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Pelican Island

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is a United States National Wildlife Refuge located just off the western coast of Orchid Island in the Indian River Lagoon east of Sebastian, Florida.

Ortley Beach Caribbean Sea Richards Bay Houston Ship Channel President Theodore Roosevelt

I met Petros the Pelican on the island of Mykonos. My best vacation ever. BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW !.
Pelican Pete from the Fresno Island Water Park paying our UEI - Fresno students a visit! All smiles with our Campus…
Put the tourist hat on and spent the day with Pelican Adventures driving around the island and…
We've actual all been avoiding love island spoilers for 10 days and just seem johny in McDonald's at Palma airport 😂😂😭😭
1. City, or island?. 2. Main body only, or Pelican Island, too?
After a hard day's brewing & candle making, we take to the coast with and enjoy the best of our Island!
Pelican Island on the Bighorn River. Pelicans eat a lot of fish on the Bighorn River, but they are incredible to s…
Pelican feeding every day in San Remo, near Phillip Island! These guys are huge!
Dead man, show me where you rest your head.
I'm going on a limb here and saying at a minimum of 12 natives have played "big pimpin" while cruising on the Island Girl
Lol Naval Island is where Cubana is at. Pelican Island is where us blacks refer to as "emapool"
Lol well if you're looking for Snooki she has a house in pelican is…
Brown Pelican flying low over Padre Island beach
Hey, we saw a hippo at Pelican Island yesterday.
SDIRC in collaboration with the FLDOH Immunization Clinic at Pelican Island. Click link for details!…
We as Pelican 4WD now has good 4x4 hire rates available for Tag Along Tours to Fraser Island and 4x4 hire - Fraser htt…
Rescued a very young today from a traffic island on the Pacific Highway. . Probably the most dangerous thing I'…
Pink sunset tonight from Pacific Wave anchored off Norman Island views of The Indians, Pelican Island & John
Happy Holidays from History. 1952 Christmas Card from Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, FL the first…
lights brighten Sebastian at Pelican Island Pl. and Miller Dr.
Pelican settling in for the night near Sarasota City Island.
I liked a video from Adventure Island Tampa - Hydra Tubes | Pelican Dive Drop Slides
If I was on that island I would have fought Osten. Pelican Pete would have become a permanent member of the tribe
Sunset last night at the Resort at Pelican Hill for a corporate holiday party. Great view of Catalina Island!...
The “Pelican Island Skipper” will make its way through the two times tomorrow
Andrew "do republicans live on the island cuz I'm pretty sure I saw one". Me-..?. "See it's right there". That's a pelican not a republican
During the break, a will transform the overgrown preserve at Pelican Island Elementary…
Pelican Island Elementary teaching 4th graders the importance of for a healthy ecosys…
Sweep pelican island Tampa Florida Texas of Czar gugks white American black AK
RVCA now available at Pelican Island Surf Shop at Boardwalk Inkwazi, come and spoil your loved one this Christmas...
Richards Bay we here! Elize and just grabbing a few goodies for a picnic at Pelican Island.
Picnic at pelican island Richards Bay
Picnic at pelican Island Richards Bay near the harbour
off to Pelican Island for a picnic enjoy!!!
Completed our section for beach nesting Sea-bird survey today. Lakes Entrance to Pelican Island. HP=9. PO=69.
I just remembered in my like 4th grade class we planted one of those time capsules at pelican island.
Playing a show in Seabrook Island, SC at 5:00 PM today at Pelican's Nest at Seabrook
Yes we found some snakes today at Pelican Island @ Golem…
Be sure to say hello to our Rangers at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge!
The Brown Pelican -- an endangered species success story
Pelican Watch on Fort Myers Beach is considered one of the finest Condo Buildings on the Island. 2 Bed room 2 Bath a…
Wonder if love island would accept me with my massive pelican like nose for the next series 🤔
Greece-Mikonos... this pélican has the name Petros and he is the mascote to the island !!!
I went around the island trying to find Pokemon and the app wasn't working, but I did see a real live pelican so there's that.
7 months since Escape from Pelican Rock came out Hope the next island comes b4 summer holidays ends. (or maybe new poptropica)
Pelicans are back! Never seen them this early before. One lone pelican by Pelican Island on Lake Isle.
Project underway to save critically endangered migratory birds via
Pelican Island chief: may be close to becoming a 'dead zone'
One of Galveston's best kept secrets: Seawolf Park on Pelican Island. Amazing sunsets, fishing,…
Stop in today and help support Pelican Island Elementary
Search teams in Richards Bay on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast have found the bodies of two teenagers who drowned at Pelican i…
Excited to be a pelican and live on the Island next year. Loomis Chaffee Class of 2019.
Lots of working @ to become environmental science school. Deets:
Happy birthday to the 1st Pelican Island by Andrea Westmoreland
FloriDUH: Hurry up! Then wait in jail: Looks like Staton does things STAT! Fast times at Pelican Island Elemen...
A young pelican stopped by my dam to rest on his way to Pelican Island at Lake Wivenhoe.
From our February visit to the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center: Brown Pelican
Some bajans prob don't even know that Pelican Island use to be separate from mainland Barbados
Deal to bring multi-billion dollar export plant to Pelican Island falls through.
Plans for Pelican Island LNG plan go cold.
Deal to bring liquefied natural gas plant to Pelican Island goes cold
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Project underway to save critically endangered Eastern Curlew in Port Macquarie.
Pelican island paradise - grilling, chilling and now also swinging! 😀👌🌴👣
There’s a new pelican pal to play with on Gullah Gullah Island. Can you tell us his name?
Project underway to save critically endangered migratory birds in Port Macquarie
I liked a video from We Visit Pelican Island | 3.26.16
I'm on Pelican Island where TAMUG (is breaking ground on a new academic building
It is always a beautiful day. Yesterday this sand, bar a.k.a. Pelican island was reported to have 2400 Red Knots...
The pelicans of St Simon's Island are curious and willing to sit for photographers.
Back to reality state side... This island stole my ❤️ || @ Pelican Cove…
that was named after the Brown Pelican? Find out more about the islands history w/an exciting tour!
Pelican off Brownsea Island today. Thanks for the pic!
The hotel will be located on Pelican Bay on the Caribbean side of the island, 10 minutes from Robert Bradshaw Airp…
The Pelican Island Audubon Society meeting on Monday, May 11th will be held at the North Indian River County Library beginning at 6 pm.
Pelican zipping by off the coast of Sanibel Island
Headed to Pier 77 via the Pelican Island Causeway draw bridge to install a new flow-through data collection system
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Wandering Jews are in Sebastian Florida- Home of Pelican Island, Friendly people & six old Grouches- Read all about it here:...
The grand Feature Art Giveaway for the Hilton Head Island Art Festival is "Beach Bound Pelican," a gorgeous piece...
Deepwater Horizon spill killed mangroves that held together Cat Island, one of largest brown pelican rookeries in LA.
