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Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodóvar Caballero (born 25 September 1949) is a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer.

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You made me love Penelope, Pedro Almodovar 😀 I wish I could see the world from your eyes...
Almodovar for president! What a wonderful world that would be via
From Variety: Pedro Almodovar to Head Cannes Festival Jury by Patrick Frater. Check it out:
Variety ♦ Spanish director, Pedro Almodovar is set as the president of the jury that will judge the main…
Pedro Almodovar is the jury president for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. . *drools*
Pedro Almodovar named Cannes Film Festival jury president: Pedro Almodovar will head the jury of the Cannes Film……
Celebrated Spanish helmer Pedro Almodovar to lead Cannes jury
'Pedro Almodovar' is now trending WorldWide, ranking 17 [07:36].
Pedro Almodovar is the Jury Pres for Cannes this year.
Pedro Almodovar: The flamboyant free spirit of Spanish cinema
Pedro just announced as Jury president for film festival's 70th year: says he's " grateful, honoured & a bit overwhelmed"
Pedro Almodovar Named Cannes Jury President: The Spanish director will head the jury for the 70th edition of the…
Just watched the movie Atame from 1990 by Pedro Almodovar featuring young Antonio Banderas. Highly recommend it.
It would be a dream to do a film with Pedro Almodovar and that who...
❤️🇭🇺 Ingridients: Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar, then mix well, result it is the Instant Ruin…
Omg Heather Cabrera I think we are totally going to this󾮟🏽
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Pedro Almodovar shares his ideals of beauty and how he values strong women. via
An Almodovar retrospective is coming to later this year:
“I think we survived the long post-war years because of that amazing generation of women.” - Pedro Almodóvar
Excited cuz I just booked my ticket for Pedro Almodòvar's "Julieta" this Sunday!!!
Rossy de Palma: ‘Seduction is great, but... Want 2 learn so I can work with
So then they must also hate Pedro Almodóvar's "The Skin I Live In" as well as the French novel it was based on too.
Dammit, I forgot Pedro Almodovar & Guillermo del Toro for too. I may have to do a do over y'all.
MoMA Is Bringing Every Single Pedro Almodóvar Movie to the Big Screen in December: Sure, we all love Pedro…
I got it wrong - Radio 4's In Business is in an hour at 8:30 - apologies to everyone who is getting confused between me and Pedro Almodovar
Listening to Pedro Almodovar on & getting . very excited about seeing his new movie Julieta
Pedro Almodóvar is a filmmaker with the revolutionary idea: "What if there were a bunch of amazing roles for women?"
Anyone want to go with me to this in NYC at the MoMa? Almodovar the GOAT
Be the first to see the new Pedro Almodóvar film Julieta at preview screening this Sunday
Watch a sneak peek of Pedro Almodovar's new film right here
What a lineup: Pedro Almodovar and on tonight. Plus reviewing
Update your maps at Navteq
Just announced: celebrates Pedro with a full retrospective this fall! htt…
‘I felt like I was always connected to him’ . Rossy de Palma discusses & Almodóvar with
Rossy de Palma: ‘Seduction is great, but there is so much more to being a woman’: More than 20 years after ma...
Louis Garrel , Pedro Almodovar, Gaspard Ulliel and Xavier Dolan in the same picture
Even though I love my mother, I didn't want to make an idealized portrait o...
Love how you're marathoning silly movies while I'm marathoning movies from Pedro Almodovar
All my movies have an autobiographical dimension, but that is indirectly, t...
"has become my life. I don't mean a parallel world, I mean my life itself." - Pedro Almodovar
Today in unnecessary updates: Pedro Almodóvar sure does know how to use color.
Pedro Almodovar's new film teaser. So, see you in ?
My directors of photography light my films, but the colours of the sets, fu...
You can make a thousand different movies about the same subject.
I don't want to imitate life in movies; I want to represent it. And in that...
So Dil To Pagal Hai uses the same color schemes as Pedro Almodovar
"has been awarded to such directors as Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jean-Luc Godard and Pedro Almodovar"
Pedro Almodovar and Alfonso Cuaron, if you havent.
Pedro Almodovar is a blessing to this Earth, he is just so fantastic and raw.
Saturday night in watching this Pedro Almodóvar masterpiece 'What Have I Done to Deserve This',starring Carmen Maura.
Happy Birthday Pedro Pedro Almodóvar! We can't tell you what cinematic joy you bring to our audiences! Spanish...
Happy 66th Birthday to Pedro Almodóvar: Watch this 1994 Conan O'Brien Interview
Happy birthday to our favourite Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar, 66 today! htt…
"Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness" - Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodovar with Hans Christian Berger before the premiere of AFTER EDEN.
Pedro Almodovar (Masters of Cinema Series) by Thomas Sotinel. Free Shipping. [link removed]
Happy bday Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar. Today we're streaming your gorgeous films!
I take it you don't mean the fantastic pedro almodovar movie?
In additon, you look like Pedro Almodovar's women and you're suitable Almodovar's colorful world. Thanks for conversation.
