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Pax Americana

Pax Americana (Latin for American Peace ) is a term applied to the historical concept of relative peace in the Western hemisphere and later the Western world resulting from the preponderance of power enjoyed by the United States starting around the turn of the 19th to 20th century.

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Cl ST: Beware of Old Thinking in a New Order - World order is shifting. The outgoing one — Pax Americana — rest...
Once more around the bases for this review of PAX AMERICANA from my friends at Live Oak Review. Thanks especially...
We live in dangerous times. The post-war order established by the Allies (Pax Americana) has been wea…
Is Pax Americana still possible when the president doesn't know what he's doing? Qatar should be leading headlines.
Outside the fever delirium of NYT and WAPO Pax, Americana seems to be recovering from the Obama vacation from history.
Did I just hear Canadian foreign minister deliver eulogy for Pax Americana? How quickly the winds of heaven change!
When stupid Americans think pax americana is good. Don't realise its dead
Pax Americana is unlikely to be an equilibrium. A move back to state sovereignty seems inevitable. Might take a while though.
While a US president retreats from talk of pax Americana, Australia’s PM & FM still talk of US of the past 
One argument I didn't have room to take up: Maybe the Pax Americana should go, so that a less artificial ME equilibrium can be established.
"Like the sly wink of James Bond novel as directed by Tarantino at his most manic." On PAX AMERICANA…
It's that pax Americana one where he basically goes "America is an empire and it owns"
What's going in international politics is the end of the Pax Americana project and the neo-con/neo-lib dream of Democratic Peace Theory.
Yes but the immediate result of a clean slate is that it's everyone's game again, everyone makes t…
YellowBelly cowardice by Democrats,&members of Pax Americana 4th Estate,has allowed Trump…
Pax Americana (&little European allies) doesn't seem to have done a great deal of good to Iraq. How many died since "import" of democracy?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Subtle Strategic Pivot to Post Pax Americana: "Warning of U.S. desertion, EU chief calls for European defence"...
Great review of PAX AMERICANA by Jan Elizabeth Watson for
We’re bringing the to you with our Acre in a Box Salad. . For reservations:
Pax Americana is crumbling right before our eyes
JFK - “What kind of Peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American Weapons of War...?”
Unlike the British or French colonies, the American Empire Pax Americana does not appoint Viceroys or Governors...
Considering the world after the end of Pax Americana
1914-45 is how Pax Britanica became Pax Americana. Corbyn sees post-45 Pax Americans as synonymous with…
Pax Americana in Europe is now invaded by MiddleEast & Africa on order of…
Woot. PAX AMERICANA gets a rave review from Electric Literature and Jan Elizabeth Watson.
For the first time in years of, a major Western leader has stated that Europe can no longer rely on US leadership
Electric Lit with a glowing review of PAX AMERICANA.
Kurt Baumeister's satirical novel, Pax Americana, waxes dystopian, hilarity ensues in an even more bizarre America…
Pax Americana is facing similar fate: The rise of...
Pax Romana ended in 180 BC, Pax Britannica in 1914, and today Pax Americana, held together by the common vision of…
Pax Americana is beginning, and like Pax Romana, you can accept it, of we can conquer you
Worth remembering war is the normal in Europe. Not even during Pax Romana and Pax Americana was Europe entirely peaceful.
I always have a feeling that Pax Americana has a lot of similarities to Pax Romana.
The end of Pax Americana marks big changes for globalization and is leading us into an unpredictable & volatile era…
“I think we can definitely say that the Pax Americana is over as of 2016,” Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group:
Sept 2000: The think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC) writes the blueprint for a global “Pax Americana.”
You will in time. Caesar Trump reigneth eternal, forever and ever, across the stars, only Trump can bring Pax Americana
Eternal Caesar Trump? He who will bring Pax Americana to the world? Nay he makes waifus real
Better than Pax Americana? That would be a pretty amazing book.
