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Paulina Rubio

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes (born 17 June 1971) is a Mexican singer, actress, hostess, model and businesswoman.

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Just finished listening to Paulina Rubio and Gloria Trevi, and it really reminded me who tf I am.
As of today Paulina Rubio hasn't released a studio album in 6 years and I'm like mamita I was your chico dorado and…
Am I the only one that works out to Belanova, Paulina Rubio & La Quinta Estación? Lol
Remember that time when Paulina Rubio's application for a Visa was denied by the U.S. consulate in Juarez, Mexico b…
I sang 'Casanova'. Paulina Rubio. This song is English version of 'Baila Casanova'. One of my favorite Paulina's so…
[Paula_Alfocea] sings Ni una Sola Palabra by Paulina Rubio, what an incredible voice on StarMaker!.
I have a Paulina Rubio station playing and it's nothing but throwbacks lol girl!
Never 4get time at soho house nye when Paulina Rubio harassed and I 4 not playing "I-g-g-y" and reminding us of her Latin grammies
The album "Pau-Latina" by Paulina Rubio is available today on iTunes and Spotify!
'Say the Word'. Paulina Rubio. I love her English song too. Beautiful song. I am single. I wanna feel real love someday.…
Monday afternoon. I am off today. Before I go out,I sang 'Me Voy' on my bed. Paulina Rubio's song. I love her Spanish so…
'Me Voy'. Paulina Rubio's song. I can't speak Spanish but I love it. Late at night,but I wanted to singing tonight. Love…
'Todo Mi Amor'. Paulina Rubio. I love her Spanish song. I feel passion in this song!.
'Ayúdame'. Paulina Rubio's song. Her voice is lovely in this song. Paulina Rubio is my best Mexican singer!. Esplendido!…
Paulina Rubio was on to something when she said "dame otro tequila"
Paulina Rubio music videos are seriously so random lmao
Every year Paulina Rubio gives me another reason to hate her
I added a video to a playlist Paulina Rubio - Tal ves quiza
i watched MTV cribs when Paulina Rubio was talking about how she uses her sauna every morning to make life easy. i feel her.
Paulina rubio was my bih growing up
Lowkey want to go to a Paulina Rubio's concert 👀
Can you not talk to me while I'm listening to Belinda and Paulina Rubio? Thx
I like to be glamorous so I love the clothing and the big entrances. It needs to be spectacular!. Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio said : "If You want to know more about It , Buy her album" .but Interscope isn't still sure if it will make the final cut
Should I send u the Interview of Paulina Rubio Gurl ?
'Si Te Vas'. Paulina Rubio's song in 2016. I am Japanese, so sing in Spanish is difficult but I love it!. I love her songs…
I'm at Casino and Resort for Paulina Rubio in Thackerville, OK
Remember when Paulina Rubio ended Shakira and Thalía's career with one performance? 😍
Come buy drinks from us lovely ladies 🙂 — attending Paulina Rubio at WinStar World Casino and Resort
Sweetie I'm busy being the only one at this Paulina Rub…
star live ready to SE Paulina Rubio
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rubio Concert. let's get this show on the road!
we r ready to see Paulina Rubio , Leo , Mike and Jose .!!
Getting ready for the Paulina Rubio grand finale
Y now it's time for the make money online show starring Paulina Rubio. Oh, quaff.
- Baila Casanova by Paulina Rubio. I have iTunes on my phone!
By the way, I'm Paulina Rubio at the end of the performance I mentioned
Paulina Rubio's self titled album will always be her best album, no me digan nada!
is that Paulina Rubio on the 3rd pic?
yess say less. Her, Gloria Trevi & Paulina Rubio are my underrated faves.
Paulina Rubio's mother is in my office talking to me. If you watched novelas as a kid you'd understand why I'm freaking out
Is Paulina Rubio available for the halftime show?
That was funny 😂 and yes I know Paulina Rubio when's going to be that?
I feel like we get tired of Mexican hegemony in media when y'all make us listen to like Paulina Rubio. Selena's always been 👌
Y now it's time for Testy Garlic Heavycoins starring Paulina Rubio. Oh, downloading.
every so often i remember this army that INSISTS that taehyung sounds like paulina rubio in spanish bc of his pronounciation and i want to
I sang Paulina Rubio's 'border girl'. She is my best Mexican singer. First time I heard it in 2002. I love this album.…
This guy was walking what appears to be a rifle but actually was an air rifle 3 houses away from Paulina Rubio's https:/…
The drugs ain't the half of it. Go to the border today and you'll see it's also raining down sacks…
The drugs are just the start. If you go to the border today, you'll see it's also raining down sacks of anchor babi…
Let's get ready to rumble with Paulina Rubio! Tix: 👉 https:…
Can you believe Paulina Rubio invented karma
Hot clash ahead: Paulina Rubio clashes with Rita Ora - quite cool, who, who is hotter?
