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Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino (born as Michael Paulo Lingbanan Avelino on May 13, 1988) is a Filipino actor, model and television host.

Bea Alonzo Maja Salvador Jake Cuenca Angel Locsin Sam Milby Coco Martin Heneral Luna Jericho Rosales John Lloyd Cruz Joseph Marco Eugene Domingo Shaina Magdayao Julia Barretto Xian Lim Enchong Dee James Reid Nadine Lustre Jason Abalos

Given name:Paulo Avelino. Given by:Pristine. Hug him:soon!. Kiss him:soon!. Talk to him:soon!. Give a name:Hitler!!!
Sorry for irrationally hating your face I still have moments. Especially with Paulo Avelino *shudders*
Woah you do look like Paulo Avelino
Paulo Avelino is in the stadium which is infront of the hinoba-an booth 😿
Ohh' I think there will be a next teleserye for Bea Alonzo & Paulo Avelino. Good choice dhil my chemistry rin ang BeaPau.
Had a mini attack and decided to check out Paulo Avelino pics and now I am ok. Look at the transformation
JUST IN: Paulo Avelino and Coco Martin win Best TVSeries Lead Actor for Bridges of Love & Ang Probinsyano.
she also said in tv patrol, she wish to work with Paulo Avelino and JLC. Best choice. SPIRITED CARGLEN.
Omooo 😱😱 just saw her interview sa tv patrol saying she wanted to work with Paulo Avelino! Gahh! 😍😍😍this is it!
Ritz says, she wana work with Paulo Avelino and JLC. Good Choice, i must say. SPIRITED CARGLEN
Aside from Coco, Ritz also wants to work with Paulo Avelino and John Lloyd Cruz.
Paulo Avelino, you gorgeous human being. 💕
Is there a chance for Paulo Avelino to appear? He's always interesting whether he is in or he is not in uniform.
Why Simon is a better choice for Leah? Because Simon is Paulo Avelino. Why isn't Simon the best choice for Leah? BECAUSE HE'S PAULO AVELINO
that moment when I realized Paulo Avelino is actually an OTAKU. SAY WHUT?
Does this puppet show involve LizQuen, Jadine or Paulo Avelino? 😂
After knowing how Gregorio del Pillar died, I'm now looking forward to the movie of Del pillar that will be portrayed by Paulo Avelino 😂
OTWOL Paulo Avelino became his Bridges of Love character in that moment
I hate Simon Evangelista in the same level as I love Paulo Avelino. And I love Paulo Avelino to death! 😄.
Paulo Avelino is the only Papa P for me 😘😝😝
When Simon aka Paulo Avelino special role in the last six nights all I'm praying is to end ,ikr guapo ka but pls go
Blogged: Paulo Avelino has message for JaDine, OTWOL fans
Partying with Puentes de Amor's Paulo Avelino and our very own Simon Evangelista.
Outtakes from OTWOL SF shoot where James Reid and Paulo Avelino started jamming to a car driving by, blasting to 50's "P.I.M.P." Priceless.
12/10 was SO GOOD (+ got spicy tuna for free and was beside PAULO AVELINO) 😳💯
Avon welcomes new celebrity ambassadors Jodi Sta. Maria, Paulo Avelino, and Maine Mendoza
*our prof talking how the Americans looted Gregorio del Pilar's clothes* . Me (to Alexa): So nakahubad si Paulo Avelino??!!???!!
Accoustic duet with either Sam Milby or Paulo Avelino .KIMCHIU FuntasyConcert April9
Paulo Avelino tied with Coco Martin, who got the same recognition for Bridges of Love. . Congrats Simon :).
When the character of Simon was created, the team's first and unanimous choice was Paulo Avelino.
Once again congrats bigly Paulo Avelino,you deserve it
Paulo Avelino. best performance by an Actor.
Congrats Paulo Avelino for winning best actor!.
Paulo Avelino on LJ-Paolo fomance: I'm happy for them: Paulo Avelino will spend Valentine's Day on the plane '... https…
John Laroza, with the eyes of Paulo Avelino and lips of Jake Cuenca, you look like James Reid!
Paulo Avelino & Maja Salvador are the best actor and actress on Kenyan TV! See poll results!.
Paulo Avelino with that specs is killing me
Paulo Avelino and Nadine Lustre pics together pleaaase!.
Will you like Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador to become real couple in real-life?. Both of them starred in a...
I would really love to see Paulo Avelino and Nadine Lustre in a RomCom. Bubbly girl meets boy sungit!
please vote KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino. Thank you!
Paulo Avelino On the wings of love taping.
You are the sweetness in our lives. . Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador with the fans. Hope to see…
Jusko Paulo Avelino omg how to live *** please
"Paulo Avelino" was a trending topic in Philippines at rank 10 for duration 20m .
