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Pedro Feliz

Pedro Julio Feliz (born April 27, 1975) is a Dominican Republic minor league baseball third baseman for the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball.

Camden Riversharks Neftali Feliz Randy Winn Ryan Howard David Bell Brad Lidge Delmon Young Scott Kazmir Geoff Jenkins Chase Utley Ruben Amaro Wilson Valdez Jamie Moyer

Pedro Feliz and Chris Coste with back-to-back HRs for the Phillies in the 4th. Phils lead the Reds 5-1.
Pedro Feliz is bringing it right now! 98 with some stank
Feliz Aniversario Pedro! Sending the little brother a hug and I hope he has the most fun day ever!…
It's a very special day for double F1 world champion He turns 70 years old 🎂. Feliz Aniversário, Emerson! 🎈 🎁 http…
Pedro Feliz flies out to center but Miguel Olivo goes to 3rd on the play. Two outs, runners on the corners for DR.
hopefully they still have some Pedro Feliz shirts lol
when someone called Pedro Feliz a future Rivershark when he was Phils 3b they were right tho!!
Absolutely heartbroken to hear that Pedro Feliz's former team, the Camden Riversharks, are ceasing operations
do they still have Pedro feliz how much for him
but if Pedro Feliz reads this, is it still 0.0 for "you"?
Known as "Pedro Feliz or Aaron Rowand Syndrome" in medical circles.
I was at copperhead screaming as it happened. *** you Pedro Feliz.
Breaking Down the Role Oscar Will Play for Chelsea in the Wake of Pedro Transfer
good job Blanco. Pedro Feliz would've made that play..back in 2008!
I hope the Dodgers add Chris Coste and Pedro Feliz next. Brett Myers could help their pen for sure.
The bullpen may be a hot mess, but at least we now have half of the 2008 Phillies' infield. Is Pedro Feliz available?
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Still waiting for the to announce they've traded for Pedro Feliz.
Now that the Doyers have both Rollins and Utley, can the signing of Pedro Feliz be far behind?
Dodgers need to get Pedro Feliz and Ryan Howard and just start the whole 2008 Phillies championship infield.
Oh nooo. I wanted to say Pedro Feliz but he wasn't here long enough. Lol
all the Dodgers need now is Pedro Feliz & Ryan Howard to complete the Phillies 2008 World Series infield
don't have Pedro Feliz and Eric Bruntlett anymore too. The real heroes of 2008
I mean I still haven't gotten over Pedro Feliz and Chris Coste not being on the team, so how do you think I feel about Hamels and Utley?
I just told Pedro that him and chocolate chip cookies make mi corazon feliz 😂😂😂😍
he's better than Pedro Feliz, right?
Francis strikes out Aneury Tavarez and Ronny Rodriguez, then gets Pedro Feliz to fly out. beats the Dominican Republic 4-1!
another 3B that will NOT be playing for the ... maybe they should call David Bell or Pedro Feliz?
Suggestions for new Third Base Coach? What's Pedro Feliz up to these days? How about Bob Mariano? Andres Torres?
So much sweeter coming against Lackey. Hope JT Snow and Pedro Feliz are enjoying this.
Feliz aniversário, professor Pedro. I'm glad I shared this with you. We got no worries in the world…
Who remembers Noah lowery!! Been since day one, Pedro Feliz bra
7.12.09- down Pirates 5-2 and go into the All Star break 48-38. JA Happ wins it to go to 6-0, 2.90. Pedro Feliz hits grand slam.
and we hadn't gotten Pedro Feliz yet so the worst was yet to come
Adam Duvall now sits at 26 home runs on the season after a solo shot in the 4th. record is 33 from Pedro Feliz in 2000
7.9.08- Eventual World Champs get solo HR's from Ryan & Pedro Feliz in the 8th to down StL 4-2. Brad Lidge save
Was that Pedro Feliz who swung at a slider low and away?!
Who needs Mikael Franco. We have Brignac and Hernandez. Pedro Feliz is next.
