76 a Pell grant covered 72% of 4yr public univ tuition. It's now 36% but GOP budget cuts Pell funds to RI by $12.7M? I…
I dare congress to take away my pell grant.
Because I got extra money from the federal government in the form of Pell Grants for school, the federal government is hitting me with a 45% tax on that extra money! That extra money paid for books, but they don't seem to care. 45%! This is ridiculous!
Fill out your name, email and phone below and when you hit APPLY NOW you will be taken directly to the PELL GRANT form that will also help you with schools!   
*** college! Gotta wait to go after the BA till July, because my Pell grant won't restart till then. Guess 96 credits will hold till then. Bet the loans want repaid by next week lol. Life time student for sure. Can't take it when I die. I'll be like 85 with 10 degrees lol.
Currently the maximum Pell Grant award level is $5,645, but under the Pell Grants won’t be available. …
I know there are people out there who know so much more than me..would someone please explain to me how Paul Ryan's Budget can possibly 'boost the economy'? Middle class will pay MORE taxes..millionaires less..public schools loose, Pell Grants get cut etc., etc. I don't see it..but then that's just me.
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Among the 7 Alabama universities that provided Pell Grant info by sport, football players totaled $2.1 million
Pell Grant data for South Alabama athletes by sport. Total: $588,016 (3rd in Alabama).
FAFSA application filed, eligible for a pell grant of $6000 for 2 semesters!! God is great!! Just waiting 2wks for Financial Aid status!! Now hurry up 6:30!! Got a MK meeting to attend at olive garden!!
Financial Aid Update: Returning students can expect to receive award offers in the beginning weeks of June 2014. If the application is selected for verification, the student will receive monthly email reminders to complete their file. If a student is eligible for the Pell Grant in 2013-14, and is enrolled less than full time (in either fall or spring semesters), they may utilize the "unused" portion of their Pell Grant for summer enrollment. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for specific information.
If you don’t think the Pell Grant matters one iota on Kauai, think again. We support the Pell Grant Protection Act legislation that preserves and expands access to Pell Grants, and here’s why:
With the income, assets and expenses that a family reports on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or Fafsa, the Department of Education determines how much a family should be able to contribute to college. That, in turn, determines whether a student qualifies for low-income federal programs like Pell Grants and subsidized student loans. But most consumers do not realize that colleges are free to come up with their own ways of defining a family’s ability to pay. Most colleges stick largely to the Fafsa formula. But hundreds of private colleges require another form, the CSS/Financial Aid Profile, and use a related formula created by the College Board, the nonprofit organization that administers the SAT and Advanced Placement tests. Many colleges blend the federal and College Board methods, tweaking them as they see fit, or simply add their own factors to the mix. The result is that comparable colleges can reach very different conclusions, and they do not make those formulas public. A crunch of g ...
So for all of you that believe college atheltes should be paid, can you get specific? Just the money makers like football, basketball and hockey? Should athletes from teams that don't generate money be paid? And did you know many are paid in the form of a Pell Grant. Help me out. Sports to the Max, 7:00 on WCCO Radio!
April 11th is the payment deadline to either pay your tuition, or set up a payment plan. If you are receiving the full Pell grant then you may or may not be also receiving a refund on this date. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at TRiO!!!
Although there is already a budget in place for Fiscal Year 2015 due to last year’s passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act, this week the House considered a number of budget proposals. None of these budgets will replace the current budget for 2015, but they are useful as policy documents and lay out important priorities. When deciding which budgets to support, I consider the following criteria: (1) whether the budget is good for El Paso, including support for veterans, Fort Bliss and the border; (2) does it put our nation on a sustainable financial path; (3) does it make the investments needed for economic growth and opportunity; (4) is it fair. The House Majority sponsored a budget (H.Con.Res. 96) authored by Paul Ryan. Although this budget passed the House, I voted against it as it did not fulfill the four criteria above. It seeks to decrease the deficit by making deep cuts to non-defense discretionary spending and entitlements, including Medicare and Medicaid. These are the programs that provide health ...
Qualified for my Pell Grant! Health and fitness science degree... Then going for a culinary arts degree. One step closer to being a dietician or nutritionist and if I play my cards right, a private chef :)
One Hundred Fourteenth Congress of the United States of America Begun and held at the City of Washington D.C. The U.S.A. Act- 42 U.S. Code § 11301 The Unified Social Assistance Act: (§) 1. Benefits A) Providing a Solution for Poverty and Genocide is accompanied by many Recommendations, however, the Recommendations that resound are "Wealth Redistribution," "Quasi-Consolidation," and Repeal of laws, § §, Compartments, and Departments that include The Pell Grant, Student Loan Subsidies, FHA Loan Subsidies, Subsidies, TANF, SNAP, HUD, EDD, SSA, FEMA, DHS, Veterans Affairs Administration and other Failed Social Assistance and Welfare Programs designed to bring about Social Security and Infrastructure. Bulk Packaging and Cutting $2.3T per year in Social Assistance that fails to reach the People through Quasi-Consolidation and Wealth Redistribution. Implementing these measures will not only cut costs but prevent the Fundamental and Systemic Genocides (18 USC 1091) of U.S. Citizens in or at risk of Poverty an ...
I went through *** & hot water to walk that stage in highschool when there's people going. Krazy trying to get a college degree the funny thing about that is that once the Pell Grants run out n there's no more dorm rooms n you get that degree it's back to the real world were there's bills bills & good jobs are hard to come by then you ? Yourself was it worth it The avg plug in your city is your college student so who's the real hustler
The government wants to give me $14,425 pell grant but i need a $200 voucher to verify my identity...any one ant to buy a blown up xr 250 for $300.needs a new head, piston, rings, valves and timming chain..