But we were able to exist within a Pax Americana, an exception to the rule of life being brutish and short
The thing that disturbs me is that after 70 years of Pax Americana people in such positions talk of it like 4th graders.
After WW2, US could buy up European land, labor and capital for a nickle on the $. That paved the way for Pax Americana.
Reading BEFORE WATCHMEN after Morrison did it better in "Pax Americana" is stunning
When the whole point is that they're so different it's ridiculous that they'd team up. Which is also the joke of "Pax Americana"
Reading multiversity now. So far there are a few things to say bout pax americana but..thunderwold adv > Pax americ.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bi-Bi of course! Who else? or are you suggesting it is something else? like PAX-AMERICANA?
Well, Pax Americana's claim to the universal& a-historical moral highground is founded on the liberation of Auschwitz.
Unlike the First World War, WWII shaped the United States and created the latter 20th century's Pax Americana.
its not the Fed its the. goddamned $ to get rid of.then you and your wars are Pax Americana more.multipolar world
Many thanks to CultureMap for all the love and Houston at large for all of their support! Go TEAM PAX-AM!
Last nights 2016 Tastemaker Awards in Houston presented Pax Americana w/ Restaurant of the Year. Their dish was...
Thankyou. Facism lite, but still Facism. I have argued this point for months. Uncharted water for the pax Americana
Pax Americana, Fluff Bake Bar + more take home wins at this year's Tastemaker Awards
Pax Americana and the Weaponization of SpaceviaMakes sense.
Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space via Makes sense.
Pax Americana is your baby, I'm afraid. If you can't maintain it ... expect and look for leakage.
The camera eats first. Roasted Beets In Syrup at Pax Americana Restaurant in Houston, TX -
By "Peace" are you referring to Reagan's wars? the Clinton's wars? the Bushes wars? Obama's wars? "PAX Americana" is a LIE!
as I said, Pax Americana globally, with soft touch federalism at home.
no. A a fan of Bob Gates and Pax Americana...
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you forgot coppa osteria or uchi or Pax Americana you sleep
Dark Shia humor... Like the gallows of Revolutionary France... Pax Americana's last days??
Pax Americana facing some deadly challenges & as cost of federal programs rises, the imperial reach is decreasing.
I mean think of shows like a Pax Americana world or a Question show? the Secret Six? Hitman?
"Pax Americana" in the region is dead"-- US doesn't call all the shots in the Gulf anymore. --
Trump is burning Pax Americana boats, boat by boat.
Got a weird hankering to reread Pax Americana but I've got a bunch of writing and stuff to do tonight :|
July 23- Without Pax Americana in the Middle East, a Saudi–Iranian Arms Race Is All but Inevitable via
It's really interesting that the borders of the Arab world will have to be decide by the West, pax americana
Latour is sketching out a kind of Marcus Aurelius model of leadership for a new [neoliberal?] Pax Americana
It ended up resulting in Pax Americana. Could have turned out a lot worse.
- And what about American soldiers enforcing Pax Americana now?
Pax Americana:. Good god, I only had half an idea of those since 1945 & none before. Freedom is definitely relative
We see reflected in world affairs, the odious effect of PAX Americana; which is of itself a reflection of U.S' dysfunctional social model
I added a video to a playlist Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space
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it's true, the end of the Pax Americana is near
As Obama gloats on a war crime that set the trend for "Pax Americana", Russia, not Big Isle forced Japan's surrender
oh man do so. SuperObama is a main character. Morrison's Pax Americana "Watchmen" pastiche is one of best single issues ever
And as long as the Pax Americana is preserved, no one will question it.
