Pearl Jam & Yellow Ledbetter

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), and Mike McCready (guitar). Yellow Ledbetter is a song by the American rock band Pearl Jam. 5.0/5

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Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam will forever be one of the GOATS
Any live rendition of Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter sounds like falling in love
I used TrackID™ to find Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
Rocking out to "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam and wondering how much bourbon Eddie Vedder drank during the recording to…
If this doesn't make u crave a lake, cold beer, and a sunset we can't be friends IRL. Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
Well that's a leap to something I didn't say. But listen to Yellow Ledbetter and tell me it has lyrics. And I LIKE Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam came on the radio and I misread the title as Yellow Bedwetter
Pearl Jam- Yellow Ledbetter "The reason oughta' leave her calm, I know. I said "I know I was the boxer or the bag."
Love this song. Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam on
I just used Shazam to discover Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter via In my top 5 Pearl Jam songs YO! B)
that kind a day Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam ♫
Me: *plays Yellow Ledbetter*. Hannah: I don't like this song . Me: Pearl Jam will be in the HOF in a few years. Miley Cyrus will be in rehab
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter All kinds of wonderful
The use of 'Yellow Ledbetter' in the series finale of 'Friends' is the first time Pearl Jam ever licensed one of its son…
Listening to Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, on the album: rearviewmirror (greatest hits 1991-2003) [Explicit]
"I know what I wear, not a boxer or the bag" Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
Every time I listen to Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam I can't help but think of when Ross thought Rachel got on the plane and left for good.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam will never get old
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter: via team favorite
Yellow Ledbetter has the most staying power out of any Pearl Jam song, imo. Still great every time I hear it 20+ years after release
Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam. If you don't know it your parents raised you incorrectly.
I usually shuffle my playlists until Yellow Ledbetter by plays then i proceed to shuffle my Pearl Jam playlist.
And I know, and I know I don't want to stay. Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (live): vía
I'm not a huge Pearl Jam fan, but Yellow Ledbetter is one of my favorites 👌
Yellow Ledbetter is a Pearl Jam great but when I just read the lyrics cause you sure can't listen to what he says, might be dumbest lyrics!
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. No one knows the words, but you can learn how to play it on guitar here...
Pearl Jam- Yellow Ledbetter. Brings back lots of memories and just an overall great song
Gorgeous song, follow it with Yellow Ledbetter, so much love for Pearl Jam x
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter. One of my fave bands and fave song :)
Ahhh, what to say about Pearl Jam! I had no idea what to expect, as they've haven't been to Spokane since I was in high school. They put on an amazing show, and maybe one of the best I've ever been to. Over 3 hours of pretty much non-stop music. They covered everything from Tom Petty to Van Halen to Velvet Underground. I had a great time reminiscing my youth, hearing my favorites from the Ten album, and watching a guy with 4 foot long dreads get a hair cut by Ed Vedder himself. The best part? FREE tickets, 12 rows up from the stage and seeing Mike McCready do the Yellow Ledbetter guitar solo standing next to Steve Gleason.
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Pearl Jam performing "Yellow Ledbetter", from the band's debut album Ten, live at The Showbox in Seattle, Washington on December 6th, 2002.
Thank you Pearl Jam Radio for playing Yellow Ledbetter and taking me to a simpler time.
Wow yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam on ZLX classic rock this morning. *** I am old
Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter" on the speakers because of TCU and all of the other cool Universities.
Another possibly unpopular opinion: "Yellow Ledbetter" is Pearl Jam's best song. Been listening to it on repeat this morning.
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (live): On a weekend I wanna wish it all away..
Jus learned "yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam. Got the solo down and the song, feeling accomplished.
I forgot to mention that I saw Pearl Jam perform YELLOW LEDBETTER!!! Pearl Jam fans will know why this is such a treat and why I became so emotional when they kicked it off!!
Your greatest song ever? Mine is Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. Love the acoustics and the song makes mo sense at all. love it!
I favorited a video Yellow Ledbetter with Lyrics - Pearl Jam
Trying to learn how to play Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter in three days... actually conming aling nicely.
Riding the Amtrak to DC, seeing the beautiful colors of fall with my 2 boys while listening to "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam...nothing more inspiring than this.
Is it just me or does Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam just keep getting better?