Selena Gomez collaborating with Paulina Rubio on upcoming duet
good thing it wasn't that Paulina Rubio song I got on there
DJ Bandit playing big tune from Paulina Rubio - Don't Say Goodbye now @
I had a dream last night that involved Dannii Minogue performing Paulina Rubio's Don't Say Goodbye.
Can you feel my love inside?! The way my body's sighing with your every… ♫ Don't Say Goodbye by Paulina Rubio —
...and "Don't Say Goodbye (Radio Edit)" from Paulina Rubio! It really feels like reuniting with old friends I haven't…
Don't Say Goodbye by Paulina Rubio is number 3 in El Salvador top 100 songs
on Viva: I'm listening to Todo Mi Amor by Paulina Rubio
This version is better !! Anything in spanish is better life. Except paulina rubio and graciela beltran cause eww
I'm hoping gets to reissue Paulina Rubio's "Top Hits" comp on vinyl cuz im trynna dance to her classic 90's tracks
I sound like Paulina Rubio when i talk 😭 and I can't stand Paulina Rubio
Im Jamming to Paulina Rubio and yes i'm feeling myself 😛
Hello. Dear Paulina Rubio, My name is Will Witaly, I have great respect for you.
PaULIna RuBiO Tal VeZ, QuiZas . While not typical girl next door,. her type not uncommon in Mex. Just like USA
Paulina Rubio - Causa Y Efecto . Started as a teen with popular group Timbiriche, many stars out of group. Popular
Paulina Rubio - Boys Will Be Boys via . Finish DINNER, here is your Mex desert. Better than MINT OREOS
I got into Jane the virgin guess who plays Paulina Rubio like there's no tomorrow
Drummer Paulina Rubio's passion drives her to keep perfecting her craft every day. You don’t know her yet, but you will.…
I love Paulina Rubio's music so much
el ultimo adiós by paulina rubio is never in those Spanish throwback threads and it kills me
Tal vez by paulina rubio always gets me in my feelings
Paulina Rubio - Baila casanova . You probably don't know her, you missed 20 years of her on world stages
Paulina Rubio - Lo Hare Por Ti. It is my goal for 1/1/17 to make sure everyone sees this masterpiece.
with her collabs like Paulina Rubio either. 😩
I just used Shazam to discover Fire (Sexy Dance) by Paulina Rubio.
Selena Gomez and Mexican singer Paulina Rubio are teaming up with music we can't keep to ourselves: http…
According to Josep Vinaixa, Paulina Rubio has a confirmed collaboration with Selena Gomez for her eleventh studio album! http…
Paulina Rubio confirmed that her next album will feature a song with Selena!
my mom thinks she's so cool because Paulina Rubio follows her on instagram 🙄
Looks like landed a spot on next album!
Paulina Rubio has confirmed on Vanidades Magazine that her 11th studio album will feature a collab with Selena!
I totally have a Paulina Rubio song stuck in my head, lol. It has been years since I've heard her. Away to YouTube!
Paulina Rubio reveals she has collaborated with Selena Gomez | Daily Mail Online
Paulina Rubio has announced that Selena Gomez will be featured on her new album, expected to be released during the first…
Selena Gomez has joined forces with Paulina Rubio.. Related Articles:
"Paulina Rubio revealed that she has an album coming in the new year and that it'll boast a track with Gomez and DJ Snake." - OH MY GOD 😳
Selena Gomez Has a Duet with Paulina Rubio in the Works
Selena Gomez to Release a New Song With Paulina Rubio in 2017 via
A and collaboration is coming, apparently!
Y now it's time for the Paulina Rubio show starring Tracey Ullman. Oh, diarrhea.
I just used Shazam to discover Don't Say Goodbye (Spanish Fly Club Mix) by Paulina Rubio.