The only forthcoming film worth getting excited about is the Pedro Almodovar. The rest is gack...
Scary movie night tonight. . We're wathing Julia's Eyes by Pedro Almodovar. [Be Brave, Mandy!]
Finally added Pedro Almodovar's masterpiece to my collection. 4 stars.
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Mood of the Day: scene from in Atame with Victoria Abril directed by Pedro Almodovar 1989
and i've decided to start watching pedro almodóvar's stuff in spanisch to improve. because i've got so much time to spare, you know
*** Directors, *** Films?' is new comparative study of five well-known living *** directors
You do realise tht yu can't wait to get out of the land of Sangria,Pedro Almodovar & The Inquisition so you can go to Norfolk?
Dare to speak the truth. Well done Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodovar and the 100 Film luminaries who...
something bout the Dexter opening credit sequence is very Pedro Almodóvar-y, innit
Can't wait for Tarantino's Hateful Eight? . Check out Argentina's own neo-noir prince - Pedro Almodovar with...
Pedro Almodovar is incredible. "Wild Tales" quite good. Volver still my favorite!
When are you going to carry Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, directed by Pedro Almodovar?
Drinking wine and watching Pedro Almodóvar films. Pretty much living the dream today...
I would love to live in a Pedro Almodovar film!
Pedro Almodovar films remind me of college. I used to rent movies from the WSU library and he was on my list for a few weeks
Ever heard of Pedro Almodóvar? has made a list of his best movies Which is your favorite?
Pedro Almodóvar movies: why I stay up half the night instead of going to bed
I must say Jack Whitehall is bizarre casting for the English language remake of Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education (2004), but we'll see.
Salma Hayek: "I'm grateful for *** men. If it wasn’t for Tennessee Williams or Pedro Almodovar, it would be worse."
Filmler: Pedro Almodovar: All about my mother ve La mala education, Xavier Dolan: Laurence Anyways ve I killed my my mother
Pedro Almodovar to receive award by the Writers Guild of America -
A wonderful moment between Tamsin Greig & Pedro Almodovar at the Gala for at (c)
FL Gov race turning me into a Pedro Almodovar movie, "Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown". (Mujer al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios"
Werner Herzog, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodóvar, & David O. Russell all have good claims to "best living director"
Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited on World Movies now. One of his most entertaining films IMHO.
Pedro Almodóvar returns to the big screen with his hilariously camp I’M SO EXCITED, tonight 8.30pm as part of WM FOCUS ON:
Quentin is one of my fav filmmakers, 2nd only to Pedro Almodovar. So excited to hang out wi...
Pedro Almodovar's movies make me feel so uncomfortable :/
What's Pedro's opinion on Salamanca Conversations and changes it made to Spanish Cinema? Dissertation research, HELP?? :)
.I want your versions of to collide & reverberate in Pedro Almodóvar colors in my dream trip to the Big Apple.
“How many of Pedro 43 favorite films have you seen?
About to start watching a Pedro Almodovar film for my film course.
Pedro discusses his love of film and his special affinity with women
Fancy a movie masterclass with Pedro Almodovar?
solofaltalluvia said: What are your thoughts of Pedro Almodovar's ''The skin i live in''? ( i personally...
"Pedro Almodovar,,,never disappoints, He loves women and continually surprises people," t,co/DhbHsN3kUX t,
TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! by Pedro Almodovar on the Collection * Greg Klymkiw Review at The Film Corner
Tonight, Metro presents two films by Pedro Almodovar, VOLVER & TALK TO HER. Both in Spanish (w/ subtitles), and both in original 35mm!
Check out this fab photo of Pedro Almodovar's original cast members in the film
Just remembered that I saw a Pedro Almodovar film for sale in Aldi last night.
Partick Thistle fans haven't been this angry since Fopp on Byres Road ran out of the Pedro Almodovar boxset.
He looks a little like Pedro Almodovar here, another of my all time favourite directors.
Cinema is curiosity in the most intense meaning of the word.” – Pedro Almodovar
I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very differently. ~ Pedro Almodovar
Check out this great item: Viva Pedro - The Almodovar Collection (DVD, 2007, 9-Disc Set)
In honor of Criterion's "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down" new release, here art thou 12 Essential Pedro Almodóvar Films to see
We hope to welcome director and Producer Pedro Almodóvar to Wild Tales, our Laugh Gala
I agree w/ Penelope Cruz, Jaime Bardem & Pedro Almodovar for accusing Israel of genocide. Yes, there are suggestions of summary executions.
Tarantino is cool, my film teacher always said he was overrated and he preferred Pedro Almodovar whose films are amazing btw
Sensing something else is TALK TO HER by Pedro Almodovar.
Lauren Bacall wanted to be in a Pedro Almodovar picture like omg can you believe it! *** it he should have given her a part for god's sake!
"Relatos Salvajes" (Wild Tales) screens at TIFF next week! Pedro Almodovar is on board as producer, don't miss it.
