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Paula Dean

Paula Hiers Deen (born January 19, 1947) is an American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality.

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a new bar has been set...Dean, your move
WatchingPaula Dean Cooking with Bobby on the cooking channel :) :) Looks like she's back:) :) YOU GO PAULA!
Flip a pancake call that Paula Dean
Paula Dean we in the kitchen niggah 😎💯
Watching Paula Dean try not to drown everything in butter...
i got 99 problems and they are all dean winchester. Jensen Ackles
I got paula dean pots and pans for Christmas yayyy go me cant wait to get them
Paula Dean say they stop her show so she just go over her son's house and still be on the show
Just made the brat grilled cheese and tomato soup call me Paula Dean
it's amazing. Google it. Paula Dean recipe.
I do not like the Barefoot Contessa kick her off Food Network & bring paula dean back
So Paula Dean mess up, loses every endorsement and they give her son a cooking show feature her A LOT? She is still getting paid! Lol
makes cinnamon rolls while I'm in the shower. Paula Dean would be so proud of all the butter
I heard Paula dean had a Christmas book called "the extremely white Christmas"
Homemade blackberry jelly on a homemade biscuit. Move over Paula Dean, Michelle Bowles is in the house! !
making a new recipe--if it is nasty I am blaming Paula Dean,,that dam cooking channel makes you think anyone can do it...we will see lol
I feel like the Food Network is trying to replace Paula Dean... It's not the same.
Pioneer Woman is to cayenne pepper what Paula Dean is to butter...I swear that woman puts "a dash" of it in everything!
I love to see how desperate Food Network has become trying to fill the void of Paula Dean. Many shows similar to hers popping up.
If Food Network dumped Paula dean for saying the N word decades ago then yeah bashir needs to be canned
We the children of the light you know what I mean. That's why I'm hating on the darkness like Paula Dean.
I hate how the pioneer woman is trying to be Paula Dean 😒
Love is like smiling, it never fades and is contagious. . ~ Paula Dean
Paula Dean has one as well. Well for the Mac n cheese balls. Have u seen hers? And that sounds great
We have some pie and I'm resisting making Paula dean jokes
Good smorning loves hey i got my paula dean RED pot set oh yeah thanks to my homie my dog say im tired of hearing ur mouth bol oh yeah oh yeah go me lol next i want that RED dirt devil lol hint hint i guess ill do some walking chile knock it out rite quick
Wow breaking news Paula dean fired from the Food Network I love Paula but I don't like the fact that she is a racist that's uncalled for
Do you think if Paula Dean said something racial against natives, it would cause this much uproar?
Jeezy said huh Paula Dean we in the kitchen *** !!
Is her profile picture really Paula Dean on a chicken?
Her mom had to be Watching Paula Dean. Black people dont eat under any kind of healthy conditions on Thanksg…
I cook for a living, and if you were to ask me what my primary influences are that have helped develop my "style", I'd have to say its 50% of a combination of Paula Dean & Alton Brown, and the other 50% being Goldie Caudill, Irene Kisor, & Shirley Saunders. My pancreas and I are very thankful for the later 3!
Okay...there's something that I'm trying to wrap my brain around on CNN. Alec Baldwin uses the Fword a week ago. Paula Dean uses the N^¢¢&£ word 30 years ago. Alec, who is from up North is not a bigot, but Paula from the South is a bigot. How does that work?
So I just heard what Martin Bashire said about Sarah Palin. And Paula Dean was fired for what she said 13 years ago. UGH this is why I hate news shows.
Can anyone tell me why Paula Dean's career was destroyed for a horrible comment/act from over 20 years ago, but Alec Baldwin says horrible things every few months and nothing seems to happen ?
So, Alec Baldwin blows up again and uses the F bomb regarding sexual orientation. Finally, he got a two-week suspension from his talk show. What pisses me off, is that Paula Dean nearly lost everything for using the 'N' word. She was asked if she had ever used that word before and she said she had when describing an assailant to the police 20 years ago after being robbed at gunpoint when she was a bank teller. All of her backers freaked out and dumped her. She lost millions of dollars. I guess using the 'N' word 20 years ago is more important than an *** using the F word all of the time and calling a guy a queen whether he was *** or not. I don't get it. :(
Alec Baldwin is a sick person. He should be fired as Paula Dean was from all shows or she should be made whole
It seems to be quite a double standard that Alec Baldwin has continuously engaged in homophobic behavior and abusive actions towards women and only now is his career being partially threatened yet Paula Dean apologized for an insensitive word used thirty years ago and her career was immediately destroyed. Just another sign that reconstruction may never end.
It's just amazing how Oprah Winfrey can recently call many in the United States racists and retain her celebrity status, yet Paula Dean makes one comment forty years ago, and her celebrity is ruined. Isn't that a double standard? We truly need to rethink how we treat each other!
Making home made chicken and dumplings... Paula Dean and Anne Burrell got nothin on me ;)
Food Network is having their 20th Anniversary this wknd. Man up and bring back Paula Dean!
MY HOMETOWN SAID, "They will get everyone who filed a FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT" including *** BARREL" and the people that Fed with Martha Stewart and Paula Dean. These white men know exactly who "Spoofed" AMVets, Staples (behind Janelle & Asha Porter) (my Solomon Smith Barney card used over the phone to buy a computer and a tickle me Elmo for LeVonne), CVS, Popeye's, Rhode Island Strip Mall (Judy's Beauty & Barber), Target (Timothy Moses) & Ivory Graves) & Walgreens (Tim Moses & Jewell Graves), CVS (African Security Guards & Black women in Baltimore, MD) and on and on these "FRIVOLOUS Law Suits by black people using my daughters sales receipts (Tommy Marcus Butler, so they can say the paid child support by Turing in these receipts to the child support office), filing false claims against the US Postal Service (Tommy Marcus Butler), and in Baltimore MD, Linda Lamlien Krueger, black women are bringing a lawsuit against Care Free Curl because I am smoking a bowl white a white male who ain't your LOVER. Care ...
I have not forgotten about the Paula Dean crap neither have I forgotten about Trayvon Martin. These things happened to spark more than controversy.
Know anyone struggling with Diabetes? We can help. Tom Hanks’ Diabetes Battle: How High Blood Sugar Levels By: Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA Tom Hanks is the most recent celebrity -- following in the footsteps of Halle Berry, Paula Dean and Randy Jackson -- to reveal that he has type 2 diabetes. Appearing on Late Show with David Letterman in early October, he told the talk show host that after a long history of high blood sugar numbers, his doctor told him he'd "graduated" to full-blown diabetes. Hanks said that controlling his weight is one way he's battling the disease. Keeping diabetes under control can make your RealAge younger! Take the RealAge Test. What Is Diabetes? Diabetes occurs when your body can no longer handle glucose the way it's supposed to do. Glucose is a simple sugar that is the basic fuel of the body. Foods that supply glucose include fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates. The body's digestive system converts these nutrients into glucose, which is absorbed into the blood stream and t ...
I noticed someone put up Paula Dean and while I could take her or leave her, did anyone notice the witch hunt that she went through for supposedly saying something and yet When Dog the bounty hunter, Don Imus, Kramer said those things it really seemed like it just was not as big a deal. Why was that?
So I'm getting caught up on the new Law & Order: SVU, and why is this episode is a mixture of the Trayvon Martin Case and the Paula Dean whole situation... smh
This episode of SVU is focused on Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin cases. Put together.
