Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), and Mike McCready (guitar). Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964) is an American rock musician best known as the lead vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist for Soundgarden and as the former lead vocalist for Audioslave. 5.0/5

Pearl Jam Chris Cornell Avett Brothers Eddie Vedder Jimmy Fallon Hunger Strike Layne Staley Matt Cameron Kurt Cobain Scott Avett Avett Bros Jerry Cantrell Alice In Chains Screaming Trees Stone Gossard Jill Scott Freddie Mercury Seth Avett John Lennon

I added a video to a playlist Alice In Chains, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Heart and Screaming Trees
Pearl Jam's bassist says Chris Cornell was the "greatest songwriter" to come out of Seattle
I will never forget driving out to Santa Barbara in 2003 to see Pearl Jam, & being totally floored to also get special guest, Chris Cornell.
better band Pearl Jam, better vocalist, Chris Cornell
Temple of the Dog? i.e. Pearl Jam w/ Chris Cornell singing? great, bc the band + Chris Cornell equation worked really well last time around
nice choices, Chris Cornell has a great voice and Pearl Jam are high up there.
O: What would Pearl Jam sound like if Chris Cornell was their singer instead of Eddie?. Me: Soundgarden . O: Ha nice!
3eb, Weezer, Coldplay, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, sprinkle in at least a handful of Yankee games and I have a good spring/summer ahead of me
Alice In Chains. Pearl Jam. Chris Cornell. It's a good day.
A lot like always but also many of my "old heroes" like Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith
- Thank you , Chris Cornell . I hope you got all those Men With Long hair from Pearl Jam , lol ! It was a secret :)
Enjoying a nite with my friends Nora Jones, SoundGarden, Tom Jones, Florence & the Machine, Brian Wilson, Pearl Jam, & Neil Young.. Oh, and Jenni at the Shoreline Amphitheater supporting the Bridge School. Here is the Ultra Rare and pinnacle moment of the nite; Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell jamming Hunger Strike together.
I added a video to a playlist Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike
Happy Birthday to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden (50) and Stone Gossard, (48) of Pearl Jam.
Well. Yesterday was a day to remember. Thanks to everyone who came to watch us and helped fill the stage we were on. A dream come true to open for Black Sabbath and Soundgarden. Got to meet quite a few of my musical heroes too. Luckily Pearl Jam had a day off from their tour so Matt Cameron was available. To my surprise in walks Mike Mcready from Pearl Jam. Ended up chatting for ten minutes and bizarrely about the new Buffalo Summer album which we start making today. All these Seattle grungers are good friends with Barrett Martin who is producing the new record. Meeting Ben Shepherd and Chris Cornell just topped the day off. All of them were really nice guys. Soundgarden played "Superunknown" in it's entirety. Thank you Gods of Grunge. Ohh yeah Jimmy Page was there too. But that's another story ;)
Going to see Nick Cave, Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell this summer. I envy no man...apart from Nick Cave, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder
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Me gustó un video de de Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike
Gig this coming Friday with the excellent TEEN SPIRIT from up the coast. I'll be doing a Seattle tribute set inc songs by AiC, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam and more! If there's one you want and you're going to be there, let me know ASAP.
If I were to make a band out of my favorite grunge/punk musicians, it would definitely be: Chris Cornell - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar (Soundgarden) Tom Morello - Lead Guitar (Rage Against the Machine) Wes Borland - Lead Guitar 2 (Limp Bizkit) Krist Novoselic - Bass (Nirvana) Matt Cameron - Drums (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam)
Chris Cornell covering Pearl Jam with Seth & Scott Avett on Jimmy Fallon - that's like discovering single malt bacon.
Listening to this live Pearl Jam version of Hunger Strike with Chris Cornell has me feelin some type of wayyy.
Listening to Chris Cornell and The Avett Brothers cover Pearl Jam is just about as magical as it gets.
Chris Cornell with Seth and Scott Avett covering Pearl Jam. Glad I stayed up.
Trying to put together a new playlist. In high school, I used to name mixes like this the "Chill Mixes." I filled about 10-90 minute cassette tapes of the chill variety. I'm making my first "chill mix" in about 12 years. Thus far, I have come up with the following: "Sky High" Ben Folds Five "Shame in You" Alice In Chains "Sunshower" & "Preaching the End of the World" Chris Cornell "Sirens" Pearl Jam "Michelangelo's Blue Period" & "Let's make Dinosaurs Extinct" Cameron McGill & What Army "Orange Sky" Alexi Murdoch "The Grand Tour" George Jones - The Possum What would you add to my super hip modern day chill mix?
upcoming events in Calgary Id love to see: PEARL JAM, Matt Good, Chris Cornell. best part of the city.