Pedro Feliz throws out the first pitch. Tom Gordon catching. Feliz had game-winning hit in Game 5 of the 2008 World Series.
5.7.2008- Pedro Feliz hits game tying 2-run homer in top of 7th and Chase Utley's RBI single in 8th gives lead that Lidge saves.
while listening to Peter Guber I couldn't help but here a little bit of... Pedro Feliz!!??
Pedro Feliz, a.k.a. Peter Happy, takes us to 7 days until
Marlon Byrd, Chooch(3 guaranteed years) and now, Bobby Abreu. Ruben, and ONLY Ruben Amaro Jr thinks it's a Good Idea To Rebuild a Team with All guys that are 35+. SMH, guess we'll be bring back Jamie Moyer, Pedro Feliz and Raul Ibanez to "strengthen" the bench.
NB 52-61 16 GB, Last Place in AL West Wed. Morning game - [Cleveland] Philadelphia 9 Naive Batboys 2 WP - 1914 Doc Watson (6-9) LP - 1995 Greg Maddux (11-11) star - Phl rf 1996 Juan Gonzalez (.277-17 HR-81 RBI-57 R) - Gonzalez was 2-for-4 with a HR, a SF, 2 Runs and 3 RBI. His 2-Run HR in the 6th broke a 2-2 tie. In the 7th, Gonzalez' SF produced the 3rd Run of the Inning, but an Error by NB 3b Pedro Feliz (allowed a 4th Run to score on the play. Standings - NB won the first game of this series. They have won 2 of their Last 4, but only 3 of their Last 10. NB is 7 GB 3rd Place Boston. notes - A 4-3 Round for my teams. My Wins came from Far away Baleares, Aardvarks, Xerophytes and Zealots. Zealots still lead NL Central by 6 Games. Airplanes Wabble. slip 3 GB in NL West and 2 GB in the NL Wildcard Race. FAB is now only 1 GB in AL Central, but are still 4 GB in the AL Wildcard Standings. Aar remain 2 GB in AL West, but have opened a 2 Game Lead in the AL Wildcard Standings.
We got rid of Pedro Feliz and won 2 World Series. (Although Pedro also won one in Philly)
Woody Williams or Pedro Feliz. To be Reed equivalent, needs to be an obviously way-past-prime guy. Jennings was still young.
i am worried about the post steriod power drop.. Ala pedro feliz
Thanks, Pedro, for the mentions and graphics of feliz domingo. Wonderful Sunday night and sweet dreams.
Answer: Molina removed for Alfonzo who was injured resulting in Pedro Feliz from 3B to C, Randy Winn to 3B and Noah Lowry to RF
Pedro Feliz caught and Lowry played right
Rio's not the only one celebrating: Spanish goalkeeper is 23 today. Feliz cumpleaños, David!
Idc what anybody thinks about the Phillies next year. If they can win a world series with Pedro Feliz, I have faith in them
You pronounce El Monte, Los Feliz and San Pedro properly? Signs you're not from L.A.
I still think it's a sin that Pedro Feliz never won a gold glove :(
its better than Randy Winn or Pedro Feliz
Cain is the only pitcher I remember from those days. When our offense was stars such as Pedro Feliz & Randy Winn. Oh & that guy
David Carpenter was traded by the Cardinals for a third of a season of Pedro Feliz and by Toronto for Esmil Rogers.
Thanks to Charlie for 2007-2011, Utley's PH GS in June 2005, and for picking Pedro Feliz over David Bell.
Observations from tonight's game: The Phillies aren't under-achieving; they're a terrible team playing to their ability level. Ryan Howard is a shell of his old self; he can barely jog and he has no more bat speed. Not his fault, but this is all he can do at this point. Michael and Delmon Young are the worst baseball players I've seen on the Phillies since Abe Nunez. I long for Pedro Feliz at third and Geoff Jenkins in right. Ben Revere seems like a great guy and makes some awesome plays, but might be the worst offensive outfielder in baseball. And the pitching is a joke; Cloyd is Adam Eaton version 2.0, the bullpen is a mess, and all the money tied up in Lee and Hamels is wasted. Charlie Manuel is at the helm of the Hindenburg, but will fall on his sword for Ruben Amaro, who will serve as long as he deflects criticism from the invisible ownership group more secretive than the Obama administration. Phillies fans, welcome back to the late 1980's.
