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Paul Whitehouse

Paul Whitehouse (born 17 May 1958) is a Welsh actor, writer and comedian. He became known for his work with Harry Enfield and as one of the stars of the popular BBC sketch show, The Fast Show.

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Paul Your silence condones this. Shame on you all.
Paul Ryan was Silent on Chelsea Manning being pardon
Oh Paul, you started strong. You just couldn't Name of the Guy in the who is fanning the flames of hatred.
Leaders in Whitehouse Paul ryan 5 more paid to form COUP against our president this is treason.
Rwanda:Paul Kagame will not rule the DRC.
Rwanda:A message to Paul Kagame:we will take back the DRC this Year.
DRC:Paul kagame&Ouganda will be responsible of any war in Africa because of the DRC.
DRC:Paul Kagame&ouganda could provoque a big war in Africa in their role in the DRC.
Agree becuz Nunez went 2 Paul Ryan 2 tell him no he was bringing 2 files 2 Whitehouse. Congress Rohr…
Angry Frank - Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse - BBC comedy
Oh, look at this, in amongst the other disgusting things signed by tRump
Might deck myself out like that Paul Whitehouse character and run in all the pubs shouting "int lager brilliant"
Saw Gorka at the convention carting a book, it was his own book. Good riddance to an aw…
Otherwise, yup, Paul Ryan would be president. Orrin Hatch is next in line after him. Bot…
Mr president seem that the ppl that back u up are the ones leaving. Sean,Gorka it makes…
Both Paul's ran as Republicans. Ron in 2012 Primary; Rand in 2016 P…
Paul Simon, if you're listening, you to rewrite '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover'…
Hi Paul! Could you please share this petition?
He didn't want to upset Paul Ryan or Congress? What about upsetting Not on OUR side…
Paul, many thanks for your continued "boot licking"! Unlike Mitch, I know I can count on you!
To paul ryan and gary cohn attacking supporters an…
Doug Wead on Joe Arpaio: "He should be in the East Room of the getting the Medal of Freedom put around his neck."…
The best to take down left wingers at the Beeb I thought were Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.
- Paul Whitehouse saved lover from drug dealer dad, Paul Whitehouse has been wit...
I'm not sure I ever was hip but I know quality such as The Fast Show, Little Britain, Harry Enfield, Pa…
Paul you are a hater sore loser and we won you lost take notes maybe you will stop being a lost boy
- Paul Whitehouse saved shopgirl lover from drug dealer dad, Paul Whitehouse has...
Don't worry, Pence (or will it be Paul Ryan?) is sure to pardon everybody next year. We're the party of…
If your career path is clinical psychologist for sociopathic liars - this this the intern job for you...
Shut your pie hole Paul until you address the racist in the whitehouse
good to get a first spike ball game of the season in. Always enjoyable boys well done good session
Sadly, I think he thinks he's an actor. The best five minutes has been Bob and Paul Whitehouse popping up.
Looking for an honest answer If Paul Ryan chopped off his little…
I requested that Mitch and Paul boot 👢Donald Dumb Duck out of the into a popular USA E…
Paul Ryan is doubling down on your agenda AGAIN. He needs *** Chewing.
. After you pardon Sheriff Arpaio, . will be pardoning Gen. Flynn . Paul Manafort? . .
Watch as Paul Whitehouse gatecrashes Bob Mortimer and Nick Helm's steak lunch.
I'm only watching if Paul Whitehouse is in it.
I know it's Mike Rutherford on Tracks Of My Years but in my head I see Paul Whitehouse
Only a piece of it. Anti-Christ ruling from below, Trump resisting.
It is very clear to me that you are running on pure o…
Fact: he wanted to bring back the death penalty in NY t…
Me too, back up you assertions with facts that Trump…
The only things that I'm resisting are sexism, racism, & bigotry.
Well you should because you have yet to produce any f…
23:30 Down the Line: A tribute to Felix Dexter, with Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Paul Whitehouse as Len Goodman. with is still the funniest programme on British TV (online wevs)!. Quality.
Am I the only person who thinks the BFG looks like Paul Whitehouse?
This fella looks like Paul Whitehouse doing Iggy Pop
Just met Harry Enfield while he was on the phone to Paul Whitehouse.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse doing a spoof public information film about the joys of marriage.
Why does the BFG look like Paul Whitehouse?
