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Pegasus Parade

The Kentucky Derby Festival is an annual festival held in Louisville, Kentucky during the two weeks preceding the first Saturday in May, the day of the Kentucky Derby.

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So, you know, help them out with rather than be forgotten about thanks to Rizin's parade of human brutality.
That was not a High School band you showed in the Pegasus Parade but the U of L Cardinal Marching Band.
Matt Bevin is wearing jeans in the Pegasus Parade. Nice. . PS. yes. I know it's petty. but, still . jeans? really?
Lee, Lewis to be Pegasus Parade Grand Marshals
UofL basketball standouts Lee, Lewis to serve as Pegasus Parade honorary Grand Marshals
Just announced: Damion Lee & Trey Lewis will serve as Grand Marshals for this year's Pegasus Parade. Well deserved hon…
Lee, Lewis to be Pegasus Parade Grand Marshals: ... was the Grand Marshal of last year's parade, and past gran...
U of L's Damion Lee, Trey Lewis to be Pegasus Parade Grand Marshals
Former Louisville hoops stars Damion Lee, Trey Lewis have been named honorary Grand Marshals for the Pegasus Parade. http…
Guess who's joining us at the Pegasus Parade as Honorary Grand Marshals? UL's Damion Lee & Trey Lewis! h…
Damion Lee and Trey Lewis named honorary Grand Marshals for the 2016 Pegasus Parade
Damion Lee and Trey Lewis to serve as honorary Grand Marshals for Pegasus Parade
JUST IN... Former stars Damion Lee and Trey Lewis will be the honorary Grand Marshalls of the Pegasus Parade. .
Derby Festivities, the Final Frontier: Odd request for Pegasus Parade by William Shatner.
Ray Barker, who has participated in the Pegasus Parade with many step/dance groups, says the kids are proud of their art & feel hurt.
So a dance group doesn't file to be in Pegasus parade so they blame it on race and start their own parade. Gotta love America.
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Christopher 2X says the Pegasus Parade had long been "non-inclusive," lacked diverse input, input of youth.
The Pegasus Parade has been a staple since 1956. It's one of many events in the weeks leading up to Derby Day organized by
Newser underway with group wanting more diversity in Pegasus parade. Plan on having their own, details at noon.
Several West End groups are upset after they say they were denied participation in this year's Pegasus Parade.
Christopher 2X: These artistic individuals are feeding off of performance as a way to protest the Pegasus Parade.
Well quit killing people and selling drugs and you might get to have part of the Pegasus parade
The community groups say they're holding parade because African american Youth not being allowed to take part in Pegasus Parade
West Louisville community groups are announcing an alternative parade for west end youth to Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade.
UPDATE: KDF issues statement after alternate parade planned in protest of
Alternate parade planned in protest of Pegasus Parade.
West group plans alternate parade in protest of Pegasus Parade.
Aheat at 6am on Sunrise: Heavy downpours; 'Alternative' to Pegasus Parade
Local group says Pegasus Parade isn't diverse enough so they're planning their own parade, the response from at 6 on
"West Louisville dancers denied spot in Pegasus Parade"
West Louisville dancers denied spot in Pegasus Parade. Read why.
Dance teams to protest Pegasus Parade. Here's why:
West Louisville dancers denied spot in Pegasus Parade
West Louisville dancers plan to protest the Pegasus Parade after being told not to perform.
West Louisville dancers denied spot in Pegasus Parade
West Louisville dancers denied spot in Pegasus Parade - WDRB
A group of West Louisville dancers are upset they were denied a spot in the Pegasus Parade:
Ready for Thunder Over Louisville, Pegasus Parade and other events? Ticket information:
deadline Mar. 4. Students,submit entries for a chance to be in Pegasus Parade!
Listen Up Everyone. The Kentucky Derby Festival decided they weren't going to allow Several of our Young Step...
This group is calling for more diversity at the Pegasus Parade. KDF officials respond at 6:15
deadline is Friday. Submit entries for a chance to be in the 2016 Pegasus Parade
The Predominantly Black Step Team(s) has been kicked out of this years Louisville's PNC Pegasus Parade. I don't...
