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Paula Dean

Paula Hiers Deen (born January 19, 1947) is an American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality.

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Ching chong, Paula Dean is riding your ding dong. {No, I'll never get tired of this or this picture.}
is it true Paula Dean will be on a new episode of ?
is going to be the Paula Dean of makeup, buttery buttery buttery
This other conference call, I feel like I'm having it with Paula dean. All I think about is Kristin Wiig's SMS skit.
my eyebrows are so better than Paula Dean... Like really
of Paula Dean. Then Paula holding exorcisms with butter sticks
Gues from my school were trying to say Alex from target is ugly when they look like Paula Dean's wrinkled double chin
"You Paula dean hater, well you own her pans!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
remember that time that life equals Paula Dean and butter.good times
Y'all gotta learn to let *** cook B... Quit Tryna grab the skillet fa ya *** get burnt. - Paula Dean
Big Ben been havin the Paula Dean cookbook open
โ€œMe getting ready for Halloween literally Paula dean
This Law and Order SVU episode I just watched was like a Zimmerman x Paula Dean mashup...
I'm guessing you don't remember the Paula dean meatloaf at the house in renfroeโœŠ๐Ÿ‘‹
SVU is doing this Trayvon Martin...Paula Dean hybrid white lady (on the cooking channel) shoots a black teen in hoodie
This lady had used four sticks of butter and she's not Paula Dean.
I crack myself up tryna sound all southern like Paula Dean
My mom is the Mexican Paula dean. That's why her food is so good, all the butter. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Sounds like something Paula Dean would say.
I love but what's her accent on PA Dutch/Paula Dean/Irish-ish???
I cannot wait until Pinterest gets DM's. Ima slide into Paula Dean's DM's for that sexy pumpkin pie recipe
Dean and Paula McCrary, winners of the Cup O' Irish costume party. There were some great costumes (Frances' and...
I keep thinking cat's icon is Paula dean but its perrie LMFAO wut
the Broncos in the first half were choking like someone eating Paula Dean's cooking
that pic with Paula Dean with the pie is funny as *** I think that's her name
Will someone please tell me why Paula Dean has a sunglasses line
We the children of the light, you know what I mean, that's why I'm hating on the darkness like Paula Dean.
boy you better be Paula Dean in that kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
No big deal just me taking a selfie with Paula Dean @ Paulson Stadium
So if Paula Dean is mentoring black boys is George Zimmerman leading the youth group?
Matt Lauer and Paula Dean, what a terrible morning spectacle. Please both just disappear. Quickly please!
What an awesome time at Steve Harvey . Paula Dean and Teresa Caputo ! And no my dad did not come to her! Thank you to my friends Melissa Suopys for thinking of me and Sue Sue Bachman for riding the train early with me for moral support!!!
It is very hard to loose weight when your wife can out cook Martha Steward, Rachel Ray and Paula Dean combined. # bittersweet
Hot stone massage time with the Paula :)
Connor enjoys depicting me as Paula Dean.
slather me in butter and call me Paula dean
wow! Even Paula Dean doesn't use that much butter! What have you baked?
Celebrating victory over the Czechs with a fried peanut butter, and banana (w/honey) sandwich. Recipe courtesy of Paula Dean!
I'm fairly certain I use more butter when I cook that Paula Dean tbh
In the kitchen like I'm Paula dean ๐Ÿ˜œ
*Sinead Oโ€™Connor tears up picture of Paula Dean*
i know ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ me and Paula Dean are gonna kiss ya ๐Ÿ˜˜
Recently bought new pots & pans, choice was hers or Paula Dean's...NOT hers!
A3: myself but my 19 y/o is coming in a close 2nd and TV chef..paula dean
what I don't like is that they use Scandal And Trayvon. When really it was Paula Dean and some other crap we called them out on
Lunara comes up to me in History saying "Paula Dean is a thug" and takes my phone
Today prof bashes Paula Dean's restaurant, asks if anyone has been. Classmate-"yeah I've been. She's my aunt" prof-"well this is awkward"
some black ppl don't mind the N word! But use it and see what happens... Hello Paula Dean!
they will just look at our old hashtags trashing Paula dean and such, then talk about how funny we are.
Cooking outside ya race, end up like Paula Dean bruh
I mean, WOW! We are getting good at this! Paula Dean would be proud! This is waffle wedges with apple slices and...
Paula Dean turned lasagna into soup and this is why she is my hero :')
Oh well, bring me back some of Paula Dean's food lol
"PAULA DEAN.. I'm sorry idk why I just said Paula dean"
got me laughing so hard at Paula dean ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Remembering that time I had a male hamster named dean Paul after Paula dean lol
but you just described country music right there. 9 days of Paula Dean spoon whooping is a hit by George Strait.
not Paula Dean's cancelled cooking show. it OVER. it's FAT. it's HIGH CHOLESTEROL. it's DONE.
You spelt juicy wrong but anyways what tyoe of cookie cause you know I'm related to Paula Dean
I just got my Paula Dean on at 11:30 at night. Tired of eating school lunch!
that's the reason mama won't let me have them in my room... But ash Lovain u got that Paula Dean one burnin๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ”ฅ
โ€œWhere's the Paula Dean fans at??? Shouldn't they be getting offended by the video :) Katy Perry
we just agree on the N word. But someone other than blacks say the N word who not black what happens. Hello Paula Dean
Id literally rather listen to Paula Dean beat a sauce pan with a wooden spoon for 9 days than listen to a country song.
and hire Paula Dean to do the tailgate tips lol
does that really matter! Like I said some black don't mind it either but say it and see what happen! Paula Dean.
so what ppl don't mind being call the N word. Use and see what happen, hello Paula Dean!!!
Sugi steak house is to garlic, as Paula Dean is to butter.
well that totally defeats the purpose.. "after the gym I'm going to go home and make some Paula Dean fried chicken"
Can't wait to go to Savannah with my Grandmama for our birthday to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant.
I wish I was an unracist, male version of Paula Dean.
Good, that puts you ahead of Paula Dean. Be proud of that.
My parents are in Savannah eating at Paula Dean's restaurant and I'm in Bowling Green eating crap. This is not fair!!!