Great Cover of Pearl Jam - Footsteps by Chris Cornell on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon:
Chris Cornell covering Pearl Jam on Jimmy Fallon. 49 and still has the pipes to do good work. And all that hair!
Chris Cornell from Soundgarden with the Avett Brothers playing Footsteps by Pearl Jam live.
Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers doing Footsteps by Pearl Jam at the 38 min.
One night after Chris Cornell and two Avett Brothers covered Pearl Jam's Footsteps on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the show's Pearl Jam week continued with
Ant: Watch video of Pearl Jam week so far on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with performances from Chris Cornell...
Video: Chris Cornell pays live tribute to Pearl Jam: Watch Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers cover obscure ...
Chris Cornell covered a rare Pearl Jam song for Jimmy Fallon last night
Pearl Jam week on Fallon. Chris Cornell and the Avett Bros cover Foot Steps. Awesome. His voice is nostalgic.
Scott and Seth Avett and Chris Cornell covered a Pearl Jam song on Jimmy Fallon? I can dig it!
Chris Cornell and the Avett Bros covering Pearl Jam last night on Jimmy Fallon. Must see.
I fell asleep with the t.v. on last night and woke up to Chris Cornell singing "Footsteps" by Pearl Jam with Seth and Scott Avett. I thought it was a dream so I DVR'd it. Turns out it was real and i've watched it three times already this evening. It is THAT good.
So, The Avett Brothers and Chris Cornell sang a Pearl Jam song on Jimmy Fallon last night... pretty incredible.
"Chris Cornell paid tribute to his grunge brothers-in-flannel Pearl Jam on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday..".
It's Pearl Jam week on Jimmy Fallon! Check out Chris Cornell & The Avett Brothers from last night
And it's Pearl Jam week. Did you catch Footsteps by Avett Bros & Chris Cornell?
Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers KILLING on a tribute to Pearl Jam.
Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers covering Pearl Jam? I can dig that.
Chris Cornell lashes out a version of Pearl Jam's Footsteps (which began as Temple of the Dog's Times of Trouble).
Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers cover Pearl Jam's Footsteps: Another gift from the cover gods.
Chris Cornell covering early Pearl Jam is ridiculous.
In honor of Pearl Jam Week, music guest The Avett Brothers, with Chris Cornell, performs the Pearl Jam song "Footsteps" for the Late Night audience.
I dont know if yall got to see Chris Cornell and the Avett Bros. on Jimmy Fallon just now do "Footsteps" by Pearl Jam. But it was flippin sick to death dude! WOW! Its Pearl Jam week all week on Jimmy Fallon, so there will be a different song perfomed by different people every nite. check it out.
So excited for Pearl Jam week! Bonus: Chris Cornell and Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers and Chris Cornell singing a Pearl Jam song on Fallon tonight. Is this real life?
Homework? Psht! More like looking up pictures of Scott Avett on Pinterest and listening to Pearl Jam while we wait for Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers to sing Footsteps on Jimmy Fallon. :)
Tonight is the first night of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's Pearl Jam tribute week. They kick things off with Chris Cornell and The Avett Brothers tonight. Pearl Jam will be on Thursday and Friday night. While searching through the channel guide this morning, I noticed the the Esquire channel replays the previous nights episodes at 6 pm central, Mon - Fri. So if you happen to miss one, you have a second chance.
So on my way to work this morning there was a lame song playing on the radio so I pushed the CD button and was rewarded with the sound track to the early 90's movie Singles. Does anyone remember that movie? Anyway, it made me smile because this is a CD we break out every Fall because the grunge era music on it just seems to go with Fall. I'm thinking the movie must have been set in the fall or something. So I crank the volume all the way up and let Breath by Pearl Jam wash over me. Some really great music on this soundtrack - Alice In Chains, Chris Cornell ,Paul Westerberg, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins. Awesome music and the perfect soundtrack for a rainy fall drive to work. I just wish it was on my iPod so I could take it in with me!!
The Jimmy Fallon show with Chris Cornell performing Pearl Jam's "Footsteps" with members of the Avett Brothers will air on Oct 21st.
Dad's in my room again listening to Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam will play on soon - & will be paid tribute by Chris Cornell, among others. Details:
Chris Cornell,Avett Brothers, & Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold to cover Pearl Jam for
August 3, 1991 – Chris Cornell jumps onstage at Pearl Jam's 'Alive' video shoot, for a mini-Temple of the Dog reunion h…
Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell Hungerstrike - with intro from Ed - LA3 - Temple of the dog reunion . via iMusic for YouTube.
I like Pearl Jam. For a time I struggled with whether to run away with Eddie Vedder or Chris Cornell.
