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Peggy Olsen

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‘I’m Peggy Olsen and I want to smoke some marijuana’ s3 is great.
Rewatching Mad Men and reigniting my burning desire for Peggy Olsen
Elizabeth Moss might be a scientologist but Peggy Olsen alone is worth the Mad Men binger.
Peggy Olsen (Uga) to Don Draper (Bama) "you have everything, and so much of it"
Still wondering how Peggy Olsen’s new show beat out John Snow or Eleven? Guess I need to add to t…
Pssst I know we all love Peggy Olsen but also a win for Elisabeth Moss is a win for scientology okay cool
Peggy Olsen sings me to sleep every night.
Hope I'm doing it right for the Captian + Olsen olsen olsen…
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More pressure on brees, no more field goals + Olsen
Newton throwing the ball well in the 1st quarter. Olsen . Olsen .
Currently on a serious Mad Men binge, great show ! But I'm not sure am I suppose to like Peggy Olsen? Because atm she's the worst
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Sneak peek at our episode tomorrow with DJ Pictured: one of her cats, Peggy Olsen!
It's not season 2 of madmen if Peggy Olsen hasn't made you cry
Haven't seen an exit so epic since Peggy Olsen's walkout.
Day 85 of 100 dresses. This is another Goldworm, I think Peggy Olsen wore this in the last…
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Check out the stunning wreath my colleague made for me!! 💕
5 sweet kittens out of a cage and into loving homes today!. Scooter, Molly Muffin, Peggy Olsen, Tinkerbell and Mini Pretz!
I know I should be productive, but I might just start re-watching Mad Men. Need some Peggy Olsen inspiration.
Mao can take a seat. Peggy Olsen is the real Hilary power pantsuit inspo.
Christina yang tho and Lorelei Gilmore and Peggy Olsen good list all around
“Just think about it deeply, then forget it. An idea will jump up in your face.” -Don Draper to Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
Peggy Olsen dealing with drunk Donald Draper and drunk Duck Philips at the same time at midnight in her workplace is empowering.
"Just ask Peggy Olsen how dating Duck Phillips turned out." 👌👌👌
Yeah he doesn't impress me at all. Still Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, late career Jeremy Irons, and Peggy Olsen.
Wait! Is that Peggy Olsen from driving a 700 in this vintage ad?
"Language is a powerful dye that colors everything we think about ourselves and others."
Nah, just Peggy. I named her after Peggy Olsen. And now she's HUGE
“A small appreciation for great femates on a new tradition!
A small appreciation for great femates on
Yes thank you for being such a great woman and generous colleague
Great to see our fearless leader doing what she does best!
(2/2) ... Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Meredith Grey and Peggy Olsen of our lives!
"If you don't like what they're saying, change de conversation" dijo alguna vez Peggy Olsen. In your face L'oreal.
I think I just need to resign myself to the fact that there will never be a TV character as great as Peggy Olsen.
I feel like Peggy Olsen and Lady Edith would get along very well.
Claire Underwood is my favorite TV character since Peggy Olsen.
I also hate basically all the other dreadful dreadful people who make up that office – Peggy Olsen gets a pass, as does speccy design guy.
Everyone is in the car but brings the love to the Jewish Peggy Olsen's story
World please convince that we should very much adopt the 3 legged kitten from and name her Peggy Olsen
Last night I went to a reading for kids in the local MFA program and I felt like Peggy Olsen fraternizing with the cool kids
A personal favorite from my shop. Total Peggy Olsen style.
Don Draper and Peggy Olsen is the relationship i most care about (as friends though!)
I want to see a show where Peggy Olsen from and Peggy Carter from go around fighting crime at night… A TALE OF 2 PEGGYS
I don't have a picture of Matt on my desk, but I do have BAMF Peggy Olsen watching over me.
I hope to live my life with a Betty Draper wardrobe and a Peggy Olsen attitude and sense of determination and success
Elizabeth Moss looks gorgeous as a blonde. Who would've thought Peggy Olsen would slay as a Barbie doll 😊
Elizabeth Moss popped onto the red carpet for at PEGGY OLSEN FOREVER.
