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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Julio Montas Hernández (born April 4, 1959) is a former Major League Baseball player.

Etan Patz Jose Ramos White Sox Happy Father

Pedro Hernandez, convicted in 1979 murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz, faces life sentence
Pedro Hernandez, convicted of killing Etan Patz, to be sentenced
Pedro Hernandez, convicted of killing 6-year-old Etan Patz in 1979, is due in court today for his sentencing…
Pedro Hernandez to be sentenced in Etan Patz case:
Pedro Hernandez, who confessed to attacking 6-year-old Etan Patz in a store’s basement, was found guilty of murder
Earlier today, Pedro Hernandez was convicted of kidnapping and killing Etan Patz. Jury deliberated for 9 days.
.Pedro Hernandez convicted of murdering Etan Patz in 1979
The jury convicted 56-year-old Pedro Hernandez after nine days of deliberation
In 1979, 6-year-old Etan Patz vanished on his way to school. Today, Pedro Hernandez was found guilty of kidnapping & killi…
Jury convicts Pedro Hernandez for the abduction and murder of Etan Patz, a 6-year-old boy who vanished in 1979
Jury finds Pedro Hernandez guilty in 1979 murder, kidnapping of Etan Patz
No verdict yet. Jury just dismissed for the day in the re-trial of Pedro Hernandez. They sent one note today...
No verdict today in retrial of Pedro Hernandez, man accused of killing Jury has deliberated more than week, will resume on Monday
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Patz trial: You may not be at work, but jurors in ManSupreme have all arrived and begun deliberations on charges against Pedro Hernandez.
Day 6 and deliberations continue in the of Pedro Hernandez. Hernandez is accused of killing 6 year old…
A slightly unusual request from the jury that's deliberating in the case of Pedro Hernandez, who's accused of the...
at case in Lower Manhattan. Jury on day 6 of delibs in RETRIAL of accused killer Pedro Hern…
Jury deliberating in Etan Patz murder case. Accused killer Pedro Hernandez, 56, awaits the decision.
“I am so convinced Pedro Hernandez kidnapped and killed my son,” Patz added. “His story is simple, and it makes sense.” ya no it doesnt
Today's PBS interview about the arrest of Chanel Lewis on the murder of Katrina Vetrano & the Pedro Hernandez trial
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Third day of deliberations in the 2nd Pedro Hernandez/Etan Patz murder trial. No verdict yet.
Congratulations to Mr. Pedro Hernandez for taking the Gold at the Might Fist Patterns competition this last weekend.
I've got serious problems with the Pedro Hernandez confession.
if the Feed Aaron Hernandez the ball all night the Falcons are done for.
Pedro Miguel Gonzalez knows: NO statute of limitation. NO double jeopardy. NO immunity on killing of
. Ruth Molenaar. Ever since I met Pedro P. Hernandez, you are renting a N.Y. City apartment. I have my own house in Jersey City
This of being "Pedro Graterol" and "Pedro Luis Graterol Hernandez" at the same time can get really hard 😂😂
In case, jury hearing readback of member of accused killer Pedro Hernandez's church group. says Pedro confessed.
Jury heads home for the day in Pedro Hernandez murder case. Charged with 1979 killing of 6yr old Etan Patz. Delibs for 1 1/2hrs.
BREAKING: jury begins deliberating in retrial of accused Etan Patz murderer, Pedro Hernandez
Jury in Etan Patz murder case has begun deliberations. Boy's dad in court. Pedro Hernandez charged in 1979 kidnap…
Class of 06. This weekend has been love. RIP to Kevin Noble, Pedro Hernandez, Wendell Walker, and Ms Nancy Be…
I've lived/been to 29 countries so far. Which will be number 30?
Hey Pedro Hernandez thanks for the follow!
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Exciting first day . Great team and a yummy subject
Corey Seager batting for Hernandez. Pedro Baez warming up for Dodgers.
Federal Judge Pedro Delgado adjourns the corruption trial for the day. Anaudi Hernández will continue his testimony Tuesday.