Autumn sunrise at Pelican Lake on Antigo Island, Wisconsin • photo: Sherry Slabik
Pelican flying into the setting sun, Sunset Beach,Treasure Island, Florida . a rare gift...
I just want island fusion to not start at pelican village again this year!
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge -- first in the United States:
Forever wondering how squirrels got on to Pelican Island
Rene Burri, GREECE. Island of Mykonos. Pelican "petros" walking with a flute player . 1957.
Cat Island: Pelican haven to lifeless sandbar in 5 years
A pelican flies low over the Atlantic Ocean at Tybee Island a few minutes after sunrise.
In 1903, President Roosevelt signed an executive order establishing Pelican Island as the 1st U.S. federal bird preserve.
eyed for $6 billion LNG export terminal - Pelican Island is a prime location because of its proximity...
A Houston-area company is looking at a liquefied natural gas export plant on Pelican Island.
The first refuge was Pelican Island in Florida, designated in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt.
A snowy egret isn't a rare bird. In fact, the snowy egret is one of the most common nesting birds in the rookery at High Island (no doubt the best known and most frequently visited rookery in the state). Yet in the late 1800s this bird almost disappeared from Texas. Market shooting for the millinery trade decimated their populations in the U.S. By the late 1880s, over 5 million birds were being killed each year for their feathers. President Theodore Roosevelt began protecting these rookeries by establishing Pelican Island in Florida as the first wildlife refuge by executive order in 1903, and protection would be extended to Texas colonies in years to come. The fact that High Island is owned and managed by Houston Audubon Society is apropos given the importance of the original Audubon societies in bringing a halt to the trade. Celebrate the fact that the snowy egret is not rare the next time you see one, and thank those early conservationists who ended the needless slaughter. Please consider liking this im ...
4 real...2 of my fav summer vacation spots - Grand Lucayan Resort and Pelican Bay Resort on grand bahama island. Totally relaxin!
Watching the island, I'd build a sling shot and ping a pelican! That's how it's done, and is tickle some fish, I'm a pale bear grylls
In a bid to catch a pelican for food, island plonker (with swastika tattoo) throws a rock at the whole flock.
Anyone see the island with bear grylls? Crocodile is a tasty meat, if i were there I'd go *** for leather to nab a pelican
This guy on the island is actually retarded, he broke his knuckle throwing a rock at a pelican
I don't like that old police guy on the island, he'd be first one I'd eat after failing to lasso a pelican
Watching The Island. I'd well have caught something to eat by now. I'd be eating pelican every night.
The Island with Bear Grylls is too good! Who wouldn't want to watch three guys hunt a pelican & stingray to feed themselves?! Quality stuff.
Escaping from Prison--Alligators Yesterday I spent several hours on a boat in the Pearl River Delta and Swamps, a lovely time full of turtles, alligators, snakes, egrets and herons, and Prothonotary Warblers (with their golden yellow against the dark greens of the trees). At one place, the alligators are used to people, and circle the boat to be fed...and leap out of the water, like dolphins or Killer Whales, to take food on a stick. We have the image of dungeons, with their thick walls, surrounded by moats full of leeches and unimaginable creatures. Those images have sources in reality. At Angola Prison, 50 miles or so upriver from Baton Rouge, the prison is surrounded on three sides by the Mississippi River and its swamps, a watery world full of alligators and poisonous snakes. Step back and look at topographic maps of the is a sea of swamps, through which the river flows. At the Prison Museum is a picture of three huge Alligators--14 feet long or more--killed around the Prison. It is a strong d ...
Bothersome to me is the fact that a lot of the old photos of Barbados that I've posted have disappeared from my F/B page; is one not allowed to post these photos? I especially miss the one of the donkey cart and of Pelican Island.
There's a place called Pelican Island in Barbados. It has shops with everything handmade; jewellery, furniture, paintings, glass. Loved it.
Officially starting to feel like summer - first boat ride!! ⚓️⛵️ ✌️ @ Pelican Island
Beware of the animal attacks in the pelican island area
I love coming to the island to eat at Pelican Station. But I don't like seafood. 😁
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sandals Saturday. FLOYD’S PELICAN BAR. Set sail on an ISLAND ROUTES catamaran cruise along the unspoiled waters of...
300 Villages: Pelican: This week, we’re heading to Pelican, in Southeast Alaska on Chichagof Island. Patricia...
Make way for Peter the pelican mascot of And it's not all just party and booze on the island: the...
Bride and groom saying their vows during the wedding ceremony on the island at Pelican Lakes Windsor
Bride and groom exit wedding ceremony on Pelican Lakes Island going over bridge
Hired in 1903 to work on the first national wildlife refuge (Pelican Island), Paul Kroegel earned a whopping...
Ciara Lake Romance Author: Welcome to the beautiful island of Pelican Cay—a d...
Anyone know what's up with the boat that has been idling in the Galveston Ship Channel near Pelican Island? Looks like anchor is down.
Ariel View of Pelican Rest Marina & Best Views on the Island Overlooking Offats Bayou &
On pelican island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! Smallest island I've ever been on - so cool!!…
When newly engaged couple, Mac and Kate, take a celebratory fishing trip off the island of Pelican Cay, they...
How to raise a seahorse with Nancy Pham presented by Audubon Society: The May 19 meeting of the Pelican Island...
how do a get on this island!? Pelican supper soon as we had fire!
Sunrise over Pelican Island this morning... . Photo by Daniel Rond
Cat Island in 2010: Full of mangroves & pelican nests. You won't believe the 2014 photo:
Visiting Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge by kayak tomorrow. who wants to go?. meeting at 8:30 at Wabasso...
An American White Pelican creates his own "Pelican Island" at Bear River Migratory Bird in
has hit the beach. The north end of Pelican Island in
Texas City "Y" Response Unified Command logo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2014 9:20:03 PM CDT Update 7: Texas City "Y" incident response cleanup continues Preparation for mitigating offshore oil impacts begin TEXAS CITY, Texas — The Coast Guard continues clean up operations in the Port of Houston/Galveston after having authorized limited marine traffic in the safety zone for commercial ship traffic, Tuesday. The Port Coordination Team is prioritizing ships for transit through the channel. Barges are being allowed to transit through the Houston Ship Channel and on the Intracoastal Waterway, after assessment teams deemed the channel clear. Cleanup efforts focused heavily on the environmentally sensitive lagoon area of East Beach Tuesday. Other areas where significant amounts of oil were recovered include Big Reef, Pelican Island and the Texas City *** Weather conditions in the Port of Houston/Galveston pushed oil 12 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, and into a southwesterly direction along the . ...
