Pearl Jam & Green Day

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), and Mike McCready (guitar). Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. 5.0/5

Pearl Jam Green Day Foo Fighters Counting Crows Beastie Boys Smashing Pumpkins Nine Inch Nails Rick Springfield Stevie Ray Vaughn Billy Idol Stone Temple Pilots Red Hot Chili Paul Mccartney Gin Blossoms Alternative Rock Johnny Cash Jimi Hendrix

Spare me your sob story, OK? You're talking to a guy who got tinnitus playing Pearl Jam and Green Day covers in college.
I'm also a New Englander, New Yorker, Lakers fan, obsessed with Tolkien, still partial to Pearl Jam and Green Day.
The band at has covered Green Day, Pearl Jam, Gin Blossoms and Peter Gabriel. Perfect night to hear some 90s tunes.
Anthony claims that dad rock is bands such as "Green Day, blur, Coldplay, Oasis, Lit, Local H, Alice In Chains, Good Charlotte, Pearl Jam.
Oh how I love mid 90s bands - Nirvana, Green Day, Weezer, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows. I'm all about 1…
Music education for kids in the car this AM: 90s rock. STP "Wicked Garden". Soundgarden, Green Day, RHCP, Pearl Jam.
Took a drive to the *** for Mary Anderson Camp's beautiful baby shower. On the way there, heard Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sublime, 311 and Soundgarden. It was as if I was with my partners in crime, Aaron Brickner, Amber Terrell and Kara Lorraine circa 1995 drivin on the strip of Va Beach!!!
20 years ago today, I experienced my first loss of a musical icon. I was 13 and had JUST started to get into rock n' roll. Being a pretty angsty kid, I had clung to Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. I remember hearing the news in Miss Stewart's home economics class. She allowed us to stop making eggs or whatever project we were doing and just watch MTV News as the information trickled in. Though I was too young to really understand it at the time, I remember realizing at that moment how big Nirvana must have been if they had the ability to stop school and to effect not only the kids my age and just beyond me, but also the teachers a full generation or two in front of us. That moment really shaped how I looked at music and the effect it can have on us. I believe it honestly influenced the manner in which I took it in and shaped where I am today. RIP Kurt.
The soundtrack playing in my head today so far: Green Day, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Lion King tunes, and a Harry Connick Jr. Christmas song.
Rules ; List 15 albums that have stayed with you through thick and thin and you turn to for fun, inspiration or to remember good times... Dont have to be "the classics" or the "right albums" and don't take too long to think. Here's mine... What are yours? 1. Monaco - Music for Pleasure 2. Nirvana - Insecticide 3. Pearl Jam - 10 4. Sublime - 40oz to freedom 5. Oasis - Definitely Maybe 6. You am I - Hourly Daily 7. Ben Folds Five - Self Titled 8. Third Eye Blind - Blue 9. Powderfinger - Internationalist 10. Radiohead - The bends 11. Green Day - Kerplunk 12. Blink 182 - Enema of the State 13. Pearl Jam - Vs 14. Jebediah - Slightly Odway 15. Rod Stewart - if we fall on love tonight.
I wanna see Dave again, OF again, Ye again, Pearl Jam again, Blink again, Green Day again, Third Eye Blind again, Matchbox 20 again
So Blur have pulled out of Big Day Out? The rumours are saying Foo Fighters or Wolfmother will replace. Either of those bands and I'll pay the money and watch Pearl Jam headline as well. Such a great year for music 2014 is gonna be. I'm seeing the Rolling Stones, Pearl jam, Green Day, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, Mastodon, Tame Impala to name but a few. God bless music and the artists who make it!!
Who released the NEWEST song in your PLAYLIST? Coldplay - Imagine Dragons - Mumford and Sons - The Avett Brothers - John Mayer - Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Lumineers - Bob Dylan - Death Cab for Cutie - Robin Thicke - Green Day - The Offpring - Bon Iver - Maroon 5 - Pearl Jam - Nirvana - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - The Shins - The Black Keys - Calvin Harris. Eventually my FB has The Rolling Stones in the list. Do all of these artists have NEW releases or promoted pages? Still learning FB. Kind of missing TPSradio and ORDER these artists CD's and more at and request Sunday or Holiday delivery via the . HAND DELIVERED!