There's an elderly lady named Peggy Olsen who keeps calling me accidentally. It's the Mad Men flash forward I didn't know I needed...
.Russell Wilson is actually a very sophisticated advertising robot created by Don Draper and Peggy Olsen
Watching the west wing for the first time. Ron Swanson and Peggy Olsen spotted in the same episode.
Mad Men observation: Peggy Olsen is not as attractive as people in the show say
Having what could only be described as a positive Peggy Olsen moment right now.
Peggy Olsen, you are climbing the ladder right into my heart.
Don Draper and Peggy Olsen work for Apple's creative team. I'm convinced of this.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ready for a gleaming proud career moment Peggy Olsen style. I've had it with the Joan Halloway moments
The real Peggy Olsen had a great life. Joy Golden, Advertising Executive Who Found Her Inner Comedian, Dies
Neko Case continues to be amazing and inspire me. Just read this tonight. I recommend you do too.
An interesting essay by about her personal experience of feminism.
Finally getting around to reading this. is the badass role model your daughters need
Peggy Olsen is the president's daughter. BUT WE ALL ALREADY KNEW THAT.
THANK YOU to Frank DeCaro and for hosting our Golden Boy aka the *** Peggy Olsen - Dancing...
Peggy Olsen always getting hit on and never knowing it.
Sometimes at work I feel like Peggy Olsen, Don yelling at me, screaming, "That's what the money is for!!"
John Cena is currently interviewing Peggy Olsen on the Today Show and reality means nothing any more.
Season 3 of Mad Men and I'm still struggling to see how/why we're supposed to root for Peggy Olsen. She epitomizes the glass ceiling.
Al Avila basically, based on his track record that came out, spent over a decade as the Peggy Olsen of Major League Baseball
You know for *** sure it wasn't Don Draper or Peggy Olsen.
All the ads on Pandora sound like they were written by Peggy Olsen.
tbt to when Michael Ginsberg cut off his nipple for Peggy Olsen. 😍😍
If I worked at Sterling Cooper, I'd be Peggy Olsen. But then I so dislike her character. . Makes me think.
"It will shock you how much this never happened." - Don Draper consoling Peggy Olsen after the premier of 'Attack of the Clones.'
We're all about the 'gina, but we're definitely about the rawk music FIRST. PREACH, NEKO.
"Feminism and I haven’t always gotten along but now we are the same guy."
I read every single word of this because is amazing and because COMPLICATED TRUTHS. .
I am the only female in Chipotle rn and this must be what Peggy Olsen feels like
"What the *** am I (and who the *** cares?)" a longform essay by on music, gender, feminism:
Working on living this version of this essay for myself. Thanks for putting it out there Neko!
Just spent the past hour reading this. I encourage you to read it, too.
Thoughtful and fun read by mighty :
Saturday morning read: on 'Women in _' -
.essay on why she hates the "women in ___" question is very good company on a Saturday morning:
Neko marks the anniversary of “Don’t Peggy Olsen Me” Playboy with a long form essay on “Women in...
Read about search for a personal definition of feminism. Many things here make me nod and say, PREACH! .
In honor of a year since "Don't Peggy Olsen Me!" the amazing wrote this essay on NOT being a woman in rock .
This person has been important to me for so long - so grateful for and this essay
I love your humanity, all your ugly and gorgeous female and male parts. THATS beautiful you. Keep on!
Yes, yes, and yes. Also your name font is basically identical to Twin Peaks credits font.
Many glorious words from one of my favorite humans MT I wrote this. It has some funny typos.
As always, and are the many-gendered mommies of my heart holy whoa:
So much amazing. Thank you for this Top to bottom, hands up fierceness of heart
Speaking of Peggy Olson-ing.. Hi buddy! I wrote this! Read it if you want, it's for everybody! XO! . What the _?.
I wrote this. Is has some funny typos. I'm guilty. OF LOVING YOU!!. What the _?.