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) personnel are continuing to look for wildlife affected following the Saturday oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. As of Sunday, three birds were taken to a private wildlife rehabilitation service field station for rehabilitation and three birds were found dead. More oiled birds are expected to be found. Monday, teams of state and federal biologists were checking eastern Galveston Island, Pelican Island and the Bolivar peninsula looking for other affected wildlife. According to TPWD personnel on the scene, Bolivar Flats is currently a potential hotspot, since it is a significant refuge for birds. Expectations are that oiled birds will fly there and with decreasing temperatures, more impact on birds is expected. High tides could impact further as habitats become inundated. In addition to the field work underway, TPWD staff are participating in the incident command operation in Texas City and assisting with response activities for reported impacted wildlife. How ...
If anyone wants to walk to Pelican Island, now is the time. The river is way low and the river bed is exposed.
Does anyone have more information on the rail line that ran all the way down from Bay Head terminus to Seaside and maybe to Toms Rover? As a kid I've always wondered about the arrow-straight parallel Rte. 35 sections that are way too big for the area's traffic and the interesting routes south of Ortley Beach and bridge off Pelican Island. I've seen some older maps without much detail.
A little Pelican Island origin history: Mathis and Hague Lieut. Urge State to Give Away Both Shores of Road Fill New Jersey Courier July 20, 1928 State Board of Commerce divide four to four on Zeller’s application Trenton, July 17. – Differences of opinion among the members of the state board of commerce and navigation as to the wisdom of granting the application of George C. Zeller of Bordentown, for permission to fill in Pelican Island, Barnegat bay near Seaside Heights, developed at the meeting of the board here yesterday. It is understood that the applicant and others interested with him in the matter plan to create building lots out of the added land. Richard C. Jenkinson, member from Newark, asked that the matter be laid over until the board has an opportunity to make a thoro [sic] study of the situation. He said it would set a precedent and the board would be faced with a series of applications from others desiring the same privileges along Barnegat bay and the inland waterway. The applicati .. ...
South Africa, Richards Bay, Pelican Island... Long Boarding waves middel of nowhere as usual! :-)
heading out to paddle and show some folks Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge from the water and also a...
Pelican Island has some if the best sunsets in Texas 🌅
En Pelican Island FL having a good time with friends
Who knew there was a place called Pelican Island, NJ?
Snooki needs to go to pelican island
Hi Wendy. Pelican Island is down the NJ shore. Near Seaside Heights.
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pelican island is a joke... They think they'll get far banning celebrities 😂
Citizens in Pelican Island NJ banning the JWOW&Snooki "reality" show being filmed there. Wish ppl would ban the KardASSians&HoneyDooDoo too.
Pelican Island Richards Bay that where me n my friends we at☺
can you add a hotel on Galveston and on pelican island
Good Morning Richards Bay Hope you will enjoy the splendid day ahead. It is suppose to a smiling warm sunny day, but when one look at dawn reluctant to brake one wonders if fishing is an option even today is a pretty good fishing day. The moon is on a Waning Crescent Best Times: 06h00 to 09h00 19h00 to 22h00 For those still seeking the cuddly comforts of warm soft bed you can avoid the morning luck at Alkant Strand. The evenings should pack the short pier but never forget the T Jetty and Palm beach area. Take your live shads to the Commercial Pier or Pelican Island and slide them into the deep channel. You have until 22h00 to use as an excuse not to raise like a loaf of bread in front of the TV. For the lazy bums that needs an excuse to float around as wanna bees you can do that between 12h00 and 14h30 above the steel Bridge. These times will give you second best opportunity to have a legal excuse not to mow the lawn or clean the garage. Any way if you feel Fishing in Richards Bay have become boring then ...
Who's up and why? Starting the chat post early on my top 4 pages tonight. So represent Your area and say hi in WC, PE, JHB and KZN. I have some prizes up for grabs so make this a success in your area and you can win something.
Good one Kylie, I have no idea thank you.
Are you in these pics? MSS first fishing rodeo at the Pelican Pub Dauphin Island June 16, 2003.
Lets go miami to *** wit anybody rooting for spurs cause theyre really heat haters that belong to another team thats not in finals. Lets go heat it wont b easy but we'll earn it old fashion style
Took a float plane over to Pelican.the 12 year old pilot (ha) was great!!! When we spotted a pod of whales, he flew over multiple times and low enough for me to see the amazing show!!! Pelican is in a fijord; the cliffs drop down into the ocean; there are waterfalls everywhere; I could hear them roar as I paddled my kayak over to third island. I got to fish in a salmon derby...didn't catch much but had a great time on the water! The entire town of Pelican is on stilts; there is a boardwalk all around the town. It is so small that the people in town knew what I do for a living, so when there was a trauma at 10 o'clock at night, they knocked on my door to come and help. Got to bed at 2AM. The only options for transport out of there are the coast guard or a float plane.luckily the patient survived. On the way back to Kake, we landed in the ocean at Elfin Cove, then tethered to a fishing vessel to load some tourists and their 14 coolers full of salmon. *** tourists! Oh ya, I am a local.
Tonight is karaoke night at the Pelican Lounge! Come by and have a few while getting your island sing song time in!
Spent a fabulous two days with my Sis. We spent yesterday at the beach. I will tell you that the water was warm as can be. We were pounded by waves and I'm red as a beet. We spent the night at their cottage and it was a wild night of thunder and lightning. But today woke up bright and shiny. I spent today escorting my Sis and my wife on their day of shopping in South Port and here on Oak Island. OH OH I finally got my pictures of pelicans last night. They fly in formation up and down the beach. Tomorrow we move on (sadly) to Durham and the home of the Blue Devils.
Seems the rain just does not want to end in Minnesota. Overcast, rainy and bugs.where is the fun in that? It was good to see our Canadian friends this past weekend and share some laughs, stories and good food. Thinking about going up there for Keltic Festival in Thunder Bay this July. Would be fun, it it doesn't RAIN. Hope your day is going better. I am having South Padre Island withdrawals right now and it isn't pretty!
With the twice daily flushing of Bellport Bay from the tides and The New Inlet, we are seeing bay bottom hidden for decades, flounder, bluefish, weakfish. And unlike Shinnecock and Moriches Bay, which don't properly flush, and where nitrogen pollution from septic tanks, lawn fertilizers and farms ga...
Anyone know if a good fishing spot between rock port & corpus that my kids will have fun
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A Couple of weeks ago I was asked to leave your establishment because i was wearing my US Military Vets M/C vest. The way you approached me and "stated take your vest off or leave" was uncalled for. I, as well as ALL the members of my club are honorably discharged Military Vets. We take pride in our vest just like we did with our Uniforms!!! If you do not want Veterans in your club then go ahead and post a sign saying so! I have and will continue to put out the word about your establishment. As well as informing the Naval Air Station Corpus about this. We do live in a FREE Country where the Constitution states we have Freedom of Speach as well as freedom to express ourselves. You not being from this country do not seem to understand this yet you come to this country for a better way of life and decide to try and push your OWNERSHIP weight around on the people who defended this country and also LIBERATED your own.
On my way to Avery Island with the Pelican State Pachyderm Club :)
I am working on this as from right now.
