Peggy Olsen & Mad Men

Mad Men is an American dramatic television series created and produced by Matthew Weiner. 5.0/5

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Elizabeth Moss might be a scientologist but Peggy Olsen alone is worth the Mad Men binger.
I know I should be productive, but I might just start re-watching Mad Men. Need some Peggy Olsen inspiration.
“Just think about it deeply, then forget it. An idea will jump up in your face.” -Don Draper to Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
There's an elderly lady named Peggy Olsen who keeps calling me accidentally. It's the Mad Men flash forward I didn't know I needed...
Mad Men observation: Peggy Olsen is not as attractive as people in the show say
Season 3 of Mad Men and I'm still struggling to see how/why we're supposed to root for Peggy Olsen. She epitomizes the glass ceiling.
Mad Men character I think I'm like: Joan Harris or Bert Cooper. . Character I'm probably actually like: Peggy Olsen.
So do you like Odell Beckham Jr. as Mad Men's Don Draper or Peggy Olsen? Ron Higgins reports
Finally caught up with the end of Mad Men. A fitting finale, but what am I supposed to do with the Peggy Olsen-shaped void in my life now!?
If you think Mad Men "betrayed Peggy Olsen," you're either Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, or Daffy Duck.
is that Peggy Olsen from Mad Men in the background?
Peggy Olsen is probably the closest character I can relate to in Mad Men.
Peggy Olsen talks life after 'Mad Men' via Poached her red thermos from the set - so sweet
A recent episode of Mad Men had a great exchange between Peggy Olsen and Don Draper, where she finally asks Don: “Teach me. Tell me how you do it.” Don responds in a bemused way, as Peggy gives him her take on how he pitches his ideas to clients:
Plans for evening: drinking wine and watching Mad Men. Sally Draper is awesome and Peggy Olsen is my idol.
it was Peggy Olsen from Mad Men on a motorbike! I just copies and pasted the gif from tumblr. That's obviously not right then.
Why does everyone think Peggy Olsen on Mad Men is attractive, not to be mean but she ain't all that
Peggy Olsen's fringe in S01 of Mad Men puts me off bangs for life, and I am a girl who love bangs.
Doing homework while reviewing season 5 of Mad Men. Peggy Olsen, give me strength for finals.
Why TV producers currently face the same dilemma as Mad Men's Don Draper and Peggy Olsen :
Took me reading this whole post to remember that "Elisabeth Olson" isn't Peggy from Mad Men's name.
[Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Folks Not Caught Up with Season 7, Episode 5!] In one of the more memorable – and squirm-inducing – scenes of this season of AMC’s Mad Men, brilliant but eccentric copywriter Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) presents his colleague, agency copy chief Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth
patiently awaiting my beloved combo of Taco Bell and Mad Men. Wondering what kind of crappy slogan Peggy Olsen would pitch to the TCB execs.
No, not like that, but after 'Mad Men' spent most of its April 13 premiere showing its two main characters -- Don Draper and Peggy Olsen -- wallowing in their own pools of disappointment, it's clea...
I'm watching the newest season of Mad Men on Netflix, and as I see it, Peggy Olsen and I have grown congruently in our confidence and sense of (positive) authority in the last few years...
Hey mad men fans! Is it just me? Or does this rabbit kind of remind you of Peggy Olsen?
also, Peggy Olsen is the standard for me. (Most female Mad Men characters are great.)
"I'm Peggy Olsen, and I'd like to smoke some marijuana." Again, Mad Men at its finest.
If you want a nice example of visual imagery to convey meaning, check out the last shot of Peggy Olsen on the Mad Men finale. She is completely darkened and turns in her chair towards the window (so her back is to the camera), recreating the iconic logo image from the opening credits of the show (her transformation into a young Don Draper, now complete).
Peggy Olsen and Trudy Campbell are the biggest Gangsta's on Mad Men
Peggy Olsen in Mad Men is the Anna Hathaway of TV Dramas.
Mad Men has plenty of amazing characters but Peggy Olsen is it's most inspiring. Lane Pryce is it's most tragic.
Peggy Olsen and Don Draper from Mad Men are my favorites.
Ok. I have gone on a two-month-long MAD MEN hiatus. Can I get some Don Draper/ *** Whitman/ Peggy Olsen advertising glory back in my life? "Bye bye, BIRRRDDIIE..." Blake Williams
So apparently Miley Cyrus is playing Peggy Olsen in next season of Mad Men. At least, I think that's what I read.
Elisabeth Moss, the actress who plays Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, showed up for the New York premiere of For A Good Time, Call... with brand new hair.
Elisabeth Moss debuted a new haircut on the red carpet for the premiere of "For a Good Time, Call" Tuesday, sporting a blonde pixie hair. Could this be a new Peggy Olsen for season 6 of AMC's "Mad Men," the show that always seems to follow sartorial history?
not one to get starstruck, but i nearly died just now standing in an elevator with Elisabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen from Mad Men. SO HAPPY.
Elizabeth Moss, AKA Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, is now a customer of LTI!!! I find that very exciting. Huge Mad Men fan.
Elizabeth Moss, respectively Mad Men's Peggy Olsen, is the President's daughter. Nice.
Hero of the Day: Matthew Weiner, for confirming that Peggy Olsen will be returning to "Mad Men" in the sixth season.
Still catching up on Mad Men but Peggy Olsen = Jeremy Lin
How very 'Mad Men.' playing the theme tune to 'Casino Royale' 67 in the Filmhouse. Sadly no Peggy Olsen here though.
The fall of Don Draper, the rise of Peggy Olsen, and trying to guess how the Mad Men series ends-
Peggy Olsen is a fan! 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss was spotted at his Melbourne gig:
Mad Men's Peggy Olsen has been spotted at a Matt Corby gig in Melbourne. How nice.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Did Elisabeth Moss, aka Peggy Olsen, just leave Mad Men for good the other week? According to Jared Harris (Lane), perhaps. Get the details here.
We were just talking about the last episode of Mad Men, when Peggy Olsen ( Elisabeth Moss ) sauntered in to the shop. Of course she did.
A Peggy Olsen-less Mad Men episode just isn't my favorite. Tell me Elisabeth Moss hasn't left the show completely.
Peggy Olsen on Mad Men looks like Milla Jovovich with Downs Syndrome
Mad Men-inspired clothing a la Don Draper and Peggy Olsen helped Banana Republic to its best quarter of earnings ever.
Peggy Olsen from Mad Men went from being my second least favorite character on television (See: Skylar White) To my second favorite (See: Jesse Pinkman).
Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss on the Future of Peggy Olsen via
defeated - I feel like Peggy Olsen or Joan Holloway from Mad Men. I know this is just a job and I’m not...
The last scene of Mad Men is Don Draper (Formerly Peggy Olsen, who gained the name from Don in (cont)
Mad Men cupcakes as you await the season premiere: Don Draper, Betty Draper, Peggy Olsen, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway
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