Holy Neko. This essay is as awesome as it is long.
Mad Men character I think I'm like: Joan Harris or Bert Cooper. . Character I'm probably actually like: Peggy Olsen.
I'm going to miss you Don Draper and Peggy Olsen I like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony 🎶
agree except perhaps for Peggy, but that in itself is perfect. . (Waiting for the spin-off: "Olsen, the Budweiser years").
"You'll be second which is very far from First" - Peggy Olsen
Can someone who watches PLEASE explain to me the obsession with Peggy Olsen ???
So do you like Odell Beckham Jr. as Mad Men's Don Draper or Peggy Olsen? Ron Higgins reports
Searched 'Peggy Olsen ceiling' & it's great she might smash glass ceiling but can we talk about her lowering her actual ceiling? Metaphor?
For the record, I never liked Peggy Olsen.
Peggy Olsen falls in love quare and quick
Hey, so Peggy Olsen getting that cactus was a pretty fitting touch huh?
Finally caught up with the end of Mad Men. A fitting finale, but what am I supposed to do with the Peggy Olsen-shaped void in my life now!?
Peggy Olsen is having the most interesting phone calls in this finale.
Peggy & Stan's moment was so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined! Total turn around on Ms Olsen for me. Thank you
I think I knew it was Don Draper. But deep down, I wanted it to be Peggy Olsen.
End of means demise of Peggy Olsen as my inspiration!
When living in a world full of a woman must always be as sexy as Joan Harris and as badass as Peggy Olsen 💋😎
It looks like the face of Peggy Olsen's Series Ending Boyfriend.
Peggy Olsen is who I wish I was, Bevers from Broad City is who I actually am
I relate to Peggy Olsen's sparse bangs on an almost visceral level.
Peggy Olsen is the best thing that has happened to television
for a minute, this is what i thought Joan Harris & Peggy Olsen were gonna create.
Yes, it left me wondering. I didn't think Don went back. I assumed it was Peggy Olsen & Joan who did the Coke Ad! Silly me! :)
More power to characters like Peggy Olsen and Don Draper.
“No” is a Complete Sentence: A Leadership Lesson from Peggy Olson h/t
Also, why can't we have a 70s spin-off following the fledgling Harris-Olsen firm as they make it as film producers? Even if Peggy said no?
Woke up today really happy for Peggy Olsen
Sal, obviously, but Kurt, the guy who was openly *** in 1962 New York and gave Peggy Olsen a makeover is a HERO.
If you think Mad Men "betrayed Peggy Olsen," you're either Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, or Daffy Duck.
Lol it's the sad Peggy Olsen bday episode and it's almost a week until MY sad bday
I think it was the night you said at least I look better than Peggy Olsen in a fatsuit
The best part of this copier next to my desk running nonstop is I get to feel like Peggy Olsen.
Somewhere between my professional hero and personal nightmare lies Peggy Olsen and that is 100% the state of my current life
This is some Peggy Olsen/Don Draper ingenuity post mid afternoon movie. advert.
A toast to the first full day in the office, badly trying to be Don Draper but the closest I'm getting is Peggy Olsen
is that Peggy Olsen from Mad Men in the background?
I can never look at Peggy Olsen the same after realizing that Elizabeth Moss is a Scientologist.
Elizabeth Moss turned down role in TD for the second season of this show sooo at least Peggy Olsen thinks it's good
I'm still wondering if Peggy Olsen was based on Lisa Simpson.
Peggy Olsen is probably the closest character I can relate to in Mad Men.
Peggy Olsen talks life after 'Mad Men' via Poached her red thermos from the set - so sweet
A recent episode of Mad Men had a great exchange between Peggy Olsen and Don Draper, where she finally asks Don: “Teach me. Tell me how you do it.” Don responds in a bemused way, as Peggy gives him her take on how he pitches his ideas to clients:
I'd like to claim that my style is Betty Francis meets Megan Draper, but it's really season one Peggy Olsen.
Plans for evening: drinking wine and watching Mad Men. Sally Draper is awesome and Peggy Olsen is my idol.
