Pearl Jam & Music Midtown

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), and Mike McCready (guitar). Music Midtown was a large music festival held in Atlanta, Georgia from 1994 to 2005. It is once again resurrected for 2011. 5.0/5

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Oh how I wish that was U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam or anyone from the 80s or 90s on that stage!!!
Here's another one of my pics of Pearl Jam performing at Music Midtown in Atlanta's Piedmont Park on September 22.
I survived Music Midtown!! 90,000 people in two days, Pearl Jam really brought the crowd on Saturday, 55,000, great festival. It was very heartwarming to get all the I miss you hugs from my friends at Chastain, so good to see ya'll. Thank you all for the prayers for Bryant, he is doing much better and has returned to work, we told him his engine light came on and it was time for a tune up!!! It was very scary and again thanks for all the love and prayers. Thanks again to Bryant, (Whitten Management Services) for providing 100's of jobs for people this weekend. Thanks to Live Nation folks for everything!!
What a great weekend to be in Atlanta. Music Midtown featuring Neon Trees and Pearl Jam was great on Saturday but then a great day Pga Tour at East Lake with my husband. Kind of fun to see how much the crowd loves Bubba, Tiger and well ah hm Sergio, me too...rock on Spain
Florence and the Machine and Girl Talk put on great shows for the second day of Music Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia, but the night belonged to headliners Pearl Jam. Check out our photos and recap here:
I had the most AWESOME time at Music Midtown last night with my best friend Ronda and my new friend Brett! Pearl Jam was ROCKIN!
Yesterday was fun with Music Midtown and chilling with the guys. Favorites had to be Neon Trees and, of course, Pearl Jam. But the other performers were pretty good too for the most part.
I still cannot believe that I saw Pearl Jam last night. Music Midtown was amazing!
Pearl Jam at Music Midtown was awesome!! That's all I got to say 'bout that.
Great Pearl Jam concert last night, seen them a lot, 95 different songs in 12 years! Last night was amazing at Music Midtown. Busy cleaning the house now and waiting for my Logie Bear to get home from the mountains with mommy.
Came across this while looking for the version of this song recorded last night at Music Midtown... but this is STILL a classic... PJ being PJ, they were told not to get off the stools or make political statements, etc... it was MTV Unplugged" and they were to remain seated... needless to say that did not happen... :-)
What a Saturday! I saw Garbage, Ludacris, Adam Ant, Florence and the machine, and Pearl Jam perform!!! Fun with Jane Derrick Thornton and Justin Monday at Music Midtown!!
Music Midtown was awesome!!! Pearl Jam, Girl Talk, Ludacris, Foo Fighters, Avett Brothers... good times.
Seen the Cameron Crowe doc PEARL JAM TWENTY? Gear up for Pearl Jam, Music Midtown tonight!
On our way to Music Midtown! Pearl Jam, Florence &the machine, Adam Ant, Ludacris, etc!!
Music Midtown day 2 - Flo+Machine, Adam Ant, Ludacris, Pearl Jam and I'm really looming forward to the Girl Talk set. Beautiful day in Piedmont Park for outdoor festival...
Music Midtown!!! Garbage, Florence and the Machine, Girl Talk, Neon Trees, and Pearl Jam! Best day ever!
Gonna be another entertaining day @ Music Midtown Today.great show yesterday, lookn forward to Adam Ant and Pearl Jam.tonight
So being a part of Music Midtown is a bigger responsibility that I realized. Last year we blew Coldplay away. And this year we shocked Dave Grohl and the Fighters. Pearl Jam and Flo don't even know what's coming for them tonight!!
Good morning! Today is going to be amazing. The babies and I are having breakfast with Granny L. Tony and I are going to Music Midtown, and I finally get to see Pearl Jam! Now if I could just figure out how to get a Vortex burger in there too.
I'm old bc: 1. my feet, back and generally whole body aches from music midtown 2. We were only there for 3 hrs BUT- cant wait to donut all again for Pearl Jam!!!
Midtown Music fest & Pearl Jam...yes, I think I'll have some.
11 mi run, tailgate, Tech vs Miami game, then Music Midtown for Florence + the Machine & Pearl Jam. It's going to be an awesome day.
Happy 17th birthday to my first born son, Nathan Parr. And how great it was of Music Midtown to bring Pearl Jam to town tonight - just for him, I'm sure. See you at the Flying Biscuit . . . .
Music midtown tomorrow , I'm so excited to see Luda Neon Trees and Pearl Jam!