Trying to book last minute long weekend at beach 6/20 for me and hubs. Any ideas? Having trouble finding a place to stay :(
I'm all over the place. Trying to decide on a birthday theme for Lani :-/
After spending last night with Pastor Mark Massey and his family, his son Josh gave me a ride to work with him. He is a range at Assateague Island. So I went birding today and got life bird today: Brown Pelican.
Which State Wins the Cup?   The Gulf of Mexico, United States—The Gulf Cup Blue Marlin Shootout pits not only the best fishing teams in the region against one another but also the associated marinas and even the states of the Gulf Coast in a new one-day, winner-take-all event to be held on the Fourth of July. At stake is a year’s worth of bragging rights in addition to significant prize money based on the number of participating boats.      The competition will be twofold: the team with the largest blue marlin takes home the cash but the city, state and even the weigh station that weighs the winning fish will take home the prestigious Gulf Cup trophy and bragging rights for the next twelve months. Imagine the tourism departments in each state printing the headlines the following day that the state of Texas (or Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi or Florida) has won the prestigious Gulf Cup, proving that the billfishing off their shores is indeed the best in the Gulf of Mexico.   The fishing boundarie ...
As a young Politician in the arena of Giants, i have come to learn that nothing is always what it seems. I have also learned that in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king. But the greatest lesson is the one of consistancy. It has always been and will continue to be my desire to see the people of this great country gain the opportunities that are over due be presented for their benefit. And so i will continue to champion those benefits that our people have been crying out for from before i was born. My method at times some may not understand, seemingly to many not the normal political approach but i am not the normal politician, i was voted in to serve the people and to look out for their needs, that is why when the pelican works were in need, i not only stood by their side while facing pressure from my own party i brought the Law to Parliament in making sure that no other employees on this island will have face the same situation. While there was a debate on how much to increase the pension for o ...
things happening today. Last session of Soviet History for the SCANS group. Mary Mac. , his has been such a wonderful thing, thank you for the work you did to get it here for us!! Second thing is there is an American White Pelican at the causeway to Corkum's Island, down near Lunenburg. You never know what you'll see around here. Third, my Haskaps have arrived so now we need to find a place to plant them. Busy, busy, busy!! Ugh, someone burned lobsters, hopefull it is just the shells, the whole neighbourhood reeks!
Guess who's joining the Surfside Sunset Market this Tuesday, June 11th. 1st correct answer wins a market bag and $5.00 in Market Bucks to use at the market. (This should be easy for our astute market fans.) Clue-Their mascot is Berry the Pelican.
Awesome day! Went to Pelican Island instead of Disappearing Island. Saw thousands of fiddler crabs (The kids named the biggest one Mr. Crabs) ... found some sand dollars And a couple of dolphins were swimming near us tooWe went out to dinner at Our Deck Down Under and DQ for a blizzard !
Witnessed one guy in the water dragging a rolled-up net hanging in the water from a float, and 3 guys on jet skis offering support if the snorkeler found any bait fish. This site, Kalli's Reef is where I have seen the fishermen in the past surround huge schools of baitfish and CATCH EVERYONE of them with their nets. Most likely the "fishermen' were the ones from Curacao that earlier in the week were LEGALLY catching bait fish along Bonaire's shore. They are not buying them from the Bonairean fishermen, they are physically catching the bait fish themselves. I know it is legal, from what Ramon tells us, but Curacao is a foreign country now, and don't we have restrictions on such taking of our resources?
HELLO WORLD TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER -UPDATE We have received another fine review on Trip Advisor. The total reviews is now up to 44 and we are rated of activities out of 185 for Cozumel. I believe that number really says a lot on how our business has grown in less than one year. All because of our wonderful Pelican clients who have come to visit and dive with us. Their terrific reviews have jumped us past many of the more established dive shops on the Island. Certainly our number of 44 reviews is less than the more established shops, but still it shows that we have become a serious contender in the local dive industry As I read the reviews it becomes very clear as to why we continue to get five star reviews. Servando, the Skinny Shark and Jeanie Buscher. These three items are what make us better than the rest. Jeanie with her experience in the industry and her booking skills are second only to the dedication and effort that she puts in. Her rapid email reply's to clients are often noted by the review . ...
Good Morning Everyone! Come join us for Sunday Brunch! We have Smoked Salmon Benedict, Chicken and Biscuits, Homemade Beignets and more. As always Bottomless Mimosas and Build Your Own Bloody Marys. Live music upstairs from 4pm-8pm on The Pelican Perch. Come see one of the best sunsets on the Island! Thanks for all the support!
Gotta wake up all early tomorrow to go to pelican island
Okay Friends and Family we are having a boat naming contest. I'm in the midst of buying a boat and I need a name for the Coast Guard Registry. Remember, I'm a Jimmy Buffett loving Texas Boy so I'm thinking along those lines. There will be a grand prize of I pick your suggestion or even the one one that I like the most. I'm looking for something that will make people think (no obvious names like Margaritaville) come on, bring on the good stuff. I'm also open to Willie or Stevie Ray names. Let's get creative, I know y'all can do it.
My friends Yvonne, Holly, and their and my kids plus my friend Ashley all went Blue Pelican Marina and went on a boat ride to help clean up the island. Just got back. The marina gave me a crab trap for my birthday and helping clean up Found some amazing puffy sand dollar fossils with Holly All of us on our way to get sushi Hope you're all having a great day as well and thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes xxx
On our way to G-town with the family... Christian Sistrunk where you at homie?
Today at the Beach (Pelican Island) I was watching kids playing in the waves and something BIG caught my eye in the water! The Biggest Shark iv ever Seen was popping its head out to see and not afraid to let everyone know he was in town. About 10meters from the shore. I will NO longer ever go deeper then my knees again!
laundry is done, house almost cleaned, packing to be done. Leave for California tomorrow. So excited! Make it a great day!
Thank you for choosing The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. The Aquarium offers a wide variety of programs scheduled throughout the year for you and your family. Preregistration is Required and you can reserve your spot by registering below.
Tonight is the night! The fundraiser for the AED Fund sponsored by The Order of John will be at the Palms at Pelican Cove, 630-930. There will be some wonderful silent auction items, one year of parking in Christiansted, sailing lessons, dive trips, boat trips, CPR/AED certification courses, art, art, and more art, restaurant gift certificates, hotel stays. And a raffle! You will get the opportunity to see an AED and push the buttons! I still have a couple of tickets, so if you don't have any plans for tonight, come on down! You can inbox me and I will be sure you get tickets or they are available at the door. Please come help St. Croix - The Island with a Heart.
Sound check at Pelican Lounge, we're having an island party tonight!!