Read Hernandez & Cooke's 'The Twilight Children' and loved it! I'd love to see Pedro Almodòvar turn it into a film
( ♥ ♥ ) Laurie Hernandez is all of us when she hugs Beyoncé at VMAs: La... ( ♥ ♥ )
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Thank you Pedro Hernandez, Jr.! You are helping us Build a Better Community!
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Twins will start Santiago, Dean and Albers in consecutive games next week in Cleveland. Only LH dazzler missing is Pedro Hernandez.
Midnight Madness tonight will get you ready for the weekend! Join Ricco Parrish and Pedro Hernandez!
Data privacy for your by Pedro Hernandez via
How do you define success in your by Pedro Hernandez via
If Laurie Hernandez on the USA gymnastics team is 16, I'm 16 lmaooo
What a 20 hr turnaround. Went from looking to 2017 to 2013. Feels like Pedro Hernandez will relieve Albers.
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you should visit the house in San Pedro California supposedly it's really haunted
I said earlier that he reminds me of Pedro Hernandez. A lefty we got from the White Sox too.
Srry i was blowing up ur phone💯😂 but hey can u shout out to me nd my friend Pedro Hernandez on ur vidoes. I really appreciate it.
I'll take Pedro any day over Jaso. It's not like Jaso is Keith Hernandez with the glove.
Thank you Pedro Hernandez and Alfred and Fr. German Vargas for putting up the flags for St. Bart's Feast!
Happy birthday to Hector Rivera Hernandez, Jose Barrientos and Pedro Flores this week!
KPD Captain Pedro Hernandez talking with Lehman Lobos at Blended Voices happening right now.
"My wife and believe that Pedro Hernandez and not Jose Ramos was the perpetrator of this heartless crime”
"The guy from making a murder was guilty" - Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez: Are We Ready for the Internet of Things? | the internet of things
Aragua Top of the 8th. Pitching Change: Deolis Guerra replaces Pedro Hernandez.
. Aruba Hotel - 47 no.8396280. And why did you not tell me this before? . After, Pedro P. Hernandez, Citizen of the United States
Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber announced the hiring of Pedro Hernandez as Domestic Violence Investigator at Sheriff's Department.
You are always selling something Ruth, take time out to greet those who remember you for a change . So long, Pedro Hernandez.
Arubiano, there are no such animals after the law of 1947. The national audubon society. [ S.O.S. ]. Pedro P. Hernandez
The good thing Ruth, is that we are both still alive . Best wishes to you, your family and love ones,. Pedro P. Hernandez .
When you realise that your daily commute is like a bike trip
. By the time I'm ready for you . . You'll be begging for Mercy !. Pedro P. Hernandez .
Presidential sapphire Vasty says. My mentor and partner Pedro Juan Hernandez with more than 20 years of...
pedro 😂 and to think I was upset we didnt sign him
Practise the principle for principle and practise. Dr. Gelber; Bushwick High school Principle. Mr. Pedro Hernandez, PhD.
Someone should buy me an Aaron Hernandez jersey for Christmas, or a OJ Simpson throwback.💯👌
What is your take on the Jackie Hernandez case in San Pedro Ca?
Pedro "Datu Bunanat" Hernandez of Manobo tribe explains IP Economics of Environmentally Responsible Natural...
No way, welcome to story books love. Pedro Hernandez, accountability.
I want to work there!. James Reyes, Jorge Lopez, Samuel Hclew, Pedro Jaime Sierra, Edwin Hernandez
Loney, Steven Paul Reid and Pedro B. Hernandez vs. The People of the Phil.
Dreaming a dream the Crown Heights Affairs . Me and you forever . Mr. Pedro Hernandez .
Pedro is a quality player. Could've been a different story at United. They should've kept Hernandez.
. Oh, stop !. I love it when he does that... Happy holidays from, . Mr. Pedro P. Hernandez
At the sheriff campaign kickoff for Sally Hernandez at El Mercado. Lots of electeds here...including (accidentally/hilariou…
Sally Hernandez makes it official: she's running for sheriff. Joins five-person field, 4 Ds, 1 R
Parking Mobility volunteers given a HUGE applause at Sally Hernandez for Sheriff announcement! Way to go Travis... ht…
. It's like a dream to me heaven quasi. Pedro Hernandez.