Do you enjoy butter as much as Paula Dean โ€” who the ***
ok, I know who "thee" Paula Dean is...I thought this was code of some sort!
"A guy that can dance and wind like Chris Brown please! :D" hope you can cook like paula dean
push through!! Here's a picture of Paula Dean on a rooster in space to help
Ceelo's explanation on rape was almost as bad as Paula Dean trying to explain her racial views.
Welcome to my stupid one day work week! :P. Thanks for the movie date yesterday, Paula. Guardians of the Galaxy was fun :)
if I had clients like Paula Dean and others I wouldn't tell them to apologize I'd say go all the way racist just like fox
This may not be real popular, but I got something on my mind. Isaiah 59:19 b portion says: "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard". Where is our standard as a people? The death of Mike Brown was a true American tragedy. Shouldn't the standard be that ALL life is precious? In Chicago 84 people we shot over the 4th July weekend. Where is our standard? Paula Dean used the word *** and she made CNN cause black folks were angry. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Dr. Drรจ, can use the same word and make millions. Where is our standard? If Paula can't use it how can we endorse it others that do. This has caused me to a bit of soul searching and I for one plan to raise my standard. Hope you will too.
even Paula Dean had enough sense to call in Judy Smith!
Paula dean wants to punch busted caprice big rim driving beat listeners.
Paula dean sounds a lot like wade Phillips
so hubby goes to work, and not even after 5 minutes, im in the living room crocheting of course, and Wham... crash bang. so loud ... dishes come flying down, broke my best one of paula deans, ugh.. had to clean up the mess. freaked Yogi out, hes on the dinning room table, trouble as always was on the dresser, he wont go on the floor unless he has to eat or poop.. been very active lately.. I hope my favorite cousin hasn't passed away.. she said shed let me know shes gifted too, so hmmm.. were trying to get intouch , namaste
hard core on the Paula dean take. So she's mean to certain people, who isn't? You hate hummer driving mix listeners.
but I absolutely love my Paula Dean cookware and I got a big set with cookie sheets and pots and pans on Black Friday!
Watching Food Network & forever wishing Paula Dean was still in here ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Leave my Paula Dean alone she said she was sorry some people need to get over themselves and move on life goes on.
All that *** butter gonna have her *** in the dr w/ high cholesterol lol you know only black ppl have that problem. And Paula Dean lol
Mmm spreads like butter so well, even Paula Dean approves! Perfect for a quick and easy valentines ๐Ÿ’•
glad he is getting a new gig. The Paula Dean and Anthony Show starts in a few weeks.
Who wants to start a Paula dean fan club
and Chloe is Paula Dean's husband that just stand there. The one with the huge beard lol
lemme guess...GLAD container cover signed by Paula Dean?
Csgo is all i need im gonna spend the money on skins so i can be Paula Dean
You can call bekah and I paula dean and betty crocker tonight.
Rob don't care if it's not up to par I want some.! Lmfao! I use to bye the lil Paula Dean slices yours was way better
Just made a meal that looked so good Paula Dean could have cooked it. Too bad it tasted so bad it's in my dog's bowl.
some Paula Dean for old time's sake?
I understand y'all Paula dean in the kitchen but must y'all post every *** meal? Ijs
soon enough they gone be callin us Paula Dean ๐Ÿ˜
I let Paula Dean tell me how to cook dinner tonight. Let's just say, that woman loves salt.
I'm no Paula Dean but I can make a good pizza. ๐Ÿ’
Paula Dean doesn't get wet, she gets buttery ;)
I wonder if Paula dean is on Christian mingle
Batter acid? Is that from the Paula Dean cooking line?
"I'm just a southern lady with a dream and lots of butter"- Paula Dean
If you photoshop Katy Perry's face with Paula Deans body its still Paula Dean.
a running book JUST about carb loading would be AWESOME. We could get Paula Dean to write it.
Do U think I will get the chance to sip sweet tea with Paula Dean in the dirty south?
cooking with Paula Dean read by Quavo
The amount of hate Paula Dean gets, gives me hope
CJ wanna grow up to be Paula Dean lmao
I don't know. I only know Paula Deen and Dean Cain.
Let me love you as much as paula dean hates black people
So hot out I'm sweating like Paula Dean at an Old Country Buffet.
Really glad to see my girl, is going online with her own network. Paula Dean...
They announce Paula Dean gets own network *black people in crowd claps* Wth
Who the fck have Paula Dean her own network ?! ๐Ÿ™Ž๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ˜ 
In the kitchen whippennn up that Paula Dean
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Which of these players has the most 1,000 yard seasons in the NFL? a) Percy Harvin, b) Jeremy Maclin c) Paula Dean
Congrats to and 2014 grad Paula Heimbach on making the Dean's List for spring 2014!
butter truck tips over, Paula dean first to respond to scene.
Just had a badass dinner, Kentucky Hot Brown Bake (it's like a breakfast bake, OMG yummy!!) and strawberry shortcake! Look out Paula Dean, Jordan Janni's in the house!!!
The hubby and I cooked for his mom sauce & buttermilk dipped fried shrimp, cheesy mac n cheese and some fried okra. We got the shrimp recipe from Paula Dean and First Lady Michelle Obama and I think we have perfected it! The children said it was the best shrimp they ever had!
Robin Thicke sold 8 copies of his new album 'Paula'. One of those being to Paula Dean who sold her's back once she found out the album wasn't about her but of a black woman
My perfect family consist of Guy Fieri as my dad Paula Dean as my mom and queen Latifah as our maid
I want to see Delta Burke in the Paula Dean story.