"I'm Peggy Olsen and I want to smoke marijuana." Lol.
I just want to be Peggy Olsen and work for a great ad agency and be best friends with Don
Pete Campbell, you're a pig. Peggy Olsen, you're my hero. Don Draper, ... carry on.
it was Peggy Olsen from Mad Men on a motorbike! I just copies and pasted the gif from tumblr. That's obviously not right then.
Kanye certainly is the 21st century Don Draper and Peggy Olsen rolled into one
I think we're all Peggy Olsen. A little bit, you know.
Don't know whether to feel sad for Peggy Olsen or sorry for Don Draper.
Why does everyone think Peggy Olsen on Mad Men is attractive, not to be mean but she ain't all that
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Peggy Olsen's fringe in S01 of Mad Men puts me off bangs for life, and I am a girl who love bangs.
"Im Peggy Olsen, and I would like to smoke some marijuana"
I'm going to go into work from now on asking myself: what would Peggy Olsen do?
Still kind of on a high from Peggy Olsen's Burger Chef presentation.
Can we get Peggy Olsen in the please?
Elizabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen is the Presidents daughter in The West Wing...
Pinch me. I just bought a ticket to see + Peggy Olsen together in one room. via
I swear I'd be best friends with Peggy Olsen
Ate at a restaurant tonight that felt like a place Peggy Olsen would eat at.
Like Peggy Olsen said in reference to the negroes "If can make it they can make it."
I want a t-shirt that reads ‘Don’t Peggy Olsen me, (*insert choice expletive when I think of one*)’ . I’d wear it everywhere.
“It’s just a computer!” Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen shouted recently, on both the most prestigious show on television...
Doing homework while reviewing season 5 of Mad Men. Peggy Olsen, give me strength for finals.
It's like I can see Peggy Olsen polling the people in the parking lot.
I don't think you can go wrong with either, both shows have lots of great guest stars, WW has young Peggy Olsen
The article you wrote about Peggy Olsen doing it her way was the best critical analysis I've ever read. Smart and insightful.
Although I have a huge crush on Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olsen in especially her character in She is plain beautiful.
trying out my Peggy Olsen skills...
I love that fought back against Playboy by telling them not to Peggy Olsen her!
don't want to give a way too much but Peggy Olsen and Don's daughter start selling dope
Why TV producers currently face the same dilemma as Mad Men's Don Draper and Peggy Olsen :
I'm legit going to make a Peggy Olsen fan patch for my sweater. I'm gonna do it
I feel like GM CEO Mary Barra is getting Peggy Olsen'd to death
Took me reading this whole post to remember that "Elisabeth Olson" isn't Peggy from Mad Men's name.
was it as good as using Peggy Olsen as a verb?
Welcome to Guitar Center, where your satisfaction is GUITAR-ANTEED. . (I'm basically Peggy Olsen, you guys.)
you are more Peggy Olsen than Peggy Olsen!
I watching the mid-season finale. How has nobody noticed that Peggy Olsen gets Peggy Sawyered?!
I'm not interested in finding a fairy tale princess. I'm looking for a Peggy Olsen.
Don Draper & Peggy Olsen are the ultimate brOTP end of discussion
I love Peggy Olsen so much. All 7 seasons.
Been there! I am proud to be a woman but I should never be good enough as only a woman can be...
Peggy Olsen's bangs are finally at the right length. *** it's been 3 seasons.
I dreamt that Peggy Olsen and Ted Chaough were back together. So annoyed when I woke up
I want to stab season 7 Peggy Olsen🔪
[Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Folks Not Caught Up with Season 7, Episode 5!] In one of the more memorable – and squirm-inducing – scenes of this season of AMC’s Mad Men, brilliant but eccentric copywriter Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) presents his colleague, agency copy chief Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth
Don Draper: Please do not get into anymore big spats with Peggy Olsen... You two are wonderful and make a great creative team.
MadMen. Roger Sterling singing in Blackface at his country club and Peggy Olsen's mother telling her she will get raped if she gets an apartment on Manhattan. The good old days.