"Paulo Avelino" shows up as trending topic in Philippines at rank 10.
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I'm happy & thankful that JaDine & Paulo Avelino works together in this project with Solid. Thanks
sister: ate i am banning u from watching anything that involves paulo avelino. me: HOW DARE U. sister: it's for the greater …
Got the chance to watch it again.. Mahal na Mahal by the younger Paulo Avelino! 💞
Clean on-fleek men with a grinning smile are my weaknesses. 😱 Paulo Avelino 😻
Loving on how Paulo Avelino's character transitions in the show. Good Job OTWOL Team.
Paulo Avelino's role in is kinda interesting rn besides, he looks so handsome while smiling
trending si Paulo Avelino what. grade 5 me will be proud
Abs-cbn should try giving Paulo Avelino &Nadine an MMK episode.Their acting guns are in sync! They look great standing…
Can I be Nadine Lustre even just for a day? James Reid + Paulo Avelino? That's so unfair!😩
Paulo Avelino is kind of tall! How tall is he? Nads had to freakin tiptoe to hug him?
You know what really completes Paulo Avelino's pogi package? His voice. Lalakeng lalake. Hindi 🙅🏻📢🍑
Meet Paulo Avelino's character on 'On the Wings of Love'
It's Going to be wild coz Paulo Avelino is HERE Mitsumi's Party for today.. wah!!! I Kennet 😂
[News] KC Concepcion on rumored reconciliation with Paulo Avelino: “There's no truth to that.” | via PEP Online
Are you excited to work with Anne Curtis and Paulo Avelino?
And by "lets talk non stop about AZ" I mean "lets actually talk about paulo avelino and exchange photos & videos of him being
Ugh idk man the only local artists i badly want to meet and take a picture with is James Reid and paulo avelino ㅠㅠ
Paulo Avelino one of trending topics
Bc Ate Mon has such a huge crush on Paulo Avelino😂
Paulo Avelino looks so yum yum in person 😋
The first time i watched tv after so long and i see PAULO AVELINO W GLASSES WTFABANKSJDJS . HALLLP GELP DIED
Last night's xmas party was LIT 🔥 Paulo Avelino was there and I won a Macbook 👌🏻💯
Blogged: Paulo Avelino to join 'On the Wings of Love?'
Should James Reid feel threatened by Paulo Avelino's presence on OTWOL?: via
OTWOL would not get Paulo Avelino for no reason. For sure, more than just a terrifying boss, he'll shake CLeah's Love …
Here's the sequel of "Heneral Luna" to be topbilled by Paulo Avelino...
Paulo Avelino is ecstatic about upcoming biopic on Gregorio del Pilar
Paulo Avelino and Joem Bascon as soldiers, and cursing. Now that's hot.
SO GO WATCH Heneral Luna BC ITS GOOD AND 10/10 PERFORMANCE (spoiler: paulo avelino is so hot there)
Paulo Avelino is ecstatic about upcoming biopic
'Goyong,' film about life of Gregorio del Pilar, a sure go
Luna movie has grossed P253 million in the box office. Goyo film will be out in two to three years. Paulo Avelino …
Why is Paulo Avelino so freakin attractive W H Y
It's official! Paulo Avelino will be Gregorio del Pilar: via
Paulo Avelino is playing Gregorio Del Pilar in an upcoming movie. The fantasy of girl history buffs everywhere becomes a reality
Will watch because it's part of the trilogy but won't expect anything from LBM actor Paulo Avelino.
I think madaming manonood ng Gregorio del Pilar movie not only bc it's a historical movie but also bc Paulo Avelino's the main lead.
After 'Heneral Luna,' a movie on Gregorio del Pilar is in the works, Paulo Avelino to star …
The sequel: ‘Heneral del Pilar’ movie officially confirmed, to star Paulo Avelino
Paulo Avelino hopes Pinoys will support film; view:
Reason 2: Paulo Avelino's face and Jake Cuenca's face in one shot. Yes. In war uniforms. (!!!)
That moment when Gen. Gregorio del Pilar (Paulo Avelino) was appearing in the scenes, the whole crowd was literally kini…
Still can't get over Paulo Avelino as Gregorio del Pilar
Maja Salvador and Bea Alonzo are first leading lady who I'd love watching with Paulo Avelino onscreen. . PAULOAVELINO InCalgary
''Thank you you so much for coming all the way to Calgary. Much Love, Paulo Avelino'' It was more…
Cant wait for Gregorio del Pilar's movie. Ready to see Paulo Avelino in action but not ready to see him die
SO i've read that goyong was aguinaldo's hatchet man.paulo avelino will be playing a hatchet man. oh my god.