2007:. Mickey Mouse, dressed as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, acts as Grand Marshal of the. 2007 Pegasus Parade in Louisville, Kentucky.
Apply now for your chance to walk down Broadway in the Pegasus Parade!
Applications to participate in the Pegasus Parade are now available online at featured in NBC s Science of Love
Behold the lantern parade featuring the festive things.. star, parrot, Pegasus, unicorn and pigeon!
Apply now to be a part of the Kentucky Derby Festival’s oldest event, the Pegasus Parade!
Pegasus. Our beautiful class lantern for the parade.
P-Day Paratroopers on parade wearing the emblem of 16 Air Assault Brigade.
3 Reasons to Enter the Contest . 1.Be in Pegasus Parade. 2.Have your art work featured. 3. Art is fun!.
Registration is now open for those interested in participating in the Pegasus Parade.
sam_sills: This cool night flight video of lighted boat parade has given m…
Republic Bank CEO says no Pegasus Parade Grand Marshal has generated so much buzz and feedback as Teddy Bridgewater.
We made the cassette tape... It has some great hits on it!! Pegasus Parade adds giant boombox
Can we get Hercules back in the parade, WITH Pegasus please?
Which event do you like best? for Thunder Over Louisville and for the Pegasus Parade!
A giant trail of horse puckey adorns the center line of the Pegasus Parade. Teens need jobs. I see an opportunity.
meets country music artist J.D. Shelburne as she waits for Pegasus Parade
Celebs like and Jeff Corwin headed to Pegasus Parade
Pegasus Parade Grand Marshal to be announced Tuesday evening. Wonder if it might be the UK Wildcats, win or lose.
Sorry Louisville, but I think this might put the Pegasus Parade to shame. (@ Grand Floral Parade w/ 33 others)
New Media page on - check out the Pegasus parade video
Pegasus Parade still a thrill after all these years (Biz Journal): Share With Friends: | | Industry Stories,...
The Kentucky Derby Festival's oldest event, the Pegasus Parade, got a big boost right from the start, drawing in 270,000 people.
I had a good time at the Pegasus Parade there were only 2 celebrities that I recognized Garrett Morris & Jason Biggs :)
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority! 1st and only sorority in the Pegasus Parade!
Ok, Seneca Valley. Way to make the news for marching in the Pegasus Parade for the Kentucky Derby when KO did it before you.
Next up for MMMB: Pegasus Parade as part of the KY Derby -
KDF officials examining security for Pegasus Parade follow
Thunder, Bed Races, chow wagons, Pegasus parade, all this was so cool, all for the
I remember being in the Pegasus parade in seventh grade. It was so *** hot that day walking so freaking farr
NEW: Here it is! A look at who'll be at the Thursday, exclusively on at 5:30pm.
Have to start packing for Can't believe that I'll be in Louisville soon! Is it too late to ask for a float in the Pegasus Parade?
May 2 - Pegasus Parade street closures and no parking areas. To learn more:
Don't forget, we're giving away 4 bleacher tickets to the Pegasus Parade today at 4 PM for the FUNtastic Trivia prize!
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May 2 at 4:30 stop by & hear The Louisville Leopard Percussionists! Sit on our patio, enjoy music, then go to the Pegasus Parade!
1 week until the Pegasus Parade! We will be giving away 4 bleacher seats tomorrow at 4 PM for...
Wow... Drumline auditions next week, pegasus parade rehearsal and the parade itself next week, then working oaks and derby.
I have to be at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium at 4oclock on Tuesday for Pegasus Parade rehearsal... I don't get home till 4 most of the time.
Ballon glow, steamboat race and the pegasus parade...yea i'm going lol. Who knows how much longer I will be h…
Planning on being a street vendor and selling food at the Pegasus Parade? Details on obtaining permits here:
LOUISVILLE! NOLA's hilarious all-male dance crew will be in the Pegasus Parade. You MUST go see them!
What could be more than riding a Unicorn down Broadway in the Pegasus parade?