Applied for a Pell Grant today... relatively easy process online...
Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity budget plan is genuinely extreme: 69 percent of its $4.8 trillion in non-defense budget cuts would come from programs that benefit Americans with low or moderate incomes, such as Medicaid, food stamps, Pell Grants, the Social Services Block Grant, and Supplemental Security Income for the elderly and disabled. And Veterans. It would end Medicare as we know it by converting it to a premium-support voucher. And while the poor are asked to pay through the nose, it would give millionaires an average tax cut of $200,000. Yet Georgia Republicans feel it doesn't go far enough...Michelle Nunn should start packing for Washington DC.
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In response to President Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representative proposed an alternative plan earlier this month, which included cuts to Financial Aid programs in higher education, including freezing the maximum Pell Grant at its current level for the next d…
My pell grant finally was processed,and im now enrolled for summer,and fall semesters.
Finally, I register my online classes at Brand man University and I got my pell grant. Hopefully get my b.s degree in business.
Just finished setting up my oldest for his College!! Pell Grant Approved! Now to wait for class enrollment in May!!. So Happy & Proud of my baby!
for the school money, the Federal Pell Grant has came in, when do the unsubsidized and subsidized loans coming in? I thought they were paid at the same time?
Just got a letter in the mail with some great news! I haven't been in school for the past year because I had to pay off a student loan. Its been a very important goal of mine to pay off this loan so I can continue with my education. I think I have about 3 semesters left. Its been depressing to not have finished school yet. To not have the career that I want so badly because I don't have my degree yet. Working jobs that are just getting the bills paid, but not stimulating my mind & growth. No challenge. I get down on myself because I really expected more from myself, to finish on time. But getting out into this real world, you get real life responsibilities... & bills! I can't lie, its hard working & trying to maintain an education. When you don't have scholarships or pell grant. College is so *** expensive! At times I've even questioned if I wanted to go back...put myself in more debt. To get that letter in the mail today, and see in writing that I paid it off was one of the best feelings I've felt in a . ...
I GOT MY FULL AMOUNT OF Financial Aid FOR TEMPLE. WO! (and a little bit more. I was given a higher Pell Grant than what was estimated)
If you or any of your children have lattice and want to attend college, vocational rehab will help with the tuition after the Pell Grant pays. They will also help with the placement of a job after graduation. The federal government is required to hire 2% of patients with vision problems, and because the erosion's cause periods of legal blindness and require magnification to see it falls into the code 21 priority for jobs.
Paul Ryan is a liar and hypocrite who benefited from a Pell Grant when his dad died. He's evil take from D poor to give 2 D rich
Dammmit, How the *** I just now finding out I could have been getting a Pell Grant for my college classes on top of my GI Bill... Thats an Extra 2,500 a semester!! I thought that wasn't an option... Here I am going on 80 credits and all!! SMFH!!
What makes it even tougher for young Americans to compete for a quality job that a college diploma can provide, are attitudes likes this; VOICES Three Ways The Ryan Budget Will Hurt Higher Education paulryan.jpg In this April 5, 2011 file photo, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., touts his 2012 federal budget during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. CREDIT: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite BY SHAWN SHALIGRAM | MARCH 12, 2013 AT 11:28 PM This article is part of our campaign on Student Debt. Check out more reporting, research, and actions on Student Debt → Former Republican vice-presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin unveiled a budget blueprint today for fiscal year 2014 titled "The Path to Prosperity." As the chair of the House Budget Committee, Ryan is best known as the architect of a House budget plan to slash discretionary spending, including federal research funding, student loans and the Pell Grant program, over the next decade. The Ryan Budget would have a seve ...
BLACK HISTORY - DID YOU KNOW! President Bush Walked The Walk For Black Americans “The role of the government is to open up opportunities for people and give people a chance to succeed.” — President George W. Bush President George W. Bush appointed more blacks to high-level positions than any president in our nation’s history and spent record money on education, job training, small business development and health care. The number of new businesses started was an incredible 4.7 percent increase, and over $24 billion was spent for small business loans and grants. Federal spending on education increased nearly 40 percent, with record expenditures for important programs that affect blacks. The No Child Left Behind Act, a civil rights measure designed to achieve education reform, was fully funded to the tune of $13.1 billion. President Bush also spent $18.8 million for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). Spending on Pell Grant funding nearly doubled, helping more than 5.5 mi ...
Why do we crack open the federal budget? Pell Grant funding is at stake, so are after school programs. Get ready to take action this spring in the fight for a federal budget that works for all of us.
The Washington Flyer January 31, 2014 "There is nothing which can better deserve your patronage, than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness." byGeorge Washington Senators Unveil New School Choice Proposals On Tuesday, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Tim Scott (R-SC) unveiled two encouraging new school choice proposals at the American Enterprise Institute. Frederick Hess, noted education expert and author, moderated the event. Senator Lamar Alexander, former Secretary of Education, introduced the Scholarship for Kids Act which would utilize a percentage of existing federal funds to create a voucher program for K-12 education. Students would receive $2,100 to spend at the public or private school of their choice. The program would potentially be available to 11 million children from low-income households. Senator Alexander opined that his plan builds on successful higher education programs like the GI Bill and the Pell Grant. In his p ...