Amazing day one. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stole the show, but far and away the best performance was-of course-Pearl Jam. Their ENCORE included Don't Go, Do the Evolution, Black, Alive, Keep on Rockin' in the Free World with a giant bunny and Unicorn on tambourines, and Yellow Ledbetter. Just got two starts in a couple hours...and I have to hit the books before I hit the bed.
Life is officially complete. Just seen Pearl Jam play ALL their hits. And they finished the show with YELLOW LEDBETTER, while Steve Gleason looked on! What. A. Night.
I want a copy of that last montage with the Red Sox and Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter playing in the background.
Gotta love ending the World Series telecast with Yellow Ledbetter after Release from Pearl Jam.
Can you play Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam?. Thanks, I love slide!.
Well, last night Pearl Jam was epic. Rearview Mirror to close the first set, Yellow Ledbetter to close the night. Jason Grilli dancing around the stage and saying he was going to "pitch his balls off" next year. Plus some deep tracks - my head almost exploded when they played Porch.
I posted not to long ago that "yellow ledbetter" is the most beautiful song ever. I've changed my mind. "Nothingman" by Pearl Jam now holds the crown!
Listening to Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. What the heck is he saying? The whole song is nothing but jibber-jabber!!!
Pearl Jam playing, what I believe to be, an early Yellow Ledbetter.
I forgot how influencial Pearl Jam was on my musical tastes. They were epic from Ten to No Code. Yellow Ledbetter is what inspired me to play guitar. Anyway just heard them somewhere and got all nostalgic.
Back from jammin @ The Red Maple Inn w/ my friend and fellow songbird Shelly Spear-Hamilton. We both got to sing and enjoy the show w/ Dan & Doug Hudson, Jimmy K, Russell B Sylvia, Chris Flaherty and other talented surprise guests including a dude frm Florida who made my night by playing The Pixies_ Where is my mind and Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" and letting me sing them. A great night for us gals and home by 9. Score.! :)
One of my all time favorite Pearl Jam songs is Yellow Ledbetter, no idea what it's about nor do I know any of the words, its just so fun to hum along to. I don't even want to look up the lyrics.
Okay...Yellow Ledbetter. sing me to sleep... Zz... :)
What's the last song you downloaded? Mine was Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
Music Post. What song haunts you...even if you don't know or understand the lyrics? For me, it is Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. Granted, Eddie Vedder changes the lyrics to suit his mood or current events, but this song has soul that seems to transcend the lyrics or any given performance of it.
I just used to discover Yellow Ledbetter by
Yellow Ledbetter -Pearl Jam just came on my Pandora. This is the great station ever and a sign its time to take a nap.
Yellow Ledbetter was the first Pearl Jam song I was exposed to back when I was kid. This song will always hold a special place in my heart.
Juliana Gomes Caldeira depois me manda uma lista das melhores do Pearl Jam . Quero lembrar do Pablo Pablito .
Watching the sun come up, listening to "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam and thanking God for so much more than I can even begin to get my head around... (Lamentations 3:23)
Listening to yellow ledbetter by Pearl Jam -
listen to Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam too :)
I'm listening to Yellow Ledbetter - 11/6/93 in Mesa, by Pearl Jam on Pearl Jam Radio at via
Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter keeps playin in my head nonstop
Something about hearing a middle aged guy in a stuffy suit whistling quietly to Pearl Jam at Subway made my day.
I love the song 'Yellow Ledbetter' by Pearl Jam but have absolutely no clue what it is about. I googled it and after reading 15 different interpretations I am more confused than ever. Is this some brilliant Eddie Vetter analogy or was he on an acid trip?
This morning, I'm running. A dog starts to bark at me (not an unusual occurrence; they sense I'm a cat person). His owner comes to the door. He lets his dog in. At that second, I look in the owner's direction. He's older. He's out-of-shape. He's in his underwear. Tighty-whities. Nothing else. What precedent does this set for my day? Today's Random Runner's Playlist..."10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman; "Our God is Greater" by Chris Tomlin; "Courageous" by Casting Crowns; "Creed" by Petra; "Mysterious Ways" by U2; "Right Now" by Van Halen; "Freewill" by Rush; "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam; and "Lithium" by Nirvana.
Yellow Ledbetter is my favorite Pearl Jam song.
Having a Yellow Ledbetter moment right now. Love Me some Pearl Jam
In my humble opinion, Yellow Ledbetter is the only Pearl Jam song ever worth listening to.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is a sweet tune.