Barefoot contessa is exactly like Paula Dean ๐Ÿ˜‚
Paula Dean is going on tour. Her opening act is Donald Sterling
She has southern charm down to earth Mrs. Paula Dean makes this day a memorable day for me and my two special lady's and my most special great grandmother...she has no idea about the V.I.P time with Paula so excited to enjoy this time with them God bless us with a safe trip and with some yummy food which will most likely be filled with many sticks of butter LOL gonna be a great weekend
Well next week is going to be awesome not only am I going to see Paula dean but my good friend Marvin Gates and his lovely wife will be up here and my birthday is the 25 go me go me
Country dining@ its best. Paula Dean would freeze the corn bread & mash p. For 24hrs & then deep fry em
Why is it that Paula Dean loses her show and lots of revenue for a statement she made years ago that was racist, Donald Sterling is being forced to sell his team the Clippers because of a racial remark but the Redskins get to keep their name when another group of Americans find the name offensive. Are we no all equal or is it that once again Native Americans are looked at as less import a group of people than the African American people? Does anyone get the irony of this or is it just me? Should Donald Sterling lose a team and be forced to sell or Paula Dean lose her show and endorsements? What is the difference? And yes I think it is all about money but come on people when are we going to get real in this country? There are children and families starving, homeless, eating from garbage dumps but all of these things make the news? If we lose our freedoms it is because no one is willing to let bygones be bygones. What is the fair thing to do?
Take my case to trial, my jury Paula Dean.
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Paula Dean is coming back on her own net work in September .Im so glad for her. I think she got a bum net you should think this one over. Good luck Paula!!
what is better, your Maller chicken fingers at the Brooksider or Paula Dean cuisine?
Am I allowed to pin Paula Dean recipes on Pinterest?
There is no way you're going to Paula Dean's house.
uh I sent you a picture of Paula dean and you did not respond. I was offended. And dude tomorrow?
Cop just pulled me over.caught up in the scene.take my *** to juror Paula Dean
Having a blast for my bday they best bday I had in a long time, thanks to everyone that celebrated with me and spent time with on this special week and day, cause I been partying for a week, thanks Greg Anderson, Sandra, Trina, Paula Dean, Sapora Dean, Dajia Waz Here Valid and everyone else I forgot, plus all the bday wishes
thanks I think it's like MLK or Ghandi or Paula Dean I forgot who said it
My mom made cupcakes and the frosting is literally butter. She's the new Paula dean
I was saying as in Paula Dean but IG gave it away too gangsta
Petrina, Sara, Paula, Penny, Dean/Amy, and Patricia: Somehow I don't think they meant our grandma. We love her...
Ur as useful as Paula Dean without the ability to cook. So useless
threading is everything. Like butter is to Paula Dean
I don't know. I wish I did, but I have a feeling it's not sympathy or empathy. I think it's the Paula dean lesson.
Nothing pisses me off more than when I bake something and it doesn't come out looking like Paula Dean made it.
My beautiful fiance took me out for a delicious Paula Dean dinner
*THE "N" WORD* Looks like we had a little issue on the page today, which Jane handled the way it should have been handled. Let me take a few minutes and waste a few electrons just to reiterate something some people need to hear. First, my Paula Dean moment. I was raised in the 60's and 70's in Missouri and will be the first to admit I have in the past used the "N" word as a normal pattern of speech. It was a word in common usage within my family and also by my peers. That was the first half of my life. I was lucky enough to serve in the Army for 8 years and get an opportunity to travel and meet people of many ethnic backgrounds. I came to understand there are good and bad in every race and all the evils of the world cannot be laid at the feet of an entire race because of the actions of some within it. I have many friends of many races including Blacks, Muslim, Hispanic , and Asian. As a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans I spend some of my non working time helping to educate those less in .. ...
tell paula dean to whip up some yummy food I'll be there in a jiffy
We are fixing to go eat at Paula Dean's restaurant A Lady and Two Sons Resturant with Kimberly Hubel Kelpien and family.
Well, Sterling is losing his team and Paula Dean lost her show, her brand, and her a lot of money. That will make me happy
With my sister Paula Dean and my daughter Dajia Waz Here Valid, my sister brought me for my bday, thanks sis
โ€œhottest salsa in all the land โ€ Paula dean didn't realize I had the devils jalapeรฑos when she made that recipe.
Oh my gosh, I just made a rub by Paula Dean for boneless pork loin roast. It smells amazing! I don't care what Paula believes in.her cooking is fabulous! Love those southern gals.
If it is Paula Dean, it must be good
I am looking for Paula Dean Live tickets in Pigeon Forge this weekend.
Do I know how to cook or do I know how to cook ! eat your heart out Paula Dean !!
Pretty sure the way I just cooked my tilapia would make Paula Dean proud ๐Ÿ™ˆ
I was just gonna say why not just let Paula Dean have a crack, you know, minus the racism.
The cover of this week ๐Ÿ‘ŒI guess I was wrong for judging Paula Dean...
My allergies are HORRIBLE today. Please pardon my voice, I sound like Paula Dean. :'(
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When I put on too much eyeliner and/or mascara I start looking like Paula Dean
Cheapest desert to make. Paula deans peach cobbler. I had everything but the peaches!
Lol, dean actually called Paula to see if he should eat his chipotle that's been sitting in his car since yesterday
Paula dean sells chap stick that is butter flavor
we liked Paula dean thoe her and Rachael ray cooking shows especially HOTT Rachael ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
In another life Paula Dean was my mother
goes to my southern belle, my sweet peach, the girl with lovin' with a little extra in the oven, Paula Dean
pioneer woman is the new Paula Dean, welcome the queen of butter
my coworkers got me making shrimp alfedo for them.. do I look like the Paula Dean of Nike? ๐Ÿ˜’
made my friends breakfast cause I'm Paula dean.
I wish Paula Dean and her stupid sons were on that Maylasian flight 370.
Right my American people I need suggestions or recipes for a Mexican/Spanish rice - I tried Paula deans one but wasn't too impressed
I promise I am not naming my children Paula Dean or Aunt Jemimah.
I like that "Redskins" is officially racist, but we have all said it 1,000 times. We're all gonna get Paula Dean'd in 40 yrs
ur makin me look whiter than if Paula Dean and Donald Sterling had a baby
The French toast recipe my granny made this morning is a Paula Dean recipe. I said I was goin' to eat my way across America and goin' I is!
Before I take my leave for the day I think today is Barry Manilow's birthday, you know the chap what wrote the songs, who claims to have been the "Justin Beiber" of his day and the question that leaps to my mind is "WHY"! Why would he claim to be an over paid over indulged never had had "NO" said to him enough prat of his time?! Maybe he was. I always when I am forced by circumstance to listen to him think of him as "sweetheart of the Paula Dean Generation"!