Murder in Successville: how the most complicated comedy on TV made it big
Dean Whitehouse lads 😂😂😂 might as well bring Paul green back
Philip May, genuine husband to Theresa or Paul Whitehouse character?
please take Ryan and his principal's & value's and stick them up you're💩. U and Trump are
Political shocks every day... Theresa May married to Paul Whitehouse character.
ICYMI: Here's the powerful message from LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo... via
Good to see that, after Smashy & Nicey finished, Paul Whitehouse's teeth were recycled by Peter Crouch.
Crouch reminds me of Paul Whitehouse's "hardest game in the book" character from the fast show...
Peter Crouch talks funny with his new teeth, reminding me of that Paul Whitehouse radio DJ
Enya is 55 today ( had to do that 3 times as spellcheck changed to ebay!) Paul Whitehouse 58 Simon Fuller 56 Sugar Ray Leonard 60
Michael Ellis MP must be a Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield character, it's the only explanation.
I notice Paul Whitehouse has another series of "Nurse" on R4.
'Nurse' was brilliant. Paul Whitehouse & Esther Coles interact so well. Script fantastic. April "yeah, s'pose" cat lady breaks my heart.
It's Paul Whitehouse's series 2 on at 11pm tonight. I join the show from next week. Enjoy. X
Paul Whitehouse and and series Nurse starts on at 23.00.
So pleased about new series of Nurse but pity trailers don't mention as well as Paul Whitehouse. Both brilliant
Evening. has Paul Whitehouse on the show tonight talking about his latest series of Nurse...ENJOY.
13:00 Afternoon Edition: Comedian Paul Whitehouse chats to Sarah and Nihal about the return of Radio 4 series Nurse
Paul Whitehouse and series Nurse starts on at 23.00. The brilliant Esther Coles co stars.
Liam and Lee sound like the real-life inspiration behind Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's Lee and Lance characters?
20 yrs today since this episode first aired! "Just a tiny amount..." - & Paul Whitehouse in
Shocking canned laughter on Harry Enfield's On The Buses sketch. And what's Paul Whitehouse done to his hooter?!!!. http…
with you tonight for Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, can't wait. May just wet myself if Mr Birkin QC makes an appearance!
Enjoyed a night out with Paul Maynard at Hammersmith Apollo watching Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. . Funny...
We've arrived at The Blackpool Opera House to watch Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Legends! 😂
good to see your interview with Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse,shame you showed a clip of Adrian Edmondson in the Young Ones!
'new optimism on Obamatrade, amnesty...
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse set to have comedy fans howling this Hallowe'en at ...
Biafrans agitating for their freedom are now being remanded for treason by Nigerian govt. HELPfreeBIAFRA
Saw Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse on stage last night, they referenced this while doing their 'Scousers' sketch!
Paul Ryan: conservative two heartbeats from White House
Why does Paul Ryan say new budget deal is terrible?
Brilliant night with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, catch them while you can!
Great night seeing Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse the only thing which could of made it even better would of been aswell!
Great night in Bournemouth at BIC watching Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse - great show, way better then the reviewers would have you think
Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse: Legends! - comedy review: Smashie and Nicey have a hit on their hands
When I was 12 Paul Whitehouse gave me £10 to say a line for Cheesy Peas advert on Fast Show, in 1999 Judge Jules blew me a
All Obama's promises are time limited...never forget it.
Only if your values center around getting on TV and smiling while the country suffers
Why am I at Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse when Arsenal are playing?
At BIC bmth to see Paul whitehouse and Harry Enfield "legends" show. Should be a great laugh if tv show is anything to go by
In beautiful Bournemouth for Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse! Where are you ?? Get yourself down the Bic Theatre...!
Can't wait to see Harry Enfield vs. Paul Whitehouse tonight.
Mexican fir dinner in Bournemouth before the Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse show
Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse played a blinder on Friday night! They're back in November!
Make it clear: it isn't secure if there is a back door. Sign the petition!
Who's excited for Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse: Legends Tickets are still available for 28th Nov!
WhiteHouse and Congress reach a two year deal , to avoid the fiscal cliff . And Paul Ryan shape shifted saying,"mercy me"
As far as entitlements are robbing Peter to pay Paul, by warding off an increase in Medicare premiums, then hitting Social
Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse: Legends, Centre, Review: 'A welcome silliness in an age of sour disdain'
Ellicott City school students will have their artwork on display on National Christmas Tree near
he's a likeable man/character actor in general, but he's no Ronnie Barker or Paul Whitehouse
Comedy heroes of mine still make me laugh. "An evening with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse": via
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse: a double act that gets better with age - The Guardian (blog)
What's on TV tonight? Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse special
Well the BBC "Evening with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse" is one of the best things I've seen all year. Genuinely uncomfortable comedy.
it's for the Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse show. Either date. Hoping to get tickets sorted soon.
