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Paul Wight

Paul Donald Wight (born February 8, 1972) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Big Show.

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Filming by the sea... Great team and wonderful weather on the Isle of Wight!
The last major music festival of the summer gets underway later. Betsival kicks off on the Isle of Wight. ht…
I’ll be pretty disappointed if WWE does Sasha/Charlotte/Bayley at NOC. That’s a Big Show match, not a Paul Wight match.
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For those of you riveted to the England game, Paul and Rita from some golf club in the Isle of Wight, won Four in a Bed 👍🏻🙈
“Ospreys - stopping off on the Isle of Wight before heading south. Paul your shots are superb
When it comes to 32 year old Phil brooks . Paul wight you are the father
Maybe we get three Nash and him hall, Paul wight, Stevie Ray, and xpac are on a nwo pack
Nobody knows...All we know is HE CALLED Paul Randall Wight Jr.
when you coming to the Isle of Wight Paul - you know you want to!!
On this day in 1968 - Arthur Brown, Jefferson Airplane and Fairport Convention all appeared at the first Isle Of Wight Festival…
1969 the Beatles (minus Paul) watch Bob Dylan perform at the Isle of Wight Festival.
Idk but Glen Jacobs and Paul Wight should prolly hang their boots up.
Paul Wight aka The Big Show of WWE fame played basketball for the Wichita State .
Put Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Sullivan and Paul Wight in a room and just have them try to explain it.
Skip Sheffield, Paul Wight, and Isaac Yankem vs Husky Harris and company.
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I can't afford Paul Wight. Are you going for a David Arquette heel motif?
I love the Isle of Wight and we watched falconry and Ru Paul 's drag race, best weekend ever
not going Paul. I have to go to Manchester as my brother is coming from the Isle of Wight! X
This man paul the giant wight are over 450lbs and 7f tall -2,13m.This man are even stronger than everybody in the history of the ring
is victorious over Paul Wight! The leader of the Treasury looked around ringside but did not see Cameron. …
Here are the wrestlers that I found to be impressively tall live and in person:. "Andre's Only Son" Paul Wight. Billy Gunn. Big Cass
I know you are all wondering and yes that IS the legendary Paul neosalvo Salvo mixing our Wight…
Wow! RAPTOR attached to a Tornado can photograph the face of Big Ben whilst flying over Isle of Wight.
then I guess I'll just love Paul Wight.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley and HHH are da samevin kayfabe but Paul Wight and Big Show are different
A previous workmate is looking after a night heron on isle of wight, pretty cool
all I ever hear is paul wight this Paul wight that ...shut up
All you freakinf paul wight fans think you know REAL wrestling just be cause you watched Paul wight in the Indys ! Shut the he'll up ! Jesus
I still call Paul Wight The Giant for his Indy days
"The Big Shot" "Master Wight Race" Paul Showington Wight did the job not only for the fans but for the business.
If you hate Big Show Paul Wight then you hate WRESTLING.
You marks don't understand Paul Wight's contributions to this sport the man is a top tier worker I for one am on the edge of my seat 4 this
Of course being in Japan he would have to use his real name, so his new name would be The Strong Shooter "Big" Paul "Wrestler" Wight.
I can't wait to see Joe Anoa'i Vs. Paul Wight! This should be a fresh and original match we've never seen before! :D
naw. Before that. When he was just Paul Wight.
is no way better then Andre The Giant! The Giant was and always will be a wanna be recreation from WCW, Paul Wight is a phony
Paul Wight is the greatest giant of all time.
Wow. This is a new low even for the Tories :(
The Rodfather small drainage company on the Isle of Wight
Nash's list of dubious medical problems includes a "heart attack" incurred when he learned he was supposed to do a job f…
I'd be happy with ''Big Nasty'' Paul Wight and ''Big Nasty'' Marcos Rojo controlling the back 4
Prince Harry takes a flight in a Spitfire over the Isle of Wight. (Via
Diving in to the warm tropical seas of the Isle of Wight
Here's the beautiful Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight
"bet you didn't know Seth Rollins when he was Tyler Black" . "oh yeah well you didn't know Big Show when he was Paul Wight!"
Stop acting like you know about Indy wrestling ! I bet you didn't know who the Big Show was when he was Paul Wight
- I think they want independence for the Isle of Wight.
