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Paul Westerberg

Paul Westerberg (born December 31, 1959) is an American musician, best known as the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter of The Replacements, one of the seminal alternative rock bands of the 1980s.

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I forever felt that I've fallen right between the crack of way too young fo...
Reading music is like listening to flowers. I don't understand the concept.
The real-life version is even funnier than if they were friends:
Music for the end of the week: Paul Westerberg- "Waiting for Somebody".
Paul Westerberg Net Worth: Paul Westerberg is an American musician who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. ...
Is "King of America" by and paul westerberg of I Don't Cares prescient for this election cycle?
Thx! I asked myself 'what would Paul Westerberg wear in a video in 1989'
Spotify Discovery has just told me that Juliana Hatfield & Paul Westerberg have formed a band together. Didn't know this. Ta, Spotify.
check out this cool Paul westerberg cover of sunshine, used on the Friends soundtrack...
Just played this song out of break. Might be the best song title of all time. Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg
The I Don’t Cares (Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield) share official video for "Whole Lotta Nothin"
...Paul Westerberg while mopping the MPR. He is probably in the top 5 coolest old dudes I've ever met.
If Paul Westerberg didn't get at least two then I don't know this place anymore.
Diggin' the new Paul Westerberg album. Classic Westy tunes & I hear a bits of Kurt Vile and Steve Earle in his sound
Watch Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield's silly non-video for "Whole Lotta Nothin"
I've been digging the new Paul Westerberg & project the "I Don't Cares"
That Paul Westerberg endorsement really put him over the top
I ask you: Barack Obama and Paul Westerberg. Are THEY Boomers? Or are they Xers in disguise?
True:. Paul Westerberg is 1 mo. younger than me: Dec. 31, 1959. .is 2 yrs younger than me: Aug. 4, 1961. Therefore I am old.
Little known fact: my high school produced both Prince and Paul Westerberg
The amazing moment when Prince met Paul Westerberg: While the bio deals in weighty matters (abuse, addiction, ...
Paul Westerberg + Juliana Hatfield + rocking up the best of his solo songs = xoxoxox ♫
At which St. Paul nightclub do you suspect Prince meet Paul Westerberg at the urinals?
*LOVE this! . via . The amazing moment when Prince met Paul Westerberg via
The amazing moment when Prince met Paul Westerberg
"Oh hey what's up man?" Replacements's Paul Westerberg to Prince, standing side by side at a urinal. Prince: "Life."
Just realized that something about Paul Westerberg/The Replacements reminds me of TPF. You a fan at all?
El Manantial Exotic Latino Grill is welding some of their truck so with sparks flying I get Paul Westerberg's Eyes Like Sparks in my head.
When I went to Holy Angels they bragged about Troy Bell -- but Paul Westerberg went there! (Reading new 'Mats bio)
Ty Cobb shows up in a cut from new album by Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield, going by moniker The I Don't Cares
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield get together as The I Don't Cares. Check out 'Wild Stab'
Wow, Juliana Hatfield takes it in the butt from Paul Westerberg like a pro!
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield will release LP as The I Don’t Cares in just 24 hours:
Fun new discovery. Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield. Like two old friends you always knew would connect.
Wanna her Juliana Hatfield / Paul Westerberg's new album Well, *I* do.
Shorties (The Brooklyn of Arthur Miller, Stream Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg's New Album, and more)
Really enjoying the I don't care's wild stab. Paul Westerberg sounds great and in full command. Juliana Hatfield is a perfect foil for him.
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield in a band together? Sign me up. The I Don’t Cares are great -
Out today at new music from Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield! The I Don't Cares
LOVE! Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield’s duo the I Don’t Cares via
I strongly suspect Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg are dating. Which, more power to them.
On my way to wearing out the 1's and 0's of this new Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield album:
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield recorded an album together?? Be still my dyslexic heart.
The new record by the I Don't Cares (Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield) is out today! The artwork was done by... ht…
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield make one helluva team. The I Don't Cares' new album is so good!
It's pretty much a given that I would love the Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield's I Don't Cares.
The I Don't Cares is a project by Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield, and you should care very much! it's wonderful:
Any world with a new Paul Westerberg record (in this case, a duet project with Juliana Hatfield) can't be all bad. https:/…
. & Paul Westerberg collaborate on new band The I Don't Cares
Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield remade Westerberg's "Born For Me" as the I Don't Cares
Listen to a giddy, rollicking new song from Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield:
We're excited to premier new song “Temporary Solution” / RiYL: Son Volt, Soul Asylum,Paul Westerberg
They're Canadian,or is that just a Paul Westerberg song?
Dear Mr. Westerberg and Stinson, I will be contacting you in a few hours after I win tonight's lottery. Do you mind if Lydia…
Ian Curtis and Paul Westerberg have nothing on us.
The song that first got me into Paul Westerberg and then The Replacements!
good morning.. can you play Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart Thanks!
Paul Westerberg is still doing it for me in a big way. He's all I seem to want/need to listen to at the moment.
hi Along with paul westerberg yer my fave melody writer.This tune is inspired by yr work particularly
I sat through Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones like three times at the S...