Couldn't stop laughing at An Evening with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse just now, awesome stuff:
Watched 25 years of Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Absolute legends.
Watching 'An Evening with Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse' literally laughed out loud & then it cut to them doing an impress…
Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse & Kathy Burke in the 90s were absolute comedy gold
Paul Whitehouse's characters on The Fast Show were total genius. Rowley Birkin, Arthur Atkinson and channel 9, with a great support cast.
Paul Whitehouse on the Graham Norton Show tonight. Makes me nostalgic for The Fast Show.
"But Harvey Keitel does it as well now..." - Paul Whitehouse, everyday (I assume)
Check out the Norwich Union advert with the safe driving app - phone holder stuck right in Paul Whitehouse's field of view.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse add extra Newcastle City Hall date to tour: Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse…
Why not? Paul Whitehouse & Charlie Higson were Fry & Laurie's plasterers. If you have talent, feed it like I feed myself pizza 💪
who writes his scripts, Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson?
Just got my Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse tickets for Newcastle City Hall.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse going on tour this Winter... 40, 45 dates planned. 40, 45, 40, 45.
Established names, new - brand new shows from Paul Whitehouse, Matt Lucas, Jessica Hynes and Vic and Bob:
Stuart Cosgrove guest presents The Culture Studio today - he'll be talking to Paul Whitehouse and Esther Coles about new BBC2 show Nurse.
Is the MP for Warrington South played by by Paul Whitehouse?
Can someone cast Paul Whitehouse in a really serious drama so he can be recognised as the amazing actor he is?
MT Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me . This is good
Will Whitehouse's new comedy about mental health tackle the issue well? From the headline it seems unlikely
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me | Yes, great to see new work. This man is my hero...
I can see Paul Whitehouse's salary reflected in my car insurance quote from
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me>> love you Paul
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me:
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me Interesting article about one of our comedy and acting treasures...
Nice read from one of my all-time favourites --- Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me
1814. Robert Ross, who led burning of & died. A monument stands in St Paul's
Leahy, Durbin, Booker, Paul, Lee and Whitehouse were senators at today's meeting with POTUS, per Whitehouse's office and the White House.
When I look at that photo I hear Paul Whitehouse from the Harry Enfield show as the Dutch copper ;-)
"We are all prisoners of our past to some extent."
> Whitehouse Long list of governments to be overthrown: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador & Argentina >
Not what Whitehouse says... Headline writers turn everyone into a psychopath these days
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me.
How did Aviva find so many people who look like Paul Whitehouse? Has he just got one of "those" faces?
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me by Maureen Paton Maguire via Network Front | The Guardian
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me | Guardian
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me | Television & radio | The Guardian
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me: In his new sitcom, Paul Whitehouse plays multiple mental-health patient...
Network Front | The Guardian // Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me
New: Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me
Paul Whitehouse: the psychopath in me
Note to self: start petition to remove Paul Whitehouse from TV adverts as he's doing my facking nut in.
The wants a new fiduciary rule for 401(k) / IRA brokers
Kudos to President for making the National Parks more accessible to kids AND their families!
When Smashie & Nicey first appeared (1990), playing Smashie, Paul Whitehouse was 32; Harry Enfield as Nicey was 29.
For that we can give thankless praise to L. Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, *** Cheney and George W. Bush. Morons.
looks like Paul Whitehouse in the background.
Pass ASAP How long do we have to wait? Can't ma…
Plz approve w/o any delays! Lots of hopes linked to the passing of this rule!"
Please end this curse soon we have waited a lot for this its not citizenship ju…
is CRITICAL Please publish RIN:1615-AB92 at the earliest possible" End Curse …
I find it hard to watch Evan Davis without thinking of Paul Whitehouse's caricature of him
Paul Whitehouse of Featherstone kickboxing is my cornerman, I hope not the cut-man! Lol.
Body found in search for Wolverhampton man Paul Whitehouse after hurricane hit Mexico
I can't watch Evan Davies without thinking of the hilarious Paul Whitehouse impression.
Since when has Paul Whitehouse been in ?