Thanks to all of you that made this Bday an epic one! It was cray cray! Thanks Brian Rafferty II and Fer Nando for making it super special! I am blessed with great friends! Thank you all for being part of my life!
Maybe you are everything I need to be so very happy
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cool. He can play next to Pedro Feliz or pitch an inning or 2
I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS OF THIS SONG, ALL OF THEM ARE FROM ASAF AVIDAN. LYRICS: No more tears, my heart is dry I don't laugh and I don't cry I don't think abo...
Pedro Feliz locked down a troubled area at 3rd. Victorino was a Rule 5 guy. Blanton was an A.
Pedro Feliz was playing for them last season. They're just trying to relive the glory years from 2007-2011...
Nah, he left Pedro Feliz there to rot.
Is Pedro Feliz still there? “Wilson Valdez signs with Camden Riversharks
awesome! I can see Wilson Valdez when his team plays in Lancaster. Saw Pedro Feliz there a few years ago
I think Pedro Feliz is still there too
Is Pedro Feliz still there? That would be a killer left side of the infield!
Yeah like players named Pedro Feliz and Tomko, that's a tough time.
Remember when we used to get disappointed by the team? Pedro Feliz is a distant memory.
I think I die a little inside when Pedro Feliz wins championships.
Last time Giants hit walk-off HR in consecutive games was July 24-25, 2003. Barry Bonds to beat ARI & then Pedro Feliz to beat SD
isn't the dude who said racist stuff about Felipe Alou and Pedro Feliz??
Happy Birthday Pedro, Feliz Cumpleanos :), i'm sorry, i forgot to say you yesterday :/
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In los feliz there cops checking for your license. Be safe and keep on the lookout
Drinking my Guabaverry watching the sun go down… ay bailando feliz en San Pedro de Macorís♪♫
Santana won the game by the way, but the Phillies had Eric Bruntlett and Pedro Feliz in their lineup -- and Geoff Jenkins, who hit a HR.
He's still just Pedro Feliz reincarnated. Who cares about his arm when he can't hit?
Michael Young..lookin like Pedro Feliz circa '08
while we are at it how Kaz Matzui doing, maybe Bill Hall, Pedro Feliz or wait for it, Roger Clemens
Feliz Cumpleaños Pedro lol. Sé que va a subir! "Happy Birthday Pedro. I know you will turn up!" 🎉😉🎉😉
I often wondered why he didn't get one in 2010 with the organization considering that was year we enjoyed Pedro Feliz at third.
I have a feeling my love of Ronny Cedeno will fall comfortably between Pedro Feliz and those 2 weeks Juan Gonzalez played for the Cardinals
Estou em orlando agora unites estates of america Uu
Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. and yes. I'm in my PRIME... Thanks for making this day a special day. Mahalos
Eiii tengo ganas de que me regalen una Flor Roja :$$ me encantan :D
There are over 20 different flavors of Ramen Noodles, yet they all taste like poverty and loneliness.
Really? Because if A-Rod's PED usage erases my memory of Johnny Damon outrunning Pedro Feliz, I'd be cool with that.
I don't see why everyone's so down on the phillies roster, who were jayson werth, Pedro Feliz and cole hamels before 2008?
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this should be the poster for steroids. And also how terrible Pedro Feliz was...
Phils sign Chad Durbin, huh?? I guess the phillies need all their old players back. Let's break out Jamie Moyer and Pedro Feliz!
YB signing is a commentary on the lack of farm depth. Isn't Pedro Feliz still available?
PEDRO Feliz??? Seriously when are you schmucks gonna get his name right!
Pedro Feliz shouldn't even be an HM. I bet 90% of the fans haven't even heard of the guy!!
