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Pauline Hanson

Pauline Lee Hanson (née Seccombe; born 27 May 1954) is an Australian politician and former leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation, a political party with a populist and anti-multiculturalism platform.

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"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity" - a Muslim chap's response to Pauline Hanson when asked by ABC news on…
given standing ovation in Parliament for slamming leader 4 wearing burka.
Barnaby Joyce: I'll have the wildest contribution to politics this week. Julie Bishop: hold my beer. Pauline Hanson: hold M…
Leader of Australia's far-right party sparks outrage after wearing burqa in Senate
I like this taxi driver lady, good on her for supporting Pauline Hanson.
There are Neo nazis everywhere and Pauline Hanson wore a burqa
Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson have been on every day this week. I wonder what party Rupert Murdoch supports?
So Shorten attacked Pauline Hanson yet apparently it's ok for him and Plibersuck to walk, laugh and celebrate *** men…
I'll pass it on 😂. P.S. while you're down under please don't listen to anything that Pauline Hanson woman has to say.
Australian senator criticised for burqa stunt
Pauline Hanson is a disgusting excuse for a woman.
Parry says Pauline Hanson's identity was known before she entered the chamber... so its ok for her to wear a burqa?
Pauline Hanson is a gift to those MPs who want applause for denouncing racism while supporting xenophobic policies (ie refug…
Pauline Hanson People should save their rage for terrorism like what's happened in be outraged about that!
I have to admit this is the most attractive photo of Pauline Hanson I've ever seen.
Cheap, insulting and nasty publicity stunt by Pauline Hanson as she walks into Parliament wearing a burka…
One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson entered the Senate today in a burqa stunning fellow Senators
For those who are unaware who Pauline Hanson is, she's Nigel Farage, only more bitter.
Senator Pauline Hanson with burqa and Senator's pin during Question Time
Honestly can not understand how someone can have so much hate in them like Pauline Hanson does
Pauline Hanson is a bloody embarrassment to Australia, there is no simpler way to put it.
Far-right Australian senator slammed for burqa 'stunt' Unbelievable , and Embarrassing
Pauline Hanson’s divisive stunt has no place in our parliament. Thank you George Brandis for your fine words today.
Check her birth certificate(s). Anti-immigration Australian senator wears burka to Parliament in bid to ban them
Pauline Hanson Just Walked Into The Senate Wearing A Burqa, No, Really The world has exceeded its sha…
Disgraceful stunt by Pauline Hanson was slammed by George Brandis. He received a standing ovation.
One wonders if they'd have been as offended by someone trying to ban the KKK robe?
Pauline Hanson’s stunt was deliberate and provocative but the government overreacted, writes
Australian Senator Wears Burqa in Parliament to Push for Ban - -via Flynx
George Brandis receives a standing ovation for his take down of Pauline Hanson's burqa stunt
PAULINE HANSON | "I am an Australian who has not lost my voice due to political correctness."
Senators watch on as Pauline Hanson enters the Senate in full-body Islamic dress. She is preparing to launch motion to b…
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is in the Senate chamber in a black burqa. Senate President has ok'd her wearing it.
Pauline Hanson, who are you to call to ban burqa in Australia??! Tell me! I pity you madam.
Give in to those *** ..That's your future. Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate
To the people who think Australia isn't racist - take a look at what our very own Pauline Hanson did in parliament today. Still not racist?
Two utter non-entities who craving Brandis "choked back tears" as he criticised Hanson
Someone literally says 'What on earth?' as Pauline Hanson enters in what looks like a burqa
Canberra goes burqo: Hanson reveals why she pulled stunt; & now Nash now caught up in citizenship farce https:/…
George Brandis on the verge of tears as he tells Pauline Hanson her behaviour is "appalling". Standing ovation from ALP/…
Australian senator Pauline Hanson wears burka in parliament - and her colleagues weren't happy
Pauline Hanson shocks the Senate by wearing an Islamic BURQA. via
If only UK politicians had the guts to do this & speak out, our Parliament is full of spineless appeasers
When you try to condemn Pauline Hanson but end up suggesting Muslims are trigger happy and Islamic terror is actually…
George Brandis got a standing ovation from Labor and the Greens after calling out Pauline Hanson's burqa stunt as offens…
Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate -
Australian politician Pauline Hanson wears burqa in Senate
This is disgusting and shameful | BBC News - Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate
Pauline Hanson shocks the Australian Senate by wearing an Islamic burqa
Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate. So parliament is shocked by burka. Ban?!?!
