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Paula Broadwell

Paula Dean Kranz Broadwell (born November 9, 1972 ) is an American writer and researcher. She is the co-author with Vernon Loeb of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, a biography and profile of then International Security Assistance Force commander David Petraeus.

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I am stating that Paula Broadwell is a high ranking US Military Officer and covert asset of the FBI
Paula Broadwell Petraeus's mistress was recorded in a public speech that there was a CIA prison in…
. Paula Broadwell, HUH? She's tainted by Gen'l Petraeus' treason scandal! Better choice would be Kirsten Gillibrand. Shame on you.
What a double standard. Petraeus gets attention and forgiveness and gets treated as a "mistress". .
I introduced myself to then-Lieutenant General Petraeus and told hi...
You have to read the UK papers to see this kind of stuff. I certainly didn't notice it in the NYT or the WaPo.
Standing up for and the road ahead.
FBI report: Gen. Mattis received anonymous email from Paula Broadwell warning him to stay away from Jill Kelley.
Petraeus, and the double standard on sex and power. Peggy Drexler: The affair between Paula Broadwell and David
Courageous interview in which reclaims her narrative. Well done, Paula. .
Norah should talk w.someone I dated in '82. She'd hear I'm also "unequally qualified to serve in many positions."
Petraeus's mistress says he's "unequally qualified" to serve in cabinet despite leaking classified info
Paula Broadwell says the military will let David Petraeus move on, but not her:
What she did was wrong. What he did was worse. He was considered for Secretary of State. She can't get job at bank.
News: Paula Broadwell points to double standard in potential Petraeus Cabinet spot
I was driven when I was younger. Driven at West Point where it wa...
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Paula Broadwell, who got classified information from David Petraeus, is .. Related Articles:
Yes, I wear a number of hats. But my most important title is mo...
Paula Broadwell says she's glad David Petraeus, on list for Cabinet job, can go on w/ his life but she can't do same https:…
Do you agree with these punishments .
Paula Broadwell on why she's been silent since Petraeus affair – until now
Paula Broadwell speaks out about sexist double standard between her and David Petraeus
Paula Broadwell is right. Petraeus doesn’t get reduced to one word, but she’s just a “mistress”
Paula Broadwell, who got classified information from Petraeus, shocked he’s under consideration 4 sec. of state -
Discovery of the emails from Paula Broadwell led to the downfall of then-CIA director David Petraeus.
I will only watch the Army-Navy game if Fat Leonard & Paula Broadwell jointly headline the halftime show.
While I don't disagree, her timing interesting It's a 'shocker' that Petraeus is considered for Trump administration
Claiming back an online - David Petraeus, Ivanka Trump, Media Bias,
Paula Broadwell is shocked that David Petraeus is under consideration for secretary of state. Should she be?
Paula Broadwell: It was a "bit of a shock" to hear Petraeus is being considered for Cabinet
Paula Broadwell breaks her silence 5 years after the Petraeus affair
Paula Broadwell was military & knew she & Petraeus had rejected military code.
Paula Broadwell is no victim , she ran to media to sell books. We have bigger issues to pay attention to
Even when you've made mistakes in life, you can still contribute and pick up the stuff and
How much was revealed by Petraeus who only shared with Lt. Col Paula Broadwell. A West Pointer?
Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus and the Afterlife of a Scandal
He was charged for willingly sharing with Paula Broadwell. Who was a US Army Lt Col and West Pointer.
along with the mishandling of Miss Paula Broadwell. 🤔 everyone EXCEPT the Clintons and Obummer get charged for it.
New post: ". 'I screwed up really badly': Paula Broadwell opens up about her affair with former CIA director Gener…
Paula Broadwell admits she screwed up. "But how long does a person pay for their mistake?”
Paula Broadwell tells about price paid for affair with General Petraeus, trying to end label
. Why were you blocked by Paula Broadwell?
Raising healthy, sound miracles on 47th Streets takes more than Clintons, like Paula Broadwell, getting a kick out of razing villages.
Clintons, like Paula Broadwell, get a kick out of razing villages, in US & abroad, that corporate colonels replace with peachy plantations.
Paula Broadwell in a speech let it slip that that CIA Annex in Benghazi was a Black Site, didn't she? You people are too much.
Changing the Perceptions of Women in the Media - by Paula Broadwell
Petraeus merely shared his calendar with Paula broadwell.
Fitz is such a teenage boy. This is highkey David Petraeus - Paula Broadwell shade.
- Retired Gen. David Petraeus admitted leaking classified information to his mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell. - no thx
Petraeus and Paula Broadwell betrayed US - no jail time, kept pensions.
Paula Broadwell not under investigation for receiving highly classified info from Gen. Petraeus
Army: No active investigation into actions of Paula Broadwell
Paula Broadwell former lover & biographer of General David Petraeus will not be prosecuted for accepting highly classified military secrets.
it worked for Paula Broadwell. Why not him?
