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Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, known to Hawaiians as Puuloa, is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.

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Paul Ryan meets the last survivor of Pearl Harbor...
crew hosted Rear Adm. Sawyer, deputy commander, today in Pearl Harbor.
"Trump is the greatest President since Benjamin Franklin signed the Gettysburg address at Pearl Harbor". Lmao
Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? *** NO
The people at Pearl Harbor taking selfies and group photos baffle me. It's a memorial, folks 😡🇺🇸
Much like what Pearl Harbor did...we were completely unprepared but got ourselves up to speed right quick
How nice. Named for one of the carriers whose aircraft bombed Pearl Harbor and Darwin. Banzai !
The inevitability of digital chaos explained in a non fatal sense.
Admiral Yamamoto lived to regret the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
"But then I was like tricky tricky tricky pearl harbor no more friends"-
Pearl Harbor, The Troubles and uhh.Falklands War? Yea let's go with those 3.
If were after pearl Harbor, people would say, get out of here. Same 4 9/11. What happened?
"If you’re looking for a real cyber Pearl Harbor, the OPM breach that was it" via
hey I was born on Pearl Harbor Day and my gf is part Japanese I have the right to say it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Today marks the 75 anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. A day that will live in infamy.
Kirsten Ward of has a special connection with Pearl Harbor. She describes tennis' third day in Hawaii.
Video of FDR declaring war against Japan the day after the Pearl Harbor attack.
Had a great time at Pearl Harbor the other day.
Uh, Day of Infamy refers to President Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech. So, no. it isn't Canadian at all.
Tony, calling upon his inner Bluto on this one! "Was It over, when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor,…
Pirates are on TV at 1pm and USA seeks retribution for Pearl Harbor at 9pm. Great day of
Three tragic days in history: Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the day Trump learned the word "Tremendous."
Question of the day. Was Evelyn right or wrong for what she did in the movie Pearl Harbor?
As FDR said of the billionaire "Dollar A Day Men" who volunteered to help him after Pearl Harbor, "They are worth e…
USS Ward DD 139 fired the first shot of WWII on 7 Dec 1941 at 0645 hours, Pearl Harbor. Day On The Hill 2…
Today will be a day that lives in infamy, much more than the attack on Pearl Harbor, for today we witnessed betray the US
.uses "philosopher kings" as pejorative but began citing the day a racist homophobe died like it was Pearl Harbor.
...I go back to the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. I am firmly convinced in my heart of hearts that only two things...
Available to watch Pearl Harbor & cuddle all day till we fall asleep. Snacks included. Dm me for details
Motivation of the day .. The best part of the movie "Pearl Harbor"
Recognizing two soldiers in their late 90's that were on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Attack on Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen
Jefferson is Already a State FDR wouldn't convene Congress to Ratify CUZ Pearl Harbor was Day after vote
WATCH: 3-day celebration held as oldest living Pearl Harbor vet Ray Chavez turns 105 years old.
Today, was honored to recognize the 105th birthday of the oldest Pearl Harbor survivor Ray Chavez for his service to o…
Pearl Harbor... ever heard of it? And Hawaii's 442nd Regimental Combat Team is the most decorated unit for its size in US Army
a One World Order Agenda leads to wars. Look at the Gulf of Tonkin, 1993 World Trade Tower atracks, 1991 WTC, Pearl Harbor
Normandy, Pearl Harbor, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq and Christopher Stevens murder in libya. We can't ask others to do what we won't
When Grandpa successfully bombs the anime convention down the street as payback for Pearl Harbor
10. Throughout history our gov has lied to us - 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, Pearl Harbor, etc
Some kids in my Computer Class said that Woodstock happened in 1907 and Pearl Harbor happened in 1921.
Titanic has it's inaccuracies, but it's still a good movie. Pearl Harbor was like "Oh are these historical facts (1/2)
Tonight we have: Pearl Harbor, drinking Kamikazes, Dr Oppenheimer drinking Manhahttans...
Japan's Abe to pay historic visit to Pearl Harbor . Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Barack Obam
Did you know, that in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. rounded up native Aleuts in Alaska, and packed them...
The best part of "Pearl Harbor" is Doolittle's Raid. Should've just stuck to that.
soldiers bury the body of a lieutenant shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor with full military hon…
Library waives $554 late fee on book checked out just days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Newsreel Footage &The Famous Doolittle Raid over Tokyo &Revenge for Pearl Harbor
Don't forget Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, or Prisoner Camps in Japan either, please.