Yeah Obama Yellow Ledbetter is one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs too
Yellow Ledbetter bill? Oh Lily Ledbetter.thought Obama broke out some Pearl Jam.
The only Ledbetter I'm worried about...Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter:
Yellow Ledbetter Bill??? I never thought of Obama as a Pearl Jam fan.
The Yellow Ledbetter Bill? Where was I when Obama announced his support of Pearl Jam? Where do YOU stand on the 'Jam, Mr. Romney!?!?!?
Both candidates take turns ripping off Pearl Jam for the 18-40 vote. First Jeremy, now Yellow Ledbetter Bill.
I once heard Eddie Vedder sing a great rendition of "Lily Ledbetter" at a Pearl Jam concert in 1999..Oh wait..That was "Yellow Ledbetter" :)
No, children of the 90s... Lilly Ledbetter ≠ Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter"
Obama is bringing up the Lilly Ledbetter act. What he won't tell you is that it's based on the Pearl Jam song Yellow Ledbetter. Tell the truth Obama! What are you trying to hide!?
Want to learn how to play the guitar next year. I have a list of songs I need to learn in this life.She Talks to Angels, Black Crowes. Little Wing, Jimi. Wish you Were Here, Pink Floyd. Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam and Dreams, Jewel
Thank you Pearl Jam for always finding a smile for me!! Yellow many fond memories :)
Not a Pearl Jam fan.but every time I hear Yellow Ledbetter it makes me happy.
I think Yellow Ledbetter is one of the best Pearl Jam songs ever, but I can't help but wonder, does Eddie Vedder even know what he's saying?
we picked our "lullaby" songs for the 4D dvd. Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter, Aerosmith's Cryin' and Queen's Under Pressure.
Just came to the heartbreaking realization that my Pearl Jam and Creed voices are in fact one in the same. I'm sorry to all of my friends and family I've let down, and also to all the people who have ever crossed my path and wondered why the *** I sound like Scott Stapp while singing "Yellow Ledbetter."
Suenan estos acordes y yo vuelo Oh yeah can you see them? Yellow Ledbetter de Pearl Jam en
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Man I was having such a good dream this morning , Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter was playing so clear in my dream and suddenly there was a beeping that didn't belong in the song and yep you guessed it the Alarm Clock ruined my wonderful rock & roll dream :(
Eatin my bbq sammich for lunch and doin my best to sing Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter lmao yeah im makin up my own lyrics.
This is a live version of Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter. This version is on the B-side of the Daughter Single CD. Yellow Ledbetter is known for it's variation...
Yellow Led Better by Pearl Jam at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.
Now Playing Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter on Australia's only all 90s Radio
Ethan gets mad and starts crying. I counter by playing Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter. He smiles and moves his hands along. I think me and my son are going to get along just fine.
Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter wins the award for most incoherent song.
Just got done watching 50/50...its great and meaningful and it had Yellow Ledbetter play through the end crying now...not because I almost died but because just like in the movie I had family and friends and Pearl Jam to get me through
Number 2: "Yellow Ledbetter" - Pearl Jam. Number 3 "Bette Davis Eyes" (on a dare). And in between I broke a glass. Cuz that's how I do.
Bouncer Roscoe is spinning 'Yellow Ledbetter' by Pearl Jam in the All Country and Rock:
Pearl Jam is my favorite and 'Yellow Ledbetter' is a great song but *** if it isn't overplayed on the radio.
SciFi Savior is now playing Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
My song of the day: Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. After years of listening to that band, I still have no clue what he sings but I love it!
Cleaning my place jammin' to Pearl Jam - Yellow I love the guitar in this song..
Saying that you like Mac computers because they are "better for graphics" is like saying the you like Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" for the songwriting. You obviously have no grasp of the subject matter.
The guitar in Yellow Ledbetter is beautiful. One of the many reasons why Pearl Jam is my favorite band...
My cover (and slight interpretation) of Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. First cover with my new-ish acoustic so I'm still getting used to the setting and such...
Pearl Jam performing the end of "Yellow Ledbetter" after bringing Ida from Sweden on stage during its June 26, 2007 show in Copenhagen, Denmark.
the intro for the song Sister Hazel's Wanted It To Be sounds like the intro from Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter
Greatest "waiting in the airport, watching people" song - 'Yellow Ledbetter'- Pearl Jam
If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would you pick? I'd pick Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
I just used to tag Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is possibly one of my Favorite Songs. The intro is just so tasteful.