Paulina Rubio welcomes a son with boyfriend (and former Voice: Mexico mentee) Gerardo Bazúa
Surprise! CONGRATS are in order for Baby No. 2 has arrived! -
on I'm listening to Te Quise Tanto by Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio is now a mommy of two! The singer and Gerardo Bazúa welcomed their baby boy this past Saturday night in Miami, according to
It's a boy! Paulina Rubio gives birth to her second child:
I used to have a Paulina Rubio CD for my karaoke machine when I was younger and I used to go of at this song.
Paulina Rubio just welcomed a baby boy!
Paulina Rubio, 44, welcomes first child with reality TV contestant she met as a coach on Mexico's v...
Paulina Rubio gives birth to her second child-- and it's a boy!
Paulina Rubio has given birth to a baby boy!
The Grammys are today! ✨ We remember Paulina Rubio attending the 47th annual Grammy Awards on February 13, 2005.
Voten por . Who has the best reggaeton song?
Diva vs. diva, Who Has the Best Reggaeton Song--or Vote! via
"Si Te Vas" by Paulina Rubio to your Susis Strolch Playlist Playlist on Spotify
Uncle Cowlbo from Wizards and Paulina Rubio are Freddie Tomlinson's real parents.
Today was too much and I'm listening to Paulina Rubio
Happy and thankful to have Paulina Rubio's new single "Si Te Vas" released this week…
Marco Rubio with the first website plug of the night?
Cuba is in America. Rubio is more American than any European immigrant.
selfish. You are not all American Mr. Rubio. Just remember your roots.
This is what Floridians think of Marco Rubio's climate change denial.
NowPlaying Vuelve (feat. Paulina Rubio and DCS) - Juan Magan Ft. Paulina Rubio and DCS
I literally have no idea who the girl in my avi is .. lol any guesses? I feel she looks like Paulina Rubio
POLL: Which version of music video do you like best? Pop or reggaeton ft. VOTE >> http…
Belinda, Shakira and Paulina Rubio amongst Ladies that rule Latin Spotify -
Something special for you:. Paulina Rubio - Boys will be boys. at Enjoy the music!
DYK Paulina Rubio's InQuizie ranking is 222. Have pix, Q or CMT? goto
Jane's mom obsession with Paulina Rubio is everything
You are listening to El Ultimo Adios - Paulina Rubio - unknown artist
She Paulina Rubio is the most international Mexican Pop and best option to enter the Latin American market hard ...
Paulina Rubio es autotune total, but.. Like it.
Paulina Rubio has me feeling some type of way this morning
EXCLUSIVE: Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio and her boyfriend Gerardo Bazua leaving Mr.Chow after having dinner , in… htt…
ronan keating & paulina rubio when you say nothing at all (official musi... vía
ATM Paulina Rubio's InQuizie ranking is 221. Agree or disagree?
Bring me back to life oh oh oh 🎤 Vuelve by Juan Magan, Paulina Rubio, DCS ♫
Hollywood Squares. Amitabh Bachchan, who is the man of KFC? Er...Paulina Rubio? HAR HAR HAR.
Can you use farts to channel chickens? Which planet is the Pooping Planet? Is Paulina Rubio smurfing in Foot Locker?
during the rehearsals of the Latin American Music Awards 2015 (PHOTOS)
You sniff Paulina Rubio. You fart. You stay at the Slimy Shack. Good night.
Me and when we heard someone playing Paulina Rubio outside da club
Paulina Rubio reminds me back to the Sicard St days
My sister just called Paulina Rubio the Hispanic Madonna...
HQ PICS - Paulina Rubio performs onstage during on October 8, 2015 in Hollywood:
Ring ring. Hello Paulina Rubio. Hopefully I'll diarrhea you someday.
my fav thing about jane the virgin is the fact that xiomara is a paulina rubio impersonator I'm living 😂
Lil Jon and Paulina Rubio are ready. Are you? presents the in 1 hour!
What female celebrity do you wish was your sister? — paulina rubio lol
A new work by Paulina Rubio just appeared today on
Juan Magan - Vuelve feat. Paulina Rubio, DCS Ibiza on June 27th and it was directed by Rafael Choclan:
Paulina Rubio, you look like 20 years ago!! Amazing,!