New Paul Westerberg AND Bob Mould record this year! Let the bad times roll!
Update your maps at Navteq
.meh. It would meet my Paul Westerberg quota.
The deaths of Ben E. King and David Bowie are prepping me for the day Paul Westerberg passes away.
Currently filling a playlist with Weird Al and Husker Du and the Faces and They Might Be Giants and Paul Westerberg, I want to know who else
(Truth be told, mine almost never sounds like Johnny Thunders or Paul Westerberg)
First Lemy now David Bowie. Where are the future legends? We still have Paul Westerberg.
I feel like my whole life got validated. Paul Westerberg in a Batman shirt.
I have a soft spot for him since he looks like Paul Westerberg and likes the Pacers.
Listen to Waiting for Somebody by Paul Westerberg on
While I'm flying the world in Jets I'm listening to Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg, and Bob Zimmerman.--
I lost my virginity to the Singles soundtrack. By Paul Westerberg's "Waiting for Somebody," she said she'd rather go to sleep.
Paul Westerberg from the Replacements in the Alex Chiltern video is beyond absolute flawlessness, perfection urgh
Love playing NPR in St Paul too and hanging with Greg Norton and Paul Westerberg. Always fun up there.
Westerberg - "Skyway" (In Studio) when cool people "try" to be cool. It's goofy and still cool.
But how do you reconcile Paul Westerberg's "Singles" soundtrack?
Back on the air at 10 PM! Playing a new song by the I Don't Cares (Paul Westerberg + Juliana Hatfield)
folk praise pish like Miley Cyrus when Paul Westerberg is a diety
Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg... Like *** even is a dyslexic heart? It doesn't make any sense at all
🎼On the 12 strings of Christmas Paul Westerberg gave to me, a Guild thaaat's really fuucked uuup...🎹
"You be me for a while, and I'll be you"-Paul Westerberg
Unless he knows something we don't and Paul Westerberg is lined up for a safe seat.
I bet Paul Westerberg wrote something applicable to whatever I or you may be feeling.
The Blake Babies song 'Out There' is a pop-jangle jewel. Juliana Hatfield has a new project with Paul Westerberg.
News of the Week: Björk, Paul Westerberg, Juliana Hatfield, Pennywise, SHINER, Bad Brains, Tool, Weezer and more.
This is my new favorite song until further notice. Paul Westerberg and --
Hear the first single from Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield's new band The I Don't Cares
Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield combine on a song. I love it before hearing it.
Newswire: Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield wrote a song so cute, you’ll pee your pants…
Paul Westerberg of The Replacements & Juliana Hatfield team up to form a band called The I Don’t Cares:
Indie darlings Juliana Hatfield, Paul Westerberg team up - The Boston Globe
Paul Westerberg and have formed The I Don’t Cares. Listen to “1 / 2 2 P”:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Does anyone know if Paul Westerberg is in NY right now? If so I just saw him on Crosby Street.
what about Jimmy Jam? Jimmy Jam and Paul Westerberg should be in there.
Listening tonight here in Columbus. How about one of Iain's favorites: Paul Westerberg's "Mr. Rabbit"?
I added a video to a playlist PAUL WESTERBERG / LOVE UNTOLD - Directed by Rocky Schenck
Is anyone interested in a contest to win some vinyl promos next week? We have Paul Westerberg, Iggy Pop, Etta...
Can't seem to stop listening to Paul Westerberg at the moment.
I added a video to a playlist Paul Westerberg-It'll never Die
Let the bad times roll by Paul Westerberg.
paul westerberg was 25 when he wrote Let it Be and 26 when he wrote Tim. amazing.
Paul Westerberg said in an interview that he doesn't include lyrics in case people hear a better line than he wrote.
For me Real Live Bleeding Fingers. Heard it is about Paul Westerberg.
Last night, Paul Westerberg said that the Replacements had played their final show (again)
After studying lyrics (well, listening), I am sure is the *** stepson of Paul Westerberg. Pete Wentzterberg?
"If you were a pill, I'd take a handful at my will, and I'd knock you back with something sweet and strong." - Paul Westerberg
They're playing Paul Westerberg at Walgreens. So dejected. It's official, I am my mom.
It sure was, one of my fondest memories too! :)
was this your first Tartan performance? With directing and
The hack songwriter will write the absolute truth every single word, whether it makes a great song or not. - Paul Westerberg
trouble maker by weezer for unadulterated hooks. Only lie worth telling by paul westerberg for lessons on open tunings
Morning run done, time for a few chores while listening to some Paul Westerberg.
Paul Westerberg on green line to St. Paul (from dwntn Mpls) ♫
History: I saw Paul Westerberg do a show on this stage. Was the first time I smelled weed. I wore a Canadian tuxedo.
Paul Westerberg being on the Wolves wouldn't be much odder than Tommy Stinson being in Guns N' Roses
When my best guy friend and I were in Minneapolis once, we got the chance to talk to Paul Westerberg for just a few moments.
