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Pauline Kael

Pauline Kael (June 19, 1919 – September 3, 2001) was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1968 to 1991. Earlier in her career, her work appeared in City Lights, McCall's and The New Republic.

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Remember Pauline Kael said Jeff Bridges was underrated and then everyone agreed later? That's me for Sam Rockwell. 19 yr crush going strong.
“An artist must either give up art or develop.” . ― Pauline Kael
Critic Pauline Kael called this '80s sci-fi film an "aggressively silly picture" that "isn't really enjoyable" -
Longtime pet peeve of mine- a whole generation knows Kael only as "the Nixon lady"
Pauline Kael once said she didn't know how Nixon won because nobody she knew voted for him. That's where I am on a Chicago Fire/PD spinoff.
Pauline Kael Syndrome (NYT writer that couldn't believe Nixon won b/c she didn't know any1 who voted for him)
I'm reading Pauline Kael's and Patti Smith's bios, and a book on Xerox PARC to learn how to build an R…
Pauline Kael, 'impressionist criticism' to why filmmakers from the Catholic tradition are frequently more violent
'The critic is the only independent source of information, The rest is advertising, - Pauline Kael
What would Pauline Kael and Andrew Sarris think of We fight to figure it out this week:
Pauline Kael's capsule for STRANGE CARGO is here. It's much better than she makes it sound.
Pauline Kael perfectly described the movie Cocktail as "a tale of *** .
Perhaps she lives in such a bubble, she is 'Pauline Kael' on this issue? Someone should send her a video or something.
Personal thought: some uk tv critics aim to be François Truffaut or Pauline Kael but they're more like
A mistake in judgment isn't fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is. - Pauline Kael
Pauline Kael (1919-2001) was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1968 to 1991.She was also totally bae [2][3]
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Tempted to go all Pauline Kael on this and say I don't know anyone who watched the Super Bowl. Except I probably do.
Where there is a will, there is a way. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open…
You've read the delicious story of her post-retirement encounter with Wes Anderson?
."But Pauline Kael completely dismissed it as a dull visit to the fantasy world of a "mousy wife" +
.Pauline Kael apparently wasn't a fan. I've not found her review yet but did find this quote ...
Home Documentary re Pauline Kael. If you remember her or the Cinema Guild in Berkeley, please get in touch
Gwen Ifill takes a page fr the Pauline Kael playbook of astonishment.
She and Pauline Kael really hadn't heard about him.
Yes but "As I have written about 'Lincoln,' 'Zero Dark Thirty,' and 'Argo',,," Thank you, Pauline Kael, for y
Pauline Kael saying something good about anyone?! Color me surprised.
(1982-01-01) 5001 Nights at the Movies: A Guide from A to Z, Kael, Pauline, Holt
Yep. I found this article from a place that I think you know. :)
"How did Nixon defeat McGovern? I don't know anyone who voted for Nixon." Pauline Kael (paraphrasing)
Pauline Kael used to say that Hollywood is the only town where people 'can die of encouragement.’ - Tarantino in 2010
Sort of like the old Pauline Kael quote about Nixon and McGovern
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
“The Pauline Kael of gifs is back. all the cute
looks like even can't tell the difference between Pauline Kael and Tipper Gore.
LOL apparently Tipper Gore is Pauline Kael now and listing plot holes is also still art criticism.
thanks tv critics like and now convinced we are incapable of knowing difference between Tipper Gore and Pauline Kael
apparently the massive *** who wrote that doesn't know difference between Tipper Gore and Pauline Kael
If I was rich I'd hire Jane Lynch to narrate all of Pauline Kael's film reviews.
just watched your video on Roger Ebert. Curious, what are your thoughts on Pauline Kael?
Eugene Levy as Rex Reed and Andrea Martin as Pauline Kael! . SCTV - GOOD BYE AMERICA WITH 'HERALDO' RIVERA.
"One must applaud director John Milius for his casual display of female breasts whenever possible..." -Pauline Kael
I preferred American Hustle, really didn't like Wolf of Wall St. ...Pauline Kael eat your heart out
Pauline Kael said = "a *** on legs"? thought it was Rod Lurie on Danny de Vito, "a *** with arms"
Should there be an Oscar category for superb movie criticism? A few years ago a precedent was created when film historian and preservationist Kevin Brownlow was given a lifetime achievement Oscar, in the main for his preservationist efforts. If so, who would be the first movie analyst you would give the award to? And what film critics do you enjoy reading for their thoughts on film? I've gained a lot of insight over the decades of my movie love reading people like James Agee, Andrew Sarris, Pauline Kael, Roger Ebert and currently Richard Brody of the New Yorker magazine. Share your thoughts on an Oscar for serious film criticism and who would you give the honor to? (And if you have complete disdain for all movie critics, this would be a question you would skip.)
"Even the ghost child of Pauline Kael and James Agee couldn't do anything noteworthy with a 15-word slot."
I'm still looking for Pauline Kael's SNF review. Travolta was very proud of her rave.
Same goes for Pauline Kael. Whatever you thought of her, we should never underestimate her influence on film journalism.
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if memory serves, Pauline Kael got a mention.