Why the double standard? Paula Dean vs Oprah? The media does stir to their advantage. SMDH
Paula Dean is having Donald Sterling on her cooking show??? ...this is a bad combo.
Tonsil-takey Time! IV nearly killed me but I'm a survivor. Time for da big sleep. As Paula Dean would say: "bye y'all
Paula Dean is something else. She launches her own cooking show online this time and for her 1st episode she had...
Why are people still supporting Paula Dean
Drivin thru the night from P.A,to rather sit,naked,on a cactus,and get a rough lapdance from,Paula Dean..but we had a great its warp speed back to the hills of my beloved Tennessee!!
Jake - "went Paula Dean on our *** . Me- "well he did say *** in the drive thro". *jake ensues to have a laughing seizure*
NOT YO MAMAS NANNER PUDDIN 2 boxes Vannila Wafers 1 large box INSTANT Banana Cream pudding 5 oz 2 cups milk 6-8 bananas 8 oz cream cheese 16 oz cool whip I can sweetened condensed milk 14 oz Combine pudding and milk set aside. Combine condensed milk and softened cream cheese with mixer til fluffy. Then combine pudding mixture with cream cheese mixture. When combined add 12 oz of cool whip, set aside remaking cool whip for top! Cover bottom and sides of 9 by 13 inch pan with vanilla wafers, cover with bananas and alternate for three layers... Top with remaining cool whip. Crush about 15 wafers and sprinkle on top. Chill and enjoy. NOTE: you will not use both boxes of vanilla wafers but one is not enough, however if you don't like a lot of wafers in yours one box will do... I'm the kinda girl who likes a cookie, pudding and a couple of NANNER slices in each bite of my pudding. This is a revised version of Paula deans recipe. She uses Pepperidge Farms Chessman cookies. I like just good ole neller wafers!!! Y ...
It amazes me how selective we as a society have become. By no means am I defending the actions of Donald Sterling and Paula Dean, but why is it that Justin Bieber gets a pass for using the "N" word in a racist joke and song? We, as a society, pick and choose who we want to vilify.
Confused... Read Justin Bieber got in trouble for using the "n" word several times spoofing one of his songs 5 years ago. He got slammed for it but then Whoopie Goldberg &Floyd May weather ( who are they anyway) stood up for him. Paula Dean made the same mistake over 15 years ago and nearly went bankrupt last year for the comment... I don't get it?
At Paula dean's restaurant in savanna GA !! Wow good,
Guess who's going to see Paula Dean LIVE on Sunday? That would be ME!
Regardless of what Paula dean said or did, her cookware is epic. I accidentally boiled my pasta dry and it didn't stick. Winning
If Paula Dean had butter fingers she'd have no hands.
Set of Paula Dean pots and pans located in norman 50.00 obo
My daughter talks as though she has lived in the south her entire life. I swear sometimes I think I'm talking to Paula dean. I can't. .
Having a nice time in Savannah, went to Leopold's Ice Cream shop today which had the best banana split ever, it was Eric's and I took a few bites and then we went over to see Paula Dean's restaurant and store. It's massive hot out so we walked in a few shops. Came back to the hotel to cool down and take naps then off to the Riverfront when the sun goes down.
Ok Paula Dean, I thought to myself that a 450 oven was too hot for a pie, but I went along with this reciepe! I checked it after 30 minutes and here is what it looks like!
Robert booked the cabin in Savannah for the 4th. Cant wait to eat at paula dean's place and go to myrtle beach!
one of my family members ran into Paula Dean and im screaming
I am very confused about this Justin Bieber racial slur incident so please correct me if I am wrong. So Justin Bieber can say the N word when making distasteful racist jokes on TV and he gets a public full pardon from Al Sharpton, Floyd Maywhether, Usher, and many others stating it's ok because he is young But Paula Dean said the same word 30 years ago after being robbed and lost all of her sponsors, her TV cooking show, and her entire career not to mention was heavily condemned nationally for her comment by Al Sharpton 30 years after she made her comment but it's ok for Bieber to say it. Is there a such thing as selective God bless America...
My Auntie being a black Paula Dean lol its funny to me
WOW, great interview with Michelle T. Johnson author of Trading Races From Rodney King to Paula Dean! Listen to it on the show!
I'd like to buy a small island and put Justin Bieber, Paula Dean, and Donald Sterling on it to discuss music, cooking, and sports. I would purposely get Solange really drunk, then *** off Solange about something and then drop her off by helicopter so she can kick their *** And heal her anger issues too...
I'm a little confused... Justin Bieber just released 2 tapes of him making racial jokes & racial parity songs. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Donald Sterling just lose his NBA team because he said racial things privately to his "girlfriend"? And didn't Paula Dean lose her TV show because she said the "N" word 30 years ago? Didn't that Kramer guy lose what little he had left because he had a meltdown on stage and went on a racial tirade? So my question is, does Justin Bieber get a pass? Are radio stations going to keep playing his music? Will Walmart and other stores continue to sell his merch? Will people still go to his shows? Where is the line? It's getting really confusing on who should lose what... I'm still trying to figure out how you can kill dogs and not get banned for life!
Ok, so i just found out that Justin Bieber made a racist song when he was younger. Why is he not being deported? Why are they not dropping his contracts? Why are we not doing to him what was done to Donald Sterling, or Paula Dean? Or is he special?
The food and beverage business is a multi-billion dollar industry that has made television stars of Rachel Ray, Ina Garten and The Barefoot Contessa, Giada, Paula Dean and her sons, Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence, Pat & Gina Neely, Melissa d'Arabian, and Marc Forgione just to name a few who have made television a way to promote their interests and love of the restaurant industry as a profession.The restaurant, food and beverage, hospitality industry definitely has a strong appeal. Currently, there are thirteen million restaurant workers across the United States with forecasts to grow as much as 11% within 5 years.
Where's the outrage over Justin use of the N word? Only crucify Paula Dean and Donald Sterling. Hypocitical Iberals.
Donal Sterling, Paula Dean, Don Imus, Cliven Bundy, Elliot Rodger and now this chick. I suppose we should all hold hands and sing in that old *** spiritual... "We Shale Overcome..." Right?!?!?! Psst...Psst.. hey Black people, are you tired yet?