I would rather have Paula Dean and Martha Stewart at defensive tackle than Ego Fergason and Anthony Johnson. Horrible
Instead of I could have news from Fox with Ann Romney trying to be another Paula Dean. yuck.
Hanging with Paula Dean, Don Imus, and Kramer. Anything you guys wanna ask?
Well, Law & Order SVU does it again. Straight from the headlines. They combined the case of Trayvon Martin and Paula Dean into 1 case. Did you see it? What do you think?
Watching the new Law and Order SVU and I just realized it's the exact story line of Trayvon Martin mixed with Paula Dean. Way to be original.
very interesting SVU episode this week... blended the Trayvon Martin and Paula Dean stories.
Just now watching law and order SVU this week. It seems to be a mix of Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin. Will they just let it be?
Law and order SVU blending the Trayvon Martin, Paula Dean and the stop and frisk issue all in one episode..brilliant! If you missed it..go on demand or online a catch up..season 15.
Since I am NOT watching because it is not on yet, I'm watching yesterday's SVU. Is this supposed to be A little Trayvon Martin mixed with Paula Dean?
OmG Cybill Shepard is playing this part as Paula Dean on Law & Order SVU!! It's so sad ppl really act like this & feel justified
Tomorrow night's LAW & ORDER: SVU features Cybill Shepherd and Jeffrey Tambor in a Paula Dean vs. Trayvon Martin-like episode. Look for ME in the courtroom the spectators' gallery sitting in the rows behind Jolene Castillo (Shepherd)!
"""QUESTION" WHY does Paula Deen lose her endorsements and restaurants for an alleged racial slur 25 years ago and Alec Baldwin doesn't lose his TV show endorsements commercials etc for his continual racial slurs *** slurs bad behavior almost every week caught on tape or on the Internet over the past 10 years! Is it because Paula Dean is a Southern woman and conservative and Alec Baldwin is a left wing progressive socialist ideologue who is tax people like Paula Dean and Fox News almost on a daily basis?!?!? Is this not hypocritical?? Is this not biased on the media journalists big business and other left wing lunatics?? They keep saying they are for free speech they are for equal opportunity they are for the downtrodden they are for every man but if you are a Conservative Tea Party member Christian Jew veteran they could care less if you're attacked by the media the government or by they're very selves! NOW TELL ME AGAIN WHO IS racist biased hypocritical uncaring has lack of morals and has no common sens ...
Calling for a celebrity deathmatch between Martha Stewart and Paula Dean.
follow me Mrs. Paula Dean. Please. I want/need dis follow.
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So they combined Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin for next weeks episode.
So law and order SVU's next episode is a mixture between Paula Dean and the Trayvon Martin case or nah?
Cheap shot at Paula Dean on the Emmy's.was unnecessary and uncalled for.The *** host should have skewered Alec Baldwin for his homophobic rants ...Typical Liberal Hollywood crap
Was Paula Dean Rewarded To Higher Level Secret Society for Racial Slurs?   After the fake sponser driven Food Network Channel's Paula Dean the 'butter slider' who is permitted to use racial slurs anytime she wants and gets an ok to broaden her chef career and her networth, is now more loved by Americans for discriminating against the most hated race, African Americans..   The Paula Dean scandal deplicted the truth about most whites in charge not much has changed and not even in the food industry do African Americans get to dominate and we still have prejudice old white haired southern bells who dictate just like Hiter days and she taught people that's it's ok to say what's on your mind and call a black out their name *** and by her pocketing the most from the scandal shows it was more than likely planned by her own Food Network team to bring her more popularity in the USA.   And Paula Dean, the master racial slurriest, even got the law to get a man to plead guilty for knowing too much about her an ...
Being Liberal: knowing the difference between Barefoot Contessa and Paula Dean.
Who are some cool famous people y'all have actually MET? I met Emmanuel Lewis, both Paula Dean sons, Lenny Kravitz and *** Gregory lol.
"Gosh bree you're like the Marshallese Paula Dean" I am far from that amazing chef tho! Hella blushing
I'm desperately trying to cut Paula Dean to 2 minutes.
I wonder why they chose Paula dean to close the show?
Kim Kardashian had a baby and Paula dean said the n word. I'd say I had an eventful life.
lmfao it died for us it's written in the good book. "Paula Dean's greatest dishes"
What if i ate the rest of this peanut butter & then a stick of butter? Do the Nutella Paula Dean challenge. Except with peanut butter-Chris
I was At Work ` all Day so i didn't see Miley Twerking ; tell me was it good Yall *paula Dean voice.
Dinner was delicious, RIP to that pan though. It was Paula Dean one anyway. 😅
So since Kanye said *** 50x tonight does Paula Dean get her job back?
Miley Cyrus gonna say the "n" word and end up like Paula Dean just watch
Y'all think Paula Dean watched the tonight or to soon?
All this talk about Katy Perry being hot.. Ever since the Paula Dean and Roseanne memes surfaced, I find her nowhere near attractive.
Just think of the uproar if Paula Dean had sung the song instead of Bruno Mars!
I wish Paula Dean would come to my house real quick and make me something to eat
Lady gaga and Paula dean are examples of people who stare for just a tad too long.
Katy Perry looks like Paula Dean so I'll never be able to look at her without thinking of butter 😋
can Oprah weigh in on the Paula Dean Scanal???
I want to hire Paula Dean in my kitchen. -Dave Chappell
If Paula Dean,a chef,is drug thru MSM mud for ill words, Sharpton,Rev,should have to throw himself on his face for his
“lol didn't we have this discussion earlier nasty *** ?!” Ok Paula Dean get the butter out your ***
Breakfast tomorrow will be epic. better step up her Paula dean cooking skills.
Paula Dean really opened the doors. Now everyone sayin ***
I love Bruno's voice like Paula Dean loves butter.
race has nothing to do with music unless Paula Dean gets involved
My Paula Dean candle goes out when I turn the lights off, guess it doesn't like the dark
Paula dean would make u a sandwich and y'all dumb *** would just eat it up smh ignorance is bliss tho
I really really hope Paula Dean presents an award . "Hey y'all, I'm here I present an award to a n$&&?$"
Lmao bruh who said the big girl look like Paula Dean 😂😂😂
Kanye can say the "n" word on TV, but Paula Dean gets crucified for saying it in private? Smh
I really try not to hate on winners but Im sayin even Paula Dean was like I love that Pharell boy
fine then. I'll just go be a *** somewhere else. Maybe Paula Dean will take me in.
What if I told you Miss Kay is just a dark haired Paula Dean - Morphius
Status in my fantasy fb draft room: "Waiting for Paula Dean and The Klan to pick a player."
Imagine VMA's with Paula Dean as the year? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Paula Dean organized the ballots. Not one black winner
“Did I just see Paula Dean at the .NOT! 😂”😭
You screwed up and need to have someone apologize for you. Who do you pick.. Ryan Braun, Paula Dean, Jimmy Swaggart?
Am I the only one who thinks Rachel Ray is showing turning into Paula Dean. Minus the racist comments.
Paula Dean was my idol, but she had to get all racist so now my idol is Rachel Ray 😂😂
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You know, a real *** would take his Capital One card to buy a Paula Dean cookbook and a season of 30 Rock this afternoon.
I sat at the same table that Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Paula Dean, and Robert Irvine sat at at the Old Ebbit in dc. I feel important
Two best team names at trivia night: Obama's Big Black Caucus and Paula Dean's Clan Chowder.