Lunch for 9 Million? By Wick Sloane, Dec 20., Insider Higher Ed. To: President Barack H. Obama Subject: Missing from Your College Plan: 45 Million Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Per Week. Forty-five million peanut butter sandwiches a week? This 45 million idea came to me the other day, at a sink. I was washing peanut butter from the wooden paddle hungry students use every day to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Boston community college where I work. Bread donated via Panera and the Minute Man High School Parents Association. PB&J bought with donor funds. Why not, I thought, one peanut butter sandwich per school day for each of the nine million students (source) on a Pell Grant? How many of these are the same students who were eligible for free and reduced lunch in high school? No one knows and no one is counting. How many are from households on food stamps? No one’s asking, either. Why not, then, 45 million peanut butter sandwiches at colleges each week? Until we come up with a better idea. In ...
A recent New York Times op-ed blames the rules and regulations of the Federal Pell Grant program for many of our nation’s higher education access and completion problems. In short, the authors contend that the rule that defines a full-time course load as 12 or more credits per term hinders students…
A report in Monday's Huffington Post reveals that, in the fiscal year ending September 30th, 2013, the DoE raked in $42.5 billion in profit from federal student loans—marking its second highest profit margin ever. The DoE appears to have become dependent on this windfall from student loans to pad its coffers. According to The Huffington Post, In a sign of just how important student loan profits have become for the Education Department’s bottom line, its reported gains off lending to students and their families over the last year comprised nearly half of the agency’s total outlays, the biggest share since at least 1997. Last year, profits from student loans surpassed funding for the Pell Grant given to low-income college students. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has come under fierce criticism for shielding the country's private lenders from accusations of breaking federal law and contracts, including lobbying with ALEC to block student loan reform. He has also been slammed for supporting a bipartisa ...
Congressional Budget Office Supporting the congress since 1975 February 11, 2013 read complete document (pdf, 351 kb) The federal government devotes roughly one-sixth of its spending to 10 major means-tested programs and tax credits, which provide cash payments or assistance in obtaining health care, food, housing, or education to people with relatively low income or few assets. Those programs and credits consist of the following: • Medicaid, • The low-income subsidy (LIS) for Part D of Medicare (the part of Medicare that provides prescription drug benefits), • The refundable portion of the earned income tax credit (EITC), • The refundable portion of the child tax credit (CTC), • Supplemental Security Income (SSI), • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly called the Food Stamp program), • Child nutrition programs, • Housing assistance programs, and • The Federal Pell Grant Program. As shown in this report and an . ...
WOW. The eight month course is $18,300. After the Pell Grant and Direct Stafford I would cover $15,200 but I would have to take out a private loan to cover the difference and I dont want to do that until I check out other options. My SIL suggested I check out community college.
Just filled out my FAFSA and I'm eligible to receive a pell grant of 6000$ and a direct stafford loan of 10$! That's ok with me!
When folks say they can't afford college I automatically assume that they can't get the Pell Grant.
Need or want FREE assistance filling out your FASFA for your pell grant? Check out the page us or come see us 484-2357. Educational Opportunity Center (TRiO)-Pensacola Warrington 484-2357, Pensacola 484-1961, Milton 484-4455, Century contact Pensacola campus.
*** go to grad schools and get a lil money and knowledge and forget how that Pell Grant kept food in their bellies.
Bouta start my process of enrolling in school...ATI most likely ...gotta see which pell grant covers the most
The Wilkes Education Foundation (WEF) donates $10,000 annually to Wilkes Community College to award supplemental scholarships. WCC awarded $6,250 in WEF scholarships to fall semester students:  Nathan T. Church, Associate in Heavy Equipment & Transportation Technology,Aaron J. Foster, Associate in Electronic Engineering Technology,Garrett C. Foster, Associate in Arts in College Transfer,Zachary T. Grimes, Associate in Building Construction TechnologyMegan T. Johnson, Associate in Science in College TransferLucas T. McEntire, Pre-Major Associate in Arts Articulation Agreement-BusinessJacob C. Riddle, Associate in Arts-College TransferAdrianna N. Rowland, Pre-Major Associate in Arts Articulation Agreement-Nursing, and Lindsey B. Triplett, Associate in Science-College Transfer. Dr. Gordon Burns, president of WCC, enjoyed congratulating the WEF Scholarship recipients. Pictured with him (left to right) are Adrianna Rowland, Megan Johnson and Aaron Foster.   Another $3,750 in WEF scholarships will be awarded ...
Fact vs. Fiction Fiction: Part-time students can't get Financial Aid. Fact: Part-time students can receive Financial Aid, but there are certain guidelines and restrictions, just as there are for full-time students. Federal aid programs allow a student to attend on a part-time basis [at least six credits in a traditional semester program] and receive both grants and loans. Students who take less than six credits may still qualify for a Federal Pell Grant or some private educational loans. In some cases, the amount awarded to a part-time student might be less than what is awarded to a full-time student.
I hate college. If you live on campus or whatever you can't get your pell grant and they said something about taking tuition and book fee out of it so we get nothing!
The government knows most can afford it so they make it so the pell grant is half and you have to take out loans.
Man praying my pell grant goes thru
You should also be receiving a conf. from fafsa--Pell Grant estimate is exciting!--don't want Stafford unless NO other choice
Doesn't matter. They got a PELL Grant to support 4 years of partying - then, move back w/mom, eat bacon, play games.