BREAKING: Phillies sign Pedro Feliz, Juan Castro, and Wes Helms to minor league deals. Ruben Amaro laughs to himself at people's reactions.
that's why there were no obesity B.C.!! feliz domingo!
nobody should play for the Cubs. Except maybe for Pedro Feliz.
And that was with Pedro Feliz playing every day
Pedro Feliz, Edgardo Alfonso sound like good choices to me
Pedro Feliz could probably get 3 years, $15 million from the Nats.
Catching up on some at-bats of my boy Pedro Feliz tonight. The beauty of the Internet.
Michael Martinez 0-for-4 in Oriente's 7-2 loss to Pedro Feliz's Escogido team in DR League semi round.
Can still see Pedro Feliz's single up the middle for the winning run.
They were obviously making room for Pedro Feliz and Jeff Francouer. Obviously.
"Supplemental pick as compensation for loss of free agent Pedro Feliz." That is an actual thing that exists.
Feliz aniversario, Pedro! Check out to stay updated on any news from camp frenzy!
Happy A+nniversary Pedro!!! Feliz cumpleaños! Hope u had a great day and have a wonderful year! X0x0!!
Feliz de formar parte de la familia de / I`m really Happy to be part of the clinic family
wastes of space: Viva El Birdos » nick stavinoha. khalil greene. pedro feliz. over the past...
Pedro Feliz's backup at 3rd base for Escogido in DR League is Fernando Tatis. Feliz batting .233, Tatis batting .200.
On this date in 2009: Pedro Feliz tied the game in with an 8th inning home run, but Brad Lidge allowed three runs...
On this date in 2008: Pedro Feliz singled in the winning run and Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske with a runner...
10/21/2009: Jayson Werth, & Pedro Feliz homered and the pounded the 10-4 to win the NL pennant
just called Pablo Sandoval a highly promoted Pedro Feliz in this year's postseason. Hilarious.
On Saturday, August 18th the ALS Association and the Camden Riversharks partnered to create a game worn jersey auction at the Riversharks game that evening. Rivershark players, including former Phillies World Series hero Pedro Feliz, wore these specially designed jerseys of red and white to represent the colors of the ALS Association, to help raise money for the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. During a live auction that night, fans had the opportunity to bid on these special jerseys! After an overwhelming response, the jerseys were able to raise funds to help support the cause. Following the game was a spectacular fireworks show presented by the ALS Association.
At least I’m only ten minutes away from Pedro Feliz and the Camden Riversharks! Wait, that’s not exciting.
Who am I kidding? Pedro Feliz would have killed for that line.
I would have guessed something closer to .230/.305/.450. But yeah, good job not being Pedro Feliz anymore.
Sounds like the Cards though, says Pedro Feliz and Cory Patterson. LOL.
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Ouch. That 2010 was rough. Said the same thing about Randy Winn, Pedro Feliz, and Jeff Suppan.
i'm so grateful too, mil gracias Pedro, feliz viernes :)
Revs fall in the 12th to Camden, 5-4, as Pedro Feliz gives the Riversharks the lead on an RBI single to left field
Pedro Feliz RBI single in the 12th puts Camden in front. 5-4 headed to the home half... game time approaching 4 hours
Pedro Feliz singles home go-ahead run (Doetsch) with two outs in the top of the 12th. Camden 5, York 4
Pedro Feliz with an RBI single and the pull ahead 5-4 in the top of the 12th over
Pedro Feliz with a grounder into left field for an RBI single. Camden takes the lead in the 12th, 5-4
= and another potential starting IF for 2013 is voted off the island. I hear Pedro Feliz is available!
Pedro Alvarez has officially hurt STL more this year than Pedro Feliz hurt STL in 2010.
Pedro Feliz and Rollins was pretty *** good
I think my dream left side defensively might be Pedro Feliz and Rey Ordonez.
Pedro Feliz and Jimmy Rollins maybe come close.
Enjoying the Camden starring Pedro Feliz, on this run the bases and fireworks night.