Donald Sterling . . . a compendium of the racial attitudes of Donald Draper and Roger Sterling? Nah, more like Peggy Olsen.
Donald Sterling.holy moly. It would take Roger Sterling, Donald Draper and Peggy Olsen to get outta this 1...jeze.
patiently awaiting my beloved combo of Taco Bell and Mad Men. Wondering what kind of crappy slogan Peggy Olsen would pitch to the TCB execs.
No, not like that, but after 'Mad Men' spent most of its April 13 premiere showing its two main characters -- Don Draper and Peggy Olsen -- wallowing in their own pools of disappointment, it's clea...
Peggy Olsen has taught us that collaboration requires humility, and club soda will get boss vomit out of chiffon.
I'm watching the newest season of Mad Men on Netflix, and as I see it, Peggy Olsen and I have grown congruently in our confidence and sense of (positive) authority in the last few years...
Hey Mad Men fans! Is it just me? Or does this rabbit kind of remind you of Peggy Olsen?
♡Peggy Olsen+ this piece. An honest insight into an actor's world. Why can't we have some of this kind of writing?
For those of you who have not yet discovered the phenomena which is House of Cards or those of you who only the first season and a few episodes of season two or a few episodes in total, I offer no spoilers save one quote several paragraphs from now. What follows is much less an examination or an evaluation and much more a collection of thoughts. It has been said that we live in the age of the anti-hero and from Don Draper polishing his cane more frequently, though no less enthusiastically as he berates Peggy Olsen to Dexter Morgan examining blood spatter only days or seemingly hours before he would splatter the blood of others to Walter White who decided he would rather craft a poison then shape one or two student’s minds with an extensive discussion of the periodic table of elements, the artists of our day have served us episode after episode or page after page if you will of a concoction we dare not swallow yet cannot stop gorging ourselves upon. Into this incomprehensible vat of creative porridge is ...
also, Peggy Olsen is the standard for me. (Most female Mad Men characters are great.)
"If you don't like what they are saying. Change the conversation" Peggy Olsen
i wish i was Peggy Olsen aka badass and a great copywriter
Time to channel my inner Peggy Olsen for my mobile app client pitch.
Peggy Noonan wants the elites to use their inside voices, so commoners don't laugh at them. Too late, Peggy. Too late . h…
A while back I was seeing a girl who worked in advertising as a copy writer. She was arrogant, entitled and pretty much tried to be a fat ceo. I only recently realized ...I was dating an asian Don Draper or a a season 2 Peggy Olsen. I wanna thank the girls that I was out with that night and my wing man for striking our SUPER hard with her.
I want Peggy Olsen to punch Don Draper in the mouth.
Had the strangest dream last night about Don Draper, Peggy Olsen and I think Joan Harris. Let's just say Don and Peggy finally got together but were fugitives from the law. How does this stuff happen?
"I'm Peggy Olsen, and I'd like to smoke some marijuana." Again, Mad Men at its finest.
I keep thinking you're referring to Elisabeth Moss (because, you know, Peggy Olsen), which seems unlikely casting. Carry on.
I love this wedding article, "Don Drapper and Peggy Olsen couldn't have concieved a better marketing slogan then this is your day."...
Every time I read Elizabeth Olsen my brain goes to Elizabeth Moss/Peggy Olsen and wish it was her as Wanda.
When I read that, my brain combined Elisabeth Moss and Peggy Olsen and got really exited. And also confused. LOL.
I dreamt about Peggy Olsen, living in late 60s London, with a tattoo of an eagle across her chest (only visible after work). I'd watch that.
Don (Draper's secretary) over Peggy Olsen any day!“Roger Sterling over Pete Cambell any day.
I love that so many dresses seem to have been stolen straight out of Peggy Olsen and John Holloway's closets.
O Peggy Olsen you are my darling, come sit you down upon my knee.older budno weiser
It's like Joan and Peggy Olsen had a French Canadian love child...
abigail armstrong is up there with peggy olsen & sev snape & esther greenwood & george knightley for me. BLESS YOU DENA KAPLAN
Ok people... In what season does Peggy Olsen finally do something different with her bangs???