Can one be penalized, fined or incarcerated for their opinion? Does the constitution protect our freedom of thought and personal opinion? If so, why was the owner of the clippers fined and penalized for his private opinion of Race, or Paula Dean's career demonized for admitting in a deposition that in the privacy of her own home utters the "N" word 30 a years ago. Do you see what is threatened here? Our personal opinion.
Sunday Anthony Bourdain's CNN food show will feature The Mississippi Delta. The link I posted didn't work, so as they say, "Check your local listings!" The video showed good ole Southern food I'm having to avoid these days. How does Anthony Bourdain stay thin? If he didn't like Paula Dean's cooking, how could he like Delta Southern cooking? I see a contradiction somewhere.
I'm not one bit moved by Donald Sterling trying to apologize for what he meant!! Everytime something like this happens & money is involved they want to apologize. Same thing with Tommy Hilfiger and Paula Dean! Now he's trying to antagonize Magic Johnson because he's under heat. Being in a high position as such you should watch what you say! This is 2014 not 1950!!! And hearing what he said about Magic and blacks in that interview makes me further believe he meant what he said!!
Right now Julia Child's and Paula Dean are on my hit list. Happy mother day mom I just prepared the hardest meal of my life and at this point I don't even care how it comes out. And from this day on... I will never make a cake from scratch again. Duncan Hines and Pillsbury all the way baby.
Paula Dean, we in the kitchen *** Iโ€™m at Gioโ€™s cookin chicken *** Greg Maddux, yeah we pitchin' *** They call him Frank Lucas cause he snitchin' ***
I volunteered at the Taste of Success Celebrity Chef Challenge tonight. What a great event! Jim Boeheim & "Paula Dean" were there ;)
Bout to smash. Wish all these David Sterling and Paula Dean's stop looking at a brother.
It's like Paula Dean, George Zimmerman, Donald Sterling, and Uncle Ruckus all teamed up to write this article:
America lacks courage in facing the truth about itself. In light of Paul Ryan's comments about "lazy inner city men", pictures of botched death penalty executions of black men using experimental and undisclosed drugs being mediacized and some people's "preferences" of non black people in general, it seems Adam Silver's response to Donald Sterling's comments are empty and window dressing. I am not excusing Sterling's statements but I am supporting his right to execute his preferences, even in the event I don't agree with those preferences. Moral turpitude is not grounds for forced sale of a franchise and to present it as such is intentionally misleading, a dangerous slippery slope and a smoke screen. The league, including, but not limited to David Stern's right hand flunky Adam Silver have known about Sterling's raging racial preferences and have looked the other way and/or covered them up along with other owners, employee's, affiliates etc. Okay, Paula Dean preference is for an good ole antebellum down so ...
TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINES. 1. Debris from Malaysian flight discovered in Hawaii. 2. Paula Dean admitted to admitting that she used a racial slur in her private kitchen twenty seven years ago. suspended from breathing for life. 3. Massive Hurricane scheduled to sweep through Atlanta later this week, followed by 16 feet of snow. 4. Man throws a rock in neighborhood pool and is now facing felony cruelty to children charges. Stay tuned to WSB for live footage of our reporters standing in the wind in front of an empty building, somewhere.
Apparently, Donald Sterling is currently staying at Phil Robertson's house...discussing his options.and having dinner with Paula Dean...
it's the same situation as Paula Dean or Phil Robertson. When you're a celebrity you gotta watch what you say.
So Mr. Sterling has been suspended indefinitely and fined $2.5Mil. (And according to David Letterman is currently on his way to the Paula Dean center for bigot recovery)
Dear Mark Cuban, Stop trying to make Sterling's situation about lawful freedom of speech and creating slippery slopes. Of course we have freedom of speech and privacy rights but this isn't a about violating either. You say we need to hold people accountable for what they do rather than what they say, this guy has actively discriminated against black and Latino people. In this society there are consequences that come with what comes out of your mouth no matter WHO is looking/recording just ask Paula Dean!
Why are people shocked about the Donald Sterling drama?? ...this man is 80 years old .during the 60's when dogs and water hoses were being used on blacks .when there were still separate restrooms and water fountains for blacks, this man was an adult in his 30's ...(we tend to think the Civil rights era was 100 years ago .no, it was less than 5 decades ago) so he grew up a racist .he's a finished product from a character trait & personality perspective .he realized he could make a fortune by using blacks to build his brand, so he's cordial publicly to a degree, but his perception of them was never as a peer or equal .his perception has always been that blacks are inferior to whites when I hear his comments, and those of Paula Dean and Ranch hand Clive Bundy, etc... I'm not shocked in the least ...They spoke freely about how they've felt their entire life.this is a completely different era we're in now...more open .,..more accepting .more inclusive .anyone over the age of 50 is a product of an extreme ...
The slavery of our aunt sisters was real the comments of a person of pure ignorance is justified by Paula Dean as she a low-key racist
This just in: Clippers to sign Riley Cooper and Paula Dean to replace Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan
The perks of having a mom with excellent cooking skills is that you can call her for the best cooking tips. I mean like who the *** needs Paula Dean when my mom just helped me cook some of the best smothered pork chops ever.
Paula Dean droped the "N" bomb(who hasnt)..Phil Robertson prayed(who hasnt)..Tiger Woods slipped a lil(who hasnt)...My point is this, dont judge others 4 wat ur guilty of also...
Jay was singing row your boat in the bathtub. But instead of singing life is but a dream.. She said "like a butter dream" lol. .. Pretty sure Paula Dean woulda liked that
Well now I have NO morning TV show to watch...Michael Strahan joined Good Morning America...won't watch anymore because of him and his ridiculous part of Kelly Ripka's Halloween show and won't watch The Today Show because of Matt Lauer and his nasty interview with Paula Dean!!
Alright. Enough is enough and I'm just gonna say it.I miss Paula Dean and her crazy, butter-eating *** Lol.
I miss Paula Dean on the cooking channel... She is an amazing Chef...
I did it! I did it! Yes we are having Southern Fried Chicken! Wahoo my first attempt and I did it!. Thank you Paula Dean.
