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Pedro Martinez

Pedro Jaime Martínez (born October 25, 1971 in Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic) is a retired Major League Baseball pitcher.

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When Pitching Guru's talk ideal ‘mechanics’,exactly whose are they referring to? Pedro Martinez or Sandy Koufax?
. Hey man want Aaron Nola?. OK lets talk. Give me Pedro Martinez and Barry Bonds Circa 2001. . Seems like a lot. . Bro top 15 pitcher
Pedro Martinez a big fan of A's pitcher Jharel Cotton, sees some of himself in him -
You have to be decent to get Pedro Martinez to say you remind him of himself
Kershaw has 180 ERA+ from 2011-17. Only ones to ever have a better mark in a 7-year span: Pedro Martinez, G…
1995 - Expos pitcher Pedro Martinez perfect game is broken up in 10th inning, Mont wins 1-0
Gausman finally doesn't give up 8 runs and we make an average pitcher look like Pedro Martinez. 😔😔😔😔
Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Madison Bumgarner, Mariano Rivera, Clayton"The less the pressure, the better he pitches" Kershaw
Max Scherzer tonight tied Pedro Martinez for the 2nd most 13+ strikeout GP in history with 5. Most is 6 (Stephen Strasburg)
Sunday night game vs Boston, Pedro Martinez, that was scoreless until Trot Nixon homered off Clemens in the 9th in…
Always good when you here "last time the Yankees did this and lost was against VINTAGE PEDRO MARTINEZ" Sean Manea is the same thing, right?
Last Yankee to strike out 13 and take the loss: Roger Clemens vs Pedro Martinez in this Sunday night classic in 2000
Q: Is there anyone better than Pedro? . A: Nope. .
Back to Back METS!! Authentic, autographed Pedro Martinez going to ME!
I'm a big dodger fan trading kemp would be like Pedro Martinez for delino deshields
Right now, this is my favorite of the Top 10 Baseball Brawls: Pedro Martinez vs. the Phillies. Video is amazing:
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You want to know who will win? Pedro Martinez Portero vs Hoang Antoine in ITF Tunis
Pedro Martinez, shown in 2010, told The Post's Kevin Kernan that Mets ...
Sandra & Carlos with Rev. Pedro Martinez. A gorgeous & romantic couple. Thank you for choosing me to develop & to o…
is now a better pitcher than Chris Sale, Pedro Martinez and Cy Young.My column:
Seminarians Pedro Martinez and Jason Allen reflect on their growth in the Pastoral Pillar of formation.
Since when did Drew Pomeranz turn into Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez Cycle Change up. Lower corner off the plate. Automatic K
Lone Canadian in Cooperstown- only other pitchers with over 3000 SO & less than 1000 walks are Greg Maddux, Pedro M…
Nick Martinez isn't exactly Pedro Martinez either. Hopefully the bats can get some runs for Drew
too hard to pick 5 all-timers, but for fun:. 1999 Randy Johnson. 2000 Pedro Martinez. 2003 Mark Prior. 2005 Dontrelle…
Pedro Martinez tossing Don Zimmer to the ground is one of the funniest moments in baseball. Joe Bucks disdain makes it even better
The crowd is Pedro Martinez, and MacArthur is Don Zimmer
If you were a all-star, you can go to the Best of Hometeam CMass Awards banquet & meet Pedro Martinez 👀
Hometeam banquet: Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez to be featured guest June 22 at DCU Center
Pedro Martinez would've defended Dustin Pedroia the same way had he been on the mound.
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Most Ks in first 5 games with a team (since 1893):. Randy Johnson – 55 (ARI). Chris Sale – 52 (BOS). Pedro Martinez – 51 (BOS). v…
Chumps. Pedro Martinez or Josh Beckett would have just thrown at his head and not gotten ejected.
Watching David Ortiz, prolly the greatest clutch hitter ever, and Pedro Martinez was special man... hated and loved every minute of it
Harold Reynolds begins a pointless discussion on the prevalence of baseball statues by erroneously noting Pedro Martinez has one
Listening to Pedro Martinez and Harold Reynolds just break down random bits is my favorite late night watching. MLB Network is the best.