Dear Mr. Comey, Hope shared PAX AMERICANA analysis. Keep up the good work! SEE you soon -- Love KELLI 😘
Behold a new secular saint has arisen in the western seas - Barack as Emperor Napoleon of the Liberal Pax Americana
Sukma: isn't interested in sustaining Pax Americana or the emergence of Pax Sino (or Sincia? No one speaks Gre…
by Judge Hal Moroz ... AVAILABLE in Paperback & on Kindle!. via
Indonesia doesn't support Pax Americana or Pax Sinica but Pax-ASEANa is unrealistic. Need strategic autonomy - Rizal Sukma…
Peace Revolution episode 091: Pax Americana / Manufacturing Terrorism from Operation Cyclone to 9-11.
Peace Revolution episode 091: Pax Americana / Manufacturing Terror from Operation Cyclone to ISIS | Tragedy and Hope
Pax Americana (Latin for "American Peace", modeled after Pax Britannica and Pax Romana)
Pax Romana Pax Britannia and Pax Americana are all examples of Imperial Power that once kept world peace, but all failed.
Un-American rubbish. Sure CitiGroup isn't Swiss, or Canadian, or worse? "CITI: Pax Americana at End
with a Marxist POTUS determined to end the Pax Americana? No way
When Globalization Fails: The Rise and Fall of Pax Americana. by James Macdonald - Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
Four-dimensional? If that doesn't mean I can read it forwards and backwards ala Pax Americana I'll be sorely disappointed!
Fearfully Presents. Secret Crisis: Deathstroke. Pax Americana maintains the peace in Domain-4.
Just a few days ago, CitiGroup released a new report that reads like an alarm klaxton sounding the end of the...
publishes her Global Political Risk report, see the FT's take
Nothing says Pax Americana quite like carnage in Iraq except if it is Libya or Syria or.
With EU & Euro fragmenting, incoming aliens, U.S. "out", revert to History?
more evidence of the impending doom of the Pax Americana?
A declining "Pax Americana" poses threats to global security and prosperity if no nation signals "Can" to succeed Woodrow Wilson's legacy
DTN Stock Market: Prepare for the Post Pax-Americana era, says Citi: Students of the Roman Empire will know al...
The has already picked up on Citibank's big Global Political Risk report that and I co-authored.
A world post-Pax Americana? Check out and my big Global Political Risk report for
Pax Americana. The world according to stock market.
CITI: Everything you learned about how the world works is probably wrong
they (GOP) display an insufferable rhetoric, confoundingly unpatriotic, disparaging principle, eviserating pax Americana.
we lost it to the Pax Americana, you do as we do and all will be fine Not!
execellent read! This may very well be Pax Americana?
Auswitsch has been the moral highground of Pax Americana.
Pax Americana`s moral highground has always been Auswitsch...
Pax Americana: the United States as Global Hegemon or Imperialist in Disguise?: . A downward trend in pre...
Pax Americana would also replace the old order as Europeans were battered during World War II.
Great analysis of possibly the best comic ever.
Very good article on the state of U.S. relations in the Middle East.
and Zionist papers like a clean break plus pax Americana which is penned by Zionist neo cons? No?
I am familiar with that report. I wrote a rebuttal to it after it came out.
"Mankind will come together, reunited between these fluffy buns. Forget Pax Americana, this is Pax Hamburgana!". Love you, Miller.
Really excellent. A pretty dense read overall. Pax Americana was was pick for best single issue of 2014.
Paralysis. policy stems from an emphatic rejection of Pax Americana.
. my point-- this isnt an endless loop. PAX Americana is undergoing entropic decay. demographically PAX is inevitable
CONCUR: '..A U.S.-led military operation against ISIS, for instance, would no doubt produce impressive and gratifyin…
Wasn't this the basis for Grant Morrison's Pax Americana?
also I don't think we should be content with Pax Americana, we should strive for and expect international peace, however difficult
Pax Americana isn't going to last, America is regressing in their cultural views, it'll only lead to more division and bigotry
All superpowers are corrupt, just be thankful for relative stability of Pax Americana. The past was much bloodier than it is now.
The disorienting shadow of Pax Americana's waning has birthed the cynical Gen Xer and apathetic Millennial.