I need energy from a little bit of inspiration from somewhere or a legit *** kicking to get things in gear musically again. I also need the barometric pressure to stop smashing my skull bike injuries also. I need to have a relaxing productive good day with some beer and some decent muscians. I think I'm sub consciously writing on my status for Jebus to help me. P.S. No Muscians that want to play Journey, Kid Rock, Metallica, Led Zepplin, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc etc.
ponders the following: with Paul Mccartney playing Bonneroo, Waters and Gilmour are still out there and at it, and The Rolling Stones have just played their anniversary concert...U2 has a new album coming out this year and continues to tour, and is in pretty good shape to be the "new Stones" or "McCartney/Beatles" or "Waters/Gilmour/Floyd". However - Green Day just released 3 new albums in as many months, Dave Ghrol and the Foo Fighters are only on a break with no signs of stopping, and Pearl Jam is projecting a release in 2013...SO...who's the new U2 gonna be? Maybe even The Killers have a shot at it!?!
What's some other bands besides Green Day that you like? Some of mine are Rise Against, Queen, Weezer, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Led Zep, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, Sum 41, Switchfoot, and a million more. What about you Nimnuts? ~Scattered
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Would you rather die by Iron Maiden, choke on Pearl Jam, a Bullet from your Valentine, or hang yourself in a Slipknot? Do you feel you will be Avenged Sevenfold on a Green Day you Disturbed Cradle of Filth?!! xD
OK, now I will sound like a sexist but honestly, I am right. The NFL should have learned their lesson last year with Madonna. At this stage in the game (literally and figuratively), a bunch of (mostly) MEN are half- drunk or completely drunk and eating awesome food. They (and I) don't want to hear music meant for WOMEN. We want to hear rock and we want to SEE rock. Yes, Beyonce is eye candy but why aren't bands like Pearl Jam, Green Day, Soundgarden, etc. I'd even settle for Maroon5 or a more modern rock band (except Nickleback). It's more appropriate and will have the audience paying attention, yielding ample time and key advertising times to flip the bills. It's ridiculous. Who is on for next year? Taylor Swift? Maybe Nicki Minaj? How about we just go with Bjork?
Join us tonight for Ollie Take Cover! OTC has a great mix of 80's and 90's rock to present. Everything from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, Weezer, and Stone Temple Pilots to LIT, Poison, Rick Springfield, Jet and Blink 182. We also mix in our take on some classics from Johnny Cash, Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Idol and more. We get the crowd dancing and rocking all night long. 21 and up after 9:30. NO COVER!
It's that time a gain peeps... Nov. 15th... AKA... Day 15 of 30 days of Thanksgiving... Today I am thankful for... PUNK ROCK!!! A musical form that speaks to my soul... Disinfranchised, discontent, and dripping with anarchy... It don't matter if all you know is 3 chords and and can barely sing if you do it loud enough and earnestly enough it can change the world!!! So today I salute and give thanks to The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Patti Smith, Wendy O. Williams, Iggy and the Stooges, Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, The Clash, The Germs, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Adam Ant, The Offspring, Green Day, an all the bands they inspired... be they straight forward punk bands themselves or bands that borrow heavily from the genre (My Chemical Romance, AFI, Blink 182, even my beloved Pearl Jam)... Big thanks from one of the unwashed masses. ;-)
Br. Wind chill is down about 20, so get those mukluks out of the cornstarch and bundle up. (you pretty much have to be an old hippie to get that one) We'll have you covered musically this morning with everyone from Adele to Zach and everything in between. We'll hear new tracks from Bat for Lashes, Aimee Mann, John Hiatt, The Strange Familiar, Van Morrison, The Stones, Red Wanting Blue, Matchbox 20, Green Day and Phillip Phillips among others. We'll play Stephen Stills' 70's anthem "Love the One You're With", some solo Pete Townshend, XTC, Radiohead, Train, some live Lou Reed, Yes, Pearl Jam and The Allman Brothers classic "Melissa". Did I mention that we can do it commercial-free, 24/7, thanks to generous listeners who become members, some of whom will be experiencing a live set from Jukebox the Ghost this afternoon in our new AudioTechnica Studio C?