Army: No active investigation into Paula Broadwell Mishandling CLAS & adultery used to be a big deal even for USAR.
FBI agent testifies in Paula Broadwell cyberstalking case - Conservative Byte
mistress Paula Broadwell will not face investigation, criminal charges
Army: No active investigation into actions of Petraeus mistress, Paula Broadwell. . RIP Military Code of Ethics.
Army: No investigation of Petraeus' ex-lover: Paula Broadwell, the former biographer who had an affair with an...
Army: No investigation of Petraeus' ex-lover/ths is how game is played/she was a setup4 extorting PETRAEUS/findout Y
Patraeus provided classified documents to his mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell.
Not to mention Obama was upset that Patraeus had to resign as CIA head because of his affair with Paula Broadwell.
Just fyi, why he was retired. Timeline: The David Petraeus scandal via
Unless that something was "I've been shtupping Paula Broadwell."
Petreus too? I thought he was ousted because of this small thing (
I don't think Petreaus left government because he and Obama clashed. I think it had to do with Paula Broadwell
Is this the Warrior Class Fiorina is talking about? Timeline: The David Petraeus scandal
Totally cool with blaming all of this on Paula Broadwell.
"If you want things done, ask a woman"-Paula Broadwell
Hey, I think this is why Petraeus retired (not because he talked back to Obama):
Fiorina "Bring back the warrior class", like Petraeus. Um, dunno if he exactly got forced out for truth telling:
we don't know each other, but if you are blocked by Paula Broadwell, you are good in my book 😉
Petraeus is an agent with Paula Broadwell as his handler
The retired U.S. general apologizes for sharing classified information with his biographer and ex-mistress, Paula Broadwell.
And Paula Broadwell worked for Bush. Wrote keynotes for anti-terror policy. Broadwell had top security clearance.
Petraeus: My bad for the whole Paula Broadwell thing. Also, step up your game on please. - via
Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus apologized again for sharing classified information with his mistress, Paula Broadwell, NBC News
What does Paula Broadwell think, Patraeus, have you discussed it with her yet?
Paula Broadwell will never, ever, live this down.
David apologizes 'to American people' for affair with
Yes, but what does Paula Broadwell say❓🙊
this one was invented by General Petraus and Paula Broadwell
Somebody needs to vet this picture. It looks cut and paste.
General Petraeus apologized to Congress for giving classified info to writer/lover Paula Broadwell. Also, Edward Snowden is still in Russia.
Former CIA David Petraeus apologized for giving classified information to his biographer-turned-mistress
David Petraeus apologizes 'to American people' for affair with Paula Broadwell
General John Amos and General John Mattis, and General John Conway, they might have caught Paula Broadwell lying!
Robert Mueller, was investigating Paula Broadwell, email server! She got access to a computer in Afghanistan link to a office!
Sean Smith, testimony, what was Robert Mueller server, and Paula Broadwell, all in!
People are searching for: paula broadwell - - March 4th 2015
David Petraeus pleads guilty for passing classified 'black books' to lover.
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Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Department to Paula Broadwell
So Gen. Petraeus gets no prison time for handing over classified info to a lover. Meanwhile, Manning and Snowden...
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Paula Broadwell
Does his mistress know CIA secrets? Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept.
Prosecuting Broadwell could be a difficult task: Paula Broadwell of Charlotte wrote the David Petraeus biograp...
Paula Broadwell was MAJ Broadwell when it suited her and "Paula" when it did not. Either way she was bound by the law too
In the aftermath of the scandal, Paula Broadwell gives new meaning to the term "embedded in his unit."
Our story tonite: Petraeus plea deal re: mishandling classified docs given to Paula Broadwell
reaches plea deal.. W😳W. was justified. email storage too?.
Nice going, David Petraeus.way to destroy your military career, just to jump Paula Broadwell's panties.
Paula Broadwell holds the rank of Major in the Army Reserve. Is there a reason why you omit that in your broadcast?
Can't Paula Broadwell be charged for stalking rivals for the general's affections? Still married?
Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept. via An example of someone up so high the…
Former CIA director David Petraeus reached a plea deal with the Justice Department.
MORE: David Petraeus guilty plea to come after former mistress Paula Broadwell told feds he mishandled information: http:/…
NATION: Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept.
Ex-CIA director Petraeus "unlawfully and knowingly'' removed and retained classified materials, court papers allege:
What if Paula Broadwell was a double agent for Iran or Russia or Saudi Arabia? A $40,000 fine?
Paula Broadwell, the world's most expensive piece of Fish.
If Petraeus was Hillary or Obama, this whole thing would have been swept under the rug. Paula Broadwell had clearance-no snd
Petraeus avoids prison after leaking classified info to his lover, but Snowden is a traitor for revealing NSA abuse??
