Pearl Jam & Last Kiss

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), and Mike McCready (guitar). Last Kiss is a song that was released by Wayne Cochran in 1961 on the Gala label. 5.0/5

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Pearl Jam performing "Last Kiss" in 1999 at the Bridge School Benefit for severely disabled children ❤ ❤
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam is such a badass song but it's also sad as heck 😪
Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" just came up on Pandora. Guess the right time to turn it off was 10 minutes ago.
I can't help but to cry every time I hear "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam because I just think of my dad losing my mom.
Sounds like an old Rock 'n' Roll song! ♫ Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
Meanwhile the only thing that could make this dreadful Yonge Street bar even worse is ... oh, wait, there it is: Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss."
I added a video to a playlist Last Kiss - Pearl Jam (cover) by Samuel L Smith
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam on Radio 92.9! Next up: Blind Melon. Buy it now:
7 things you may not know about me. 1. I love to cook. 2. I'd love to have my own business, either selling bait, restaurant, or deli. 3. Christmas is my favorite time of year, not for presents, but because it seems that people are more likely to get along. 4. Adam Sandler and Chris Farley are my favorite actors. 5. "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam is my favorite song. 6. I'm too scared to ask any female out on a date. 7. If I could change that I was in the wreck, I would not because it has change my life and helped so many others out.
I will never...NEVER.forgive Pearl Jam for Last Kiss
I'm listening to Last Kiss by Pearl Jam on Pandora
Seriously? Too many greats. Off the top of my head > Black Label Society w/ 'In this River' & Pearl Jam w/ 'Last Kiss'
I liked a video Last Kiss, by Pearl Jam Lyrics
Last Kiss by pearl jam, listen to it prayin for you still ❤🙏
Remember when Pearl Jam covered this and it was all the rage? J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss
Last Kiss by J Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers >>> Pearl Jam did an awesome job for their cover of this song too !
J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers - Last Kiss. via So it's not Pearl Jam originally?
Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss" by Wayne Cochran is one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. Well done, Eddie.
This video was actually done in the summer, Jorden's not in the band anymore, It's Pearl Jam's cover of Last Kiss, we covered THAT... Enjoy and checkout our ...
had an oldies day with my mom! :) listened to Last Kiss by Pearl Jam and Delta Dawn from Loretta Lynn. --oh the memories!
The only thing more depressing than Last Kiss from Pearl Jam is watching a puppy getting hit by a car.
"Last Kiss"-J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers was also covered by Pearl Jam
They were even playing the Pearl Jam cover of Buddy Holly's Last Kiss, and they had racks of shapeless clothing in the back.
Mmmhmm... Tonight's play list goes somethin like this: 1. Come away with me- Norah Jones 2. Drive-Incubus 3. Last Kiss- Pearl Jam 4. It will rain-Bruno Mars 5. One & only- Adele 6. This Love- Hed p.e. 7. Work out- J Cole 8. Not good enough for truth in cliche- Escspe the fate 9. A thousand years- Christina Perri 10. Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars... Yea... this is my night :T
I successfully learned how to play Last Kiss by Pearl Jam, and Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground today, had a blast jammin with
Tonight's Karaoke List: 1. Brand New Day from Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog 2. Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel, 3. I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic at the Disco 4. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam 5. It's Been a While by Staind 6. Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind Note, all were done in the original key and range, only number 6 had falsetto, lol
Website I like YouTube channel I like "Last Kiss" Oh where, oh where, can m...
It's so cute my niece Bela is singing the Last Kiss from Pearl Jam to me lol these are the days I love!!
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam gives me tears. Such a sad song
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss: via This is my go to cry song.
...and THEN I realized "last kiss" wasn't even written by Pearl Jam. Talk about a mind job...
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Can't believe I just heard a Spanish version of Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" on the radio. That just made my night!
Cover of Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. *I do not own any part of this song, this is Pearl Jam's song, it's simply a cover. No copyright infringement intended.*
I really want to make a music video for Pearl Jam - Last Kiss someday.
If you haven't heard Last Kiss by Pearl Jam, you ain't livin'
I've got Sherri on my mind this morning. Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" is playing in my car this morning -- I might make it to work without tearing up.
listen to Black and Last Kiss by Pearl Jam ;_;
In less than 10 minutes we kick off day 4 of the Radio 92.9 Summer Games. The first contest is "Cover Song Curling" (yes, we know Curling is a winter event...). Who will win the gold? Will it be Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss", Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" or Nirvana's "The Man Who Sold The World"?
Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Shape of my Heart, Drowning, The Call by BSB. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.
The radio station told me it is Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. IS THIS IT?
I remember Listening to "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam on Radio Disney as a Kid. lol I am a Loser. but I like the Song
I just used Shazam to discover Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. (Last Kiss - Pearl Jam)
Sang One Step Closer at karaoke. Still got to sing I Believe In A Thing Called Love with Tryfekta and Pearl Jam's Last Kiss.
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss, almost brings me to tears every time.
please sing 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam, it's the PERFECT song for you :) either on YouTube or on the Voice maybe? Xoxo
This is another amv I found online. Its for Pearl Jam's song Last Kiss (one of my personal favorites). Hope you enjoy it.
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I found the love that I knew I had missed.Kiss - Pearl Jam
David Cassidy returns with the song "Last Kiss" (not the song covered by Pearl Jam)
Oh were, oh were could my Baby be.. The Lord took her away from me, shes gone to Heaven so I got to be good, so I can see my Baby when I leave this world...! ---Last Kiss.! Pearl Jam!
"Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam is probably the saddest song i've ever heard.
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam gets me everytime...
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam Still makes me cry since from when I was a child, but it such a good song!
Paramore Fans? Wish she could cover Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.
"Last Kiss" is a song that was released by Wayne Cochran in 1961 on the Gala label. It was unsuccessful chartwise. Cochran subsequently re-recorded his song ...
Eating lunch and Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" is playing in background. I re-wrote the lyrics of that song to be about Cliff Lee in July 2010.
Dynamic lyrics of Last Kiss live at Pistoia-Italy '06 by Pearl Jam. Hope you enjoy ;D
This girl at Chelsea's family party is playing Pearl Jam's Last Kiss. Sounds pretty good.
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. Video of lyrics. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! Thanks! **Disclaimer** I do not own any of this. It is purely fan m...
The Wallflowers - One Headlight & Pearl Jam - Last Kiss reminds me of my Mom and Dad. Makes me sad yet happy at the same time.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song lyrics mesh perfectly with Pearl Jam's Last Kiss. Now you can sing along but louder!
My co-worker won't stop singing that Pearl Jam song Last Kiss and I'm this close to murdering him.
The first song lyrics that made me cry Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
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