Will it discuss the Bataan Death March and Pearl Harbor?
Three Weeks in, the Trump Presidency Has Been Compared to Watergate, 9/11, and Pearl Harbor - Washington Free Beacon
Trump just launched a war on whistleblowers via Question 4 Intel why wait…
how about pearl Harbor, we love the Japanese now. That's proof ain,t it, another southern word.
please , worst crime of the century ? Grozny , Nanjing , WW1 , WW11 , Hiroshima , 9/11 ,Pearl Harbor hard to quantify worst
Geez and I thought this was bigger than Pearl Harbor & 9-11! How dumb do these liberal lunatics think the publ…
On what planet is the Trump WH "normal"? Haven't seen this much CHAOS since "Get Smart" or maybe Pearl Harbor!
Pearl Harbor was an inside job done by the American government to start a war just like 9/11.
Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor: "What's it feel like to have someone shooting back?"
Watches Pearl Harbor, knowing *** WELL i'll bawl my eyes out at the end 🤗
Me and Sarina: *looking at pics she took in dc*. Sarina: next time we should go to pearl harbor and take cute pics. Me:…
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Sean Hannity: Comparing Flynn affair to 9/11, Pearl Harbor shows media in meltdown |
And a guy on CNN comparing Flynn's phone calls with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor type events is a problem!!
Pearl Harbor and 9/11 united our country. Someone really has to hurt us to remind us that we should be one Unit…
*** s keep it up, it will b like what the Japanese said after Pearl Harbor "We have woken a sleeping giant"💪
Highlight of my day was when Hank looked at Xian in class & said "You know you guys really surprised us at Pearl Harbor" in…
Reince's purge of Flynn a "Pearl Harbor" for Trump loyalists. Hope the midget is ready to rumble
If you think conduct during our election was comparable to Pearl Harbor & 9-11 you must think we should declare war.
We pay in blood when we are not prepared: Pearl Harbor and 9/11
"I was holding a door for an Asian guy & he was like “sank you”. I punched him dead in the jaw. Smh bringin up Pearl H…
FBI has found NO, NONE, ZILCH, NADA evidence that Russia hacked our election, yet NYT putting it on par with 9/11 & Pearl H…
R u as stupid as u append on tv when u compared Russian hacking to Pearl Harbor and 911? Ur about as crazy as they come.
Put that next to the Unprovoked Bombing of Pearl Harbor and Bataan Death March exhibits.
“I think this is Pearl Harbor for the true Trump supporters." -Roger Stone on the ouster of Mike Flynn:
HOW THEY SEE IT: Thomas Friedman says America was attacked at Pearl Harbor, on 9/11 & again on Nov. 8, 2016
New York Post sports reporter fired for comparing Trump’s inauguration to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. https:…
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Frank Burns: "When are you two going to learn about Chinese treachery? Didn't Pearl Harbor teach you anything?"
when the United States was trying to stay out of World War II but Japan went ahead and bombed Pearl Harbor
This is why they will never show him where they keep the aliens and won't let him in on the Pearl Harbor-9/11 false flags.
Few know the real story of this hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more at…
Ever heard what Admiral Yamamoto said after his fleet attacked Pearl Harbor. I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant. America!
In the words of Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor ' I think we have awoken a sleeping giant'.
The love triangle that goes on in Pearl Harbor really pisses me off
Doris Miller, a Navy man who shot down Japanese planes that attacked Pearl Harbor. CubaGoodingjr played him in the expensive bomb film.
This we honor Doris Miller/commemorate the 75th anniv. of the attack on Pearl Harbor:
Die John J Pershing know, that the Pearl Harbor attack was fake, it never existed? I bet he didn't? War is a game with lifes
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto with his subordinates discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor over lunch. Colourized 1941
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.". - Admiral Yamamoto, after Pearl Harbor. That's right, Trump. Wait and see.
'All we've done by bombing Pearl Harbor is awaken a sleeping giant.'. Admiral Yamamoto.
Asians drive so bad, I'm starting to believe Pearl Harbor was an accident
There are evenings when I buy myself a cup of coffee out to Pearl Harbor and look at…
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a National Treasure. Any chatter to the contrary = Japanese to Pearl Harbor.
Many Americans love y'all. Y'all declared war on Japan before we did after Pearl Harbor bc u guys love…
USS Essex steaming from Norfolk, Virginia, United States, to Pearl Harbor in May, 1943.
"Yeah I want to see the movie about the Boston marathon bombing". "You mean like Pearl Harbor?". Guess that friend
Bush Sr. postponed college after Pearl Harbor and became the youngest aviator in the at that time.