“Good to see Paul Whitehouse getting some work.
Smashey and Nicey - Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse: via
If you haven't seen it Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's 'Story Of The Twos' on BBC 2 tonight is really excellent.
remember those characters called the old gits, played by Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield? . That's you two.
Is that Kevin Rowland on the One Show or has Paul Whitehouse got a new Fast Show character? Hang on there's two of them!
Ray Hudson is by far the best character Paul Whitehouse has ever come up with
Liked Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse, as the Self-Righteous Brothers, calling him FAH-RIDGE on !. :-D
Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse, Men Behaving Badly & in one show? G'wed
I never knew Paul Whitehouse's "with MY reputation?" voice was a straight copy of James Hewitt. Cos that's what he bloody well sounds like.
Rand Paul blisters Obama and Clinton will destroy the Republic if we let him.
gave rebels 600TONS of made stronger:
I love those adds, I've got a pretty good collection of Paul Whitehouse soft toys at home.
These Aviva ads with Paul Whitehouse ARE HILARIOUS! We need more of these and more meerkats!
Reminds me of Paul Whitehouse "man & boy, hardest game in the world." Though in his case it was only 30 years
Hurricane Odile: Body of Briton Simone Wood Found: Simone Wood's partner Paul Whitehouse still missing, after ...
did Paul Whitehouse possibly model him on Stanley's father?
Here is the latest on Paul Whitehouse from who is missing following a hurricane in
Daily Mail · Body of woman, believed to be Simone Wood, found off the coast of Mexico She and partner Paul Whitehouse were on yacht when Hurricane Odile hit Brit couple had been living on their boat in La Paz harbour for the last year Mr Whitehouse, a scuba diving instructor in the La Paz area, is s…
Was hoping for some positive news about Paul Whitehouse this morning. Report Sounds Horrific. How terribly sad
Simone Wood and her partner Paul Whitehouse were reported missing following the hurricane last weekend
Fears for British couple lost in hurricane: Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood moved to La Paz in Baja California...
Another man has been arrested today after trying to get into the Yesterday, a man made it all the way through the do…
Man arrested for charging White House had knife: U.S. attorney's office
Foreign Office confirm body of Simone Wood has been found. Along with Paul Whitehouse, went missing in aftermath of Hurr. Odile.
A friend of Paul Whitehouse, missing after Hurricane Odile in Mexico, says he is desperate for news
Terrible to see the news. Thoughts and prayers with Paul Whitehouse. Hope he is found safe and well.
Finally a POTUS is realizing US is fighting Europe's war which Europe should be fighting, not USA. Ron Paul said that all along
Paul Whitehouse and S Wood went missing when their yacht overturned in La Paz...
We saw this picture in Ortisei Val Gardena, we thought the guy looked like Paul Whitehouse, what do you think ???
Advocates & families impacted by pediatric cancer toured the White House in honor of http:/…
Missing British couple in Mexico named as Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Secret Service investigates after man jumps White House fence, reaches doors
The latest on man Paul Whitehouse, missing since a hurricane hit Mexico.
A Wolverhampton man Paul Whitehouse has been reported missing with his girlfriend in Mexico, after a hurricane.
Two Britons - Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood - have disappeared off the coast of Mexico following a hurricane
Wolverhampton scuba instructor missing after Mexico hurricane. Paul Whitehouse, from...
British couple missing after Mexican hurricane: Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood were said to…
Two Brits are missing after a hurricane in Mexico overturned the yacht they were living on. Paul Whitehouse and Simone Wood, from Wolverhampton and London, were in La Paz in Baja California when Hurricane Odile hit the Baja California peninsula last Sunday. It is thought their yacht overturned, and…
He sacked Paul Whitehouse, the most liberal chief constable of his day.
Did you see Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's history of BBC2 the other week? Brilliant. Takes no prisoners.
26. I can't stand Miranda Hart , Ricky Gervais or Paul Whitehouse , Really not funny comedians
That Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse thingy about BBC2 Comedy was the funniest thing in a long time
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse on BBC2 tonight reminding us how brilliant comedy USED to be in this country.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's programme celebrating fifty years of BBC2 was absolutely hilarious. Brilliant send up
Story Of The 2s, the best thing Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse have done for years. Brilliant stuff.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse 's Story of the Two's was worth the entire licence fee alone. Magnificently funny wit…
50 years of 2 Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield.Brilliant still laughing from it.Thanks guys needed that :-)
Watched all that BBC2 history comedy thing with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Quite good in spots.