So you can cure racism in 4 days? Get his counselor's number for Paula Dean and Michael Richards.
Hey Paula Dean if you had a smigin of talent America would forgive you. Just ask Riley Cooper
Btw the Paula dean buffet was the bomb! 💣 They should not get rid of it 😥
Who's a better cook? Walter White or Paula Dean? 《- they both started out being super likeable then became villains
yeah, you're right. I take it back, maybe hotter than Paula Dean or something
Paula Dean is somewhere right now screaming at a tree
My mama cooking cake this late 😩😩😩 sis think she Paula Dean in the kitchen
I miss paula dean but she had to go... about to give my whole fam high blood pressure!
I love you as much as Paula Dean loves butter.
I'm bobby flay and Ayla is Paula dean
Y'all can.. But you need some lessons. Lol. Paula Dean sings better then y'all and she's diabetic too. 😂😂
I bet Paula Dean, Riley Cooper, Michael Richards, and Mel Gibson in the same room would make for a DEE-LIGHTFUL tea party :)
I love how in the Straight Out The Gate video they show Paula Dean in the background when Tech says "Don't try to *** me."
drunk guy @ bar: loved me in Battle Star Galactica, called me Paula Dean & said I looked ready to make a superbowl appearance.
Which celeb would you want to fight? — Riley Cooper and Paula Dean
Dont make me go paula dean on your ***
When calls somebody a *** on omegle... And they call her Paula Dean
I was gonna say Spike Lee sharing his gumbo recipe with Paula Dean but the effect is gone“that was my goal lol”
Paula dean can probably hang with a bad group of *** s lets be honest.
Dinner is lista and a special chicken 😋 # cooking with Paula Dean dah 👌
Behind the scenes with Paula Dean. no 😑😩😂
(732): I want Paula Dean to narrate shark week next year
I wonder if Paula Dean is an Eagles fan
everybody that's hating on Paula Dean because they say it multiple times in one sentence! C'mon now! Get real
Paula Dean says they all look alike anyway.
Bruh he was talking to paula dean with a glass eye
Rap game Paula Dean, cause I like to say the N-word a lot.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The US is no longer the fattest country in the world.please help us Paula Dean.
Got to love a country where they still talk about Paula Dean saying the N word opposed to the potential terrorist attacks
My mom says *** can no longer be in my vocabulary then starts talkin about Paula dean. *** no
Making fun of blacks with my homie Paula Dean
Oprah has no right to comment about paula dean when she discriminates against white people!!
Damaris Phillips should be the new Paula Dean!
Wow don't get on Stephen Colberts bad side. He just burned daft punk, Viacom, MTV, and Paula Dean.
Paula dean is at the vmas this year
The real question is... What did y'all do with all of Paula Dean's unsold cookware though?
“What's Paula Dean's favorite breakfast cereal?. Special KKK”this made me think of you an
make a keek of you impersonating Paula Dean😂😂
Any one notice Paula Dean lose her sponsors for 30 yr old mistake, Alec Baldwin makes a *** slur and still a spokes person. *** Hypocrites
Sources: Riley Cooper has hired Paula Dean as his personal chef and Michael Richards to play Cooper in movie due early next spring.
Just had a great movie idea starring Michael Richards, Paula Dean, Mel Gibson, & Riley Cooper called *** Please!"
So this whole season of Food Network Star was to find a replacement for Paula Dean.
I love Paula Dean and all but seriously the next cooking woman of the south is Mrs. Kay.
I think Paula Dean should manage a tag team of Riley Cooper & Michael Richards. Call themselves "Regression"
"Hey Riley, you hungry?" -Paula Dean, cooking dinner for Mark Furman, Michael Richards, and Stan's Dad
correction can't cook unless or course it's Paula Dean smh poor Paula or Rachel Ray and I'm not sold on her 15 meals lol
So if Jessie Jackson and followers boycott FL does that mean Paula Dean can open a new restaurant here?
Gail Kim wouldnt go for that, but Paula Dean would work.
I bought faith some butter chapstick and some dark chocolate from the paula dean store ;) ;) ;)
You can't have your cake and eat it too!! Your *** is Paula Dean Fired!
Madi is playing Paula Dean all up in this kitchen...waiting for her to verbally insult me.
Rumor has it is gonna replace Paula Dean in the Food Network!
Like Paula Dean making BEDS , stick to putting butter on everything ..
I personally want to see what Derek can do with Paula Dean!
I have watched your programs for over 10 years. If you let Paula dean go I will never watch you again. s…
For Paula Dean having made black people mad there is quite a few of them eating at her place tonight with me.
Just helped a black guy look for Paula dean products, ironic?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I'm Paula Dean up in the kitchen — That's the only interesting thing in my life right now
This paula dean ad is about ignorant..yall..
"Aaryn Gries is the Paula Dean of the Big Brother house"
I'm still upset at what the Food Network did to Paula Dean
you bought Paula Dean butt massage lol. Ack. I'm so hungry I'm getting hangry right now
So at dinner I swear I saw Paula Dean on crack xD
I just hope they don't stick that racist Paula Dean with you.
my family had a long talk about Paula Dean.. oh goodness
u can have her if u bring me an autographed hockey stick signed by Paula Dean
Paula dean I feel bad for u.. U said one word 30 years ago and people are holding it against u NOW??!! What a *** joke..good job society
The cooking channel still showing Paula Dean son's show. Lol and she on it
I would love to see your pair up with Paula Dean or barba walters
Did you get your recipe from Paula Dean?
"She can't clean house, she only cooks fried food, she blew up like a balloon!" My dad said "hot *** did you marry Paula dean?!" 😂😂😂
No everyone has their own opinions. For instance, Paula Dean said what she said 30yrs ago so y bash her now?
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have you seen the Paula Dean apology vine? 😂😂😂
When he's acting, looks more uncomfortable than Paula Dean at a Tyler Perry screening in Burkina Faso.
my boss seriously thinks some of the stuff she says is not racist, good ole' Paula Dean over here.
considers pic of Mark Twain with caption "Clemens turns kettle Black" on cover following Paula Dean "N-Word" controversy.
I think I'm Paula Dean cause I'm cooking with my ***
Paula Dean would be so proud of us 😂
“Ummm..I'm your should send some to me ;-)”🎀Paula Dean is a O supporter
Elizabeth: get outta the car you're in my way! Grammy: oh your racist cus he's black. Me: calm down Paula Dean.
"Yeah, I mean the beats were tight but I just didnt really care for " -Paula Dean's blog post 10 mins ago
Hmmm I wonder what Paula Dean is doing right now since she doesn't have a show anymore?
We need to slap a picture of Paula Dean on my dog because she. is. a. ham! ... ... and incredibly racist.
Paula dean admits to saying a word 15 years ago &gets ridiculed lil Wayne stops on the American flag and he sells records
I dislike women like Rae Dawn Chong.far more.than I dislike Paula Dean. I truly could throw Rae down a flight of stairs now.
I think the repercussions just need to be equal. Paula Dean is paying the price, yet Alec Baldwin isn't penalized at all.
I want Paula Dean to cook me one of those southern fried chicken specials.💬👳
Paula dean is the only white rapper that's allowed to say the n word.
Steve Harvey and Nephew Tommy know they a *** fool for the Paula Dean portion of the morning show. :-)
Paula Dean can learn from Barbara Bush, who washed W's mouth out w/ soap for using racial slurs. Paula got a...