Win Tickets to the Republic Bank Pegasus Parade!: The Republic Bank Pegasus Parade is the…
I'm so excited for the Pegasus parade this year! 😍
Any Kentucky Derby Fans out there? The Pegasus Parade is 5/2 starting at 5pm and Louisville Family Fun is having...
OMGosh - reserve seats to see the Louisville Cardinals marshal the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade!!...
Win Pegasus Parade reserve seat tickets for your family!
Can't wait till the Pegasus parade 😃👌
Pegasus parade practice is going swimmingly.
Ready for Pegasus parade practice marchingband
16 hours and 25 minutes till rehearsal for the Pegasus Parade begins!
The only other derby festival thing I'm goin to is the Pegasus parade.
Big thank u to all Pegasus Explorers awesome turnout for St George's day biggest best turned out ESU on parade very proud
Rewatching the Pegasus eps of reminds me what an endless parade of sad this show was. Sad but brilliant.
Jamming to BlackBerry Smoke and heading to see the float we will be on in the Pegasus Parade!!!
Pegasus parade in two weeks cant wait
Really, Lawrence not attending the Pegasus Parade is worthy of a push alert for app users?
CW in closing... Album is directly about my expierience during Parade and shortly after. Scattered, slightly unfinished, but totally awesome
Jennifer Lawerence deserves some love from home: make her the Grand Marshall of the Pegasus Parade and a Key to the City.
Grand Marshall of the Pegasus Parade. And one of those giant angers. She rocks!
Congratulations to Louisville's Jennifer Lawrence for winning the Academy Award for Best Actress last night. We found the Grand Marshal for the Pegasus Parade this year.
Busy scout weekend County Shooting Comp followed by Pegasus Awards Ceremony handing out DofE awards etc. church parade today
I also remember seeing him as Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade. Didn't really know who he was but knew he was that guy that rode the tank
Pegasus is making her debut at the Santa Claus parade Saturday
Pegasus at the Lighted Yacht Parade last weekend.
Great Christmas events in the Waimkakariri, just north of Christchurch. Music, Santa, Father Christmas, santa parades, parades, pageants, shopping, Christmas shopping, Xmas,
omg you saw Pegasus Bridge? I love them! I've seen you me at six, don broco, mayday parade, Lta and a few more:)
Kelly Clarkson will be celebrity Grand Marshal in New Orleans Mardi Gras parade - Pegasus News
Food Truck News - Forney hosts first food truck rally on Saturday - Pegasus News: Forney hosts first food truck ...
I'm in Milwaukee so close yet so far. Didn't win tickets but RAWK 4 all my Freak Parade friends that'll be there
I am! The SV band is in the Pegasus parade!
Reading about The Making of The Black Parade stirs something up deep inside my soul. This energy or strenght that seems uncontrollable...
The Black Parade was so much more than just a performance, it was a statement. The album said "This is how we feel/think This Is Who We Are"
Once you start reading The Making of The Black Parade the art work/characters/lyrics all come together and fit perfectly!
Registration opens for 2013 Pegasus Parade entries: Registration has opened for participants in the Kentucky...
We love a parade! Taste of the Fair at Pegasus Plaza, Sept 28
We were just ask to be on the grand ol opry float in next years Pegasus parade. WOW thanks to all our fans ALB...
Cyndi Lauper drops the F Bomb (0:19 second mark) during the live broadcast of the 2012 Pegasus Parade for the Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville, KY. 5-3-12
Judging from the hype, today's first-timer Archwarrior looks like the next coming of Pegasus.The Pletcher Parade marches on.
I'll place a gentlemen's bet on Bob being the Grand Marshal for the Pegasus Parade by next year.
I lost a wonderful Freak Parade friend to cancer WED. Beth Stroud she loved you so, I just wanted you to know you made her smile.
everything about this made me LOL. Who'da thunk, Mother Teresa & Freak Parade in the same context.
bad timing. Pegasus parade would be a better time for him to stroll down broadway.
D'espairsRay played a cover song PEGASUS FANTASY (it's anime metal) in Sendai at PSYCHEDELIC PARADE tour.