Million dollars $ 1,000,000. I used to work in congress and money means nothing. Mr. Pedro Hernandez, accountant.
I wonder what Juan juju Carlos Hernandez Pedro Fernandez thinks of his favorite player Kobe retiring ? 👀
I was supposed to create thumbs_up thumbs_down icons, but I can’t stop seeing a pair of boxing gloves
Dear Ruth Molenaar. This is Pedro P. Hernandez. As of this day today, I shall select a blond blue eyes cyber phase secretary.
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Didn't know drake danced merengue. 😂😂 (Vine by Pedro Hernandez)
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"hello im pedro Hernandez and I like soccer"
. Welfare States , Queens New York City. OPEN your welfare case number. Hail to the King. Mr. Pedro Hernandez, accountant
Diary of Pedro P. Hernandez. My fingers twitched when we both went for the same potato salad .
Mother Heydi Hernandez from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, tells BBC3's Stacey Dooley how her husband took a machete to her ankles when she
I'll admit I did it twice. 19/25 first time. Tucker, Anderson+Roberto Hernandez, Julio, Bradford, Perpetual Pedro
Pinas by Pedro Hernandez! Why yes, please. Added more. More to come. .
Tell the Prime Minister, " I would be delighted to attend ". Saint Martin . P.P.H. & Co., Inc. . Pedro Hernandez, accountant.
Stacey Dooley Investigates the *** of Honduras in her BBC3 documentary: Mother Heydi Hernandez from San Pedro...
the one were McGee brushed his teeth with the water.who killed Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez, who was traded for Liriano in 2012, went 8-3, 3.99 ERA & 63 Ks in 93 innings for the St. Paul Saints this year.
If the rumors are true, I can guess that Pedro deal has not materialized and we have switched focus to Kane for a cash + Hernandez deal.
Pedro the last buy I think. He'll have Wilson Hernandez Rooney Memphis Pedro who can all play CF maybe Adnan
If united can sell hernandez for half the fee their willing to pay for Pedro it would be a tasty bit of business!
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Barcelona and Man Utd will next week meet to close Pedro deal. Personal terms already done. Barcelona want few incentives i…
we are gonna sign Pedro , we have januzaj and Hernandez capable enough.. We can play a false 9 system
Live transfer news - Wednesday 5 August. Live transfer news - Wednesday 5 August:
So Januzai out on loan and Hernandez getting sold? Surely there is some attackers coming in also.. Depay, Rooney and pedro front 3!!
Exclusive: How Arsenal are the new Chelsea, Pedro to Man United, Hernandez to West Ham
considering we're only playing 1 forward this year I think In Depay, Hernandez, Wilson & Pedro we've got a few options.
Hernandez will prove himself imo and will do well in the league. Also, we have Pedro who could play as a CF.
Lingard, Hernandez & now Adnan reportedly on the move in the next 2 days, surely can't just be Pedro coming in??
" Latest on , Donsah rumours, and more >"
Transfer Update: Baba Rahman, Pedro, Donsah, Hernandez and more: The agent of Augsburg defender Abdul Baba Rah...
Main thing is we need a CB and Pedro. A second striker can be bought in January as long we keep Hernandez
Herrera, Memphis and Pedro should be creating loads. Agree on CB problems. Hernandez "might" prove a decent back up
Manchester United to follow up £20m signing with £11.9m striker sale: Manchester United are ... ff
Pedro looks close to joining Man Utd - a move which will most definitely help us in our efforts to sign Hernandez!
Sunderland on loan.hernandez.I hope Pedro soon and hopefully atomendi cb.
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The agent of Augsburg defender Abdul Baba Rahman says the left-back is close to signing for Chelsea after agreeing…
Latest on , Donsah rumours, and more >
I'd love it if we could keep Hernandez and bring in Pedro, maybe a defender with premier league experience
Pedro in di Maria out if Hernandez out who will be our striker and top defender issues.
Angel Di Maria to PSG: Transfer news live - Pedro to Manchester United, John Stones to Chelsea, Javier Hernandez to West Ham: Welcome...
