Peggy Olsen & Elizabeth Moss

Douglas Bizzaro + Elizabeth Moss are American photographers and film directors working in the fields of fashion, advertising, and fine art. 2.0/5

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Elizabeth Moss might be a scientologist but Peggy Olsen alone is worth the Mad Men binger.
Elizabeth Moss looks gorgeous as a blonde. Who would've thought Peggy Olsen would slay as a Barbie doll 😊
Elizabeth Moss popped onto the red carpet for at PEGGY OLSEN FOREVER.
I can never look at Peggy Olsen the same after realizing that Elizabeth Moss is a Scientologist.
Elizabeth moss turned down role in TD for the second season of this show sooo at least Peggy Olsen thinks it's good
Elizabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen is the Presidents daughter in The West Wing...
noted Elizabeth Moss bka Peggy Olsen on having said:. • Be real and be yourself, don't fake it!
Elizabeth Moss' New Zealand accent in this movie sounds like if Peggy Olsen was pitching an Outback Steakhouse commercial
Blonde, pixie cut Elizabeth Moss is so much cuter than Peggy Olsen hair Elizabeth Moss.
Thoroughly enjoying on but it's weird seeing Elizabeth Moss in non-Peggy Olsen attire.
"This is Peggy Olsen calling about the Super. Bowl..." Best phone call ever. Elizabeth Moss is amazing.
Is this Peggy Olsen or Elizabeth Moss? The fashion choice makes it hard to tell.
Is this Elizabeth Moss as herself or is she channeling Peggy Olsen?
Elizabeth Moss is overdue IMHO. Peggy Olsen simply blows me away each episode.
There's a girl who looks like Peggy Olsen(Elizabeth Moss) from in my advertising copywriting class. How fitting!
Elizabeth Moss, AKA Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, is now a customer of LTI!!! I find that very exciting. Huge Mad Men fan.
Just met Peggy Olsen!!! Thanks to Elizabeth Moss for accommodating my nervous star-struckery.
Elizabeth Moss, respectively Mad Men's Peggy Olsen, is the President's daughter. Nice.
oh I forgot that Elizabeth Moss is a Scientologist...every time I remember that, it bums me out. Peggy Olsen would not approve.
omg Elizabeth Moss ie Peggy Olsen is a Scientologist? my thetans are breaking
Just found out my bb Elizabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen is a scientologist
Elizabeth Moss is a real gem. If somebody doesn't give her an Emmy for being Peggy Olsen then Emmy's no longer mean anything.
Peggy Olsen aka Elizabeth Moss of & Get Him To The Greek is here at the for Dendy Shorts. I'm here to see The Wilding.
So I've been re-watching The West Wing to prepare myself for Sorkin's return to tv in a few weeks. Things I've noticed during season1 ... 1). The show is just as good as it was when it aired, maybe better because I'm not 12 (yes I watched it as it aired) 2). The pre 9/11 innocence makes me go awww 3). Peggy Olsen and Burton Guster look way young (Elizabeth Moss & Dule Hill) 4). Rob Lowe talks almost the exact same way on Parks & Rec as he did in this 5). I wish President Bartlett was real 6). One of the better television shows ever. I realized it got me interested in politics as a young teen 7). You will never ever see a show like this on network television ever again
Please let Option 4 be what happens to Peggy Olsen.
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