I sing along to Taylor Swift, but I sing like Paul Westerberg when I do
I saw The Replacements tonight and pretty sure I saw god or some higher power aka Paul Westerberg.
The Replacements and Chex Mix are taking over my Friday afternoon. Paul Westerberg and General Mills are ruining my life.
Happy birthday to my phantom twin and spiritual adviser Paul Westerberg, who turns 19 years older than I do today.
Happy birthday to Mr. Paul Westerberg. Let's have some new music for 2015, please
Dec 31: Paul Westerberg was born in 1959 Happy Birthday! - via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Speaking as one of the five most nervous men in the world, I'd prefer not to die behind the wheel." Paul Westerberg understands me.
I'm not much of a tv person anymore.I'll make an exception tonite.The Replacements and Keith Richards on the Tonight Show tonite! I have waited years to see Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson back together.The only thing missing is Bob Stinson,bless his heart and may he RIP!
Oh lord, here's a pic of me with Paul Westerberg from I Love You
assisting one of his heroes, Paul Westerberg, adjust the mic...and then kissing him.…
"We're 'The Cements', the world's best Replacements tribute band." - Paul Westerberg tonight at
current aesthetic: Paul westerberg on snl x penny lane in almost famous
I once hit Paul Westerberg in the arm, mid-strum, with a FULL 2 liter soda bottle.
When You see Billie Joe Armstrong adjust Paul Westerberg's mic and then kiss him on the lips your life is complete.
“no but Billie joe did kiss Paul westerberg.” Classic.
chatting with Paul Westerberg had to be one of the top 5 moments of my life.
no but Billie joe did kiss Paul westerberg.
Saw Paul Westerberg break a guitar and make all sorts of dreams come true.
Paul Westerberg's mic stand collapsed. Billie Joe walked over and pulled it back up. Then he kissed him on the mouth. Adorable.
Seriously, Paul Westerberg's guitar smash was fantastic. Cathartic even for the audience.
Paul Westerberg of The Replacements just smashed his guitar in the middle of a song. Never seen that before. Well done, sir.
Paul Westerberg: "We're like middle-aged hobos. 'Hey buddy, can ya spare a quarter of a million?'"
I love how much fun Paul Westerberg is having on stage playing with The Replacements
Paul Westerberg fall down, play harmonica, go boom!
Mine learn it from Paul Westerberg, in an alley behind 7-11 as god intended.
One of the best videos to ever of existed. Paul Westerberg - Let The Bad Times Roll:
This is my jam: It's A Wonderful Lie by Paul Westerberg on Chainsaw Kittens Radio ♫
I'd kill for Billie Joe to write with Westerberg. Paul shot it down a few years ago, though.
my friend Regan has waited after Replacements shows to kiss Paul Westerberg on the mouth on at least six separate occasions.
i got a... – Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg, from with LiveLyrics®
We've been waiting for 20 yrs for to play. This weekend we will finally see and Paul Westerberg
Comin at pauly Paul and the funky bunch! Listen to it here:
so dig this song, been long time since i heard it JOAN JETT / PAUL WESTERBERG "Let's Do It rt
I'm pretty sure I just saw Paul Westerberg walk by me with his dog. Does he have a dog?
Have you had Paul Westerberg on yet? Love the Replacements
"i don't ever want to hear these words again - if only we had, i wish we did" - Paul Westerberg
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I wanted to name the new cat Westy in honor of Paul Westerberg. I was overruled. Again. Note their CD of choice.
The Replacements. I always forget how great Paul Westerberg and co were.
Yeah? Well, Paul Westerberg had 14 on his! (But seriously, congrats on the new album, glad to have more music stuff from you guys)
I also managed to stand next to Paul Westerberg's older sister at The 'Mats show last summer.
"Well a person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a hard day of nothin much at all."--Paul Westerberg
Whenever I see this at work I hope its for Paul Westerberg. But sadly it is not.
When I said maybe I hallucinated that Paul Westerberg said 'zines' it's in the alternate vocal of Sixteen Blue: "fanzines are cheap I know"
Forced, I'd probably say Paul Westerberg/'Mats, but that immediately brings to mind all the alternate contenders. I'd cry.
My thoughts exactlyRT The home state of Bob Dylan, Prince and Paul Westerberg settles for Idina Menzel and Joe Nichols.
Somewhere, Paul Westerberg felt a little sick to his stomach
How am I not hearing Paul Westerberg during this ASG
This week's new releases include a new reissue of Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation,' the first-ever vinyl pressing of Paul Westerberg's '14 Songs,' a new studio album from former Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond, and a new 3CD box set featuring a trio of albums from Half Japanese.
Darren Hill brought Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson and Billy Joe Armstrong to my Deer Tick show tonight. We tortured them all for a good 90 minutes or so. What a great night! Off to bed now, if I'm lucky.
Billy Joe Armstrong filled in for Paul Westerberg with the replacements at Coachella.arent you glad you were watching a DJ fake it instead?
The Replacements were fronted by Bille Joe Armstrong of Green Day at Coachella, while Paul Westerberg sat on a couch
Watch the Replacements, um, replace Paul Westerberg with Billie Joe Armstrong
George Eliot, Carole Lombard and Paul Westerberg walk into a bar..