Register for classes I'm happy and a bit mad at the same time. The school didn't give me the full amount in pell grant, it only paid for the tuition. And actually it only paid for most of it, I still owe the difference that wasn't paid, on top of still needing to get books, my knife set, blinders for my cooking classes, and whatever else I need to my English and Weight Training class. God I need you right now, I just need a miracle to happen, I need one of the many jobs I applied for to come through. I'm glad I have a great mother Lorraine, I know she will help me the best she can, but this is just wrong.
I can only laugh when certain people in my friend group try to tell me how important the Pell Grant is. Or, when they say things like, "I have to choose between rent and food." I even had a friend tell me that he was surprised about how creative he had to get with the meals that he cooked because he didn't have money to buy food (I also found it interesting that he used the word "ingenuity" and not "ghetto," perhaps because he was now a part of that same group). I had another friend tell me that "life is hard" because her parents weren't able to afford paying for her rent anymore. Welcome to America, the America that isn't talked about, the America thats legislated against, the America that's looked down upon, the America that's forgotten about, the America where opportunity isn't so readily available. I told them that where I'm from, people have been living and surviving like since the beginning of time. They're only just now beginning to care about these things because they're now starting to affect ...
Continuing Pell grant,schlarshp & govt loans should be based on grades & attndnce not all people need to be in college,to many just to party
Thinking bout going back to school so I can better my family's life...just need to know what I want to do and find a pell grant... hopefully this won't be to difficult..wish me luck :)
AGREE 100%! LETTER BY A FLORIDA TEACHER A TEACHER SPEAKS OUT This is a Subject close to my heart. Do you know that we have Adult students at the school where I teach who are NOT U.S. Citizens and who get the PELL Grant, which is a federal grant (no Payback required) plus other federal grants to go To school? One student from the Dominican Republic Told me that she didn't want me to find a job for her After she finished my program, because she was getting Housing from our housing department and She was getting a PELL Grant which paid for her total Tuition and books, plus money leftover. She Was looking into WAIT which gives students a CREDIT CARD for gas to come to school, and into CARIBE which Is a special program (check it out - I did) for Immigrants and it pays for child Care and all sorts of needs while they go to School or training. The one student I just mentioned Told me she was not going to be a U.S. Citizen because She plans to return to the Dominican Republic someday And that she 'loves HER count ...
I couldn't use my Pell grant because my dad claimed me. TA only covers so much of ur school. Pell grant and GIBill cover the rest
In the past year we recommitted to our obligation to ensure the UO is accessible to the best and brightest Oregon students, regardless of financial means. We have established two new merit-based scholarship programs, Apex and Summit. We’ve renovated our Pathway Oregon scholarship program, ensuring that academically qualified Pell Grant eligible Oregonians will have their University of Oregon tuition and fees paid with a combination of federal, state, and university funds.
Can someone please tell me what day they are doing pell grant refund checks at MCC? I am being told 3 different days.
shorty did yo *** send yo stuff off ta blinn if they don't give me my pell grant like they suppose ta I'm not attending skoo
"$1200 for a watch & bracelet... Like. Why? My brother is crazy 😩" so this *** got pell grant money to just throw away lol
Pell Grants really in courage kids to finish college because if they don't finish they have to pay back every bit of the grant back ! I'm sure if the child can not pay it back they would have to face the court system ! I know for a fact the government does not play around when it comes to money ! They will go after who ever the check was made out to.. I know of a lot of rich famous people who have been thrown in prison over tax invasion so that is not paying taxes I wonder what they would do for not giving them their money back ! I would think it would be the same ! Go to school children and do your best to pass because not going and/or failing the class might be the same in the eyes of the government !
What is the Definition of Postsecondary Education? Answer A level of education out of high school is considering post secondary education. Some may wonder why the term post secondary education is important in the US any education achieved after high school is completely optional and thus needs to be payed back to the government. What is Postsecondary Education? Answer Post secondary education is just a fancy way of saying you are going to college. Universities can be either public or private. They also will offer either 2 year or 4 year degrees. Sometimes vocational schools are also referred to as post secondary education. How to Finance Postsecondary Education Many students find themselves scrambling at the beginning and end of each college semester to find financing to continue their education. There are a variety of ways to finance a postsecondary education. With a student loan, you will have your college tuition paid, but you will have to pay all of that money back plus interest when you graduate. Gra ...
I'm so happy I don't have to pay or wait in line for school registertion today I can do it on line And it will go straight to my pell grant
Sorry, just because I don't get the pell grant doesn't mean I can afford school or a study abroad program.
To get a Pell grant, you must complete the... •Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
The tool of Economic Oppression used by Racist will keep those that cannot afford to move to areas where property taxes are too high. Minorities will be prevented from obtaining high quality education. Many will believe that attending any college will be enough, but they are sadly mistaken, because no matter the level of education, there is a big difference between obtaining an education and that of a quality education. Never forget "Jim Crow" Laws. The minorities that are kept from getting the jobs that pay high wages will be prevented from moving to the areas where education is of higher "quality." There children will suffer in the long run, because they will not be able to meet the entrance exam requirements, because they were not taught what they should have been taught. They will not obtain the quality education they should have received to pass the examination, and the racist will only say, "see they are not genetically able to pass the exams." Economic Oppression is the tool of choice to use in the ...
All this hard work and determination has paid off and I am one happy camper.FINALLY got an e-mail stating that I GOT APPROVED FOR Financial Aid for school.A Pell grant for the spring and summer semesters totaling $5,645.00!Now its time to get the math070 and eng90 classes taken care of and on to bigger and better things for me and my girls life.Culinary arts degree here I come!I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I love U Jazmin Budney and Destiny Capshaw... As they say U will overcome obstacles to achieve success, well success HERE I COME!