I'm of an age that when the radio cuts out during good weather, I just assume we're in the last 45 minutes of Pax Americana.
Cannae get over this spread from 'Pax Americana', the before, the murder, the crime scene investigation, all at once
Pax Americana is the result of our nation's messiah complex.
The case for a constructive American pullback from the Middle East:
Pax Americana is preferable to me than Pax China
.How terrified are you? Trump is rising. You cannot stump him. PAX AMERICANA, CONTRA MUNDUM. DEI GRATIA.
The Multiversity would be my pick for the , specifically 'Pax Americana' which is one of the best comics in years.
'“Pax Americana” in the Middle East has comprehensively failed' – time for a new global strategy to defeat
Must read: A new strategy for US & Allies to crush in a post pax Americana World
I've never put stock in the "decline of Pax Americana" narrative, but I don't see much pushing in the other direction.
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A post “Pax Americana” Middle East & the need for a new strategy to crush
“Pax Americana” in the Middle East has comprehensively failed. The West needs a radically new strategy.
Middle East & Muslim history is like that of U.S./American Indians. We can't expect a Pax Americana w/our misdeeds.
Only effective solution (re-establishing patriarchy) will never get in before Pax Americana blows up.
The Pax Americana is quickly slipping away and if we don't reel it back in, our grandchildren will curse our names.
People REALLY don't like to be told that the Pax Americana is ending. Especially progressives, oddly enough.
The world ought to fear Pax Americana, not a Russian military presence in Syria.
What do you mean, "thinks of itself"... Ever since we won the big one, it's all us! It's been classy Pax Americana all the way!
What countries produced wars and refugee crisis? Criminals and murders now silent or philistines. Is this Pax Americana?
Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space via
Multicultural society cannot scale up forever. Whig version of history is false. We are at beginning of end of Pax Americana.
yes, America is an Empire and Pax Americana is better than the coming global Anarchy.
The Contribution of American Allies to Pax Americana: submitted by tinderreject [link] [...
Japan's totalitarian Govt is aim to version of Pax-Americana.
I could not be prouder of our Pax Americana family! . TEAM PAX-AM is honored to be nominated this year for My...
Looking back at ME in past decade, the way US has maintained circle of friends and contained militants is impressive!!! Pax Americana?
Pax Americana is proud to participate in Flavors of Houston benefitting The American Liver Foundation... —...
Assim se mantém a PAX AMERICANA = Here's how the US military spends its billions
if so then nobody will care about US credibility. Pax Americana will end forever.
`Gibbon described six attributes that Pax Americana, oops, Rome, embodied at its end`.
After Cold War w/ USSR ended, we enjoyed Pax Americana awoke us up from on 9/11.We over-reacted for decade & recovering for next decade.
comprehensive Middle East settlement and for a ‘new world order’ based not on Pax Americana but on peace through law with a stronger U.N. an
So much for their vaunted Here's to another generation of Western dominance under Pax Americana
For those who pine for a world post Pax Americana: There are far, far worse things than having your comms monitored.
We used to be the world's policeman and we had the PAX Americana. Obama stopped that and now the world is coming apart at the seams.
Grab some Scribe Cabernet this weekend at Pax Americana
No more pax americana. Make way for Pax Suomi!
40% done with The Wise Men, by Walter Isaacson: "The paladin of a pax americana". I have n...
new comic: Pax Americana, old comic: Elektra Lives Again, best movie of 2015 (so far): either BLACKHAT or SPY
The Question from Morrison and Quitley's Pax Americana is the real winner
MT Pax Britania: Control of the Sea ::Pax Americana: Control of the Net
MakingHistoryII: So much for the Monroe Doctrine - Pax Americana instead? …
DC looking fab in the snow. Dinner on vibrant U Street. Wine bar. Demetri Martin in Lincoln Theatre. Life is good during Pax Americana.