Pedro in, Hernandez out?. Two Premier League sides are after £12m Chicharito. It's the gossip:
It could be an alias. His name might be something like, Pedro Hernandez Cordova Perez.
De Gea to Madrid, Lloris to United, Hernandez to Spurs, Sterling to City, Pedro to Liverpool, Bolasie to Chelsea. Chec…
Pedro, Reus or Hernandez... All around 30 million too, all would fit the system, and all are realistic targets for
prefer we splashed big cash out on Pedro or Javier Hernandez . Benteke is an old fashioned no.9. He's an agile, younger version of Lambert
£32 mil can get you. Bacca, Pedro, illarramendi, aubameyang , abdennour, remy. Hernandez. But that's none of my business 🐸☕️
Rafael Hernandez who is very reliable said we are in talks with Pedro!
Just as i was about to ask how realiable rafael hernandez is over la liga an pedro stuff this big ben news breaks. Cue tge meltdown
Let the Pedro rumours commence, Rafael Hernandez is reliable
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The Jacob Miller to Mikey Hernandez connection working in 7-on-7 action for San Pedro.
Microsoft booster Pedro Hernandez re-announces not new, merely entrapment
Where are the world class striker you promised us ? Reus, Higuain, Lacazette, Hernandez, Pedro? Please NOT Benteke!!
Benteke's fee is hyped, please sign Lacazette,Pedro & Hernandez Chincarito. They're more sparkling in sight of goals. No Time
Transfer round-up: Latest on Pedro, Austin, Campbell, Hernandez, McCarthy and much more
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I always imagine The ride of the Walküre on top of my head
Why aren't they using Pedro? Unless they're simply sacrificing Polanco over with Hernandez.
With that 49m Rodgers should put bids in for Pedro and Lacazette try 20m for each see what happens maybe a sneaky bid for hernandez
So now liverpool want hernandez reus and pedro ??
Such a bummer that team's rotation fell apart by year's end. Before injuries to Pedro and Hernandez they looked unstoppable.
Sterling money will give us Cheryshev, Medel and Johnny Evans... *** is youre problem Rodgers? Rues, Pedro or Hernandez!!
I like Hernandez and the fact that RVP has gone makes that unlikely. Pedro from Barca would be great & Benteke at £20m (max).
Bring in Hernandez, Pedro and Benteke with that £49 million and I'll be happy
20 laps to go.. Marc. vale. pedro. jorge. ian. smith. crut. dovi. hernandez. aleix..
Chelsea agrees deal with charles aranguiz and pedro hernandez but deal not done yet.
Liverpool Transfer News: £22m Real Madrid deal, £21.6m Pedro boost. Why is Jordan Ibe going out on loan?.
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says: Another top 2-sport prospect to watch for next year is San Pedro junior Mikey Hernandez Jr., All-Marine League in football & baseball.
Brand new is up feat. talking kung fu prowess w/ &
One of my enduring memories of Xavi Hernandez is the through ball to put Pedro through in the 2011 UCL Final
Another example of the risks of interviewing vulnerable subjects.
to seek retrial of Pedro in Patz case
By Natasja Sheriff NEW YORK, May 8 (Reuters) - A judge declared a mistrial on Friday in the marathon trial of Pedro Hernandez, who had
Prosecutors to retry Pedro Hernandez for murder of ...
in the case deliberated for 18 days. And they aren't done. Watch:
Date set for second trial in Patz case A new trial for Pedro Hernandez who confessed to strangling six-year-old E…
Jurors from first Pedro Hernandez trial aim to stay involved second time around.
Deadlocked jurors attend retrial hearing for Pedro accused killer of Patz
Judge sets date for second trial of deli worker accused of killing long missing NYC boy
Manhattan prosecutors have started the process to retry the man accused of kidnapping and killing in 1979.
Defense Lawyer in Patz Case Faults His Former Adversary: The defense attorney in the retrial of Pedro Hernandez,…
Jurors attend hearing on retrial in Etan Patz case
Former Twins pitcher Pedro Hernandez just airmailed a ball into the seats playing catch. Guess control is still an issue.
Newsday: Deadlocked jurors attend retrial hearing for Pedro Hernandez, accused killer of Etan Patz
Former jurors at retrial hearing But why?