Unconditional Love is on my mind. My mother Lillian was a rare bird. When she divorced my adopted father Don, she asked me when I was 12 years old "Billie, where do you want to live, Florida or Hawaii? I was 12, living in California and had been surfing the west coast for 4 years with my older brother Gary. I quickly responded, "great mom, I want to live in Hawaii." We arrived in Hawaii August, 1966 with our dogs Toy Toy and Sammy (Toy Bosten Terriers). My mother got a job at the Outrigger Canoe Club, where some of my surfing heroes were members. I met Duke Kahanamoku, Fred Hemmings and many other great surfers and Beachboys. My mother was poor, money was tight, however every Christmas she bought me a new surfboard. My deviant behavior was blooming and rock and roll was rebelling, drug use was prevailing and boy was I having fun! I am sure there were many days my mother was concerned about me. Kill ha'ole day at McKinley High School was overwhelming for me so my mother argued with the school pr ...
gurl lets go get me a 3ds I just got my pell grant and I can afford it.
Pell Grant support for them is vital.If you get the degree you will likely get proportionate employment.
Ate sliders and fried eggs..scrambled in vegatable oil on golden buttermilk buscuits for breakfast..gotta keep in shape for health reasons. Im still collecting ssd and recieve medicare and medicaid. I opened up an account with bank of america. Still smoking. Other than the therapy i attend four days a week and four aa meetings a week..i cable television and lift weights. I bought a low rider scooter thats been bored out. Cdi cold air intake brand neew grips..meaning tires. Ill post up. I got awarded a five thousand dollar pell grant for college tuition. daughter morgan is a photographer and artist. Morgin Pabst is a healthy go getter.jay Jason Maynard is working out with Ray Crabtree cutting trees Lexii Downingg and mellisa is giving me an opportunity to get off in six months my stewart marchman supervision. Mark Hamburger is a brother..i ate some good hamburger and am sober now.Laura Hillburn is a sister and much love to her. Looking for my ex wife..shes got a passport now for ...
so amazingly blessed! Our God is greater. got feedback from Caylah's college about our life change situation (divorce). result: FULL PELL GRANT! family contribution. (my balance) $0.00. whoo hoo!Thank you Lord for your many and continued blessings in my life!!!
Shout out to DAT pell grant lol imma love that too
Another person just asked y did I get out the military as if the military is the only source of income n the world. I wasn't about to work 20 yrs & struggle trying 2 get a degree 1-2 classes @ a time... My education is a priority 4 me. At the end of dem 20 yrs u get a 2000 sum dollar retirement possibly.. Who TF can live off that. Your 20 yrs in the military with an associates.. Ha if ya have that will not guarantee u a job and especially if u had a bs job while n the military... Between u/e. Housing.disability.hope/pell grant and zell miller bc my GPA is over 3.8. I make more than I did when I was n. EDUCATION is key 2 many things 4 me. Now please no1 ask y I got out again. I couldn't tolerate being a yes person especially to Mfs who sometimes dont know left from right ! When sum retire without at least a masters. U just go right ahead and start back from the bottom with another job !! ; ) Happy Saturday !
So excited! Found a school that will do Pell Grants , and the program I'm in notes if a community college I'm going to does Pell Grants I will get the money from the grant , and the 5000$ state loan on top of the pell grant! So that's anywhere between 8-10k total! Making all the calls Monday to get in for the January semester. =)
So dads layoff may have been a blessing in disguise because according to my Financial Aid status, I juat recieved the Pell Grant and I have enough to continue going to school...not saying that the layoff was the best thing that ever happened, which it wasnt, but it kinda helped
You want to eliminate welfare, but you will sure take your pell grant won't ya? Okay.
Can anyone who received both a Cal Grant and a Pell Grant help me out???
Just the fact that you are a member of The H.O.P.E. Program means you qualify for the Pell Grant on your own Income Merits!  Up to $5645 can be yours for 2013!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
This is from my brother Ikhide. Please! We as Black folks must stamp out this excessive exhibitionist consumerism in our children. They don't have books even when the state gives them a Pell Grant because they spend it on stupid A 350 dollar Ferragamo belts (and cost more money when the clerks call the cops on them because they don't fit the profile of a Ferragamo or Barney's shopper) and FORTY ONE PERCENT of food challenged children are Black. Come on, don't we have better things to say and do? Here's what Ikhide says: Ikhide R. Ikheloa Whenever I turn down a request by one of our numerous kids for money, I get rude photos of evil mean dads texted to me. Apparently I said NO to a request to buy a belt. Cost, $350. Then I got this. My dear, any belt that you can't buy at Target, I reject, IJN! I am still laughing! Nonsense!
Did you know Oxy has one the best grad rates of Pell Grant recipients?
WE are entitled to our Pell Grants just as much as you are entitled to parents who pay your school for you.
Just a question for all my fellow 2013 college students is anyone else having trouble being approved for their federal subsidized loan? Supposedly according to PJs College of Cosmetology after being told for the past three months that I was waiting for my pell grant first excuse was an IRS issue- handled second- the government shut down bs fed student aid not affected per fed student aid third- discrepancy of my age handled now come to find out they have had my grant for some time now and its my fed sub loan the government is supposedly denying to pay. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one going through this. I just find it to be funny how up until just a few days ago when i confronted them about fed aid saying my grant went through PJs kept telling me that I was waiting for my grant.