Pauline Hanson wears burqa in Australian Senate while calling for ban
."No, Senator Hanson, we will not ban the burka," . Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate.
Pauline Hanson is just another legacy from our illustrious war criminal xPM John Howard
It made me who I am': Pauline Hanson has no regrets about going to prison - but is still angry 2003…
A small detail on Pauline Hanson's burqa explains why she wasn't challenged entering the Senate Business Insider Au…
MORE frightening than Pauline Hanson's One Nation, is Malcolm Roberts One Nation. It appears his IQ starts with a decimal po…
"I sometimes suspect that Pauline Hanson was invented by Patrick White," says David Marr to much mirth
Pauline Hanson that old racist.Rick Stein once said that the slaughter method of sheep in O…
Pauline Hanson says companies responding to public pressure on halal via
please please does Pauline Hanson have a triple citizenship???
Pauline Hanson may have broken the law with drone video -much ado about nothing, now she knows it's illegal.🙄
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One Nation candidate from the 1998 Queensland election has lodged a police complaint against Pauline Hanson .
I am proud to announce that Pauline Hanson's One Nation will take on Wyatt Roy.
Malcolm Roberts: I was thinking of saying something controversial and inflammatory. Pauline Hanson: Hold my glass of go…
Pauline Hanson will use World Refugee Day to call for Australia to withdraw from UN refugee convention.
Pauline Hanson halts legal proceedings to slap gag order on ABC over secret tapes
Pauline Hanson abandons case against ABC over secret tapes, forced to pay legal costs via
That's looks like Pauline Hanson dirty brown bag 💼 she inherited from the LP
Pauline Hanson looks like Dorian Gray in reverse.
Terrorist: one who seeks to create fear out of all proportion to the threat. Examples: Pauline Hanson, Paul Murray, Andrew Bolt.
Bill McNee tells Ian Nelson to have a coffee with Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson attempts to slam the MDs of SBS and ABC but gets her figures wrong both times.
ASIO's Duncan Lewis shutting down Pauline Hanson's questions on Muslims and refugees is worth watching.
Pauline Hanson questions AEC Commissioner Tom Rogers about "the plane" via
Pauline Hanson in that black skivvy... for some reason now I'm humming Nothing Compares 2 U.
Pauline Hanson must be scratching her head, after One Nation adviser Sean Black's arrest, she now has another Black to worry about.
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The other day Pauline Hanson's Chief of Staff was caught canvassing the idea of ripping off candidates and making...
Wow, Pauline Hanson sure knows how to pick them. "With One Nation on track to make big gains at the next...
Sean Black: "in the 1990s a Labor operative tasked with destroying Pauline Hanson's party" ?
No need for Reality TV when you can watch Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party implode.
James Ashby is a toxic queen. Pauline Hanson should have known from the Peter Slipper affair.
The tape exposing Pauline Hanson & James Ashby plotting to screw their own candidates for $$$ is an absolute shocker. I’…
Of all of the things that could end Pauline Hanson, this may well be the kicker... via
Individuals like Peter Dutton and Pauline Hanson are responsible for the upturn in racism in Australia. They are a disgrace to parliament.
Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton will be eagerly waiting for him at the airport waving swastika flags.
Call me complex but I feel the same way about Richard Di Natale, Pauline Hanson and Peter Fitzsimons.
Pauline Hanson lying high: The strange case of James Ashby's aeroplane
Pauline Hanson plane belongs to James Ashby, she insists
Who owns Pauline Hanson's plane? Bill McNee and James Ashby explain. Kind of.