Pauline Kael once said that Meryl Streep's secret is that she always seems like she's overcoming being miscast.
I always thought Pauline Kael's sick-soul-of-the-party jab at MARIENBAD was what the kidz today call a *** move". Jeering philistinism.
Pauline Kael said she hated Schindler's List for the same reason.
Perhaps people remember Pauline Kael's withering review more vividly than the movie?
I know gender essentialism is bad, but if you read Joan Didion, Pauline Kael, and Janet Malcolm at their peaks it's impossible not to wonder
Critic Pauline Kael on Jack in "borderline funny...tiresome, a mixture of Richard III and the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing"
Pauline Kael on RAGING BULL: "After an hour, I said to myself, why am I sitting here watching these two dumb f--ks?"
"If you watch a great movie on TV, you will be committing an aesthetic crime, of which you are the victim." -Pauline Kael
"Films are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash, there is little reason for us to go." -- Pauli…
"'The Netflix Wars' pulses with drama and intrigue at every step. Jon Cryer is an absolute revelation! Subscribe or perish.". -Pauline Kael
you are only looking." Pauline Kael on Carroll Ballard's work on The Black Stallion. Gorgeous praise of a gorgeous film.
"One of the surest signs of the Philistine is his reverence for the superior tastes of those who put him down": Pauline Kael.
Is that a Pauline Kael quote or Barry Norman? Either way, you're right, more film criticism should be like that.
"The movie is shot in deliberate sick-sleazo comic-book style." Pauline Kael on 1987's
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Very short, sweet article by Wes Anderson re: showing Pauline Kael from "Rushmore." From archives.
New Yorker's Pauline Kael on "The Waltons": "It portends to be our Life--or how we want life to be--but it's a suffering bucket of sop."
I maintain Pauline Kael would've flipped for BLUE IS THE WARMEST. It has that style-free/lust-for-life-ness quality that was her catnip.
It's comforting to know that today, James Agee, Pauline Kael, Dwight Macdonald, and Manny Farber would be known as "ha…
In her review, Pauline Kael called this movie "amateurishly crude" -
To paraphrase Pauline Kael, the Alec Baldwin article in the new is like a neon sign spelling out the soullessness of neon.
Wes Anderson tracks down Pauline Kael and screens 'Rushmore' for her:
Emily Nussbaum: The Shallowness of “True Detective” via Pauline Kael lives, and she's watching television
I was a movie director. No one else would think they could double-park in front of a police station."
Wes Anderson's 1999 account of screening Rushmore for Pauline Kael, the greatly revered New Yorker Magazine film...
When Wes Anderson met his childhood idol, Pauline Kael, for the first time and showed her his second film, Rushmore:
A piece of Pauline Kael's review of 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY.
Pauline Kael had the same problem. (It was her.)
IU Lifelong Learning course: From Bonnie and Clyde to Jaws: Pauline Kael's "Critical Collection" at the Lilly Library
Fox News Reporting continues Baier's voyage into "nihilist poetry," in the phrase of Pauline Kael...
Pauline Kael was a fan; who am I to disagree? Can't wait to see Uma Thurman at the gala on Jan 27!
"Better late than never!" I always say. So, I am excusing myself for never having read Brian Kellow's biography of the great movie critic, Pauline Kael. I should have read it long before this.
Ronee Blakeley was our classmate in Caldwell High School, now a FB friend. The film for which she was nominated for an Academy Award is out in Blue Ray, Altman's "Nashville." Ronee was a talented actress, songwriter and sang her songs in the film. I'm going out to get mine now. Maki Doolittle, want to have a movie night? I'll make popcorn! Mark Childress wrote, remembering "Nashville": Watched for maybe the 500th time my number-one favorite movie of all time, “Nashville” by Robert Altman and Joan Tewkesbury. It’s a beautiful new print on Blu-Ray and I loved it all over again - it truly is the great American novel in film. And then the movie made me go look up Pauline Kael’s classic review of the movie, written while the movie was still being edited in part as an effort by Kael to convince the studio to release the picture. Kael wrote: “This is Ronee Blakley’s first movie, and she puts most movie hysteria to shame; she achieves her effects so simply that I wasn’t surprised when someone ...
and Pauline Kael didn't know anyone who voted for Nixon in '72. Which is why McGovern won!
Nixon couldn’t have won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him: Pauline Kael
Name the reviewed movie by esteemed critic Pauline Kael: Scorsese's got moviemaking and the Church mixed up together: he’s trying to be the saint of cinema. Scorsese puts his unmediated obsessions on the screen, trying to turn raw, pulp power into art by removing it from the particulars of observation and narrative. He loses the lowlife entertainment values of prizefight films; he aestheticizes pulp and kills it. (Pauline Kael, New Yorker)
and they would have gotten away with it if not for that meddling Pauline Kael.
Pauline Kael called this movie "the most specific and rabid incitement to race war." Weird Wednesday tonight!
And was Pauline Kael that great? (Believe me, I'm not saying AW is a great film critic.)
With all this talk about Armond White, thought I'd link my piece about why I really don't like Pauline Kael:
IMHO, there hasn't been a great film critic since Pauline Kael. Armond White substitutes awkwardness for insight.