Don't you wish musicians and actors (being Politically Incorrect in not addressing gender) would just shut their yappers when it comes to .ANYTHING?? Seriously, it's tough for me to support or like music (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi especially, etc), movies, or TV (S Johanssen, E Longoria, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, etc) when these out of touch knuckleheads, boldy expose their deficiency with reality and life in the real world, as they support those that are destroying our nation. I mean, why can't they do a little homework themselves like we do? They're too busy living the life doing posh parties and fundraisers! I will be posting a new series called "It's Hard To Do The Right Thing", in which "It's hard to do the right thing", by doing research on issues, taking a stand for what's right, and therefore knowingly alienating you from the "jet-setter" lifestyle, killing your chances for invites to those posh parties and fundraisers.
We were getting bored with the iPod, so we decided to go old school and listen to the radio. Stumbled on a 90's pop station playing Sister Hazel, Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Dave Mathews, Aerosmith, Green Day. It made me nostalgic for high school, both because of the artists being played, and because I was listening to the radio. Uh oh- Lenny Kravitz... Might have to switch the dial.
On air ten minutes from posting, the Church of Noise, with Green Day, Queen, The Killers, Hellyeah, Guns N' Roses, Uriah Heep and Pearl Jam
so... tonights MANDATORY GREEN DAY on 94.5 the buzz. why??. I liked it better when you played 9 minutes of metallica or even Alice In Chains pearl jam or nirvana. but Green Day?? thats terrible...
Does anyone remember long ago, when BRU used to be a good radio station... No, im not refering to Blink 182 and Fall out Boy every 5 mins. Im talking 15yrs ago when good bands were played all day long..u know, stuff like: Offspring, Alice In Chains, Beastie Boys, Beck, Blind Melon, Bush, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, OLD Green Day, Incubus, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Radiohead, Sublime, 311, Rage Against the Machine, Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Soundgarden, STP, Toadies, Weezer, Blur, Foo Fighters, Presidents of the United States, Everclear...what has happened to radio?
“I kind of feel like we’re in the late ’80s, early ’90s, where it was the same thing… And all of a sudden, you have bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine and Tool and Offspring and Green Day and the Beastie Boys, all this stuff, and it was this tidal wave that...
sketch idea: buncha dudes in '94 praise nirvana, pearl jam, one sez "only Green Day's gonna still be relevant 20 yrs from now"
this is MY TOP 10, not yours, so keep your opinions to yourself 10.Evanescence 9.Korn 8.SOAD 7.Green Day 6.Smashing Pumpkins 5. Alice In Chains 4.Pearl Jam 3...
Semisonic, Oasis, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Incubus, Eraserheads, Rivermaya & more. So many bands to love the 9o's.
Out of all the post-Nirvana alternative bands to break into the pop mainstream, Green Day were second only to Pearl Jam in terms of influence. At thei
Green Day, Pearl Jam, & The Foo Fighters turned up nice n' loud. Air guitar & air drums, plenty o' head banging with your 10-year old. Best way to get the pre-bed time clean up done!
On the way to work this morning, some guys on the radio were reflecting on MCA's death and one of them argued the point that the Beastie Boys are the only group/artist of the Modern Era (which he defined as post-1985) to have 5 "relevant" albums - Licensed to Ill, Paul's Boutique, Check Your Head, Ill Communications and Hello Nasty. He defined "relevant" as an album that must have 3 of these 4 qualities... Album Sales, Critical Acclaim, Radio Hits and Musical Influence. He said all other artists that came close only had 4... he mentioned Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pearl Jam, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers as having 4... I guess U2 doesn't count because they started in 1980. Only others I can think of are White Stripes, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and maybe Enimem? Anyone want to offer up one that has at least 5?
Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Paul Mccartney all play one show in Baltimore!!
Surely you meant to say Bruce & Green Day & Pearl Jam tied for first place right?!! xoxo
90s music ;) Pearl Jam, Green Day, En Vogue, Black Crowes, & breaking it off w/Dre. Classics for a classic Cali day! G
Launching January 1st, 2007, Calgary's New Rock Alternative X92.9 has been bringing Calgary the best from Alt. Rock legends such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, and Green Day; alongside the latest and newest stable of artists to hit the scene, including M...
It really saddens me every time I hear Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, & STP on classic rock stations.just sayin :-(
Listened to husband's iPod at the gym. Pearl Jam, Green Day, Nirvana, PM DAWN. Suddenly the lights dimmed and there were candles.
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