If you are a Foo Fighters fan and you have never seen them live please do yourself a favor and go see them preform... You wont regret it... music midtown night one was unbelievable! I cant wait for day two with Eric Hodgson and Pearl Jam :)
Foo Fighters killed music midtown. Pearl Jam will have to bring it tomorrow night. See errbody there.
Someone please take me to music midtown in Atlanta to see Pearl Jam!
Thanks for all the b-day wishes!! Please think of me tomorrow when I attempt to re-capture my youth by going to see Pearl Jam at Music Midtown and end up hurling and passing out in the bushes at Piedmont Park.
Who's in Atlanta, who wants to go to Music Midtown tomorrow with me? Garbage, Adam Ant, Ludicris, Pearl Jam... Lets GO!
You know what? On second thought, I will escort you to the Pearl Jam show at Music Midtown tomorrow night. All you have to do is ask…
You can take me to Music Midtown if you want to. I don't mind. I can skip work and we can sing songs along with Pearl Jam.
Taking my daughter 2 her 1st LIVE CONCERT and my dreams of Bluegrass and Grateful Dead have transformed into T.I. and Pearl Jam! Hippest mom @ Music Midtown...
Heading to Atlanta this weekend for Music Midtown. Lineup includes Garbage, Civil Twilight, Adam Ant, Ludacris, Neon Trees, Girl Talk and Pearl Jam. If attending, I'll be the tall one sporting my red attire in honor of my queen, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.
It has yet to really sink in... I am going to be in the crowd as Pearl Jam takes the stage at Music Midtown. I'm not sure my heart can take it.
It was a very busy weekend, and it will be another very busy week as we prepare to head down to Music Midtown in Atlanta, GA to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Florence and the Machine, Garbage, Adam Ant, Foo Fighters, Ludacris, and.of course.the greatest band on the planet; Pearl Jam! Good win for Notre Dame on Saturday, and I hope to have one little problem solved by the end of the day.
Pearl Jam is playing in Atlanta - Music Midtown 2012 next saturday. Anybody interested?
Pearl Jam is headlining DeLuna Fest and Music Midtown next weekend. Who's coming out?
You have a little over a week to taunt me about seeing Pearl Jam at Music Midtown
Pearl Jam & Ben Harper kickin' out the jams on Austin City Limits tonight...amazing show. :) Can't wait to see them @ Music Midtown with Danette Robinson McGeeney in a couple of weeks!
Hey Jeremy, Wanna go see Pearl Jam at Music Midtown this year?
Who wants to go see Pearl Jam with me in Atlanta on September 22?
Music Midtown Giveaway!!!...Two tickets to Day 2 - Florence and the Machine and Pearl Jam!!! We will be drawing the winning ticket on Saturday, September 1st. Come by soon, shop, and enter! Oh yeah...have we mentioned WE ARE MOVING to a space twice as big!!! only two doors up in the same shopping center. Needless to say, we are super excited!!! One more thing, a power surge on sat fried our main computer, so we aren't taking consignment until next week. Stay trendy friends!!
Im attending Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, GA on september 22nd to see Pearl Jam and others.anyone wanna go? $65 a tix + airfare...$70 outta tampa.Any takers?
Hey just wondering if anyone on here is going to Music Midtown in September? 55 bucks to see Pearl Jam is not a bad deal.
Delta wrote: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, T.I. and more are taking over Atlanta’s Piedmont Park September 21-22 for Music Midtown. Check here to see if we have a fare sale from your hometown to ATL:
Can't wait to see Pearl Jam at Music Midtown
Music Midtown returns this September with a two day lineup that will excite all music lovers. Performers include headlining artists Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, as well as other chart toppers such as The Avett Brothers, Florence + The Machine, T.I. and Ludacris. Rounding out the lineup are newly anno...
The Foo Fighters, Avett Brothers, Pearl Jam, Ludacris, T.I., Girl Talk, Florence and the Machine, Joan Jett. Music Midtown in Atlanta. Sept 21-22. Tickets bought!!! .Of course, this is after our summer of FloydFest, Mumford and Sons, Camp Barefoot and all the rockin good music at Martin's Downtown
Anyone going to Music Midtown this year?! Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. Sept 21, 22 It should be a great time!
Just bought tickets for music midtown in ATL!!! Pearl Jam is headlining--my dream concert!
try and go to music midtown in September. Pearl Jam is playing.
Want 2 free tickets to Midtown Music Festival here in Atlanta? Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters are headlining!!
Pearl Jam is going to be at Music Midtown in September and I really want to go. Jim has informed me that he is "too old" to go to a concert at an outdoor music festival. Well, I am NOT too old to go so I am looking for friends to go with me. Anyone interested??