Once straddled a mannequin to prove the "n" word Paula Dean used was ***
Paula Dean, Tim Lambesis, and Juror B37: shut UP shut UP for the love of God when in doubt STFU
Man I hope Kathy Lee ain't like Paula Dean behind close doors you never know, these white women are trippin
Pioneer woman is life after Paula Dean!
to all my *** friends , curious why Alec Baldwin got a total pass on a *** slur from last week while Paula Dean lost an empire based on a racial slur from many years ago ,, ps , I find Alec hilarious and totally entertaining while Paula and I could never dine together due to polar opposites in eating tastes , just interested ,,, I am trying to get a feel for the public opinions as I get ready for my prep for a presidential run in 2016 I will be looking for other opinions and various other political issues as time goes by -possible running mates in pics --- though Riley may have to be ruled out due to fear that he may send illicit pics of his junk !!
No..I'm not mad because Paula Dean, a white woman from the South used the "N" word 27 yrs ago, not when WE use it every 27 minutes...c'mon???...We have other things to worry about, its open season on us, we're killing each other,we allow our sistahs to be violated because she can twerk, drop it low or whatever the *** we don't support one another when we're trying to better our communities ,then you wonder why we get treated the way we do...IF WE DON'T GIVE A *** ABOUT EACH OTHER WHY SHOULD ANYONE ELSE???
I swear my momma think she Martha Stewart and Paula Dean in one. Baby in here making Auntie Annie…
"I wish they'd go after the terrorists with the same vigor they're going after Paula Dean." ~Dennis Miller
Martha Stewart: In recent times, commits felony robbery, goes to jail, is allowed back on Food Network and such. Paula Dean: Uses a racial slur 30 years ago and is pretty much banned from tv. Gotta love this world we live in.
I wonder how much longer the media is going to crucify Paula Dean? I know why this Nation is so screwed up. It is not Ms Dean, she made a mistake plain and simple just like the millions of us every day... How many times must she ask for forgiveness? The public has forgiven her so it is time for the media to shut up and move on. There was not near as much of an outcry when we had 4 dead Americans in the Libya deal. No one gave it as much thought as we should have and now we have all but forgotten. Babies being killed after a failed abortion attempt and we do nothing... IRS and running down a so-called traitor and a border we cannot fix. Why in the world should Paula Dean be such an issue, "We the people" would rather talk about drama more than saving our Nation. No wonder America is going down the drain.
I was on my way back from Lowe's listening to NPR's "On Point" discussion of Paula Dean. The question was whether she owed ME an apology or not; I think not. My reluctance goes beyond the "judge not, lest ye be judged" argument. Whatever I might think of her and her behavior, she does not owe me anything. I can be disgusted, offended, sympathetic or whatever emotion I might have, but she is not accountable to me personally. My reactions are my own and I am accountable to myself for them. Neither do I think she is accountable to the public, unless somehow we have decided that celebrities by virtue of their fame owe us something. While confession might be good for the soul, I certainly would not endorse the notion that I should publicize my many private and public transgressions and ask your forgiveness. It's actually none of your business unless I have harmed you directly. You, of course, are free to have your own opinions about me. Politicians, on the other hand, have sought our trust to do certain ...
To all my black friends : is this Paula Dean mess really that big of a deal to you guys or is the media just trying to make it a big deal? It was 27 years ago..I've been djing reunions and reunions older than 20 years you can see the different races not mingle together as much as the younger generation and its not just white its all races doing it. I'm sure 75% of the population at least has said something racial at some point in their life. Why single out one person and white so the white people get singled out so bad on the media everytime!? No I'm not saying it was right. just not right to single out people like that and ruin their lives over it. Everyone knows I love every race :) lol I'm just getting tired if hearing about Paula dean so much.
It seems a lot of people are confused about why Paula Dean is losing her sponsors. It's not because she said the 'N' word. She is being sued for racial discrimination at her restaurant. During a deposition she was giving for the case, she was asked "Have you ever used the N word?" Her response was , "Yes, of course". Other racially inappropriate things also came out during the deposition. This being a precursor to the trial, sponsors see the writing on the wall and want to jump ship before she is found guilty of discrimination in court. So for all your sympathetic pleas for Paula no sponsor with any sense is going to go near her until the court case is decided. If her only misdeed was using the N word privately a couple of times in her life in moments of distress, I would agree that the current treatment would be unfair. However that appears at this time to just be a glimpse into a more thorough application of racism over decades to those she employees. So save your pleas for someone who deserves your sym ...
If there is a *** I'm pretty sure it involves watching Kathy Lee Gifford, with a *** man, at 5:30 pacific time, discussing Paula Dean.
The Supreme Court says racism is over. I cant decide what to do first: Watch the Trayvon Martin trial or read my mom's Paula Dean cookbook?
Meanwhile back in St. Louis after the fireworks on the 4th in the traffic jam getting out of town this black truck pulls up beside me cranking rap.In this Rap song the word *** was dropped at least 20 times and shooting the *** with his dead *** guts on the floor. Paula Dean says *** non violently once and is crucified for it while this Rap music glorifies violence and killing. The hypocrisy in this Country is amazing and shame on the media for blowing stupid little things like Paula Dean and Janet Jackson's nipple showing at the Super Bowl a few years back out of proportion. If we are trying to look like complete *** to the rest of the world we are succeeding.
I am reading post after post about 98rock this morning. Personally, I think they had to change the format of the show because of the crap with Paula Dean. Racism, even though it was not intentionally on 98rock, was a big part of the format and they needed to stop. There were mornings that I wanted to drive to the station and shake some bodies and see them roll. Micky, was never one of them.
How can Quentin Tarantino make a Career out of using the WORD, In current Times, and Paula Dean said the word Years , and Years ago...and she's drawn into this light?? Wake up America!!! Be real not scared.
George Zimmerman, Paula Dean, and *** marriage walk into bar. Aaron Hernandez shoots everyone in the face.
OK. I listen to the news day after day. Its become more and more obvious that what use to be a majority in our great country has now become just a minority." Patriotic Americans" it is a shame that you can't go to school Christmas play and not hear Jesus name mentioned one time but a nappy headed piece of trash rap singer can stomp on the american flag and walk away without a good back woods A$$ whoopin. But instead makes millions cause our kids are brainwashed to think its friken art. Norman Rockwell is art, stomping the flag is treason! Jane Fonda visits the enemy in north Vietnam gives letters from POW'S given to her in trust over to there captors? And aim guns at US planes yet we call her an artist and miss understood? Are we friken morons??? We still alow her in this country and access to her fathers wealth. not if I were President. Her and kill Wayne would be put on a plane and dropped not landed, in the Vietnam jungle! Now, if that's not enough we have Paula Dean. A woman who called a robber the " ...
Seriously corporate america/media... stop crucifying Paula Dean. That is all...
This is my thoughts of all these sponsors dropping Paula Dean like flies... Listen it is not right to use the N word but enough is enough... we listen to racial lyrics in music, movies, commercials, comedy shows, etc. It's ok for us to be called *** all the time. some people need to get over themselves. These sponsors should look at what others in their companies that have been said that is against *** people, or racial jokes, slurs, sexual innuendos borderline harrassment, etc. I think her community services and ways she has given back to EVERYONE of ANY racial background should be looked at more than an "N" word in a deposition that really should not have been leaked to the public anyway... ENOUGH PEOPLE.what next? hang her on a cross? string her up?