When you want to love MLB Network but have to put up w Harold Reynolds and Pedro Martinez 🤡💀🤐
Hideki Matsui sending Pedro Martinez into retirement remains the greatest thing
I had the immense pleasure of seeing Pedro Martinez perform recently. He is a legend in the making. Man is talented…
Pedro Martinez is amazing! I saw him perform at "the Latin side of Dizzy w Carlos Henriquez" his solos- WOW.
I wanna go out tonight but all my friends lame af 😒
Immigration officers (ICE) are conducting huge raids all over the US. Know your rights. Share so others who may be undocum…
Pedro Martinez is the greatest pitcher I've ever seen and I'm a Yankee fan.
It occurs to me I nearly saw Pedro Martinez throw a perfect game once. . Then it broke and the Mets lost. Embrace the suck.
You need to be fearless and throw your pitches with conviction. Don’t worry about the results. Don’t worry about anything–Pedro Martinez
Victor Martinez & Pedro Alvarez both shine the knob into the catcher's eyes for max load!
Pedro Martinez had 3,154 strikeouts in his career
Pedro really had to wear a name tag? Who doesn't know Pedro Martinez??!
Are we going to see a Pedro Martinez in MLB 17?! I sure hope so, would be the best pitcher in the game 🔥
"Draws Pedro Martinez comparisons" can these words be banned like anywhere that have any credibility whatsoever in baseball
David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez equates to moneyball? Do u know what moneyball is?!?!?!
¿You want to have an appointment with Dr. Pedro Martinez-Clark? Call Us (305) 301-7169
ask him if Pedro Martinez is really Hall of Fame worthy. If he says no then you promptly rock bottom him through a table
Pedro Martinez and Mike Williams fight is my favorite one due to Pedro throwing the helmet at him!😂😂😂
I can do the positive one (among prominent players):. 1. David Wright. 2. Tom Glavine. 3. Cliff Floyd. 4. Pedro Martinez. 5.…
Don't know if Ms. Julia Martinez is still with us in San Pedro, but wanted to share this great article from 2011.
Be sure to join us for the State of the District Breakfast with San Antonio ISD Superintendent, Pedro Martinez!
Are there any new legends in the MLB 17 like Mike Piazza, Frank Thomas, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, etc.?
Viral Vault: Pedro Martinez liked to have a little fun on his off days. . WATCH:
Rick Porcello 1st pitcher to win Cy Young since Pedro Martinez in 2000.
Rick Porcello joins the likes of hall of famer Pedro Martinez, and Red Sox Hall of Famer Roger Clemens.
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Pedro Martinez is 45 years old today. Phil Neikro tossed 784⅔ IP after his 45th birthday. Jamie Moyer had 523⅔ IP afte…
Rancor agree. Stop Curt Schilling for league. Pedro Martinez for league instead. K thanks
Pedro Martinez apologizes for offensive Native American joke
think you are overstating David Ortiz value in this context. Larry Byrd, Russell, Tom Brady & Pedro Martinez
Here is the recipe for the best baseball postgame panel:. 1. Pedro Martinez. 2. Alex Rodriguez. 3. Kevin Burkhardt
Pedro Martinez picks the just saying. I know Roberto Alomar (umpire spitter) throwing out 1st pitch for
Nothing made me happier than seeing David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez all on the field together today!
watched the BPiA crowd do the wave once w/Juan Gonzalez facing Pedro Martinez in a 2-1 game in the 8th. Threw up a little.
- - in my - (Continued) - Mike Schmidt, Lou Brock, Ken Griffey Jr., Pedro Martinez, George Brett...
TEAM 16/17 👌. 16/17 starts on Sunday, 13 players leaded by coach Pedro Martínez. Our trip is starting, who's…
Pedro Martinez is my favorite baseball player
30 years ago today, the Padres signed Pedro Martinez as an amateur free agent. Only, because it's the Padres, it wa…
Pedro Martinez just said Jon Lester should be the Cy Young favorite. Plesac agrees. I think I might, too.
"Whenever you go to Fenway Park you see a statue of Ted Williams there. I think deserves one too"- Pedro Martinez
Celebrating career & accomplishments on & off the field in our new issue htt…
“Just don’t give up on your dreams." We spoke with about his proudest career moments with the
you could make a strong case for Tom Brady, Curt Schilling & Pedro Martinez as well.