If you can't find it at a store, Pax Americana has them for $15 (not much above retail).
I should read that. I enjoyed this issue less than (obviously) Pax Americana, in part because I didn't see the understructure.
Always gotta have some perpetual excuse to fund the war machine & pax Americana
Photoset: spoiledcomics: Blue Beetle should know better than reason with The Question. (via The...
Coming in the Directors Cut, which is now of the Pax Americana issue, not
Honestly besides Pax Americana and Thunderworld, the series has not been all that. :-\
Nice. The only issue I have now is Pax Americana. Loved it. I'll pick up the rest
Also know as Grant Morrison's Superman Red son 'Me too' issue. Whereas the watchmen homage of Pax Americana was mind mending
Pax Americana. "America in Retreat" by Depressing reality but ending with so much hope. I love inhabiting Bret's world.
Ah wow, just read that it's the Pax Americana issue of Multiversity getting the Director's Cut edition now...😃
The Pax Americana is Dead | Hoover Institution Can we not rebuild our military for our safety? Proverbs 21:31
True. History discussed in detail in When Globalization Fails: the Rise and Fall of Pax Americana.
OH: "It's like all substation network security was designed during the Pax Americana."
will no longer tolerate Pax Americana and even the mere assumption of a unipolar western world.
Pax Americana did it as well. It's a really cool idea.
Green Arrow/Lantern of the 70s is totally Nite Owl and Rorschach (and Beetle/Question from PAX AMERICANA)
PAX AMERICANA; and the decline and fall of the American
sides with Russia over indicating it will no longer tolerate "Pax Americana" in the world
you should try Pax Americana they have like five things on their menu lol! I'm like that with clothing stores though!
PAX AMERICANA. Power hungry and the current decline and morally.
LCS having a sale. So picked this up. Adore Pax Americana. And how could I say no to that cover.
The Road from Westphalia by Jessica T. Mathews | The New York Review of Books - how Pax Americana has misfired
New Pax Americana is trendiest newbie—a hip bistro for foodies.
Sometimes brutal Pax Britannica faded into history after WWII, 'Semi' Democratic Pax Americana picked up pieces.
Man, beyond having the single best issue of last year (Pax Americana), Multiversity is just the best. THE BEST, Jerry, the best.
- . we effectively live under Pax Americana any way don't we?
Bruins. Check. Leafs. Check. Red Wings. Check. This is like the Pax Americana for the Habs.
we run all those countries you listed. Period. They live in our world and thats that. pax-americana. Im out.
Pax Americana, of the The betrayed the
He posts very interesting progress stuff like this
sacrifices Pax Americana and reaps the hideous whirlwind of global jihad.
No point even waiting for a revolution, or any change. The US is lost, and dying. The Pax Americana was the twentieth century.
I will be working on in in a few weeks. Looking forward to your thts.
Cool. I remember seeing your Pax Americana post and will try to dive in to find some others later. Thanks!
Maybe will call for a Global Pax Americana & a new Pearl Harbor to help the world...Oh, right.
As many weeks go buy, Pax Americana and The Dying and The Dead are books I continue to look over again and again.
Pax Americana. Thunderworld. The Multiversity Guidebook. Marc, who teaches at Howard, is the author of a book on...
First arc of Ultimate Spider-man. But I have read Pax Americana like 12 times now
Sorry, Pax Americana fans, but Chris Zylka is still the prettiest thing Frank Quitely ever drew.
Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's riff on Watchmen - Pax Americana - is incredibly good. I can't stop reading it.
I finally read Grant Morrison's Multiversity: Pax Americana. He and Frank Quitely are operating at 8 levels above...