Paulina Rubio is 44 and looks so good 😍
My brother always calls me Paulina Rubio 😂😂
paulina rubio just came out looking like 2009 gaga LOL
I love Paulina Rubio's crazy unapologetic *** Lol and that hair!! 🙌
Can I get Paulina Rubio's glasses please? I bet they are worth than my house 😂😂
Paulina Rubio is about to debut a new single QUEEN
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why cuz it's a Paulina Rubio reference??? You are such a bitter Thalia fan!
ok tbh Paulina Rubio needs to let Mi Nuevo Vicio flop already and stop promoting it. Release the second single already
Paulina Rubio is everything right now.
Alejandro Sanz, Laura Pausini, Paulina Rubio, Yandel and More to Perform at ... - Billboard
Paulina Rubio the woman that's made me want to dye my hair dirty blonde since I was 5
omg their song with Paulina Rubio is everything
Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, criticized me for telling the truth about illegal immigration, but then said she would ke…
Wait. *** Jenny actually looks like an prettier version of Paulina Rubio I just realized it from ur snapchat story
Listening to mana, Paulina Rubio , Ana Gabriel reminds me of mom we would sing a lot of the songs
I need more tbt paulina rubio songs in my itunes
paulina rubio when you say nothing at all lyrics - YouTube
paulina rubio all around the world - YouTube
paulina rubio when you say nothing at all - YouTube
by paulinarubiopop Yes she is fantastic 👸👑
You are listening to PAULINA RUBIO - ALL AROUND THE WORLD - unknown artist
by paulinarubiopop The perfect the best always 👑👸
Handmade pillows made from shirts from Paulina Rubio's Ananda and Gran City Pop tours.
paulina rubio zumba all around the world - YouTube
Hashtag roommate problems "If you play another paulina Rubio song I've swear to God I will slap !"
“Let’s all get married. There is nothing more beautiful than two people who love each other and commit to marriage “ – …
'Jane the Virgin' spoilers: Former 'X Factor' judge Paulina Rubio to ...
Paulina Rubio might be the next Lindsay Lohan
Paulina Rubio departs the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood - Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles, CA on 10/29/13 Thanks for watching this video! Video Credit...
Simon Cowell gets two women to massage him before he appears on 'The X Factor' USA. The show judge keeps his fellow panellists Paulina Rubio, Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland, waiting for hours before filming because he is busy getting a
Liam plant trees and Alfredo Flores. Ed Sheeran is orange and Chris Brown. Justin has swag and Harry Styles. Katy is small and Ariana Grande. Voldemort is evil and Ryan Good. Zayn has black hair and Paulina Rubio. Niall build homes and Enrique Iglesias. Lady Gaga has hotels and Mario Casas. toaster and Justin is Peter Pan Obama wants peace and Juan Luis Guerra. laughable Louis and Carlos Pena ♡
Jeff Gutt’s brilliant performance of “Iris” with John Rzeznik on the X Factor USA finale was lauded by the four judges, Simon Cowell, Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato. Jeff, however, was the Runner-Up, and not the winner.
Jeff Gutt and John Rzeznik performs “Iris” at the X Factor USA’s Finale. Demi Lovato: That was awesome! You held your own and I’m so happy right now. Paulina Rubio: All these months you’ve come across as a beautiful musician… [ 69 more words. ]
Get the inside scoop, exclusive videos, behind-the- scenes photos, and more digital delights for Season 3 of THE X FACTOR featuring judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, and Paulina Rubio.
Watch the video X Factor Simon Cowell Knew Restless Road Going Home & Paulina Rubio Performing on Finale! Judges Talk Top 4 Results on Yahoo News . The X Factor judges talk about their acts going to the finale and Paulina Rubio set to perform on the finale!
Well shut the front door, the back door, board up the windows, *** sell the house. I will never again watch the X-Factor. I hated a couple of years ago when they broke that little Rachel Cooks heart, but now they take out Lillie and Josh. Simon's team should have got sent home. Paulina Rubio is looney not even remembering Josh's name. Now on the Voice if Tessanne Chin don't win I will not be watching that anymore. I'm still upset that Joshua Ledet didn't win on American Idol. If it isn't any better than last year that will be off my taping list also. Sweet dreams folks.