Pedro Martinez is the 2nd best Red Sox player, better than Babe Ruth. Ortiz over Manny. Ruth over Manny
🎥 PEDRO MARTÍNEZ. J1 (Sun, 12:30h, c+ c68). "We have desire and illusion of starting well the season…
Arsene Wenger is a role model for everyone at Arsenal, says Ladies manager Pedro Martinez Losa
[ABC News]Boston was engaged in side negotiations to acquire outfielder and first baseman M…
.boss Pedro Martinez Losa pays tribute to his “role model” Arsene Wenger | Interview by
The Foundling. Manolo Manuel Martínez Pedro. One from an illustrated book with one etching, soft ground etching and drypoint
explains why should start Game 1 for the
From Québec for me Ventura remember alot Pedro Martinez in his first year. HItting many batters. He shou…
There are 40 players in history who had 40+ PA against Pedro Martinez. Only 1 of them has more walks than strikeouts: Barry Bonds (10 vs 8)
I fell into a Pedro Martinez rabbit hole. *** you, baseball reference.
8 career major league homers and one of them was off PEDRO MARTINEZ... granted it was 2009 and Pedro was 37 years old, but still...
My favorite Velez fact ever: Eugenio Velez hit a home run off Pedro Martinez.
I liked a video Pedro Martinez on Bartolo Colon
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Superintendent Pedro Martinez with closing remarks at the Inspire Awards event.
His style was like a combination of a Doc Gooden & Pedro Martinez. Truly Electrifying! Heartbreaking...
Matt Clement took Pedro Martinez's spot in 2005 and they won the wild card. So maybe weird is the only way this can go.
Is that Ubaldo Jimenez or Pedro Martinez out there?
While the details are foggy, one thing is clear: Pedro Martinez had a role in bringing David Ortiz here…
Must have read the probable pitchers incorrectly today. I thought we were facing Ubaldo Jimenez, not Pedro Martinez
We caught a wild Melanie Martinez at
made me appreciate how amazing Pedro Martinez was.
Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching like the second coming of Pedro Martinez.
David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez are my spirit animals
My two favorite baseball players growing up. Ken Griffey Jr and Pedro Martinez!
Pedro Martinez was a phenomenal pitcher but as analyst I'll pass
Goodbye David Ortiz, I never hated you. I hated Pedro Martinez.
Agree with Pedro Martinez that there should be a David Ortiz statue outside Fenway.
Appreciate own Pedro,discussing tragic Fernandez news and talking playoffs on
because as a Dodgers fan, the pain from the Pedro Martinez trade has not diminished. And throw in Piazza. History altering.
So Pedro Martinez said the are like a fly in your soup ! 😂😂👍👍
Pedro Martinez says Votto needs to "swing the bat more" and needs to "hit for more power" and needs "more RBI's." Pedro is now dead to me
The great joins the StewPod to talk about his friend Jose Fernandez and lots more. Listen:…
Podcast: Pedro Martinez on his friendship with Jose Fernandez
Pedro Martinez: “You know who was really responsible for David being here? The Minnesota Twins for releasing him." .
After tonight, we Yankee Fans will never have to see the sociopath David Ortiz again.
Pedro Martinez unleashes bat-flip after walkoff homer in Dominican-style stickball
"I saw a better talent than I was lose his life this tragic morning." - Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez
If Appel stays healthy then he's this generations Pedro Martinez with more velo. It's not his fault that Mark got hurt. Cmon
The hold on 4-3 over the Stay tuned for coming up next with Greg Amsinger, & Pedro Martinez!
Bartolo Colon has a twist on Pedro Martinez's 'call the Yankees my daddy' line
Piazza just told Dan Patrick he owned Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine
we got Anderson Espinoza. An 18 year old stud who Pedro Martinez even said he has better stuff then he did...
WATCH: Gronk first pitch at Red Sox game more Tim Wakefield than Pedro Martinez: The party animal Patriots ti...
I think the changeup has become more popular recently by pitchers like Pedro Martinez and the...
also didn't pull the trigger trading Jaret Wright for Pedro Martinez. Which would've netted a title or two. Works both ways
David Price is no Pedro Martinez or for that matter John Lester
Tom Brady is going to be at the Celtics meeting with KD? Bring in Bill Russell, David Ortiz, and Pedro Martinez while they are at it.