As to supposedly leaving Falcon, Adarna said: “No, that’s not true. You can also ask Ejay if you want. It’s not...
"if moviegoers continue supporting "Heneral Luna," they will proceed with the movie on Del Pilar, who was played by Paulo Avelino." i want!
Yay!! Thank you for sharing . regrann from - Paulo Avelino in Calgary
Srsly thought that September is my anniversary with Paulo Avelino. Excited lang pala ako magthrowback. 😂😂😂
Searched for Gregorio del Pilar and pictures of Paulo Avelino are the first things I see
paulo avelino is bae but guys gUYS G U YS stop overreacting in the theaters during Heneral Luna i mean I KNOW pero come on pls coopera t e,,
Such a fab day, great feed back from Paulo Avelino fans over the latest post on A little overwhelmed here! ☺ Salamat
If the existence of individuals like Benjamin Alves and Paulo Avelino is not enough to prove God's existence, then I don't know what is.
Life update: I just heard someone in the conference room refer to Paulo Avelino as Gregorgeous del Pilar
Heneral Luna also showed that teenage girls (pwede ring boys) will instinctively scream whenever Paulo Avelino appears on scr…
Richard Yap with Paulo Avelino & Angeline Quinto Live in Zurich on Oct 10
There's a rumor going around that on the night of the 9th Star Magic Ball, Ellen Adarna, who had left her date...
you kinda look like Paulo Avelino ...
I hope you see it too but Paulo Avelino reminds me of Chunnie 🙈💗.
Video: Ellen Adarna on rumor with Paulo Avelino: "If ever nag-quickie raw kami, well... so?"
And the title goes to... Paulo Avelino!!! Kenya Meets The Philippines: The hottest Pinoy hunk on Kenyan TV unveiled….
Your love is like a river that flows down through my veins 🎶🎶 ughhh Paulo Avelino 😍😍
Paulo Avelino has spoken about the issue. Jake Cuenca mum on Enrique Gil's rumored bad behavior on London flight
Listen to When She Cries by Paulo Avelino on Good morning Mr. Avelino
Fun Fact: Alakdana was Alden's first project with Louise Delos Reyes and Paulo Avelino.
What a dreamboat guy! Joshua Garcia 😍 he looks like Paulo Avelino and Alden 👊
The series told the tale of two brothers, Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (Paulo Avelino) who were separated by...
wetravelersinn: Celebrity, model, and singer Mr. Paulo Avelino! 󾔗 We hope you enjoyed your stay here at WE...
Maja Salvador live in Amsterdam, netherlands on September 27,2015 with Enchong Dee, Paulo avelino,…
mostly ba? Then explain Paulo avelino, Toni Gonzaga, JC de Vera, should I keep the long list going?
I liked a video from Paulo Avelino sings "Sugar" with Maja Salvador
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who woul... — Maja Salvador,Angel Locsin,Paulo Avelino
I think a Paulo Avelino & John Lloyd Cruz tandem in a film with Nora Aunor will close 2015 with a bang!
Paulo Avelino, Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones (Echo's wife) is here na rin at SM Megamall to support Maja!
can't watch because Paulo Avelino will always be Nathan from Walang Hanggan to me 😒
Lucky of KC Concepcion for having Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda as friends. Boy was very fierce in asking Paulo Avelino for confirmation.
Paulo Avelino grilled by Mr. Boy Abunda and Ms. Kris Aquino on The Buzz !!!. Aw
Paulo Avelino & Vina Morales last night at Bulawan Festival in Compostela Valley
now watching Walang Hanggan on Jeepney TV 📺 Paulo Avelino really looks like 😱😍💕
starring Jericho Rosales, Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador ♡ Best Actors and Actress in one teleserye 🙌 h…
ok. I'm a huge fan of CJ but, Why, not try other actors like: John Lloyd Cruz, Jake Cuenca, Daniel Padilla, Paulo Avelino and
if you're egzoited! :D SOON. Starring Maja Salvador, Jericho Rosales and Paulo Avelino.
What's Up 2015? After John Lloyd Cruz turned down the role and Xian Lim's removal to the project, Paulo Avelino...
MANILA – Actress KC Concepcion has already met the four-year-old son of rumored boyfriend Paulo Avelino. This was revealed by Avelino himself when he attended the recent birthday celebration of Coco Martin, where he was once again quizzed about the real score between him and Concepcion. Stressing that they remain to be just good friends, Avelino said: “Like she said before, best friends muna. Kumbaga natututo naman kaming pareho at pareho kaming nagtatrabaho sa ngayon so doon na lang muna.” When asked if he loves the actress, Avelino said: “Mahal mo naman lagi ang kaibigan mo kahit sinong kaibigan eh.” The actor then voluntarily shared that his son Aki recently met Concepcion. “Nag-meet pero short lang. Dumaan lang, pinakilala. Mabilis lang,” he said. “Somewhere, very casual lang. Si Aki naman friendly sa lahat so walang problema.” But is it okay with his son for him to have a new girlfriend? “Siguro si Aki ang makakasagot niyan,” he said laughing. Aki is Avelino’s son with LJ Reye ...