Is Julian Casablancas to millennials what Paul Westerberg is to Gen-Xers? More or less? More? No, less. If we're talking quality, anyway.
The connection between "Heathers" with this year's Coachella festival: 25 years ago today the dark teen cult classic "Heathers" came out featuring themes like high school violence and teen suicide set at the fictional Westerburg High in suburban Ohio. The name of the high school is actually a nod to Paul Westerberg, the influential singer/songwriter of the Minnesota punk band The Replacements. Heathers star Winona Ryder was a big fan of the band and later dated Dave Pirner of the faintly-similar sounding Soul Asylum (who just happened to also be from Minneapolis as well as label mates of The Replacements). Indeed, one of the cracks Christian Slater's character utters in Heathers is "color me impressed", which is a Replacements song from one of their earlier records, Hootenanny. Sample lyric is so very Heathers: "Everybody at your party, they don't look depressed / Everybody's dressing funny, color me impressed." After a long hiatus The Replacements have recently gotten back together (somewhat) and are on ...
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a place not often given its due as a center generating American culture. As a shining example of the fact that said culture is almost always produced and created away from the twin towers of Babel that are NY and LA, Minneapolis has given the world the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince, Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg among musicians. Those are just the headline music makers, mind can also talk about Tiny Tim and Dave Pirner and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Morris Day and The can think about the likes of the Coen Brothers among about trying Charles Schultz, creator of "Peanuts" on for size? Giants in their fields, all of them. On Thursday, March 20th at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Electric Six will walk upon a stage at least a few of the greats listed above have also trod upon at some point in their careers, to perform approximately 70 minutes of music inclusive of encore. As natives of another Midwestern city, Electric Six has an understanding ...
If I designed Mount Rushmore, it would be Kurt Cobain, Robin Wilson, Paul Westerberg, and Johnny Thunders. Or four ***
OK everyone! I want to start up a new feature called "PWGOOTWOOTM" (Paul Westerberg Guitar Owners of The World Owner of The Month). Message me a photo of you and your guitar and a quick 3-4 sentence story about you and your guitar. How you got it? How long you've had it? How often you play it?
The soul of rock 'n' roll is mistakes, and making mistakes work for you. The people who shy away from mistakes and play it safe have no business playing rock 'n' roll - Paul Westerberg . Same goes fr life either :) Good day Everyone \m/
I'm now obsessed with figuring out the starting lineups of an Alt-Star basketball game. Think you go 80s vs. 90s. 80s starters are Paul Westerberg, Michael Stipe, Bob Mould, Robert Smith & Frank Black. 90s: Kim Gordon, Q-Tip, Ani DiFranco, J Mascis & Stephen Malkmus. I predict the 80s win in what might be the worst athletic competition of all time.
I defy you not to like this, he is an absolute genius. Paul Westerberg - Lookin' Out Forever: via
I like a kid who stops what she's doing and starts grooving when Paul Westerberg comes on. Luckily, she's mine.
'How young are you? How old am I? Well, let's count the rings, around my eyes' - I love Paul Westerberg's writing. Funny and painful at the same time.
I'm here. New York life begins now with west coast coffee and Paul Westerberg (@ Variety)
"Dyslexic Heart" by Paul Westerberg, from the Singles soundtrack.
Paul Westerberg sings the old tune from the Replacements "Achin' to Be".
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Did you even need Paul Westerberg to get over your first broken heart, bro.
I'm not sure if I've drunkenly emailed Paul Westerberg's manager to try convincing him to make Paul bring the Mats near Philly yet
The weird part of Singles is the emphasis of Paul Westerberg in the soundtrack, considering the decline of him and Replacements into the 90s
"Ain't got anything to say to anyone, anymore" ♫ AAA – Paul Westerberg
This Is 40. How have I never watched this? Graham Parker plays in it and a Paul Westerberg name drop.
.how do we get Bob Dylan or Paul Westerberg on Tell me how to make that happen
Paul Westerberg covering David Cassidy??? Coming up in five minutes or so on
"my white-trash Catullus, a lyric poet of boozy folly whose songs with the Replacements offered a sloppy embrace to anyone whose heart had been obliterated, either by a lover or society." Charles Aaron on Paul Westerberg. Thanks Michael Weissman
Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg came on the radio and it made me laugh because Alison likes that song just because there are lots "nahs" and clapping in it.
Happy (?) Valentines day from the writer of the saddest love songs of all, Mr. Paul Westerberg!
Paul Westerberg's "World Class Fad" never stops being relevant. Lookin' at you Justin Bieber.
A Valentine from Paul Westerberg. Plenty of times you wake up in February make-up Like the moon and the morning star you're gone
There used to be a great solo version of this by Paul Westerberg on YouTube, but it's been deleted. Shame.
I have wine, so of course I'm listening to my 90s drinking playlist. And of course I'm bouncing around to Paul Westerberg.