I miss Paul Konerko & Derek Lee or Pedro Martinez & Randy Johnson or Derek Jeter and Big Papì the good rivalries man 😩
Kershaw is having perhaps best season for a pitcher since Pedro Martinez's '99 masterpiece. If you like nice things, root…
DID YOU KNOW: José Fernández is striking out 37.6% of batters this season. Pedro Martinez (37.5%) holds the record. https:…
Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax are my top 5 all time. Can't beat that list.
Tony Gwynn had 323 plate appearances against Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, and Pedro Martinez. He struck out 3 times.
My top-four greatest pitchers of all-time. 1. Pedro Martinez. 2. Clayton Kershaw. 3. Walter Johnson. 4. Greg Maddux. Who…
I day Pedro Martinez to be the next Dodgers Pitching Coach. Orel Hershiser as Manager
I recall my Dodgers having both Ramon and Pedro Martinez on the roster...
No, Richard Dawson had good hair and kissed people. Pedro Martinez had bad hair and tried to kill people.
Love your show! But since you're calling Osuna Mariano Rivera, why not say he can aspire to be Pedro Martinez?
Eric Byrnes on talking about how refreshing Bumgarner's confident snot rockets are. Pedro Martinez not sure what to say.   10% Off
Even more ridiculous? Jeter (8.0 WAR) and Roberto Alomar (7.4 WAR) and Pedro Martinez (9.7 WAR) didn't with the MVP either in '99.
Strasburg is the 1st Nats/Expos starter to win his first 6 decisions in a season since Pedro Martinez opened his 1997 Cy Young season 8-0.
The guy is arguably the best pitcher since Pedro Martinez.
the letting go Adrian Beltre is one of the biggest mistakes in Dodger history. Oh, and Pedro Martinez.
Pedro Martinez: fundamentally unfair as an opponent. . Stats are fun. . Baseball is fun.
Is it really necessary to go through a round of Best Current Pitcher = Pedro Martinez every *** time?
I'd really like to know what's going through Don Zimmer's mind when he decided to charge head on at Pedro Martinez.
According to the new pitching metrics on things pitchers can control Pedro Martinez 1999's season is by far the best
Not sure it'll last all year, but Kershaw's current K-BB% (32.4%) is second only to Pedro Martinez's in 1999 (33.1%) htt…
I still remember Pedro Martinez in the '09 World Series, such nonsense.
Chris Sale can join Pedro Martinez & Fernando Valenzuela as only pitchers to win 1st 8 starts w/ sub-2 ERA since mound w…
After tonight's CG win, Chris Sale joins Pedro Martinez and Fernando Valenzuela as the only pitchers to win their … …
Reminds me of when I saw Ramon Santiago lead off with a homer against Pedro Martinez. I spilled my beverage in disbelief.
"If it ever got this cold in the Dominican Republic, everyone would die." - Pedro Martinez, according to Ken Singleton
trading Gordon ranks right up there with Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza.
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Best sports Network there is the crew is stellar. Eric Byrnes, Harold Reynolds, Dan Plesac, Pedro Martinez and...
I don't care what Plesac or Harold Reynolds has to say about anything put Pedro Martinez on so he could talk about Harvey.
Single-Season WHIP Leader: Pedro Martinez with 0.74 in 217 IP in 2000. Arrieta has a 0.70 WHIP over his last 178 IP.
Pedro Martinez called...He wants his filthy stats back!
Outstanding pitching performances to start the 2016 season. Always looking for the next Roger Clemens. Pedro Martinez or Sandy Koufax.
Also on book 4 of the Clifton Chronicles. Great distraction through a very long night these books are. Pedro Martinez is an oily wart!
Pedro Martinez is the best pitcher in baseball history
Ohh I'm gonna try it on...Always read instructions before ANYTHING now I'm gonna have to wear it for a month 😒
Pedro Martinez once carried a no-hitter into the 10th inning, but then gave up a hit. That's no better than a no-hitter.
Don't let other people control your happiness
I don't even know that late-90s Pedro Martinez was this dominant. Maybe back to Koufax and Gibson?
saw Pedro Martinez take a perfecto into the 10th, give up a triple to Bip Roberts and lose the game
Jake Arrieta is pitching at a level that baseball hasn't seen since Pedro Martinez in 1999-2000.
