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Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley (born Paul Thomas Wasilewski; July 23, 1982) is an American actor best known for his roles as Stefan Salvatore in The CW TV series The Vampire Diaries and as Aaron Corbett in the ABC Family miniseries Fallen.

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.02 days to meet Candice King, Daniel Gillies and Paul Wesley at Vampire Attraction.. 😍 (Thanks
Paul Wesley plays a college student studding music falls in love with Normani Kordei a musician.
Imagine thinking I wouldn't die for Paul Wesley, Chris Wood and Nate Buzolic...
'The Vampire Diaries' series finale promises to be epic; Paul Wesley shares favorite scenes
Would you rather happen Paul Wesley or observe Diane Kruger
Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) and even Paul Wesley (Stefan) all originally auditioned for the role of Damon.
god jekxjdjxdkso i want Chris Wood or Paul Wesley or Joseph Morgan
Because of Paul Wesley & his incredible acting.. the greatest fictional character to ever exist is and always will be Ste…
there is no hetero explanation for Daniel Gillies and Paul Wesley's relationship
I like Paul Wesley :. Because he says His thinking, respecting others , with seriousness and respect !! 👏👏 htt…
A girl gift you a TØP I wish can pass me but with a Paul Wesley or Maroon 5 or Matt Bomer or any of my impossible d…
I still can't believe I'm gonna meet Paul Wesley
Mood: PAUL WESLEY ARM APPRECIATION ❤️😍😍 this Pdubber is in heaven
Daily reminder that Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev have played 3 couples together
Stefan Salvatore. Silas. Tom Avery. Ripper Stefan. No Humanity stefan. Paul Wesley is an incredible actor, he deserves more r…
Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev are reunited on the set of The Vampire Diaries and they look so good: ht…
"Nina's walk as Katherine is like she's swimming through jello"- Paul Wesley
Also can you believe that after the finale Candice Accola and Paul Wesley will finally be free of TVD
Paul Wesley just sent me an exclusive pic of himself using the klaroline lip balm, what a legend
Ok but how Stupid do you have to be at this point to think Paul Wesley and Kevin Williamson are "Stelena kings" 😂😂😂…
Blake Richardson, Brad Simpson, Ian Somerhalder, Cole Sprouse, Dylan O'Brien, and Paul Wesley are all so good looking like what
Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are so cute. :(
👜Paul Wesley seen shopping in CHANEL in Sydney🇦🇺 with Phoebe Tonkin on Monday.
.💑 Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin at their holiday home away from home in Sydney 🇦🇺
Joseph Morgan is hotter so is Paul Wesley
See what’s in store for Stefan and Caroline’s future on the latest directed by Paul Wesley: https:/…
Paul Wesley has an idea for how Steroline should end up on but we're not exactly on board with it.
i can't believe i just found out Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley are dating, i'm living
Have a nice weekend with FANTASTIC ❤️. FANTASTIC gif of paul 😬😬
Thank You volunteers & fans who supported the in honor of Paul Wesley today at the TVD Premiere in Covingt…
Paul Wesley's preview for final season: "They make out a lot"
Paul Wesley smile is my religion. WE LOVE PAUL WESLEY
Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Dish on Their 'Firsts' | E! Live-- great now I want to watch the pilot.
Let's plz take a moment to appreciate the understated emotional intensity Kat Graham & Paul Wesley brought to this scene..…
Had a dream Leigh halfpenny came into the kitchen and then Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were outside can that dream come true pls
"Paul Wesley is our Stelena king he will make them endgame"
I still don't get how Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan were nominated but none of them won for teen choice...IMPOSSIBLE!!!
10. 🌸Paul Wesley🌸. - Funny with perfect laugh. - Cares for his girlfriend. - Always kind with the fans and the crew.
Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley should've gotten that award..
I here by now and forever sexually identify as Paul Wesley.
for Tyler Posey & Dylan O'Brien. Like for Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder
thanks for sharing these photos of Paul!😃
FOR - Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue . LIKE FOR - Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin
Happy 34th birthday to this amazing actor and gorgeous man, Paul Wesley! 💖
david boudia reminds me of paul wesley LOL
Louis probably knows Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley.
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Kat Graham, Michael Malarkey, Matt Davis, Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino or anyone from this year!