Pauline Hanson, James Ashby and One Nation's turbulence over a small plane
Place to go when you've been totally backed into a corner. Pauline Hanson and her phony plane.
Transcript of Pauline Hanson's exchange with Andrew Bolt on **that** plane. She may have just made things worse for herse…
Pauline Hanson comments on Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Anzac Day via
Someone asked John Pasquarelli who worked for Pauline Hanson once about being ethnic…
Why can people like Pauline Hanson & George Christensen say anything they like with our Tax Money?
As John Howard said about Pauline Hanson. Yassmin is an irrelevance and best we ignore he…
John Stone considering voting for Pauline Hanson. I guess it can’t be worse than being a prop in the Joh for PM sho…
Doesn't she have the same right to Free Speech like Pauline Hanson, Alan Jones, Cory Bernardi & George Christensen?
Cory Bernardi, Pauline Hanson & George Christensen freely express their opinion's whenever they want with our Tax Money.
George Christensen & Pauline Hanson have strong connections with Reclaim Australia who have also had link's with terrorism.
She is an Australian that expresses controversial opinion's like Pauline Hanson, Steve Price & George Christensen.
Pauline Hanson is demanding answers to serious questions ! Will Waleed Aly supply the answers ? 😆
Fran Kelly talking about Pauline Hanson refusing to speak with her program (and the rest of the ABC)
And explanation over that pesky little plane from Pauline Hanson and James Ashby...tick tock tick tock... https…
OPINION: Pauline Hanson's chocolatey call to arms is a national disgrace!
Knives out for Pauline Hanson staffer James Ashby, accused of profiting off candidates via
Today, I've referred serious allegations from about donations & Pauline Hanson's plane to the Australian Electora…
“Former party treasurer, Ian Nelson, said the primary purpose of the plane is “to ferry Pauline Hanson around” des…”
Marye Daniels and Ron McLean were told by Pauline Hanson they were no longer wanted in One Nation.
Thanks to Nick Xenophon & Pauline Hanson, there's $24b less to pay for schools, hospitals & renewables. But at least big bus…
David Marr on Pauline Hanson's political dalliance with John Howard via
Pauline Hanson is hate & fear. She is preying on community's weakness. She doesn't represent any of the green & gold that…
If Josh the Seafood King needs to show off his skills, I hear there's jobs going at Pauline Hanson's Fish & Chips s…
Pauline Hanson in discussions with former Newman Govt MP Sam Cox for Thuringowa.
Pauline Hanson ..what is your opinion of the Italian mafia and the gangland murders..should we send all Italians home.
Pauline Hanson says John Howard stopped Australia from being 'swamped by Asians' -
Pauline Hanson did however make the news
My column this morning was on Pauline Hanson and peak stupid. It may have been premature.
Pauline Hanson stuns Tracy Grimshaw in extraordinary interview “The burqa should absolutely go. ”via
Pauline Hanson is just concerned about these vaccines coming into our country and stealing our disease's jobs.
"'You line up a number of Muslims, who is the good one?' Pauline Hanson slams Sharia law and ..."
Anyone who decides whether or not to vaccinate their child based on what Pauline Hanson says should not be in charge of a…
IS say that one cannot be a good Muslim and a good Australian. Apparently Pauline Hanson agrees.
Pauline Hanson cones out with a moronic, half-witted idea and people are surprised! The woman is as dumb as a…
Pauline Hanson will be in Port and South Hedland tomorrow morning and visit Roebourne and Karratha in the afternoon!
‘Muslims hate western society and they want to change us’ – Pauline Hanson
Just when I think hey from her point of view Pauline Hanson might actually have a point here...
Nice to see Hanson attacking her voter base. Slow clap for No Notion. Hanson supports penalty rates cut.
Pauline Hanson's One Nation has brilliant new policies on our website - Download our how-to-vote card & vote PHON
Pauline Hanson's One Nation is listening to the people from country WA, vote for change now!