But if we're talking about losses.let's not forget the Dodgers had Roberto Clemente, Pedro Martinez, and Adrian Beltre.
Mom"you never do anything" me"are you serious last week I went out you couldn't stop blowing up my phone asking what time I would get home"
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Somebody name a right handed starter with stuff as filthy as Arrieta since Pedro Martinez. I don't think that person exists.
the Blackhawks don't have Pedro Martinez for Game 6
It’s kind of funny how Dan Duquette has been on both sides of the lopsided trade: Pedro Martinez and Jake Arrieta.
(9/24/96) Pedro Martinez charges the mound after being hit by a pitch from the Williams.
Uh, you okay, Bob? Ever heard of Kershaw, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, or Nolan Ryan?
Get your Pedro Martinez Missions jersey! First 2000 fans at The Wolff tomorrow night get one!…
Sevy throws the ball from 3/4 arm slot, mechanics wise very much like Pedro Martinez, & he used the change & 12-6 curve
Ladies: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea - Report: Fran Kirby scores twice for the Blues as Pedro Martinez Losa's side are ...
Addison Reed coughs up a game-tying single. Bartolo Colon will have to wait to pass Pedro Martinez once and for all.
Tom Seaver and Pedro Martinez... had perfect head position through the whole process.
Ellis Valentine, Marquis Grissom, Jose Vidro, Tim Raines, Vlad Guerrero, Pedro Martinez all welcomed on to the field in Expos tops.
I wish Pedro Martinez had claimed Nelson de la Rosa was his son and angrily challenged Theo Epstein if he disagreed.
wish list. nationals conv. in Atlantic City on Aug 3-7. Large jerseys for Ryne Sandberg, Cal Ripken and Pedro Martinez
And that's Pedro Martinez, by the way. I hold no ill will toward Moses Malone.
His hard work paid off. I would love to meet Orr. Tom Brady ,Bobby Orr ,an Pedro Martinez would love to meet those legends
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These 5 have all checked Into Camp. What year are we in?. Keith Foulke,. Tim Wakefield,. Jason Varitek,. Pedro Martinez,. D…
Pedro Martinez sparked a Red Sox turnaround in 1998. Can David Price do the same in 2016?
check out Nolan Ryan and young Pedro Martinez, and some Tim Lincecum when he was good. Young Pedro was 🔥
still think Pedro Martinez could be left off that list
What are the odds Alex Reyes is better than Pedro Martinez? 100% or 200%?
.David Cone to Pedro Martinez regarding velocity. Yeah, it's important.
He kind of looks like Pedro Martinez.
I wonder who the cops are looking for?👀
Which pitcher would you want to head your rotation at their PEAK?. Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Clayton Kershaw
In memory of my Grandfather Pedro Martinez. 4/19/14- 2/21/03. We…
Eduardo Rodriguez is soaking up advice from Pedro Martinez, David Price: ©2016 Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC
WATCH: reports the latest from camp, including Pedro Martinez getting involved with pitchers
(7/13/99) Pedro Martinez strikes out 4 NL Allstars in a row to open up the Allstar game in Fenway Park.
A close second to Bobby Orr of athletes who "get it" would be the one and only Pedro Martinez.
Pedro Martinez shows Eduardo Rodriguez the value of keeping the front side on target with his delivery. https:…
Eduardo Rodriguez gets to work with David Price and Pedro Martinez. PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE aces.
Pedro Martinez was watching Carlos Marmol closely. Pretty pleased with the results of 'pen, it seemed. "He has some bullets," said Pedro
Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza make appearances in my recap of a Mets walk-off HR by Bobby Bonilla
Pedro Martinez works with young lefty, Roenis Elias.
The man who denied Pedro Martinez a no-hitter. He never got one.
From 2002-2006 the had at least 2 Hall of Famers on their roster with Roberto Alomar, Mike Piazza, Pedro Martinez, and Tom Glavine.
On today's podcast, GM Mike Hazen said he had dinner with Hanley Ramirez & Pedro Martinez in the Dominican right before Christmas...
Edgar Martinez will see biggest % increase because Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez talked about his greatness last year.
