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Peachtree Road Race

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race 10K is a 10 kilometer road race held annually in Atlanta, Georgia on July 4, Independence Day.

World Congress Center Happy Independence Day Camp Leatherneck Kasim Reed

First time the tv has been on since the Peachtree Road Race. Yay!
Every time I run the Peachtree (this is my fourth), I wonder "why in the world am I doing this again??" - and the...
From the Peachtree Road Race to fundraising for to a party, see how we have celebrated our
Coached my son to run the complete Peachtree Road Race without stopping or walking. He's pretty proud of it also.…
Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race is the premier 10K. I don't have a bucket list Half though.
Support Raquel Jones, to sing the National Anthem at the P'tree Road Race. Vote for her.
Love your recap of the Road Race@ It's one of my favorite events to participate in each year.
Race recap from this year's Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta! It is the world's largest 10K with about 60,000...
My Peachtree Road Race recap is finally up!
Run the Peachtree Road Race with me everyone, but I’ve got nothing left to say on this one.
gearing up to run the Peachtree Road Race 10K 2018 & is helping me.
Saw a women actively stomp on this cross walk during the Peachtree road race
This news quickly made an impact on him & he changed his lifestyle.
How to get into a Better Start Wave for the Peachtree Road Race with
Because the city put a rush order to the concrete company to have complete by Peachtree Road Race. $
Photos from PRR I shot for Shepherd and Kyle Pease Foundation.
Absolutely. Very supportive of all athletes. I photographed the event for Shepherd and Kyle Pease F…
That sound like somebody who got leisure time on they 🤚. Im maken big moves I will let you walk the peachtree road race 😂😂😂
He's run every Peachtree Road Race. Even at 86. Bill Thorn says this city's ready for Behind the Stripes:…
At the Peachtree Road Race, the winner ran a 10K in 28 min and 16 sec. The race also made history as the biggest 10K in the world
PSA to The Peachtree Road Race. Ditch the Whole Foods sponsorship and get an ice cream sponsor. 60k runners and the snacks suck. Wth?
at the beginning of the Peachtree Road Race warnings about potholes! but 200K rainbow crosswalks made it all ok... NOT.
Got my AJC Peachtree Road Race finishing photo. I was pretty happy with my time considering my…
For decades, Linda Patton, C'88, has played an integral role in the Peachtree Road Race, happening today:
Red Alert issued for AJC Peatchtree Road Race | Organizers announce their decision on
I underestimated Cardiac Hill! 😫.. but I finished my very first Peachtree Road Race!!…
the Peachtree Road Race Edition! I can't believe it has been almost a week since I…
We had a great time at the 2017 Peachtree Road Race running in honor of our founder, William "Bill" Mills, Jr.! Go…
Did you attend Read the moving interfaith remarks from that kicked off this year's race >>…
🏅: 4th of July edition! 🇺🇸 Ran my 6th Peachtree Road Race last Tuesday. Despite the heat and humidity……
Hey It was really cool seeing all the Ceasar for Mayor signs at the Peachtree Road Race last week!
The tradition continues! Running Partners have been sporting the coveted Peachtree Road Race tshirt for nearly 4...
Mad respect to this man who pushed through and completed Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race today..
Fellows at volunteered for the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4th!. See the full story here:
Watch on Atlanta, GA. "Peachtree Road Race" Part 2 - Largest 10k race in the world http…
2017 Peachtree Road Race of Atlanta. Running in "F" wave this year for France. France & America…
Today was my first time attending the Peachtree Road Race and it was an amazing experience!…
Great to see young CCSD Leaders at today's Peachtree Road Race!!
Jordan Hasay is going to win the Peachtree Road Race. GUAR AN TEE! GO JORDAN! An…
Noticed an error in the May issue. Bolder Boulder isn't the biggest U.S. 10k. Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta has more runners
It's that time - I just registered! Lottery registration closes on March 22nd. 2017 AJC Peachtree Road Race:
You can now officially sign up for the Peachtree Road Race! Here's how:
Don’t miss the first-ever AJC Peachtree Road Race lottery kickoff party.
Henry says that there's one more week left to vote in the AJC Peachtree Road Race t shirt design…
Registered for the Peachtree Road Race! Running it with my Teej and Taylor! My 2 graduates!
There is still time to register for the Spartan Sprint 5k & 1 Mile Fun Run! This is a Peachtree Road Race...
A5: Good food. Peachtree Road Race 10K has the best peaches at the finish and lots of ice cream.
I also remember us bumping into & his father walking up the hill on Peachtree during the road race.
Time to dust off your running shoes & join us for the AJC Peachtree Road Race! Click the link for all the info :) ...
Whoever entered my name and number in the LASIK institute contest during the peachtree road race, I won and now they so t stop calling me 😡
One of the most proudest moments I've had.. Crossing the finish line at the peachtree road race.…
Primerica’s Chief Marketing Officer Duane Morrow completed his tenth Peachtree Road Race in the wheelchair division.