Yes, Dawn Blue and Marcy Edwards are 1 hour early..I guess we're a little excited..BVI's here we come ;)
I'm so proud of my daughter Bianca Falcon. she won a trip to Texas A&M. daddy loves you
A great turn out for "beachy." 39 posts. DDAY 3 X, people on the beach, childhood pics of young and old,glorious seascapes, birds, dogs, vehicles, fish, signs, footprints, shadows, flowers--anenomes? The most popular by hits with 79 was the post of the DDay landing by Ian Graham followed by Shadow on the beach by Anita Firebaugh. I cannot choose a favorite this week. They were all so good. I love people shots-- Nancy Womack as a young girl at the beach. Helen Nugent Happy. Regeana Sandidge Foot prints. "Not much beach," The moon at Nags Head, The Beach on the Big Island, The pelican flight..Joel Coman's shot... I can tell we love the ocean and beach. Thanks for sharing. Any suggestions for next week???
The Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia is a vibrant wetland ecosystem bursting with life. The site is regarded as a wetland of national and international importance and the centre enjoys a growing reputation for excellence in wetland conservation, educ
Looking into booking a Beach trip with my girls for July! I am frustrated at trying to book online and all the different places. Destin West or Waterscape...???
Quiet, peaceful, birds chirping, flowers smelling awesome and sunning by the pool side. Life couldn't get much better.
Only two more days until the Islands with a Heart benefit. I hope you all will be supporting our effort to get more AEDs and training on St. Croix. Please contact me at aedfundif you have any questions. Wait till you see all the art and great items in the silent auction. Who couldn't use their very own parking space in Christiansted? Or sailing lessons? Or local art? Restaurant gift certificates? Day sails? Sunset sails? CPR/AED certification classes? And so much more! It is going to be great! Hope to see you all there. Remember the Palms at Pelican Cove, Saturday, June 8th, 630-930, tickets are $75 and you will be doing a great service for our island with great thanks to The Order of St. John. Tickets are available at The Goldworker, Undercover books, Ginny Angus at St. Croix Marine, from any Order of St. John members, Dr. Potts office, and at the door. Just email me and I will help you get tickets.
Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Natural Resource Trustees to Hold Public Meetings on Gulf of Mexico Restoration Trustees announce new scoping process for early restoration GULF COAST (June 4, 2013) — The Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Trustees (Trustees) for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill today announced new opportunities for the public to engage in the early restoration process. In a Notice of Intent published today, the Trustees announced plans to prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, or PEIS, to evaluate the potential environmental effects of general types of early restoration actions, as well as specific projects including those that the Trustees intend to propose in the Phase III Draft Early Restoration Plan as announced in the Federal Register on May 6, 2013. The PEIS also will evaluate the cumulative effects of early restoration. Early restoration was initiated by the April 2011 $1 billion Framework Agreement between the Trustees and BP. The Frame ...
Petros the pelican is the Celebrity and Mascot of Mykonos island . He will welcome everybody for the Biennale on June 21st. He did it for Jackie , he will do it for us too. :-)
Police with radar working Pelican Island bridge
lol I wish it was Pelican Island tho I could walk to that
This incident occurred on May 29, 2013, when these two men were harassing a bird rookery in Indian River County, possibly near the Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge or nearby area. If you recognize these perpetrators, please report any information you have here: or call 888-404-FWCC
Scott McIntyre/Staff Alec Beauchamp, of Naples, pulls with vigor to try and beat his opponent during an arm wrestling tournament at Pelican Larry's Pine Ridge on Saturday June 1, 2013. The tournament drew competitors to arm wrestle their way to the prize of a spot in the World Bar Arm Wrestling Cham...
Dinner at the Palms at Pelican Cove with my beautiful wife and son...and a show by the Moco Jumbies. In historic island days the Moco Jumbies were Gods protectors and kept evil spirits away from the town. That is why their faces are covered. Check out the pics.
This vacation thing is becoming a hassle. Looking for a different beach to go to than usual. Accommodations, driving. Ugh!!
At The Pelican in mwc listening to Kiss You All Over by Exile. brings back a lot of Dauphin Island memories.
Pelican Lounge Friday night on the Island!!! Awesome place, Cold Beer, LIVE TEXAS MUSIC!!! See y'all there!
What’s your favorite place to visit during your family’s Carolina Beach vacation?
HELLO WORLD Summer has finally arrived in Fairbanks Alaska. A week of 82 degrees was capped off with a day of 84. I loved it, but everyone else just wilted in the heat. The saving grace is that we have no humidity here in Fairbanks. Not so in Cozumel, as the town was inundated with rain this past week. A tropical depression stalled over the Island. The very hot humid days turned into tropical rains. I heard that six inched fell one day/night with thunder and lightning. Not surprisingly, the town has slowed with both diving and tourism. Cruise ship traffic is down (couldn't be because of all the recent fires on board). However TRES PELICANOS is alive and well. Pony is manning the shop and Servando is taking care of divers though they are infrequent during this slow spell. Jeanie and Mike are back in the USA loving grand children and hating the hot humid weather and flooding. They like me here in Alaska, arrived back in the US to find colder than normal temperatures that turned into monsoons. Before the la ...
I'm making these public so they can be shared if you'd like, because it makes me sick to know this bird was left without any help. The kids and I stopped at the Skyway Bridge rest area for a little break between doctor appointments. As we walked we saw this pelican who didn't move at all, we then noticed the hook in its wing and the fishing line wrapped around it. I called 911 and asked them if the could call Fish and Wildlife and she told me "No, and the bird sanctuary is closed now." but she did connected me else where who told me not to waste my breath and she connected me to someone's voice mail. I saw two older men with their wives looking for shells so I asked them if they had a knife and if they would help. They were wonderful and wanted to help but they rushed the bird and scared it. The pelican stood up and you could see it had more fishing line with fishing weights on it's legs. The pelican snapped at us and started floating in the water. 1. My family loves to fish, but don't just leave your fis ...
Does anyone know of any rental property in Myrtle Beach, SC?
Come on out to the island in CC this fri night and have a beer with us at The Pelican Lounge,jammin all night long!
I know my friends in Galveston mean well when you have a balloon release in honor of a lost loved one.but please consider what happens to the balloons after they fall from the sky. There is a very good chance that they will be eaten by a sea turtle or another sea creature that mistakes it as a jelly fish. I have personally toured the sea turtle rescue lab on Pelican Island and seen turtles that have had plastic removed from their stomaches and near death. Please no more balloon releases in Galveston. Our loved ones would not want to be honored in that way. How about planting a tree or throwing roses in the ocean instead. If anyone wants to visit the sea turtle rehab let me know and I will post the number. Thanks from our sea turtles!!!
Where can you go for all you can eat crab legs TONIGHT!?!? B&J is not doing it tonight. =(
Thanks to Yelp, Abe and I just successfully planned all of our dining for our vacation in 2 weeks...Amelia Island here we come! Here's to avoiding the tourist traps and eating where the locals eat. :) Planning a trip is half the fun.
Check them out for yourself here at Pine Island Marina!