Petraeus case: Sex, lies and little black books via
The Guardian David Petraeus pleas guilt in deal over passing classified 'black books' to lover The Guardian…
New post: "Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept."
Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept.
David Petraeus signs plea deal over giving classified info to Charlotte’s Paula Broadwell
Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept. via Looks like a great love.
Wow. Petraeus pleads guilty to sharing classified information with his lover, Paula Broadwell. More details coming http…
shared classified info in personal 'black books" he kept w Paula Broadwell. Books had info on covert of…
FBI and Justice Department prosecutors are recommending felony charges against retired Gen. David Petraeus, leaving Attorney General Eric Holder to decide whether to proceed with an indictment. Petraeus was under investigation for allegedly providing Paula Broadwell, his former mistress, access to c…
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The FBI and Justice Department prosecutors are recommending that General Petraeus be charged with felonies for classified information that he shared with his mistress, Paula Broadwell, who was writing Petraeus’ biography. Classified emails and documents were found on Ms.Broadwell’s computer...
That's how General David and his girl-friend. biographer Paula Broadwell communicated with each other
General David Petraeus is the most transformative leader the American military has seen since the generation of Marshall. In the New York Times bestseller All In, military expert Paula Broadwell examines Petraeus's career, his intellectual development as a military officer, and his impact on the ...
WHAT DID YOU SAY THOSE RIBBONS ARE FOR, GENERAL? It’s not exactly hot news that a mob of our generals and admirals are getting fired or “retired” prematurely for screwing around with, or beating up on, female subordinates or getting drunk on duty or gambling in Vegas with fake chips or taking unauthorized expensive vacations on our dime or failing to supervise cheating ICBM missilemen or boastfully jerking off after meeting a “hot” Congresswoman or committing serial adultery (a court martial offense) or taking bribes to accommodate Navy no-bid contracts or…have I left out anything? Four-star David Petraeus, the “finest general of our generation”, our point man in Afghanistan and hailed as Republican presidential timber, led the way a couple of years ago when his affair with curvaceous writer Paula Broadwell imploded after she was exposed for stalking a Petraeus family friend. Way to go, “Peaches” (his boyhood nickname). Then the dam broke with what the Washington Post calls “a flood ...
President Barack Obama is remaking the U.S. military to fit his ideals of political correctness, retired Army Gen. Paul Vallely says. Vallely said some top officers have taken the fall. "We had a general relieved in Iraq last year, a little over a year ago, another one in Afghanistan, and then, of course, you saw what Gen. [David] Petraeus went through with his venture with Paula Broadwell," he said. "Some of it is misconduct. But certainly some, if we look at Benghazi, we know some of them have been purged who are not able to speak out on the stand-down order there. So, you've got a situation where they are being purged for a number of different reasons." Read Latest Breaking News from Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!
Gen Petraeus, Jill Kelley, Paula Broadwell could have used amorous email advice from new book INTERNET DATING 101
c. Current Times: 1. The General Petraeus Scandal I. Background Information: He was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011 until he resigned on November 9, 2012. Before he was the Director of the CIA, Petraeus was a highly decorated four-star general, serving over 37 years in the United States Army. II. Public Exposure: Petraeus resigned as CIA director after an FBI investigation revealed he had an extramarital affair. This affair also raised questions about whether his mistress had inappropriate access to highly classified and sensitive information. The FBI found out about the Petraeus affair while it investigated emails that his mistress (Paula Broadwell) supposedly sent to a Petraeus family friend, Jill Kelley. III. Controversy: This affair was controversial because not only was it and extramarital affair, but the FBI believes that Paula Broadwell had access to highly classified information. If this wasn’t already bad enough, the information that Broadwell saw had t .. ...
As ABC News reports, this is an extremely alarming rate and one of the biggest and fastest purges of military personnel ever recorded. It apparently is such a shock at the rate even for a long time veteran of reporting the news as Dianne Sawyer, because at one point she gets heated saying two Commanders of the Nuclear Command. You don’t put people who are not very intelligent and without a squeaky clean record over that area of the Military. It is enough to make the hardest and staunchest of supporters as the ABC news crew to pause and ask themselves, “what step is he planning?”. Updated list This is the list I received in my email this morning. I believe this is completely accurate–if you find an inaccuracy, please post it. Thanks. 1-General David Petraeus 2-Gen. John Allen US commander 3-US Army General Carter Ham 4-Gen. William “Kip” Ward.. 5- Brigadier Gen. Jeffery A Sinclair 6-Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford 7- Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette 8-Navy Cmdr. Joseph Darlak 9- LTC Paula Broadwell ...
WSJ editorial by Jill Kelley of General Petraeus-Paula Broadwell scandal on the US government's electronic overreach -
David Petraeus is joining Harvard Kennedy School, where he met his future mistress Paula Broadwell i.
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