Demi Lovato with Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio at the X Factor USA live shows. (November 13)
Friday 11/1/13, "MUSIC ON TV" and my last from the great state of Pennsylvania: ~ Paulina Rubio flirts with Arsenio Hall (CW-WPIX) ~ Bernhoft performs on Arsenio Hall (CW-WPIX) ~ Korn rock the stage on Jimmy Kimmel (ABC) ~ Frightened Rabbit scare up a song on David Letterman (CBS) ~ Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. play a li'l ditty on Craig Ferguson (CBS) ~ Empire of the Sun bleep out a tune on Jay Leno (NBC) ~ BIG SEAN f/ Kid Cudi jam together on Jimmy Fallon (NBC) ~ Tomahawk throw fire at the sun on Carson Daly (NBC) ~ The Pack AD also appear on Carson Daly (NBC) ~ Tavis talks with founding members of the R&B-based TOWER OF POWER band, Stephen "Doc" Kupta and Emilio Castillo on Tavis Smiley (PBS-WNET and also NJTV, check your local listings for times near you) =8^ ) Cheers from The Keystone State!
X-Factor judges Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato, and Paulina Rubio talk to the Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins about Season 3 of the X-Factor and give inside kn...
RiHaNa Beyoncé Jennifer Lopez Cristina AguileraR.I.P Jenni Rivera Selena Quintanilla Perez. Kat de luna Celia Cruz Olga Tañón oficial Paulina Rubio this beautiful girls are my super idols they all make me happy i love their music i love everything about them i know some of them are not here but their music and their voices is in my heart and dont matter what they are a live in my heart good girls.
Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio all think that Miley Cyrus is one smart pop star.
I can't wait until I see Prince Royce & Paulina Rubio perform live in concert, in just a couple weeks. 😍😘❤️
Paulina Rubio is on XFactor cause she is a latin pop star w/ ith over 20 million albums under her belt. She deserves it! ;p
Ugh, I knew adding Paulina Rubio was gonna make Mario Lopez even more annoying. "Latina this!" "Latino that!" "Latinos everywhere!"
Kelly Rowland got the BOYS on The X Factor USA 2013. Demi Lovato got the GIRLS, Simon Cowell the GROUPS and Paulina Rubio de OVERS.
Paulina Rubio is going to be on American idol, my inner chola is screaming
Judges Demi Lovato, Paulina Rubio, and Kelly Rowland spotted at The Beverly Hilton Hotel today in Beverly Hills, CA.
Spotted: Paulina Rubio in , Demi Lovato in , and Kelly Rowland in Wayne
Was Demi Lovato’s fellow judge, Paulina Rubio, and her excuse for arriving late at X-Factor auditions valid or was it just sheer lame? Should Simon and other judges, Fox officials and the audience let her get away with it when she explained that “American Airlines lost her luggage,” leaving her no c...
Editorial Reviews About the Artist The Golden Girl of Spanish Pop consolidates her career as a music icon with her new album Gran City Pop" set to be released on June the 23rd. Paulina Rubio, a symbol of strength. A vibrant woman, an energetic and sensual hurricane, Paulina Rubio is already a global music icon who rejects stereotypes flowing with the wide variety of musical influences she experiences everyday. Raised between Mexico, Los Angeles and Spain, she has always been a free spirit. Paulina started in the music business at a very young age, with the band Timbiriche, but her first solo release "LA CHICA DORADA" meant the definitive take off of her career. Her first success did not take long : she was crowned as The Queen of Latin Pop with her 2000 album "PAULINA" , selling over 3 million records worldwide and being nominated to the Grammy Awards as Best Latin Artist in 2001. Her North American side did no take long to surface and "BORDER GIRL" was her Anglo Saxon consolidation, showing off all the i ...
What do Lucio Fulci, Barry Manilow, George Clinton, Paul Young, Joe Piscopo, Jello Biafra, Mike Milbury, Thomas Haden Church, Bobby Farrelly, Greg Kinnear, Will Forte, Paulina Rubio, and Venus Williams all have in common? None of them are the most important people born on this day. That honor goes to yours truly, of course. Happy birthday to all of them, and happy birthday to me!
I didn't even know who Paulina Rubio was at first, and Kelly Rowland is a big meh...
"Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland, the girl to my left & me!"- introducing the judges
Los Angeles (Reuters) - Pop singer Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer-actress Paulina Rubio have signed onto "The X Factor" judging panel replacing Britney Spears and music mogul L.A. Reid, the Fox television talent competition produced by Simon Cowell said on Monday. Rowland, who rose to fame with R&B group Destiny's Child, and Rubio will be charged with re-igniting the Fox series that failed to stave off falling ratings after giving Spears a reported $15 million salary last year. Rowland, 32, and Rubio, 41, will join Cowell, 53, and pop singer Demi Lovato, 20, on the judging panel. "It's taken more than a decade but I'm delighted to finally be on a panel with three girls (I think!). Paulina and Kelly both have great taste and massive experience in the music industry and together with Demi, this is going to be a fun panel. It just feels like the time to do something different," Cowell said in a statement. Cowell has revamped the judging panel after each season, firing singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzi ...