Pedro the most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker
Continuing my quest to see all of Pedro Almodovar's films. Film no. 11: Live Flesh (1997)
Photo: dailyactress: Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz oh yes
Pedro Almodóvar is one of my biggest inspirations.
Pedro Almodóvar followed up WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN with an MPAA-busting provocation:
Thank u & deserve 2 be extended to all people h…
Ok say Pedro Almodovar has a scene in All About My Mother where where women talking about sucking *** and its the most feminist thing ever
Donatella Versace takes the ALS ice bucket challenge and nominates Pedro Almodovar, Pharrell and Prince
Now you can read me on kindle: 3rd edition Desire Unlimited: Cinema of Almodóvar here
Could listen to Donatella Versace say Pedro Almodóvar all day.
Website Builder 728x90
Before you lies the Almodovar Castle (it's not Pedro's, ok?). Isn't it magnificent?
I Donatella Versace accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... And I nominate: Pharrell Williams, Prince and Pedro Almodovar. Guys, this is not just about ruinin...
Actor Jon Voight has blasted Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem for signing an open letter denouncing Israeli military action in Gaza. The married couple and their director pal, Pedro Almodovar, added...
OPEN LETTER TO THE SNAKE OIL SALESMEN OF OUTRAGE TO PEDRO ALMODOVAR, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, AND OTHERS. 1) You declare outrage over the palestinian genocide perpetrated by the Israeli “occupation” army. Genocide? Know that the Gaza population has grown from about 80,000 in 1948 to more or less 1.7 million in 2013. The population has nearly doubled since 2000. Gaza ranks number 14 in the world in terms of population growth. You "signers from the world of culture" should better understand the concept of genocide, which is to eliminate a whole group or population. By eliminate I mean to reduce its numbers, not have them rise. And since your use of the word genocide is a cynical one, I will use the example of genocide you were expecting: in Europe there were 9.5 million Jews before the war, after the war, about 3.5 million were left. To help you understand better, their numbers were REDUCED by 6 million. 2) You call the Israeli army occupiers? In Gaza there has not been a single Israeli, civilian o ...
Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar aren't sitting on the fence over
The preface to Clarice Lispector's A Breath of Life has a letter from Pedro Almodóvar explaining why he feels unqualified to write an intro.
Let me guess, his director Pedro Almodovar made him do it?
the skin we live in , Pedro almodovar. Why? It will blow your mind!!
They “incited anti-Semitism all over the world and are oblivious to the damage that they have caused.” Indeed so. “Jon Voight To Cruz, Bardem On Israel: ‘Oblivious To The Damage They Have Caused,’”, August 2, 2014: The brutal conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has moved several high profile actors and filmmakers to voice their opinions in support of one side or the other. The latest is Jon Voight, who attacks Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz for signing a letter accusing the Israeli military of genocide. In response to the strongly-worded July 29 letter signed by Bardem, Cruz and Pedro Almodovar, among others and published in a Spanish newspaper, Voight blasted the actors this morning with his own Open letter saying they have defamed the only democratic country of goodwill in the Middle East: Israel (Bardem and Cruz later clarified their statements this week). A lo ...
On Sunday, Hollywood heavyweight Jon Voight wrote a column in the Hollywood Reporter chastising his fellow actors for signing their names to an anti-Israeli open letter. In the letter, actors including Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar condemned Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip as...
UPDATE, 1:35PM: Penelope Cruz has issued a statement to clarify the open letter that she, husband Javier Bardem and director Pedro Almodovar signed yesterd
MADRID – Dozens of Spanish film stars, directors, musicians and writers, led by Oscar winners Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar, have ...
Thank you, with Javier Baderm and Pedro Almodovar for your letter who explain the massacre of palestinians. Very courageous.
Stars who don't learn History become the Spokesman for the Islamonazi's!
Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar should educate them selves before they speak in ignorance and spouting anti-Semitic words.
Cruz and Bardem condemn Israel attacks on Gaza
Photo: hollywoodlover: Pedro Almodovar with Penelope Cruz on the set of Broken Embraces
Pedro, I love you even more now. "Almodovar denounces Israeli 'Genocide' in Open Letter
go Jon Voight . This is what happened :
Well, I've just decided to boycott all movies by Pedro Almodóvar or starring Penelope Cruz or Javier Bardem and...
Stop the genocide in say Spanish stars including Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar:
I got three Pedro Almodovar films from Netflix today... I think I shall watch them in chronological order.
I will never see another film by Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem or Pedro Almodovar
Once more the Spanish inquisition of Jews Hollywood style!.
Pedro Almodovar said that Matador and Kika were his weakest movies (from Wikipedia) but then I still…
I'm allergic to horror/gore. Seems lazy writing. Indie, some. They tend to go ovet the top.I like Pedro Almodovar,David Fincher,
one of my favorite movies: Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown trailer - director Pedro Almodovar
Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar are behind a letter condemning attack on as genocide http:…
So I guess Javier Bardem,Penolope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar will never work in Hollywood again huh?