Judie Wagenheim liked Music Midtown: Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Avett Brothers: As we mentioned last week , all signs…
I am so excited!!! we're seeing and Pearl Jam at Music Midtown for my birthday!! :D
I would love to go this year. And Bamajam, my mom really wants to go to that. And Summerland, and Music Midtown for Pearl Jam.
Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters at Music Midtown this year??? Count me in!!!
Holy Music MidTown this Year. Foo Fighters Avetts and Pearl Jam? I am in!
Music midtown in September...Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Ludacris, TI and more...who wants to go with me?
So just found out that Pearl Jam will be playing in Atlanta in September at the Music Midtown Festival. I am so excited and cannot wait! The Rices' are there!
Sooo.Pearl Jam is headlining the Midtown Music Festival this year??!? Do I pull this trigger???
I want to go to music Music Midtown so bad I can't stand myself. Been listening to Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Avett Brothers all day.
Fortunately for Nathan, Music Midtown is on his birthday and it's not a school night! Turning 17 with Pearl Jam sounds good to me . . . tix today at the Tabernacle.
Will see Pearl Jam at Music Midtown come September. Time to yawp in the streets.
just told Music Midtown to SUCK IT! ...but on the real i'll still go see Pearl Jam
What a great year for concerts. Black Keys, Coldplay, Radiohead, RHCP, Coldplay again, then Pearl Jam and the rest of Music Midtown.
We are pleased to announce that Pearl Jam is headlining Music Midtown 2012, which takes place Friday, September 21 - Saturday, September 22 in Atlanta, GA. Pearl Jam is scheduled to close out the festival on Saturday, September 22. The lineup features the following artists on Friday:Foo Fighters, Va...
looks like i should visit Atlanta for my birthday... Pearl Jam is headlining Music Midtown 2012 in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 22nd.
I can't wait for Music Midtown. Civil Twilight. FLO. and Pearl Jam. Its gonna be 10 hours of beautiful Piedmont Park and music.
Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Ludacris and T.I. At Atlanta's Music Midtown September 21-22. Oh goody! I will finally see the Foos!
Pearl Jam is heading Music Midtown and I'm stokes. Got my ticket Saturdy. Can't Believe I have to wait 5 more months.): I love you Eddie!
just saw the announced line up for Music Midtown in Atlanta... Foo's and Pearl Jam. Bonnaroo has Radiohead and the Chili Peppers. Riverbend wont be around on this scale much longer. another year, another pathetic lineup.
We got tickets for Music Midtown to see Florence and the machine and Pearl Jam! Not sure how I'm going to be able to wait until Sept ~
Just found out that Music Midtown, a huge concert with TI, Foo Fighters, Florance and the Machine, Pearl Jam, and a whole lot more, I work this every year...i cant this year...its on the same day as my best friend's wedding.
Buying my ticket to Music Midtown tonight! Foo Fighters, T.I., Ludacris, Pearl Jam, and more to be announced!
Just got tickets to see Pearl Jam in Atlanta at the Music Midtown Festival!
Just purchased tickets for Music Midtown! Is anyone else going this year? Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam!!
Decided to go with the 1 day pass for ATL Music Midtown, which gives me Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, Van Hunt, TI, and the Avett Brothers. Decided to pass on Saturday, never was much of a Pearl Jam guy.
Happy to have my Music Midtown tickets to see Pearl Jam. Sad to have to pay Ticketmaster way too much money.
Music Midtown is a rip off... 55$ for one day and 100$ for two days. Back in the day you got all 3 days for 50$. Pearl Jam would be cool to see, but not for 55$..
Pearl Jam playing Music Midtown this year!?!? Yeah.. We'll be there...
was about to get tixs then I saw the $65 day $120 weekend but if you buy now it is $55 day $100 weekend. Pearl Jam, Joan Jet, Ludacris, Foo Fighters so anyone going fer sure?
Just bought VIP tix to see Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Joan Jett at Music Midtown (September- Piedmont Park) I'm so excited! They'll practically be playing in our backyard!
Got the tickets to Music Midtown. Pearl Jam... that's all you need to know.
got my music midtown tickets to see Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Floernce and the Machine, Tybee next weekend with the girls to see False Flag, Charleston the weekend after for a bacherlotette party. Pretty excited :D
Just bought Music Midtown tickets! So excited, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam all in one weekend! :)
Going to see Pearl Jam at Music Midtown 2012! Cannot wait to see them again ;))
Just purchased my Music Midtown tickets.. Cannot believe I am going to see Pearl Jam!
It's on baby! Just got tix for music midtown!!! Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, here we come!
WOOOHO, it is official, tickets purchased. Pearl Jam in Atlanta, September 22nd!! Music Midtown!