Here’s a look back at my trip to Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary of the attack. Among many great WWII vet...
Stayed on Waikiki Beach until sunset last night. 😍😍. Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace are on the schedule for today.
.Imagine this headline after Pearl Harbor. Emperor Hirohito: We will declare war on the US if it mobilizes troops.
Sometimes I thank Emperor Hirohito for Pearl Harbor in prayer.
The second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, Jim Downing shares his wish for future generations.
Pearl Harbor survivor Lester Lindow on what lessons he hopes Americans learn from "a date which will live in infamy"
Thankful that I was able to listen to 103 year old Lt Jim Downing, a Pearl Harbor survivor,…
Sailors participate in an ash-scattering ceremony following the death of Pearl Harbor attacks survivor Jack A.
I liked a video Pearl Harbor as told by John H. Roddy, survivor
Ex-Spring Valley man, Pearl Harbor survivor, dies at 97 -
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Pearl Harbor survivor: What I saw aboard the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941 |
WWII submarine war or the Pacific Navy needs your attention on HBO. How many know the Japanese probably lost at Pearl Harbor?
Great way to end Veterans Day. This wonderful man is a Pearl Harbor survivor and WW2 vet. It's always an honor to be amongst…
Just shook Mr. Dave Girocco, WWII Pearl Harbor survivor's hand and got to thank him for his service. Such a great experience
U.S. Navy tug and crew raise one of eight Japanese ‘midget subs’ from Pearl Harbor
The USS Taney, a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack.
This photo of Japan's PM embracing a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack gave me all the feels. We only make peace with our…
Pearl Harbor survivor on the infamous attack
Sadly, just got word that 99yr old Pearl Harbor survivor, Herb Weatherwax has passed away. Tonight is dedicated to you.
Fun night Won our semifinal, visited with a Pearl Harbor survivor and took pics with our biggest fans.
...and our naval and land forces next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation at Pearl Harbor."
"Here at Pearl Harbor, America’s first battle of the Second World War roused a nation." —
White House aides: Obama wasn’t taking a dig at Trump in those comments at Pearl Harbor about “tribalism”
The White House produced a video of Obama and Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor that includes footage from 12/7/41
And as Bluto said in Animal House, the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor will always be my first love 😩🙌🏼💕
Japan's defense minister visits Yasukuni after Pearl Harbor: (from
Anger as Minister of Defense visits 'war crimes' shrine after Pearl Harbor trip.
days after she travelled to Pearl Harbor.2/2.
With Pearl Harbor trip, Japan's Shinzo Abe looks to smooth out past as new threats arise.
Truman's grandson says Abe's speech turned Pearl Harbor into place of reconciliation.
Mixed Signals. One day after Abe's visit to Pearl harbor, defense chief visits controversial Yasukuni shrine. https:…
No integrity to Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor - Inada goes straight to Yasukuni shrine
'We must never repeat the horrors of war again': Japan's prime minister and Obama visit Pearl Harbor
A little schizoid in right-wing Japan. First, "reconcilation" at Pearl Harbor. Second, a visit to the tombs of war criminals…
TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's Defense Minister Tomomi Inada, just back from Pearl Harbor, on Thursday visited a Tokyo sh...
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe arrives in Hawaii ahead of his historic visit to Pearl Harbor memorial. Follow us for updates.
I've never thought about this actually Pearl Harbor is fake
Don't you fools know the earth is round?? The Japanese used the polar route to attack Pearl Harbor in '31. D'ur.
In Pearl Harbor visit, Abe pledges Japan will never wage war again
Obama, Japan leader honor the dead of Pearl Harbor
A message of Peace as Obama and Abe meet at Pearl Harbor
PM visit to Pearl Harbor is a tribute to power of reconciliation & U.S. – Japan friendship.
POTUS alongside Japanese PM at Pearl Harbor: "I hope...we send a message to the world that there is more to be won in peace than i…
Exceptional speech by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Pearl Harbor. As much poetry as prose
Defense minister went to controversial Yasukuni Shrine just after historic visit to Pearl Harbor with PM Shinzo Abe
During the attack on Pearl Harbor, there was only one Japanese soldier captured.
Pearl Harbor witness Robert Lee calls Shinzo Abe's visit the "culmination of the healing" between the US and Japan…
Anger as Japanese minister visits 'war crimes' shrine after Pearl Harbor trip
Both Obama in Hiroshima and Abe in Pearl Harbor spoke without what their own soldiers did, no regret nor respect, as if natural disaster.
Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?~Animal House
“The character of nations is tested in war but it is defined in peace” —at Pearl Harbor
Today, made a visit to Pearl Harbor with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Watch:
"Even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship and lasting peace." —with PM Abe at Pearl Harbor https:/…
Japan PM Shinzo Abe offers 'everlasting condolences' at Pearl Harbor during visit with Obama
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Hawaii with Barack Obama for historic Pearl Harbor visit
A great historic meeting at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor today.
Happening now: Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Abe are ferried from the USS Arizona Memorial through Pearl Harbor https:…
President Obama and Japanese prime minister Abe @ USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor after dropping purple Hawaii…
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offers "everlasting condolences" at Pearl Harbor and at the USS Arizona Memorial.
President Obama and PM Abe just honored victims of Pearl Harbor laying a wreath at the USS Arizona Memorial
"I stand here at Pearl Harbor as the Prime Minister of Japan," begins PM Abe in remarks after visit to USS Arizona Memoria…
WATCH: President Obama and Japan PM Abe lay wreaths at the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is the first Japanese leader to visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
"The power of Reconciliation". Japanese Prime Minister to Make Historic Trip to Pearl Harbor - News
After 8 years Obama finally learned how to pronounce "Navy Corpsman" at Pearl Harbor. Yeah!
Symbolic reciprocity at Pearl Harbor - The leaders of the U.S. and Japan make a trip that's being seen as power...
JFK not killed by LHO, Vietnam War started on lies, ditto Iraq 2.o, Pearl Harbor not a surprise to FDR, *** *really…
Japanese prime minister will be first to visit Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii...
“I never hated the Japanese, and I don’t need an apology.” Abe & Obama remember Pearl Harbor.
Shinzo Abe is visiting Pearl Harbor. Guess Obama will finally apologise for all those USN ships being in the way of Japanese bombs.
The Japanese prime minister's visit to Pearl Harbor is a sign of how far public opinion in Japan has moved
will be visiting Pearl Harbor in March- with high school marching band
You can check out all of the images from the 'Jacks' Christmas Eve tour of Pearl Harbor right here:
japantimes: Is Abe the wrong messenger for Pearl Harbor?
Shinzo Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor: in some ways the easiest gesture of reconciliation
Is Abe the wrong messenger for Pearl Harbor?
Watching the Pearl Harbor movie on tv. FDR played by gets me every time. 😭
Turns out three Japanese PMs have visited Pearl Harbor since 1945, despite PM Abe govt's claim that he will be first. https:…
40 years from now, it'll be remembered like Pearl Harbor is today.
We're thankful to have been able to visit Pearl Harbor today.
Experience the emotion of Pearl Harbor through veteran Lt. James Downing's immersive recollection of his experience
We were so fortunate to explore Pearl Harbor today. Here's a recap of our morning journey!
Politics › Abe aims to send message of U.S. alliance strength at Pearl Harbor
Wait someone thinks Pearl Harbor isn't on the Chinese or Russian target lists?
Why Abe's Pearl Harbor visit is possible: "U.S. was a good winner & Japan was a good loser” https…
After Hiroshima, Abe and Obama to pay respects at Pearl Harbor HONOLULU - Seven months after
Turns out three Japanese PMs have previously visited Pearl Harbor. H/T
I gave my *** friend a piece of gum he said "sank you" i put 3 shots in tht dudes chest Like why he have to bring up pear…
Cruise Maine in Cuba, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, say there is no 2 without 3.
Hatoyama, Kishi also visited Pearl Harbor as PM, further discrediting idea that Abe is 1st.
"News: After Hiroshima, Abe and to pay respects at Pearl Harbor :
Japan reconsiders and reinterprets the Pearl Harbor attack
Dec 7, a day in infamy.Dec 23 2016 was high treason. pearl Harbor was avenged in June 1942, 6 months later. Watch it coming.
PM Abe's message at Pearl Harbor expected to be "Our alliance is strong, Our alliance is strong, Our alliance is strong..." ad nauseam.
The chronology of public memory: Shinzo Abe's trip to Pearl Harbor
the final version they did with Daniel Sunjata as the narrator is pretty good but it's new Pearl Harbor or bust for me
makes any bad mood better, unless you're watching Armageddon or Pearl Harbor, in which case you just cry some more.
I think of sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. The Bataan Death March sometimes comes to mind. Nanjing Massacre is in the Top 10.