Your Love by Paulo Avelino ❤️. Listen and fall in love as Paulo serenades you.
KC Concepcion does not want to rock the boat with Paulo Avelino Meynteyn!
Thanks Direk Trina for this pic.😄 With MF, Paulo Avelino and Direk Trina.😄
Hi. Just want to say something. You look like Paulo Avelino in some angle. :)
“brilliant actors in one table 1 Million Followers for Paulo Avelino
Repost from via igrepost_app, Paulo Avelino and Coco Martin.
Grab from Paulo Avelino's IG post . is very precious and rare
The website of Paulo Avelino is going live, soon! 1 Million Followers For Paulo Avelino
Video: Paulo Avelino sure knows how to tease ...
Whattt Paulo Avelino is also an Soul mate found! LOL. ♡
I like Paulo Avelino. He has proved to be a versatile actor.
Paulo Avelino after rehearsals for grand finals cto:
if you could see his full face he can be a look a like of Paulo Avelino wew
Would you agree with me that he looks like Paulo Avelino?
Timmy Pavino looks like Paulo Avelino... — watching The Voice of the Philippines
That paulo avelino looking guy is good. 😁
Timmy has a powerful voice,he has a resemblance to Paulo Avelino.Great!!!
Tim sings like a pro. He also looks like Paulo Avelino.
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I admired Paulo Avelino so much for being such a good artist. It seems that the first performer in looks like him.
Megan Young, Paulo Avelino, and Cristine Reyes as well as Kean Cipriano and Mich of JaMich all joined what T…
Enchong Dee, Paulo Avelino and Tom Rodriguez are the hotteeesst guys on 2014 :)
Scene stealer at the for me: . Jake Cuenca . Paulo Avelino . Joseph Marco
Joseph Marco, Tom Rodriguez and of course my bae, Paulo Avelino who didn't even have to try.
Jake Cuenca,Paulo Avelino and Joseph Marco are not helping...there are so hot and its a distraction. :(
Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino love scene airs tomorrow
Movie for Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino pls! May chemistry sila. Romantic drama will fit.
MORE THAN 300 STAR MAGIC ARTISTS GLITTER UP THE RED CARPET More than 300 Kapamilya stars took the spotlight last Saturday (September 6) in the 8th Star Magic Ball, ABS-CBN’s most glamorous and star-studded event of the year, which was held at Makati Shangri-La Hotel. In the annual gathering of the biggest stars in showbiz, real-life sweethearts John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban were named as the Couple of the Night, while “Hawak Kamay” stars Piolo Pascual and Iza Calzado were announced as the ‘Moët & Chandon Fabulous Pair of the Night.’ Also awarded in the Star Magic Ball were Paulo Avelino and Julia Barretto as ‘Best Dressed Male and Female Stars,’ and upcoming Star Cinema film “The Trial” lead actors Gretchen Barretto and Richard Gomez as ‘O+ Stars of the Night.’ The celebration last Saturday became more meaningful when ABS-CBN handed its donation to the chosen charity of Miss World 2013 Megan Young ‘Beauty With a Purpose.’ Also present in the 8th Star Magic Ball were so ...
The Best Dressed Male & Female award was given to Paulo Avelino in D&G and Julia Barretto in Rajo Laurel
KC Concepcion keeps mum on Paulo Avelino: By Chuck Smith. MANILA, Philippines – After admitting that they ar...
Why is Bea Alonzo so beautiful and Paulo Avelino so handsome? 😍
Can't wait to watch see Rose & Patrick? . Get a chance to see Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino live at The Parking C...
is so effin good!!! Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo have such great chemistry!
Joining the list of the 10 Most Eligible Bachelors are Sam Milby, Dennis Trillo & Paulo Avelino.
Kapamilya celebrities recently dropped by the famous “Pinoy Big Brother” house to distract the “PBB All In” housemates from their Freeze task, which requires them to stop moving whenever Big Brother announces “tigil.” Having lost their previous two weekly tasks, all the housemates are all the more determined to succeed in the ‘Freeze’ challenge and win their weekly budget. Aside from that, all of them also have to face the eviction of more than housemate that will be given an unexpected twist by Big Brother this weekend. Their recent visitors were “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” stars Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino, who teased the housemates and tried to made them move, albeit unsuccessfully, and taught them how to act. Kapamilya hunk Jason Abalos, boyfriend of housemate Vickie, also went in the house just as the housemates stood motionless to deliver a letter from her father. Meanwhile, an online teaser released by “PBB All In” announced that the country’s Teen Queen and King Daniel P ...