Helping hands wildlife! raffle tickets has arrived! 2.00 each, or 3 for $5.00! First prize is a char-broil gas grill valued at 300 $ ! Second prize was donated by Cindy Smith (Darosh) which is a 10 piece Paula Dean cookware set. 3rd prize is a $ 50.00 Marlin meat gift certificate and 4th is a 25 gift card for the Butcher shop! These funds will help us pay for the repairs and also buy formula and supplies needed! Anyone interested in some raffle tickets can contact me on here. Also, please share our fundraiser...this is so important. Helping Hands Wildlife Center Thanks in advance!
I can't decide who was best. Either Anna Nicole, Paula Dean, Judge Judy or Maggie Smith.
just settling down to ep5 Judy, Paula Dean and Maggie Smith were brilliant
I think I want Rachael Ray and Paula Dean cook books ๐Ÿ˜‹
Judge Judy, Julia Child, Fran Drescher, Paula Dean - Great upfront Impersonations! Let's see how they play
Movie idea: Michael Richards and Paula Dean go to Africa and get chased by Rhinos
Michael Wilbon says he uses the "N Word" . He will still have a job after this documentary. Paula Dean ... Her life chanโ€ฆ
for those of you who were wondering about the chili outcome, Paula Dean's recipe was more like Sloppy Joes which actually brings a little vomit to my mouth when I think of it.still not found a great chili recipe:(
Paula Dean should win a daytime for portraying Foghorn Leghorn and Archie Bunker's daughter.
Anyone else think The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is killing it! Just heard the most awesome joke ever: "Paula Dean is starting a new restaurant called 'Paula's Kitchen.' 'White Castle' was taken."
Archie Bunker would be a better public relations rep than whomever Paula Dean has got. "Black *** football player" really
I totally get Paula Dean comparing herself to the first openly *** NFL Player. And not just because my own failed writing career makes me so very much like Anne Frank.
if I had to describe myself to a stranger how would you describe yourself? I would say I have the personality of Paula Dean, the heart of Marlo Thomas, the same measurements of Marilyn Monroe, the patience of Mother Theresa, and as exciting as Eartha Kitt!
Okay, be honest. Are Ron White and Paula Dean the same person?
Tripadvisor is nothing more than a globalized squawk box for a very pedestrian bunch of folk with a bench mark of integrity in cooking on par with Mama June, Paula Dean and Guy Fieri. Missing the early days of Zagats.
Luck be a lady, said Frank Sinatra/while I see in a weekend a Super Bowl mantra/goin True Grit like John Wayne/goin Batman like Bruce Wayne and B Real; Insane in the Membrane/lovin chinese chick, Lucy Liu/Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson; beauties with great views/I got rhymes like crazy/drivin Bigfoot to Road House, RIP Patrick Swayze/Raymond Burr from Godzilla to Perry Mason/Plymouth Road Runners and Wlie E. Coyote is still chasin/Bugs Bunnys rockin and Daffys duckin/LA Kings are Jimmie Johnson puckin/Mariska Hargitay is SVUs top dog/and now Chris Christie is Justin Biebers Boss Hogg/Dale, Jr and Danica Patrick has winni gas pedals/Paula Dean now eats little black Skittles/ok, now I'll stop my roll/question, who gonna win the Super Bowl? Denver Broncos vs. Seatle Seahawks: Super Bowl XLVIII. Sunday, February, 2 2014. On FOX. Peace.
Okay my friends...I am wanting to replace my pots and pans. There is so many brands and materials to use from. I have always used t-fal...or cast iron...but t-fal always seems to flake and becomes deformed. I have read so many reviews till I am blue in the face...what do you use?.Porcelain, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper bottoms, Teflon coated, green ware.brands..Rachel Ray, Paula Dean and so many hundreds more...Thanks for your input.
Fun fact: My daughter shares her birthday with Dolly Parton and Paula Dean. And one Mr. Desi Arnaz Jr whose birth was publicized on Tv by Lucille Ball on the I love Lucy show (Which so happens to be my favorite show)
I think it's irresponsible for the Food Network to cook things that are clearly lacking any nutritional value, such as a chicken waffle sandwich. *** I prefer network shows like Good Eats. Alton Brown teaches about the food he cooks and its very educational. Doesn't go as deeply into nutrition and how that food effects our bodies, but its at least better than Bobby Flay, Paula Dean or Guy Fieri.
I just did some investigating... Of course I knew I shared my Birth day with my awesome nephew, *Eddie Bryant, but I found out these also share our day... *Robert. E. Lee, 1807 *Edgar Allen Poe, 1809 (My favorite poet of all time) *Minnesota "Fats", 1913 THIS ONE BLEW MY MIND... *Phil Every, 1938 of the Everly older brother Jerry, right before I was born use to go around singing a couple of was "Oh Donna" that was sang by Ritchie Valens and "Wake up little Susie" sung by none other than Phil Every!! Spooky. *Dolly Pardon, 1946 *Paula Dean, 1947 *Desi Arnez Jr., 1953 And lastly, *Katey Sagal, (Peggy Bundy), 1954...everyone may not know all these, if not look them up!?!?
Today I turned 22. Mac Miller and Shawn Johnson also turned 22 today too. Dolly Parton and Paula Dean's birthday is today too
Dear White/Other Friends: In preparation for BHM, I believe that it is imperative that you consider utilizing your upcoming "holiday" in a manner befitting the day. Take the time tomorrow to attend your local MLK March-walk 2-3 miles in solidarity with others singing "We Shall Overcome"-over 50 times (you will only have to learn the first verse because on 5-6 people in the ENTIRE march will know the lyrics beyond that). Afterwards you will be engulfed in the ever so uplifting "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" or "Marching Up To Zion"-all the while thinking to yourself that the celebration of "freedom" sounds really depressing when put to music--seriously, Black Friends, no uplifting/happy songs? At the end of said march, attend the local fish fry-nothing says freedom like sad songs and high cholesterol. In the evening, in the comfort of your home kick back and turn-on Paula Dean's Guide To Racial Harmony (too soon?), Mississippi Burning or Roots or Cry Freedom or better yet A Time To Kill; those powerful and ...