I don't understand the harshness toward Paula Dean for something she said years ago. To be fair we should all be punished. We've all said something negative or mean toward another at some time/times in our lives. We've all thought mean things out of hurt, anger, jealousy, meanness, etc. I know I'm guilty of that. What's the difference in what she has said or done what we've all said or done? I believe the key in the matter is forgiveness.
Its amazing Paula Dean gets dumped by all her networks for using the "N" word, but a store clerk uses it at not 1 but 2 black customers along with some other phrases , enough for them to attack him , but when he gets out of Hospital he will probably only be written up or suspended w/o pay for a wk... Something is seriously wrong with this picture.
DL Hughley on Paula Dean last night (I am paraphrasing here and I don't know her at all except for a cook who uses a lot of butter): "There are good people who use the n-word and bad people who use the n-word. I would rather judge people on their actions and if Paula needs to apologize to black people its for the harm all of her books and shows have done to the health of people. If you don't like what she said in the past don't watch her show. "
The Corporate Media likes to fancy itself as a group of “King-makers”, there is no room for “Queens” just Divas and when the occasion arises it’s “off with their heads” for the Divas (Paula Dean and Martha Stewart) and pardons for the “Kings” and Bad Boys…such as Michael Vick and Alec Baldwin. It’s simple: racism isn’t dead and neither is sexism (or a number of other “isms” such as ageism).
I still see the media is all on Paula Dean, but I'm asking myself. The radio stations K104 and 97.9 play this self degrading music every single day. BET awards was just on last week( Sunday) and they used it, but bleeped it out. I'm guilty of using this word and I know a lot of you are too. All I am saying is when a white person say it is horrible, it is racist, but when K104 and 97.9 play it. It's cool as *** right? What type of thought process is that? That's crazy thinking and it has to stop. To know that most our blood lines have ancestors that were slaves, to think about what they had to suffer, and to know they were called that name as sign of not being human should be more than a reason to stop using that word in everyday conversation. So lets clean our house first before cleaning Paula Deans. My Pastor L. Smith has a saying that goes like this. "What makes your dirt cleaner than my dirt". Think about it people!
I happened to stumble on to a comedian on Showtime at 2:30 this morning and watched for about 5 minutes before all the profanity made me want to turn the TV off. Then he said the word " *** ( referring to his own race ) and I continued to watch the rest being so intrigued of a African American comedian using this word 16 times in his act and the crowd rolling in the floor... so soon after Paula Dean was crucified for her comments about the same. This must be a mistake I thought to myself? During World War II African American Flyers ( Tuskegee Airmen ) were asked what they preferred to be called, colored or *** and they said *** . We seem to have a new racism in America folks. God forgive me if I call you a " *** and you get offended and I lose my rights to do business with Target or Wall-Mart or Disney or the rest of the hypocritical entitled people in this country who are self- righteous!
Look i forgive Paula Dean. I will still eat at her restaurant but you whites that say you still support her without even amitting she was wrong at one time for her comments or actions but be the same one who hated Michael Vick for fighting pit pulls and killing them wanted him to go to prison you saying a lot about your intellectual reasoning between humans and animals. But blacks need to stop allowing racism to get to them so much we haven't way easier then our ancestors. You whites that support George Zimmerman for killing that teenage boy need to put yourself in the shoes of travon martain parents. Zimmerman should do time just because he disobeyed the dispacher orders and kept following the child knowing he had the upper hand over the kid because he has a gun on him. If you follow me around i ask you also do you have a problem too.
Sunday Mornin' Hope : Knock Knock Riding my wing back from Marquette Michigan to Fort Smith, Arkansas is a trip I prefer to do in three sections. Yesterday on my second day of travel I stopped in Spfld, IL at a McDonalds for a quick stop. While in the bathroom I heard a light tapping on the stall door. Here's part of our conversation: (he was a little boy appx 6 yrs) "I'll be right out." "okay" "Are you ok?" "Yeah, but I gotta poop." "Give me 39 seconds, ok?" "I went to the fireworks last night. Are you coming tonight?" "No I'm just passing through. It's all yours." "Ok Thanks." I loved the attitude of that boy. Honest and open, those were the days. Now we have to be so careful not to offend and be PC. Paula Dean got hung for something she said in passing. After being 'let go' from her tv show, her books began selling like crazy. I think she'll be back on another network very soon and make more money. People say things wrong all the time, right? Matthew 22:15-22 15 That's when the Pharisees plotted a way ...
can anyone explain why Paula Dean has to be ripped apart but Alec Baldwin does not
Sorry, but I just want to say that I'm not on board with the "boot Alec Baldwin" campaign OR "cut Paula Dean". I don't agree with these organized efforts to crucify people for their verbal expressions. Free speech protects ugly speech! The hyper-sensitivity in this country is on out of control and will destroy basic freedoms and liberties, if we do not stop this nonsense!!! MOVE ON!
DON"T HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING FOR ANY APOLOGIES FROM ME Can someone please explain why so many of us who offend someone who feels the need to define themselves by their skin color always feel the need to run out scanning the globe apologizing " Paula Dean' Yes they come out and cry plead it is outright embarrassing. Why is it so many of us labeled as white Americans when we even come close to speaking on an issue that some might feel offended by always start out by saying things like " I am not a racist but ". then they very carefully continue. Has anyone ever heard The Reverend Al Sharpton apologize ? Jessee Jackson, Shelia Jackson Lee, Jay Z ? Chris Brown, Any apology from the likes of Van Jones and the large percentage of DemoRats that continually use race to divide our country every election. Funny I never hear from the likes of them before one of their rants "I am not a racist but" . And need I remind you that many of those that always whine the loudest called us Republicans what ? That's right Raci ...
Hey America *** up you've been played. Paula Dean was being extorted she had gone to FBI ,the N word was used after she was robbed ,the use at work? Made up by a franchise owner fired who was piling on .Do you remember when she said she knew it was going to be hardand more was going to come out? Well she was working with the FBI. he was arrested last night. Why isn't this getting play ? Why ? Why? Why? Why is David Letterman still on NBC when he was exposed for his taking advantage of younger interns another man's wife because he went to FBI rather than pay ? What is difference ? Oh that's right David Letterman's accuser was telling truth Paula Dean's was making it up. The ONLY honest respectable person in this whole mess was wait for it "JESSE JACKSON" He said that she should be forgiven,was wrong to punish her this way in the BEGINNING. Is it because Letterman is man? Obama supporter ? Why isn't EVERY AMERICAN women BLACK and White DEMANDING DEAN be restored? Jealousy? I can't figure it out and why ...
I wish people would stop sending me "Support Paula Dean" website links. I wish people would stop sending me links to "Pro George Zimmerman" websites. Yes.. I am a white guy but.. (a) - I had never heard of Paula Dean before all this came up.. (b) - I don't need a cookbook. If I did, it would be based on stuff I wanted to cook. I get the idea that I'm supposed to support the white race.. All that stuff is and has been over for decades people.. Get over it.. She is a public figure by her choice.. She marketed herself.. If some people don't like her, they can boycott the product.. that's the free market.. As far as Zimmerman goes, The guy had a concealed and carry permit.. He was armed.. He had a DUTY and a RESPONOBILITY to keep out of situations that might cause his fire arm to be in play. YES.. IF HE WAS ATTACKED BY SOMEONE WHILE MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS.. he could shoot but... HE CHASED A TEENAGER DOWN THE STREET AGAINST THE ADVISE OF THE POLICE!! Even if you believe Zimmerman's own story, he chas ...