The song on Man of Steel wasn't Pearl Jam, it was a solo Chris Cornell song! It's called Seasons.
Listening to new Fatman - it's not Pearl Jam. It's a Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) solo song from the Singles soundtrack.
Chris Cornell recorded an album to him, Alice In Chains wrote "would?" about him, and Pearl Jam has a hidden track about him.
Apparently a band existed that was Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell singing instead of Eddie Vedder, probably was sick
Know your Band: Sound Garden: Soundgarden is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1984 by singer and Rhythm Guitarist Chris Cornell, Lead Guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto. Matt Cameron became the band's full-time drummer in 1986, while bassist Ben Shepherd became a permanent replacement for Yamamoto in 1990. Soundgarden was one of the seminal bands in the creation of grunge, a style of alternative rock that developed in Seattle, and was one of a number of grunge bands signed to the record label Sub Pop. Soundgarden was the first grunge band to sign to a major label (A&M Records, in 1988), though the band did not achieve commercial success until they popularized the genre in the early 1990s with Seattle contemporaries Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam. Soundgarden achieved its biggest success with the 1994 album Superunknown, which debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and yielded the Grammy Award-winning singles "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman". In 1997, the b ...
PEARL JAM play Hunger Strike as Chris Cornell joins them onstage at the 2nd night of the PJ20 Festival at Alpine Valley on 9/4/2011 for a Temple of the Dog r...
Having a Chris Cornell kind of day :D Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell - Call Me a dog live PJ20: via
Love the Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell cameos in
who is your favorite rock singer of the 90's? I'm going with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden but it's a close second for Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. -TS
Jack White, Chris Cornell, Florence and the Machine, Fiona Apple, Pearl Jam x 2, Eddie Vedder, and The Who.
The Seattle grunge scene that transformed rock in the '90s produced four great voices, but the most distinct among them belonged to Alice In Chains' Layne Staley. Nirvana's Kurt Cobain deeply understood musical dynamics and could simultaneously scream and sing a melody in a way that few others could—think of John Lennon's searing lead vocal performance on "Twist and Shout." Soundgarden's Chris Cornell wailed and hit high notes, putting him at times in Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury territory. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder combined a Jim Morrison-style natural baritone range with other punk and rock influences. But Staley sounded like no one else. His ability to project power and vulnerability in his vocals, as well as the unique and complementary harmonies he created when singing with Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, made for a style that would get copied for years after Alice In Chains became a household name.
Soundgarden discuss sharing resources (and a drummer) with Pearl Jam and fight "the nostalgia machine" and riverboat casinos.
After ruling the grunge era as part of an alt-rock triumvirate that included Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Soundgarden returns with a tour and the widely praised 'King Animal,' the band's first Studio Album in 16 years.
The new soundgarden song sounds like Pearl Jam w/Chris Cornell singing
Just listened to some of the new Soundgarden album coming out. Impressed.. *** ive missed these guys. Ive got an idea.i know we've had THE BIG FOUR TOUR(Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) how bout the THE GRUNGE FOUR TOUR(Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Nirvana)..before you say NO me out...I know Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley have left us..but could you imagine Eddie Vedder singin Heart Shaped Box or Lithium...How about Chris Cornell singin Man in the Box or Rooster..Im gettin chills just thinkin about it..Plus we would have a reunion of Temple of the Dog.Please will the Gods of Rock here my plea...GET THIS DONE.
This day last year I was in the same movie theater as Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Cameron Crowe (and best till...
Dear Netflix, thank you for never failing me. This documentary bio celebrating Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Temple of the awesome! And thank you for only charging my bank account $8 a month. Love, trisha
I just added Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell to my wish list. Make yours now! via
Chris Cornell is a powerhouse, man. Apart of Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, & Audioslave, plus a successful solo career?
Drake, Rita Ora, Chris Cornell, and Pearl Jam all in one concert. Next Sunday. New Jersey. Can't wait.
I hear that both Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell are playing the concert on the BF Parkway in Philly. How awesome would it be to hear "Hunger Strike?"
Chris Cornell, and Pearl Jam Next Sunday legit can't wait!
seeing Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, and some other musicians/bands that aren't as good on September 2nd!
Last few days of my wonderful staycation. Really enjoyed just staying home and floating the in pool. Weather was spectacular for the pool, I was worried. Then next weekend it's on to Philly to see Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell. Looking for other things to see on Saturday. Thinking of checking out Penn's Landing. At least all the Bud we can drink is FREE!!!