Jason Abalos, Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino visits the PBB house
Magaling si Paulo Avelino gumawa ng chemistry with his leading ladies. :) I do hope Kim gets to work with him someday. :D
Now on LS: Acting session with Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino.
Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo in the house!
Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino in the house :D
Housemates singing Ang Huling El Bimbo, together with Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo. =)))
Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino is in the house!
LS: Maris playing Power of Two for Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino.
Bea Alonzo & Paulo Avelino inside the PBB house atm. :')
Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo is in PBB House! watching
Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino in in the house.
*I Love you Mario Maurer, Bamboo, Jericho Rosales, Paulo Avelino & most of all Vhong Navarro! Wooaahh... Hope to see U personally...
Bea Alonzo admits staying fit is one of her preparation on her upcoming adult drama "Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon, while Paulo Avelino speaks up about the ...
Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo next na sa Its Showtime!Who's watching?
Just watched Bea Alonzo's teaser of Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon - so intesne so great. Paulo Avelino made me drool
Grabe Coco Martin padin ako at Paulo Avelino
That (awkward) moment when Piolo Pascual introduced Paulo Avelino for a song number..and Shaina Magdayao sang with Pau. :-)
I'm so sad for KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino! I want them together!
Who's your favorite actor? — James Reid. Andres paras. Daniel padilla. And my only one baby Paulo Avelino
i love you Elmo Magalona and JC De Vera and Paulo Avelino
Cristine Reyes denied that she is together with Rayver Cruz, but admitted that she is dating him in Dubai during the show of ‘The Filipino Channel’. But it was just a friendly date only, without malice. The leading lady of Paulo Avelino in the number one primetime series on ABS-CBN ‘Honesto’ said...
KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino, Lovers Already?: KC Concepcion is going to New York any time this week. She j...
“Joel Torre, Angel Aquino and Paulo Avelino,great scene!” thanks!
Speech: Igorot Discrimination CHRISTIAN LIZARDO ALIGO Wednesday, December 21, 2011 2 inShare Note: I wrote this speech for Chelsea "Chotiyan" Likigan Afidchao years ago when she was still studying at the University of the Cordilleras. Thanks Chelsea for delivering our thoughts! We will miss you. Rest in peace, till the next speech! I will give you five seconds stare at me. Ladies and gentle men, what I mean is simply look at me with your eyes and NOT with your minds! After looking at me, look at your seat mate. Compare. Do you find any difference with the skin? With the hair? With the fingers? With the eyes? With the nose? With the pair of eye brows? Believe it or not (BUT YOU MUST BELIEVE), there is no BIG difference. If you are not YET convinced that we share no big difference at all, imagine Robin Padilla, Bebe Gandanghari, Paulo Avelino or Ingrid Payaket. Good people, you are not being deceived. We all look the same: you and me, me and your seatmate, you and your seat mate. But why are some people s . ...
How will you celebrate your Valentines tomorrow? tanong ni sir Paulo Avelino :) i'll celebrate my Valentines with my FAMILY and FRIENDS. Kakain sa labas... bonding time moment... that's it. PERFECT V.DAY.
"Insta Scoop: LJ Reyes' Message to Paulo Avelino is a user!
throwback..Alakdana taping pa on GMA.Paulo Avelino.just found it on google
I still cannot believe. I saw paulo avelino and Jericho Rosales in person
Why are you like that Paulo Avelino? 😭😭
I feel like I’m going to get flack for saying this, but… I really didn’t like Pagpag. Mostly because I hated how they twisted the superstition of ‘pagpag,’ giving the new generation the wrong idea about it; but also because I wasted money on a film with a very flimsy story that makes no sense. It’s not the worst film to come off the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival, I still award that title to Kaleidoscope World, but it’s definitely not the best. But before we go to what didn’t work, let me list down the things that the movie did right: Pagpag knows how to shock. Unfortunately, after the first two times, the shock factor wore off. But early on in the film, it does the shock thing pretty well. Number two, the film has Matet de Leon and Janus del Prado, the only two actors who does any acting in this head-scratching ‘horror’ film. Oh, sure, we can say the others ‘acted’ too, but it’s just Matet and Janus who actually gets any semblance of a fully-formed character. Now, let’s start ...
Feast of St. William the Hermit. Godbless all citizens of CSF. See you later Angeline Quinto. :) March 1 - Paulo Avelino in Manna Mall. Goodmorning. :)
Paulo Avelino (born as Michael Paulo Lingbanan Avelino on May 13, 1988) is a Filipino actor, model and television host. Avelino began his acting career through the reality talent show StarStruck. And he is now the newest Kapamilya Star!