Charlie Daniels weighs in on the Paula Dean "controversy". He has a very valid point... "Do the twenty-year-old words of a lady with a television cooking show trump the lie an Attorney General told Congress, or officials at the IRS usurping the rights of the American public and pleading the fifth amendment when confronted about it or the hiding of the facts surrounding the murder of four Americans at a Consulate in Libya or the incredibly shabby image of a president taking a one hundred million dollar vacation in this economy while closing down tours of the White House or the NSA invasion on the privacy of millions of unsuspecting citizens? I think not, and yet these and other stories of the utmost importance were either ignored or given a back seat to the Paula Deen story which, when taken in context with the high level scandals, Putin’s snubbing of an American president, the potentially explosive situations in so much of the world the story was certainly not newsworthy enough to be featured five night ...
Paula Dean is crucified for something she said 25 years ago and Alec Baldwin is forgiven a day after homophobic slurs. Way…
Now i cant watch Paula Dean on Food Network:/
dear Capital One please explain to me how Paula Dean can suffer such back lash from something said 30 years ago and yet Alec Baldwin can spew such hatred even toward his own child and still you have him as a spokesman for your credit card co. and bank. is it because he's liberal and thats what's expected of him. just sayin'.
Donald Trump apparently feels that the only way to succeed in business is to lie. That's what he proposed in the interview on Entertainment Tonite on July 5th. Stating the reason Paula Dean is in the predicament she is in, is because she refused to lie. The manner in which he stated it clearly said. If she had lied, she'd not have lost the business deals that she has. I find it appalling that someone who people do look up to in the business world espouses that to "make it" you need to lie. Just toss out ethics and scruples. Thanks Donald for that great piece of advice
On Entertainment Tonight Donald Trump made this comment about Paula Dean."If she would have lied then she wouldn't be in all this trouble she's in now, so she'll just have to do her best to start all over again." What does that teach us people.!
Here is my thought today. Though I do not agree with what Paula Dean said. It was 30 years ago. I find it hard to believe that any of us haven't said something we regret now, much less 30 years ago. Then I got to thinking about it. MS. Perfect, Martha Stewart, who was on House Arrest, barely got a slap on the wrist from her business partners, ect. still going strong, people are even trying to find her dates...I truly believe that Paula was set up and there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. I believe that has ruined the life and career of a successful woman. I think there have been plenty of people who have said or supported negative or racial comments that have not been beheaded in the publics eye. I don't get involved in controversial issues often, and I don't agree with the negative language but I think this has been taken to a level or complete and total ignorance
What is with Paula Dean? Is she brain-dead? At first I felt sorry for her but after reading exerpts from a radio interview she did on Atlanta radio station WTMI, just yesterday, with morning host Dave Garver, I think she is demented! She claims all her troubles are because "greedy Jew executives at the Food Network dropped her cause Jews haveno loyalty. She also said that the other companies who dropped her, like Target, WalMart, Novo Nordisk, Ceasars Entertainment, Smithfield Foods all have one thing in common.they are run by Jews. She said even her accountant isn't a Jew. She also went on to say that she prefers Orientals over Jews and that Jews have it in for southern/white/Baptists. She was on a roll for sure! This woman in totally NUTS! Oh yeah, after this interview her publicist and Paula "parted ways".wonder if the publicist was Jewish??
We will be BOYCOTTING: Smithfield, Caesaro Enterainment, Walmart, QVC, Target, Food Network, Novo Nordisk and Home Depot and any other Company that did away with Paula Dean.
I like Paula Dean,,, still,,, yeah I said it... we all are a little ractist now and then ... she just got caught...
I know it's been talked to death, but what's happen to Paula Dean is the worst injustice I've seen in 40 years!
Had an interesting time yesterday. Went to our usual 4th party, but this yr seems they have a new neighbor. The house had a large party of African Ams, and they felt compelled to have huge box speakers to force the whole neighborhood to listen to the gangster rap music.if you call it music!! Very soon our party picked up on the lyrics in the rap, which often used violence toward cops, all forms of sex, and of course the famous "N" word. This was a party of about 75 people with children of all ages!! It was not long before our party was moved indoors and the conversations were including the Paula Dean situation. This really fuels the opinions that white people have over the double standards between the 2 races!
I bet all Paula Dean did for the 4th was watch Django Unchained.
Clearly the people persecuting Paula Dean have never seen Django Unchained.
Just reading the complaint against Paula Dean with my sister. If you read it and her deposition, you will get the whole scope of the story. If the accusations are accurate, her brother is an A slime-ball. I feel less bad about the lack of endorsements.
With all these fire works and gun shots I can't hear Paula Dean say anything let alone the N word
Paula Dean has been crucified, when others like Alex Baldwin have such ugly mouths and back in the day when Paula used the word, every one did. Let's fight for Paula.
So how come Paula Dean loses her job and endorsements, but Queen Latifa gets a new tv show that is being carried on all networks Dont get me wrong i think she'll be great host & has done great at hosting shows before and has a great voice,and this just one song from a long time ago. but still...
Well here it is, another Independence Day! This morning I've been pondering the Paula Dean situation and all the hypocritical hype surrounding it all. I suppose I should be thankful for the "immediate information age" but something is terribly amiss when an honest person is tried in public and condemmed (and ruined) by the press. I'm not a Paula Dean fan or anything like that. Didn't watch her show. But apparently she told the truth when asked if in the past she had used the "N word". I'd say anyone who grewup in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's or earlier (regardless of race) (North or South) are guilty of using a racial slur at sometime. Our current rap artists and comedians use it all the time. No outrage about that. Hypocricy! I'm am more outraged at the Supreme Court striking down the Voting Rights Act of the 60's. Many good people of all races fought and died for that bill and that right. That action dishonors those peoples good fight. Have we become so naive that we believe all racisim if over. We as a p ...
And I am going to use a Paula Dean pound cake recipe too.
One last thing...if Paula Dean got fired, what tree should we attach Alec Baldwin to?
I been thinking about something. Paula Dean is being shunned out for saying *** 30 years ago. If this is such a big deal then how come we still honor people (some presidents) that actually owned blacks as slaves? Maybe it's just me, but I feel saying *** is far less racist than actually owning a slave. Maybe someone out there can help me understand that.
Happy Independence Day to everyone! I know the weather has put a damper on everyone's plans but as we sit inside please take time to reflect and educate our kids on this important holiday. 237 years ago the Founding Fathers of this country were willing to DIE for being over taxed. They not only had jobs but also had to farm to provide for their families and still found time to organize and overthrow arguably the strongest world leader of the time. We (me included) as citizens have gotten lazy and complacent with our political leaders. So lazy that we will not make time to vote because we don't think it will matter. It is time we earn back some of our rights to be Patriots! We need to hold our "leaders" more accountable. Take an active role and help some of these grass roots organizations that support the Constitution. We are still a Democracy and if we as citizens can get past Paula Dean, Lil Wayne, And all the other garbage that distracts us daily we would be able to see the ride we are being taken for. ...
I am so sick of this Paula Dean mess. There isn't one person in this world that hasn't said something they shouldn't have said at some point in their lives. I'd love to have a look at some of these executives lives that are making these decisions. I'm sure they have a few skeletons in their closets too. And no I don't condone racism or hatefulness, but that isn't her NOW.
*** it man Paula Dean said *** Wow and the black man takes offense. Really your hip hop, spit in your hand, pants down music, if that is what you call it is filled with lyrics disrespecting your own race, women and society. *** please get a grip on your own life, pull your big girl panties up, respect yourself before you demand respect!