Jay-Z is 'music's king' 11:00 (GMT+2), Wed 15 August 2012 Jay-ZJay-Z is “a musical Michael Jordan”, claims movie producer Brian Grazer. Brian Grazer is making a movie about Jay-Z because he is “the king”. Producer Brian is teaming up with director Ron Howard to film Jay-Z’s Made in America musical festival in Philadelphia next month. The Oscar-winning pair decided to work on the project because they are fascinated by Jay-Z’s influence over the music industry. “Jay stayed the king for a very long time… I can’t even begin to explain how he is capable of remaining relevant. He is a phenom, like a musical Michael Jordan,” Brian told New York Post’s Page Six. The festival will take place on September 1 and 2. A number of top artists are scheduled to perform, including Jay-Z, Drake, Run DMC, D’Angelo, Chris Cornell, Skrillex, Janelle Monáe, Pearl Jam, Rita Ora and Jill Scott. The movie will go behind the scenes, following Jay-Z and his involvement with the festival. “The festival show ...
Pearl Jam, Miike Snow, Chris Cornell, and Gary Clark Jr.? I need to go.
I have two tickets to see Pearl Jam on Sept 2 in Philadelphia, PA at the Ben Franklin Parkway 12pm for sale. General Admission $91.85 each. It is the Budweiser Made in America Festival and there are a ton of other bands playing too. Other bands are Drake, Chris Cornell, Run-DMC, Afrojack, Alesso, Odd Future, Jill Scott, Santigold, The Hives, Rita Ora, Burns, The Knocks. Inbox me if you are interested. Thanks!
3 weeks from tonight...Pearl Jam on the Art Museum steps...with Chris Cornell..may see some Temple of the dog stuff for my first time!
The guy gave Jerry Cantrell a cameo in Jerry Maguire, and put Chris Cornell and most of Pearl Jam in Singles.. Legend.
Someone buy this Made In America Festival ticket off me. Single day tickets are $95 after taxes, I'm charging $150 for 2-day ticket. Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Odd Future, drake, Chris Cornell , Jill Scott, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Passion Pit, Run DMC, plus lots more. I heard the roots might hop on too.
I just had to post this, I know it's Philly, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Miike Snow, Passion Pit, Afrojack and JUST ADDED Drake, Chris Cornell, Run DMC, Jill Scott, Alesso, Gary Clark Jr, The Hives, Nicky Romero, DJ Shadow (DJ set), Otto Knows, Michael Woods, Calvin Harris, Maybach Music (feat. Rick Ross, Wale & Meek Mill) and many more on three stages on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park on Saturday, Sept. 1, and Sunday, Sept. 2. This is a freakin' amazing event Tix only $75 per day
July 20th birthdays include Diana Rigg, Carlos Santana, Chris Cornell, Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Omar Epps, Judy Greer, and last but certainly not least, Hope Estey, and Julia Anastasia Bradstreet.
Listening to Chris Cornell in Downtown Seattle showing off my Pearl Jam tattoo and waiting to get my Nirvana tattoo tomorrow. Seems like I'm meant to be here
This song is a collaboration between Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam...
Singles Movie Soundtrack 1992 The Cameron Crowe film Singles includes cameos from key bands from the Seattle music scene of the time, such as Pearl Jam, Alic...
Is off to Birmingham tomorrow to see Chris Cornell at Symphony Hall then to Manchester on Wed to see Pearl Jam.a week that dreams are made of :-)
Part 2 of my grunge boys video. I chose these four guys because they are part of "the big 4": Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Song: Hung...
Hoy día anduve a puro Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam y Chris Cornell, back to the 90's
Just realised that it's next month I get to see Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell in the space of about a week. :)
Chris Cornell live at the Red Robinson Show Theatre April 30/11. Taken from the very front of the stage.
People who like Chris Cornell , Pearl Jam and The Cure are automatically bangable .
Grunge boys: Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). RIP Staley and Cobain. Keep it up ...
omg what if a temple of the dog reunion. Not just Chris Cornell playing a few of the songs w/ Pearl Jam but a full set...omg
One song to the end of the 2nd encore, Pearl Jam shocked the fans and brought on stage Chris Cornell for a Temple of the Dog reunion. *** More reflections on...
I'm blaming Chris Cornell & Soundgarden for no new Pearl Jam in 2012, I'll calm down & forgive him in a year or two ;)
Info: Pearl Jam with new vocalist Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden in collaboration as Temple of the Dog. The 1992 video was filmed at Discovery...
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Chris Cornell singing "Call Me a Dog" at Pearl Jam Twenty. This is the first time he has played the song live with that many Temple of the Dog & Mother Love ...
My listening for the past few days has been nothing but Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell and the like. Clearly I am from the 90s.
This mornings play list on way to work is Black Stone Cherry, Chris Cornell,Pantera and Pearl Jam.
Pearl Jam team-up with Chris Cornell and Alice In Chains! Go look:
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