Wednesday marked the first interview with of all the judges for the new season. One of the new judges, Paulina Rubio, shared some advice for the contestants.
Simon Cowell has added former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland and Latin artist Paulina Rubio to the cast of his competition show “The X Factor.”
The speculation has been confirmed: Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio will join The X Factor's judges table, according to Entertainment Weekly.
"The X Factor" is upping the sexy factor -- TMZ has learned Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio are signing on to be judges for next season. Sources…
same but like Paulina Rubio not Selena Quintanilla
Roberto Tapia, Prince Royce, and Paulina Rubio are going to be judges of the Voice for kids but in Spanish. 😱
Jenni Rivera loved many & will not be forgotten, says Edward James Olmos, Paulina Rubio & Daisy Fuentes
I love that song by Paulina Rubio. It jams!!! 👍🎧
LMAO... Next week your fridge is gonna be stocked with Jarritos and Gansitos and you'll catch her listening to Paulina Rubio
Escuchando canciones de paulina rubio que me encantan
Paulina Rubio what ever happened to her?
My tios gave me ojo cause of my leggings. :( Calling me Paulina Rubio all day. -.-
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Their making The Voice in Spanish with Paulina Rubio in it I'm watching !!
Paulina Rubio OH MY GAWD. Please Dear Jesus, if I marry a girl, please let her look, talk and sing like Paulina Rubio.
Paulina Rubio totally had something to do with this
I remember when I was little I wanted to grow up to be like Paulina Rubio lol
The awkward moment when you have no idea the house painter is in the house while you sing along to Paulina Rubio
I share my birthday with Paulina Rubio...omg!!!
Selena && Paulina Rubio's music is what my childhood consisted of 💕🎶
now paulina rubio.singing in spanish. Yeah her music is cool but i like more Thalia music
she is mexican singer amd when Drake was herw in Mexico he said i wanna sing whit Paulina Rubio
Telemundo just aired an ad for Kids and they referred to Paulina Rubio as “La Reina del Pop” LOL as if!!!
Listen to Paulina Rubio like the old days lol
Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Paulina Rubio on the Red Carpet - 2004
I just used to discover Tal vez, quiza by Paulina Rubio
Traducción few people do not realize that in the song of paulina rubio "boys will be boys" says suck it to ralph in Spanish
no Rudy. I don't. I liked her previous album, almost all of it, so IDK *** you're talking bout. Go listen to some Paulina Rubio.
Paulina- no doubt.. Pau Rubio..I love you...
Paulina Rubio brings back childhood memories 
Marianne Liv Tyler in new movie with Paulina Rubio
Is this really new? Zumba Fitness launch 'new' Nightclub Series with Paulina Rubio, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee &...
I'm so excited to be a part of Latin. Can't wait to get my new show started!!
osha she ashe dieia la Pau mis amores cuantos activos on :)
Banijay Group's Bunim/Murray Prods., producer of The Real World, Project Runway and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is launching a new division, BMP Latin
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2189414 Paulina Rubio during The William Morris Agency and Budweiser GRAMMY Party at White Lotus in Los Angeles,...
Who's the new Selena Quintanilla??? Is easy Jenni Rivera lol who's the next Lucero or Paulina Rubio!!!
&Causa y efecto by Paulina Rubio amazon:
El primero en juntar 5 "*" Gana:) Xavi Aguilar * Jazmin Sandoval * "Pa pa papa pa prrra pa papa Gonna talk about us all over the town, town, town Pa pa papa pa prrra pa papa Never blame you even thought you let me down Boys will be boys They like to play around You shot me with your love gun I’m falling to the ground"
In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in which 20 children ages 6 and 7 perished at the hands of a gunman with undetermined motives, the Spanish-language network Univision hosted the first 28-hour Teletón USA (USA Telethon) to raise millions for kids with disabilities, cancer, and...
LMFAO are they really playing that song lol y yo sigo aqui by paulina rubio lmao
oh and I may be wrong but Paulina Rubio is..!
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yes I do. Now I gotta call Molly!!! Don't forget that my girls Paulina Rubio and Demi Moore are Kabbalists too!