I got to sing 'Things' by Paul Westerberg at practice tonight and I was able to hit the high notes. That's a highlig…
Just laughed for five minutes because while texting my friend about Paul Westerberg, my phone said it was spelled wrong. So I clicked on it for recommended spelling and it said "No replacements found". Fail iPhone spell checker.
Only would play Paul Westerberg to bring me back 20 years to the days at Acadia. Perfect start to the day
I love Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson but just cause they're playing together doesn't mean they can call themselves The Replacements.
ALTERNATIVE TUESDAYS AT AQUA 7PM SLT Are your feet cold? Do you wish you had a pair of big fuzzy slippers but you don't? Well tonight we'll have some tunes to get your feet tapping & your body rocking to get that blood circulating through your system. Tonight we have Blondie, Paul Westerberg, Fall Out Boy, Karen O w/Trent Rezner, Eels, A Perfect Circle, etc. KESHI will be grinding his pole, DANDY will be doing his version of twerking & the crowd will be sexy as *** coz you'll be there. Hop on your thermal trap door below .
MY first order of business, on Tuesdays is to write out the New Release list for the following week. Over 170 LP's are coming to vinyl, & a cursory glace reveals new/reissue LP's from: Gang Starr, Guided By Voices, Swans, Paul Westerberg, Phantogram, Talib Kweli, The Pretty Things, Bruce Haack, Cynic, Dead Moon, Kim Fowley, Mr. Oizo, & ALL 4 volumes of Anthology Of American Folk Music + hundreds more. I can't wait to "Dig A Little Deeper" & discover some Gems, on page 6. Visit Ragged today; we are always diggin' for YOUS! 418 E 2nd St. Downtown Davenport, Iowa.
Tune in TONIGHT at 11pm ET for Red Red Wine on a Sunday! The Pinhead has some great music from 2004 on the show tonight! Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, The Black Keys, Ted Leo, Stevie Tombstone and the Electric Eel Shock. Why? Because Rock Roll Can Rescue The World! Turn it up!
James Bragg FrankBlack. Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg were and are great listens
(It's extremely easy to say good night to an answering machine, Paul Westerberg. If people still had answering machines.)
Paul Westerberg - Finally Here Once lyrics and translations
"14 Songs" by Paul Westerberg is being released on 180 gram vinyl in May by Plain Recordings. This first ever...
Paul Westerberg is good listening music for a man who's approaching middle age. I'm going to be 44 years old in a week.
Watch the video «paul westerberg knockin on mine and can't hardly wait live» uploaded by mike prokes on Dailymotion.
FOR SALE: Replacements "All Shook Down" CD, autographed by Paul Westerberg. Make me an offer.
Todays selections includeYusef Cat Stevens) Dave Mason,Neil Diamond,somemore Clapton,Bee Gees,Paul Westerberg,and Bestie Boys,BOD (beer of the day).its still Coors
singer Paul Westerberg of the Mats' is 54 and my Broder David is it up brothas.
Today in Rock December Thirty First Featured Artist Police Police Guitarist Andrew (Andy) James Summers (on the left) is born in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, England. He travels through the New Animals and Soft Machine before landing in the Police. 1942 1940's Bassist Pete Quaife (The Kinks – from ’63 to ‘69) has a birthday. 1943 Keyboardist and vocalist Burton Cummings starts his life. With the Guess Who for ten years (’65 to ’75), Cummings sings "American Woman," "No Time," "Share The Land," "Hand Me Down World," "Undun," "Laughing", and "These Eyes." 1947 1950's Bassist Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) is born in Colorado Springs, CO. 1951 Blues-Rock performer George Thorogood starts life in Wilmington, DE. 1952 1960's The Replacements singer-guitarist, Paul Westerberg, the son of a car salesman, is born in Minneapolis. 1960 K-F-W-B hires the Beach Boys, appearing under that name for the first time, to perform at their Ritchie Valen’s Memorial Dance in Long Beach. 1961 In showbiz, it’s common .. ...
So excited Paul Westerberg's album, '14 Songs', is getting issued on vinyl for the first time next year, was one of the first CDs I bought in the T-Bones used section over 10 years ago when I moved down here
Man of Steel using a Chris Cornell song that originally featured in the movie Singles. I hope the Flash movie uses the Paul Westerberg song.
I think Mike Ness and Paul Westerberg are the best songwriters of my generation and I would put anything they did over Dylan.
Paul Westerberg has an album called “The Resterberg”. Fantastic.
The Replacements radio at work today. Great rotation thus far! The Replacements (obviously), Husker Du, The Smithereens, Lemonheads, Minutemen, Paul Westerberg solo tune. So in other words it's already been a pretty good day.
"Good day, doesn't have to be a Friday. A good day is any day that you're alive" Paul Westerberg - Good Day:
Mary Lucia, one of the DJs there, is the younger sister of Paul Westerberg.