Love that celebrities are speaking up! Cruz, Bardem and Almodóvar denounce Israel over Gaza via
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Married movie star couple Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz joined director Pedro Almodovar to denounce Israel's campaign of self defense in Gaza. THR reports that in an open letter published in a Spanish newspaper, the trio denounced Israel’s Gaza campaign as genocide.
A letter accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza was endorsed by 100 Spanish celebrities including Academy Award winners Pedro Almodovar, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.
Some of Spain’s most influential cultural icons have signed an open letter denouncing Israel’s assault on Gaza as “genocide.” The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported on Tuesday that Oscar-winning actors Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, and dozens of their...
Actors Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and director Pedro Almodovar sign a viciously anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic letter and now Ms. Cruz wants to backtrack because social media has pointed out her (and their) racism and utter stupidity. Their views were made clear in their letter and they should be remembered for it always. The EWF will not forget.
If you are either Jewish or Israeli, I strongly encourage a full embargo on the business of any and every person or country who condemns, disowns or otherwise mislabels Israel and its people. That includes travelling to countries like Cuba, that do not recognize Israel's existence; or ones like Bolivia, that label Israel a terrorist state. It also includes boycotting all business by recently outspoken antisemitic public figures such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, John Legend, Zayn Malik of One Direction (though the other members are heavy ambassadors of Judaism), Eddie Veder, Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, Jon Stewart, Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Mia Farrow, Rob Schneider, Tom Morello, Sinead O'Connor, Roger Waters, Annie Lennox, Mark Ruffalo, John Cussack, Talib Kweli, Stephen Hawking, Desmond Tutu, Angela Davis, Ryan Gosling, Roger Waters and a variety of Latin celebrities (directors Pedro Almodovar and Benito Zambrano, actors Lola Herrera, Eduardo Noriega and Rosa ...
Good afternoon Philly, Minneapolis, SF, NYC. Good evening Tunis, Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona, Oxford (UK, yes, UK, following our darling there). Hello gorgeous in Delhi and Tokyo. Wet day, deadly slow day, boring day, but we took some video of the rain, the food and of course started a discussion about Pedro Almodovar, the Cohen's Brothers, Jim Jarmusch (Cafe et Cigarettes), Quentin Tarantino and his stolen script "Hateful 8" canceled then back on, Uma Thurman and her father Professor Thurman (Columbia U) who is a buddhist (btw, every single lady who took his class did fall in love with the guy according to some reliable sources). At least we had some interesting discussions in this deadly boring and bad business day. Music by Plastic Bertrand and Leonard Cohen did keep us awake (yes even Cohen). Have a great afternoon, bonne soiree a tous. Oxford, we are following you.
Just watched "The Great Beauty"... Wow... hilariously sad and profoundly ridiculous... it's a little bit as if Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen decided to go wild together... Beauty indeed :)
HQ July 26th, 1990 at the Palace Hotel in Madrid at famous director Pedro Almodovar's party for her (as seen in...
Pedro Almodóvar films are so beautifully filmed,so vibrant & warm,that they look what I imagine the world of a book resembles on the inside
I want to meet Pedro Almodovar. Just saw Bad Education, his filmmaking is beautiful. One of my favorite directors of all time.
."It's important not to forget that films are made to entertain. That's the key." - Pedro Almodovar
Leonardo DiCaprio wants to work with Pedro Almodóvar
A series where Pedro Almodovar re-imagines all the Disney princess films.
I feel as though Pedro Almodóvar movies are extremely underrated.
Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother ('99), testing our understanding of traditional gender and identity roles
Pedro Almodóvar'S Talk To Her (2002), an exploration of sexual desire and the adoration of women
My friend Steven Cheslik-deMeyer gave me Pedro Almodovar (same game, this time film directors). My favorite film...
Had a great time at Atlantic City! Great time at Caesars Friday night (and a delicious late happy hour at Morton's steakhouse). Successful shopping at the outlets on Saturday, and then a fantastic afternoon at the Spa at Revel. Amazing dinner at Amada. Four course tasting menu and drinks named after Pedro Almodovar films! Was so good we returned later in the night for more cocktails and Flamenco. Lots of late night gambling and even a few wins. And of course the gorgeous Revel which is truly stunning. Incredible views of the ocean, amazing design features and just such a beautiful hotel. I want to book my return now.
Late this movie blew my mind. Can't even describe it. pedro almodovar has made his way…
A night of Pedro Almodovar, Malbec, chocolate and ice cream... And maybe party later who knows
Kristin Hondros requested I would choose a Pedro Almodovar poster. Here's my poster. I also read the novel that the film is based on, and it's a fantastic piece of work. "Mygale." (UK title: "Tarantula") I strongly recommend
the scene in Pedro Almodovar's film Desperado where the guitar fades & suddenly Salma Hayek's body appears in it's place >>
I have a date tonight with Pedro Almodovar.
Learning how to say "I'm horny" from Pedro Almodóvar on an old episode. This counts as Spanish revision, right?