"Like is known by like You kinda look like Paulo Avelino or Sam Concepcion here! :D
Last October, actress LJ reyes and long-time boyfriend Paulo Avelino finally admitted they've ended thier relationship.
Paulo Avelino is the only reason im watching Honesto
Just watched honesto today - paulo avelino make every scene no acting but rather deliberate rendition of a natural event.
After much anticipation and excitement, the finale of Walang Hanggan is finally over! How will I describe it? It was dramatic, intense, and unexpected! The ending is surprisingly different as to what most of us, I bet, were hoping to happen. Nonetheless, it was really great! I really liked it! Filipinos love the traditional happy endings, the “and they lived happily ever after” kind. Thus, many really wanted the characters of Daniel and Katerina to live until the end. However, some (including me) are expecting that Daniel and Katerina are going to die because if we base it from the movie where it was adapted from, the 1991 movie Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta as Gabriel and Carmina respectively, the main characters died. Will they spoil the expectations of the viewers for a happily-ever-after ending or will they follow the original flow of the story? And so, Katerina died. The scene where Daniel was beside Katerina in her final moment was so calm yet full with so muc ...
I noticed that Sam Concepcion looks like Paulo Avelino in some angles.
Teen King and Queen of primetime TV Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will star in the upcoming movie entry to the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival. The KathNiel love team will be featured in a movie title and concept derived from the old Filipino tradition. The movie, “Pagpag” derived from the Filipino superstition that one should never go home directly after visiting a wake since it risks bringing evil spirits to one’s home. One should first shake off (in Filipino, pagpag) whatever curse there may be to avoid being trailed by the soul of the dead. The horror movie will be the first for Daniel Padillaw his on-screen partner Kathryn Bernardo have been featured already in numerous movies such as Shake, Rattle and Roll. The movie, “Pagpag” is directed by Frasco Mortiz, and it will be release this coming December 25 alongside with the 7 other MMFF entries. The latest KathNiel movie is under the joint productions of Regal Films, Star Cinema and Skylight Films. “Pagpag” is the lone horror movie ...
What did Angel Locsin wish for when she turned a year older last Tuesday, April 23? “I chose to wish for nothing,” Angel replied. “Parang I have enough na at the moment, in both my personal and professional life. “Tahimik ang buhay ko, as I seem to have found in Phil Younghusband – yes, the Azkals, my ideal man.” Angel admitted that Phil did propose marriage to her. But she begged off, as she has quite a number of things to realize first not only for herself but for her family, especially. Her recent win as FAMAS best actress overwhelms her, considering that only a few months back, she was also adjudged as best actress for the same movie in the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for TV. “One More Try,” directed by Ruel Bayani, was one of Star Cinema’s three entries in the last Metro Manila Film Festival. The two others were “Sisterakas” and “The Strangers.” In the filmfest, “Sisterakas” emerged as the top grosser. “One More Try” was second. Anytime soon, she w ...
Lucky Year of the Horse for top Star Magic talents: The Year of the Wooden Horse started just right for Star Magic talents Xian Lim, Jake Cuenca, Jessy Mendiola, Ejay Falcon, Empress, Matteo Guidicelli, Sam Milby, Jason Abalos, Paulo Avelino, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Shaina Magdayao and Zanjoe Marudo. Find … Read more »
The Bride and the Lover is a Filipino film starring Lovie Poe, Jennylyn Mercado and Paulo Avelino. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on May 1, …
Ito ang sa Chinese Countdown na kumanta sila Xian Lim at Kim Chiu with Julia Montes and Paulo Avelino :) Happy watching! :) Paalala: I don't own this video. Copyright to ABSCBN and youmaker . Thanks. AdminROSE l
Paulo Avelino has this chic magnet stare. Hawtness!
Just got my new HAIR CUT done! Kudos to Joel Canoneo for my new look (Paulo Avelino Hair Style),pero ang Outcome...
watching you now on Myx and I can really see Paulo Avelino in you. Both so pogi!!! Heehee ☺️😚
Paulo Avelino admitted that he visited KC in hospital
via PHShowbizNews: Paulo Avelino admits visiting KC in hospital
"Paulo Avelino admits visiting KC in hospital they were supposed to be dating, right?
Paulo Avelino admits visiting KC in hospital: While Paulo Avelino was evasive when asked about his relationshi...
Paulo Avelino admits visiting KC in hospital
Hi of Fans please vote Paulo Avelino for Captain Barbell Poll vote
oo,so obiously KC is not wasting time to be flirting with paulo avelino
I didn't and NEVER knew that Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes has a son!!!
paulo avelino admits visited KC at the hospital
Paulo Avelino is a real hottie. Hehe :">
Paulo Avelino doesn’t consider himself especially favored by his network even after being cast in an upcoming TV project while his starrer “Honesto” is still on air. The Kapamilya actor was recentl...