This Day/Today in Baseball History -- August 19 -- from Mary Landers This Day in Baseball History -- August 19, 1951 -- In one of Bill Veeck's most notorious publicity stunts, the St. Louis Browns send 3 foot, 7 inch Eddie Gaedel to bat against the Detroit Tigers. The diminutive Gaedel -- whose strike zone measures an inch-and-a-half -- easily walks on four pitches before being removed for a pinch runner. Veeck's idea of playing the midget was legal at the time, but is later outlawed. Today in Baseball History -- August 19 1900 -- In Western League action, Rube Waddell throws two complete games as Milwaukee sweeps a doubleheader from the White Sox, 2-1 and 1-0. After throwing 17 innings in the first game, the colorful southpaw is coaxed by skipper Connie Mack, who promises him a few days off to go fishing to pitch the night cap, he hurls a five-inning one-hitter. 1903 -- The Phillies do not play a scheduled game for a unprecedented ninth consecutive time. None of the games from August 10 to 19 are played ...
…faces… Shea Hillenbrand plays for Bridgeport, and Pedro Feliz plays for Camden. Will have pics up in a few days.
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duty tonight. Anyone wondering what happened to Pedro Feliz and Delmon Young can ask me 2night. Both in the lineup
15-12 they're down but Pedro Feliz is coming up with the bases loaded
Camden's Pedro Feliz with a grounder into left field to bring home Walker. Riversharks finally on the board, 5-1 York T6
Former alert tonight for Delmon Young playing 2B & Pedro Feliz at 3B for Camden vs.
Pedro Feliz still got him up
Every time I read or type Pedro Feliciano's name, I start singing "Feliz Navidad" to myself.
These were the kind of games where Pedro Feliz would go yard and Burriss would get most of his playing time.
Pedro Feliz with a great defensive play for Camden.
Glad to see Pedro Feliz in a Riversharks jersey..
Pedro Feliz flies out to right against Scott Kazmir.
I'm just waiting for Dale to complain about having to buy a new shirsey. You know the kid with a Pedro Feliz shirsey...
Pedro feliz protecting the hot corner
Pedro Feliz is just across the bridge :)
Got 3 baseballs one was the one pedro feliz was having a catch with, and made friedns with a player! !
What happned 2night: went to riversharks game, met pedro feliz, got his autograph on my glove, free cheesteak, rents on kiss cam
Soto was probably traded to the Camden Riversharks for Pedro Feliz.
Pedro Feliz, they should call the police
Omg Pedro Feliz is on my cousin's minor league team...
Pedro Feliz has officially earned the nickname the cat cause that dude walks silent as anything
When Pedro feliz goes to hit at the same time yadier Molina is...
Pedro Feliz knocks a HR off Liriano...5-3 Camden in the fifth
Pedro Feliz was there he owe me a ball from the astros
I'm getting nostalgic for Pedro Feliz and David Bell. “Ty Wigginton now 2 for his last 28. At least he's playing solid defense.”
lol he should go pick up Pedro Feliz
Check on Pedro Feliz to play third base, He is currently playing in Camden for Riverdharks in Indeprndent League.
The day is finally here!! FELIZ 28 DE JULIO to all of our PERUVIAN FRIENDS les desea sus amigos en Don Pedro's...
I never expected to be missing Pedro Feliz as much as I do right now.
feliz cumple, Pedro...wish you are the best.
Feliz cumpleaños to my personal favourite footballter. The brilliant, Pedro Rodriguez. 25 today!
Feliz Cumple, Pedro | Feliç aniversari, Pedrito! | Happy 25th BDay Keep spirit & God will provide the best for you. Bless you ;D
Feliz Cumpleanous Pedro Eliezer Rodriguez Ledesma;;) All the best for you! I hope you still be Blaugrana;) Keep kece☀ ViscaBarca♥
Feliz Cumpleanos Pedro Eliezer Rodriguez Ledesma , I wish nothing but the best for youu ({})♥
Michael Jack Schmidt would do better! Or Pedro Feliz, or Scott Rolen, or ...