Nature Trails with Bird Watching Sri Lanka is a true paradise for bird lovers and Ornithologists and probably the best place in the world to watch birds. Sri Lanka has a total list of over 430 species of birds. Of these, 233 are resident and these include the most important 26 species that are recognized as endemic to the country. Most of the resident species are shared with the Asian mainland. Although a small island, Sri Lanka's environment ranges from wet to dry zone, forest to jungle, and hill country to low lands, there's no end to the fascinating locations in which to observe such a large array of birds. Most of the endemic birds, such as the striking Red-faced Malkoha & Green billed Coucal are restricted to the wet zone, while birds such as the Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush and the Yellow-eared Bulbul reside in the hill country. Others, like the brilliantly plumaged Junglefowl, and the shy Brown-capped Babbler can be found in forests and sanctuaries throughout the island. Most of the endemic birds, su ...
Did 40 miles alongside the Mississippi river today!!! I love my new bike!! I ate 1,100 bugs, jumped over a pipeline, saw a pelican eat the biggest fish I have ever seen in the Mississippi and got attacked by birds. What a magical time!!!
Gregor today was trying to think of a place and said "is it Pelican Island?" When he meant Flamingo Land. Brilliant, nearly burst ear drums in the car with my hearty laughter.
Making the best of my night! Be home soon 24 days and counting. Then the smell of sun tan oil and rum ah. I can smell it now redfish on the grill and on and on.
It's only Monday but our minds already on the wknd, we're heading to The Pelican Lounge on the island fri night,see you all there!
For all you people who have been going to Destin, orange beach, gulf shores area. Where is a good place to stay the weekend with a baby! (She loves the water). I want somewhere close to the beach but that has a nice pool and all as well! Rather spend most of the time at the pool! We need a mini vacation!!! ☀
From early morning beach runs, umbrella chairs by the beach, peanut butter malts at the Snake Shack, my pelican friends, shopping till we shouldn't, John's Pass night life, to relaxing in our p.j.'s laughing and watching Lifetime...I so wish I was there with you guys!!!
Off to Aruba to celebrate 20 years - without the kids!
Anyone wanna go tear up the bull reds in the surf tomorrow along with trout
Good Morning! Finish off this great weekend with Sunday Brunch! We are offering our favorites such as Crab Cake Benedict, Brioche French Toast w/ Banana Compote, Fried Chicken and Biscuits, and more... They go great with our Build Your Own Bloody Mary's and Bottomless Mimosas. Dan Voll plays upstairs at the Pelican Perch this evening from 5-9! Come listen to Dan and see the best sunset on the island! Thanks everyone!
Got my toes in the water and butt in the sand!! Having a blast! :)
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At The Pelican Lounge or as we call it the Dirty Bird!!
3 more People to go & We'll have 80 k in today. Feeling like an a** cause I can't complete My final 2 k, My blisters have blisters. So NAI:WEN, MIIGWECH, MEEGWETCH, HIY HIY, MASI CHO, To Bryan Waciston, Gern Lamar, Nancy Greyeyes & Rueben Maurice for adding .5 K Each to make up the 2 K I can't complete today. Courage doesn't always Roar, sometimes Courage is the small voice at the end of the day that Says "I'll try again Tomorrow" THANK YOU GUYS! Miigwech Creator, I'm doing the Best I can.
Here is the link to our photobooth pictures from our wedding :) Sorry for the delay!
Much like a *** Mykonos is a complex and confusing maze designed to foil pirates.
BLP's hittin' the beach tonight y'all! We'll be at the legendary Brass Pelican in Surf City on Topsail Island starting at 9:30pm! Beach folks know how to party up there!! Get yo a$$ to the BRASS!!
“I think one of the most important things facing Galveston right now is the Pelican Island bridge,” Rosen said. “With the Panamax ships coming into play in the next few years Pelican Island must develop a rail system.”
Hittin' the road to Topsail Island tonight for a gig with BLP in Surf City!! We're at the Brass Pelican tonight! 9:30-1:30! Road trip y'all, do it!
Just finished a 3 mile hike at Pelican Island NWR. Got to see White Pelicans and Roseate Spoonbills. Not too close though. This NWR was the very first one established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.
If you're anything like our amazing volunteers working on the island this weekend you're probably thinking, "Whoa, today is the last day of the New Family and Former Pelican Discounts - I should probably tell my friends about that." Well, have you?
Gonna grab a bite and go listen to my amazing music buddy Mark Allan Atwood tear it up.. excited and darn giddy.. I met the owner of pelican bar last night and im hopin to get a music residency on the island!
CONGRATS to all 5th grade grads of Pelican Island Elm SO PROUD OF YOU ALL especially
At 5:30 yesterday morning Mia and I almost decided to stay home rather than make the hour-long drive to Antelope Island because the area up north looked to be socked in with clouds (the "Farmington...
I don't think a lot of people realize this, but when Venice was being built in the 1920's, this area was for the most extreme, wealthiest of people. In today's currency, the only people who bought property and lived here were equivalent to millionaires many times over. Venice was a rich-people's Mecca. It was an all-inclusive paradise and highly defended against anyone who was not filthy rich.
One last time for the night.FRIDAY HAPPENINGS!! Richie Allbright at Jerry B's in Kenedy, Saints Eleven at June Bug Jam in Milford (they kick off at 3:30!!), Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone at Pelican Lounge on the island..South Padre that is, and Blacktop Outlaw at The Cove in Ft. Worth!!!
Going to Marco Island with David for a weekend at the beach. Sammy and Scott are joining us.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So ive played the Tilden Ice House in Port Aransas on Wednesday and they w Liked the show so much they want me to assemble a house band for a weekly gig, and last night I played the Pelican Lounge on Padre Island and the owner was dancin all night!
GOD's CREATURES The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit. All education should be directed toward the refinement of the individual's sensibilities in relation not only to one's fellow humans everywhere, but to all things whatsoever." ~Ashley Montague "We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace." ~Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization Happy Friday Everyone. I could not sleep for some reason last night and I logged on to FB only to see an article and video that someone posted of two men in Texas carrying off ...
Hope to see lots of friends and family at the Brass Pelican Huron tomorrow evening, weather permitting, showtime is 7pm OUTSIDE on the patio! Saturday afternoon it's back to DOCKERS at Portside Marina, Kelleys Island, 2-5!
Hey this could be full on stupid. I plan on doing a dive just off the shore at bird island at the milk river ridge. I want to come up underneath them filming and take photos from the middle of the flock. I've been around sharks and stingrays. Honestly the idea of being attacked underwater or at the surface by a pelican or a goose is much more frightening. Should be some great video? Any family or friends want to join me? This stunt has Nick Demas written all over it. Don't let me down Nick. If I can't count on nephews who can I count on?
What are some places in PCB that we need to visit?
A brown pelican shakes the water off its wings at the water's edge of Bird Island during the Sunshine Wildlife Tour on the Indian River Lagoon in Stuart on Saturday.