I wish Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick, Topher Grace , Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray were all in one big movie together😻
So proud of Paul Wesley 😊. You deserve all of this, Cal In Camo was 👍. Hope to see you in another play 🙏 https…
Candice King, Paul Wesley, Leah Pipes, Joseph Morgan battle for 'best TV kiss'...
Tbt when I loved Paul Wesley so much I did my 10th grade graphic design project on him
THE GREAT Al Pacino went to see Paul Wesley . HOW are you after THIS visit? 😜
Just liked this Pin: The Vampire Diaries star, Paul Wesley shirtless... he has an amazing body...
Thank you for speaking today at Wesley College at Boy's State 2016.
if you're not/don't look like Zac Efron, Paul Wesley, or Chris Evans you're doing everything wrong
Good morning . Good morning dear friends ❤️ . THIS MY new Photo for Paul and for you fans OF Paul 😜😜😜
it's a couple *** id talk to. Chris brown, Paul Wesley 😍😩 so maybe you're right.
Paul Wesley, Charles Michael Davis, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Nathaniel Buzolic and even Ernest O Riley before his+
Bravo to my instructor Katya Campbell, David Harbour, Paul Wesley & the creative team of
by any chance do you know if Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley are going to Walker Stalker Con Boston ?
hey is Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley going to Walker Stalker Con Boston? 😍😍😍
If they make Jen film even more scenes with * she'll become the new Paul Wesley
Julie Plec's, Paul Wesley, . Daniel Gillies, Chris Wood, and David Gyasi on the perception of The CW:
hottest men of tv Jensen Ackles,Paul Wesley,Misha Collins and Matt Lanter.
The actors are beautiful and play very well.Especially Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev,Paul Wesley,Enzo,Bonnie and Caroline...I love you.😇😇😇
Paul Wesley and Theo James are a gift from God that need to get married and make some holy children
Stefan Salvatore aka Paul Wesley is the reason I'm on this earth god I love this dude so much
Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are relationship goals af😍
A friend of Chris Wood is obsessed with Paul Wesley *crowd cheers*. Chris: I know, me too. 😂
I added a video to a playlist Daniel Gillies*Paul Wesley - "In love with Daniel"
Imagine the Blazers with LA, Batum, Wesley, Dame, and CJ rn 👏👏
Paul Wesley filmed the trailer for "Cal In Camo" yesterday, the trailer is set to premiere next week!
Thanks Wesley S. for the kind words via
Paul Wesley literally kills me. How does one look that good. Ugh he's so beautiful and famous and dates the mermaid from h2o😡
Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson, Jeff Green, Cole Aldrich and Paul Pierce. Clippers bench is strong and can play.
also never forget that Paul gave Nina the nickname "neens" and in return she gave him the nickname "sexy wesley" https:…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
just realized paul wesley aka stephan salvatore is in the O.C😻😻
I wish Paul Wesley had a younger brother
for Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien. LIKE for Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
I want to have a orgy with Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Justin, Drake, Joseph Morgan, Paul Wesley, Kendall, GiGi, and Nina Dobrev
Paul Wesley plays a soldier in Army Wives *** I love this show even more now.
They need to let Paul Wesley play evil more often. It shows that he has so much fun playing bad characters.Silas,Ripper Stefan,this guy
Whether Stefan or Silas, Paul Wesley is still a cutie 👀
Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin took a walk in Manhattan today being all sorts of https:/…
Outfit Of The Month Style Feed. 31 March. Outfit of the day Paul Wesley steps...
i fell in love with Cameron Monaghan, ThatcherJoe, Shawn Mendes(again!!), Zak Efron, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettifer, Paul Wesley, AnselElgort
There's just something about Henry Cavill, Paul Wesley, Chris Evans and Theo James that makes me want to cry hard.
'TVD' stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley to appear at Walker Stalker Dallas
Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at the Walker Stalker Con in Dallas Texas on March 5th 2016.
Congrats to fellow actor and director Paul Wesley
Get pumped up for your weekend with the latest episode of NOW:
Friday night means it's time to watch ✌️
If you like lacrosse, you can thank Coach for that:
In case you were wondering how learns his lines:
Only 2 episodes of left. Catch up on Tuesday's episode here:
So let's talk about this thing called lacrosse:
I'm watching last night's again because why not?
If you've ever wanted acting tips from the cast, watch this and thank me later:
If you need me I'll just be here watching this gif forever.