The world has seen how ex reality show identities fare in government and Australia is making the same mistake with Pauli…
Popularity of One Nation has big parties running scared says ... Pauline Hanson ♥➡️
Pauline Hanson invents her own Trumpism to justify outragious comments. It's just her "personal opinion".
NOW: Tracy Grimshaw’s exclusive interview with Pauline Hanson and her explosive views on Muslims. FULL STORY: ht…
She had her own children vaccinated - so this anti-vax BS is merely to lure the vote of extreme right dunderheads.
Pauline Hanson says Australians want Vladimir Putin's style of leadership
Maybe we should forgive Pauline Hanson: she is too stupid to know what she is saying
Is there a more stupid politician in Australia? >> Hanson says we want Vladimir Putin's style of leadership
''Pauline Hanson doesn't like the government's "no jab, no pay" child vaccination scheme because she reckons it's... https:/…
Most discussed topic in Perth right now: Pauline Hanson
37 Australians died on MH17. Putin should not be admired by anyone.
Pauline Hanson supports tax cuts for big business & penalty rates cuts, and she states she is for the battlers? Rubbish.
Pauline Hanson admires Putin's leadership but describes vaccination as a "dictatorship".
Fantastic to finally hear the opinions of renowned medical doctor and epidemiologist, Pauline Hanson on vaccine safety.
Perth is blessed. Visits from Pauline Hanson and Justin Bieber in the same week, and I arrive tomorrow.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson slams Islam and said Australia is going to be overrun by Muslims . via
Pauline Hanson admires Putin? Jesus what is politics in this country coming to.
Pauline Hanson defends vaccination comments as 'personal opinion' So is your racism, so keep th…
I wrote to Pauline Hanson asking her to get briefed on vaccines by the Chief Medical Officer before spreading dangerous…
Pauline Hanson likes to talk about ppl not "assimilating". Really? Like anti-vaxers are putting all our kids at risk? V…
Who do you believe on vaccination? Pauline Hanson, or the billions of kids who never caught polio, measles, mumps, or ru…
Hanson's Trump-like attack on elite institutions, has scored a direct hit. On the Liberal Party.
Bill Shorten wrote to Pauline Hanson over her vaccination comments and it's rather blunt:
"I love my country" says Pauline Hanson. No you don't!! You are everything that's vile, loathsome, & dishonorable abou…
Followed by the obscenity of Tracy Grimshaw verballing Pauline Hanson.
Followed by the obscenity of Tracy Grimshaw being "confused" by Pauline Hanson's dislike of Islam.
I sat through the Pauline Hanson interview on channel nine your piece was superior tracy kissed her butt
Pauline Hanson claims John Howard changed the law to keep her out. Did he?
That Mal Meninga ad joking that Queensland will break away from Australia is making more sense with Pauline Hanson getting more air time
Here's Bill Shorten's full letter to Pauline Hanson re: vaccination comments
Pauline Hanson defends vaccination comments as 'personal opinion, had own kids vaccinated
Pauline Hanson in Mandurah today. Close Kwinana Freeway & blow up Dawesville Bridge keep her there. Right at home.
Poll Bludger: is Pauline Hanson becoming electoral poison? ($?) via
Bogan drinking culture lives on. Anything to get a vote⚡️ “Pauline Hanson to open brewery to win over voters”.
Malcolm Turnbull attacks Pauline Hanson's views on vaccination |
Pauline Hanson's views on vaccination are uneducated & dangerous
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Malcolm Turnbull attacks Pauline Hanson's views on vaccination
Appalled to hear Pauline Hanson's comments re vaccination on They aren't just wrong - they are dangerous. G…
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson tells LNP MP George Christensen to stay loyal to the Liberal National Party or ...
Pauline Hanson says Bob Katter was talking to former senator Rod Culleton to jump ship from One Nation
Where is Pauline Hanson? After bragging about Aus Post she hasn't shown up to Senate Estimates.
he's the liar of the year, just after Donald Trump, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Pauline Hanson, Mathias Corman.