Get mike schmidt out of retirement. Call pedro feliz back. Playing riversharks and doing well.
Feliz cumpleanoz(happy brithday) pedro rodriguez17 25thn,,good luck you from barcelona,wish you all the best,God bless you,,,
Boom! It's officially Pedro's birthday, rigth?so, Feliz Cumpleaños All the best!! :D
Feliz Cumple Pedro Rodriguez!!! Be strong, be brave, be good, be handsome. Do ur best! God bless!!! ♥☺
Went to Skeeter game last night with Lyndy. Had a good time. One of the coaches on the Skeeters gave her a baseball and afer the game she had most of the players sign it. Alot of the guys are ex major leaguers. Jason Lane (Astro) Pedro Feliz (Astro) and Scott Kazmir (All star 2007 & 2008 with Tampa Bay) She had a great time.
Phils' sign back Pedro Feliz from the Riversharks
wishful thinking...either that or Pedro Feliz is leaking false trade speculation to pave his way back into MLB
it makes me sad to think that Im begging for Pedro Feliz back.
What about Pedro Feliz to play 3rd for Phils
what about pedro feliz to play for Phils
Who wants a Pedro Feliz Bobblehead? Come to the game Friday, August 3rd at 7:05 p.m. and it could be yours!
I will admit, using Pedro Feliz against my argument that Freddy's bat doesn't play at 3rd was pretty good.
pretty neat night Went to Camden Riversharks game Unafilliated team with Pedro Feliz yes the former Phillies 3rd baseman from the 08 WS Champs. How about he hit a HR and double and fielded just like he did 4 years ago, flawlessly Thanx Cindy and Rich for putting this together
Aaron Rowand and Pedro Feliz are his personal trainers MT Nate just cannot identify the slider. Period.
One of those weird depressing and uplifting stories in one: Pedro Feliz playing for the Camden Riversharks -
went 2riversharks game tonight and Luke got a pep talk on fielding from Pedro feliz on his first night back.
Wow how awesome would it be if Charlie used heart attack and Pedro Feliz took over the team and led them to the WS as player-coach
Pedro Feliz went 1-3 with a double in his first game back as a Rivershark!
Before anyone calls me nuts just think about this. I went to the Riversharks game tonight and who was playing 3rd Base, Pedro Feliz. With Galvis suspended for 50 games and it's unknown if Chase Utley will be back. The Phillies should purchase his contract from the Riversharks and either have him play 2nd Base, which he's capable of doing or move Polanco to 2nd and have Feliz at 3rd. Yes he's not a great hitter however he's still a human vacum cleaner.
Pedro Feliz back on the riversharks, gonna make it more worthwhile to watch them now :)
“Pedro Feliz's first at-bat is a double! good thing he isnt too far away from Philly.
Pedro Feliz doubles in first at bat.
F the riversharks coach your pedro Feliz coach ya hot dog stand Ppl my name shouldn't be comin out mouth unless u comin to the ccga
I use Todd Zeile & Pedro Feliz depending on how I'm feeling that night.
In other news, Pedro Feliz is back with the river sharks.
it means goodnight, sweetdreams, hasta mañana, Feliz sueños in ghetto fabulous.
OK, so let's go sign a vet catcher for 5M? Another Pedro Feliz at 3B? Fam, they aren't about to do that again.
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Sitting next to Pedro Feliz at the Riversharks game, a kid gets his autograph and then asks, "Um what player are you? Oh who do you play for?" love it.
Pedro Feliz just put his arm Around me for a picture.
Pedro Feliz is back on the diamond again. Suits up with the for the second go around
Pedro Feliz sitting in the crowd, no one notices.
"Infield in. And a ground ball up the middle. Base hit! Pedro Feliz delivers! 4-3 Philadelphia."