We are out in Ortley Beach, Pelican Island and Toms River today. If you need assistance with long-term recovery efforts please stop by or call (732) 908-9835.
about Florida wildlife refuges, such as Merritt Island and Pelican Island, Florida Panther...
Daily Trivia: Established in 1903, Pelican Island was the first designated wildlife refuge in the country.
We hit the Viera Wetlands and Pelican Island today... we had a blast. The last picture is of a White Cheeked Pintail, very rare for North America
This is a list of islands of the Caribbean region, broadly defined to include islands surrounded by or bordering the Caribbean Sea as well as islands in the nearby Lucayan Archipelago, organized by the political entity to which each island belongs. There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region: Anguilla has 21; Antigua-and-Barbuda has 37; Aruba (4); Bahamas (501 approximately, largest being Andros Island not Bahama); Barbados used to have 3 (but Pelican Island is now absorbed into Barbados through land reclamation, 1956–1961); British Virgin Islands (43); Cayman Islands (12); Cuba (23); Dominica (7); Dominican Republic (2); Grenada (39); Guadeloupe (38); Haiti (6); Honduras (6); Jamaica (the capital is Kingston)(26); Martinique (50); Montserrat (3); Netherlands Antilles (25, this includes half of Saint Martin); Puerto Rico (142); Saint Barthélemy (13); Saint Kitts-and-Nevis (20); Saint Lucia (17); Saint Martin (8); Saint Vincent-and-the-Gre ...
At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.
Anyone recommend a good Chiropractor in Caloundra or nearby??
I'm here, on location, in the wildlife preserve, Ding Darling, on Sanibel island. Sunlight has yet to reach us, but I know, it will be perfect to capture the early morning feeding of the spoonbill and the great white pelican.gotta love cinema! Pew pew pew!
With Sara after 12 - Three million pounds is to be spent on altering roads and pavements in some of the parish centres to try and slow traffic and reduce its effect on you. What would you like to see happen in your village centre?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
There's a plane. Crash lands on an abandoned island. Everyone dies except 2 people. Guy agrees to feed Guy So Guy roams around the island and makes pelican sandwiches for guy For 8 months they've been stranded on that island and eating pelican sandwiches. The next month, they get rescued. The two guys go their separate ways. Guy who's been fed pelican sandiwiches for 9 months decides to go to a resturant and just for old time sake he orders a pelican sandwich. Soon after he ate the pelican sandwich, he kills himself. ( Why does he kill himself soon right after he hate the pelican sandwich? )
All is good in very warm and sunny FL. Thanks much to Andy and Karin Snitz. Treasure Island draw bridge at work. Great Blue Heron and Brown Pelican.
Tsunami warning always remind of dat morning in gizo boarding pelican jst outside of babanga island we were hit by the April of da darkest history in the western province.
Moving Sale (2851 Triggerfish Street, Matlacha) Friday 4 fiberglass wicker patio chairs 3 lighthouse plate collection in display rack numerous lighthouses metal pelican wallhanging metal file cabinet Sears Kenmore sewing machine Orek vaccuum cleaner and separate attachments several lamps bamboo sofa, love seat and chair with loose cushions Lots of miscellaneous fri 8, 8:30 to 2:00 Huge Blue Crab Multi-Family Yard Sale (Bokeelia/Blue Crab) Blue Crab Condo Assn. Annual yard and arts/crafts sale. Multiple units participating. Arts and crafts in clubhouse, jewelry, watercolor, fish prints and more. Saturday, February 9th from 9:00 am to Noon. Early birds welcome. Blue Crab is apprx. one and a half miles north of Pine Island Center on Stringfellow Road. Turn right on Marina and you will run right into the entrance.
This could only happen in Key West. Viki and I are at the Pier House meeting some friends we were early and the only ones in the place besides the Bartender and Larry Smith the piano player when in came 3 elderly people. We started chatting with them and found out they were from Chicago. I told them I was from Skokie a suburb of Chicago. The man that was with the 2 women said I know Skokie very well I retired from the Skokie Fire Dept. some time ago.
DIPOA News: Pelican Report 16 February 4, 2013 Judging from the lengthy description of a daunting process to gather proposals or RFPs (Request for Proposals) posted on the DIPOA website, it would appear that the Board of Directors of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association has decided to gear up for a long-term, nationwide search to obtain a suitable 99-year lease contract with a professional golf management entity and/or developer. The process laid out in the document, “Potential Approach: Request for Proposals,” would, if rigorously pursued, leave no stone, even moss-covered ones, unturned. Yet, as far as I know, the proposed RFP Committee, alluded to in the document, still awaits its incarnation. I wonder why? Could it be that Board is having second thoughts about going down the path indicated by that document, namely a path that would lead, were it successful, to a professional golf management entity and/or developer? Translated that would mean leasing the golf-course property to a large co ...
Attention Jax: New Venue starting Thursday Feb 14 at Mandarin Cigar of Flemming Island...look for details soon on the website. Also, starting this Thursday there will no longer be poker at Salty Pelican...stay tuned for a replacement venue on Thursdays in Fernandina
See that pelican? I'm there tomorrow at sunset. Hasta la vista, baby.
We wanted to have some fun and we did duplicate albums for pelican island in sepia and spanish lake park in black and white. Let me know what you think.
If you could buy a private island.which would you go for? - its Pelican Island for us every time, simply stunning!
Need help finding wedding venue. I prefer a place that's indoor/ outdoor and I can supply my own catering/ liquor . Need a win here bc the place we liked no longer does weddings ( Victorian Gardens) oh and not in BFE :)
59 and feeling fine...Going out to Rusty Pelican for dinner tonight with Cassi. I love that restruant, good memories, some good dates there, New Port Christmas boat parade, and hanging out on balboa island. Celebrating
From my new book "Everything You Know About Violence Is Wrong"... Among high level players and those good at violence, the warning signs are usually a lot subtler, not confrontational and much less theatrical. In contrast, if you don't take the hint, the violence will be far more explosive and intense.
Never a dull moment on Pelican Island...
eBird lots of great birding activity at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
So much in store this week. Thank you to our vendors. Rusty Pelican(3), Tampa Convention Center, Sandpearl Resort, Hyatt Clearwater Beach, Romantic Honeymoon Island, Safety Harbor Spa, Delectables Fine Catering at Clearwater Beach Rec Center, Shepards Beach Resort, and Doncedy Hall St. Pete. Many wonderful birthdays and anniversaries also. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of all your special occasions.
Best place in the Island for a full English?
Is Noosa just an unfenced retirement village for the rich? Was it not the Noosa Council that allowed Richard Branson to make his own "special" village on one of Noosa's Pelican & Bird Breeding Habitat Island and lets not forgett the Racv Noosa Resort Develpment and how about all the land behind Peregian that Mr Stockwell is sitting on waiting for a council change so he can perhaps forge ahead with the expansion of Pergian/Peregian Springs.No development...Ha...there was more development when Noosa Council needed all the money to build up the kitty before the amagamation!