2 Scots and a future Scot going hard at the Peachtree Road Race, the largest 10k in America! 🤘🏽🔥 https…
1st winner of day for From Illinois, Josh George, 31! His 10th Peachtree Road Race. https:/…
Has anyone made you a championship belt yet for when you cross the finish line at the Peachtree Road Race?
Look good while training for the in official gear! Shop now online or in-store:
Join us to preach Christ at the Peachtree Road Race weekend July 3 & 4..
hold it down for the big dogs at the Peachtree road race!
Im still laughing at this! Lmbo! Im wearing dez mugz Peachtree Road Race! Getting my $20 worth!…
Did 3 miles in an hr so that means at this rate it'll take me about 2 hrs to do the Peachtree Road Race...oh no this won't do lol 👎🏾
Great Peachtree Road Race Training kick off. Awesome participants and a great run in my…
Time for Peachtree Road Race training. It's not too late to sign up to train for…
Hey runners! Have you registered for our 5K yet? This is an official qualifying race for the AJC Peachtree Road...
Register for the AJC Peachtree Road Race while you still can! Registration ends tonight:
AJC Peachtree Road Race: Cost, times for 12-week training program -
Thinking about participating in the Peachtree Road Race? Read the AJC’s 12-week training program!
We offer an affordable race for March that is also a Peachtree Road Race qualifier. Don't forget to sign up today!
Peachtree Road Race again this year run it.👍
Ran my first 10k since the July 4th, Peachtree Road Race in My, my... I'll blame it on newlywed season.
From to 2020 Peachtree Road, here's how has succeeded.
Photos: A photographer’s view of the AJC Peachtree Road Race
・・・. Hey Atlanta and the Peachtree Road Race and Health & Wellness Enthusi…
Runner loses Peachtree Road Race 10k after celebrating too early
I did run the peachtree road race 10K a couple years back, I'm super close to moving back, once I have the car I'm good
Late Post from Peachtree Road Race. With no working out did the 6.2 miles in 1:10:59
That could work. Get the same amount of security/police used during Peachtree road race at Lenox, voila. Shut streets down too
WithAunt Sarah welcoming the runners in from Peachtree Road RacePark
Countdown to the Peachtree Road Race: The benefit of training with a g
The 46th Annual Peachtree Road Race Health & Fitness Expo was quite the hoot! Did any of you manage to make it?
One of the largest 10ks in the world!
Does anyone know if and when the "official" Peachtree Road Race results will be released?
Britt and Alli at the Peachtree Road Race! So proud of Britt - BooYah!!!
Find out what happened when we ran the Peachtree Road Race for a second time on the blog today!
If you ran the or like viz, check out my latest post on what 54,724 runners in a looks like!
Did you miss at the We’ve got you covered across the globe!. WATCH:
10K Peachtree Road Race (too bad a bivariate density is used, and not a quantile regression)
y'all found it. Thank you! Disaster averted. Don't know if I could stand losing my Peachtree Road Race shirt.
hope was a great interview w/great person.He ran last yr for charity
Upcoming Races – Fall 2015: Now that the AJC Peachtree Road Race (10K) and the Race the Landing Summer 5K Seri...
Mandela Washington Fellows represented at the Peachtree road race. .
Brian had a hurt knee, but after going to see his physical therapist Rachel, he completed the Peachtree Road Race...
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Eta Lambda brothers and Rahsaan Overton after running the Peachtree Road Race this morning! Happy...
was just in Atlanta for a week. Next year will time it better and run my first Peachtree Road Race.
Afternoon run to the convention center to pick up my bib for the Peachtree Road Race. Stopped in the health fair...
Just picked our Peachtree Road Race numbers at the World Congress Center - It's my 15th - woo hoo
July 4th? Tons. Braves game Saturday night. Party&Fireworks at Nash farms. Pints for patriots after the Peachtree Road Race.
Countdown is on! Only 10 Days until you finish the AJC Peachtree Road Race on 10th Street! htt…
Today I got my number for the Peachtree Road Race!!!
Testing out the Peachtree Road Race route with some of My Run Family this Saturday morning! All about…
Test running the Peachtree Road Race's infamous "cardiac hill" this morning with the crew. Wish me luck!
Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4th sure is fun!
Running the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th and snapchatting the race & fitness tracker.Fitbit or Garmin?
Join me for some Peachtree Road Race training! Fun crew, awesome pavement.
The AJC Peachtree Road Race was named the best 10K/5K and Atlanta Track Club the Best Running Club! -- by...