Almodovar's gear always had *** Tarantino only has violence. I'm going Pedro
Pedro Almodóvar seriously making this his English-speaking feature, but ultimately declined…
but he 'really really liked' my answer to which pedro almodovar film i liked most so he's given me an offer YES
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dine with Pedro Almodovar at Azzedine Alaia's home
K.D.Lang - Ain't It Funny, from the soundtrack of Pedro Almodovar's film "Hable con Ella".
"Matt said in an interview that he wanted to work with Pedro Almodóvar" it's true
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Kim K hanging out with Pedro Almodovar. Well owkay then.
Kim and Kanye hanging out with Pedro Almodovar
Even Kim k got pics with Pedro almodovar
Why is Kim kardashian hanging out with Pedro ALMODOVAR why???
Kim kardashian is in a casual photo with Pedro almodovar on her Instagram. He's creeping back into the canon
. I see you are on first name terms with Almodovar... Quiero ser la amiga mejor de Pedro :(
Kim kardashian had dinner with Pedro almodovar last night can't wait to tell miss Gomez lol
All about your mother like Pedro Almodovar. *rap genius*
This is perfect! 1 of my fave directors, Pedro Almodovar never disappoints- I'm So Excited
is just in from screenings of "Mon oncle Antoine" (Claude Jutra, 1971) and "Hable con elle" (Pedro Almodovar, 2002,) the first two films during our "Detroit Film Theatre's 40th Anniversary Weekend." If you love the art form of our century, there is arguably no finer venue nor program with which to celebrate its ascent than our Detroit Film Theatre. Get there as often as you can. (Every weekend would be a nice pace.) For information on the remaining eight films to be screened this weekend, visit See you in the movies!!!
New release day! -Act of Killing - Super duper well reviewed documentary about folks that were part of Indonesian death squads back in the day and were never brought to justice. Everyone bills this as being focused on recreations of their atrocities as Hollywood films, but that's really only a minor part of the movie (I was expecting a lot more of that aspect). It's mostly about a society that had some monumental atrocities going on but has never really addressed them. An examinations of the souls of the perpetrators if you will. It's good stuff, but super heavy. -Badges of Fury - Jet Li stars in this Hong Kong actioner. -Closed Circuit - Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star in this thriller about a pair of lawyers involved in the trial of an accused terrorist. -Copper: Season 2 - Head on back to late 1800's NYC via the BBC. -I'm So Excited - Pedro Almodovar's latest is a return to zany comedy. After a decade of incredible and intense dramas (though always with a little comedic flair), I guess Almodovar n ...
New DVD/Blu-ray releases this week (with Metascores): The Act of Killing [89] highly acclaimed documentary of the Lake [86] miniseries stars Elisabeth Moss [80] season 4 of the FX animated comedy Are What We Are [69] horror Following [62] season 1 of the Kevin Bacon drama So Excited [55] comedy from Pedro Almodovar for Sharing [54] Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo Runner [36] thriller stars Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck list of today's (and the entire month's) releases at
'Australia's Ashes victory was so driven by lust it could easily pass as a Pedro Almodovar film' | Aaron Timms
Investing in a Pedro Almodóvar box-set may have been the single greatest decision of my life. The man is undoubtedly a genius.
Just watched The Skin I Live In Movie. Pedro Almodóvar does it again! Success! Fantastic!!! Great jpb Antonio...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This is for you my dear son Pedro Almodovar.
"Beautiful stars, male or female, aren't usually good comic actors": Pedro Almodóvar.
Someone gave me a letter "P" Something I love : Pizza Something I hate : Pizza Company Someplace I've been: Pensacola, Florida Someplace I wanna go : Petra, Jordan Someone I know: Pedro Almodovar Favourite movie that start with an alphabet as the title: Post Tenebras Lux Like my status and I will give you a letter
DVD / BLURAY RELEASES for 1/7/2014 - MOVIES - Runner Runner (Brad Furman, Drama, Thriller, Crime) Ben Affleck, Gemma Arterton, Justin Timberlake Richie Furst is a graduate student at Princeton who is helping to finance his education by playing online poker. One of his high-stakes games goes bust, and he believes that he has been swindled. Determined to get his money back, he travels to Costa Rica in order to track down his competitor, who turns out to be the fabulously wealthy online gambler extraordinaire Ivan Block. Ivan offers to finance Richie, and a beautiful partnership seems to start, but there is more to Ivan Block than meets the eye. Richie is disturbed by the information he finds, and when the FBI comes calling in hopes of bringing down Ivan's empire, Richie must decide where his loyalties lie and try to escape his tangled web of deceit. Closed Circuit (John Crowley, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Crime) Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Ciaran Hinds Claudia Simmons-Howe and Martin Rose are two prominent lawy ...