Oh yeah. Pauline Kael never had an opinion. Jesus.
Keep telling yourself that Pauline Kael would've sucked at corporate writing, too.
Wes Anderson screened Rushmore for Pauline Kael and wrote about it here.
"When we championed trash culture, we had no idea it would become the only culture." Pauline Kael
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Oh well. Pauline Kael was also good, though not as insightful as the two I mentioned above. Have fun!
Read a book of Pauline Kael reviews today. Brilliant insight. Film as an artform is part making it, part talking about it. She proves that.
When your hero takes a fall: Pauline Kael. She not only wrote lies about the Maysles Bros. but also Orson Welles.
That's Pauline Kael, writing in 1967. But it might as well be Anthony Lane writing today.
"Faye Dunaway has the magazine-illustration look of countless uninterestingly pretty girls"—Pauline Kael did not pull her punches...
Irresponsibility is part of the pleasure of all art; it is the part the schools cannot recognize. ~ Pauline Kael
Well, I'll say this for Pauline Kael: her work is the only thing I've ever read that actually made me fear my life.
In nearly three decades as a member of the esteemed New York Film Critics Circle, CityArts editor Armond White has served with the greats, including Andrew Sarris and his rival, Pauline Kael. Today, the Gotham critics voted to expel White, the group's chair in 1994, 2009, and 2010. His ultimate crim...
any time you get defensive about sexism or racism accusations in society, try to remember Pauline Kael's not knowing Nixon voters.
Zadie Smith is 1 of the few writers who can quote Pauline Kael without sounding lame-Re:her Man From Dream City essay which I think of often
Found a copy of Pauline Kael’s KISS KISS BANG BANG this weekend. Her essay about movies on TV still resonates.
But, I've never really liked him as a critic (He's hardly Susan Sontag or Pauline Kael caliber!)
I often think of Pauline Kael's approach as a good aim. She showed you a new way of thinking about what you were seeing.
Critic Pauline Kael called this film "rabble rousing pulp, the kind that goes over well with subliterate audiences"-
Pauline Kael on Woody Allen: "What man in his 40s but WA could pass off a predilection for teenagers as a quest for true values?"
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On that subject, I love Pauline Kael's review of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. She cannot understand why the action never *pauses*.
Reading about what a turd Armond White is got me thinking. I'll bet I'm not the only one that looked forward to watching "At the Movies" and some of the other review shows when I was a kid. Pauline Kael was still writing, Gene Siskel was still alive, and Armond White was still fermenting under his log. Which critics are you fans of? Any? None?
From Tam: "Bridgeghazi" is the headline story on Meet The Press. Extra Double Tone Deaf Pauline Kael Irony Points for the people in the media calling it "Bridgeghazi" who don't even acknowledge Benghazi as an actual, you know, scandal. - Look, I don't support what these numbskulls did with regard to screwing around with people's daily commutes for jollies. They SHOULD get fired. But how can the media look its collective "self" in the mirror every morning when it is calling for heads-on-sticks over closing *some* of the lanes on a bridge for a few days while it excuses (or ignores) Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS/Tea Party tax scandal, pretty much everything the NSA does nowadays...
Don't take my word for it, though - you may well like it. I'm no Pauline Kael.
There seems to be eternal anxiety among cinephiles about the state of the movies. We just went through probably one of the great years in film history and movie geeks are even now kvetching about the film industry. Here's my recommendation. Skim some Manny Farber for the forties and fifties and Pauline Kael for the sixties and seventies; they thought cinema was in crisis too. And while there's a pretty good chance that the seventies are your favorite decade for movies, I can just about guarantee that if you lived through it you would feel stuck in a mire of mindless exploitation and disaster flicks. The Godfather and Taxi Driver and Jaws and Star Wars were all exceptional. Just as The Social Network and Gravity are exceptional. But the real dirty secret, that the hand wringers don't recognize, is that the average movie from the last ten or fifteen years, really since the early nineties, is probably much better made and more entertaining than the average movie made in the seventies. The movies have gotten ...
"If you can't make fun of bad movies on serious subjects, what's the point?" Pauline Kael on being a film critic.
Film and TV critics should take a page out of Pauline Kael's book and only see moving pictures with a fee paying audience.
"Hollywood is the only place you can die of encouragement." Pauline Kael
In this week’s issue, I write about Pauline Kael, who was a New Yorker film critic from 1968 to 1991, and whose reviewing helped establish several movies of the late sixties and seventies as classics. Kael tends to be...
"With MASCULIN FEMININ, Godard has, at last, created the form he needed . . . essay, journalistic sketches, portraiture, love lyric and satire. He gets the little things that people who have to follow scripts can't get." Pauline Kael, 1966
"Americans do have some sort of taste: they will accept mediocrity, but they don't like to pay for it." —Pauline Kael, in Movies, the Desperate Art
From National Screen Institute - Canada (NSI) - In part two of this four-part interview Brian Linehan talks to Pauline Kael about 'T...
THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS- A full year before he would invent the term "summer blockbuster" with "Jaws", 24 year old Steven Spielberg made his theatrical directing debut with "The Sugarland Express". It also marked Goldie Hawn's return to the big screen after a yearlong hiatus. The film tells the true story of Lou Jean Poplin, accused by the courts of being an unfit mother, who sneaks her husband Clovis out of jail, kidnaps a Texas state trooper, and makes him take them to Sugarland, in order to get her baby Langston from foster care, and all with the whole Texas police force in tow. The film also features Spielberg's first collaboration with legendary composer John Williams, a partnership that would last with All of Spielberg's films to this day. Also starring William Atherton, Ben Johnson and Michael Sacks. The late critic Pauline Kael said of the film, "Steven Spielberg is a director to keep an eye on. He's gonna go places". Well, he certainly did. Rated PG (Adult Language, Gunplay, Violence). 1974. 1hr, 5 ...
“Criticism is an art, not a science, and a critic who follows rules will fail in one of his most important functions: perceiving what is original and important in new work and helping others to see.”-Pauline Kael
Ha, ha. From iMDB: According to the documentary on the Special Edition DVD set, the movie critic who gets killed is based upon famed critic Pauline Kael. It was Kael who, when critiquing the first Dirty Harry (1971) film, accused Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood of making a "fascist" and "racist" film. The critic in this film is made up to resemble Kael as she appeared during this film's release as an in-joke.
Enjoy the best Pauline Kael Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Pauline Kael, American Critic, Born June 19, 1919. Share with your friends.
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Pauline Kael, in her review of "Wings of Desire", quoted a friend as saying, "I loved every minute and couldn't wait to leave." That's kind of how I feel about my children. I love providing for them, nurturing them, and all the other ways in which I participate in their lives; and I can't wait for them to successfully enter adult lives of their own in part so I will be able to enter a new chapter of mine.
Pauline Kael sez: “It has been commonly said that the musical ‘Funny Girl’ was a comfort to people because it carried the message that you do not need to be pretty to succeed. That is nonsense; the ‘message’ of Barbra Streisand in ‘Funny Girl’ is that talent is beauty.”
In the latest FILMMAKER issue (subscription only reading on-line, alas), great screenwriter & critic Larry Gross writes (his Keynote speech at Screenwriting Research conference in USA): "I didn’t start to go on the Internet until 2007. When I finally did, I went trolling for serious writing about film, and I luckily encountered a Web magazine called Rouge. Because of the brilliant work of its editor, Adrian Martin, I was exposed for the first time to writings by the likes of Jacques Ranciere, Bill Krohn, Nicole Brenez, Yvette Bíró, as well as writings by filmmakers like Hou Hsiao-hsien, Pedro Costa and Raúl Ruiz that were, and remain, impossible to find anywhere else. Martin’s own essays on the films of Terry Malick, Fritz Lang and Philippe Garrel, among many others, are superb. And I’ve also excitedly begun following the evolution of his latest Web publication venture with Girish Shambu, which I heartily recommend to all of you; the magazine is called Lola ... One of the things that Bordwell and ...
Shock and Awe has come to America! This production was so successful in Iraq and Afghanistan that it was only a matter of time before American audiences would clamor to see this stateside. Pauline Kael says its 'a mind blowing experience, that will literally blow your brains out!' Rex Reed calls it 'a dystopian nightmare for the whole family!' The late, great Roger Ebert says 'thank goodness I'm not around to see it!'
God Morning all!! Birthday author. Born and raised in Maryland, James Wolcott is a columnist for Vanity Fair and has written for The New Republic, The London Review of Books, Bookforum, and many other publications still treading water. He--I mean, I--also have a blog at the Vanity Fair website, where I keep tabs on politics, Project Runway, Mad Men, the dance scene, books, birding, and generally make a nuisance of myself, but in a fun, passionate, caring way. My wife Laura Jacobs is a novelist (her latest is The Bird Catcher), a dance critic, and Vanity Fair writer, and we live a wacky sitcom life in Manhattan with our two ocicats, Henry and Veronica, who deserve their own spinoff series. We also have a small bungalow on the Delaware Bay side of the Jersey Shore, where I sleep on the screened-in back porch and harbor any cricket who happens to pop in. My memoir about the Seventies in NYC, those years of punk and Pauline Kael, was published in 2011 by Doubleday. And in the autumn of 2013, Doubleday publis ...
This movie is a toupee made up to look like honest baldness. Pauline Kael
Learning that most U.S. beer comes in cans is my Pauline Kael no-one-I-know-voted-for-Nixon moment
I need to take a vacation to a secluded one room cabin in the wilderness and read all of Pauline Kael's books
Pauline Kael on the auteur theory and Martin Scorsese
Her only flair is in her nostrils. . Movie critic Pauline Kael
where is Pauline Kael please, i wish to thank her in person
"The smell of a skunk is more distinguishable than the perfume of a rose - does that make it better?" - Pauline Kael
World Lit: Had a thought. Check out Pauline Kael's RAISING KANE that Ebert referenced tonight in our film.
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I wonder if it's like Pauline Kael saying "nobody voted for Nixon" -- ppl extrapolate from their own circle.
Someone (Pauline Kael?) once referred to "clichés so old you didn't even know you knew them," or something in that vein.
"Repetition without development is decline.". -Pauline Kael
I agree with Pauline Kael in the Auteur-or-not argument (she systematically destroys Sarris), but she still bugs me.