Come on down and help us pass the torch of knowledge to those who need it! This fun and exciting Peachtree Road Race qualifier winds through Atlanta’s scenic and historic Grant Park. The beneficiary is the Global Impact Project (GIP), a collaborative initiative of GSU & IMBAKO PUBLIC HEALTH, whose goal is to allay disparities faced by the girl child in rural Kenya by providing undergraduate academic scholarships! *Packet pickup and race-day registration begin at 8:00 a.m. at A tlanta’s Grant Park near the entrance to Zoo Atlanta and the Cyclorama. The race begins at 9:00 a.m. *Registration available in-store at all 6 Big Peach Running Co. locations, online here and by mail !
Faces from the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race: taking the term 'selfie' to a whole new level.
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Happy Fourth Of July!! I ran my first Peachtree Road Race, the largest 10K race in the nation! It was…
Congrats to all the Peachtree Road Race Runners!! You couldn't ask for better running weather than this!!
Repping and for the Peachtree Road Race. Family biz and awesome music!!
Like I really wish I was running the peachtree road race with my aunt and uncle. But I know they're gonna kick some *** anyway!
Volunteering at the peachtree road race. It's so many goodies down here. Lol
Rock 100.5 at the 2014 Peachtree Road Race with Mellow Mushroom and free Sweetwater!!!
Did I really get up at 6:20 to watch my friend's husband run the Peachtree Road Race?!? 20 races in a row is pretty impressive! Go Charlie!
bout to die in the Peachtree Road Race
Getting ready for the Peachtree road race! Happy 4th everyone! 😄
Volunteering at water station 5 . First cup of cold, high quality H2O served! — at Peachtree Road Race
The marathonfotoepg finish line team for the 2014 Peachtree Road Race ready for all the finishers!…
View from corral E at Peachtree Road Race. 60,000 of our closest friends.
The Peachtree Road Race makes me good cry every year.
Getting ready to start my first Peachtree Road Race. I feels awesome outside. So excited!
Watching the Peachtree road race...on of these years the girls will spot Daddy!! Good luck runners!
Cheering for the runners in the Peachtree Road Race! Happy Fourth!
Peachtree Road Race right outside the White House Restaurant in Buckhead
At the Peachtree street road race with my adoptive mother and Deja face ***
Thirteen years ago today I earned my last Peachtree Road Race t-shirt; it still fits — barely. Maybe next year I’ll be able to run again.
Best of luck to all those running the peachtree road race this morning! Back to sleep I go!
Attention: I will be making my long-awaited return 2 the airwaves tomorrow morning w/ "Home team" Brandon Leak 6-10 am @ …
[ATL Biz Chronicle] AJC Peachtree Road Race by the numbers (List of facts)
The finish line at the Peachtree Road race! Supporting and mbalint
The World from my's the Peachtree Road Race...and yes, those are porto potties...the beginning of the race is right here at Lenox! Good luck runners...Happy 4th of July!!!
Good luck to all of the Panthers running in the Peachtree Road Race today!
Just me at 59,999 buddies going for a jog. (@ Peachtree Road Race 10K w/
Started Run with at 7:40 AM, on Peachtree Road Race route, see
Still on the train. Finally quiet after a sardine can ride with Peachtree Road Race participants ... add many from a Jehovahs Witness Convention of 30-40,000 people.
A bunch of my buddies are posting pics of them in the Peachtree Road Race and I'm on my way to get a Sonic breakfast bu…
I wish I was running the Peachtree road race today
Happy Fourth of July, and good luck AJC Peachtree Road Race runners!
Running the course TWICE to bring you coverage!
Start is going up! Happy 4th of July and happy 45th running of the AJC Peachtree Road Race!
Beautiful morning for the Peachtree Road Race!! rachelsparks1513
Ready for my Peachtree road race to start. Thank you Kerri for driving me. 🏃🎊😃
Cheers to my fellow Peachtree Road Race dropper-offers and picker-uppers. We are the true champions of the day.
Have you seen this officer? If you see him during the Peachtree Road Race, take a picture with him, post on the...
They are off! Peachtree Road Race 2014 is underway.
ATLANTA -- Elite wheelchair racer Tatyana McFadden has her eyes on the finish line. She has won the AJC Peachtree Road Race three times so far. Jaye
Gonna fly out over the Peachtree Road Race today. I'm cool with that. Happy 4th ATL!
Today, we are all running the Peachtree Road Race to "Keep Kids Moving".
In ATL for Peachtree Road Race 10K and some good Triathlon/Bike training!
And they're off! AJC Peachtree Road Race begins -- Watch News Chopper 2 livestream here:
That time we got stuck in the race lane at the Peachtree Road Race...
I'm ready for my 1st peachtree road race after 7 years.
My 4th of July tradition...Peachtree Road Race! Happy 4th of July!
Starting my 4th of July weekend off right at the Peachtree road race. Sitting on my butt watching Dad run another race
Best of luck to as he runs the Peachtree road race with the ELITES!!! Kill'em
The big American flag flies over the starting line of the Peachtree Road Race.