Compare nila career path ni Quen vs Paulo Avelino maybe it will show who's closer to being the next ultimate leading man.
Kapamilya stars Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino are set to star in ABS-CBN's new soap "Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon." -
Paulo reacts to 'favorite' tag: I worked hard for this: MANILA -- Actor Paulo Avelino said he never thought th...
Paulo Avelino paired with Bea Alonzo for the first time
Paulo Avelino stars in new primetime series; ignores favoritism issue
First is "Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon" starring Bea Alonzo in triple roles, with Paulo Avelino and Albert Martinez as leadin…
[] Paulo Avelino stars in a new primetime series; ignores favoritism issue
I'm very excited! Paulo Avelino will be paired with Ms. Bea Alonzo for the first time @ mepauloavelino
Congratulations to Urian best actor Paulo Avelino and Urian best actress Maja Salvador.
Pagpag Siyam Na Buhay Main Cast : Kathryn Bernardo as Talia dela Torre Daniel Padilla as Cedric Castillo Manilyn Reynes as Pinang Paulo Avelino as Manuel Nikki Gil as Samantha Shaina Magdayao as Nancy Supporting Cast : Miles Ocampo as Ashley CJ Navato as Kelvin Dominic Roque as Rico Michelle Vito as Hannah Jackie Forster Bembol Roco as Orlando Clarence Delgado
Status: It’s Complicated (stylized as Status: It’s Complicated!) is a 2013 Filipino comedy film directed by Chris Martinez, starring Jake Cuenca, Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Solenn Heussaff, and Eugene Domingo. The film is distributed by Regal Films, and was showned in theaters November 6, 2013 na...
Cristine Reyes Enters 'Honesto' with a Mysterious Character. Is she new love team of Paulo Avelino?...
Latest Showbiz News: "Sharon, Gabby have nothing against Paulo Avelino" -- Read more at
For me, stand out ang Gonzaga Sisters, Jerome Ponce, Robi Domingo, Paulo Avelino and Honesto at Julia Barretto sa
See you later at the Red Carpet Premiere of Status Its Complicated sa SM Megamall Cinema 9 at 7pm. Samahan po natin sina Maja Salvador, Jake Cuenca, Paulo Avelino, Eugene Domingo and Solenn Heussaff at ang iba pang cast. See you there!
Although he opts to keep his personal life under the public’s prying eyes, Paulo Avelino admitted that he is currently seeing KC Concepcion
Am I seeing double?! Too much Thor can stick to your brain. I think Paulo Avelino and Tom Hiddleston, Loki looks the same... Am I right?
i dont want paulo avelino to die. Pls no! I like his face. He's h o t
I just have to say how brilliant of an actor paulo avelino is, kinda reminds me of ethan hawke, good job
Paulo Avelino so fcking yummy like forgive meee
“Confession: i watch honesto because of paulo avelino” RT!
Confession: i watch honesto because of paulo avelino
The Manila Times Regal Entertainment Inc.’s upcoming flick, Status: It’s Complicated gathers some of today’s hottest actors to breathe new life to a film inspired by late master director Ishmael Bernal’s classic, Salawahan. Promising director Chris Martinez is at the helm of the movie, which will hit theaters on November 6. It topbills Jake Cuenca, Eugene Domingo, Paulo Avelino, Maja Salvador and Solenn Huessaff in comedic storyline that delves into the subject of love, sex and relationships. “Napapanahon pa rin siya,” says Direk Chris of his latest project. “Ginawa namin itong mas modern and contemporary. Siyempre, iba na ang mga artista—mas masaya at mas hip.” The director, whose impressive works include critically-acclaimed Ang Babae sa Septic Tank and Shake, Rattle & Rol XII’s “Rain, Rain, Go Away” among others is a self-confessed Bernal fan. He particularly considers Salawahan and Working Girls as two of his big Bernal favorites. “I go for fun movies,” the emerging film ge ...
HEUSSAFF was late at the presscon of “Status: It’s Complicated”. Only Jake Cuenca, Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino were present during the open forum’s Q&A. Eugene Domingo was absent because she was the Tokyo International Filmfest where she won the best actress award. From there, she flew straight to the Abu Dhabi Filmfest and here’s hoping she’d also win there. Some press people have already left when Solenn finally showed up. She says she has informed Regal Entertainment beforehand that she might be late because she’s busy taping for “Taste Buddies” of GMA News TV Channel 11 that day. “Nagpaalam lang ako sa GMA na a-attend ng presscon and they agreed but the location was in Alabang, sobrang traffic along the way kaya ako na-late,” she says.  So how’s it doing “Status: It’s Complicated”? “I enjoyed doing it kasi reunion namin ito ni Direk Chris Martinez. He was the very first one to direct me in a movie, in ‘Temptation Island’ two years ago. Ngayon ko pa lang nakatra ...