"We are bumpkins, haunted by the bottle of ketchup on the dining table at San Simeon." -- the great Pauline Kael, on Americans
why, not interesting at all, very stale and newspapery, all about Pauline Kael
I hereby name this dish Pauline Kael pesto with spaghetti
Reminds me of Pauline Kael's review of Pasolini's Gospel: "I couldn't wait for that preening prissy young man to get crucified"
I got a great review from the late great Pauline Kael she said I was the best part of the film regardless, saved my spirit
The late great Pauline Kael who wrote many scathing reviews of Cruise's acting (Born on 4th, my fav review) would differ.
Comparing the writing styles/observations of Pauline Kael and Andrew Sarris. Fascinating.
I liked your review. I think Pauline Kael and I saw different movies.
Critic Pauline Kael called this film "the funniest epic vision of America ever to reach the screen" -
Giants of Mentoring: Film critic Pauline Kael is a mentor to writer James Wolcott. Mentor Hall of Fame:
Jim Jarmusch on Pauline Kael's view that Stranger Than Paradise lacked trashiness & thirillls "those were all the things we tried to remove"
You know how many times I've read Renata Adler on Pauline Kael, or Peter Plagens on Reyner Banham?
Years ago, I used to hang out with a literary crowd. We would often meet at any number of cafes in the Annex. A couple of times, I ended up meeting David Gilmour. I told him I liked some of his film criticism. His favourite critic was Pauline Kael. One night over drinks at Bar Italia, we did nothing but talk books and films. His recent comments are disappointing but not surprising. I suspect more than a few "traditional male writers" hold those views but just don't express them the way he did, publicly. Why did he? My view is partly for publicity (he's up for the Giller Prize, I believe), partly because deep down, he may truly believe that. I'm now just wondering how he would defend his admiration for Pauline Kael, if I asked him.
"It is amusing to hear AM refer to the oft-revered Pauline Kael dismissively as "a film critic I have no time for" & "typical Kael nonsense"
Almanac: Today's entry: Pauline Kael on moviegoers and stardom. - About Last Night (AJBlogCentral)
Just Arrived - The Age of Movies: Selected Writings of Pauline Kael: Item May Have Remainder Mark and In Off...
My book of Harlan Ellison's movie reviews is coming! Can I keep it on a shelf with my Pauline Kael book? Will they fight? Will they breed?
How about you as Pauline Kael and Helen Mirren as Penelope Gilliatt? Re Kellow’s bio, call it “Lives in the Dark.”
That was Pauline Kael, "Movies on Television," 1967. Are people who love cinema always kvetching about technological change? Boo hoo.
Jones’ bulky book does such an honest job of storytelling that it triumphs over it pedestrian prose. Pauline Kael on “From Here to Eternity”
Finally reading 'I Lost it at the Movies'. Pauline Kael is fantastically cutting.
many journalists are still in Pauline Kael - Nixon mode. And proud of it.
Watching Blood Simple, the Coen bros' +Frances McDormand's noirish debut. I'm crazy about it, but Pauline Kael wasn't
every time Mark Cousins says something, I see like a shimmering, JEDI-like ghost of Pauline Kael howling with laughter, doubled over.
Pauline Kael syndrome is alive and well in the world I see.
that copy of Last Tango in Paris is the original screenplay plus Pauline Kael's original review of the film. I FLIPPED.
These actors don’t seem sure what their characters are meant to be. (Pauline Kael on 1985 “Silverado”)
unless someone severely censures them>>>we need our own Pauline Kael ...u up for it?
that was a wry gag made by the great Pauline Kael about Nixon... But I doubt your Newtown hipsters saw the joke
I only see 2-3 a week now. I used to fancy myself as some kind of future Pauline Kael when I was in college.
Now this is a film critic worthy of the mantle of Andrew Sarris, Pauline Kael, Dave Kerr, and Roger Ebert.
The movie forces passivity on you. (Pauline Kael on 1982 film “Blade Runner”)
Pauline Kael's review of 1967 sprawls over 15 pgs of & claims its "the most excitingly American American movie."
A letter from a 13-year-old reader in defense of Pauline Kael
.Pauline Kael: I don't know one person who voted for Nixon.
Pauline Kael's response/attack on Sarris, debunking the Auteur theory. MP3 file.
A copy of Deeper into Movies by Pauline Kael is available at Free books, 297 Griffith St.
Was Googling Pauline Kael, legendry film critic, and noticed she died 3 Sept 2001, the she died just before Sept 11 is sticking on my mind
Pauline Kael could've been writing that about Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life. "Remember no one is a failure who has friends". :)
The transactions between the people on screen are stupefying. (Pauline Kael)
The controversial film critic Pauline Kael died today in 2001. Here are some of her most famous reviews:
i love the book THE CELLULOID CLOSET also bec it exposes critics like pauline kael & Andrew Sarris as occasionally & incredibly stupid.
In her review, Pauline Kael called this film a "comedy classic" -
Pauline Kael on why "men have an inalienable right to be untalented."