DJ: When are you playing in town?. Paul Maybe tomorrow night. DJ: Where?. Westerberg: I don't know. (KROQ interview, 7/7/87)
SPOILER ALERT.NO PUNCHLINE. (A Paul Westerberg/Burt Reynolds Story) 20 yrs ago tonight I played Saturday Night Live w/Paul Westerberg. As we were walking out to play the 2nd song (Can't Hardly Wait) he leans over and whispers to me "go ahead and yell something ridiculous or stupid during one of the breaks." There's 2 different, 2 bar rests in the song and that meant 2 big giant gaps of dead air on live, national television. So, the first one comes up.and...nothing. I totally chickened out. 2nd one comes up and out of nowhere I yelled "Burt Reynolds!" I don't know why I chose Burt but it just leapt out of me. If you were there it was loud as *** If you saw it on TV only the overhead mics picked it up and you couldn't really hear what was said unless you went back, turned up TV and listened again. Paul goes up to the mic to to start singing again and for a minute can't. He cracks up and it took him a second to get back on track. Go ahead and Google "Paul Westerberg Burt Reynolds." It will finish Burts na .. ...
hey guys Stop Motion Massacre has finished a new album and we'd love to see it get a vinyl release or at least some good tape distribution but we're all pretty out of the loop on labels and stuff. any advice on a label that would be interested in a winkingly arty transgressive pop punk band that sounds like a clown car stuffed with the 80's SST back catalog being driven off a cliff by an intoxicated Paul Westerberg would be mucho appreciated.
THIS JUST IN...Todd Dennis has taken ill and lost his voice :( we will reschedule his appearance for January...stay tuned! We have arranged for a replacement (not Paul Westerberg) and think you'll be as pleased and excited as we are! It's this guy:
Nothing like some Paul Westerberg to make the morning that much better
Do you guys think that Paul Westerberg, Tom Waits, Paul Simon, Bruce and others haven't done plenty for charity and the poor? They have. But they like to keep it on the DL. And most of these people would probably rather be put up in front of a firing squad than be photographed smiling next to the Cowboy From Texas/Who started a war in Iraq.
Let's get weird, New Braunfels: I'll be guest curating the house music in between sets and after the Go To Stereo show at The Phoenix this Friday night. I'm thinking some Dr. Dog, LCD Soundsystem, Built to Spill, Pavement, Lucius, Nilsson Schmilsson, and St. Vincent put down a new song this week - might have to get in to that. Even a Christmas song may be in order; heard a version of "A Way in a Manger" from the Replacement's Paul Westerberg that I think will pair nicely with the evening. You'll see. More later.
No need to justify it... Superstar Carwash is a terrific album. Had two songs produced by Paul Westerberg, right?
Pop Music / WEEKEND REVIEWS September 16, 1996|RICHARD CROMELIN | SPECIAL TO THE TIMES   At the El Rey Theatre on Saturday, Paul Westerberg took things a stirring step beyond the spirited exuberance that keyed his 1993 solo tour, his first after being unshackled from the tensions of the Replacements, the Minneapolis band he led through a colorfully unruly 20-year career.   His fans couldn’t have asked for much more than this show’s range of material and level of execution. Guitarists Westerberg and Tommy Keene, bassist Ken Justine and drummer Josh Freese delivered the leader’s songs with assuredness and ferocity, interlocking with thrilling finesse at high velocity at one moment, then providing the softest of shadings for a tender ballad at the next.   Their empathy and dynamism were enough to give a good name to professionalism. Their tightness wasn’t a matter of being clinical and accommodating. It was a reflection of their respect for the music and the audience.   That professionalism, as w ...
The person of the year is obviously Paul Westerberg.
IOU him everything. Q&A: Paul Westerberg on the Replacements Reunion via
Cool Pope Francis says he's honored but he really hoped TIME would go with Paul Westerberg who had such a great comeback year.
I don't like the Paul Westerberg bits though
And it's. Paul Westerberg's Dyslexic Heart over the credits.
this hour: PAUL WESTERBERG,. The Church and Exclamation Pony (Tune in:.
"How old am I? Let's count the rings around my eyes". Sadly there's too many to count. Can't get enough Paul Westerberg on my am drive:).
Quote of the day: The meaning of it all Paul Westerberg Check out Rock Prodigy here:
Emma punched a few people @ The Arctic Monkeys concert tonight, Violet got trampled."Ohhh babies" Reminds me of several shows I have seen, esp Paul Westerberg @ The Library in PhX. I was protecting a girl 2 times my weight.
I try and comprehend you but I got a dyslexic heart. -Paul Westerberg
Is there anyone who sang of inevitable obsolescence while simultaneously nurturing youth and nowness more eloquently tha…
P.S. You can hear the PAUL WESTERBERG influence and the production quality/sound is HUGE!
Better song: Popular Creeps by Chris Mars or World Class Fad by Paul Westerberg? There is a right and wrong answer
So and I rediscovered our love of the "Singles" soundtrack. Paul Westerberg, Alice In Chains and Mother Love Bone.
I know it's a lot to ask, but Paul Westerberg singing "September Gurls" while we cuddle. For Christmas. In MPLS. What?
OK, so I’m not a Monkees fan, but Daydream Believer is crazy good. Doubt it? Watch Paul Westerberg CRUSH IT.