Maybe Jack McDowell is right, is a sham. Ranking him with Pedro Martinez and Mike Mussina is a crime
Pedro Martinez? What's the title? Somehow this slipped through my baseball book knowledge. Merry xmas!
how about when they signed guys like Keith Hernandez, Robin Ventura, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, traded for Delgado or Carter
Did you know: In A-ball, David Price faced Pedro Martinez -- and beat him. Pedro recalls:
Pedro Martinez got an early look at future Red Sox ace David Price - Boston Herald
Pedro Martinez is convinced that David Price can peak with city of Boston.
Pedro Martinez: Red Sox fans will 'really embrace' newly signed ace David Price.
The Montreal Expos win the World Series with Vlad Guerrero and Pedro Martinez at the helm
Hanley Ramirez, Josh Donaldson, Pedro Martinez, Ray Allen and Robbie Cano among those at the golf event. Starts today.
Neymar Suarez and Messi isn't fair. Its like Roger Clemens Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez at the top of your rotation af
Hey, remember that time Pedro Martinez got traded in November? Or that other time he got traded in November?
I'm the type of *** to get completely star struck watching Jonah Keri wax poetic about Pedro Martinez.
Harvard students & faculty: TODAY 5pm: A conversation with Pedro Martinez at Sever Hall.
honey tonight I'm not the one either this lady better sit down somewhere I ain't playing!
I'm fixing to come up their and let them old people know who I am, I'm not the one
chamacas pendejas como Les gusta el chupe untill the cops show up 😂
ohhh Jess ur going through it tonight
Racist how? Cuban is a nationality, not a race. His all time favorite player is Pedro Martinez, Dominican.
Mets are trash. Haven't been good since Pedro Martinez pitched for them
He looks really Conforto-ble at the plate now. /beaten over the head with Mjolnir by Pedro Martinez
I think Pedro Martinez (circa 2002) dressed up as Steven Matz for Halloween
A line I’m going to use in my ode to Grantland for the paper. “Thanks to I feel normal worshiping Pedro Martinez daily."
Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, there's a long history of power pitchers that get it.
Melina Martinez posted an event: Melina Martinez posted an eventBoys & Girls Club of San Pedro 50th Anniversar...
Happy birthday to my brother love you bro.feliz cumpleaños a mi hermano pedro martinez
forget that Pedro Martinez was always applauded for pitching inside.
If for some reason someone wants a signed Pedro Martinez cap.
Hello, it's me. I was wondering if you would like to trick or treat on Halloween. 👻
Pedro Martinez was a hothead who threw at other players while Clemens was a "gamer" for doing the same thing.
Pedro Martinez. Larry Walker. Alou. Grissom. Wetteland closing. That team was stacked.
it was kind of just highlights and a recap of that series. But it was good. Aaron and I were Pedro Martinez fans lol
"Ricky Vaughn in 96. Pedro Martinez in 99. Henry Rowengartner in 93. Clark's numbers were better!".
Royals' Cueto wants to step up in big game like Pedro Martinez.
I can tell that it's Rizzo but the other one looks more like Pedro Martinez than it does Starling.
Pedro Martinez rocking that 4th Sunday Male Chorus raspberry blazer on
Joe Maddon doesn't think he'll have a Grady Little/Pedro Martinez situation with Jake Arrieta
Ask Joe Torre, I'm sure Pedro Martinez has a lot of thoughts about this.
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Not sure there's a point to having pre- or postgame shows that don't include Pedro Martinez.
Pedro Martinez questioning Utley is silly, he is the guy that threw elderly Don Zimmer to the ground and was a well known he…
"Joe Torre should be dropping those names out there for the public to know" -Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez just said "ding dong Johnson" like seven times on National Television. Never thought I'd say this but bring back Joe Buck
Pedro Martinez is lamenting Kyle Schwarber being out of the lineup. All year long, Maddon has done what is best. I have faith in Joe.
Which one of these pregame commentators (from left to right) does not belong?. Dusty Baker. Paul Reubens . Gary Sheffield . Pedro Martinez
1998: Would u trade Kerry Wood for Pedro Martinez?.I would've & Cubs should've.
watching the game on a delay. For Tyler Wagner motion comparison, think Jim was looking for Pedro Martinez. Motion only of course
A panel of Pedro Martinez, Gary Sheffield and Dusty Baker sure does make for an entertaining pregame show.
Great look at the relationship between David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez:
Kennedy: Grateful to Montreal for Pedro Martinez and now Dave Dombrowski. We feel we have a connection.
Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez presents the Sports Ward to Pedro Martinez
Bobbleheads I would like next year: Aaron Nola, Chase Utley, and Pedro Martinez commemorating his 2009 rehab start.
Kershaw, man. He's in the Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez class.
15 yrs ago today Pedro Martinez brawled with Gerald Williams, Pedro after this only allowed 1 hit the next 8 innings
Pedro Martinez elected to Hall of Fame.In an election that proved every bit the landslide .
In a corresponding move, have claimed no one to help their deficit & are going to HOF'er Pedro Martinez for advice on winning.
United could have got Pedro. We could have got Schneiderlin/ Kondogbia/Dybala/Martinez.
Pedro Martinez bettered that only 2x's on his career. Different leagues, eras, etc I know but Clayton is unreal
Baseball Legend Pedro Martinez in da house at
Hey, remember that time when wore a Yoda mask in the dugout?
Pedro Martinez??? Everyone hated him because he acted like.Yordano Ventura. He's why Yordano is how he is.
Pedro Martinez is demanding to move the Rays in Montreal
Pedro Martinez discusses the rise of Tommy John Surgery in baseball with
That save reminded me of Pedro Martinez's 1st inning at the 1999 all-star game.
Just want to give you a heads-up. Pedro Martinez is now entering in the dance.
nah, Mejia was a wanna be Pedro Martinez who *** w/o the juice. Good riddance to that hot head
Pedro Martinez, is now trending in Canada
Pedro Martinez needs to take a hike
Somebody should have made use of some Uggs and summoned their inner Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez weighs in on Yankees-Carlos Gomez incident -
One Red Sox prospect recently was compared to a young Pedro Martinez.
Pedro Martinez has demanded the Rays be moved to Montreal on national TV. They have 24 hours to respond
Need a calculator for the Strikeouts represented on this Quad Autograph card
I could listen to Pedro Martinez talk about pitching all day
"This is the beauty of baseball, the surging Mets." -Pedro Martinez
Good golly...Pedro Martinez just got real on pitching on MLB Network! !!! That was so cool! Then Billy broke down tags at 2nd!
Spoke w Carlos Martinez a few weeks ago about working w Pedro Martinez--they spoke a lot at the AS game. The HOFer detailing it now on MLB..
Pedro Martinez and Harold Reynolds do their best Torres and Murphy impression. That's not bad
Jonah Keri just told the best Pedro Martinez story of all time.
Here we go! Jonah Keri's talking about him and his 9 drunk Expos-loving friends crashing a black-tie Pedro Martinez party.
Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez have been indicted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
As much as they compare Yordano Ventura to Pedro Martinez, I'm curious who Don Zimmer equates to in the formula.
If curt shilling calls yodano ventura the future Pedro Martinez im gonna freak out
The best thing about this Red Soxs season was Pedro Martinez and Xander
So excited to meet and cook for HOFer Pedro Martinez tonight! ⚾️
Pedro Martinez is getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sandra Bullock’s birthday. What a world. http:…
The Boston Red Sox designated hitter snapped a photo with Pedro Martinez during the Hall of Famer's jersey…
Wow, Fenway Park organist just played Pedro The Lion’s “Keep Swinging” as an intro to a Pedro Martinez monta…
Reading Fightin Phils fans line up early for Pedro Martinez bobblehead
Blue Jays Bullpen: Memories of Pedro Martinez with the Expos | Toronto Star - Toronto Star (blog)
Pacific Northwest Top story: Pedro Martinez wows crowd as he, Smoltz, Biggio, J… see more
Pedro Martinez is in the Hall of Fame & the Reading Fightin Phils will celebrate his induction.
Pedro Martinez enjoys the moment at the MLB Hall of Fame induction ceremony by having fun with Randy Johnson.
on the Pedro Martinez wish list I would love to see 3 jerseys a 1997 Montreal Expos, 1999 Boston Red Sox & a 2005 NY Mets.
Pedro Martinez: "Vladimir Guerrero is right on the edge of becoming the next Hall of Famer (from the Dominican Republic)."
congratulations to Craig Biggio & Pedro Martinez on the HoF induction.
David Ortiz reflects on Pedro Martinez's career -- and his own HOF chances
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