Pedro Almodóvar accepting the Foreign Language Film Oscar® for "All about My Mother"
MARSEILLE PRESS CLUB RAISES FUNDS FOR FILIPINO JOURNALISTS AFFECTED BY TYPHOON YOLANDA 02 January 2013 - The Marseille Press Club organized an evening of solidarity with Filipino journalists affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) on December 19, 2013 at the World Trade Center of Marseille. In her remarks, the Vice President of the Press Club, Ms. Jacqueline de Grandmaison, mentioned the risks that journalists faced everyday, particularly natural disasters, and how the Marseille Press Club wanted to help Filipino journalists and their families who were affected by the typhoon. Representing the Philippine Embassy in Paris was Third Secretary and Vice Consul Rapunzel Acop who shared stories of Filipino journalists who risked their lives in order to fulfill their vital role of public information during the critical hours after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) made landfall. Ms. Acop highlighted the stories of radio broadcaster Ronald Viñas and station manager Imelda Magbutay both from Tacloban who died in the line of ...
Pedro Almodovar is one of my creative heroes,,, he saves me from mediocrity... He liberates my thoughts
I watched Pedro Almodovar's movie so many times before I went to spanish university, why don't you watch some movie for Carp ?
Talk to Her. One of the 5 or 6 Pedro Almodovar films I think are masterpieces.
Pedro Almodovar is a genius, probably the best spanish director
It seems a location of a Pedro Almodóvar's movie
Life on the road with Rizoma Festival, Madrid. Check Pedro Almodovar's questions from the crowd!
The new pedro almodovar film does Penelope does woman on top!!
: KIMO should do a brian de palma festival however pedro almodovar is awesome too, see ya again thursday.
Can someone please talk to me about Pedro Almodóvar because he's so interesting
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Anyone else love Pedro Almodovar? is doing a mini-marathon every Thursday night starting tonight at 7pm.You know where I'll be!
Hey, Pedro Almodovar, you should make a movie with these 3 playing sisters. De nada.
New year started with packing, flying today while the last movie I saw, was "I'm so excited" by Pedro Almodovar. Feels surreal:)
vital Flesh by Pedro Almodovar: Scene Analysis Pedro Almodovars 1997 film cost Flesh (Carne Tremula), is rich in both(prenominal) visual and story elements, making in the perfect opinion for a scene analysis. Upon writing this paper, however, this was… [ 170 more words. ]
I've seen this Pedro Almodovar movie. Neither of us is pretty enough for this.
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Starting the new year with malteesers and the new Pedro Almodovar film. I'm so excited, as the title says
long time , no Espanol? Wonderful romantic thriller ! by Pedro Almodovar, he is awesome in direction. Penelope Cruze and Llius homar got a different set of roles, which they haven't done till now. The signature type direction, and the supporting cast's excellent performance , is the main thing in this. Which you may find lousy , mostly cruz did a lazy attitude to her role. Won CCM, GOYA, PHOENIX,SATELLITE, Sau Paulo FF Awards and nominated into many Watch it for sure 3 out of 5
I was tagged by Tracey O'Hara to list 10 movies that have stayed with me. Here goes: 1. Gone with the Wind. (First time I saw it, I was 13. Have adored Clark Gable ever since) 2. (And from the same year) The Wizard of Oz. (When I was a kid, they showed double features and Oz was often the other film) 3. Streetcar Named Desire (brilliant performances by Vivien Leigh, and Marlon Brando) 4. Jesus of Montreal (Canadian-French production, very powerful) 5. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (introduced me to both Pedro Almodovar and Antonio Banderas). Miss the Sunday afternoon double features at the Stanmore Cinema 6. Pump up the Volume (love Christian Slater's rebel radio jock and sexy Samantha Mathis). Heathers also came very close to making an appearance on this list. 7. Being John Malkovich. (so quirky and strange and the scene where JM enters his own head is just bizarre.) 8. Waking Ned Divine - a beautiful English comedy about winning the lotto. Love the community. 8. The Purple Rose of Cairo - .. ...
Recently chatted with the cast of 'I'm So Excited!' Read what they had to say about director Pedro Almodóvar:
I hate happy endings, but Pedro Almodóvar knows how to make them beautiful.
I'm sure, do you mean Pedro Almodovar? ;) No doubt you're watching Godfather I & II on now.
next movie ;) woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown by Pedro Almodovar - love his colors :)
Drinking white Russian's and watching a Pedro Almodóvar marathon... happy new year
After planning the wildest night ever for days... Tonight might end up being about : pastels,pokemon,peeling,and pedro almodovar 😎😎😎
Thank you for all your lovely messages for my birthday yesterday. I had a lovely day with friends, food, wine, and a fantastic Pedro Almodovar film: Broken Embraces. Now looking forward to tonight's party to see 2013 out and welcome the New Year! I hope it's a great year for everyone. It holds great hope. Let's make it one to remember!
I want to watch something by Pedro Almodovar currently.
If you liked Pedro Volver starring you'll love - have a kebab!
THE GREAT BEAUTY made director Pedro Almodovar's list of top movies of 2013- see it Friday at a/perture!
COMMENT: Cuba has ceased being a real country and is now a backdrop for Pedro Almodovar movies. You know, like...