Paulo Avelino is not Affected by the Suicide Attempt Issue
Paulo Avelino takes a father role on TV with Honesto!
Joseph Marco & Paulo Avelino are my new found crusssh! Aye.
Watching tv right now since I'm at somebody else's house and *** Paulo Avelino is one attractive mofo.
Excuse me while I go wonder why on Earth is Paulo Avelino so perf. It just hurts.
Why paulo avelino so fcking hottt cmonn
I can just stare at Paulo Avelino all day and do nothing else
Now watching because of the moral values, we should always be honest. Lol, JK, naa bitaw si Paulo Avelino that's why :))
Paulo Avelino is just so beyond perf
Watching T2 on C1 while waiting for paulo avelino este Honesto teleserye :D
Cant wait to see Paulo Avelino's face tonight on screen.His black earring that made him more attractive.He's *** HOT slash BADBOY~
Maja Salvador, Jake Cuenca and Paulo Avelino in Status It's Complicated. read more here-->>...
“Paulo Avelino or JC de Vera would have been ok too i think.”yup I agree much better
Talk about hot and handsome: Paulo Avelino
Paulo Avelino denies suicide attempt: 'I won't be affected by something that's not true' | Read: via PUSH©
Woah paulo avelino got cuter in his new show
"CURRENTLY ON: Jake Cuenca, Maja Salvador, and Paulo Avelino here at the presscon of their upcoming…
Ampogi ni Paulo Avelino with his bad boy look!! Woot wo! 
Exciting how Paulo Avelino's character would evolve in d story. Plus the fact that he's soo hot in that batis scene.
and Paulo Avelino are both trending!
"Paulo Avelino stop being so handsome :-(("
Angel Locsin, Paulo Avelino team up for the first time in
Sweet words. Sigh, tears won't stop flowing. Paulo Avelino and Angel Locsin on :(
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino are good pair! Love this episode.
There will always be that one person who will not give up on you. Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino on
Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino were so effective in last night's MMK. Hats off to you guys!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — mmm.. Paulo Avelino, Derek Ramsay & Coco Martin yummm...
MMK na naman...Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino.
Crush Kong si Paulo Avelino and Angel Locsin nagsama Sa MMK. so love et.
The best MMK ever "Mask" episode, Congatulations Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino
Behind the scene of Pictorial with Maja Salvador, Jake Cuenca, Paulo Avelino, Solenn...
Happy Happy Birthday to you my dearest Paulo Avelino. Have blast! Too bad can't join your party. LOL Mwaaahhh! :)
Waiting for Paulo Avelino, Sam Milby and Pokwang to appear
I WISHED I WENT TO THE CONCERT. Sam Milby is so hot, and Paulo Avelino is just so adorable. Haw, I wished he kissed me and not my mom LOLJK!
She's all like, "Oh, Sam Milby's so handsome! And Paulo Avelino is so cute. I kissed Sam Milby on his cheek, eheh." Ughh, ihysfm mom LOL. 😭👊
*** Oh *** !! TFTI Mom! She went the the Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino concert w/o me! And she's forever trying to make me jealous! 😭😭😭👊
Paulo Avelino playing guitar while waiting for the show to start
STANDING in the VIP line for tonight's Acoustic Heartthrobs Starring Sam Milby, Pokwang, Paulo Avelino with...
Finalizing his set list last night. headlines tonight with Paulo Avelino and Pokwang.…
Filipino Fest pt.2 I was less than a meter away from Paulo Avelino and I touched Bea Alonzo's hand! :D…
I touched Bea Alonzo and when on stage with Paulo Avelino. Is this real life?
Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino will be here on Saturday. WHY MUST WE LEAVE FRIDAY!?
Excited for the Barrio Fiesta sa London. Just announced kapamilya heartthrob Paulo Avelino!
Watching Eat Bulaga. Rocco Nacino must be so happy to be getting these projects including those that could have been for Paulo Avelino.
Ah I love WH cause I have a crush on Paulo Avelino and his role as Nathan was so stupendous!!! And (Naterina 4evah lol)
ACOUSTIC HEARTTHROBS TOUR with Sam Milby, Paulo Avelino and Pokwang. On August 29 in Honolulu at the…
I deserve to have an because Paulo Avelino caught my attention, what more with LGOptimusLSeries in 357
Hey I deserve an because I wanted to be like Paulo Avelino, with LG Me and Paulo are Looking Good.
Hi I deserve an because I want to own the same phone as Paulo Avelino!
I deserve because I can't have Paulo Avelino but hey, at least I can own his phone! :D
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