They combined the Trayvon Martin story and Paula Dean in this episode ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm so over SVU
You go, Rob Ryan, with your bearded Paula Dean looking self
So... I'm watching access Hollywood and its an interview with Oprah and she says the word "peckerwood"... Now I don't know the EXACT meaning of the word.. And I know my curse words.. But how come she doesn't get penalized for that and Paula Dean gets nailed for the N word.. Same ๓พ“ดisn't it?? What an *** .
Real Talk: You'll forgive a pedophile (R. Kelly) and go out & buy his album. You'll forgive a woman beater (Chris Brown) & sit front row at his concerts. You'll forgive a cheater (Kobe Bryant). You'll forgive a molester (Bishop Eddie Long)...But you look at me crazy for buying Paula Dean cookware...Move Mitch...yep I'm buying'em...
2013 memories. Pop version. With brief critique. -Harlem Shake Videos. Fun -Royal Baby. Pleasant enough and my wife went happily bonkers. -Twerking. Well...ok. -Prancersize. Magnificent. -Miley. Not my deal but smarter than you would believe. -Photobombing celebrities.Yes, please. -Pope Francis. He made headlines for being humble, kind, and thoughtful. Best Pope ever. -Batkid. Awesome. -Bieber. Grow up, man. -KimYe. Yesus. -Auburn beats Bama by running back a missed field goal 109 yards. Best game of the year where I didn't really care who won. -Anthony Weiner. Oh, man. Carlos Danger? Lord. -What does the fox say? He says you're hilarious. -Beyonce's lip synch at the Inauguration. Meh. She fixed it with the Super Bowl. -Lance Armstrong. Cheater. -Paula Dean. Oh, Paula. -Duck Dynasty. Who's surprised? -James Earl Jones and Malcomb McDowell reading texts. Adorbs. Totes McGoats. That is all.
Personaly .. Phil Robertson and Paula Dean . I forgive you ! Have a great New Year my family and friends !!
I forgive Paula Dean, for all we know all her employees were lil monkeys
Why do we get all riled up with the comments of Dynasty and Paula Dean and let "Jack Van Impe" implies ALL Muslims are terrorists, no go zones are the future of America.even if that happens GOD IS the great I AM and he loves all sinners, died for us All - NO GO ZONES WON'T APPLY TO GOD - BUT, Van Impe's free speech inspires a loveless society of Christian classism.he's as dangerous as his warnings - Enuff, Good-nite.
Quote from Oh she's an American idol judge no Paula Dean is not an American idol judge Sam
&carried out by Leftists like Harvey Levin. If u don't toe the *** line/the Race line its Paula Dean time no career/book deals
Forty years ago a young man was sent to a far off land and was asked to put his life on the line, to kill or be killed. He did the best he could, was wounded and even killed. When he returned he saw people burning the flag he had killed for, the flag he had seen his buddies die for. He tried to stop them and was arrested for violating right of free speech. What about this young man, where were his 1st amendment rights? Fast forward: You own a small shop and one day a group of men come in with their pants down around their knees. You are at a stop light and a car pulls along side with the music so loud it vibrated the windows in your car. The lyrics are very offensive including, rape, killing cops, drugs, *** and the like. Do you say something to them, or do you just let it pass for fear of retaliation, or being labeled a racist? You are under oath and asked a question. Do you tell the truth, or lie? Paula Dean told the truth, and looked what happened. Side Note: Rev. Jessie Jackson said he ...
Phil Robertson, Justine Sacco, and Paula Dean are the list of names that will be remembered from 2013 as the infamous group of insensitive and discriminatory people of the year . . . racists, homophobic, and sexists . . . are they everywhere? ย Is this group the unlikely bunch that got "caught"? ย Fur...
All the Team Phil people rallying on fb are ignorant. . That's like the KKK rallying on MySpace for Paula Dean or Michael Richards
I guess it's time for a bit of a rant. I have sat and watched for years the Leftist media's demonization of people with Conservative values, whether they be Catholic or Christian etc. Whether it be Ronald Reagan, Ollie North, Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Jesse Helms and more recently, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and many others. In addition to politicians, people in the popular culture that tend to lean Conservative, are ostracized when they slip up when they act or say something inappropriate, even if it was decades ago! People such as Paula Dean, Phil Robertson, Truett Cathy- Chick-Fil-A, and many others. I personally am sick and tired of the holier than thou types or elitists, who either jump on the bash wagon or neglect to support those that need it the most! Isn't that the Christian thing to do is to pray for, support and encourage those that are going through dark waters? If this post bothers you, maybe you have been throwing some of those stones... The media today is such a destructive force in America, ...
Girl I'm about as respectful as Paula Dean takin Michael Richards to the Source Awards
Carla Fristoe I wanted to comment on your post about the Duck Dynasty show but it disappeared. I'm not sure I got the gist of what you were saying. You are right about the double standards. There is however a difference between the Natalie Maines' case and the Phil Robertson's case. Natalie Maines was in the UK at a concert and she just blurted out an unsolicited comment about George Bush. Phil Robertson was doing an interview an was asked about his religious beliefs. Aalready knew about his religious beliefs as did CQ magazine. They asked a "got cha" question knowing what the answer would be. His choice of words were inappropriate but he gave an honest answer. Paula Dean made comments years ago and her show was cancelled. Where is the fairness in this when there are journalist like Martin Bashir, Ed Shultz and Chris Matthews who can say anything with impunity? Celebrities like Bill Mayer and Alec Baldwin say worse things about specific people, (Sarah Palin) and no clamor from the networks or n ...
Itโ€™s interesting the way people line up on one side of a pointless issue based on their political ideology: Chic-Fil-a, Paula Dean now Duck Dynastyโ€ฆ.. Back when John Rocker and Eminem made homophobic or racist remarks everyone had an opinion but their opinions weren't quite as predictable.
Big Brother is watching us. Can we at least pick the shows we want to watch without special interests group freaking out. Duck Dynasty, Paula Dean, Imas, Bill Mayer, Rush, to mention a few, we know what they are about from the first words out of their mouth. If we choose to watch them for the entertainment they provide that should be our choice. Now I should not buy a certain pasta, eat at fast food black listed establishments, blah, blah. These people make millions of dollars for the net works and if advertiser do not want to buy into that so be it. I certainly do not agree with most of the comments made but everyone is entitled to an opinion. Here's mine!