1942 First US combat troops arrive in Brisbane after Pearl Harbor, as part of Task Force South Pacific. Image via
TAKE ACTION: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting Pearl Harbor at the end of this month, marking this the first...
An Unexpected Lesson from Pearl Harbor: Next week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be the…
Watch: The Naval Academy’s Glee Club sings a beautiful tribute to the fallen of Pearl Harbor
That broken door gave me a flashback to Pearl Harbor when they couldn't save the guys drowning in the sinking ship
The first Pearl Harbor casualties arrived at Mare Island Hospital on Christmas Day.
I don't even get it. Why are Republicans lining up behind the Berlin Wall and Pearl Harbor as good things? Just edgelord…
'Pearl Harbor' is definitely about December 7, 1941, but it is no...
Another ceremony in honour of Pearl Harbor... the memory is sustained!
Live from NYU and Washington Square Park. I'll admit it, I drop names like Pearl Harbor. Too…
Kol ha kavod. Pearl Harbor survivor, greeter at memorial dies at age 99
Yoko even ripped off top hat idea from her Pearl Harbor sneak attack starting Uncle ! DC did…
A day of reflection on this 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. So many brave men & women. Our greatest generation. May God Bl…
WWII veteran returns home to Maine after trip to Pearl Harbor for 75th anniversary
Oklahoma sailor plays part in current-day Pearl Harbor
Soldiers mark anniversary of Pearl Harbor with captivating Ha
shoutout to performing in Hawaii for the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
From our archives: Mitsuo Fuchida led the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but later was led to Christ
Humanists tell federal court to remove historic memorial in the shape of a cross.
Aussie Alex with Pearl Harbor survivors on the set. Angie
We're witnessing a dive on two Japanese subs sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor
And Pearl Harbor was bombed. Do you have a point?
75 years later it is still "A date that will live in infamy" Remembering Pearl Harbor and those…
75 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the last surviving soldiers takes us back to relive that day.
Mr. "technological expertise of the Pearl Harbor attack" himself.
Japanese see Pearl Harbor attack as a justified response to U.S. oil embargo. Americans see "a day which will live in infa…
Pearl Harbor 1941 and World War II with Barry Jacobsen, military historian.
Element of surprise. Lets Pearl Harbor from our own goal line. Desperation calls for desperation. Kamikaze.
Crowd honors 'gift of freedom' from Pearl Harbor servicemen
MT: Kaepernick’s kneeling comes up in Pearl Harbor remembrance ..
From the Archives: Did Churchill know about the attack on Pearl Harbor before it occurred? https…
Heading out to welcome home Machias resident Bob Coles from Pearl Harbor.
Remembering Pearl Harbor Day. I lived in Hawaii and visited the Arizona Memorial several times. Very Moving and I will alw…
Remembering Pearl Harbor, scars are fresh. Yet, as MLK said, hate is too great a burden to bear. I am so proud that Japan i…
What was it like to witness Pearl Harbor as a Japanese-American child?
A Japanese American unfurled this banner over his business the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, 1942.
For those watching 'Walt on how has the corporation shaped our perception of the past?
2/ Imagine if FDR had said "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" at Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. He would be a traitor.
1/ Russia's attack on America's democracy via hacking DNC and RNC was an act of war akin to Pearl Harbor. Trump admin: "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
This powerful photo shows a gathering of Japanese Americans in Little Tokyo advocating for solidarity on the anniversary o…
"To the women of Hawaii, it has meant a total disruption of home life, a sudden acclimation to blackout nights..."
Take a moment to appreciate Golden Gopher, Bruce Smith, 75 years ago accepting the Heisman Trophy, just days after Pearl…
TODAY at 3:30 p.m. tune in to Remember Pearl Harbor. The stories of veterans and citizens who witnessed the attack.
"why are flags at half staff?". "idk could be Pearl Harbor. or finals week"
The potential for a “cyberspace Pearl Harbor” is growing as countries test the boundaries of internet warfare
Haven't most of the wars we've been involved in been reactionary? Japan bombs Pearl Harbor; 9/11, etc?
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World War II's first Black hero hasn't received the proper recognition, but a Texas legislator wants to change that:
If Trump's Message on Pearl Harbor Shows How He Will Lead as President, America is In for a Great One
Enjoy this awesome tribute to Pearl Harbor survivor on Hawaii airlines trip 🇺🇸
Next time somebody tells you is against the armed forces, tell them they're wrong & send them this: . https:…
The incoming president is attacking the on WMD. What's next, attacking the military for not stopping Pearl Harbor?