Once Labor's great hope, Latham is now basically Pauline Hanson, except for the use of 'cultural marxism' .
You have great form picking a winner - Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson, Lisa Johnston
...and the winner for the political performance for the year goes to Pauline Hanson..oops, sorry Tony Abbott
Pauline Hanson has backed every move by Donald Trump since November. One Nation primary was 4% then, 10% now.
Benjamin Netanyahu in Australia: praise for Abbott and Howard. What, not Pauline Hanson?
John Howard by endorsing Pauline Hanson is showing the same lack of rational judgement as he did when invading Iraq.
The WA Liberal deal with Pauline Hanson's One Nation has been given the blessing of former prime...
Pauline Hanson, Steve Dickson & Peter Ford told to move on in Nambour via
Barnaby Joyce well and truly understands that Pauline Hanson can almost single-handedly destroy his party.”
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Tony Abbott has put Pauline Hanson in prison as his day was Malcolm Turnbull and now sinking justi
Let's send Pauline Hanson, that would be interesting.
Regardless of what the media says, I'm the leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation & I have the final say on who represe…
Beattie and Reith Monday night on . 1 – Pauline Hanson. 2 – David Leyonhjelm. 3 – Professor Alan Mackay-Sim (OZ of the Year)
.what was that on today? Was that u being a journalist with Pauline Hanson? Or was that Tabloid Mark Riley Lite?
The fury in One Nation circles over Pauline Hanson's puppet-master James Ashby is now white hot... 'I’ve had...
author says James Ashby is Pauline Hanson's hand grenade. Stand back everyone!
Fancy James Ashby turning out to be a *** & Pauline Hanson to be mean & stupid! It's like their public behaviour predicts who they are!
I have a plan to get rid of Pauline Hanson, drown out her racist speeches with MMBOP, DAB-BAB BOOM-BOP YEAH YEAH MMBOP
Pauline Hanson has made a statement that unless these are white Christian aliens they can stay in their own...
BREAKING - One Nation in tatters. Pauline Hanson recalls Malcolm Roberts from Roswell New Mexico to deal with James As…
Is James Ashby behind the rising fortunes of Pauline Hanson?
Cory Bernardi George Christensen James Ashby (via Pauline Hanson) and Malcolm Roberts - all trying to out whinge Donald Trump.
Would someone please order this book for Pauline Hanson and James Ashby - they really really need it.
So *** Smith supporting Pauline Hanson. This consumer will not be supporting *** Smith .
One Nation Senator Rod Culleton says he's been busy preparing for his High Court case and hasn't heard Pauline Hanson's comments
Pauline Hanson blames Tony Abbott and John Howard for prison sentence in new documentary via Not so new
Easy to imagine USA being run by imbeciles just like Abbott, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Bernardi, isn't it?. Trouble…
When you hear Pauline Hanson say the barrier reef is fine, remember, she's 1300km away from the actual problem
Great Barrier Reef is fine, Pauline Hanson says from Great Keppel Island, 1000km from bleaching
Sounds like George Brandis is taking his cues from Pauline Hanson's One Nation. Good to hear. h…
Pauline Hanson and Rod Culleton sitting side by side in the Senate chamber to the delight of the snappers
Pauline Hanson at this morning's event. U might remember her speech where she sd the Family Crt was drivin…
"Turnbull is making some great new friends. There is Pauline Hanson and now Trump. In his party he already has c..." ht…
Pauline Hanson on says problem with US resettlement deal is it gives these asylum seekers a "wonderful life" in the…
Here’s Pauline Hanson arguing that if people on Manus and Nauru were actually refugees they would have come to Australia: h…
Pauline Hanson has been in politics and public life for 20 years. So why does she always sound so nervous and jittery? Disconc…
half their luck, if they're anything like Bronwyn Bishop, Pauline Hanson, Juliar Gillard etc.
Pauline Hanson supports referral of Rodney Culleton to High Court – politics live
Pauline Hanson supports government move to refer One Nation senator Rod Culleton's election to the High Court.