Tyler had the most shocking confession on the
It's gonna take me a long, long time to get over last night's
Hey you got your staring contest. Find out who won:
Watch talk about being back on set and being a part of Allison's heritage: 💫
Last night's episode of had me like..
If you haven't watched the yet, you're missing out on a good time:
The Beast was revealed last night and I still can't believe who it is:
"Candice Accola & Joseph Morgan showed more chemistry over the phone than Accola does with Paul Wesley this season"
The first half of the crossover reminded me how great Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan are together. So much rich history.
Paul Wesley takes you behind the scenes of the 'Vampire Diaries'-'Originals' crossover via
I started watching Vampire Diaries and Paul Wesley has got me feeling some type of way
I need Stefan to move to The Originals.. Get Paul Wesley away from TVD mess
Topics: Paul Wesley takes the reins from JuliePlec for this week's exclusive
takes over blog, and it's the BEST thing you'll read all day.
Paul Wesley takes the reins from for this week's exclusive blog:
I'm still hung up on Paul Wesley and Torrey Devitto
or Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley or Aaron Paul or Aaron Johnson
|| If I changed my FC to Paul Wesley, it would still work with Blake and Carter's FCs. Heh. Not changing though, Jensen is too good.
one day I'm going to meet Nina Dobrev, paul wesley, and Ian Somerhalder(& we have the same birthday😍) I'm in love
Okay but everything about Paul Wesley is perfect
Paul Wesley is the most beautiful human being ***
Paul Wesley (actor, 3.92M followers): Bernie Sanders has been saying some truly insightful and tim...
Paul Wesley at the Walker Stalker Con Atlanta on Nov 01 (From flickr)
Watching Justin Bieber's episode and he kind of looks like Paul Wesley and HELP
Justin Bieber x Paul Wesley . my favs :) . -tabby's editss (Vine by blessed)
Paul Wesley looks like an older Justin Beiber
and Justin Bieber, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Patrick Dempsey, whoever plays jackson and Alex off of greys. 😏😍😛
Breaking news, Kat has refollowed Paul Wesley & Candice King, who play brother & sister in a relationship on teen drama, The Vampire Diaries
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love. Paul Wesley.
The Vampire Diaries: You HAVE to see Kat Graham's incredible impression of Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley needs to be saved from Julie Plec
3 of the most beautiful men, Ian Somerholder, Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis😍
can't tonight! Out of the house by 6am for Walker Stalker Con. Working Paul Wesley's (VampDiaries) line!!!
Paul Wesley's transformation got me bothered 😍💦😭
I think Stefan Salvatore aka Paul Wesley looks like Justin!!
The older Justin Bieber gets, the more he looks like Paul Wesley 😎😜
Paul Wesley is really look like Justin Bieber
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Justin Bieber looks so much like Paul Wesley 😳
Justin Bieber looks like a younger Paul Wesley
I just realized that Justin's hair makes him look even more like Paul Wesley!
Justin Bieber is like a younger version of Paul Wesley
friends for Paul Wesley ❤️ . Fantastic actor and Beautiful boy ❤️
I'm meeting Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder and I couldn't be more happy than I am now.
Are 2D Graphics Dating Us? – Happy Console Gamer: Dana Ward chatted with Paul Wesley at the 100th episode…
My plan to get Morgan to the dark side aka loving Paul Wesley and watching tvd has succeeded 💕
for Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin. FAV for Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed
Silas' character was basically Paul Wesley. Sass, more sass and a little more sass.
I wanna met Nash Grier , Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies and Michael Clifford ... I love them, like oh my god *-*
My dream is to meet: . - Chris Wood, Kat Graham, Zach Roerig, Paul Wesley, Nate Buzolic and Jospeh Morgan!. It'll only be a dream!
good morning Paul Wesley ❤️ good morning team stefan and team paul wesley ❤️ ❤️
I stan this so much 😂😂 Paul Wesley & Chris Wood interactions are what I live for 😘
How shucking amazing is it that our very own will be acting with Paul Wesley, Brittany Snow, JK Simmons AND Jane Lynch?!
Derek Hough has now become my new celebrity crush. 😌 He's right up there next to Paul Wesley. 😍☺️
Paul Wesley was in Boston and I didn't even know😭 well I'm too broke to visit the con but still
you know there are several actors who are better than you and can act. Like Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and Toby Regbo
Paul Wesley WANT STELENA got STEROLINE. Ian WANT BAMON got DELENA. *laugh* poor my boys ;) . ATLEAST steroline happen. Ian? we pray 2gther.
in all honesty Paul Wesley is boyfriend goals on all levels😅😍
Why does Chris Wood have a picture of Paul Wesley as his icon? 😂 I always miss the good stuff!