Such a shame, as Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are usually brilliant. BTW, lasted the whole hour.Hmmm.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse will always be brilliant
Harry Enfield/Paul Whitehouse - great on their own but together.Lennon and Mcartney!
So enjoyed The story of the 2s with Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse. The panel show sketch was priceless.
Most boring show on TV tonight - 50 yrs of comedy on - Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield total waste of licence payers money.
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse on blistering form celebrating fifty years of
Story of the Twos with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse - just finished - anyone see, still weeping with laughter!!
This Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse 'Supposed' look back at BBC 2 - Has to be the most unfunniest thing I have ever seen, absolute dire !!
Paul Whitehouse as Jools Holland is MASSIVELY AMUSING. Klaxons, hacked off Damon Albarn, sleeping Chrissie Hynde and Rowland Rivron. HA!
Damon Albarn is making cameo appearance in Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's BBC 2. Watch outside UK
Anybody that has watched Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse over the years, they are on for two hours on BBC two at 8 o'clock. It looks as if it is going to be very funny ;-)
Why not take some inspiration from Paul Whitehouse when planning your next fishing trip?
Dear BBC please get Nigel Lawson off. He sounds as relevant to our economics as a Harry Enfield or Paul Whitehouse character
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Was inadvertently controversial with colleagues today, so let's test it here too. Reactions welcome! Ricky Gervais. Harry Enfield. Paul Whitehouse. I don't find any of them especially funny.
Just caught up with the brilliance of Simon Day in BBC's 'Life of Rock with Bruce Pern'. His audition for the Bowie role in Labyrinth, Paul Whitehouse making his guitar sound 'like a seagull' and Nigel Havers' best role in years as Rick Wakeman's synthesizer rival worth the price of licence fee alone. All this and Noel Edmonds swearing too.
Compilation of the best Michael Caine impressions by Peter Sellers, Paul Whitehouse, Phil Cornwell, Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan - and Michael Caine doing himsel...
This obit of Felix Dexter, by and Paul Whitehouse, I found almost unbearably moving
'Once a catholic', directed by Kathy Burke, great show, great seats (thanks Fi) ...even spotted her pal Paul Whitehouse!!
Sir David Lloyd would be great on the Fast Show methinks >calling Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield
wasn't it from some Harry Enfield show?Character played by Paul Whitehouse though.
– Funny or not funny? Hearing comedians, trying to make us laugh, use bad jokes and bad humor. A perfect example was the Fake Mandela interpreter. Who tried to make these stupid jokes? Jimmy Kimmel, Will Ferrell, Keenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, Natalie Morales, Paul Whitehouse, Daniel Kaluuya and others. These people are so desperate for jokes that it does not matter to them that we, the deaf, are insulted. In the past it was Lisa Lampanelli, Chelsea Lately, Frankie Boyle and others. Read more
Paul Whitehouse and Daniel Kaluuya sent it up at the British Comedy Awards this week.
Quote of the Day “It is an honour to win this on the same night as Paul Whitehouse, Steve Coogan and Will Ferrell. If the Chuckle Brothers were thrown in as well it would be a clean sweep of all of my heroes” British Comedy Awards winner Jack Whitehall is in awe of his fellow recipients.
Paul Whitehouse , Top Yid and a dig at David Baddiel :-)
Jack Whitehall named 'King of Comedy' Jack Whitehall has been named the 2013 king of comedy at the British Comedy Awards. It is the second consecutive year he has won the prize - voted for by the public - beating rivals Alan Carr, David Mitchell, Graham Norton, Lee MacK and Sarah Millican. The 25-year-old also picked up the best comedy actor award for his Channel 4 show Fresh Meat. Miranda Hart won best TV comedy actress for her self-titled BBC show. In her pre-recorded acceptance speech she jokingly plugged her upcoming tour and said: "Thank you to my cast and crew, although this is basically about me, this one - it is a real boost just before my tour." Paul Whitehouse collected the first award of the night as he and long-time collaborator Harry Enfield picked up the prize for best sketch show for Harry & Paul. The comic said it was "a genuine surprise" to win the prize. Despite missing out on the King of Comedy prize, Mack was named best male TV comic for his role on BBC show Would I Lie To You, while t ...