Though the more i reflect upon it, i realize rolen reps conflicting tendencies, but i still wish i had pedro feliz shirtseys and batteries.
they just signed Pedro Feliz again. Should be more exciting/more fans now
Former-Phillie Pedro Feliz will play for the Camden Riversharks
awesome can't wait. I'll see you then. I saw Pedro Feliz is back in town. He would be a nice add
Pedro Feliz will be playing third base for the Camden Riversharks. Can't wait to see him play again.
Photo: Pedro Feliz, the 37-year old third baseman who helped the Phillies win their World Series in 2008, is back in the Delaware Valley for a second time and he'll be across the river. For the second time in his career, Feliz will be playing third base for the...
Pedro Feliz, one time member of Phillies, agrees to play for Camden Riversharks
Pedro Feliz has returned to your 2012 Camden Riversharks!
So Pedro Feliz is gonna play for the River Sharks? Cool.
Now that Pedro Feliz is on the Riversharks it is my goal to be his bff
It's official... former World Series Champion and Philadelphia Phillie Pedro Feliz is a Rivershark once again!
Pedro Feliz re-joins the Camden Riversharks, for those interested.
Darn... Former Phillie Pedro Feliz will be back on the Riversharks roster for the 2012 season after this weekend!!!
Dance of the Death me pone tan feliz
is tonight "get out as fast as you can" night? Or as I used to call it PEDRO FELIZ NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK.
Last time I saw Clayton Kershaw @ CBP, he was surrending homers to Pedro Feliz.
I mean, I don't like it when people say Dominguez's upside is Pedro Feliz, but he is what he is.
Time to set up for this Mexican b-day party! Feliz Cumpleaños lil Pedro!! U know there's gonna be a brinca brinca, and more beer than punch!
Hey guess who's coming back to the riversharks this year! Pedro Feliz. You know you want to go see him play
Hector Sanchez IS Pedro Feliz (The stats are in my timeline) and people want to bench Belt for him.
Am I the only one that doesn't get the Arias love? He seems like a worse version of Pedro Feliz.
I bet Gregor Blanco is happy the ultimately decided to NOT retire Pedro Feliz's number
what is Pedro Feliz doing.these days anyway
Idk why but Angel Pagan reminds me of Pedro Feliz.
Woman that's all I need, bailando me siento feliz, woman that's all I need en San Pedro de Macorís, ¡oh! (8)
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In the most steroidy of steroid years, Randy Johnson made the NL look like Pedro Feliz in 2010.
Anyone like Ricky Bo, Pedro Feliz, or Tommy Greene? Have to pick one.
Pedro Feliz is the only correct answer.
With Pedro Feliz on the DL for they call on Alexi O'Gandalf The Grey
That's a cute red glove you've got there Pedro Feliz
Me deixe feliz com 3 palavras: Started following you.
this is known as Pedro Feliz syndrome, or Anti-Bonds-itis
Did the hire Pedro Feliz as batting coach? They are swinging at EVERYTHING.
Do you think Pedro Feliz is busy right about now?
Yup. I think even Pedro Feliz might have driven in a run!
Arias forearm contusion, X-Rays negative. Pedro Feliz can resume whatever he was doing, I think. that POS conor gillapsie is going to come back? give me pedro feliz instead of conor.
"When did Pedro Feliz get so fast? Um according to he pitches for the rangers now lol cc
That must be the "Pedro Feliz" that ESPN announcers referred to during broadcast last night.
why does ESPN always call you Pedro feliz? Is that your middle name
Ron Washington dropped a big F bomb on and the commentator called Neftali Feliz, Pedro Feliz...racist
ESPN moron just said Pedro Feliz. Geez get a roster
I know I was dying when they called him Pedro Feliz. But there was nobody to laugh with. I'm alone )':
Why is PEDRO Feliz trending, and why the *** is it capitalized?
Why in low On-Base Percentage's name is Pedro Feliz trending?
Ok Pedro Feliz is trending, good I thought I just heard wrong when they called Neftali Feliz, Pedro Feliz.
Funny that they are talking about Feliz/Pedro lol my boss compares them all the time. That would be amazing
I seriously hope you heard that rangers starter Pedro Feliz had a pitched a great game according to Orel.