Good morning it's a great day for the peachtree road race, have a good time.
Gr8t to be out supporting our Peachtree Road Race runners. Happy 4th!
Want going to run this morning cause I have a minor injury.but I'm going for it!!! Ready to run the Peachtree Road Race!!! Starting off my fourth
Waiting for my start of wave N in the peachtree road race!
We're heading to HENRY'S midtown to watch the AJC Peachtree Road Race this morning!
Here at the AJC Peachtree Road Race about to get started in less than 10 minutes.
Peachtree Road race day. Let's do this.
Once again for the seventh year in a row with zero training and 100% intention I run the Peachtree Road Race!
HAPPY 4th to everyone.good luck to BO, Cindy Collins Smith and Amber Smith that is running in the Peachtree Road Race.and also a very happy 65th Birthday to my oldest sister Elizabeth Streetman.and her granddaughter Gabrielle Streetman .everyone be safe and have a wonderful day!
2014 Peachtree road race training diary, entry one: first training goal accomplished: get out of bed before 7:10. It was hard but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
My sister signed up for the Peachtree Road Race today and has hurt her foot so she's passed the torch to me. Arrrgh! Doing it in honor of my Mom. I pray I can get to the finish line.
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Countdown to the start of the Peachtree Road Race! Ready for a great run!
Ran the 2014 Peachtree Road Race 10k in 48 mins,1st place female yes!!. the price was an AAFES gift card ($75), not bad for just running. Happy 4th of July!!! :)
Happy 4th everyone! Time for The Peachtree Road Race. Wish me luck!
The world's largest 10k, the AJC Peachtree Road Race is taking over the streets of Atlanta, GA today as are some of our Mizuno athletes. Good luck to everyone racing today in the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Running my first Peachtree Road Race! Totally nervous but excited!! Happy Independence Day!!
Who's running in the Peachtree Road Race this morning?
It wouldn't be the 4th of July without the Peachtree Road Race! Stoked to be a part of this Atlanta tradition. Good Luck Runners!
Happy Independence Day! Getting ready for the Peachtree Road Race in ATL! First year doing it so later start time allows for plenty of time for a solid pre-fuel breakfast. Eat well and prosper!
Good luck to everyone running the peachtree road race today. May the hills be ever in your favor. Run hard and have fun guys.
Atlanta City Councilmember Kwanza Hall, pace yourself this morning while you run/walk the Peachtree Road Race. Enjoy and have fun!
On Marta headed to the Peachtree road race. My one time a year on public transportation.
Shout out to all my Crossfit Perimeter fam running the Peachtree Road Race today! Have fun.
Look out Peachtree Road Race, here we come!!! Happy 4th everyone!
– Satchel Paige Happy Fourth! By the time you read this, I should be finished with another 10-kilometer sprint through downtown Atlanta for its annual Peachtree Road Race. This year, I proudly wore a T-shirt honoring Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc., ...
Bizarre going into the GA World Congress Center today to p/u Peachtree Road Race # - disappeared w/o a trace.
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It is going to a beautiful evening in Atlanta tonight,what better way to gear up for the Peachtree Road Race and Independence Day by coming to The Nook for great food and great service. Try our Cowboy Stuffed burger that is stuffed w/ pulled pork,topped with cheddar cheese,bbq sauce and fried jalapenos served on a jalapeno cheddar bun!! Doesn't get any better than this. Come and join us tonight.
Selfie because I'm on my way to World Congress Center to pick up my Peachtree Road Race number! 😁…
in the yearbook at Peachtree Road Race pick up.
Cook Hall is THE place to be this 4th of July. Enjoy a delicious brunch out on our patio & a prime view of the Peachtree Road Race.
How the Peachtree Road Race evolved into the single greatest celebration of our city’s spirit.
So... Natalie Simmons Smith and I were talking about her getting ready for her first 10K (AJC Peachtree Road Race).. I told here that I needed another big goal. I needed something big to work towards.. I looked into several half marathons and... I have decided to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb of 2016... Yeah I know it's a year and a half away but I don't want to walk it.. I want to run/jog it.. (I don't run.. my asthma kicks in and I freak out) Plus it's not cheap.. $160 for the race alone not including hotels and food and events etc. It's like a whole weekend event.. I want to go all out and do everything... So I'm going to save money for the next year and a half and train and I'm gonna do it! Natalie said she wants to do it too. My momma said she is in as well.. The race benefits the Children's Miracle Network. Wonderful charity.. I'm extending the invitation to all my "Princesses" out there.. Mud princesses too! (Best kind of princess!). We have a year and a half to train and get the mone ...
Excited for some big races this summer! Got the Go Mile in Little Rock in June and the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in July.