We get it, old single men, Pauline Kael is the devil and PT Anderson is everything that's wrong with cinema. [looked at Dave Kehr's site]
I used to joke about "What would Pauline Kael think of _" but now I really miss having Roger Ebert's reviews before picking a movie.
Roger Ebert on Pauline Kael:. Like George Bernard Shaw, she wrote reviews that will be read for their style, humor...
If you were to name one famous woman film critic, chances are it will be The New Yorker's Pauline Kael - known for...
It's a testament to Pauline Kael's brilliance as a writer that she was able to persuade people that was one of the year's best.
Andrew Sarris offers a dissent in the Voice (Don't think Pauline Kael weighed in but not sure)
It's Kael, named after film critic Pauline Kael. :D (If you knew, apologies for the pedantry.)
The apocryphal Pauline Kael quote: "How did Nixon get elected? No one I know voted for him!"
until Pauline Kael weighs in from beyond the grave I’m content to leave it at “debatable”
the Pauline Kael quote about Nixon voters (except about people excited for the new Lady Gaga era
"Then Ms. Kael told me I should change my name. ''Wes Anderson is a terrible name for a movie director.'"
I favourited a video Jerry shmoozes about Pauline Kael
Breast Cancer Awareness
I liked a video Jerry shmoozes about Pauline Kael
Pauline Kael being a good example (who is far better than every, and meaner)
Wonder if Tao Lin had met Pauline Kael, would he have tried to steam and eat her?
This adaptation has wit and edge and structure – too much structure, it turns out, for methodical pacing of the director. (Pauline Kael)
Good certitude abt NaMo's unpopularity in Bengal reminds me of Pauline Kael -
I Lost it at the Movies book download. Pauline Kael. Download here
Cheech Marin said he read Pauline Kael's review of Up in Smoke while in Costa Rica and thought "they can kiss my *** "
Film criticism should have ended the day Sam Peckinpah dismissed a pan by Pauline Kael with "She's just cackling walnuts with her *** .
pledge $5000 or more and you get Pauline Kael's shoes
As long as make sure that Emily Nussbaum is the new Pauline Kael and think of her as a special lady critic, not, you know, a human.
In the book Afterglow, Pauline Kael revealed she was a huge Sex in the City fan
"Hollywood: the only town where you can die of encouragement." - Pauline Kael
I've been down the same road of research you are now, let me help. General Kael was named after film critic Pauline Kael.
The New Yorker really needs new film critics. Oh wait. They're all Pauline Kael knock-offs, and she was a lazy shallow critic just as well.
"What this generation was bred to at television's knees was not wisdom, but cynicism." - Pauline Kael
Order Miche Bag Online!
Pauline Kael syndrome: "I don't know anyone who votes Tory. No one I know knows anyone who votes Tory, ergo elections are >
I'm 90% sure that was Pauline Kael in my dream last night. She was leaving a restaurant. Pauline Kael is always leaving restaurants.
Been reading Pauline Kael on great actresses from the 1980s not getting opportunities. Nothing has changed. What happened to Debra Winger?
Watched nearly an hour of HYDE PARK ON HUDSON before giving up. Reminded me of Pauline Kael's quote about a film directed...1/2
Today is the birth date of the late New Yorker film critic, Pauline Kael. When I was coming of age as a film critic, the two titans who stood over the film commentary community were Kael and Andrew Sarris (also here pictured). Supposedly critics were aligned in one camp or the other. I personally learned a lot about the nature of films and writing about them from both of them.
On June 19 in history, the first official baseball game is played (1846), Congress prohibits slavery in US territories (1862), slaves in Galveston are informed they are free two years after the Emancipation Proclamation (1865), the first Father's Day is celebrated (1910), the Rosenbergs are executed at Sing Sing (1953), the Civil Rights Act is approved after an 83-day filibuster (1964), the comic strip Garfield debuts (1978), and the Soviet occupation of Hungary ends (1991). It's the birthday of dual monarch James VI and I, mathematician Blaise Pascal, caused a man to give up a throne Wallis Simpson, chief stooge Moe Howard, bandleader Guy Lombardo, disease namesake Lou Gehrig, Supreme justice Abe Fortas, Scruggs partner Lester Flatt, Autry sidekick Pat Buttram, DC comics editor Julius Schwartz, film critic Pauline Kael, actor Louis Jordan, actress Gena Rowlands, wrestler Wahoo McDaniel, Nobel Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, fatwa subject Salman Rushdie, Cosby spouse Phylicia Rashad, Heart signer Ann Wil ...
Pauline Kael on E.T. (you can still catch it projected in Evanston Wednesday at 2:00 and 7:00, but keep in mind, too, there are not-to-be-missed Theater Oobleck 25th-anniversary shenanigans going on Wed. night): "Spielberg has earned the tears that some people in the audience — and not just children — shed. The tears are tokens of gratitude for the spell the picture has put on the audience. Genuinely entrancing movies are almost as rare as extraterrestrial visitors."