Former Patz Jurors Return to Court to Support Retrial: The jury selection for the retrial of Pedro Hernandez will…
Defendant Pedro Hernandez enters courtroom, showing no emotion per usual. He's been locked up at Rikers since mid-May mis…
Am I the only one who thinks Pedro Hernandez didn't kill Etan Patz? Something seems very fishy about this whole case.
Manhattan prosecutors to retry Pedro Hernandez in Etan Patz case
The Jury in the trial is Deadlocked so Pedro Hernandez remains Locked but not Dead and if a Hung Jury, he will Not be !?!?
Welcome to the Bal INFERNO...Pedro Hernandez made an appearance for today's video ;)
I thought this was interesting because he was the original milk carton child
No verdict this week in murder trial of Pedro Hernandez, accused in case of 6-year-old Etan Parz, missing since 1979.
Jury in 3rd day of deliberations in Pedro Hernandez trial focusing on confessions he made to authorities about killing Etan Patz
Jurors make requests this morning in the Pedro Hernandez murder trial for Miranda warning card read to Hernandez by NYPD in 2012 confession.
jury asking for more info on Pedro Hernandez' statements to police.
Jurors deciding the fate of Pedro Hernandez have been deliberating more than eight hours since Wed. afternoon.
Jury to resume deliberations in trial of Etan Patz murder suspect Pedro Hernandez
It is day three of jury deliberations in the trial of Pedro Hernandez, the man accused of killing Etan Patz.
Jury weighs fate of accused killer of Etan Patz
When Etan Patz went missing in New York City at age 6, hardly anyone in America could help but see his face at...
Ex-wife testifies again in Etan Patz trial:
Pedro Hernandez didnt do it. the x wife relays a different version of confession. neither sound possible. not a sane person. prob scizo
The prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, told a jury that the defendant, Pedro Hernandez, had never retracted any of his confes…
Wife of man accused of killing boy in 1979 reveals a confession:
Aaron Hernandez really was like an athletic Dexter tho.
Pedro Hernandez claims others were in the room when he strangled Etan Patz, psychiatrist testifies via
Becky Hernandez, 25, speaking publicly for the first time about the case against her father, Pedro Hernandez, described him as a
Murder suspect is mentally ill: psychiatrist
Etan Patz suspect, Pedro Hernandez, is mentally ill according to defense psychiatrist
Psychiatriast says Etan Patz ‘killer’ saw visions: Pedro described more than a…
Newsday: Psychiatrist testifies about Pedro Hernandez's psychotic condition
"They'll think I'm crazy." Suspect in Etan Patz slaying had visions visions, expert says
Sad news to share. One of our very first members & a true warrior for justice, Pedro Hernandez, has passed away back home in Mexico.
Pedro Hernandez, suspect in the killing of Etan Patz, saw visions, psychiatrist testifies: Patz vanished without a…
Psychiatrist testifies about Pedro Hernandez's psychotic condition: A psychiatrist testified Tuesday that defe...
Pedro Hernandez's mental disorder casts doubt on his confession to Etan Patz m...
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Questions about Pedro Hernandez’s mental competence have been central to his murder trial and are likely to continue this week as the
Yo! Man who thinks he might be Etan Patz surfaces during murder
Daughter of man accused of killing testifies that her father was beset by visions
Daughter of man on trial in death of Etan Patz testifies about his strange behavior
NJ man's daughter testifies at trial for murder in 1979 disappearance of boy:
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The daughter of Pedro Hernandez, a suspect the 1979 disappearance of Etan Patz testified about her strict upbringing.
As a young girl I was stalked by Jose Ramos so I didn't buy it when Pedro Hernandez "confessed" to killing Etan Patz
Pedro Hernandez we need one of these for the studio!!
Etan Patz jurors watch suspect Pedro Hernandez' confession video via
It'll be scary if this Pedro Hernandez guy gets off from being convicted.
Pedro Hernandez's videotaped confession shown to jurors in ...
Suspect's Confession Played for Jurors in Etan Patz Murder Trial: In the video, Pedro Hernandez tells investig...
Jurors were rapt as they watched the 2012 videotape confession of the murder suspect.