70). What the Black Parade meant to me: Now you need time to recover from your past
63). I kind I wish MCRs new record will be like the Black Parade but I will be thrilled no matter what! :D
We want to hear from you! What do you love most about the Pegasus Parade?
This is super use of video for Republic Bank and the Pegasus Parade: via Great Job
I consider her my Sis, family for many years now. We met on the FREAK PARADE through & their music!
Mayday Parade seems to make you happy and sad at the same time, it's like a whole new emotion.
Ww will be behind the big white Pegasus in the parade
The yellow one in the parade I was wondering was Parkinson's Pegasus.
You not know? Rupert Murdoch's already arranged for an open top bus parade through London...
For all the MCR fans: When there finally is a zombie invasion full of face eating cannibals we will team up and wear Black Parade jackets ok
its great to connect with you today and glad you enjoyed our interview with Cyndi from - Cheers!
Congrats...I would like to nominate you for the next KY Derby Pegasus Parade GM...You could sport a UofL jersey with a UK cap!
watch my interview with Cyndi Lauper ->
Cyndi - here's our video interview from Derby - , nice meeting you and Declyn , thx for coming to KY!
I uploaded a video Freaky Floats at the Pegasus Parade. TV on the Rocks Weapons
The fact that Mayday Parade aren't coming anywhere near me is upsetting.
I uploaded a video Man on the street pegasus parade TV on The Rocks Weapons of
Likes = Votes. The winner will be announced June 1st
you me at six, all time low, blink 182, Pegasus bridge, arctic monkeys, the kooks, the vaccines, mayday parade and we
Any photos from the Pegasus parade of Hwang's anyone can share?
Maria starts off right in the middle. Pink tights. Big smile. :)
He is We, Pegasus Bridge and Mayday Parade are just perfect to listen to at this time of night(:
The Pegasus Parade is part of the Kentucky Derby. It is a great place to Preach the Gospel. There are thousands of people, of all ages!
Please go and buy this weeks Times Argus newspaper if you want to see my brother,Mike Drake,with his team of mules pulling a wagon in the Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade in Louisville last week for the Muhl. county 4H drill team,they won 1st place. I am very proud of him if you couldn't tell.He also got to go to the Ky. Derby in a stretch hummer and watch the race.
Cyndi Lauper drops the "f-bomb" in front of a family-filled crowd at the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade, and live on local television. The station, p...
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loved seeing u in the Pegasus parade in LOUISVILLE KY!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and sorry it took so long to repley, went to pegasus parade and then to Tell City to ride horses, got back later Sunday, so thank u all, and i love u all
Together again and lovin' it. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The Rocky and Troy Show: The Next Generation. Mornings on Louie 104.3. Comments and captions are welcome...
Cyndi Lauper was the Grand Marshall for the Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby on Thursday. S... via
Photo: 366 | 2012 | May 3 Derby time in Louisville! I stepped outside of work to watch the Pegasus Parade go...
Ted Nugent must be auditioning for next year's Pegasus Parade Grand Marshal gig.
The Holmes High School Marching Band perform in the 2012 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade in Louisville, KY
Singing superstar Cyndi Lauper just wants to have a little fun in Louisville come Derby time. The Grammy Award-winning songstress is coming to town as a guest of the Kentucky Derby Festival and will serve as the Grand Marshal for the 57th annual Republic Bank Pegasus Parade on May 3.
Derby Time by Stewie the sewer *** Derby Festival time and all throught the city the mayor and committees work hard to make pretty. "What a joke," Stewie cried, "they're all stupid fools, the fun's in the sewer where my friends and I rule." Thunder Over Louisville, the weather was crappy but there was still enough garbage to make Stewie happy. Hundreds of thousands came down to the river, and spend most the day trying to trash their own liver. Over priced funnel cakes, beer and much more too few that guy peeing out door? But way into the evening after everyone's home Stewie and friends sneak out all alone! Look at the trash, eww disgusting but what a delight! They ate up their fill of garbage all night. The Pegasus Parade, no more Willard Scott, Cyndi Lauper is marshall, she's gross but quite hot. She sang her hit song about girls having fun, but her mic wasn't on so the crowd heard none. Cyndi not happy, the "F" bombed she dropped, Stewie started laughing, stupid, he couldn't be stopped. ...
beady eye,arctic monkeys,mgmt,Pegasus bridge,radiohead,lost prophets,the black keys,the cure,joy division,mayday parade...