Day 17, Movie Showdown: The 1940s v. the 1970s The San Francisco inspector v. the San Francisco priavte eye Clint Eastwood’s Inspector Harry Callaghan is no charmer. Rather he’s the prototype of the lonely antihero who has come to dominate cop movies since Glen’s nominee, “Dirty Harry,” came out in 1971. Callaghan battles higher-ups, weak-kneed politicians and a wild-eyed serial killer – all the time grimacing in disgust at a society bent on protecting the bad guys. Yes, director Don Siegel’s film is reactionary and unrealistic, but it’s still a great popcorn-churning action film. A fine guilty pleasure. Plus, it established Eastwood as a post-Spaghetti Western mainstream star. And it added a bushel of memorable lines to the vernacular. Carrie counters with The Maltese Falcon (1941), John Huston's directorial debut and the second remake of the Dashiell Hammett thriller starring Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade, nicely described by Pauline Kael as "That ambiguous mixture of avarice and honor, s ...
Redford: "She grabs both my hands and she says, 'I'm Pauline Kael. You must hate me.'"
Roger Ebert was no intellectual maverick like Pauline Kael but a very much better version of Barry Norman
Dirty Harry. Renegade cop "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) goes on a one-man crusade to bring a psychopath (Andy Robinson) to justice... Famously denounced as "fascist" by bigwig film critic Pauline Kael, Don Siegel's Dirty Harry set the standard for gritty cop thrillers of the 1970s. In essence something of an extension of Siegel's previous cop thriller with Eastwood, Coogan's Bluff (1968), it again depicts a fish out of water as he combats the system — the difference this time is that while Coogan was out of place in terms of geography, Callahan is a native of the urban landscape and jars only in terms of outlook and philosophy. The story by Harry Julian Fink and R.M. Fink hit a nerve with director Siegel and star Eastwood, both of whom sympathized with the way in which the rights of victims were somehow being buried in the liberal mentality of the period, a period which seemed to favor the rights of the accused. Taken at face value, as a textbook of how the law should ideally function, Pauline ...
Dorothy Parker, Pauline Kael, Madeline Kahn, my mom, my sister, my niece, my late grandmothers.
Who doesn't? And I changed the reference to Pauline Kael
RAISING KANE, Pauline Kael's infamous article about the making of CITIZEN KANE - its obvious bias aside - is a perfect example of this.
doing it now, Pauline Kael. :)) or at least, that's what i like to believe i'm doing. :)
For an epic film review read Pauline Kael's review of Nashville in New Yorker's digital archives. The funniest movie she'd seen (by 1975)
Late night viewing of Charles Laughton's "The Night of the Hunter" (1955). Pauline Kael once called it the most frightening movie ever made.
"The Color of Money" was a cool movie - until I read a book with Pauline Kael's review of it, arguing convincingly that the 3rd act was B.S.
I'm espresso-fuelled and about to watch Richard Pryor's 1979 Live in Concert... "Probably the greatest of all recorded-performance films. Pryor had characters and voices bursting out of him . Watching this mysteriously original physical comedian you can't account for his gift and everything he does seems to be for the first time." Pauline Kael, from her review of "Richard Pryor Live in Concert".
Renata Adler's take-down of Pauline Kael still has bite J We revisit her writing on Thurs
Renata Adler panel THURS: 'Speedboat' to be discussed, + this Pauline Kael takedown:
GREATNESS OF MORGAN FREEMAN: My Favorite Actor Morgan Freeman was born June 1, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee. Although he loved acting, Freeman joined the air force after high school to become a fighter pilot. He later realized it wasn't what he'd wanted, and began his acting career. After years of small parts and limited success, he began to land big roles and win critical and popular acclaim. He's now one of Hollywood's most respected stars. In 1987, Freeman's fortunes changed when he was cast in the film Street Smart, which placed the actor on the screen as the volatile pimp Fast Black. The role proved to be huge success for Freeman, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Film critic Pauline Kael even went so far as to ask out loud, "Is Morgan Freeman the greatest American actor?" Two years later, Freeman earned more acclaim—a Golden Glove Award for Best Actor and a second Oscar nomination—as the kind-hearted but stubborn chauffeur in 1989's Driving Miss Daisy. By the 1990's, Free ...
Good Lord, some of these people think they're Pauline Kael.
One thing I like about reading Pauline Kael is that she usually found something wrong even with movies she loved, and vice versa.
“With apologies to Pauline Kael” by Bob Hicok - In Shawshank, when Andy Dufresne plays Cosí fan tutte over...
Mr. Winkler, please see my response to your comments about Clint Eastwood here:
Heh. I saw it, but for free. I think I saw Pauline Kael there.
There's a Pauline Kael quote about Raging Bull, that it's not a bio of LaMotta as much as a bio of the boxing movie genre.
Is this the box-office equivalent of Pauline Kael and McGovern?
Wasn't it Pauline Kael who once said De Palma's films were "in conversation" with Hitchcock's?
Cookies and work and Pauline Kael essays. Heck of a way to spend a Sunday.
I finally starting reading Pauline Kael and I get it - I wish I could write reviews so economically and yet so informative
Belated news: my coworker had an Oscar party at which she served dmango salsa (the D is silent) and Pauline Kael salad.
He also mentions Pauline Kael & Ryan Gosling. Soon you will be discussed in film school and seen in GQ.
Timely! Was just reading Pauline Kael's essay about same yesterday -- time for a re-watch.