Only one Woody Allen and one Pedro Almodovar film on . HA HA HA HA HA! funny platform.
I think Pedro Almodóvar should do a musical next. He'd be so great at directing musicals!
What an AMAZING gift from the best friend a person could ever ask for. Pedro Almodóvar, we are going…
Spanish director Pedro Almodovar launches a scathing broadside at his homeland's government at this year's European Film Awards, calling it "deaf and insensitive" to the country's problems.
Last night, I checked out The Last Days of Pompeii (Mario Caserini, 1913; 8/10), Babes on Broadway (my 3rd Busby Berkeley film, 1941; 8/10), 49 Up (my 11th Michael Apted film, 2005; 9/10) and this, Talk to Her (my 7th Pedro Almodovar flick, 2002; 10/10). Again, he shows he's one of the finest writers, and the best director of women I have ever seen. Film Club! =)
I arrived in New York in May, 1982. In September, when I was working at Accessories By Pearl, I enrolled at FIT, taking the handbag design course. One month later I landed the design job at Calderon, jumping ahead of the class by several years and starting to get practical industrial design experience in the field even as the rest of the students were still learning to fold the paper. I had taken the course in the hope of preparing for an eventual opportunity of breaking in as a designer, so I was tempted to drop out. But since I had already paid the tuition, which wouldn’t be refunded in any case, I decided to stick with the program and see what I could pick up, because although belts and handbags adhere to the same fundamental principles, there are subtle differences. Not that I had much else to do with my time. I didn’t know a soul in New York and I was desperately lonely. I was very sexually horny. One evening I was walking on Second Avenue in midtown near where I was staying, when a beautiful, el ...
Broken Embraces - (2009) Pedro Almodovar It’s maybe Almodóvar’s most cerebral film. But whether that will suit his many loyal fans remains to be seen. ‘This movie is really good to see twice,’ he says. ‘It’s not a very commercially friendly thing to say. It’s not a good marketing line: you have to see this movie twice!’ Now he’s laughing. ‘But it’s true that, for me, it’s complex in the best sense. It’s not a movie that goes in one direction. Also, there are a lot of important themes. It’s a great love story. It’s also a great story about cinema, about the fragility of cinema if someone steps in between the author and the film. It’s about parents, children and guilt. It’s also a declaration of love for my profession.’ So perhaps we should see ‘Broken Embraces’ as Almodóvar looking in the mirror and forgive him some of the vanities we allow ourselves when we do the same. View it partly as an autobiography, or at least as a self-critical essay, and it’s more rewar ...
On Monday, my son Julian and I checked out this Buster Keaton film (8/10) as well as two Keaton short films also on the disc, The HIgh Sign and One Week (both also 8/10). Although not yet vintage, with his trademark stone-faced character, these early works showed his potenital and deservedly made him a star. Recommended for all fans of comedies, silent films or both. Later, solo,I watched the excellent 21 Up (Michael Apted, 1977; 9/10) and Law of Desire (Pedro Almodovar, 1987; 9/10). Film Club! =)
Among the hits to emerge from this year's New York Film Festival -- like Pedro Almodovar's ''All About My Mother,'' Kimberley Peirce's ''Boys Don't Cry,'' Mike Leigh's ''Topsy-Turvy'' and Kevin Smith's ''Dogma'' -- none is more endearingly nutty than ''Being John Malkovich.'' None is more intriguing...
Really nice to know that you live in a country that considers the likes of Vikram Seth, Harvey Milk, Chuck Palahnuik, Pedro Almodovar, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer , Ellen Degeneres and Zachary Quinto criminals that may be sentenced to life imprisonment. Good going, SC.
Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Pedro Almodovar film among nominees for European Film Awards to be held in Berliln on Dec. 7 - video: Sochi Olympic torch taken on historic spacewalk - from Haiyan storm chaser as typhoon hits the Philippines - via YouTube user Earth Uncut TV Video: President Obama delivers Veterans Day message of gratitude and support in weekly address - via Now a category 3 storm, Typhoon Haiyan heads toward Hanoi, Vietnam - via US Secretary of State John Kerry jokes with Iranian foreign minister during talks in Geneva - via firefighters hurt, residents unaccounted for in 2-alarm house fire in Forestville, Md. - doctor Martin MacNeill found guilty of killing wife, leaving her in tub - Typhoon Haiyan may have killed 1,200 in Philippines; 1,000 of them in Tacloban city, Red Cross estimates - Boy gets some shelter from rain in Manila after Typhoon Haiyan hits - via Large areas of central Philippines under water after Typhoon Haiyan - via Typhoon Haiyan as seen from space - via 138 dead after T ...
My lady was so happy, and will never forget, when she brushed past Pedro Almodovar's arm at the David Lean Lecture.
"Hey, I'm subtle. Parang pelikula ni Wong Kar-Wai or Pedro Almodovar." "Oh please, you're as subtle as Jean Pierre-Jeunet."