If the folks on the Pride float jumped off & kicked the bigots in the Chic-fil-A group's *** THAT would be the best Pegasus Parade ever!
Many waited for a glimpse of Cindi Lauper or John Calipari.
with my 72 year old Grandma at the Pegasus parade, she was so happy
Saw @ at the pegasus parade . I was 2 pumped lol.
We went with the High School Band to Louisville Thursday morning and returned last night. The band was awesome marching in the Pegasus Parade! We went to King's Island theme park yesterday and it is a really nice park. The kids were very well-behaved--it was a great time! I will try to post some pictures later.
I wonder where is the outcry over the Grand Marshal of the parade dropping the f-word on the radio? all they say is there sorry but these people live a different life style. Who invites these people, Grand Marshal of Pegasus Parade, Super Bowl malfunction, Super Bowl flippin' the bird? There that's off my mind .Carry on!!
To all my Louisville friends and family, hope you have a great Derby Day! I used to enjoy all the festivities so much, esp the Pegasus Parade! Will watch the race on the Courier Journal website tomorrow, but I WILL be singing 'My Old Kentucky Home' at 10pm (5pm your time) if I am still awake!!!
Cyndi Lauper Drops F Bomb live at Kentucky Derby Parade: Who’s the *** now? Cyndi Lauper spiced up the Pegasus...
Took lilly to Pegasus Parade and we saw a few floats then lilly said " Those clown are taking to long I am leaving." (And she walks off) How impatient I spent 20 dollars in gas just to take her.
Great children's parade in Btn this morning. A giant Pegasus, Medusa head and Mad Hatter's Tea Party among our favorites. Thx LB
Pegasus Parade: USPA capital of the world.
Just got to thinkin, why wasn't Anthony Davis the Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade... Cindi Lauper. Really???... *** .. Stay alive BBN!!!
Cyndi Lauper and fans have fun at Kentucky Derby's Pegasus Parade via
Day4: "fun!"..The Pegasus parade from yesterday .☺🐎
This is the kind of riding I would love to do someday... sidesaddle. :)
best part of the Pegasus Parade=Michigan City Soul Steppers Drill Team Inc. them kids can play.
Sikeston High School band did an awesome job at the Pegasus Parade yesterday in Louisville, ky. Today we spent the day at Kings Island in Cinncinnati,Ohio. Now were on our way home...Whoo hoo
Check out more photos of our Girl Scouts marching in the Pegasus Parade.
omg Pegasus is not a human being! I do not parade my sex life about on the inter-web!
When i was in the pegasus parade yesterday 😊RT When did this happen
Check out the CenterStage Pegasus Parade Float from 2012! Season tickets for the 2012-2013 season are on sale. Download an order form at www.jewishlouisville...
I saw u at the pegasus parade yesterday and u pointed at my friend sitting next to me and waved at my made my life:D
You need to come back to the KY Derby! Just don't drop the f bomb at the Pegasus Parade like Cyndi Lauper did :)
Yes it is a better day for my brother Mike Drake who took his team of mules to Louisville Pegasus parade yesterday and pulled a wagon with the Muhl. co. 4h team and WON first place in the mounted equestrian unit, I am so proud for him and the 4H team, CONGRATULATIONS. Hope its a BIG trophy! The parade will be aired tomorrow (Sat 5th) on 14.2 at 11:00 if any one wants to see my AWESOME brother. Good job Mike!
Then we could all go to the Pegasus Parade!
One day when Ace blows ALL the way up, he's gonna be Grand Marshall at the Pegasus Parade!
Pegasus gets his own parade at the Kentucky Derby Festival. Bet is jealous.
Did anyone else hear Cyndi Lauper drop the F-bomb on live TV during the pegasus parade? That lady was a hot friggin' mess. There should definitely be an age limit on leather pants.