"The ones who love us least are the ones we'll die to please" - Paul Westerberg
My name is Paul Westerberg, and I am a drug addict.
"I think Keanu Reeves was amazing as Paul Westerberg in that movie about the Replacements." -me, failing to fit in, as usual
Black Eyed Susan by Westerberg, Paul from 14 Songs is on
OK, “Whose suicide are you on” is *the* consummate Paul Westerberg lyric—and he uses it twice on the same album.
Every morning, I look in my closet, and say "what would Paul Westerberg wear"? Today it is a gray/white polka-dot...
Check out this video demo of the Paul Westerberg Signature guitar by First Act.
I am officially the only person on the planet that would rather listen to Tommy Stinson's solo work (Bash & Pop, Perfect, alone) than Paul Westerbergs. Oh Tommy, you're my Paul McCartney. xxxooo.
Going to go backwards. Tonight was one of those nights where you realize why you have committed to something. I have had a lot of these nights with this Songwriter Night at Library Pub. It has allowed me to reconnect with longtime songwriters, returning songwriters, young songwriters and some that we do not call songwriters...but who are. I don't get paid for this-this is for fun for me...and I am not doing a praise me thing-just saying what I get out of this is what these artists give to me and the audience-and we have gotten a lot out of Mark and the Crew allowing us to do this night. Tonight was one that I will remember for a long time. Again...going to go backwards. Mark Patrick Weber played a set.a set that I personally connected to more than any set of music I have listened to all year. This is my second time seeing him since we reconnected...and I loved it the first time...but was just sold and enthralled tonight. Mark and me share a lot of favorite artists...and also a time in music. Marks's solo ...
Posted on February 17, 2011, Sex Sux (Amen) Blog   I just read “All Over But The Shouting” an Oral History on punk rock/rock n roll legends The Replacements.  The collection was edited and, in some parts, written by Jim Walsh.  I recommend it to anyone that has a certain fondness for The Replacements.   I have mixed feelings about their music, their story is pretty intriguing, I don’t feel like elaborating on about all that right now…   Instead, I’ve provided my readers with an anecdote from the book.  Legend has it The Replacements and the Young Fresh Fellows played a very intoxicated gig at the now-defunct downtown Providence hot-spot, The Living Room.  Silliness ensued.  RIP Bob Stinson.   Paul Westerberg (singer, guitarist, The Replacements): We mentioned ‘em last time and you didn’t write anything about them so you should mention the Young Fresh Fellows from Seattle.  If you think we’re good, then they’re the best band in the world.  They’re like the new NRBQ, only slop ...
Ever have that dream where you're supposed to interview a legendary and enigmatic Paul Westerberg-type figure and you get to the interview and it turns out to be David M. Krivda? Weird, right? So my subconscious says hello, Dave...
RIP Paul Westerberg. You had that song on the Singles soundtrack I always forwarded past.
And i could purge my soul perhaps for the imminent collapse O yeah, i'll tell you what we could do you be me for a while i'll be you -Paul Westerberg
Paul Westerberg's iconic song praising the man himself, Alex Chilton.
The Silks Music are celebrating the release of one of the best albums of the year, Last American Band, at Fete Music with Toy Soldiers as the 1st day of a back to back extravaganza!!! Will there be a Paul Westerberg sighting? Head on down there tonight and find out!
eBay ad campaign - "It" featuring the music of Paul Westerberg, directed by Maureen Egan & Matthew Barry
Two Paul Westerberg CD's for 97 cents and a danzig album for $4.99? I can be thankful for that! Oh and I guess having good friends and my beautiful wife here is pretty great too!
*** wished I could see the video clip where a reporter does a "man on the street" interview for Thanksgiving, and doesn't realize she's talking to Paul Westerberg of The Replacements.
We're comin at you LIVE in 2 hours on KHYI 95.3 The Range (OFFICIAL)!! Episode 19: We got JD McPherson, Jason Isbell, The Devil Makes Three, Southern Culture on the Skids, Tim Easton, John Fullbright, Great Lake Swimmers, Paul Westerberg, pieta brown, Band of Horses, and MORE!! Tune in EVERY FRIDAY 4-6pm CT!
Back when John Rzeznik knew how to dress...This is my fav. Goo Goo Dolls Song, co-written by Paul Westerberg:
The Replacements never had a hit single. Career-wise they were masters of self-sabotage, but in the long decade between the fall of the Clash and the rise of Nirvana they were the heart and soul of the post punk/indie/ alternative/college rock movement that kept the faith alive. Their shows could be triumphs or disasters, often both in the same night. Their albums still sound terrific today. The band’s frayed DNA lives on in Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Hold Steady and dozens of other beautiful losers. Leader Paul Westerberg’s songwriting was a blueprint for alt-country greats like Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams. Tom Waits recorded with them, Lucinda Williams sang about them, Peter Buck produced them, Tom Petty took them out as his opening act and swiped Westerberg’s line “a rebel without a clue.” The Replacements’ influence is everywhere.
500 words to go in a piece and Paul Westerberg keeps coming in the way of writing. Only great poet of the last 30 years.