Pell Grant limitations, rising tuition and the taking away of scholarships ruined college students. Invest in your future
I *got accepted for fnancial aid from Ohlone,a Cal Grant and a Pell Grant and Ohlone isn't accepting the Cal or Pell Grant
Between 2006-2011, the Pell Grant spending increased in inflation-adjusted terms by 158% & 80% rise in # recipients
I got a little less because I had a bit of pell grant, but i'm stuck with them for 2 years. So minus well go the meetings.
I hope I get these scholarships since I already got the pell grant... Won't have to work to pay for school anymore
I was called this morning and I was told I am accepted to receive a supplemental pell grant :')
What's this about Charles Steger brutally murdering a cyclist with his $6 million car paid for by Federal Pell Grant money?
Wow, just wow - a$5,645 Pell Grant doesn't cover the cost of a community college in OH?
Exclusive U.S. News list of % Pell Grant students attending top Ranked schools. Did the white house see this list?
This chick said everybody in the U.S. is granted a minimum of 7,000 per semester from the pell grant!
"Where is everyone?" -our Chem class. "Yesterday was Pell Grant graduation." -Cozort . It's always a good day wen Cozort jokes around 🙏🙌
that's *** I mean as long as they help at least. I got a pell grant last time 😕
no. Because pell grant is based off your parents income I believe.
its 5. And she said that I'm not on A+..I'm on the pell grant.
lol exactly. Now if we getting extra pell grant money, I'll get married today in my night clothes!!
it took almost 3 months but I finally got my pell grant
Pell Grant was not affected by the shutdown, feel free to email us at finaidif you need us!
I'll also get the pell grant and other scholarships from USF for being a transfer student with a degree and a good gpa
girl. I get paid tomorrow and my pell grant is coming that Friday... Just rich. Lol idk whats going on, but I'm tryna slideee
*** use to get pell grant in august and be broke by October lol
You know, folks, shutting down the federal government is not something which affects only faceless bureaucrats who live in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland. You probably know someone in your town whose small business depends on his or her contract with the federal government. He'll be out of a job come Tuesday. The clerks at your post office won't be getting paid come Tuesday. And they can't go to the local welfare office to apply for relief, because there won't be any SNAP applications processed there until the federal government reopens. Planning an overseas trip for business or pleasure? I hope you've got a passport already. And I certainly hope you won't run into any trouble abroad, because the clerks in the consulates will be out of work in a foreign country. They might even look to you for help! Any student who is waiting for his or her Pell Grant money will be out of luck come Tuesday. Applicants for Stafford loans will also be left in the lurch. We won't even mention the people who are ...
UPDATED: Native American Bank is willing to work with enrolled BCC students, who want to open up either a checking or savings account, with zero down the week before Pell payment. This is a good thing, it will help your establish a new account, and if you are paid a refund check from the Pell Grant, you may deposit some or all your money and you will save on the cost of check cashing. But you will need to keep your checking and/or savings account active to benefit long-term from having a checking or savings account. There are benefits, to having a checking or savings account and you will have the stability of a savings or checking account to help you financially plan for your future. You may use a checking account to pay your bills, track your spending, record your bill payments, balance your home budget, and having your money in a checking account lets you write checks, which costs less than purchasing money orders to pay for things. Sometimes if you're paying regular bills such as car insurance, rent, . ...
A new Congressional Budget Office report discusses options for reforming the Pell Grant program: via
Thank God we get our left over pell grant money next week! I am so broke from buying all these stupid books
you can accept the pell grant you just have to keep a high GPA. University offers more money than a JC.
lmao !! at my LRT. they be like yeah so you owe us 7000 still after the 5 loans a scholarship and pell grant might wanna take care of that .
If you qualify for a pell grant it should pay for all of your tuition and books at a community college, and loans are at abo
Late FAFSA? College is starting now, but still time for a last minute Pell Grant for 2013-2014
I planned to go to Uconn this spring. But then I got a pell grant and QV is free.
Finding out I got a Pell grant thank you Lord yes yes Yes
Ready for this Pell grant money to come back!
You are lucky.I had the Pell grant but lost a scholarship my sophomore year.
Fafsa helps a lot for students with no money. A lot of people I know don't have loans cause the pell grant covers community coll
Lord help those that dnt knoe that if u not on scholarship or your f.aid was paid for fully by pell grant! Which i doubt..that refund=debt!
Minimum wage as an adult means you qualify for a Pell grant ride through college.
I get paid and get a pell grant on the same day, look at God 😩🙏
Mannn why everybody got their Pell Grant Money last night and I didn't.
Seriously thank god for the pell grant wich has successfully paid for 11, 233 of my schooling. And my military discount wich has paid 7, 500
FYI they come out the 5th & 19th depending on your FA statues if you took out a loan or got pell grant !
late for class.class broke.gas light on.ineligible for pell-grant.g-ma had stroke.message from mother.WHAT EVEN?
lots and lots of scholarahips. And pell grant. There is a way
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
That pell grant came in the mail today. What's Gucci
from the school! I got a pell grant to cover my tuition 💁🙋🙅🙆
Not getting a pell grant this year ***
It's stupid how adding classes this week and not getting enrolled starting monday keeps me from using my pell grant. Some bull😠
"Federal Pell Grant can only be received for approximately 6 years over a lifetime. Manage it effectively."
Best decision I've ever made was applying for the Pell Grant
Ohh Pell Grant please hurry and give me some funds plz.
does this work if you have a Pell grant also ? My book is 198$ and I don't have enough in my Pell grant to pay for it.
I can't do work study because I don't have a pell grant 😒
I have certain paperwork I didn't fill out or know about until now. Can I still turn those in and get the Federal Pell Grant?