It has been 10 years since I ran the 10K Peachtree Road Race. I'm in. I will be ready this time, I hope and mostly pray. LOL. (C. Henry Adams)
Looking for a red white & blue tutu for the Peachtree Road Race this year. This is all I have found thus far. Anyone know where I can get one or have one made?
I know everyone is talking about Peachtree Road Race this week, but did anyone else get into NY Marathon yesterday? I'm going to need some training buddies.
I think Lenet Rivas talked me in to entering the lottery for the Peachtree Road Race.
Its official...I am signed up for my 6th Peachtree Road Race. Lord bless my feet... and legs and cardiovascular system.
Don't be fooled by this cold, dreary, windy weather - it's going to be back up in the high, sunny 60's by Sunday. Perfect racing weather, and perfect weather to spend the morning outside. See you at the ShamRock 'N Roll Road Race on Sunday - and don't forget to register before the end of the day to have your race time count as a AJC Peachtree Road Race qualifier!
I just registered for the 45th running of the Peachtree Road Race!
A4: Got my mom started by doing the Peachtree Road Race. Started will 3k to get ready for the 10k
Bout to go register for the Peachtree Road Race. Gotta get under an hr this year.
🏃💨Finally running the Peachtree Road Race this year
After a 2yr hiatus, happy to be back in for the Peachtree Road Race. Training to commence soon!
For the first time in ~15 years, mom has remembered to get me my guaranteed Peachtree Road Race entry info on time. Registering tonight!
Time to start getting ready for the Peachtree Road Race.
Working hard for 2014, but playing harder!! I'm official. I'm doing the Peachtree Road Race!!…
Put this in with my Peachtree Road Race training and imma be a monster this summer.
We are registered for our 1st Peachtree Road Race. Love the early registration for members.
Who is ready for the Peachtree Road Race??? . Registration is now open, so make sure to secure your spot!...
And I'm officially registered for the Peachtree Road Race!
Countdown to the Peachtree 10k Atlanta Magazine Running the July 4 AJC Peachtree Road Race this...
Registration for the 2014 Peachtree Road Race opens Sat. 3/15, at 7 a.m. through an online lottery. Runners have 8 days to get on the list.
Easiest registration for the Peachtree Road Race, we are all set, a BIG thank you!
Signing up for the Peachtree Road Race this 4th
Time to sign up for the Peachtree Road Race... 4th year volunteering.
Yesterday, I started my day with 10 sit-ups, 12 bicycle crunches, 10 reverse crunches, and a 20 second plank. I was just getting a head start on Faithfully Fit Forward’s March Core Challenge since I will only be doing the exercises on non-running days. Today, I ran 3.52 miles in 46:50. Pandora gave me some awesome songs. The highlight was Natalie Grant singing “You Are My All In All”. I promised I would tell about how and why I started running again. I used to run quite a bit. Between 1980 and 1983, I lived in Hawaii and ran a few dozen 10k’s, a 15k, two half marathons, and the 1982 Honolulu Marathon. Then I ran the 1984 Virginia Ten Miler. During the late 1980s, I ran the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta multiple years. Fifteen years ago, as I was walking across the street in a crosswalk with the right of way, I was hit by a vehicle. My right kneecap was shattered. A brilliant orthopedic surgeon repaired the knee. He had to remove the bottom third of the patella and suture the ligament to ...
We've got the perfect Saturday night activity for you! Join us as we celebrate the AJC Peachtree Road Race with the Atlanta Hawks! Purchase a ticket through the link below and $2 of every ticket will be donated to our youth running program, Kilometer Kids!
So, who ran in the Peachtree Road Race last week? How was it for you?
Ten Independence Day Races   1.  Flagpole 8K, 38:41, Dallas, 1995:  This was my first 8K and I remember being disappointed in my time; I'd probably have been even more disappoint ed if I had known that it would be the fastest I would ever run this particular race.   2.  Peachtree Road Race, 46:40, Atlanta, 1996:  Joseph Kimani set the still-standing course record of 27:04, which means he may have finished before I even started.   3.  Independence Day 5K, 20:30, Coldwater (MI), 1997:  The next day I ran a 5K in Hamilton, Indiana; this was the first time I was able to run races in two different states on a weekend trip.  I got third-place in my age group in Michigan, and pancakes or something like that in Indiana.   4.  Great Harvard Five-Mile Road Race, 37:13, Harvard (MA), 1998:  This was in the town of Harvard which I didn't even know existed; it's located - on some hills as I remember it - just outside the 495 loop near Route 2.  I sprinted at the finish because the crowd started cheering ...
Ran the entire Peachtree Road Race this year! 6.2 miles in 1:11. I couldn't have done it without the support of Michael Shaw.
Who won the Peachtree Road Race at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan? Follow the link to find out.