Que temazo que me relaja Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
Pearl Jam. Yellow Ledbetter. one of the BEST song out there.
I added a video to a playlist Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (Unplugged)
Yellow Ledbetter, a song by Pearl Jam on Spotify.
The words you sing when you try singing along to "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam tell me everything I need to know about you.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam reminds me of my friend Gary Baker! Just saying.
"Anna Nicole's mama said that i don't wanna see Anna fall down again" -Pearl Jam, Yellow Ledbetter
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Just took a trip down memory lane when the Wallflowers "one headlight" came on the radio today. Reminded me of the time The Wallflowers opened for Pearl Jam at Memorial Stadium in Seattle many years ago. I, Ryan Evans, Sarah Bakke Knudsen, Nils Knudsen, and Jeremy Robertson took the Seattle Metro with ziplock bags full of sangria down town for the show. Completely out of our minds. Jeremy, Nils and Ryan made their own "Pearl Jam T-shirts" and one of them said "the wall flowers can suck a headlight out of my." on the back. I laughed for about twenty minutes thinking about that day. Back when PJ had an open floor and you could MOSH?! And they closed as they always do with Yellow Ledbetter, I was on Ryan's shoulders and I looked across a see of heads to see Sarah on Nils's shoulders. We were the only two "up" there...together for that moment in time. Oh the memories!
Even though u can only make out about every other word Eddie Vedder is sayin, Yellow Ledbetter is one of the greatest Pearl Jam songs ever!
I don't know whether I'm the boxer or the bag! "Yellow Ledbetter" Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. That's why it's my ringtone :)
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter: via ...its just that kinda day...
Just finished watching 50/50. Really great movie, but why didn't anyone tell me "Yellow Ledbetter" played during the credits? One of my favorite Pearl Jam songs.
Double Run covering Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam and Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock via
it's impossible to understand the lyrics of my favorite Pearl Jam song "Yellow Ledbetter," but I dig the guitar playing.
YES! I love Pearl Jam. So psyched. I'm rocking out. Go listen to Yellow Ledbetter on WBOS now!
Amazing! I sent you a cover I did of Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter. Hope you li (
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is so good
On a side note, first time I've heard a b-side on the radio that wasn't Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
"Oh yeah can you see them? Out on the porch Ah, but they don't wave" Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (blame
Pearl Jam -yellow ledbetter. I've idea what he's saying but i've always loved it =)
Pearl Jam performs a acoustic version av the great song Yellow ledbetter at the Bridge School benefit. From around 1995
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You know how some songs just remind you of someone? Yellow Ledbetter reminds me if Jolene...not just because it's Pearl Jam, either! It's that specific song. I miss you!!!
A misheard lyrics video I made for Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.
Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter lyrics have amazing beat and vocals. Performed by Pearl Jam, Yellow Ledbetter lyrics will give you a musical euphoria...
Some songs I just love and have no idea the meaning of the lyrics. Pearl Jam-Yellow Ledbetter & Bon Iver-Skinny Love to name a couple.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam what fricking awesome tune, especially the live recording from Benaroya Hall
Which is the more widely known song that no one knows the lyrics to: "Ave Maria" or "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam?
A yellow farewell to with Pearl Jam soundtracking.
A yellow room, bein kicked out, getting the last drunken word & Pearl Jam. New Yellow Ledbetter
Yellow Ledbetter with Lyrics by Pearl Jam in the album Rearviewmirror. Disclaimer I do not own this audio track and am using it for entertainment purposes only.
Please come out and support me this Thursday April 12th as I compete in a karaoke competition for $5000.00 dollars. Audience reaction is more than half the score. I will be singing Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam...Please come watch me. At 8:30 at the claddagh in mason. Even if you work third shift, you will beout in time to be at work. Thanks in advance.
Listening to Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter and not understanding anything! he's cool like that ^__^
I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful guitar riff than that of Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" omg make me cry
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam is such an amazing song, even though you can't really tell what Vedder is singing...
Now Playing Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam . A great mix of rock and soul! Hits the spot every time.
yellow ledbetter - Pearl Jam. god this song is so good.
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (Live): I have changed directions a little, my thanks to a friend
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam (probably one of my top 5 Favorite Songs ever written).
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter: For more great lessons by Marty and ten free lessons, check out GuitarJamz.
Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter! If you don't play it bad things will happen.
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