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I hope all you music midtown people are online NOW! Remember it's Pearl Jam! :D :D :D :D :D :D !!! GO GO GO!!!
This is a public service announcement: if you are buying tickets to Music Midtown, Foo Fighters play on Friday and Pearl Jam plays on Saturday!! Hope this helps in your purchase options. Tickets go on sale at 10 am.
I just won tickets for Music Midtown in September off DaveFM. Pearl Jam, oh yeah!
OMG Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Florence, Avett Bros, Civil Twilight, Joan Jett, Ludacris and MORE??? I am SO going to Music Midtown this yr
ATLANTA — Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, T.I. and Ludacris will headline two days of concerts in September at Atlanta’s Music Midtown.
come to music midtown this year!! Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters will be there :)
leifwells Yo... have you seen the lineup for Music Midtown this year? Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters
Music Midtown festival in Atlanta be headlined by Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. The two-day concert will take place at Piedmont Park, Atlanta on Sept. ...
Totally stoked for Music Midtown this September with and DJ Nadz Woop! Pearl Jam and the Foos!
I want to share this nugget of wisdom, issued by my friend, Jake Pomeroy, in getting excited about Music Midtown. "We are, each one of us on this Earth, flawed people. Some of us are consumed by those flaws. Others find the good within, and are able to love one another AND themselves despite the knowledge that nothing will ever be perfect. In short, Nathan, we might find the beauty in the flaws we carry, the pain inflicted upon us and the pain we have inflicted on others, the constant uncertainty, chaos, struggle, and giddy, dizzy triumph that is Being Alive. And then, in the end, when our deaths loom nigh, when the long struggle is nearing its end, we must pass our final test: seeing the beauty, the utter NECESSITY, and inherent nobility that is dying, the end to everything. You see, without an end there is no appreciation for the opportunity, without the sour, the sweet would seem bland." Well said. See what the prospect of seeing Pearl Jam live does to people?
Music Midtown returns for two nights with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters ...
Um, Pearl Jam, Florence + the Machine, Foo Fighters and Ludacris @ Midtown Music Festival this yr?! I MUST GO!
Did tell you about Music Midtown ATL in September w/FooFighters, Pearl Jam, Florence & The Machine a festival
Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, TI to headline 2-day Music Midtown concert in ... - Washingto
Music Midtown returns with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters: What you need to know about Music MidtownWhen: 4 p.m. (gates...
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Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam have been named as headliners for this year's Music Midtown festival in Atlanta. The...
FINALLY... found the festival I'm going to. Of all places, it's Music Midtown. Pearl Jam, Florence and the Machine, Foo Fighters, TI, Girl Talk, Avett Brothers. AND Joan Jett AND THE BLACKHEARTS! Sick! Only 100 bucks for BOTH DAYS!
Pearl Jam headlining Music Midtown this year...pssh, I'm there
Rock heavyweights Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam have been tapped to co-headline Atlanta's Music Midtown festival in September. The news follows the
Holy Freakin Crap! Pearl Jam AND Foo Fighters are going to be at Music Midtown in September!
Music Midtown 2012 goes down the weekend of September 21-22
Music Midtown, Atlanta's Music Festival. September 24, 2011 the Meadow at Piedmont Park. Coldplay, The Black Keys and many more!
Woah Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam are playing Music Midtown this year, Ill be there.
WOW!! Music Midtown in September.Pearl Jam coming to town and Foo Fighters what else can u ask for!!
Foo Fighters, T.I. to Headline Atlanta's Music Midtown - Pearl Jam and Ludacris will also top the bill at the two-da...
Pearl Jam - my favorite band - headlining day 2 of Music Midtown. It's gonna be awesome!!!
Pearl Jam headlining Music Midtown this year.all of a sudden I'm feeling better.
Foo Fighters for Music Midtown this year? shweet
Wow! Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam for Music Midtown this September? Its like I'm 15 again! Awesome!
Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters are the head liners for music midtown this year. i will be going to it.
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Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters over 2 days for Music Midtown, oh yeah, I'm there!
Pearl Jam at Music Midtown this year! Are you serious!
Did i hear right. Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters at music midtown.
Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters headline Music Midtown 2012. T.I., Luda, Girl Talk, and Van Hunt on the bill too:
Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters will headline this year’s Music Midtown at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.
Pearl Jam at Music Midtown this year?! Might have to reserve my tickets now!
Music Midtown announces Pearl Jam as the headliner for the 2012 festival. WooHoo!!
Oh sweet, Pearl Jam is headlining music midtown this year!
Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam at music midtown!! Back to the 90's.
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