Peachtree Road Race at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan Take a look at video of the start o
Big CONGRATS! to all of our WMRC and RunningNerds (runningnerds) friends who ran the Peachtree Road Race today. Mother Nature heard your pleas for no rain and did her best to cooperate. See you all on Wednesday at 6:30 at Lululemon Athletica Howell Mill to rehash the details! Happy Independence Day!
Two things I miss on July 4th, running the Peachtree Road Race in the ATL and the Upper Arlington 4th Parade.
Staying home and being some-what productive since I asked for the day off to spend it with my sister- who ran off to Atlanta to watch her boyfriend's family run in the Peachtree Road Race tomorrow. Got to play Yahtzee with Daddy though, so it's all good.
Good luck Jenn Gable Wilson and Misty Jones Brown Tom during the Peachtree Road Race! I'm so proud of y'all... I'll be thinking about y'all and cheering y'all on from the lake!!!
We have a Best Self staffer looking for two Peachtree Road Race numbers--anyone want to sell theirs?
With just a day to go before the AJC Peachtree Road Race, the threat of lightning and flooding has race organizers questioning how to handle the annual July 4th event.
It may be wet Thursday, but if you're a GSU alum and running in the Peachtree Road Race, we want to hear from you.
Back in March, I ran for the ROC. This July 4th, it's time for my next big fundraising race of 2013 - I'll be Running for Research at the Peachtree Road Race with the Breast Cancer Research Foundat...
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For those of you who do not have travel plans for the 4th and will be celebrating in Atlanta, Morgan Kylee. will be open! Here are our Independence Day Weekend hours: Wednesday, July 3rd: 10am - 5pm Thursday, July 4th: CLOSED Friday, July 5th: 11am - 5pm Saturday, July 6th: 11am - 5pm Hope to see you soon and good luck to those of you running in the AJC Peachtree Road Race!!
Next stop on the Fun with Public Transportation day: World Congress Center where I picked up my race number for the Peachtree Road Race and met IN PERSON Jeff Galloway who have me in person advice for my Disney Goofy race in January. That's right!!
BUSY IS GOOD. Here's the run down: Tomorrow night I'll be posted at the Urban Grind for Urban Acoustic aka the Juke Joint. We're gonna write some songs :) Thursday night/Friday morn Berryz Bridge with Bridgette Levi will be live on the air with Victor Vicxl Walker of Ridin' Durty Radio at WFRG 89.3. Burners of the midnight oil/insomniacs/early birds are encouraged to tune in at 3am!! Thursday ZBB Running will get it in at the Peachtree Road Race. And last but not least, This Money This Life (black box production) July 13th and 14th with Curesa Clark, Marcus Kenner, and Kevin Smith WHEW!
Good morning, Every time I look at the models I am hoping to find changes. Unfortunately it still is the same. More rain is on the way...and a lot of it. Several counties north and east of Atlanta are included in a Flash Flood Watch which begins this afternoon and runs through Friday morning. 2-4 inches of rain possible between Wednesday and Friday morning. Be weather aware the next few days, and DO NOT drive through deep water covering the roads. Flooding can wash out parts of roads, and you just don't know if it is a few inches or the road is gone. Rain chance today is 40%, but goes up to 100% on Thursday the 4th of July. Right now it looks wet for the Peachtree Road Race, the Braves game and the fire works! High temps on the 4th will be in the mid to upper 70s. Rain chances go down to 40% Saturday and 20% Sunday when it will get back to the upper 80s.
One year ago Thursday I crashed with DVT blood cots after running 5 miles at Palm Coast. Today I am happily running 4 times a week for short distances. Last Sayurday I ran a 27:36 3 miles. I still struggle with my Achilles, which caused all the trouble. I usually need two days off back to back about every 10 days. My theme these days is "running on faith" faith that I will be able to continue at some level, faith that the Achilles will repair enough to allow me to run everyday again without breaks, faith I can drop the weight I gained laying on the couch for months. Faith in Lord that put running in my heart in the first place, 25 years ago Thursday I ran 41:36 10K at the hilly Peachtree Road Race. It remains my second best 10K time. I never ran a sub 40 10K but my 5K split that day was on a sub 40 pace. The morning prior to this race I did an easy run with Jeff Galloway and several other elites and I was very fired up race morning. This was still before the big wave starts but also long before timing ch ...
Attend the 2013 Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta and Stay at Hampton Inn ... - (press release)
How did your runs go ladies?? I ran the last training run with my AJC Peachtree Road Race trainees today AND ran with a special purpose - more to come on that soon ;) Chime in and let us know how your runs or races went today!
Just glanced at the calendar and we have some fun stuff coming up... Cindy Lauper next Tuesday with the ladies and the lil' girls with Tammy Cleveland and Melynda Bowers Burns; the Peachtree Road Race on the 4th celebrating Lorie Frady Futch's 40th with Greg Kurtz and Dave (also Dave's birthday) and then our summer party on the 13th with Robert B. DeFriese and The Mixx! Good times ahead!