Jack Whitehall, Miranda Hart and Paul Whitehouse are among the big winners at the British Comedy Awards. -- Delivered by Feed43 service
"Yid Army...behave'll ave David Baddiel on ya" Paul Whitehouse . LARGe
you alright David? What you make of Paul Whitehouse's 'speech' at the Comedy Awards last night?
LEGEND! "Hope you enjoyed Paul Whitehouse's speech at the Comedy Awards. Yid Army! http…
Paul Whitehouse chanting Yid Army and then mentioning David Baddiel is too much. What a chap
LOL Paul Whitehouse's "Yid Army!, watch out you'll have David Baddiel on 'ya" at the
Paul Whitehouse wins a comedy award and says: "Yid Army, behave yourself or you'll have David Baddiel on ya.". What a legend
For me the were about Lee MacK, Rob Brydon, Johnny Vegas and Paul Whitehouse. That is all.
Paul Whitehouse & his signer on the comedy awards was hilarious.
The IT Crowd Night comes to Channel 4 Channel 4 has announced a night of programming based on The IT Crowd. On Tuesday December 24 from 9pm until midnight, the broadcaster will air this year's IT Crowd Special: The Internet is Coming (9pm), behind-the-scenes documentary The IT Crowd Manual (10pm), The Fan's Favourite Episode (11pm), and Graham Linehan's Favourite Episode (11.30pm). Fans can vote now on the Channel 4 website for their top episode. The IT Crowd Manual is narrated by Stephen Mangan and includes classic clips from the show alongside interviews with Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry, as well as input from fans Paul Whitehouse , Danny Wallace, Kevin Eldon, Frances Barber, Matthew Crosby, Boyd Hilton and Lucy Montgomery. Show creator Linehan will give a guided tour of the basement set he calls "a cheerful mess". Links for the night were written and directed by Linehan with Parkinson.
Maybe we expected Paul Whitehouse & Harry Enfield to police the huge numbers of travelling supporters.Their actions were not atypical though
I like this one. It always reminds me of that Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse sketch as fishmongers.
Exhausted, but finally back with a rec. And it's for Burke And Hare, a black comedy from a couple of years back. I touched briefly, discussing Bay's Pain & Gain, on the distastefulness of turning real-life criminals into cinematic heroes. If anything, this is worse than that. Bay's film doesn't stint on many o the things done, or the terrible and stupid reason for doing them. B&H resurrects the Resurrection Men as a pair of likely lads for whom grave robbing is the latest in a line of scams, and no more morally ambiguous. The murders are played down as slapsticky comedy, and the motives romanticised. This should be repellent in the extreme. Of course it helps your cause when your stars are as charming and likeable as Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg, and they are ably supported by a veritable wish list of British acting talent - Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson, Pegg's Spaced co-conspirator), Michael Smiley (also Spaced), Tom Wilkinson, Ronnie Corbett, Bill Bailey, Paul Whitehouse and Reece Shearsmith. But on the w ...
The Daily Express is like that easily swayed Paul Whitehouse character in The Fast Show. Jol's job is now safe!
Steve Guttenberg is twinned with Alain Chabat in France and Paul Whitehouse in the UK
I'm really sorry, I don't think Alan Partridge is remotely as funny as any of Harry Enfield or Paul Whitehouse's characters back in the day.
Great night celebrating Sir Bobby Robson at the Sage. Paul Whitehouse, you still make me laugh {lol}!! Bless you! http…
Martinez said that character is more important than ability so we can expect to see him sign Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Paul Whitehouse, Harry Enfield, David Mitchell, Steve Coogan, Alexander Armstrong, Ben Millar etc. -Potatohead
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oh I meant to tell you I Paul Whitehouse in a famous store on Liverpool Road.
Roy Keane annoys me almost as much as Paul Whitehouse's characters in the Aviva ads! And that's ALOT!!
May 31st a.m. Cuckoos, Secret Agents and Sunshine Woken betimes by sunshine and the blunkin wood pigeon nesting in the shrubbery. Hey YO! Wayne ROO - ney! Are YO Wayne ROO-NEY? If YO Wayne Roo-ney - Then CALL me! I’m doing a turn at the Hay Fest this afternoon in preparation for which I was fattened up by Puffin Publicity at The Three Tuns last night with several other writers and story-tellers. By far the most illustrious of our party was Charlie Higson, writer of the Young Bond series and now zombie-iste supreme; star of stage, screen, tv and ... of particular delight to me at the moment, co-creator of the most consistently funny series on Radio 4 Down the Line or I’m Gary Bellamy. I made the poor bloke recount in detail how the show’s put together. Basically, they do it because he and Paul Whitehouse and various other chums have a good laugh without devoting the enormous amount of time required to do something more high-profile. What toil there is, goes mostly into the editing, apparently, becau ...