*** straight Bro. You're my black son. Proud to say that. Hope we can stay in touch. Paul Wight for me today. Game time!
Paul Wight. Willing to listen to our offers. Won't sign a Written or Exclusive PPA as it means leaving WWE. What...
Throwback Thursday with a young WCW wrestler named Paul Wight known back then as the giant now known…
and his real name is Paul Wight made his WWF debut at St. Valentine's Day Massacre
How does Paul Wight fit in all this?!
“Good evening from Isle of Wight Lifestyle! good evening
You say "even Show" Paul Wight is one of the best sellers out there, for his size he can put it together well.
His Real Name Is Paul Wight and he is 2.2M tall and weighs 200KG's is a Giant. Happy Birthday Big Man
I think every performer tonight was trying to put everyone to sleep. Minus Kanye, Rihanna and Paul.
Happy Birthday to 7 time World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show (Paul Donald Wight) who turns 43 today.
Happy Birthday I hope to have a nice day with his family, wished him well and enjoy this day. Congratulations Mr. Paul Wight!
I saw Paul McCartney at Isle of Wight festival which was amazing! But I saw Jessie Ware at Brixton recently which was beautiful 😍
Paul Donald Wight aka Big Show, WWE star turns 43 today!
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Stone Cold Steve Austin should not have beaten Vince McMahon that one time as he didn't go over the top, Paul Wight broke the cage.
Paul Wight, The Giant, and Big Show are all on good terms and have agreed never to lift each other
Chris Candido tried to strongly hint that Paul Wight was Andre the Giant's son.
Paul Wight (went to Wichita State University on a basketball scholarship.
Years before he was a two-time WWE Champion, Paul Wight (a/k/a The Big Show) was a reserve center on the Wichita State basketball team, averaging 2.0 points and 2.1 rebounds in 21 games during the 1991-92 season. With the Shockers back in the Sweet 16 for just the second time since the tournament expanded in 1985, I caught up with him to talk about his experience playing basketball, what made college hoops so difficult after he dominated in high school and next week’s return of WrestleMania to the NYC area. What can you tell us about your college basketball career? Big Show: My college experience at Wichita State was definitely a learning curve. I had a great time at Wichita State. It’s a great university. I love the program. I chose Wichita State specifically because they didn’t have a football program. Wichita State was all about basketball and baseball — and we all know I have a strike zone the size of Nebraska so I don’t think I would have made it as a baseball player. The basketball program ...
Weird seeing Paul Wight with long hair back in WCW. Cross between Andre, Bruiser Brody, and an 80's metal band
Today I flied from Dubai to Camp Bastion with Paul Wight called " Big Show" World Championship Wrestling
Raw Episode 5 Results: Match 1: Cody Rhodes Def. Vader via Count Out after Rhodes Speared Vader threw the Barricade at the Count of 4 and then rang into the ring. Match Highlights: Cody Rhodes threw Vader around the Outside and Dominated Him. Match 2: Before the Match: WWE Womens Champion Lita came out at Ring Side to watch the match. Kelly Kelly Def. Beth Phoenix after Kelly Kelly hit a K2 on Phoenix. Match Highlights: Beth dominated Early in the Match. Kelly Kelly hit a Neckbreaker from the Top Turnbuckle on Phoenix. Kelly Kelly rips everything on the Announce Table. Kelly hit a Hurricarana and went for the pin but Phoenix kicked out at 2. Kelly puts Beth on the Announce Table and Kelly hits a Moonsault on Beth threw the Announce Table! Match 3: Hunico and Paul Wight Def. X-Pac and Ted DiBiase after Hunico hit an Arm Drag on X-Pac from the Top Turnbuckle. Match Highlights: Ted DiBiase and Paul Wight start off in the ring. Paul Wight rips the Top of the Announce Table off. DiBiase tags in X-Pac. Paul Wig ...
Big Show For other uses, see The Big Show.Big Show Birth name Paul Randall Wight, Jr. Ring name(s) (The) Big Show[1][2] The Giant[1] Paul Wight[3] Billed height 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)[4] Billed weight 425 lb (193 kg)[4] Born February 8, 1972 (age 41)[1] Aiken, South Carolina[5] Resides Tampa, Florida[1] Billed from Tampa, Florida Trained by Larry Sharpe[1] Jim Duggan[1] Glenn Ruth[6] Debut 1995 Paul Randall Wight, Jr. (born February 8, 1972), better known by his ring name the Big Show, is an American professional wrestler who is signed to WWE. Wight is a seven-time world champion, having won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship twice, the WWF/E Championship twice, the ECW World Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship twice, making him the first and only wrestler ever to hold all four championships. In addition to these championships, he has also won the WWE Intercontinental Championship once, the WWE United States Championship once, and WWE Hardcore Championship three times. Wight is also ...