The Brown Pelican rescued from Hurricane Hole on Stock Island last Thursday with a neck wound is shown here a…
Just enjoyed a wonderful Kayak trip with Kerry Wozneski Firth and Genie Hardee exploring Pelican Island and the beautiful White Pelicans! We do live in paradise and there is so much to be enjoyed here in Sebastian Chamber and Vero Beach Florida . Feeling grateful for true friends and time to enjoy this wonderful life.Thanks Kerry!!! Peace, love and light all...
OK fb family and friends I am trying to book a vacation in Florida and I want a nice beach front hotel on a clean beach ANY SUGGESTIONS
The Wild Apple Team did it again. BEST SNOW PELICAN EVER! Take a drive to MAIN Street in Menasha and check it out. The Winter Festival is going on in Smith Park on Doty Island and there are MANY great snow sculptures there to enjoy also!
Here is a link to photos from the Plank Laying ceremony for the Rio Mora NWR and Conservation Area held at Pelican Island NWR on January 11, 2013. A great way to start the new year!
NEEDED: Barge that sleeps 40 people to be used to house volunteers for a restoration project at Raccoon Island for one week in March. My friends at For the Bayou and Restore the Earth are two of the volunteer groups supporting this project. Please contact me via email if you know of a barge owner of this size: captainwendy
Thanks for everyone who has liked the page if you can draw and would like to submit an idea for a new patch feel free to inbox us i am sure we can come up with a prize for the winner.
Jammin with the boys (Out of Bounds) at the Pelican Lounge on the island. Come see us and my boys Joey Levandowski and Geoff Bumstead behind the bar. Rock! \m/
The Caldecott and Newbury Medal winners for children's literature were announced this week. What was your favorite book you read as a child that still stays with you today?
Life would be so easy without any emotions
A Big Thanks to our Localize it Business: Rhythmix Culture Works for their Hospitality and Amazing Performance of Capoeira, Little House Cafe, Pasta Pelican, Island City Cafe and Otaez for their delicious food and R &B Cellars for pouring wine all night!! But most of all thanks to all of our Localize it Card holders who should their support for localize It and Rhythmix!!!
Where would you go to find a rustic bar, built on a sand bar 1/4 mile out to sea? The Pelican Bar
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IF I were President, I would create a Department of Common Sense which would be made up of brain trusts and think tankers who have no particular political persuasion. The members of this most important cabinet would be the equivalent of the Algonquin roundtable and would be consulted on all things policy and government related. YAAAY Vote Tami.
I just ousted Victoria C. as the mayor of Pelican Island Causeway on
BIRD UPDATE - The white-cheeked pintail was observed by refuge staff again this morning. The bird is located in the pond off the refuge's Centennial Trail. Look for it feeding and resting within a large raft of blue-winged teal. Kudos to, Vermont resident, Donald H. Miller for reporting his observation to refuge staff yesterday afternoon.
Its.not park Park Seafood but ill have to make due... At pelican bend, isle of capri florida
Carlton Ward and Joe Guthrie with Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service at Pelican Island National...
In keeping with the theme of 'getting to know you' week, we want to hear YOUR stories. Rescuing Bona was something that the three of us will never in our lifetimes forget about. But we want to hear of your amazing animal rescues. Comment below and tell us about a time you were able to be of assistance to our animal friends. Was there a dog or cat in need, or some wildlife you stumbled upon? We'd love to hear your stories...
We had such an awesome day.started with breakfast at the new Flagler pier, The Funky Pelican,.
The warm southerly winds and the frozen bay meet and give birth to raining fog...pelican island has zero visibility
I just ousted Christina as the mayor of Pelican Island on
All of my fav places to eat and drink on Amelia island start with an S. Singletons, Surf, Sliders, Sandy Bottoms, and the Salty Pelican, lol, Now all of u know singletons is on the other side of the river and not on amelia , but we dont miss it cause none of the others on the island have trigger fish or shrimp salad. Get those two on your menu and u will save us about 10 dollars on the ferry , lol. Go DAWGS on signing day
First we would like to say WE ARE NOT CLOSING! Due to limited resources,the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is no longer able to accept additional birds requiring rehabiliation. We will be focusing on the care and completion of the rehabilitation process for the birds we currently have on property. Until our funds improve we can no longer activity rescue any birds. We will concentrate on taking care of the long term crippled residence on site. We would also like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to our staff,volunteers, and especially our supporters for everything they do. The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary will still be open 7 days a week for visitors. Also, the gift shop will be open 7days a week. Thank you again from all of us at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.
Seniors answer one of these questions for yearbook, please: - where do you think you will be in 10 years? - Advice to underclassmen... - you know you're a senior when. If anyone has any yearbooks from any elementary school other than Sebastian and Liberty, let me know please.
I don't get pelican island. Wind just comes from all directions and just collides in the middle of campus.
If you need volunteers to help gut & remove debris, please contact me. We've been in Ortley Ocean Beach & Pelican Island
We are now at Pelican Waters, no proper Internet yet hence the phone update. Yet another beautiful coastal town. The birds are making an incredible noise as we sit having a cold beer overlooking the beach and the island waiting for our mezze platter. Even I am finding myself irritating!!! Tough life but someone has to do it
Dog Island and the Pelican Inn - Shared by the Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce...
been to Pelican Island awhile, Jean Lafitte used to hang unrully pirates there, Im a Paramormal Investigator for fun
32 acre Pelican Island offers a rare opportunity to acquire a freehold island in one of the Caribbean"s...
Heading out to drag for diabetes then finding a fishing spot
Having the most perfect afternoon on pelican island - life really is great
STRAYA. If anyone sees this poor A lying around anywhere can you please return it to the less fortunate of us so they can feel least a little bit Australian on this beautiful aussie day. ... OZY. Is the shortest abbreviation a real aussie will tolerate !
Snorkeled the Indians at Pelican Island. Very pretty. Heading back to Tortola for happy hour and dinner. Leaving tomorrow after a truly amazing adventure. Can't wait to hug my girlie!
Have any of you ever been to Tybee Island Georgia? I want to go.
Ok friends...Florida or Gulf Shores for spring break with my babies??? And where to stay at either??? One friend gave me the idea of Destin...thanks Terry Bush!!!
Seaside Park, South Seaside Park, and Pelican Island welcomed home residents on a permanent basis Thursday.
I'm not sure riding a bull moose is smart but I'll leave it to others to determine "cool." I will say this man is another of my true conservation heroes. When he created Pelican Island, it was the first time anywhere in the world, that public land was set aside solely for benefit of wildlife, a revolutionary idea. Today your National Wildlife Refuge System protects over 95 million acres of the best of the best. Thanks TR, your vision is a gift to all Americans beyond estimation.
Staying at pelican hill w/ my boo next week in newport. And the next day we're staying at a marriott in an island. i wanna to cry.
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