Pegasus Parade 2 The cooper band at the Pegasus Parade
High school marching band from New Wilmington PA in the Pegasus Parade
Louisville fans say their coach, instead of Calipari, should be in Pegasus Parade with Cyndi Lauper. Makes sense. She peaked in the 80s too.
Cyndi Lauper just dropped an F-bomb during the Pegasus Parade. Best Parade Ever.
Pegasus Parade '12 / Grand Marshal Cyndi Lauper dropped the "F-bomb" on live TV, but later on apologi...
See the SCN Family in the Kentucky Derby Festival's 56th annual Pegasus Parade
Let's get Gene Wilder to Grand Marshal the Pegasus Parade.
did u enjoy the Pegasus Parade in Louisville?
I was hoping to go to the Pegasus Parade yesterday so that I could see Cyndi Lauper.
Introducing the 2012 President's Award winning float at the Pegasus Parade! CenterStage at the JCC...
The Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade-- the one & only (Cyndi Lauper)!
yesterday I went to the Pegasus Parade on Broadway and I enjoyed it! it was hot tho but I still loved it :) tomorrow I'm thinking about going to Churchill Downs and probably bet on a horse or two.
Wait, so Cyndi Lauper dropped the F-bomb at the Pegasus Parade? Can't blame her-girls just wanna have fun! Sorry, had to do it.
Was it a bad decision to make Cyndi Lauper the Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade? WDRB Oops! Someone's not happy!
A 1/4 million people at the Pegasus Parade yesterday and Cindy Lauper's foul mouth blast across the crowd. What an ***
Check out our photos from the 57th annual Pegasus Parade.
Yesterday, 2 beautiful ladies and I went to the Pegasus Parade in Louisville. There we seen all kinds of bands, floats, balloons and celebrities. One celebrity in particular was Cyndi Lauper. This got me in the mood to listen to some of the music from way back when, on You Tube, like Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Boy George, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Prince and Micheal Jackson. And I have come to the conclusion, MAN AM I OLD!! Have a great day everyone!!
The Mt Lebanon High School Blue Devil Band marching in the Pegasus Parade, Louisville, Kentucky during the festivities for the 2012 Kentucky Derby.
Thanks to everyone with Kentucky Derby Festival for another great Pegasus Parade, we have a great time hosting every year!
Went to the Pegasus Parade last night with
Sooo nice.after dropping the f-bomb on live tv at the Pegasus parade, Cindi Lauper then spent 1/2 of the parade riding on top of the car texting people instead of waving. Classy. They should have just went with coach cal and been done with it.
I had a nice time at the Pegasus Parade yesterday & got hm late last night pulled in the driveway & hear this whistleing sound so get out to see whats going on & I have a tire going flat,come to find out theres a razor blade in my tire.I am thankful it didn't happen while we were out BUT can somebody tell me how a razor blade got in my driveway? CRAZY!!!
Photo Gallery: John Calipari in the Pegasus Parade; Cyndi Lauper apologizes for f-bomb at parade via
why were you not in the Pegasus parade?
The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth walked in the Pegasus Parade as part of their 200th anniversary celebration.
Because of the Pegasus Parade, I believe I can honestly say that I've been to *** and back.
Today's photos: Cyndi Lauper is great fun as Grand Marshal of Pegasus Parade
Next years's Pegasus Parade Grand Marshal will be Samuel L. Jackson riding with a car full of snakes.
Did anybody happen to record the Pegasus parade yesterday? If so I would purchase a copy of it. We have dish I couldnt get wave 3:( Hubby and Brogan didnt get to see it. I was there but I would love to a copy of it.
So I just found out that I missed my chance to see Josh Dallas from yesterday at the pegasus parade!
While I'm holding Mercer down I hope insideMi_chelle is having fun at the Pegasus parade -_-
CJ: Thousands turn out for fun, tradition of Pegasus Parade
SLIDESHOW: Thousands turn out for Pegasus Parade - WDRB
First place at the pegasus parade mounted equestrian team Muhlenberg County Mustangs Drill Team. We are so proud of you all !!
Here is a pic of Vickie from housewives at The Pegasus Parade 2012 in Louisville, Ky!