There are a number of Alpha Crush athletes, parents and coaches running the AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. Last year a group of us met after the race near 10th St and the Coca-Cola/Powerade refreshments for a group photo. Comment below with your time group placement so we know when to expect you. Good luck!
Bryan and I are unable to run the Peachtree Road Race this year. We have two numbers available. We're just asking face value for them. Please let me know if you want either one or both of the numbers!
Okay, too waeird-o-rama. In the 1980's I was a total track and field, and cross country running dork. I ran both in high school and college and ran the New York City Marathon in 1982 and 1983. My three mega super heroes were Alberto Salazar, Bill Rodgers and Craig Virgin. I am in Des Moines for the IndyCar race this weekend and the US Track and Field Championships are also being held here this weekend. Walking into my hotel the first person I see in the lobby is Craig Virgin who is now a coach. Then getting off the elevator on my floor who is standing there waiting to get on and looks me in the eye and say "hello" as I get off? Alberto Salazar! Too weird!! Alberto coaches athletes who are distance runners and are part of the Oregon Project sponsored by Nike. Wow, 30 or so year after the fact- still neat and still heroes. Seems like yesterday Craig was kicking everyone's *** year after year in the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta and Alberto was winning and setting the world record in the New York ...
I'm up and getting ready to go out to Phipps plaza to start our dry run of the Peachtree Road Race organized by the Atlanta Track Club. 10k. Then I'm coming home to shower before going to sparring.
So tonight I went to Rock Creek Park in Dawsonville to walk..On my first lap I was behind a lady that was walking with a cane. She seemed to be having a difficult time with her left side. That being said she kept a really good walking pace considering her physical state. The more I watched her the more I was impressed by her determination to keep walking no matter how hard it might be. When I got next to her I realized that she was probably only in her late 30's. We started talking and she told me that she had had a stroke when she was 30 and that she was walking because she was going to do the Peachtree Road Race this year..Talk about being humbled...As I walked on I began to think about how blessed I am and don't even realize how much...God has brought me through so much these last two years and as hard as it was and still is some days, I am determined to live each and every day grateful for all He has blessed me with...He put that precious woman in my path tonight to show me things in my life that I ne ...
The 2013 AJC Peachtree Road Race always makes July 4th a fun and memorable day in Atlanta!
For all you other Peachtree Road Race runners who were placed in the wrong start wave: I received an email back from ATC instructing me to mail my race bib back by 6/26, they will correct their mistake and send me a new one with the correct wave placement. Atlanta Track Club
I'm 36 days from the Peachtree Road Race and time to train for real. Question, for all my runners, what songs are in your IPod playlist? I got Beyonce "Countdown", what you got??
ACTIVE powers the worlds activities and connects people with the things they love to do. Find, register or learn about local events, sport activities and things to do near you including races, leagues, camps, conferences, courses, camping reservations, training plans and so much more. What’s your AC...
The tee I bought to wear in the Peachtree Road Race arrived today.
Who's running the AJC Peachtree Road Race? Come & get a massage! I'll be there, will YOU?
Are you running the AJC Peachtree Road Race this year? Come to the expo, and get a Chair Massage while the AMTA...
CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF ATLANTA INC wrote - Lace up those shoes and run for Team Catholic Charities Atlanta in the 2013 AJC Peachtree Road Race.Click the big DONATE button or go one step further and help us fundraise by clicking the JOIN THE TEAM button. Youll get your own fundraisi...
I've been training for the Road race this July 4th and my 15 year old daughter has been giving me the volleyball workout.
true that my friend! This time next year I'm planning to run the Peachtree Road Race!
Training in the morning for the Peachtree Road Race. Goodnight 💋
Celebrate Moms & Get a Slot for the Peachtree Road Race!
Don't know if I'm going to be ready to run this yr, but here's How to prepare for 'Cardiac Hill'?
Peachtree Road Race info & your favorite place to prepare for the is ...
Win the exclusive Mellow Mushroom AJC Peachtree Road Race experience. These experiences include two (2) coveted entries to the AJC Peachtree Road Race held on July 4th, a luxury room at the W Buckhead the night before the race so you can wake up and walk to the start line and a dinner for two (2) at...
“How do you prepare for 'Cardiac Hill'? we need to hit up the belt line!
I should probably get to running again.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
And your favorite place to prepare for the is ...
How do you prepare for 'Cardiac Hill'?
Training for the Road Race in a tee! Earn it!
3.2 miles of heartbreak hills. Take that Peachtree Road Race.
It will be near 80 today. How hot is too hot for you to run outside?
Training for the Peachtree Road race was been humbling - are you running the marathon?
Listening to my favorite Sublime songs! Training for Peachtree Road race continues tomorrow!