Prosecutors play tape of Pedro Hernandez admitting to killing 6 year old Etan Patz at his murder trial.
Confession tapes played in trial for man accused of killing Etan Patz, this is what it said
Jurors watch murder suspect Pedro taped
Pedro Hernandez video confession, viewed today in court: 'I grabbed [Etan Patz] by the neck'
Jury in Etan Patz Murder Trial Views Suspect’s Confession: As the videotape of Pedro Hernandez’s confession pl...
As the videotape of Pedro Hernandez’s confession played, some jurors scribbled notes and o...
Opening Statements began today at the trial of Pedro Hernandez, man charged in the 1979 vanishing of Etan Patz.
Trial starts for accused Etan Patz killer Pedro Hernandez
Six-year-old Etan Patz vanished en route to his Manhattan school bus stop in 1979. In 2012, Pedro Hernandez gave a confession his lawyers say was false.
Cuddling with My baby Pedro Hernandez watchin a movie. Im in love. Love My husband
Post partum day 7... my baby is a week old today. How the time flys. Still feeling mix emotion but hopefully it will die down. love my son to death. Also my husband and his son look so gorgeous together. With Pedro Hernandez
Thanks to Pedro Juan Hernández and so many professional great Latino Leaders from many countries! I was Honored...
On page 325 of 494 of Alucinante, by Pedro Hernandez
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My uncle Pedro is going to marry a woman from Peru named Jessica Hernandez.
I wrote a spec on the San Pedro, CA haunting of Jackie Hernandez 1989-1993. Interested?
release P Simon Castro, per transactions page. P Pedro Hernandez is electing free agency as well, per transactions page.
Only one Barça player that scored a goal in the 5-0 clasico is still standing and that's Xavi Hernandez. (Yes, even *that* pedro's gone)
On page 261 of 494 of Alucinante, by Pedro Hernandez
I'll die if men like Pedro or Hernandez steal the show
Castro was part of the package (along with former Rockie Pedro Hernandez) that the Padres traded to the White Sox for Carlos Quentin.
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Thank you to our sponsors: Cardiology Center of Amarillo and Dr. Pedro R. Hernandez-Lattuf.
Congratulations to Pedro Hernandez on being pre-ranked number one in the state for wrestling!!!
It's been months and I'm still getting calls asking for Pedro Hernandez 😭
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Pedro Hernandez in videotaped confession: 'I couldn't let go' of Etan Patz - Newsday
Pedro Hernandez confesses to murder of Etan Patz in chilling video.
.Stole $-- A videotaped statement from Pedro Hernandez, the man who confessed to killing Etan Patz in 19... - #
Starting to lose the jetlag. After a 3-week holiday, it’s taking me an entire week to do so!
uh, seriously. Welbeck & Hernandez couldn't muster up a goal b/w them against the dons?! Oh my...
Yesterday I got to help celebrate a union become official. Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Hernandez!! I'm SO…
aye Pedro y'all thought you were gonna win? 💙💙💙 great start to the season boys let's keep it going😈 💙💙💙
have you heard of Jackie Hernandez haunting in San Pedro?
"They return just to die."-Hector Hernandez, who runs a morgue in San Pedro Sula, re: the kids deported from the US.
Pedro Baez is in to take over for Hernandez here in the 6th.
San Pedro Sula morgue director Hector Hernandez said that his morgue has taken in 42 dead children since February.
Blog time: updates on Carlos Gonzalez, Josh Rutledge, Tyler Matzek and Pedro Hernandez
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If you have any problem with Keith Hernandez and his non filter during mets game, I want no part of you
*Mexican accent* they say the party good.what u think Pedro mendez Javier hernandez Rodriguez???
Ffs don't believe that Pedro Hernandez guy, he isn't a journo, just an ITK
I don't even know who the *** Pedro Hernández is, but apparently he lives in my city, ha.
For those RTing Pedro Hernandez on Vidal. He's a Chilean lecturer. An ITK already told off by Chilean journalists for tw…
. Tell, me do we get free delivery of your products?. The one and only,. Pedro P. Hernandez.
Is Felix Hernandez's changeup getting into that Pedro Martinez territory?