Just in!! Pedro Almodovar comedy - I'm So Excited. Also in- Great Gatsby,Broken City and Stand Up Guys.
Want to know more about Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, check out these five films from his career
USC-area friends! This week is your last chance to get any of these FINE books for free (FREE!) before they go to Goodwill. Cinema/TV: Contemporary Film Directors: Pedro Almodovar (Marvin D'Lugo) Desire Unlimited: The Cinema of Pedro Almodovar (Paul Julian Smith) Patty Diphusa and Other Writings (Pedro Almodovar) Luis Bunuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (ed. Marsha Kinder) Luis Bunuel: New Readings (ed. Peter William Evans and Isabel Santaolalla) My Last Sigh (Luis Bunuel) The Disinherited: Exile and the Making of Spanish Cinema (Henry Kamen) The Death of the Critic (Ronan McDonald) Television Entertainment (Jonathan Gray) Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting (Syd Field) Game studies: Games and Gaming: An Introduction to New Media (Larissa Hjorth) Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming (ed. Yasmin B. Kafai et al) Fiction: Armor (John Steakley) Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Robert C. O'Brien) Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories (Sandra Cisneros) Fa ...
Q: Are you familiar with Pedro Almodóvar's work? Are you a fan? Hope you have a wonderful day! X
Just had a great daydream where I met Pedro Almodovar
Flying high once more (The West Australian): It’s not surprising that Pedro Almodovar’s la...
This week on Indie Film Guide: A Spielberg tour-de-force and the latest from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.
If I ever become an actress, I want to work with Jennifer Lawrence, David O. Russel, Sofia Coppola, Pedro Almodóvar and Hugh Jackman
100% of Pedro Almodóvar's films pass the Bechdel Test. The movie 1) must have two women 2) who talk
Join us for a special screening of Pedro Almodovar's new film 'I'm So Excited'
Did you know we have reader screenings? This month we're previewing Pedro Almodóvar's 'I'm So Excited'! Enter here:
did you ever think about getting Pedro Almodovar for a videoclip? ART + POP that´s his thing, and yours! That´d be EPIC!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
i'm Pedro Almodóvar living in a world full of Brian De Palmas
Our friends at map magazine are giving you the chance to win tickets to Pedro Almodóvar's new comedy I'm So Excited
(I need to get some handouts for my dissertation if Pedro Almodovar is still on curriculum)
Dir. Pedro Almodovar won't be on the List for the Spanish Academy of Motion Pic Nods this time
Pedro Almodovar films are SO enjoyable...they helped me learn spanish too ;-)
We take a look at the latest from Pedro Almodovar "I'm So Excited"
Our review of I'm So Excited, the latest by Pedro Almodovar
Review from 'I'm So Excited' reverts to director Pedro Almodovar's bawdy days
As I expected, I am the ONLY person to show up for the 4:35 screening of Pedro Almodovar's I'M SO EXCITED. Fine by me!
Upcoming Pedro Almodóvar biopic set to explore the lifetime of lies Mr. Magoo hid behind to cover up his transvestite fetish.
My dad's been bought a compilation of songs from Pedro Almodovar films. House currently channeling the spirit of an Andalucian evening.
"I'm so excited" to see Pedro Almodovar's new film.
Opening TONIGHT at The Ross: Pedro Almodovar's outrageous, exuberant new comedy I'M SO EXCITED!, and the...
I'M SO EXCITED, the latest film by Spanish Director/Writer Pedro Almodóvar (Bad Education, VOLVER), starts today...
Rajeev baba, did u see im so excited by pedro almodovar? was it released in india?over here in the philippnes it was
Pedro Almodovar's I'M SO EXCITED is "good, half-dirty fun." Opens the Original tonight at 8:50. More:
Pedro Almodóvar tries to cash in after not so exciting super-camp last film. VOLVERINE fantasy sequel gives superpowers to Penélope Cruz.
I'M SO EXCITED, the new comedy from Pedro Almodóvar, opens today!
Stories We Tell (NYTimes Critics' Pick) and Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited open today! Showtimes and tickets...
I was introduced to the work of Pedro Almodovar by a very Mennonite high school spanish teacher
Today's experiment: what would happen to my brain if I watch two Pedro Almodóvar movies in one day?
Check out these 4 pointers on directing comedies from acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar:
I feel a yearning for Pedro Almodovar tonight. I need to hear people speaking Spanish beautifully.
Fasten your seatbelt for campy ride at 30,000 feet: I can’t remember when, if ever, Pedro Almodovar has had as...
Shrinking Lover. A meta film within pedro almodovar's talk to her film
Tomorrow: We're so excited for I'M SO EXCITED, the new film from Pedro Almodovar! Check out the showtimes here:
'I'm So Excited' movie review: Pedro Almodovar's latest is a giddy but shrugworthy comedy
"I used this line to demonstrate how important are in movies: It's not a caprice." Pedro Almodovar
I'm So Excited! Well, we are excited but we're talking about Pedro Almodóvar's latest film, I'm So Excited, which we start showing tomorrow!
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