Ok...Fb the Paula Dean story has My Eyeballs bout to explode an Pop at the same time...truth be told Paula is not the only "white lady who has used and is still using the N word she just admitted it..the same folk that has pulled Paula's can goods..chicken an other endorsements *** they using the N word too..Black people its our faults(meto) ..cause we use it daily..also Black folk we use white trash..the C word..Just as guilty we all wrong..If we as People make a change..then we will have change.Dont judge Paula we all guilty.
Save your comments . My rant tonight about Obama is just the tip of how I feel about this sell out of a man. Comment on something that is far mare important than the problems this country faces. With millions of unemployed . Or the OMG, Paula dean scandal. That's so important. We need to know all we can about Paula dean. She should be top news story of the day. Never mind the real issues in this country. I don't give a nickel for Paula Dean or her choice of words. It avoids the news of our world. It takes attention away from the serious issues this country faces. But yet all I see is post asking if Paula dean should be forgiven. Is this a real concern ? Why aren't posts asking if we need to bring our troops home or supply them with the best weapons to fight . Hit like if Paula needs to be forgiven. Give me break. Insulting to any American . Would you rather hit like to say Paula should be forgiven. Or hit like if you think Obama is pissing away one hundred million dollars of tax payer money. So he and the ...
Paula Deen A Racist? *** Please!Posted on July 4, 2013 by Graig AgopAfter celebrating a surprising 40-pound weight loss and the start of a healthier life, a time of darkness has crept upon The Paula Deen Empire. Who would have thought we would live to see the day where Paula Dean did not want pork...
Anybody every hear the Bob Dylan song, "Hurricane"? Why is he not being chastized like Paula Dean?
Our Human Side We’d Like to Ignore By Shelli Stanger Nelson I’m watching the news this week, which is once again billowing with dirty laundry, especially that of Food Network chef, Paula Dean. In spite of what you might think about her recipes and food choices, I’m here to hold up a huge stop-sign in one hand and a mirror in the other. Despite media and general public opinion wishing to paint Ms. Dean as somehow so different than everyone who watches her show or buys her products, her past indiscretions, or even her current ones, are simply one part of the human experience, which is all expressed in and through the Human Bio-energy System (HBS). What we are witnessing here in Paula Dean’s unfortunate, public humiliation is her admission to the dark side of what it means to be human. In working with the evolution of consciousness, this is something we all must do, only most of us have the luxury of doing it in the privacy of our bedroom, journal or bio-energy healer or therapist’s office. I heard ...
Paula Dean: To all who have been following her crucification. I must way in with my two cents. This women did do wrong by saying the N word, but CORPORATE American and people in general have gone to far. GIn this day and age where other celebrities have said stupid things. Lets list a few: Alec Baldwin comments about *** people. Michael Richards saying the N word. Kanye West saying on MTV that George Bush hates black people. Charlie Sheen, to many stupid things he has done. John Wayne was quoted as saying, “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t feel guilty about the fact that five or ten generations ago these people were slaves”, in a 1971 interview with Playboy magazine. These are just to a few who have faltered and received less punishment than Paula Dean. Have society become so pollitIcally correct that they we think that we are not falable. The woman has sincerely apologized publicly it it is time to forgive. You do not have to forget. . ...
Paula Dean says she wants slaves... A lot of White people give her a pass, Zimmerman shoots trayvon a lot of white people give him a pass too. Alec Baldwin called *** people queens a lot of white people are outraged... So it seems they can see injustice but only if the victim is anything other than black. Smh.
I don't agree with what Paula Dean said but I thought America's first amendment says freedom of speech and for her one slip of the tongue her whole life is shot I guess Food Network , Sears and all the others do not believe in our Constitution
So since it is the day before Independence Day. I find it very appropriate to make such an offensive statement to "Today's Americans". I've have never since I've been alive and through all the American History I have studied seen such a joke of people who call themselves Americans. We as a nation are debating people, "northwest", Same sex marriage, and Paula Dean. Who cares. We hate each other because of the biggest non sense. This is why we are failing as a nation. Because the people are not willing the find solutions to fix our society. It starts with our behavior. It start with worrying about ourselves rather then Carlos and Steve getting married G-d forbid. It starts with finding a job rather then blaming immigrants from taking the crap jobs you could care less about. It starts with educating our children rather then telling them how Paula Dean is a racist. Every single individual is responsible for their children. Not their schools and not the TV. If you care about the future of this cou ...
it is just as predigest calling people Rednecks or Hillbillies as what Paula Dean or Alex Baldwin said! Grow up America!
My thought for today-Wal-Mart dumps Paula Dean for using the "n-word",though the company sells rap albums that belittle women and sing about killing cops.Meanwhile,TV stations still produce garbage about the Kardashians,teen moms,and the housewives of wherever. But we can be secure that Paula Dean has been run out of town,and we will not have to worry about her.
Paula Dean, white conservative says N word, *** and *** = life crumbles. Alec Baldwin, white liberal, bashes homosexuals = nothing.
In short: A racist is a person who believes that their race is better than another race. Being prejudice means you form an adverse opinion about something or someone without basic knowledge or fact. We are ALL prejudice about something or someone. See, what I just did right there is called a generalization. I generalized the entire human race into one sentence based on my observations of those I have known in in my life. All nerds love computers. All geeks do not have sex. All blacks love to get loud and argue. All whites are European. All Mexicans love to work. All Asians love to do Kung Fu. These are generalizations based on a prejudiced opinion made by a typical racist mentality. So, think about this when you are crucifying Paula Dean on the Jesus cross. Incidentally, I find her to be annoying, loud and obnoxious just like black peo.oh, no i didn't. Shoot. I think I'm racist. I need to consult my black friends again. I hope there are enough cookies for me. Have you learned anything yet? ;) Beer and 40' ...
Alec Baldwin bashes *** and still has a job. Paula Dean said the n word 30years ago and looses her job. Doesn't make since to me!
I am quite disturbed and confused on how all of YOU WOMEN are so upset with Paula Dean, although rightfully so, but you show no concern to any of these rappers that totally DEGRADE WOMEN. Are you all hypocrites, are you all racists too, or are you all just too stupid to know any better? Hopefully it's none of the above and you take half the action you've take toward Paula Dean. I'm just saying. I'm sure most of you will continue to listen and support these *** as you shake your *** in the clubs this week. Don't be mad at me for calling you out!!!
I am so sick of people shoving their religion down my throat... I don't go around knocking on doors, telling people there isn't a God (this would prob. get me arrested) so don't go knocking on mine to tell me about your God (which is perfectly legal) I am so sick about the George Zimmerman trial... it was a tragedy for sure, and I feel sympathy for Travon Martin and his family... but the only ones that should be involved in seeing the trial are family and friends of the victim and the accused... I didn't know any of these people therefore I don't wanna hear about it... things like this happen all the time, all across the country... why is this time so special? I'm so sick about hearing bout Paula Dean and Aaron Hernandez being dropped from companies/teams... before they are even found guilty for the charges brought upon them... what ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Guess that's not an American right anymore. I am so sick of the debate about the "N" word & the "C" word... both are derogator ...
People are just taking this Paula Dean thing too seriously I mean come one people it was 27 years ago ... Did Wal-Mart really stop carrying her line fo real!! ok that's so stupid well in that case maybe they should remove everything that has vulgar language on it or in it . She is only human what about all the rappers that talk about white people hm. I sense a little discrimination people... If I wanna say something Im gonna say it... *** s like pie , Yall *** want some! Ill share wit all you *** s!!!