Okay, Pax Americana was as fantastic as everyone said. *** well done
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Pax Americana to give way to a new world order
The Guns of August Israel Shamir On the Pushkin square in central Moscow, McDonald’s, this symbol of Pax Americana, has been shut down this week. It was opened 23 years ago, as the USSR collapsed, and the unipolar world of One Superpower came into being. Soviet people queued for hours to get in and try this divine foreign food. They were so innocent, so inexperienced, the Russians of yesteryear! For 23 long years, the US has ruled the world alone, while McDonald’s served its burgers. Meanwhile Russia has changed. McDonalds is no longer an attraction for world-weary Muscovites. Across the Pushkin square, there is now another fashionable eatery, Café Pouchkine, serving the best Russian haute cuisine. In a *** for-tat, the cheeky Russians had established a new Café Pouchkine in Paris, on Boulevard St Germain, teaching the French the joys of Russian cooking. The Americans did not accept the challenge lightly. Kill Putin, called American pundits. They proposed to strike against Russian forces from the NA ...
but that is imo exactly the role the US wants to play...pax Americana.
I'll go with you anytime. ANYTIME. I'll keep y'all updated on those Pax Americana reservations.
Loved the vibe at Pax Americana last nite. Concise menu, great food, good service, beautiful interior. Go.
Heartfelt gratitude to Pax Americana for this contribution to
single handedly putting an end to Pax Americana.What we see is just the beginning.The vacuum left by American retreat will be filled
Oh yes, it only took slavery and the genocide of most of the indigenous people. Pax Americana, indeed
Good that Arnab didn't buy the promise of Pax Americana that WSJ journo is peddling. via
. The USA still created the pax americana... ewe irrelevancy...
*** great Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, Pax Americana will end before.
Eg [new war is] "perhaps not a return to Pax Americana but...reassertion of a superpower that even its adversaries quietly seem to welcome."
pax britannica fell and so will pax americana the NEW PAX JUDAICA will be the next world power soon
So what hedge would you use against the breakup of Pax Americana?
Prucent investment policy says not to make a bet & most allocations are betting on Pax Americana.
Are you betting against Pax Americana? Or are you just flapping your jaws?
No, you're probably betting on the continuation of Pax Americana. Just remember what happened to Pax Britannia
Pax Americana, eh? If you get a chance, int dissection of US foreign policy
Funny how pro-Islamic terrorists videos have come home to roost for Obama ruining his faux pax Americana.
You never really do, no. Especially not with Pax Americana in full swing. "Brother's keeper" in office.
Thanks for all the love and support for our feisty little upstart!!!...
Pax Americana, or share the same fate as Corinth...
Pax Americana, everybody winds up being very peaceful at the graveyard ...
How come pax Americana can't last as long as Pax Romana. That is possibly why they are working towards a "global government agenda". Hmn
The world needs a little Pax Romana, Pax Britannica or even [*sigh*] Pax Americana. Somebody has to step up and do some policing of roguery.
Plinio Sandalio OUT at Pax Americana: He's no longer co-chef at the new Montrose restaurant.Plinio Sandalio is...
Us not staying in those places caused more wars. I believe in a sort of Pax Americana, where the US is the war
Well, ending up The 5th Republic of France/USA is a liberty. Debt government of Pax Americana of Bates Treaty...
I pray for the day we can stop bombing other people. I pray for Pax Americana.
Tell us something we don't already know about 'pax americana'; the illusion of the fungible hegemon
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“Should do more to promote world peace?
US wasn't on a 'maintain Pax Americana' mission back then
I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd pass a code my way! I've been a BioWare diehard since KotOR 1!
Before and after at PAX-AM! Great to see old friends and make new ones tonight! — at Pax Americana
These clowns are desperate to foist pax americana. Even islam couldn't destroy Indo-China, what to talk of evangelists.
March of 'Pax Americana' in the heart of Moscow. Out of sync with the eurasian times.
I saved Ferelden from the Blight. I saved Kirkwall from the Right of Annulment. and I will stop the Fade in
Should do more to promote world peace?