Thanks Pedro Juan Hernández you know I love this classic especially at the 3:40 mark.the famous drum beat!...
Randomly went out and got some fish at 2am lol their names are Hernandez and Pedro
Where was Pedro Gomez to translate Felix Hernandez? I kid, I kid.
freddy ramdin replied to Pedro Hernandez's discussion Here are some programs in EXCEL.
Big welcome to new SWCC baseball coach Pedro Hernandez.
This man here he had been for us for many years had done. So many things for us he is in our life those who know him knows that Pedro Hernandez have a beautiful heart. Happy Father's Day Prieto.
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Keniaa taller then Pedro for this . 😂😂
Pedro Hernandez (4-3, 5.97) might be serviceable out of the Springs. But would need to make 40-man roster room for him. Tough calls
Home with my baby. Even though our baby boy isnt here yet. I would like to wish you a Happy Fathers day also. I love you with all my heart. With Pedro Hernandez
We're underway here on Father's Day at the ballpark. Pedro Hernandez on the hill for the
Happy Fathers day to my honey! Pedro Hernandez, I love you more than life itself.
Sabina and daddy ( Pedro Hernandez) shooting in the woods thanks uncle Rudy Lopez, Amanda L Williams for a fun weekend.
A big hug with affection for your daddy Pedro Hernandez!! 👏👏 🎁
Happy Father's Day to all of my Black Kings...,Dion Johnson King Darius Pedro Hernandez Cold' Hearted Craig Walker Macarthur Walker Macarthur Walker JE Walker Rod Faraaz Jackson J Tyrone Ware .to all I did list.smooches. have a blessed you guys
I missed my nephew so much Donavon Diaz but the moment he told me he just missed grandpa I think was the most special moment we've ever had because I know he loves my dad as much as I do. This fuccn *** that I can't compfort him without crying. I miss him too daddy but I can't imagine how much reality hit him just now. Pedro Hernandez we all miss you dad
Whenever I see a black man with a name like Diego Hernandez or Pedro Rodriguez I feel bad for the freedom fighters.
Hope so, although Rafael Hernandez said Pedro was close to renewing and Sanchez close to leaving
About to visit the Jackie Hernandez haunted house in Pedro
Xavi Hernandez a legend but he can't be here nomore, next games mid has to be xabi Alonso, koke then left silva center iniesta right pedro.
Hernandez to score first, and Pedro to score and Spain to win 3-1
you're one of them sharpie chola esas that end up with dudes named Juan Carlos pedro Pablo paco last name Garcia hernandez
Comedian, Pedro Hernandez speaks about his mother, lolita hernandez
Pedro Hernandez Tecuapa, 27, suspected of driving vehicle in fatal hit-and-run, turns himself in at police station
Hernandez Pedro the printer. What a name. The coolest printer in town. 📠
Miranda, Mangala, Shaw, Strootman, Rakitic, Mandzukic, Pedro in nd Young, Fletcher, Hernandez, Nani OUT. Man United would be back at the top
Very quick half inning for Pedro Hernandez who gets two Ks and a line out on just 11 pitches. Ynoa, Smalling & Pridie due up for
Father, Peter Hernandez, and mother, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, met as performers on the entertainment circuit in Hawaii.
Thanks, Professor Pedro Hernandez,for working with the Clinica Verde staff on their personal development!
Isn't calling Felix Hernandez "King" kind of like Pedro Martinez calling the Yankees his daddy rofl
I also want to say that know that everything is cleared up in the family, I am enjoying spending time and being able to do guy things with my to best friends in life Pedro Hernandez and James C Hernandez. My 2 brothers that are now in my life after a few rough years. Love you guy. God brought us together for a reason.
Happy Birthday y Feliz Cumpleanos to Pedro Hernandez Moreno who finally reached the legal age of 21 and can officially have his first beer! Bless you Pete and enjoy your special day!
Saw a horse at the park so i took pics lol with Sherli Roque Daniela Garcia Travi Garcia Yasmin Garcia Pedro Hernandez S
Had lots of fun on the weekend Ana Lucero Ramos Hernandez... Pedro Hernandez.I could easily live here ...:)
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