With a thin Democrat bench in Georgia, the “non partisan” Democratic Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed is in many ways the “last Democrat standing.” Assured reelection to the Mayor’s office this November, we sat down with him and ask him about the Savannah Port, security for the Peachtree Road Race in t...
Peachtree Road Race 10k is the main one for this summer. There will be a few others and lake Spivey Road Race 15k in the fall.
I am excited...I will be running in the Peachtree Road Race, July 4! I'm filling in for Matt DeFoor, who can't make it. Sorry, but yahoo!
Come in and text to win a spot in the Peachtree Road Race..only at Mellow! Grab a Miller 64 while you're at it!
Support me in raising money for children as I run the Peachtree Road Race 10K for St Jude's cancer research
Who's joining for AJC Peachtree Road Race? DONATE whatever you can & help us raise $ for ! :) RT
Paint Georgia Pink’s mission is to help with direct assistance to those in need that are uninsured, under insured and under served in Atlanta and the state of Georgia who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
running through molasses: or, how do you survive the AJC Peachtree in the July heat:
Officially began training for the Peachtree Road Race last night. Looking forward to knocking this off the bucket list
Already thinking about your pre-race meal? Enter to win the AJC Peachtree Road Race Experience!
FundRace for BoMF at the AJC Peachtree Road Race !! Get your PRR number, run with a purpose and celebrate with...
Although more than a few runners track their progress through apps like RunKeeper, it's doubtful that many of them like reaching for their smartphones
Poll: Ban backpacks at Peachtree Road Race...they Should ban road race.
Things I have said: Runners are crazy I’m only running to de-stress, I’m not doing any races or anything like that.
You will be able to register for three separate events through this page: IWAS 5K Road Race 2013 World Championships Cedartown, IWAS 10K Road Race 2013 World Ch
this is no joke, I really won a spot in the Peachtree Road Race last year with Crystal Springs Water contest.
Registration: Walk For the Women We Love at Trible Mill Park in Lawrenceville, GA benefiting For the Women We Love
Please join MARTA Bus Operator, Tracey Stegall, as she shows us around Midtown Station and the surrounding area. Piedmont Park events draw large crowds to Midtown Station, especially the annual Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. The Georgia Tech campus is on the other side of the 75/85 Connector and the Tech Trolley travels back & forth between campus and Midtown Station every 15 minutes. Both local and regional buses connect commuters to Midtown employment and tourist destinations. There is even a Zip car available for members.
Mayor: Peachtree Road Race to be disruptive as intense security added: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says to expect...
Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed vows for enhanced security at Peachtree Road Race.
I will be repping Boston at this year's Peachtree Road Race... just got an inspiring email from the atl track club.
I officially registered for my first 10k -- I might regret this, but Peachtree Road Race, here I come!
Ive been doing 5k road races in my "everyday" wheelchair for about a year and would like to make the jump up to longer races. These races require race wheelchairs. My overall goal is to compete in the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Ga. The picture is of me crossing the finish line of a 5K.
Take the 12th Annual Chattahoochee Challenge this Saturday and qualify for the Peachtree Road Race!
Searching for photographer Chuck Rogers. (Atlanta Peachtree Road Race Runners in the Rain 1984 Nike billboard) Anyone?
So I know that after the Princess I want to run the Peachtree Road Race...but what else should I do?
AJC Peachtree Road Race lottery registration opens Mar. 15: ATLANTA -- It's almost time to sign up for the 2013 AJC...
In an effort to continue our trim down, Michael Bryant and I have decided to train for the Peachtree Road Race! This might not be a big deal to a lot of you, but we are not long distance runners...we stick to 2 or 3 miles usually. So this is going to be a huge deal for us! Looking forward to getting my run on!!!
GREAT NEWS!!! NO RAIN, SLEET, OR SNOW in the forecast for the 2013 RUN FOR ANGEL'S in Newnan, GA this SAT., FEB. 2nd!! Come join the fun.You'll be glad you did!! All proceeds go to Angel's House Children's Shelter!! REGISTER TODAY @ for the 1 mile, 5K or 10K (Peachtree Road Race Qualifiers!) through historic downtown Newnan! DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! DO IT BECAUSE YOU CAN!! JUST DO IT!!!
Wow, I got 52 people to like my status - you are all getting a mile before July 4th this year, when I will be doing my 7th Peachtree Road Race!
March 15 is the first day to register for the peachtree road race! Who's signing up with me?!?!?
Everyone is welcome to take part in the Cupcake Road Race benefiting The Place of Forsyth. Whether you are a walker, runner, or stroller you will earn a cupcake
After a Great cardio-aerobic burn nothing like a good salad before bed
Savage Race Florida Fall 2012 Official Video Savage Race is an extreme 5-6 mile obstacle course mud run race built to challenge the...
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