I have just spent one of the best days ever with my oldest and dearest friends, the Coury sisters, Andrea and Katrina. Spent the day with Andrea @ the Pegasus Parade then pizza @ Wick's with both. Very good for the heart and soul. Tomorrow I'll go see the doc to find out why the right side of my face is paralyzed.
i am so proud of our kids today. the band went and marched in the pegasus parade today. they braved the heat and made it completely through the parade. and to top it off we took 5th place out of 20 bands there today. WAY TO GO SWITZERLAND CO. MARCHING PACERS! you guys should be very proud. i know everyone that went with you guys today is.
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The pegasus parade was so much fun. Yeah Derby week!
We placed 5th out of 21 bands at the Pegasus Parade. Not bad (:
no :/ we performed at the Pegasus parade today at 5 and then left for Nashville right after. We leave Saturday night
at the Pegasus parade with watching do her thang!
Pegasus Parade attracts more than 250,000 spectators
Pegasus Parade was too long I feel like my toenails fell off!
Pop icon Cyndi Lauper apologized for using an expletive that was caught by a microphone prior to a short performance in the run-up to the Pegasus Parade. She said it happened out of frustration over technical difficulties.
I was on the news was holding the baner for borden at the pegasus parade
Ahhh headed home, had a great day!! Pegasus parade was great thanks to Louisville frame and fender for having us! Then to the awol nation concert!!! My kids first concert, nothing like head banging with ur kids and the man of my dreams!!!
First place in Pegasus parade for mounted equestrian unit. Way to go Muhlenberg 4H!
well the Pegasus Parade was but fun. Snow white was amazing...and we, the seven dwarfs had a ball. The kids really liked us. Thanks Linda Noe Cox for asking me to be one...I know my height of 4 11 and 1/2 had nothing to do with it...LOL
Went and hung out with Bethany and Brooklynn today. We went to the Pegasus Parade. Maranda and Brooklynn was actually getting along pretty good today until Maranda seen Brooklynn's purse and it was over from there. LMAO. It was great to hang out with a friend today instead being cooped up. Maranda loved the parade. She had so much fun today. Now she is sleeping like a baby, and wore out.
Well. Just like to say a big "thank you" to the Grand Marshal of this years Pegasus Parade, Cindy Lauper... I will remember this one. How did you really feel about the sound not being on?
Here is one of my heroes, and a good friend, and since last Saturday she's also a Victor Wooten fan!
Pegasus Parade-never heard the F word & N word at a "family" event so many times n my life. My daughter now has a new vocabulary! Never again.
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I tried to post this earlier, I guess it didn't work but, Cindy Lauper showed her "True Colors" tonight before the Pegasus Parade.nice. I hope the rest of the parade went better than the start.might think twice before inviting her again!
My First Derby weekend.Today the pegasus parade.SOLD OUT!!! Here we go.Oh yeah Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto...This Saturday.PPV must
Went to the pegasus parade with my kids and now all of them are gone! Today was a very good day!
Take a sneak peek on the ground and from the WLKY NewsChopper of the Pegasus Parade.
Had an awesome day at the Pegasus Parade with My Mom,Christy,Megan,Katie,Hannah and Emily..We really had a blast..Thank you all for going with me..I Love you all very much!
Went to da pegasus parade wit my lil man n da hubby we had a good day no complaints!! Now chilln at da crib!
Completely exhausted after the Pegasus Parade-my face is sore from smiling and my arms are sore from waving. Very proud of the whole Center Stage crew!
WAVE 3 News coverage of the Pegasus Parade was AWFUL! What a joke. Was fun to watch just to see how bad it was. Dawne Gee.find another profession.
I swear da Pegasus parade was weak dis year.
Left the Pegasus Parade at about 8pm and it was still going on.the longest parade I have ever seen.
Back from the Pegasus Parade. NEVER AGAIN! The next time try to do something like that again will somebody please STOP ME!
Just got home.from the Pegasus. Parade. The kids had fun
Had a blast at the Pegasus Parade with David Carney, Brian Wigginton, Jason Michael Taylor, and Timothy Nored! Thanks for the after parade food momma Jay!