I love Paul Wesley and Chris Wood so much
Paul Wesley at the Entertainment Weekly Pre Emmy Party at Fig & Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood
Paul Wesley talks about the first time he met Nina Dobrev [Entertainment Weekly]
Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin will be part of the UN’s Global Goals crowd sourced video ...
PHOTOS : Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at the con. Credits to the owners.
.and were two of the MANY stars at Emmys party last night!
I better dream about Paul Wesley again
I love that Paul Wesley was also surprised about how many times they mentioned Elena in the first couple of episodes of S7 TVD
Hey, I would love to see Ian somerhandler, Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, & Michael Trevino.
Max Greenfield as Paul Wesley as Vanilla Ice in the '90s, Even Peters as Oscar Isaac as Gomer Addams, Angela Bassett as Pam Grier.
If I put this on my avi, I will get alot of desperate chick in my DMs. So no. .
The cast also includes Paul Wesley. YAY PAUL SO PROUD! Keep them coming. We are so happy to see more of your work. https:…
Paul Wesley may be the hottest man alive
paul wesley - LOVE him as stefan / dont like him as charlie in amira and sam
New movie (the late bloomer) Starring Paul Wesley. . Congratulations I'm so excited . We're so proud of you
Movie "The late bloomer" Starring Paul Wesley. Congrats we're always proud of you. via…
Paul Wesley set to star in dramedy "The Late Bloomer" . Read full article...
; "It was so simple and so perfect". ~Phoebe Tonkin talking about her holidays with Paul Wesley.
; "I just couldn't help but just sit there and stare at her.". ~Paul Wesley about Phoebe Tonkin.
;"We've been together 4 a while now&we're very in love,that's all I have 2say". ~Paul Wesley on his relationship w/Phoebe Tonkin
; "We don't show off, but we don't hide either". ~Paul Wesley on his relationship with Phoebe Tonkin.
"We’re very in love." - Paul Wesley about his relationship with Phoebe Tonkin
I NEED to see Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley at this Walker Stalker Convention ugh
FOR - Holland Roden and Tyler Posey. FAVE FOR - Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
Hamilton Collection
well I guess but I don't care about that. Paul Wesley is perfect for the part of Stefan and I wouldn't want anyone else to do
Paul Wesley is SO BEAUTIFUL!His hair is just perfection & his smile is to die for. He is so laid back though like how …
Set de fotos: dark-paradise: Paul Wesley after seeing his boy Chris cheating him with Ian 👬💔😂
Chris Pratt six pack or Paul Wesley six pack?
Paul Wesley and Misha Collins welcome Robert Buckley The CW family at Comic-Con®!
Paul Wesley, Colton Haynes, Kit Harrington, Michael Trevino, Chris Wood and Robert Downey Jr will always be the loves of my life💞💞
my @ isn't for Wesley stromberg it's for Paul Wesley :')
Tagged by Name your 4 man crushes. Paul Wesley, Oli Sykes, Evan Peters, Alex Arnold
Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin were at the baby shower Taylor hosted for and 💕
are Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder even real ?
bestvdscenes with repostapp. ・・・. Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Charles Michale Davis…
Guest Suggestions: Carrie Fisher (You got her for Vancouver), Mark Hamill, Zachary Quinto, Paul Wesley & Orlando Bloom!
FOR - Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. FAVE FOR - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
Paul Wesley, Claire Holt & Candice Accola at the opening ceremony in Guangzhou 🇨🇳
Both me boys Tom Welling and Paul Wesley in one scene, me heart can't take it
// Anyone with the following FC's I will love. Nick Jonas. Ian Somerhalder. Paul Wesley. Ian Harding. Keegan Allen. Cody C…
Paul Wesley looks like the love child of Justin Bieber and Edward Cullen. I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
Photoset: xvampdiariesx: Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies, Sebastian Roche and Torrey Devitto all attend the...
Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino, Chris Wood, Matt Davis from tvd . Claire Holt from to
I feel so sorry for Torrey Devitto like god gave you Paul Wesley and you cheated on him I have no words to say I guess shes just insane
who knew? Paul Wesley has already been married to Torrey Devitto (2011-2013)
I liked a video Paul Wesley imitating Ian Somerhalder and Nate Buzolic who is imitating Steven
this is why I like older actors. You don't hear about how Paul Wesley or Ian Somerholder are alcoholics.
oh ok though you meant Paul Wesley and Sara canning
My brotha from another motha Paul Wesley and I are launching a t-shirt campaign together. A portion…
The two people from who will never disappoint are Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley and Matt David, everyone else can go to ***
FOR - Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan. FAVE FOR - Paul Wesley and Daniel Gillies
everyone is just mad I had sex with Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley! Love you queen emma
Paul Wesley and Paul Walker could be brothers lol.
Paul Wesley and Justin Bieber kind of look alike
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Trust and believe if Paul Wesley wanted his freedom, he wouldn't have signed on for S7. As brutally honest as he is, come on.
Is paul Wesley even human bc he is SOO FINE
Photoset: stefansalvatore-: This Just In:  Live footage of when Paul Wesley found out Nina was bouncing...
Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are signed for season 7 of The Vampire Diaries.
I'm visiting Saint Paul School of Theology in OKC today and met a new friend, JohnBob Wesley!
Paul Wesley finds out that Nina Dobrev got the chance to leave before he did:
yo when Paul Wesley acknowledges Nina leaving you don't hear from me anymore because I'll be dead and gone
omg next thing you know Ian Somerholder leaves, or Paul Wesley or... YOU SEE WERE I'M GOING?
Yeah if I worked with Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley everyday I'd wanna quit my job too...NOT 😩💔
Just cancel TVD and move Candice Accola and Paul Wesley to TO.
It's really depressing that Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley aren't single
If you don't think Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder are attractive you need to reevaluate your life.
I want the qualities of both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerholder
Paul Wesley has the better face but Ian Somerholder has the better smirk/smile
Guys with nice jawlines are the death of me aka jacob Whitesides, alex turner, Adam Levine, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder :)
hi I'm Ashley&I've always like vampire sins I was6&i'm28&i still do&i really want to meet Paul wesley
this with your favorite song off To Pimp a Butterfly” Wesley's Theory✊
If there was a younger person that looked like Paul Wesley. I would be so happy right now. But nope, so therefore I have no future hubby.
Relationship goals! Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin show off adorable PDA sitting courtside:
it's a TV show, if you could help me meet Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley you would literally make my life 🙏
Paul George. Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant. Dwight Howard. Wesley Matthews. The NBA would be so much better with these guys playing.
There needs to be more hot guys at bos like Dylan O'Brien, Ian Somerhalder Paul wesley, Logan lerman and Josh hutcherson.👅😏
Paul Wesley plays a prank on Nina Dobrev
Not sure if reminds me of a young Christopher Plummer or if Christopher Plummer reminds me of an old Paul Wesley.
hi i'm Ashley&i've been pouch around&i've never open up to anyone but Paul wesley makes me feel safe like he won't let anyone hurt me
Photoset: Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley kiss at a basketball game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Los...
Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley and Originals star Phoebe Tonkin are one of our favorite celebrity couples.
Paul Wesley talking about a prank he pulled on Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Matt Davis! 😂😂 :
Ohhh this is exciting Mr. Paul Wesley is also Lex Luthor's little brother
If you are ultimate bae you become the screensaver on my phone. Only 3 have reached this level of bae:. Paul Wesley. Nathan Scott. Steve Rogers
Hey & I’d love to meet Steven R. McQueen, Chris Wood, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley!
“Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean on the set of Giant, 1955 that's not Paul Wesley?
Paul Wesley hit 3.5M this morning!. It took about 6wks to gain another 100k followers. Only 500k to
Taylor is going through Paul Wesley vine edits and tagging me in ones that won't ruin the show for me
James Franco is good looking, Ian Somerhalder is good looking,Paul Wesley is good
Paul Wesley and Kat Graham at Entertainment Weekly's 2015 SAG Awards Nominees Celebration held at Chateau Marmont!