So...George Zimmerman, Paula Dean, and Phil Robertson walk into a Harlem!
I'm aware that Phil Robertson may have spoke brashly, but he never went as far as Bill Maher, Rosanne Barr, and many others. Yet Americans have tolerated and condoned it. Paula Dean, Phil Robertson and many Amerians are subjected to their manner of conversation taken out of context and thrown unto the masses by evil rhetoric. God created everyone in His image. We were created with inalienable rights. We all have the right to Free Speech. Who decides who has the Right or who doesn't? Thousands of lives were given on foreign soil, and many lives were mamed to secure our Freedoms. Those who obstruct our rights have no respect for our Freedoms other than their own. Hmmm...Just how long will it be until your right to free speech is challenged?
How many of these Duck Dynasty, Paula Dean, Michael Richards, type attacks on free speech going to happen before you folks realize there is no such ting as free speech anymore?. another thing the leftist crowd has brought to the table.. there's only the speech "they" approve of... I'm sick of the whole mess... you don't have to agree with anything anybody says.. but that doesn't mean you have to do everything in your power to ruin their lives because you don't agree... This country now officially ***
Phil Robertson and Paula Dean need to get together and make their own TV show...I'd watch it. God Bless the Robertson clan. I'm with ya all the way :)
I just heard Paula Dean and Phil Robertson are dating. Lol
Funny, I don't remember anyone rushing to defend Paula Dean or Michael Richards 1st amendment rights when they said something extremely offensive and bigoted...I guess Phil Robertson's cheeky, bible-thumping good 'ol boy routine has a lot of fans.
Inasmuch as an individual has the freedom of expression, so does a broadcaster. This Duck Dynasty thing isn't censorship. It's a corporate decision based on public opinion and, more likely, advertisers. Just like Gilbert Gottfried, Paula Dean, and Michael Richards have demonstrated, if you're making money for someone else and they're paying you to be a public personality, you better watch what you say. Right or wrong aren't really what's at stake here. What he said was unpopular and the subject matter is complex. No one is threatening his freedom of speech, so let's all calm down. The company he works for either doesn't want to broadcast his beliefs or they don't want to espouse what is ultimately an unpopular and controversial stance on homosexuality. I think a lot of us would face the same consequences at our jobs. Frankly, I like the controversy and figured this would be good for any reality show. Not having seen it, my guess is that A&E produces this show to be fun and lighthearted. If that's true, t ...
Here is my 2 cents on Duck Dynasty. I believe in freedom of speech.ย  I believe everyone should be able to have the freedom to believe in what ever they want to.ย  Everyone is different.ย  We have different beliefs in religion, sports, politics, fashion, music, art, etc. I could go on forever.ย  Every person has the right to feel/believe in what they want to and support who and what they want to.ย  That is what America is about... FREEDOM.ย  The only difference here is that when you are a public figure sometimes you need to watch what you say.ย  If you say something that might be controversial you will suffer the consequences.ย  Some people believe it is wrong to be *** .. some people don't.ย  Some people are racist and some people are not.ย  Some people dislike our president and some people don't.ย  Phil bashed *** people and got removed from the show. Paula Dean admitted she used the N word and it ruined her career. The Dixie Chicks said they hated George Bush and they lost quite a few fans and pretty m ...
After much thought about the latest media backlash over Phil Robertson, I think most everyone of you should be ashamed of yourself. Conservative, Liberal, Republican, or Democrat. This has been going on for years, attempting to ruin someone or their career. It is so sad that 'Freedom of speech" and " The life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is being destroyed by each of us because we like acting like *** Phil Robertson joins the ranks of people like Paula Dean, Ellen Degeneres, Michael Richards, Don Imus, Robert Bork, Bill Maher, and Paul Reuben (AKA Pee Wee Herman. The list would go on if my addled head could remember more. Nothing constructive gets done because little minded people on both sides cannot think of anything better than to destroy each other. Now if you wish to comment on this, be very careful, because if your brain dead conservatism or liberalism comes out I will seek out all your skeletons and foibles. If this doesn't stop we will lose more than you could guess as a society. So ...
My thoughts on the Phil Robertson comments: Have you ever watched Tosh.O? He is ten times worse. Ever listen to Two Live Crew? Andrew Dice Clay? Have you ever grown up around people that were born in the south and in the 1930's? Lisa Lampanelli is the same too.Everyone has their thoughts and opinions and we hear of them from everyday people but when one speaks because he is famous, its REALLY not ok? I dont think its ok that the guy down the road has issues with others either and throws the "n" word around but he isnt famous so nobody cares. So if you don't like me because I love the show, thats your own issue , I dont think he is right but then again Paula Dean made comments too and got pulled and she has some of the best products out there on the market.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
So much for free speech. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is casualty of the "You gotta think like we do or we will kick you off your show just like Paula Dean" school of thought. I wonder when they will kick Al Sharpton off of television for his racist remarks? I am guessing never. But I wouldn't kick him off because I believe in freedom of thought and speech. Tolerance is a great thing we need more of in this country.
.Paula Dean is having Christmas dinner w Mark Furman.lots to talk about.should be interesting...
Wonder what Food Network will do to Nigella Lawson not that she admitted using cocaine? Will they have the guts to do the same thing they did to Paula Dean.doubt it seriously,
True Hollywood story Paula Dean just ended and Walk the Line just started I'm just to busy for studying
I need to get up off this couch but Paula Dean's True Hollywood Story is just too interesting!
I promise I'll study after I watch this E true hollywood story on Paula Dean
Currently watching the E! True Hollywood Story of Paula Dean. what is my life!?
You know who shouldn't be ? Wendy Davis name sounds too much like Jefferson Davis. Probably a Paula Dean style racist.
I am in the same room as Paula Dean
Uh guess who gets to play a euphonium solo for Paula Dean.
She think she all dat & done put me out da kitchen like i caint cook but the cupcakes better be gud lil wanna be Paula Dean LOL !!!:Dโ™ฅโ™ฅ
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