Check out photos of the Kentucky Derby Festival's Pegasus Parade!
Pegasus Parade is now over. Time to amputate my feet and replace my hips!
So Great Steamboat Race yesterday and the Belle Of Louisville takes the title.Pegasus Parade earlier today with Cindy Lauper as Grand Marshall and Oaks Race tomorrow.Looks like were counting down to the fastest two minutes in racing.It's Party time in the Ville :)
Aren't we all so very proud of Ms Lauper the "Grand Marshal" of the Pegasus Parade. An obese, foul-mouthed *** . She is so sorry for the "technical glitch". Sure all is forgiven and she was just wonderful !
So proud to see my son and the Louisville Youth Group in today's Pegasus Parade!
Pegasus Parade kicks off with pop icon Cyndi Lauper - The Courier-Journal
Just got back from the Pegasus Parade. God, I'm so tired.
Did everyone see the Pegasus parade. My friends Tommy Miller, Tony McElwain, Dustin McElwain, and Nicholas McElwain were in in the parade. They represented the Doo *** Shop. Tommy sang Big Green Tractor while Nick played drums, Dustin and Tony played guitar. Great job guys. I know its hot but you were awesome. xoxoxoxo.
Just got back from Pegasus Parade with Derby City Corvette Club. Got to meet the UK coaches and had my picture taken with championship trophy.
So Cyndi Lauper stops the Pegasus Parade for a while, then the drops an f-bomb on live tv? Maybe the girl's been having too much fun.
It's interesting watching the bands in the Pegasus Parade that are not from KY... Definitely some different ways of doing things out there. Some of them played quite a few more notes too than I sometimes hear on a football field.
Don't think Cindy Lauper will be doing the Pegasus Parade again, after dropping the F bomb on a live microphone today. Oops.
Ghetto *** Pegasus parade what a shame never again
Ladies if you think you look bad find a picture of Cindy Lauper in the Pegasus Parade and it will make your day!!
Thinks that they should have had Ritchie Farmer in the Pegasus Parade!!! I am sure he would have gotten a rousing applause!:-)
Omg... I just saw Cindi Lauper in the pegasus parade.awesome.
First Pegasus Parade went good now my legs and back hurt but other then that it was fun.!!(:
Watching the Pegasus Parade on TV. Live from Louisville and Cindy Lauper drops a F-Bomb. Oops. No Bleep outs there.
Cyndi Lauper might have been off-color with her comment at the Pegasus Parade however I'm grateful there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction
Really dislike missing the Pegasus Parade tonight, Oaks tomorrow and DERBY Saturday!!! Just know my heart is there with y'all!!!
I'm at the Pegasus' Parade with my Tatabug, Deena & her family & we are having a good time! Thx to Troy we have great seats & shade! The benefits of living in Louisville & being able to participate in Derby festivities!
The Republic Bank Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade will march down Broadway today. Cyndi Lauper is the Grand Marshal of this year's parade, and UK head basketball coach John Calipari and staff will serve as honorary Grand Marshals. The cats' coaching staff will also be accompanied by the natio...
My brother. Steven Weatherly was on TV during the Pegasus Parade as part of the security detail around Coach Cal
My wife and daughter are famous! They were just on tv in the Pegasus parade!
Are you at the Pegasus Parade? - @ Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade
Yay Stars! Way to go during the Pegasus Parade
Vicki Gunvalson from the housewives of OC and her new significant other in the Pegasus parade !!! Cool
Ok this Pegasus Parade crap *** I hate driving to Special K enough as it is, traffic and detours in this town suck!
Yep what do you expect 1st class *** all the way ! Cyndi Lauper on the Pegasus Parade dropping the "f" bomb
I am not overtly pro Louisville nor UK. so this is not biased (I cheer for both when they play)...but I just saw the crowd on Broadway at the Pegasus Parade boo Coach Calipari.just plain rude!!!
Gotta say, if I had to pick the lesser of two evils...I'm happy Cyndi Lauper dropped the F Bomb during the Pegasus Parade instead of having a "wardrobe malfunction."
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