Joschka Fischer om Europas ansvar: "Europe must do more for collective security"
a comment from someone named Flicker from the National Review Online August 22, 2014 6:00 PM Barbarism Endures Progressives can’t wish away human nature. By Charles C. W. Cooke Flicker • FWIW, three headlines: One: Does Anyone Really Believe Abortion Is Murder? Two: PICK ONE of the various headlines expressing shock at a videoed beheading. Three: Can We Call ISIS Evil? The first argued that if a right-wing anti-abortion congressman can try to coerce his wife and mistress into having abortions then he can’t really consider abortion to be murder. Of course it’s murder. Murderers know murder is murder, and they do it anyway. Abortion just happens to be LEGAL. The only thing that stops murderers is the civil authority and the social stigma. And when those are gone so is most of the conscience liberated. The second showed a tremendous naïveté and ignorance about the human condition: Technology and the Pax Americana have lulled the Western world into thinking that evolution can refit the human mind in ...
The Right does not believe in National Defence so much as Imperialism and Perpetual War. Pax Americana ?
Bret Stephens rephrases the Geopolitical Taper as the "Post-Pax Americana World" -- the trend of the year: via
THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN!. The last step in the decline & fall of Pax Americana. will come when the Jews make incest/child sex legal.
First run of coppa out of cure and destined for your bellies. @ Pax Americana
This is an excellently written analysis that is worth the time to read:
Soon America will not have the power to ensure "Pax Americana". Not military power - but economic power is eroding
The Death of the Pax Americana: the Realist? via
Interesting read, even if I only agree with part of it: The Post-Pax Americana World
is con artist vs Pax Americana partially about our troops getting screwed over? If so thank you for the support cause we sure do
"We are not in a post-American world of diminishing U.S. influence. We are in a post-Pax Americana world of...
From today's WSJ editorial: "Pax Americana comes with many headaches. But we can think of no other global order...
The Post-Pax Americana World …The 'axis of weakness' have a nose for American leaders' irresolution to use power
Zinger of the week by "Iran is a Third World country trying to master 70-year old technology." Smart
Bret Stephens: The Post-Pax Americana World via brilliant and yet so obvious to see...
you know what i think the US should do. Stay out of it. Tired of Pax Americana
US cld destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure in a week-long bombing but Fearing war we will not=>Iran will get a bomb
Fearing entanglement we do not [blunt ISIS offensv] and so we risk acceding to the creation of an Islamic caliphate.
…"The world is less violent than its ever been"-last month, a day or so after Mosul fell to ISIS 😳.
NYC's GDP is 3 Times the size of Iran's.
Don't think so - it's just incompetence as opposed to strategy. The Post-Pax Americana World
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This is Obama's stated goal for USA and world what the Left live for > The Post-Pax Americana World | RealClearWorld
Bret Stephens: The Post-Pax Americana World - perfectly stated insights into the ugliest presidency of our times
The Post Pax Americana World: Still an American world, with a president who disdains American power: My WSJ column:
Who needs foreign policy when the arc of history is bending your way?.
The Post-Pax Americana World Mr. Obama may imagine his red lines are still credible but our competitors know better.
"Ours is still an American world, but it is presided over by a president who doesn't believe in American power."
"Fearing unforeseen consequences [of killing Assad] we did not, and so we got the foreseeable consequence" of I.S.
I learned two new terms today: "New Russia" and "maskirovka". The first is from Putin as he was complaining about how eastern and southern Ukraine were part of Czarist Russia till 1920 (which they were) and were unfairly given to Ukraine implying they belong to the "New Russia". The second means "masked warfare" which is designed to create civil unrest and then confuse your opponents and their allies as to your what goals are and allows you to adjust your tactics based on how much resistance and support you get from the local population... but no tanks or planes or artillery. If you are an Eastern European nation you might want to look up your borders with Russia dating back to the Czarist times. It is safe to say the Pax Americana which led to relatively stable borders in Europe has been issued a direct challenge. The funny thing is that Pax Americana has been the exception. Nations have always stolen each others land and we might just be going back to that normal state of affairs... which is alarming!