What if a bunch of WWE wrestlers leave the company and go to TNA? Here are some made up new names for wwe's top guys if they wind up in the impact zone,you can add your ideas in the comments section: John Cena - John Cena/or Prototype (old OVW name) Dolph Ziggler - Nick Nitro Cody Rhodes - Cody Runnels (real name) The Rock - The Stone/The Bull Johnson Curtis Axel - Joe Hennig (real name) Damien Sandow - "The Professor" Aaron Stevens (real name) Big Show - Paul Wight (real name)/Colossus Drew McIntyre - Drew Galloway (real name) R Truth - Ron Killings (real name) Wade Barrett - "Lightning" Stu Sanders (Stu is his real name) CM Punk - Chick Magnet Punk Triple H - Terra Ryzing -GN
Paul Levesque vs Paul Wight with Paul Heyman as guest referee and Paul Bearer as guest dead ring announcer
Will Davey Boy Smith be able to slam the 500-million pound Paul Wight in front of 22-Billion Bulldogamaniacs, Brother?
The crowd boos and hisses as took down Kevin Nash. He'll have his hands full w/Paul Wight at in 2 weeks
This is my friend Alfa's new Official Music Video for "Blue," directed by Paul Wight. For more details, visit the...
OK if Heel Dolph Ziggler *** at wrestling then Paul Wight held on to the WHC longer than 45 before Bryan Danielson cashed in AND Bryan DID NOT lose at WM in 18 seconds or AJ Mendez DID NOT push John Cena off the ladder OR me and JBL are sitting pretty in the White House right now. BOTTOM LINE ZIGGLES DOES NOT SUCK!
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With Shane McMahon barred from the building & Paul Wight being looked at by the trainer, the Corporation were def. by the New Age Outlaws
Credit: Inside The Ropes Radio -- Headbanger Thrasher recently spoke about training the Big Show, getting into the WWE and more. Here are the highlights… Helping train The Big Show earlier in his career: After I did all my training, I'd help out training other guys and one of the guys I helped train was Paul Wight, who became The Giant, Big Show, whatever you wanna call him. He was unbelievable to train. He could jump vertically from the ring apron over the top rope. He was maybe 350lbs at 7ft 2. He was unbelievably athletic. He came right from the Boston Celtics foreign team in basketball. Probably one of the hardest people I've ever had to train. He was so big, it was hard to teach him to do arm drags, hip tosses, and everything else, but he was so eager. I didn't think he'd be around this long. I'm glad he is. Super nice guy." The Flying Nuns gimmick in early 1997: "It was funny, when we came from Smoky Mountain, we got our WWF tryout as the Headbangers. We were quite lucky because Shane McMahon was ...
Major injustice to be changed. Stop giving John Cena title shots so many times. Stop saying you are the best in the world Punk, because I'm better than the best. Stop whining Paul Wight (Big Show) that a talented man named Del Rio beat your *** for the world title. WWE, Use Zack Ryder properly and stop using him as dirt. Ryback just *** as well as Orton. Many more injustice to be solved. Its not a pipebomb, its the Moxcity News!
Hogan vs Giant for the WCW Heavyweight Title from Hog Wild 97 next up! That belt used to fit Paul Wight. And now he's dropped it to Del Rio!
Check out the new batch of WWE '13 Entrances, Signatures & Finishers for John Cena '04, Shawn Michaels (Attitude Era), Paul Wight (Attitude Era), Daniel Brya...
watching The Waterboy starring Paul Wight and Adam Sandler and the legendary Jerry Reed
Watching Dancing With The Stars, so Herb & I did some fantasy casting on who we'd like to see on a future season. Bret Michaels - Poison lead singer Maria Kanellis - former WWE Diva Alan Thicke - from Growing Pains Dee Snider - Twisted Sister frontman Karen Bryant - from Fresh Prince "Big Show" Paul Wight - WWE superstar Erika Cerra - from Eureka Alyssa Milano - from Who's The Boss & Charmed Billy Dean - country singer Laura Prepon - from That 70's Show
“THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!” Or to quote Paul Wight 'There's no crying in wrestling'
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