Politicians in Australia - Australian politicians such as Juliar Gillard, Pauline Hanson, Mike Berwick.
Just remember that James Ashby is advising Pauline Hanson so One Nation is essentially a cadet branch of the LNP.
Obvious who is thick as 2 planks..Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts. Both embarrassment to Australian Senate & pu…
How low can a government go when it promotes the likes of Pauline Hanson to buy her vote and will Malcolm Roberts be on the honours list?
Why the government is giving special treatment to Pauline Hanson:. in a move which surprised colleagues yesterday exp. https:…
If we could only lock up Jim Molan, John Howard, Pauline Hanson & Tony Abbott, and throw 20 Million Aussie TURDS AT THEM!.
With two major brand failures, more air for Pauline Hanson be afraid very afraid of One Nation
the real Australian National Anthem. Living nexdoor to Alan sung by Kevin Bloody Wilson and Pauline Hanson.
One Nation must not be attacked: Tim Nicholls defends Pauline Hanson's party: via
'Morrison lies will only feed Pauline Hanson' Also, the take:
I can't wait for the day this smug arrogant *** maggot is put in his place... Paul Murray LIVE, Pauline Hanson's Please Explain
Pauline Hanson, lead racist in the Australian parliament ...
Pauline Hanson, in Australian Senate, telling refugees to go home if they cannot assimilate to the Australian way of life! Good for her!
we have Pauline Hanson's Indeed Nation in the Senate. How can we trust the Australian people again?
We have Pauline Hanson's One Nation with seats in the Senate. How can toy trust the Australian people?
What I wrote about Sonia Kruger's views on Muslim immigration applies to Pauline Hanson's: fear or racism?
I can't wait for the 2017 version of with Donald Trump, Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger🙄
Coming up tonight on 'Dancing With Bigots' Sonia Kruger and Pauline Hanson tell us why they're not racist, but.
Listening to Pauline Hanson gives my ears third degree burns
Why can't Pauline Hanson be indicted for saying hate speech? First she hated Asians, now Muslims. Do people in parliament just laugh at her?
Pauline Hanson's speech today is just proof that the only thing that's changed is the name of the foreign devils out to get us
Pauline Hanson was right - there are Asians EVERYWHERE! . Oh wait I live in Hong Kong. As you were.
Pauline Hanson says Australia is in danger of being ‘swamped by Muslims’ in Senate speech.
Absolutely agree. Pauline Hanson was right & so was my father who said China will move in & buy Australia. RIP dad.
What does Pauline Hanson mean when she says Australians live in fear of tourism?
Greens senators walk out of Pauline Hanson's speech.
𝜓 Pauline Hanson at this point represents common sense Immigration Policy. You dont bring in people from areas that produce many terrorists.
Muslims make up 1% of Australia's population. Apparently we are soon going to swamped by them, according to Pauline Hanso…
Pauline Hanson needs to go back to where she came from - the fish n chip shop.
Watermelon Greens showing they are anti Australian and pro illegals - do not vote for them or support them
From Area & Grid Reference to Pauline Hanson. The new unit of work delivered by a nutty teacher. Hilarious!
a person right to speak doesnt override a person right to listen (or not) "Pauline Hanson"
I would like to call for a ban on Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson's first speech so far has offered "swamped by Muslims" and "go back to where you came from"
Pauline hanson told muslims to go back to where we came from. Dear pauls, how about u take your own 'advice' and go back to ***
Think a Plebiscite will be a sensible debate? Check Pauline Hanson racist rant today in OUR Parliament! walked out👏
Where will Pauline go for dinner in to celebrate her speech? Indian, Thai, Greek, Sushi, Vietnamese, Pizza or Turkish?