Peggy Olsen made an appearance on my psych test today
Searching for a Peggy Olsen quote, I ran into friend and reviewer via Share the love:
Peggy Olsen smoking weed in a movie theater
I would've thought Peggy Olsen would be your hero.
The fact that I'm crying over Peggy Olsen right now is just ridiculous
I just want to give Peggy Olsen a makeover
I haven't started yet but I'm pretty sure Peggy Olsen is my spirit animal
I want to go to P.J. Clarke's. But I want to go in 1964. With Peggy Olsen.
The names of my current Mac's are Joan Holloway (iMac) and Peggy Olsen (Air). Much better than Collin Donnell's X.
Spent the weekend watching a miniseries called Top of the Lake starring Peggy Olsen, Faramir, and the mute lady from The Piano and now despite the sunshine I just can't shake the creepy feeling it gave me.
noted Elizabeth Moss bka Peggy Olsen on having said:. • Be real and be yourself, don't fake it!
If you want a nice example of visual imagery to convey meaning, check out the last shot of Peggy Olsen on the Mad Men finale. She is completely darkened and turns in her chair towards the window (so her back is to the camera), recreating the iconic logo image from the opening credits of the show (her transformation into a young Don Draper, now complete).
"We'll aren't you lucky. To have decisions." Peggy Olsen, once again saying it all.
"I don't want a scandal, I can wait."--Peggy Olsen, Everywoman (a.k.a. no woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting)
But even more, I love you Peggy Olsen, you are my hero.
Peggy Olsen! What are you doing! If he's doing this to his current wife, he'll do this to you! Just say no!
Peggy Olsen, I don't know what to think of you.
"Lucky you, you get to have decisions." A truer feminist statement could not have been made Peggy Olsen.
"Excuse me, sir! I think you should know that you have a *** living in your building! Olsen! Peggy Olsen! Get your own *** man!"
Why, Peggy Olsen. Why are your bangs stupid.
Oh no, now "Slutty Peggy Olsen" is going to be a Halloween costume this year, isn't it?
Peggy Olsen, call me. We should talk.
"What, you choose your family over sex?! What a jerk!" - Peggy Olsen, graduate of the Don Draper school of selfishness
"Well, aren't you lucky to have decisions." A vehement Peggy Olsen
"Well, aren't you lucky to have decisions." Peggy Olsen
F you Ted. No one screws with Zoey Bartlet! Er I mean Peggy Olsen.
Meet the real Don Draper, Peggy Olsen and Roger Sterling. Yes, they exist:
Peggy Olsen always gets the short end of the stick romantically.
So far lost a lot of respect for Peggy Olsen. You came such a long way since Pete cambell, don't go back to that!
Also, Peggy Olsen with cleavage and in a minidress, wafting Chanel No. 5, is one of the best images of the season.
Ted Shaw: I'm going to leave my wife. Peggy Olsen: Don't say that. I'm not that girl.
At what point did everyone begin to find Peggy Olsen so attractive? There must be a tipping point...or everyone could just be going crazy.
Peggy Olsen played Ted Chaugh like a fiddle and I love it!
Peggy Olsen: Proving that dating finance guys has always been a fruitless proposition.
Peggy Olsen in that dress. All the time.
Peggy Olsen you make me want to wear Chanel No. 5
Peggy Olsen is my feminist icon. cc
just kidding when i grow up i want to be Peggy Olsen
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Peggy Olsen. Wow. A girl after my own heart. ❤
Peggy Olsen just made the power move of the year.
Get excited for the finale! WATCH Peggy Olsen grow up before our eyes:
Elizabeth Moss' New Zealand accent in this movie sounds like if Peggy Olsen was pitching an Outback Steakhouse commercial
Peggy Olsen is taking names and kicking *** this season (2 episodes in anyway)
Pete Campbell falling in love with Peggy Olsen...get outta here
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