Dilute and story of America. Here is the Charlie Danials band comments on Paula Dean: "I think that if anything exemplifies the overt prejudice and determination of the American media to report only the news that suits their social and political interests and concept of what does and does not fit their agenda, it’s the totally overblown coverage of something Paula Deen said 20 years ago, and some party she planned that she wanted to resemble a plantation scene featuring black male waiters in period dress." Of course she specifically said she wanted "slaves" in her "party". But this is why psychologists and psychiatrists have pictures they show people and ask what it represents. You can put any facade on you want during your life but your true personality will ALWAYS show through in your regular actions. I went to a play the other day that was about the Salem Witch Trials. It made me think of a wonderful party game. We could take unmarried *** with illegitimate kids and burn th ...
Mark Furman falsely claimed he had never said the "N" word, Paula Dean honestly she said she had, Hmmm- Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Ugh. Every time someone says something stupid (Paula Dean, Big Brother house guest), people always scream freedom of speech. People, read your Constitution. Learn your *** history!
Tonight I'm going to eat a chick Fil a sandwich, infront of *** Barrel reading a Paula Dean cookbook, watching a Alec Baldwin movie, smoking a cigarette, thanking god I live in a free country!
lol Everybody chill bout the Paula Dean thing. Yall weren't talking bout this woman till this happen so stop acting like you really care lol. Now if she is fired just because of her saying that word 30 years ago then thats wrong and uncalled for, but the most magical thing about the media is that they dont always tell the full truth on alot of im not saying this is exact but its possible she could've gotten fired for more or was already on her way out the door. I'm just saying think outside the box guys, cuz not everything out there is spelled out in truth.
Sorry but as Im sitting here watching tv I would rather watch Paula Dean then the Barefoot Contessa .. Booo.
So while I am not admitting what Paula Dean said was right, it WAS 25 YEARS AGO PEOPLE! The court of public opinion have made sure that her career will probably be destroyed. However, Michael Richards remains almost unscathed after his rant in 2006. Martha Stewart is still just as rich after going to jail for a year for insider trading! A lot of you need to get a life and get over it for God's sake. Again 25 YEARS AGO! *** that is more than half my age!
Big Brother sponsors to boycott: Pizza Hut, Advil, Macys, Friskies,, pistachios, 20th Century Studios (The Heat), CBS, Prius (Toyota), Outback Steakhouse, Dulcolax, Kraft, Sears, McDonalds, Warner Brothers Pictures, Sprint, Beauty Rest Mattress, Wendy's, Crest Toothpaste, Six Flags, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Verizon, Kia, Zantac, Netflix, Honda, Subway, Sierra Mist. The preceding all are sponsors of Big Brother TV Show and, unless they pull their sponsorship immediately, one can only assume that they also sponsor racism. If it was fair for Paula Dean, then it is fair for Big Brother and Julie Chen (who is married to one of the executives of the network, I believe).
Baking and cooking today. I could be the next Paula Dean. You know, since her career is ruined and whatnot.
Someone please explain how this makes sense: Paula Dean is under a character assignation because of her past use of the “N-word. Although taboo, this word was commonly used by many in the southern culture. In contrast, presently in the state of Tennessee there is a state park named in honor of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Who is he? Nathan Bedford Forrest was a brilliant confederate officer, who also was instrumental in the formation of the “KKK”. And yet his memory is honored by a State within the United States of America. Somehow his past transgressions against the black race have been cleared or forgotten by some Americans. Don’t misunderstand me; the use of the “N-word” should not be part of our daily jargon. But, the former sponsors of Paul Dean and family should be aware of the reality that Paula Dean is not a racist. Paul Dean and family are fine upstanding, honest citizens and entrepreneurs. They deserve to be treated better than the founder of the “KKK”.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Alec Baldwin does the same thing and just gets a pass. I think Paula Dean should go into acting. No one there would have ever known about what she said then.
Explain to me how Alex Baldwin gets a pass for his terrible words, without any show of remorse, and Paula Dean's apology is thrown back in her face and not accepted?
Day 9: Still in a hotel room with my family. My once kind and loving wife is slowly morphng into a Succubus and I fear her hunger for my soul grows intense. My second born son, Kaden, has deformed horribly in to half human half xBox creature, who no longer reaches for his fathers love with hands, but controllers. His beautiful eyes have joined and are now one cycloptic portal that lends to his tunnel vision. The fact that he can no longer hit the urinal with accuracy has not escaped me as I write from a horizontal position from what surely feels like a broken tail bone, subsequent of the most recent slip and fall. The morning fare never changes, and though I am lucid, I would swear the Paula Dean sausage I am subjected to daily, squeaks out the word *** with each regrettable bite. The powdered eggs have fully taken control of my gastrointestinal organs producing what one could only assume to be chemical warfare as I find satisfaction in releasing my deadly gas during my elevator trip to the fourth an ...
For those who feel sorry for Paula Dean losing all of her endorsements because of her use of the N-word, I ask Is she special ? May I remind you Tiger Woods lost his major endorsements because of a domestic scabble with his wife which was none of our business. Colby Bryant lost his shoe endoresments when he was accused of rape which was incidently was unfounded, Marion Jones lost her Olympic medals and endorsements for steriod use and was sent to prison. And Ms.Dean should get a pass ! Why is it when you use derogatory words against African Americans were being too senitive but when derogatory terms are used towards Jewish people it's considered anti-Semitism Why is that? And don't tell me young black people use it, yes they do, and I don't condone that either I cringe when I hear it used by them, same goes for the B-word or H-words used by them to describe our women, And I'm trying to change that mind set. End of story.
It is with much regret i have to make the following announcement...After careful review of the outrageous, offensive revelations of the past few weeks, I too will now cut all ties with Paula Dean...I can no longer in good conscience continue to not really know who she is or not be aware of what she does for a living ( from what i understand she cooks healthy meals using only ingredients that are good for you and she apparently plans wonderful, charming old fashioned southern styled weddings)...I know it may look like I am piling on and kicking someone when they are down but when I saw the announcement that Type 2 Diabetes was distancing itself from Ms Dean i knew I could no longer risk being even remotely associated with her ( I'm not talking about an organization that fights diabetes...I mean Type 2 Diabetes the actual disease itself doesn't want to have anything to do with her for fear of ruining its good name) although it is true i am ending my past non affiliations with Paula Dean I want it made ...
This morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show Sheryl Underwood did the TOP 5 THINGS WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR AT THE 4TH OF JULY BAR-B-Q: What do u mean there's tofu in the potato salad? We ain't free (I forget) Paula Dean reneged in the spades game Ain't no mo barbeque LOL I could add to this list but what are some things YOU don't want to hear this holiday?
I have decided that I am going to Walmart and loading my cart with thousands of dollars of items including higher end items then going to the manager and asking them for Paula Dean's book. When they tell me they no longer carry it, I will ask them if they also removed all the CD's where they say that same word over and over. When they let me know they haven't, (because they haven't) then I will let them know that they are racist against white Americans and that they just lost my large sale and I will leave.
Sitting here in Salem, Massachusetts the home of the famous witch trials and public witch hangings I'm reminded how much I dislike those things. "Those things" include the public ridicule of Paula Dean and the non-stop critisizm, on FOX, of President Obama. Why are public lynchings so in vogue? Who really enjoys them? Someone must because they keep happening.
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