Bill Clinton eliminated a section of the Higher Education Act of 1965 which permitted prisoners to receive a Pell Grant.
They need a separate pell grant, jus for books.
Who knew I had pell grant money?!? Just bought school supplies and my stuff for my English class😍 so glad she could add me🙏
So I'm officially announcing that this old guy is officially back in school at age 38 and a pell grant is...
technically they are getting paid...Pell Grant etc...jus not how they feel they shuld b gettin paid...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Marching for my HOPE and pell grant!
We get our Pell Grant checks on the 4th ☺👏🙌
Denied a pell grant?! I swear the system wants us to fail...
Straight pell grant money to get them *** lmao!
a $900 increase in the maximum Pell Grant insures a increase of $150 per semester hour and thats the way we do it
lol I know how you feel my Pell Grant went way down because my dad got a better job smh.
All my friends be hollering about when the pell grant money coming in & im just there like 😕.
Waiting on my pell grant to come so I can get started with my homework :(
You don't have to pay back a pell grant correct?!
I need my pell grant money already 😩
I know, my son heads to college in 2 years & we don't qualify for the Pell grant.
dammm im scared , did you ever get an email ? Cause i goy an email yesterday saing i got my pell grant
USF's Financial Aid office can go to *** Made me lose a scholarship and the pell grant. This needs to be fixed immediately!!!
Having a pell grant to pay tuition means I can use my own money for other things. Like fancy tampons and chocolate. Thanks Obama! :D
Im not eligable for a pell grant meh which is kinda stupid firguring by the time I start college I'd be on my own,
college of dupage but yeah, I don't know how to buy books with my pell grant from amazon so I always use the school bookstore!
Kinda forgot about my pell grant money when I applied for loans...borrowed more than I needed 😕
Subsidized, unsubsidized, pell grant,FAFSA,efc .. Blaahh all I hear is Obama isn't giving me any money
Financial Aid needs to stop playing with me. *** is my pell grant and MDHEC award. 😠😠😡😡
"Oh, you didn't get a Pell grant... I think you've gotta be black to get a Pell grant." 😂
School is so expensive, I need Pell Grant to be $10,000 at least .
well I got this huge Pell Grant and I'm getting a scholarship for playing volleyball so it's like $300 extra
I don't think I got the stafford loan. I only got a Pell Grant, and federal unsubsidized and subsidized loans
no problem kitty. I only get pell grant too. it'll pay for classes first and then if you have enough, it'll pay for books
it's cool okay lol & because I needa go ask about the Cal Grant cus joana said it was different from the pell grant
spent $400 on three books ! thank god government payed for it ! I Love you PELL GRANT !
Depending on what else you got in your awards, but either way the pell grant can be for books too. Np hope I helped lol
So with the pell grant do you get 5k every semester ?
Do I still get Financial Aid to buy books and stuff if I got a pell grant?
Less pell grant money I spend, the more I have to put in my pocket at the end of the semester 👌
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I know every student across America is waiting on those Pell Grant and Scholarship refunds to their accounts
More money in my pocket from my pell grant
Ok I fixed my pell grant issue. Even though it'll take a couple of weeks to get my money 😔
Do you have a Pell Grant? Want to Check out the And come to our workshop!
I'm seriously so glad I didn't have to pay for books, I'd be $500 in the hole. Thank you pell grant
Was able to get pell grant this year gonna be a good learning experience this semester
My Pell grant payed for all my tuition besides $325. So all I have to pay besides that out of loans is for books. Sweet.
My expected pell grant award this semester is $2,823. I'm pretty much getting paid to go to school.
I'm very tempted to buy a new computer with the rest of my pell grant...
Now that I'm getting my bachelors , Financial Aid is not on my side ; $500 per credit can't handle just a normal pell grant
Soon as I get the pell grant I'm throwing it at all them ***
S/o to for hooking it up with the Pell Grant. Now I can go to school *\(^o^)/*
This *** said when I get my pell grant Ima go straight to H&M 😂😩 moe
Pell grant please hurry, need my retro 8s 😂
nothing's wrong with it this girl was in Financial Aid today complaining cause she ONLY got the PELL grant.
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is your Pell grant not subtracted either? Did you talk to Financial Aid?
Does anybody know when the Pell Grant is subtracted from your Goldlink account?
Am I the only one still waiting for pell grant money?!
Is it wrong of me to use my pell grant money to buy a keg?
My Financial Aid better go through. How are you gonna award me the pell grant but not let it go through
If I have pell grant, to get my books do I just go up there and tell them my name and student id..?
And I get to keep all my pell grant *hits dougie*
I rejected it, don't need it. Im not eligible for the Pell grant
This pell grant money gone be CLUTCH !
Pell Grant is my *** , all that money is staying in my pocket. Plus no debt !
Email from a student:. My understanding is that we have to show up for the first two nights to get pell grant? Is that correct?
I have 2 days for fee deadlines and my pell grant hasn't been issued to me!.
The Pell Grant has been a BLESSING these past two years for School
Well I officially make too much money to get a pell grant *** ok!!!
So even in Pell Grant case, there is still an ultimate "effort by public colleges" to ensure Pell Grant incidence benefits poor.