TODAY we SALUTE the unique insight and precision-tool prose of Pauline Kael. (Thanks, Carol Porter for giving me these books so long ago. With Chris Palmer.) "In a scene in the sterile Crawford mansion, Joan is on her hands and knees vigorously scrubbing her own shrine. She's proving her right to be a star the only way she knows — by compulsive, punishing work. She has to scrub the floor because the maids don't get it clean enough; if they did, they wouldn't be maids." Mommie Dearest, October 12, 1981 "In 'The Empire Strikes Back,' when Han Solo was frozen into sculpture — his face protruding from a bas-relief, the mouth open as if calling out in pain — the scene had a terrifying grandeur.In ['Return of the Jedi']...when Leia finally frees Han Solo from his living death as sculpture, the scene has almost no emotional weight. It's as if Han had locked himself in the garage, tapped on the door, and been let out." Return of the Jedi, May 30, 1983 "The movie is stirring, on a very stupid level..." An Of ...
"He keeps us conscious that he's acting all the time. His toes act in his shoes." -Pauline Kael
Critic Pauline Kael called this "the best scary-funny movie since JAWS — a teasing, terrifying, lyrical shocker" -
oh i meant Pauline Kael's Trash, Art and the Movies (not sure who Greenberg is!)
Pauline Kael said that Bowie's Man Who Fell to Earth was like a *** Christ," and I think she was right on.
A Broad's Laugh: On Pauline Kael by Richard Kramer PICTURE IT: I’m 16, sweaty and sebaceous, facing the doorman of an old building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side: “I’m here to see Pauline Kael?” I can vouch for the question mark, 45 years on, not because of any uncanny Nabokovian recall, but because, even now, that first afternoon with her doesn’t seem as if it could possibly have happened. It was 1969 (moon landing, Midnight Cowboy, Manson), I had taken a summer school class in filmmaking, and the only texts required by our wise teacher were James Agee’s collected criticism and Pauline’s first two books, I Lost It at the Movies and the recently published Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Agee was, and will always be, wonderful, but he had died in a taxi soon after I was born, and Kael was more than with us: she had just begun her legendary association with The New Yorker, which in my culturally ambitious Long Island household was received as if it were the Dead Sea Scrolls, only weekly and with cartoo ...
"Hollywood is the only place where you can die from encouragement." - Pauline Kael
THE PAPERBOY is what Pauline Kael referred to as 'great trash'. What a hot, absurd, never-boring, lurid, awesome mess.
Won movie trivia night and then came home and watched MACGRUBER. Basically Pauline Kael.
Her only flair is in her nostrils. Pauline Kael
I feel that Richard Brody holds well onto the torch of the spirit of visceral criticism in the The New Yorker that Pauline Kael once held.
Pauline Kael's essay (applies to games, too, and I humbly submit it as a counterpoint to Jon Blow's earlier assertions
This is from Bill Zinnser's wonderful book, "The Writer Who Stayed", in the essay called The Perils of Pauline Kael.
"a monumentally unimaginative movie," - Pauline Kael, on 2001: A Space Odyssey.
.Just like Pauline Kael's famously accurate survey of McGovern voters!
Lindsey Graham just misquoted a story about a widely-known misquote of Pauline Kael.
Totally agree. I should lend you this book of film crit I have, too. Great essays from Pauline Kael, Panofsky, Sarris, etc.
I read Wes Anderson showed Rushmore to Pauline Kael & said she didn't get it. Maybe it's generational. Near top of my list too.
think this essay by Adler about Pauline Kael demonstrates what was getting at
This film's director arranged a private screening of the movie for film critic Pauline Kael, of whom he was a big fan -
Dice Pauline Kael sobre Band of Outsiders: "is like a reverie of a gangster movie"
Honestly that Soderbergh quote about Pauline Kael. He's sorta right. Her raves e.g. The Godfather Part II showed her gift as a critic.
Ouch. Considering I'm reading Pauline Kael's biography, I would have to disagree - or else I'm the world's worst film writer
as a film student, I have to say... apart from her 'legacy,' I'm woefully unfamiliar with pauline kael
I've been reading this biography on Pauline Kael and realizing that I'm a terrible writer and an even worse critic. But maybe I can learn...
always nice to see a Pauline kael nod too
Maybe I'll read some Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark by Brian Kellow while I'm waiting on the SAG awards...
"I go into the movie, I watch it, and I ask myself what happened to me." - Pauline Kael
The dates on Cavell's wiki are mistaken. He was at Berkeley, not Harvard, until the late 60s. I've always guessed he taught Pauline Kael.
"When [Steve] Martin comes onstage, he may do, say, just what Red Skelton used to do, but he gets us laughing at the fact that we're laughing at such dumb jokes. Martin simulates being a comedian, and so, in a way, we simulate being the comedian's audience. Martin makes old routines work by letting us know that they're old and then doing them immaculately. For him, comedy is *all* timing. He's almost a comedy robot. Onstage, he puts across the idea that he's going to do some cornball routine, and then when he does it it has quotations marks around it, and that's what makes it hilarious." -- Pauline Kael, 1983
Watching Barry Lyndon last night, was reminded what a complete stranglehold Pauline Kael had on public opinion in mid-'70's.
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