Umm... Instead of just mispronouncing Neftali, the analyst just called him "Pedro" Feliz. Not like you get paid to know these things..
I would rather hear dessert talk than Pedro Feliz talk
Someone should tell your Sunday Night Baseball crew his name is Neftali Feliz - not Pedro Feliz, the awful 3rd baseman
Both Francona & Hershiser just mentioned Pedro Martinez in regards to Feliz. Good I'm not the only 1 thinking that.
Pedro Feliz? Please either stop sucking with your coverage of games, or stop covering them.
Moron on the TV just said Pedro Feliz now they trying to cover up by saying Pedro Martinez
Pedro Feliz and CJ beat his former team: Just proves they will always be too northeast
According to Orel Hercheiser, Pedro Feliz, the former Giants third baseman, pitched a good game tonight...
Dear the pitcher you've been watching for the last 2 hrs is Neftali Feliz. Pedro's 13 yrs older & plays for the Padres.
Orel was just talking about the dominant pitching of "Pedro Feliz"
I'm concerned about how dedicated a pitching coach herschiser was for the rangers, he just referred to Feliz as "Pedro Feliz"... Wow
As my timeline is saying "Pedro Feliz" I'm saying. Eric Nadel has an awesome baseball voice.
If one more national TV announcer mixes up former 3B Pedro Feliz with current P Neftali Feliz for no reason at all.. I will lose it
And they think Pedro Feliz pitched in this game. Sigh.
You know you're watching the Rangers on a National affiliate instead of local television when the commentator refers to Neftali as "Pedro Feliz."
The commentator for the rangers game just said "Pedro Feliz had his stuff today" his name is Neftali not Pedro
Hey, Pedro Feliz has made a great transition from 3B to closer to starting pitcher.
Pedro Feliz started for the Rangers tonight?! I thought that was Neftali, but okay, Orel.
Did the ESPN guy just Feliz, Pedro Feliz? Really? Nice game Rangers!!!
I didn't realize Neftali Feliz changed his name to Pedro
Our starter tonight is not former Phillies spare Pedro Feliz! Dammit, Oral!
Orel just said Pedro feliz dominated on the mound. Pretty sure he is out of baseball and was a position player
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Oh that's Pedro Feliz.. And all this time I thought it was Neftali.
Pedro Feliz, is he a new pitcher of ours?
I'm used to Neftali Feliz being called Neftali Perez. But I think this is the first time I've heard him called Pedro Feliz.
funny Pedro Feliz is pitching for the Rangers again
Feliz's head is looking vintage Pedro tonight
Wiggy is an Inning killer.David Bell/Pedro Feliz esq...pathetic
Has there ever been a closer representation to a monkey in Philly sports history than Pedro Feliz?
Seeing "The Wall" tonight at AT&T Park. If Rusty comes out of that thing, fans will freak out and have a Pedro Feliz flashback.
The great Portuguese singer Pedro Abrunhosa has just written a message to me! Estou feliz :-)
McClellan = Mo's worst move of this offseason. But let us never forget the Pedro Feliz trade.
I'm sure anyone sang happybday in Spanish for you so.. Cumpleaños feliz cumpleaños feliz te deseamos Pedro cumpleaños feliz
It's unfair to say, but Feliz, when he is on could be Pedro Jr. and this guy is our 5th starter
Feliz is reminding of one of my all-time favorites tonight. Mr. Pedro Martinez
Pedro Feliz should be catching with Hector Sanchez at 3B, Gillespie at SS, Posey in CF
Feliz cinco de Mayo mis amigos – Pedro Navaja by from with LiveLyrics™
Just don't pitch to Freddie Freeman. Seriously. He's the new Pedro Feliz. Beats the Rox like they owe him money.
pedro feliz, and noah lowry will cover RF
Thanks for the reminder that Pedro Feliz exists.
SOB's headlines crack me up "Mystikal, Iggy Azalea, Pedro Feliz Ferrer, Matuto, Mateo, Tiago, Mulekutu" Say it w the accent, I dare you
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