Uh oh it pell grant and student loan time, the "ballers" are gonna come out now
in other words I am just glad my pell grant came in. Lol
Whats wrong with the pell grant? thats less money you gotta take in loans or out of pocket
Follow-up tweat- a girl complained about a 500 dollar bill for her books because she would only get a grand back for a pell grant. Pathetic
got *** Pell Grant still hasnt posted..ughhh
"the number of Pell Grant recipients has increased more than 50 percent since 2008"
"Thanks to leadership, we’ve expanded the Pell Grant program to provide billions/year in federal aid to low-income students."
grants! The pell grant should have you set
As a Pell Grant recipient myself, I really connected with this. "Bringing Pell Grants to My Eyes" by Sarah Vowell:
Pell grant funding is limited to 6 years and 2 year colleges may limit you to 3 years. Contact Financial Aid at...
My Financial Aid finally came through and i got hella pell grant money this year! Im happy about that
Wondering how I made enough money last year, so I can't get the full pell grant 😒
"Your dad might theoretically have pension money in a job he just got fired from? Your Pell Grant is looking skinny..."
.Congress should expand Pell Grant program or no interest loans to help students pay for college
I got the highest TOPS, plus an LSU scholarship. It took off like half the costs, and it's still so much money. Waiting on that pell grant 🙏
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I know my tuition too high I got like 3 scholarships , a pell grant , and another grant . I still owe them money !
well use some of that pell Grant money den lol
New Ford Foundation prez rose from single-parent household in rural Texas to Head Start to UofT on Pell grant to NYC.
Just registered for fall semester and I'm eternally grateful for my Pell Grant and BOG waiver so I can continue. Couldn't finish without it!
Got the Cal Grant and the Pell Grant! Thank you Jesus !!!
me and my mama make too much lol for the pell Grant or so they say
$358 on textbooks and I'm still within my pell grant limit. Gah, I love renting!
I transferred to una & nahh I'm scared to register cuz ion even wanna no how much I owe wit no pell grant!
Finally got my Federal Pell Grant for college. Thank you God!
I need somebody to hold me down until the pell grant get here !
go back! Even though you won't get pell grant money, you should still be able to get approved for loans right?
I seriously hate not being able to qualify for Pell Grant. My student loans are gonna bite me in the *** when I graduate. 😞
I got a Pell grant of like 700 dollars per semester
Jai gone lose that Pell Grant, let my momma tell it.
I got the Pell grant but since I'm not going full time there reducing it by 75% .I can't go full time til January . :(
You should get a pell grant for being a single mom which should cover your school plus alittle more if your goin to techZ
Today's good news: I'm done with my summer class two weeks early, I got a Pell Grant, I finished registering for fall classes.
yea, you would go hard at Howard. 3.0 and a 26 is full tuition and fees and apply for donors scholarship and pell grant
Sens. Murray & Franken to Introduce Amend. to Redirect Profits from Deal to Depleted Grant Program
I got my pell grant refund and bought tacos with it. I do not feel guilty at all.
signed my life away today on my student loan, but I did get a pell grant
The worst thing MV clda ever did was give my my room permanently & a full pell grant..
I just got a pell grant for my entire tuition.
Obama had actually signed for more Financial Aid for the Pell Grant back in 2009.
I just checked my Financial Aid and I have more Pell Grant so quite well thank you for asking bumper sticker. Also Thank you, Obama.
not sure how units from a trade school work but as long as you keep that up&apply on time I'm sure you'll get the pell grant
I'd be dead without the pell grant.
Probably means I'll get a pell grant though which is awesome.
I did the fafsa but i only have a paper that tells me my Pell grant and federal direct loan, it doesn't have Financial Aid
girl cause I used my pell grant at 2 community colleges first so they wanna make I passed each semester DUHH I passed. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ayee they gave me the pell grant this year. Thank you Jesus!
Government should be sending me to school for free... That $2,500 pell grant isnt even 10% of what school actually costs. Losers
I don't qualify for the pell grant anymore so I don't get fafsa or any grants.
My pell grant is huge, thank God don't have to worry about paying for college this semester thank you Financial Aide!
U of A is giving me a Pell Grant thank the lawd!
the government doesn't think I need a pell grant because my fam is contributing too much? my fam lives in PA and I pay for everything.
Man what ! ->“Every athlete should get a pell grant.”
Well i see the pell grant money for me has went up r is that jus for everybody??
Thinking about a degree in Healthcare? Up to $5,500 in Pell Grant Financial Aid may be available if you qualify!
That money is that pell Grant. But you balling though ...
Limit use of Pell Grant to in-state publics? Better use of funds suggests commenter on Kantrowitz piece. Thoughts?
"Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it... ht…
oh okay okay that's good tho 👍 I got tha pell grant . I'm getting a lot back both semesters
This Pell Grant form is so freaking long it's ridiculous.
No Im pretty sure they just applied HOPE. And Pell Grant if you got that.
Most of the times I didnt get any pell grant... I was not balling like ya'll
I had two scholarships but I didn't get that much in pell grant
When you fill out a FAFSA you get a Pell Grant if you qualify, since you're pretty broke, you should qualify. Ask around.
Aye pell Grant done went up a little
Don't start a new FAFSA, just harass people for more information. I'm not sure how you wouldn't qualify for a Pell Grant.
I'd call up the FAFSA peeps to see if you don't qualify for a Pell Grant. Don't take Wayne State's word for it.
*** girl."Don't qualify for pell grant. U don't qualify for no need based loans. That's some BS."
I didn't know I had a Pell Grant til today. Lol
Wait, you can get money for that you don't have to pay back!? Introducing the Pell Grant:
I've been paying tuition for two years. I deserve a pell grant or something ugh
Yes I did, but I have my BA already and I am 31.. I am too old they say, I have my BA they say. NO pell grant from me
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