I like Paulina Rubio for his beautiful hair
it was Jenni Rivera but idk who's taking over, Paulina Rubio, Miguel Bose, and beto cuevas.
Paulina Rubio is my wife , she just doesn't know it.
"Boys will be boys". Paulina Rubio. Filosofa contemporanea.
“I'm watching Boys Will Be Boys by on for iPad.
I'm watching Boys Will Be Boys by Paulina Rubio on for iPad.
for some reason you remind me of Paulina Rubio lol
Paulina Rubio singing with Los Tigres del Norte weird combination hehe i like it though
Ah Paulina Rubio took her contestants to Xochimilco! I was there like 4 weeks ago :O
It's true, I was named after Paulina Rubio...
Jenni Rivera remembered by Paulina Rubio - The tragic news of Jenni Rivera’s death this...
The smile on your face lets me know that you need me![...] you say it best, when you say nothing at all ♫
Mis pensamientos y oraciones estan con las familias de las victimas de ese inimaginable acto de violencia en Newtown, Connecticut. Esto no puede continuar! My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut today. This must stop!
Oh my god. Idk if this is true. But I guess William levy and Paulina Rubio were in the plane .
She is the singer renowned for her fiery Latina temperament. But it seems Paulina Rubio may have gone too far, as she is being sued by her former assistant who is claiming she beat him up for failing to book a first class airplane ticket.
Paulina Rubio beat the living crap out of her personal assistant ... who happens to be a guy ... all because the singer had to sit in COACH on a flight to…
My Ipod is telling me its *** today. I placed it on Shuffle. Hmm. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, Kyle Manogue, Rhianna, Ednita Nazario, Paulina Rubio, Thalia and Gloria Trevi. Gotta straghten my ipod out, hm. I dont no any Male Singers. Hmmm?? I like Pet Shop Boys, George Michaels and Boy George, there, that might straighten it out a bit.
Khasan Brailsford trained at the Edge Performing Arts Center under their scholarship program. Since then, he has gone on to work with various artists in the entertainment industry. He has toured with Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Keyshia Cole, and Paulina Rubio. In addition to that, h...
Good bye 2011, Welcome 2012. Music by Paulina Rubio "All Around the World" from her latest CD "Brava". I do not own anything copyright Universal Music Group.
It is amazing how you can speak right to my heart without saying a word you can light up the dark try as i may, i can never explain what i hear when you dont...
Here's me and my cousin Paulina Rubio.
“Boys will be boys, they like to play around.” — Paulina Rubio
Retwiteen: I nominate for a Shorty Award in because... They Love Paulina Rubio ..
Watch the music video for Me Voy by Paulina Rubio ft. Espinoza Paz and more new Latino, Pop and Latin Pop videos on VEVO.
Music video by Paulina Rubio performing Casanova. (C) 2003 Universal Music S.A. de C.V. check out her new music video
If Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi, Olga Tañon, Paulina Rubio, AND THALIA did a concert... My little Mexi heart would jump for joy!
Boys will be boys, se la chupe a Ralph (8) Paulina Rubio
Boys Will Be Boys by Paulina Rubio is at on the Billboard 200 chart. via
Listing to Paulina Rubio because I can't sleep..
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Going home after work with Paulina Rubio song algo de ti ! @ Metro 780 Washington-Fairfax Transit Hub
Day 270 (635) - One of my all-time favorite KISS songs. I like the Paulina Rubio cover as well.
Am I the only one who thinks Paulina Rubio cannot sing ?
Boys will be boys y bailando al ritmo de Paulina Rubio
Another Latin pop star to add to my resume.. First Paulina Rubio, then Juanes, and tomorrow Alejandro Sanz!
Who are the coaches on this show?? The one in Mexico has Paulina Rubio, Miguel Bose, Jenni Rivera and Beto Cuevas (La Ley)
Y como dice paulina rubio, boys will be boys
Mooorning .. Nothing like music to awaken. Good wednesday to everyone :) ♫ "Boys Will Be Boys" by Paulina Rubio
Boy will b boy they like 2 play around..(paulina rubio)
***Paulina Rubio started her singing career in the teen group Timbiriche. Timbiriche was moderately succesful while Paulina was promoting with them. Another ...
My music, my songs are 100 percent inspired by girl power. "Paulina Rubio"
Music video by Paulina Rubio performing I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover). (C) 2001 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
I favorited a video from Boys will be boys - Paulina Rubio
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