The only things missing from Pauline Hanson's maiden speech were white hoods and burning crosses
Greens staged a walk-out of Pauline Hanson's 1st Speech, we may not all agree with what she says but in Aust she has t…
Is it just me or is Pauline Hanson is like... the Australian Donald Trump (on the racial views)
Pauline Pantsdown: Hanson's success will be her undoing | Simon Hunt
The Greens walk out of the chamber during Senator Pauline Hanson's first speech in the Senate
Yeah. According to Pauline Hanson women leave their husbands and then emotionally torture them until they kill
“Sheer frustration” causes men to murder their partners, says Pauline Hanson, in her first Senate speech
Pauline Hanson does not speak on my behalf as an Australian. I did not vote for her.
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Remember when Pauline Hanson decided to emigrate to the UK? Outstanding patriot...
If Pauline Hanson was Muslim she'd be up on charges tonight for her maiden speech. Encouraging hate crimes on religi…
.has captured the Greens walking out on Pauline Hanson .
Pauline Hanson is calling for Australia to ban muslim immigration and the burqa
Senator Pauline Hanson is embraced by Senator Derryn Hinch after she delivered her first speech in the Senate
If we ended immigration as Pauline advocates it would plunge our country into a recession within a decade. Maybe we nee…
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson delivers Muslim fear message on her incendiary maiden speech to the Senate
Dear Pauline. We will argue with you. We will fact-check you. We will mock you. We will show that you are not who we are.…
Pauline Hanson's 30 minutes of picking on single mums, the unemployed and Muslims won't create one job for one Queenslander.
deep down Turnbull & mny other Libs believe in exactly what Pauline Hanson does
Has anyone asked the government of NZ how they feel about being described as our back door by Pauline Hanson?
Pauline Hanson wouldn't know it, but there was a Muslim watching and listening to her speech in the Senate. Me.
We should send Pauline Hanson to somewhere like London or New York so she can see what a modern, cosmopolitan city looks like
Ahead of Pauline Hanson's maiden speech today – an extract of my new essay on Pauline & post truth
We must not and cannot normalise what Pauline Hanson represent. She does NOT advocate free speech. She is not free speech.
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One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson's maiden speech to the Senate
Dear Pauline Hanson,. This halal snack pack is dedicated to you, ***
IMO the main type of person we have way too many of in Australia is Pauline Hanson. We've got one and they wield so much influe…
Pauline Hanson calls for Muslim immigration ban in maiden speech to Senate - ABC News
Hey Pauline Hanson, I spent my PhD surrounded by intelligent and dedicated muslim academics. Oh, and there were some fantastic asians also
Has anyone ever seen Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump in the same room at the same time?
The Greens senators all leave together during Pauline Hanson's first speech
1. In the 20 years since Pauline Hanson first played her race card Australia's migrant population has risen from 4.2 mill…
had to do it - here's Pauline Hanson's maiden speeches, 1996 and 2016 - what a difference 20 years makes
Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech in the Senate was every bit the anti-Islam diatribe many expected
So so so disgusted by Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson says benefits should cut out after first child, "get a job and start taking responsibility for your own a…
I missed which race Pauline Hanson disparaged that so upset you Greens. Care to tell us, Richie?
Together, our MPs have left Senator Pauline Hanson’s 1st speech because we’ll call out racism wherever it occurs, incl…
i have zero interest in Pauline Hanson's predictable attention seeking, but very glad I tuned into speech from
My response when I see the media has found another nasty angle to attack Pauline Hanson, Sonia Kruger
on political and cultural discourse in Aus 2016.I love Sonia Kruger & Pauline Hanson impressions. 😂
Winston Peters is starting to remind me a bit of Pauline Hanson.
Harriet Galagher is as mad as Pauline Hanson, Turnbull a leftie? How mad can that be? Cory Bernardi a good...
I'll let you in on a secret John Howard visited Pauline Hanson on the 23 July also, Only a few days later PM...
first of all how dare you ⚡️ “Kim Kardashian v Pauline Hanson: Who wore it better? ”.
AMAZING VIDEO. Who wore it better? . Kim Kardashian or Pauline Hanson?
Pauline Hanson's 4 votes the key to Govt's CFA legislation (deciding fate of Victoria's h…
DAILY MAIL - Pauline Hanson joins 13 new senators at Parliament House to attend 'senate s...
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