WWII Color Photo of the Week - The forward magazines of the USS Arizona (BB-39) explode during the Japanese attack on Pear…
Watching A Royal Night Out, thinking of Pearl Harbor Day, and all we have to be thankful.
I liked a video from GTA5 Pearl Harbor for *** - San Andreas Test Dummies Ep. 44 -
Zach Blanchard is in Trenton where Pearl Harbor survivor Robert Coles is expecte…
Black patriotism in the Pearl Harbor era:. "Should I sacrifice my life to live half American?" -James Thompson (Pittsburgh…
Russia committed a Pearl Harbor cyber attack on USA designed to put their favored person in the WH. We did nothing. Read that ou…
He was a U.S. Navy mess attendant, but he answered the call at Pearl Harbor - and he was African American
Happy 100th birthday to Kirk Douglas. Another kid who enlisted in the Navy after Pearl Harbor.
Be sure to thank Senator Brown today at (202) 224-2315 for pissing on the American dead of Pearl Harbor yesterday:. htt…
Pearl Harbor survivor Robert Coles takes part in yesterday’s parade in Hawaii ***
Corpus Christi man attends commemoration in Pearl Harbor via
Admiral gets standing ovation for Colin Kaepernick remark at Pearl Harbor ceremony
WATCH: Admiral calls out Kaepernick during Pearl Harbor speech
Navy admiral takes not-so-subtle jab at Colin Kaepernick in Pearl Harbor speech
WATCH: admiral receives a standing ovation for calling out during Pearl Harbor speech
Video: Congressman Keith Ellison, frontrunner for DNC Chair thought the GERMANS BOMBED Pearl Harbor.
Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens Players Displaying a US flag on the ice after Pearl Harbor attack. Detroit Free P…
President Obama marks 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack
Attack on Pearl Harbor that made US join Second World War completes 75 years
World War 2 was our first "war for oil". The entire reason for the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Philippines and Dutch East Indies was oil.
Jason Robards was stationed on Pearl Harbor then (but was at sea on 12/7)
W.H. Press Secretary said Pearl Harbor survivors should not be so bitter towards Japan. .
Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s devastating conclusions: why Dec 1941 was the most important month of the Second World War
I'm watching a documentary about Pearl Harbor now. Modern Family was a repeat.
Corpus Christi's first two WWII casualties were stationed at Pearl Harbor via
75 years ago, Pearl Harbor was attacked and America entered the Second World War.
"It's a day you'll never forget and a war you'll never forget." My grandmother talking about Pearl Harbor and the Second…
Our firefighters joined with others in seeing Pearl Harbor Navy Veteran Robert Coles off on his return to Pearl Harbor.
Local WWII veteran Bob Richardson shares his experience on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack. Click link for more.…
Wow. That WWII veteran playing the Star Spangled Banner on his harmonica before the Pearl Harbor game got me all choked up.
A WWII veteran just played the Star Spangled Banner on a harmonica on Pearl Harbor Day at Pearl Harbor and IT'S DUSTY IN HERE
"We saved as many men as we could.". John Blackstone reports now on a man who returns to Pearl Harbor with his fami…
Robert Coles, a 92-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor from Maine, is making his first visit since 1941 https:/…
John Blackstone visits Pearl Harbor as the nation remembers the day that still lives in infamy. That’s ahead on the at 6pm
Milestone for memories as Tryon Palace celebrates 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor: .
NPR recording from 2011 about the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor w/ Sen. D.K. Inouye
Lester Holt is missing NBC’s Pearl Harbor coverage in Hawaii due to a family illness
Crowds of people gathered at the White House after hearing the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor. http…
White House: ‘embittered’ World War II veterans should get over Pearl Harbor
WH press secretary says WWII veterans should get over their ‘bitterness’ about Pearl Harbor attack
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
On the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, see what happened at the White House on that day.
Honoring The of Pearl Harbor from the back of Ford Island was a pretty dope way to start my morning. h…
Pearl Harbor ceremony to begin at 9:50 a.m., in supervisors' chambers at Shasta County Administrative building on Court Street.
St. Paul-crewed USS Ward fired first shot at Pearl Harbor - - From the Archives
Marine Corps’ jet crashes off Japan on the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor
A date that will live in , Please teach your children of the events of this date at Pearl Harbor
On the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we remember an often forgotten hero: Doris Miller.
Composer Aaron Copeland started writing "Lincoln Portrait" in the wake of Pearl Harbor.
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