. As libs eagerly destroy the Pax Americana, they would do well to consider what followed the fall of Rome.
It's true: I'd have the pax Americana put a stop to this Pictish separatist nonsense if I could. [via
“Who appointed USA the world's prefect?” Before it was pax Britannica for British era now it's Pax Americana for USA
David Brin My new posting covers many political issues! Is Pax Americana coming to an end? How will Fox spin the hugely successful car mileage standards and how AIG and Fannie and Freddie just paid back every cent of taxpayer aid and are now pouring troves of profit? What is government actually good for? And what's range of roles that are appropriate for government? Another zip through the tenacity-course of ideas!
Looking at what's going on the world, I'm really glad to be living in the USA. Take the Ukraine for example. The pictures coming out of Kiev are ones of darkness and fire and barricades and riot police. Some of these look like it's World War 1 over there. At least here we have some sense of civility. Our most "wild" protests are ones like the Occupy movement whose worst crimes are pooping in public parks. We disagree about many things this side of the world, but at least our wider instinct isn't to throw Molotov Cocktails, baseball bats studded with nails, fireworks (I.e. explosives), or to exchange gunshots. Understand, I do have some sympathy for the protesters and I see it as part of a greater historical struggle, but is it really worth killing people and ruining families and inflicting pain? We've got it so nice here. What do they call it? Pax Americana? I'm so grateful for it.
The humbug apologist for the Not-A-Vassal-State theory should double-check the T&C on his Pax Americana Reinsurance policy. What a moron.
the greatest prize for AFRICOM and its goal to plant a PAX AMERICANA in Africa would be when it succeeds the most strategic country, NIGERIA
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The chickens are coming home to roost on our profligate spending and borrowing. The Pax Americana is ending.
so that's it until Morrison and Quitely finally gives us Pax Americana
US v China: is this the new cold war? By Geoff Dyer The new era of military competition in the Pacific will become the defining geopolitical contest of the 21st century To the list of industries now dominated by China, there is one surprising new entry: Miss World. Beauty contests were banned in China by Mao Zedong as one of the worst forms of western decadence but their bland internationalism appeals to modern China’s desire to be included. Of the last 10 Miss World pageants, five have been held at the seaside resort of Sanya, on subtropical Hainan island, off China’s south coast. While the Miss World show is in town, the swimsuit photo shoots take place across the road, at the Sheraton Sanya Resort, which looks out on to the white sands of Yalong Bay, a crescent-shaped cove lined with palm trees. With a Ritz-Carlton on one side and a Marriott on the other, Yalong Bay is a transplant of multi­national tourism on China’s southernmost point. The resort has become hugely ­popular with prosperous Chi ...
Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty. - 1960 What does justice require? In the end, it requires liberty. - 1963 The mission is to create a new social order, rounded on liberty and justice, in which men are the masters of their fate, in which states are the servants of their citizens, and in which all men and women can share a better life for themselves and their children. That is the object of our common policy. To realize this vision, we must seek a world of peace--a world in which peoples dwell together in mutual respect and work together in mutual regard--a world where peace is not a mere interlude between wars, but an incentive to the creative energies of humanity. We will not find such a peace today, or even tomorrow. The obstacles to hope are large and menacing. Yet the goal of a peaceful world--today and tomorrow-must shape our decisions and inspire our purposes. So we are all idealists. We are al ...
- attack on checkpoint leaves 19 Afghan dead {Ah! The Pax (is it pox)
turned spying into highly profitable enterprise like war,so enabling ultimate control of Fourth Reich dominions a.k.a pax americana
Minimum wage should be raised to ten dollars and be indexed to inflation. Obamacare is a mess up. Should regulate insurance companies and banks instead. Biden should do what he does best. Make NATO bomb Russia and Iran. And take out some terrorists and communists. Pax Americana!
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