ok my three favorite people are Harry Styles, Jared Padalecki, and Paul Wesley thank you so much
Entertainment Weekly - - Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley on directing for a second time--and cutting a shirtless
Entertainment Weekly's Interview with Paul Wesley about directing his 2nd episode of TVD. http:/…
Tbh If you're not Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, or Joseph Morgan then I don't like you😍👌
also steleners must be pressed that the first kiss after Damon came back was directed by Paul Wesley they never wanted …
Welcome actor Paul Wesley to Best known as Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries:
Watching young Paul Wesley on the OC has to be the craziest thing ever. He wore a looped chain on his baggy jeans. LOOPED CHAIN
Set de fotos: Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder at the 2015 Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con
In just 2 weeks catch the episode directed by Paul Wesley - 6x11: 'Woke Up With A Monster. http:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Help support Paul Wesley's film and buy a ticket * Attendance not required *
Julie Plec: crossovers are just so hard and the actors don't have time. Paul Wesley: y'all need to ask them for more crossovers
I really like Amanda bynes, Emilia Clarke, Sasha pieterse, Meryl Streep, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley etc. you?
Ashley Benson, Paul Wesley, and Phoebe Tonkin attend the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Party!
PCA Voting ends tomorrow!Vote our man Paul Wesley for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor.
hi I'm Ashley&I hope one day I'll meet Paul Wesley but now it feels like Paul didn't care about me
I'm in love with Paul Wesley. It's official. . 😍😍
""Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley on the set in Atlanta this afternoon 6.12
The other day they asked me "if you could have dinner w/ 3 ppl who would it b?" And I answered Channing Tatum, Paul Wesley, and Will Ferrell
Colton Haynes, Paul Wesley, and Nolan Funk……they are……my future baby daddies….
Can we be serious about this? I mean, Jensen Ackles, Colton Haynes, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Paul Wesley, Stephen Amell...
Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley reason I watch Vampire Diaries 👅💦
I just voted for Paul Wesley. Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015!
Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley on stage while at the Walker Stalker Convention :D ht…
Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley needs more recognition for their talent. They played three different couples perfectly.
That spooky time of year is upon us once again! As with other years, Halloween 2014 will feature lots of creepy TV programming airing up to, and on the date itself. Here are some notable TV programs to check out during Halloween 2014. All times Eastern; check back for updates and additions as more network announcements are made: 31 Days of Halloween Oct. 1-31 on Syfy. Running through Friday, October 31, 31 Days of Halloween will unleash nearly 600 hours of creepy programming featuring the 10th anniversary Ghost Hunters special, the original movies Dark Haul and Finders Keepers, and a wide array of spine-tingling theatricals including Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 remake) and The Reaping. Check listings for daily details. The Vampire Diaries (Season Premiere) – Oct. 2 at 8pm on The CW. A new bloody season of the sexy vampire drama returns as Caroline (Candice Accola) confesses to Stefan (Paul Wesley) that her feelings for him have turned from platonic to romantic. Drama ensues when Stefan’s ex and Caro ...
I nominate Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev for best on screen chemistry. I'd also like to nominate Ian Somerholder & Kat Graham
A new instagram picture of Paul Wesley, posted by Michael Malarkey, via the 'Just Jared Jr.' account. (justjaredjr) http…
Paul Wesley beating Charles Michael Davis in arm wrestling!!! That's too Sexley
Vampire Diaries is my new obsession. Little bit in love with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder too!
I added a video to a playlist The Vampire Diaries - Paul Wesley Interview
your name is findingSTEFAN and you have a PAUL WESLEY icon youre gonna relapse sis!
Nominate Paul Wesley for Scifi tv actor and dramatic tv actor! This man's acting speaks for itself. So good!
one day I aspire to have paul wesley's shade throwing skills
Subscribe now! Get the GIFS on Tumblr: Join Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, ...
Paul Wesley's film 'Before I Disappear' will be release next month in the US theaters!
Did I hear Paul Wesley is auditioning for Nicolas Sparks movie? YES PLEASE.
I swear Paul Wesley and Matthew Morrison could be brothers. 😳
Rick Worthy . Throwback pic, me and my ole pal Paul Wesley at for
Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev Hang with Sophia Bush at the U.S. Open! via
I love this pic of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley... They look so cute & funny on it...
Why write that Paul Wesley polish roots? And you say ... — I never said Paul doesn't have Polish roots? He clear...
Wine and dine with Paul Wesley as he answers your fan questions!
You should realize how delusional you actually are when you say Paul Wesley is the SE king. Lol. He piloting the Sterolin…
before and after dating Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley and Kevin Spacey bonding...hmm I like that!
Paul Wesley and Kevin Spacey attended the men's singles SF match between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic.
Sophia Bush was at the same tennis game that Paul Wesley was at. oh ma gurd.
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