I just realized that there has been so many HP related birthdays so far in May. May 2nd - Victoire Weasley May 4th - Eric Sykes who played Frank Bryce May 5th - Jessie Cave who played Lavender Brown May 7th - Robbie Jarvis who played young James Potter in the Order of the Phoenix May 13th - Zoe Wanamaker who played Madam Hooch and Robert Pattinson who played Cedric Diggory May 15th - Pomona Sprout and Anna Shaffer who played Romilda Vane May 16th - Stanislav Ianevski who played Viktor Krum May 17th - Paul Whitehouse who played Sir Cadogan May 18th - Miriam Margolyes who played Professor Pomona Sprout ~Pygmy Puff
I'm saying it in a posh middle class accent...but better in this accent is like Harry Enfield an Paul Whitehouse 'is he a *** '
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are brilliant look them up so funny
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse raise awareness of the NHS Organ Donor Register with a video shot in our studio:
Paul Whitehouse has just joined Mat Horne, Anthony Costa & Frank Skinner in the elite of pre-match spots.
Paul Whitehouse & Jon Culshaw - This decade's Mike Yarwood. No matter who they impersonate, they always look like themselves. Bra-VO!
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse > everyone else who atempts comedy in the world.
Actually it's more David Walliams meets Richard Osman meets Paul Whitehouse.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and told Paul Whitehouse to shove his adverts up his own fat ***
Looks like they are about to do a Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse sketch
so many! Peter Kay, Michael Mcintyre, Miranda Hart, Sarah Millican, Paul Whitehouse, Harry Enfield... we could go on :)
Same here,I think Paul Whitehouse is superb too.Great character comedian.Good times.
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I'm completely with you on this Mr. Miliband :P Did you watch the Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse show where they mocked BBCQT?
You've got to get out of the right wing bubble Kjos. I looked it up, Obama submitted a budget. Sheesh!
I urge you to take up the challenge of Paul Rieckoff's request for a commission to fix the VA backlog issue. We owe them better
got it, Paul whitehouse's 'ooh suits you sit' character from the Fast Show
Paul whitehouse acting as this littlewood bloke is brilliant Harry Enfield on next week as Anne widicombe :) ?
Can anyone else see Paul Whitehouse in Mark Littlewood? Keep thinking he'll be flogging insurance any minute.
Mark Littlewood has an odd face. It's a hybrid of Paul Whitehouse and a beige moulded bra. With eyes
Mark Littlewood? All I can see is Paul Whitehouse in an insurance ad! It's surely him isn't it?
Mark Littlewood meanwhile looks like a cross between Paul Whitehouse and Timothy Spall
w/c Tory from IEA on couldn't b played more parodically by Paul Whitehouse himself. Pols: try hopeful/relaxed/constructive sometime.
Mark Littlewood but I think it's Paul Whitehouse in disguise
Mark Littlewood is like a character Paul Whitehouse invented for an insurance advert.
Actually, Mark Littlewood looks like Paul Whitehouse disguised as Mark Littlewood
Paul Whitehouse doesn't look as good dressed up as Mark Littlewwod as he does on the insurance ads
Mark Littlewood looks like the bizarre lovechild of Simon Pegg and Paul Whitehouse
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Didn't expect to see Paul Whitehouse on
Little known fact. The real Mark Littlewood has been kidnapped by Wombles and is being played on tonight by Paul Whitehouse.
Mark Littlewood is actually an ironic Paul Whitehouse character, right? Right?!?!
Mark looks like a cross between Simon Pegg, Paul Whitehouse and a corpse
Drone strikes on U.S. soil based on vague executive suspicion of imminent threat is too much. Sign the Petition:
Must B nice trying 2 figure out UR March Madness Backets. We're going mad here woundering how we're going to rob Pete 2 pay Paul
I think Paul Whitehouse playing would do a better job than Osborne, the way things are going.
I got to be part of the Fast Show, with and and Paul Whitehouse
"Kathy Burke will be joined by Paul Whitehouse, Jill Halfpenny and Lisa Tarbuck at the theatre launch "
Require Congressmen & Senators to wear logos of their financial backers on their clothing, like NASCAR drivers do.
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