I just got this album, and it's awesome. Glen sings Paul Westerberg, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, U2 and John...
Paul Westerberg severely injured his fretting hand in 2006 in an accident while trying to remove candle wax with a screwdriver leaving his ring finger on his left hand numb.
and perhaps Paul Westerberg's greatest gift was that he could title a track after Alex Chilton and . . . . ;-)
Never allow someone to be your priority while you're just their option of it out there, ~ Paul Westerberg
At some point during a random early morning I want my hair to resemble Paul Westerberg's
Also, Lou Reed was on the FRIENDS soundtrack (along with R.E.M. and Paul Westerberg)
Well that was a strange trip to the Safeway. 1st heard Paul Westerberg playing on the PA. (1 of 2)
Listening to Paul Westerberg this morning because Lou Reed.
All three members of the Paul Westerberg produced band The Silks contributed guest essays to
A long time since I played this. Paul Westerberg makes a Sunday afternoon appearance with Suicaine Gratification
"You can call us buffoons, or clowns or whatever. But when we wanted to, we were as good as anybody."- Paul Westerberg That is so true.
Just bought a Discman and a Paul Westerberg cd at the Goodwill.
I call it cuz Paul Westerberg shouts in my ear while I make it.
| I have my own language and it's high time I put a little of it out there. ~ Paul Westerberg
“Yeah, I guess part of me doesn’t mind being misconstrued now and then. I am a bit of a lone wolf where I don’t like them to know everything I’m thinking. If they have the wrong notion about something, then fine. Let ‘em go. The only thing that bugs me is when they equate softness or mellowness with quietness. To me, to be quiet or to say something in a hushed manner is sometimes one hundred times more powerful than shouting something that makes no sense" - Paul Westerberg
*** Paul Westerberg. He works a song and a guitar pretty good for a white guy.
Nothing quite like browsing the Family Planning section at Walgreens and hearing a Paul Westerberg song over the sound system.
I just found out about Ryan Adams and Paul Westerberg's feud. This is so conflicting...
I used to sing in the shower, Now? I make life decisions in there,ittle of it out there, ~ Paul Westerberg
With all the Say Anything conversation, I forgot to add, one of my favorite Replacements songs was a big part of the movie's sound track. The Replacements: Within Your Reach Crowe directed Say Anything. He also directed Singles. A great movie that captured the "Flannel" revolution started by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The official Music credit for the Singles movie soundtrack goes to...Mr Paul Westerberg. Yes, that Paul Westerberg. :) He wrote and contributed two songs: Dyslexic Heart and Waiting for Sombody. (I have both on my iphone and play them both all the time) It's a cute movie, starring a VERY young Kyra Sedgwick and Campbell Scott, who seemed to be an upcoming star, then fell off the map after this movie. Fun trivia fact, Matt Dillion played the lead of a really BAD grunge band,and there is a hilarious scene where he and his band members sit down together and read the review of their concert, and the review is horrible, HORRIBLE, they are ripped apart...and one of his band members is Eddie Vedder, ...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Any Replacements / Paul Westerberg fans out there ? As it's Friday night it's time for a musical rave ! I was in Minneapolis recently and listened to a lot of alternative radio. The Replacements are local legends there and have recently done some reunion gigs, but for some reason I'd missed out on them over the years. At any rate, I loved what I heard and have now caught up. I've also got a stack of CDs by their lead singer, Paul Westerberg, who has gone on to a successful solo career. This is some of the best music I've heard in my life - it's anthemic like the best bits of Oasis but with intelligent lyrics and genuine anger and compassion. Discovering great stuff, whether new music or catching up on things I've missed, is so refreshing - keeps you on your toes ! That's why I love going to the US so much.
Brody's album of the day: Paul Westerberg - 14 songs. Great solo debut from The Replacements front man!
Paul Westerberg-World Class Fad: via Great version of my favorite track from his solo debut!
by Jim Kennedy   The Replacements are playing a show at 2:00pm on Good Friday in the Student Center’s Duke Ellington Ballroom. Admission is $1.00.   I have only recently begun listening to The Mats, buying a copy of Let It Be on cassette at Record Revolution several weeks earlier. The roughly 2.5 square inch picture of the band sitting on a roof is about the only photo I’ve ever seen of them.   When I arrive at HSC, the doors for the show have not yet been opened and there is no line. I head into a nearby men’s room and see someone standing at one of the sinks in front of the mirror. He appears a bit dazed and I decide that he must be here for the show also—or perhaps is even associated with the band in some way.   Then my mind starts to race. I begin to think that he might be Paul Westerberg. I have a pretty good idea what Bob, Tommy, and Chris look like from the cassette, but Paul isn’t facing the camera in the cover shot. The only other photo of him I can remember seeing was a small one i ...
Photo: Paul Westerberg is an odd duck. He penned the lyrics for songs like “Takin’ A Ride” and “Something to...
when you witness the dark, all you need is a spark. Paul Westerberg. Runaway Wind. Thanks dude.
Mike Doughty, Jeff Buckley or Paul Westerberg? If you can't pick one at least rank them.
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